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Friday, July 19
7:00 PM
9:30 Club
Washington, DC

US Air Guitar is currently assembling an unprecedented array of talent. Over the course of the year, Qualifiers are being held in over twenty cities across America, with more being added every week. The best air guitarists from each Qualifier advance to the Semifinals, which are being held in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Washington DC.

Three winners from each Semifinal will advance to the US Finals, which is happening this year in Los Angeles on August 17.

The winner of the US Finals will become The 2013 US Air Guitar Champion, and will advance to the Air Guitar World Championships, held in Finland. He or she will represent the United States of America against National Champions from 25 other countries all around the world.

The competition at the Semifinals consists of two rounds. In Round 1, each competitor performs to a song of their own choosing. In Round 2, the top competitors from Round 1 perform to a surprise compulsory song. In each round, contestants perform for one minute of a song and are judged on a combination of technical merit, stage presence, and “airness." All guitars must be invisible. The jury is a panel of independent judges that are hand picked by US Air Guitar. The results of the jury cannot be protested.

Bjorn Turoque, star of the movie Air Guitar Nation, will return in 2013 to host the event. 2008 US & World Air Guitar Champion, Hot Lixx Hulahan, will return as a Judge, and will also do a special air guitar perform with the current World Air Guitar Champion, Nordic Thunder. And there will also be special half time performance by other legends of the sport.


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