Can Locking My Penis in a Chastity Device Cause Long-Term Damage? Safety tips for future erections

My girlfriend and I read your column religiously, and I have you to thank for being comfortable enough with my kinks to tell her about my interest in BDSM. She is very GGG and has indulged all my kinky fantasies and discovered some of her own. Our latest adventure has her locking up my dick in a CB-6000 male chastity device. The play/sex has been super-fun so far, but we want to be aware of any health and safety concerns, specifically damage to my penis. We’ve had the device for almost a week, and I’ve been doing a ton of research. There is no shortage of information on proper hygiene and cleaning while locked, and the effects of infrequent ejaculation/orgasm denial. What we’re most concerned about is not the effects of not coming, but whether restricting my erections with a chastity device can cause nerve damage, erectile dysfunction, or other issues. Should I be concerned about having my erections constricted by the device while being teased or wearing it overnight? (My research tells me that in REM sleep, the typical male will get three to five erections.) We plan on taking off the device for sexual play, which we do about five times a week, so there would be plenty of opportunities for my guy to stretch out. Besides worrying about limiting erections, is there any issue with having the device on long-term while soft, in regards to the cock ring that serves as the back end of the device? If it is fitted properly, are there any negative effects to having this on for a day? A week? A month? I find it odd that there isn’t more information about this provided by manufacturers. From what I’ve read online, there seem to be a lot of guys who stay locked way more long-term than I’m planning, and I hope they have had questions like mine answered before engaging in that. —Lock On Cock Kausing Erectile Dysfunction?

There are more submissive guys out there blogging about their locked-up cocks than there are submissive guys out there whose cocks are locked up.

By which I mean to say…

Whether you’re talking about food, politics, or locking a dude’s cock in a male chastity device, LOCKED, you’ll find more anonymous liars online pretending to be experts than you’ll find actual experts. Of course, there are kinky guys out there who’ve had their cocks locked up for extended periods. Male chastity play is a real kink, not some freaky bullshit made up by a high-school kid to gross people out, e.g., “Dirty Sanchez,” “Donkey Punch,” “Michelle Malkin.” But the number of men who enjoy this kind of play is relatively small, and the number of chastity players blogging about their experience is smaller still. So it’s probably best not to take health-and-safety advice from the anonymous chastity players you run across online.

So how about some health-and-safety advice from an actual board-certified urologist instead? “I’ve never had a patient ask me about using, or admit to using, a male chastity device,” said Stephen H. King, MD, a urologist in Washington State. “And I cannot find a single reference in the medical/urological literature.”

What would Dr. King advise a patient who asked him about wearing a male chastity device? “As a urologist, my primary concern is long-term health and preservation of erectile function ‘down the road,’ so I tend to err on the cautious side, especially in someone young with many good erections ahead of him,” said Dr. King. “So if LOCKED came to my clinic with this question, I’d certainly caution against any long-term or continuous use of such a device, anything more than four to six hours, if it places any significant compression on the tissue directly.”

Some guys who wear male chastity devices for extended periods invest in custom-fitted devices, LOCKED, as a custom device is less likely to put “significant compression on the tissue” than a semi-adjustable, one-size-fits-all, easy-to-break-out-of CB-6000. The device you’ve got is fine for newbies and short-term play, but the expensive chastity devices they sell at—devices with names like “The Exoskeleton,” “The Torture Puzzle,” and “The Grinder”—have the benefit of being both safer and impossible for the wearer to remove without the key.

So let’s say you invest in a hardcore, expensive chastity device that doesn’t rely on potentially tissue-compressing rings to be held in place. What does Dr. King say now? “With no compression from the cock ring, it might be safe for somewhat longer use,” said Dr. King. “Overnight use may still be problematic. Nocturnal/spontaneous erections are hypothesized to exist to encourage blood flow and stretching of the vascular and erectile tissue to keep it healthy and prevent atrophy. Like any other tendon, ligament, or muscle in the body—use it or lose it. I can’t see how preventing these spontaneous nocturnal erections can be healthy. But I can’t prove any long-term damage.”

Of course, if we only listened to doctors, no one would ever eat sugar, smoke cigarettes, or let his girlfriend lock up his cock in “The Grinder, because something “bad” might happen. (Diabetes, cancer, impotence, respectively.) So I got a second and a third opinion for you, LOCKED.

The second opinion is mine: The manufacturers of CB-6000s and other male chastity devices don’t provide information about risks because they’re not required to. Male chastity devices, like all sex toys, are sold as “novelty items.” They’re not medical devices, and the FDA doesn’t regulate them. But so long as your CB-6000 isn’t so tight that it’s cutting off circulation, pinching nerves, or rubbing you raw, and so long as you’re not wearing it for extended periods of time (I wouldn’t wear one overnight, myself), you’ll be fine. There are, after all, thousands of CB-6000s in circulation—it is the most popular male chastity device on the market—and if they were injuring men or rendering them impotent, LOCKED, we’d be hearing from unhappy chastity players and their lawyers. Dr. King backs me up on this. He consulted another doctor whose specialty is “urology trauma,” and his colleague hadn’t heard of any issues related to chastity devices. “Perhaps that speaks to the relative safety of them,” said Dr. King. “If they were messing up lots of penises, surely we urologists would be the first ones to know.”

The third opinion is from a kinky blogger. Metal served for six years on the board of Gay Male S/M Activists, an organization dedicated to promoting safe, sane, and consensual BDSM, and now runs the popular BDSM site He’s also a keyholder to several men locked in long-term chastity devices.

“I’m not a medical doctor,” Metal said, “so I can’t speak with authority on potential long-term physical effects. But I can tell you that many, many men use chastity to enhance their sex lives. There are whole websites devoted to just that one aspect of BDSM play, and some of the most popular entries on my site are about chastity.”

None of the men Metal has personally locked up—some for months at a time—have had any trouble getting hard once their chastity devices were removed. “When guys are first locked up, they often complain of waking up in the middle of the night with painful erections,” said Metal. “But that usually passes in a week or so. What I would suggest to this couple is to go ahead and experiment. Lock him up for a day or two initially, then a few days, and then maybe work up to a week or more. Rules are good. Maybe he gets unlocked only when he’s chained to the bed. Then right after he comes—if he’s allowed to come—his dick gets locked back up before he’s unchained.” Metal urges you to be cautious, to take it slow, but not to fear chastity play. “Think of chastity as a really, really long form of foreplay,” said Metal. “The possibilities, and the long-term sexual rewards, can be endless.” —Dan

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Our Readers Say

I am locked in a CB6000s for the past several months. That is right, in fact it will be 9 months on June 23 (2013). I have had no problems with the device, not have I had any health issues. It seems many of the problems may occur because of poor hygiene on the part of the person who is locked. I fully clean my device every day in the shower. I am unable to remove it because my Keyholder lives a distance from me.
The past 9 months have been the best 9 month I have had sexually in my life. I always feel aroused and my Keyholder keeps me totally interested in the Chastity Lifestyle. You say the CB6000 is easy to remove, I say it is easy when you have a key. Why on earth would you attempt to remove it if you put it on in the first place. Care of the "toy" is important. When you abuse anything it can give you problems such as breaking in the case of the CB6000.
I would not trade being locked in my CB6000s for anything, except maybe winning the Mega-millions Lottery.
i'm here to say that chastity devices definitely CAN harm the penis. I am a young 22 year old kid that tried wearing a birdlocked soft chastity cage and it did permanent damage. PERMANENT DAMAGE. That is all I will say. Do not wear these factory made toys. If you are determined to buy a chastity device, buy one that has different sized rings and listen to your body. My erections have NEVER felt the same since the night that my penis "screwed up" and I have had problems ever since. BE CAREFUL, PLEASE! Its your PENIS, the ONLY ONE you've got. TAKE CARE OF IT. I have basically ruined my body. And the urologists dont give a shit. They dont know what to do because an operation could/would ruin you worse than the device has. Don't purposely decrease the hardness of your penis for this little fascination with chastity. Its not worth it.
This website is great dc8e6e745bfdb5c44cbd5b577f756114
What a fantastic topic! I am 21 year old very experienced chastity and BDSM user. I am here to suggest that people need to use chastity devices VERY carefully and VERY responsibly. Sleeping in a chastity device is potentially risky to the penis. However, steps can be taken to make it safer, such as padding around the device, and limiting your ability to role over on it. The few times I have tried to sleep with a relatively strict and highly sought after stainless steal/chrome device, I would always wake up a few hours later in pain of one sort or another. Such as scrotal tissue being pinched, or an erection that lasted to long in rem sleep. Despite that, I enjoy using this device short term while I'm awake. Reference Product: ( This is one of the cheapest places to find the best device I talk about, or if you want a better idea what device I prefer and I stand buy. Much better in my opinion than plastic devices for ten times more money. Some sellers on "Ebay" say this device allows access to torment the user, is very secure, and prevents ejaculation (even under the most persistent attempts). All of these assertions are very accurate. However, I do not find this device overly painful, as some suggest, to have a partial or near complete erection in this for a wile, or even a very long wile if your attentive and know your limits. It does not cause lasting injury in this case. I will also note that my statement that the device prevents erection and ejaculation could be challenged. Most devices I've used, even when locked can be worked out of if your patient and persistent. If your not properly restrained, such as being cuffed behind your back (unless your very very flexible like in my case... which would require cuffs behind back that are martin linked to a belt chain that is further locked in the front some how) or being aroused and experiencing a partial erection (a partial erection in chastity devices generally prevents any non keyed escape) then achieve a proper erection free of the device ect. excuse my run on sentences.
As a chastity cage wearer I can say that long term lockup can and does cause the penis to shrink. I use a very small cage that does not allow room to grow. Erections happen every night and morning, but there is no pain - just a bit of pressure. When my wife allows me to get out I can get hard, but it's only about half the size it used to be. I would hope it would return to normal after being out of the cage for days or weeks, but in my case I'm not sure that will ever happen. The wife really likes the way I am while locked and I have to beg to be let out every few weeks.
My husband has been confined to a cb6000 for 6 years and we have noticed a major shrinking on the rare times that i realease him his sperm amount is nearly zero only a small drip after manaul release and he can no long get long enough or hard enough to get inside me.
It was our intention to have this result so that taking a lover was more enjoyable and he wouldn'rt feel jealous but rater unworthy of fulfilling me sexually
Are there male chastity devices that allow a penis getting hard but no to be jerked off. That would solve some of the penis damage problems mentioned in reader comments here.
I am a long-term wearer of the CB-6000. This time I have been locked up for 6 months. I was locked up for 4 months once before. After long-term use your penis does shrink, meaning it just doesn't get as hard as it used to. When finally removed, I find my dick doesn't get fully hard until a week or two later. This is because the corpus cavernosum hasn't stretched out to full length in a long while. Give it a little time and you'll be back to the rock hard steel you once had.
I hardly ever get releases but when I do, I get fully erect fast. Only problem is, the skin is tender from long term lockup so ironically, I'm not able to do much for long time at all. Besides, she likes it that way.
What is the best male chastity device? My husband and I have tried cb 6000 and it was to tight and left pressure marks on his balls. His penis started to turn blue, I'm assuming that is not nnormal.can you get them custom made?

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