"Faust in the City" Sept. 21–Nov. 2 at Connersmith

Wilmer Wilson IV has ascended in a big way in recent years. Since August 2012, he’s shown work at the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts in New York, the Corcoran, Greater Reston Arts Center, and Artisphere, and he’s collaborated with artists such as chukwumaa and Jefferson Pinder. Simply put, Wilson represents the best of a new era of artists, mostly performance artists, who are making their mark on the District. His performances—including a series in which he covered himself with stamps and tried to mail himself somewhere, the way that the slave Henry “Box” Brown mailed himself to freedom—register the civic and public interests that give his art context in D.C. Just a year after graduating from Howard, his solo exhibit for Connersmith, “Faust in the City,” is one of the most highly anticipated local shows in years.


State of the Arts: 2013 Fall Arts Guide

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