Play/Pause at Kennedy Center Oct. 29–31 at the Kennedy Center

Dance companies making their Kennedy Center debut tend to be either up-and-comers or known quantities whose work is too edgy (or unwieldy) for the marble-bound proscenium stages. Susan Marshall & Company is certainly one of the latter. The 31-year-old troupe’s last area appearance was in a black box at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, and her cavorting, captivating show Sawdust Palace was contemporary vaudeville, complete with bubbles, a trapeze, and balloons. At the Kennedy Center, Marshall will present a mashup of live dance, live music and YouTube videos that she calls Play/Pause. Expect no creativity to be lost in the process, even when Marshall makes a dance for the more-refined masses.


State of the Arts: 2013 Fall Arts Guide

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