Straight With You Directed by Daan Bol Shows as part of Shorts Program 1, “Truth Be Told,” on June 20 at 3:15 p.m. at AFI Silver and June 23 at 10 a.m. at Newseum

Daan Bol’s Straight With You is the tale of Melvin, an 11-year-old of serious talent, even by the standards of the polyglot Dutch. He is a gifted dancer, something of a wit, and carries himself with a raw and startling emotional intelligence. Melvin is also gay, as he discovered while watching actor Ferry Doedens as Lucas Sanders on Dutch soap opera GTST. His mother knows his secret, as does his father (who “really likes football and is pretty cool and tough,” as Melvin says) and his best friend Caitlyn. Then there’s Yentel, his ex, who’s still crushing hard and doesn’t know why he broke up with her. At a previous school, Melvin learned that if you come out, you get kicked in the balls and have to move house. His impulse, however, is to “feel truthful”; toward the end, in an Amsterdam skate park, Yentel describes how it felt when Melvin “broke up” with her, and very gracefully he at last reveals his secret. Yentel’s response, and their shared precocity in assessing the debris of their relationship, are funny and sad in equal measure. “You feel free when you’ve told someone you’re gay,” Melvin says evenly over an extended final scene, one of unfettered joy, two children on a rollercoaster, their hands in the air, her smile wider than his.

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