2013 Atlas Intersections Festival

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Washington City Paper and Intersections are teaming up on March 1! Join us for one of these special events at the Atlas Intersections Festival.

For more info on the festival, please visit intersectionsdc.org.

  • 7:00pm - Ron Litman - DC Trash
    “A treasure” of the 2012 Fringe Festival, this high-octane street-theatre style performance looks at DC from the inside out through the eyes of a native son and lone white trash man. Lab 2 · 60 min · $20/$15 student/senior · for ages 16+

  • 7:30pm - Quynn Johnson and Ryan Johnson - Sole Defined
    Creators Ryan K. Johnson (Stomp) and Quynn Johnson (Just Tap) fuse multiple modes of percussive dance with music from around the globe. An update of the 2012 festival hit! Sprenger Theatre · 60 min · $15/$10 student/senior

  • 8:00pm - Sissoko and Segal - In Concert
    International world music stars, French cellist Vincent Segal and Malian kora master Ballaké Sissoko draw from deep traditions to create a whole new sonic space. Lang Theatre · 75 min · $28/$15 student/senior

  • 8:30pm - Jjana Valentiner - Funeral Potatoes
    Set in the midst of a conservative Mormon funeral, this one-woman show takes a funny, compelling look at finding the balance between piety and sexuality. Lab 1 · 60 min · $15/$10 student/senior

  • 9:30pm - Nistha Raj, Aakash Mittal, Christylez Bacon & Debu Nayak - Adlib
    A concert discovery of common musical ground with North Indian classial violinist Nistha Raj and tabliya Debu Nayak, jazz saxophonist Aakash Mittal and beatboxer Christylez Bacon. Lab 2 · 60 min · $25/$20 student/senior

  • 10:00pm - Bowen McCauley Dance - Lucy’s Local Playlist
    Contemporary dance from choreographer Lucy Bowen McCauley meets the music of ten metro area bands in a love letter to DC’s homegrown sounds. Sprenger Theatre · 60 min · $20/$15 student/senior

  • 10:30pm - DC Shorts - Crossing Paths
    Explore how cultures, individuals, even aliens clash, combine and cooperate through selections from DC Shorts’ archive. Lang Theatre · 90 min · $15 · for ages 18+

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