Spring Arts Guide 2013

"Wearing Ethereal" Feb. 8-March 9 at Flashpoint Gallery

Jimmy Miracle practices a kind of alchemy. In his second D.C. solo show, “Wearing Ethereal,” he turns found objects into multimedia pieces that show how the ordinary can become the sacred. Through sculpture and photographs, the District-based artist raises thoughtful questions about consumerist culture. In his images, Miracle documents spontaneous and short-lived installations built with detritus he collected from a Rockaways coastline. Some of them echo land artist Andy Goldsworthy or Scottish artist Kate MccGwire’s meticulous, process-oriented work with feathers and wishbones. His sculptural work includes a large-scale antique armoire, cracked open like a treasure chest to reveal an interior vibrating with taut, colorful string, like a minimalist Fred Sandback beckoning from C.S. Lewis’ wardrobe.

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