The White Mandingos Sept. 27 at U Street Music Hall

The first incarnation of The White Mandingos happened in 2003: Band members Sacha Jenkins and Daryl Jenifer were slated to hit the road with another MC, but the plan fell apart. The music sat in Jenkins’ house until four years ago, when he reached out to L.A. rapper Murs, who created the concept of The White Mandingos’ debut album, The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me, released in June. The rap/rock LP follows the career of fictional character Tyrone White, a black Harlem guy who likes rock music and dates outside of his race. The Mandingos were supposed to play U Street Music Hall in June, but that fell apart, too. But while the Mandingos have had a couple of false starts, this is a concept worth waiting around for.


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