Did I Get a FTM Trans Boy Pregnant? Also: How can I make bottoming feel good for my boyfriend?

I am a young gay man who has been so freaked out by the idea of catching an STI that I haven’t gotten with anyone for two years. But last night, I hooked up with a cute 21-year-old FTM trans boy, and maybe because it was a person with lady parts, I let caution go, and no condom was used. How worried should I be about having made a baby with a person who is way too young to have one? P.S. He is on hormone therapy. —Cautious Homo In Loopy Dilemma

Here’s a good rule of thumb for all you sex-havers out there: A new sex friend who’ll have unprotected sex with you has probably had unprotected sex with other sex friends. Yes, yes, typically cautious people have been known to “let caution go” on rare occasions. It happens, CHILD. But the odds that two typically cautious people will both simultaneously decide to “let caution go” and have unprotected sex with a brand-new sex friend just this once are pretty slim. “This person who’s having unprotected sex with me is having unprotected sex with other people” is a far more reasonable assumption than “This person who’s having unprotected sex with me would never have unprotected sex with anyone else.”

Which means you should be less concerned with pregnancy—your sparkly new concern—and more concerned with that old concern of yours, sexually transmitted infections. The odds that you got that FTM trans boy pregnant are pretty slim; there’s only a 1-in-20 chance that a single act of unprotected penis-in-vagina sex will result in pregnancy. The fact that this guy is on hormone therapy may make him slightly less likely to conceive. But if your cute hookup was having unprotected sex with others—if he wasn’t making a very special exception just for you—then you’re at greater risk of acquiring an STI than you are of acquiring an heir.

Go and get tested, CHILD, and while you wait for your results, ponder this: Health workers and HIV-prevention educators tell me that the more freaked out someone is by the idea of catching an STI—the more paralyzed by fear someone is—the likelier that person is to have unprotected sex when they do have sex. Your recent experience is common enough to be a depressing cliché. So working to conquer your irrational fear of STIs—and actually having sex once in a while—will leave you less likely to contract one. —Dan

Twenty-one-year-old furfag here. I consider myself a bi guy, I check out men and women (femmy guys and cute girls), but I’m a virgin. I have a boyfriend of three years, and we do role-play online. He’s sweet, nice, and sometimes a stubborn dick, but otherwise always there for me. We met online, and I fell in love with his personality two years before we traded pics. He is totally okay-looking, average, and I am fine with this because he’s a sweetheart. He’s also four years my senior. I’m working on my bachelor’s and trying to get into graduate school. He swears that no matter where I go, he’ll follow me. Is this a strange relationship? I know it’s unorthodox, but is it a bad move? I don’t want to ruin his life. What if we meet and try gaying it up and I’m not into it? (“Ha! You ruined your life. I’m not even into men.”) It’s my senior year, and I think I love him. I’m certainly more fond of him than any other relationship I’ve been in. Sex doesn’t hold a big interest for me, and porn doesn’t do ANYTHING for me—gay, straight, it’s like watching a sweaty, breathy anatomy class. I’ve never even masturbated. Am I going about this wrong? —Fella Unsure Regarding Feelings About Gayness

Maybe I’m behind the times—maybe I just don’t get this “online relationship” stuff—but I don’t think two people who’ve never met in real life (IRL) should be planning a future together. Attraction is about more than just shared interests, emotional compatibility, and kinks in common. There’s an ephemeral, unquantifiable aspect to attraction, something that can only be established when you’re face-to-face/tongue-to-tongue with someone. Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t think you can know for sure that it’s love—a love worth moving across the country for—until you’ve tasted each other’s spit.

Don’t get me wrong: I think it’s great that you two got together, FURFAG, and I don’t doubt that there’s a real connection. One of the wonderful things about the internet is the way it brings people with rare kinks together. And sometimes people with uncommon kinks have to go to uncommon lengths to be together—which can include taking a big risk like moving across the country to be with the furfag of your dreams.

But before you do that—or before you let him do that—you need to meet in person at least once to establish that (1) you’re actually in love with each other, and (2) you’re actually into men. You can’t resolve those doubts until you’ve acknowledged them, FURFAG, which means a truth-telling, doubts-airing, non-role-playing Skype session is in order. —Dan

I’m a 19-year-old gay guy in a relationship with an 18-year-old gay guy (for nearly four years). My boyfriend and I have a good sex life, but I rarely get to top him. We’re both versatile on paper, but the actual act of getting penetrated is almost always painful or uncomfortable for my boyfriend, even with plenty of lubrication and preparation. I’m frustrated because I know it’s not his fault, but I sometimes feel that he isn’t putting in enough effort to try to bottom for me. Additionally, it’s hard for me to understand how he feels because bottoming is never painful for me, and I enjoy it a lot. We’ve discussed the possibility of me topping another guy (alone or in a threesome), and he isn’t opposed to the idea, but I’d much rather it be him. Is there any way we can make bottoming pleasurable for him? —Ready To Top

The best way to determine if your boyfriend is a natural-born top—not into getting fucked, never will be into getting fucked—is to sideline your dick for the time being. Explore his ass, and his capacity to experience anal pleasure, without fucking him. Get some small anal toys that aren’t designed for in-and-out play, RTT, but set-and-forget play—a few butt plugs, one or two small vibrating eggs. Pop one in his ass and then let him fuck yours. If you can take the pressure off your boyfriend while getting a toy in him, RTT, he may begin to associate having something in his ass with pleasure. If he can do that, he may be able to graduate to your cock. Good luck. —Dan

I’m a 21-year-old gay boy with a kinky side that I keep pretty private. (Total twink—you wouldn’t know what I’m into by looking at me.) I went to London in June to get with a guy who has an amazing dungeon. I spent a week being his slave boy and getting tied up and caged, and I had a blast. He posted some pictures of me to his porny Tumblr, which I was okay with, but some gossipy vanilla boys I go to school with recognized me even though my face was blurred out. NO! What do I say to them?!? —Kinked Twink

“I had a blast.” —Dan

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Our Readers Say

Dude a person with lady parts is generally a lady, you deserve whatever disease you get from unprotected sex.
ummm John Smith do you even know what trans mean a person with lady parts doesnt exactly mean there a lady
transgender:when a person who Identifys with a gender other than the biological one because he/she is a male/female on the inside (brain,soul) whatever you wanna call in it, in stupid words which only you can understand ftm a male who was born biologically a female mtf vice versa, its been proven that it is scientifically possible for this to be felt, so your an idiot.
Hey there John Smith,

Maybe, generally, a person with lady parts is a lady, but not always. I happen to be hairier (bear what?!) than most any other guys my age-ish I've met (I'm 26) and I happen to have lady parts. This is a fun fact I keep to myself 99% of the time, but it's true - I'm a transsexual. If and when I do share my past with someone, the most common response (verbatim) is "no fucking way." So maybe run a google search (or two) and educate yourself a bit before you go trashing all of us. We also do not all have STI's and are looking only to infect "normal non-STI having" gay men. Actually, if that's your opinion, maybe you should keep your bigotry to yourself and leave us along - odds are pretty good we want nothing do with your sort of person anyways.

Educate yourself, genius. I happen to be intersex and have part of both sexes, and transgender people exist, too. Just because you failed human biology that doesn't mean you need to spread your disgusting, idiotic hate everywhere. You deserve worse than STDs.
Um I think what John was trying to say is, that the term "lady parts" when referring to a trans man's genitalia is extremely misgendering, transphobic, and ignorant.

PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT TRANS NEED TO STOP FUCKING SPEAKING FOR TRANS PEOPLE. You're only spreading misinformation and perpetuating behavior that honestly makes me want to kms, intersex, gay or whatever. Stop sending us through the wringer.

Also I'm damn sick of this vagina=lady penis=man bullshit. It all started from that goddamn "im a man trapped in a woman's body" bs. Like while that may be accurate description of how some trans people feel (not trying to erase anybodys feelings/experiences) I also feel like it's only ever used as a simplified attempt to make cis fucks /understand/.

My vagina is manly af, and if any one of my sexual partners ever called them lady parts I'd be kicking them out of my bed and my life.

I seriously, seriously feel sorry for that poor boy who you had the unmerited opportunity to fuck.
CHILD admitted he was young, inexperienced, nervous,and obviously he used terms that could be taken as offensive. We can get angry with him (or with the trolls who post troll-ish comments here), or we can refuse to get sidetracked and speak the truth. CHILD will learn from his experiences, as one hopes many others who read this page will as well.

Trans people get more than their share of ignorant comments. Some are innocent slips of the tongue which happen when confused people are struck with an unfamiliar scenario, and some are not. But in general people want to learn. Just as a lot of people have yet to really know a gay person up close and personal (a member of their family, a coworker, a friend), the vast majority of people have never met (let alone come to know in a close way) an out trans person.

In a generation or two, this may change drastically. If it does, it will be because people were patient and kind, showing generosity and humanity towards those who most needed to learn.

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