The Other Dave Directed by Pasquale Greco Shows as part of Shorts Program 2, “Life and Death,” June 20 at 5:30 p.m. at AFI Silver and June 23 at 3:45 p.m. at Goethe-Institut

The Other Dave tells the story of Dave Manning, a man whose life irrevocably changed when he was struck by lightning 14 years ago. One day, that lightning will cause his vital organs to shut down, and he will die. Dave’s memory is spotty; he suffers bouts of depression; he’s permanently disabled and lives with his parents. One doctor suggests his manic obsession with the Pittsburgh Steelers—he drives a car called the “Steel Mobile” covered from grill to tailpipe with paraphernalia—stems from the accident. Director Pasquale Greco doesn’t openly address what we can learn from Dave, but it’s painted across his mother’s stoic face when she talks about her son. “His life has taken some twists and turns and he’s made the most out of it,” she says. “He’s dealt with it.”

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Marlow It was nice to meet you at the annual Washington State Association of Realtors Education Conference. I wrote a post today on my blog about the event and also talekd a little bit about your real estate blogging. Take care Marlow and I'll try to stop in more often here and add some comments as well.
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