The Answers Issue: Who is the worst advisory neighborhood commissioner in the city?

Who is the worst advisory neighborhood commissioner in the city?

There are so many to choose from! A strong incumbent system and a general lack of interest among potential competitors means that even the worst advisory neighborhood commissioners can hang onto their seats for decades. Whether your taste runs to mailing-list feuds, obstinate opposition to any new development, or unregistered firearms, D.C.’s 299 ANC seats offer dysfunction for every taste.

Sadly for students of ANC mischief, the 2012 elections really thinned the field. Leroy Thorpe, a former ANC2C commissioner known for slinging racial and homophobic slurs and praising the 9/11 attacks as “a great day for America,” lost his campaign to retake the seat by just 20 votes. Thorpe also once called Councilmember Jack Evans a “blond-haired cracker.”

2012 also saw the elimination of Lenwood Johnson, a Columbia Heights ANC commissioner who, had he retained his seat, would easily be the worst in D.C. In 2010, police raided Johnson's home after he admitted to Washington City Paper he owned an unregistered gun. Right before he was ousted, the Washington Post caught Johnson using a government-issued cell phone to call phone-sex lines. Johnson even earned his own catchphrase when he told an angry constituent that he should “be embarrassed by your own bitchassness.”

But while 2012 was a cruel year for the worst commissioners, there are still plenty of worthy contenders. ANC5C commissioner GiGi Ransom earned a censure from her own commission in 2009 for, among a laundry list of neighborhood-level misdeeds, refusing several orders of business cards and requesting government-funded office furniture for her own house. Meanwhile, police were called to a polling place when ANC5D’s Kathy Henderson allegedly electioneered illegally.

Ultimately, I can’t make this decision for you. Naming the worst ANC commissioner in Washington is a personal decision, left up to District residents. Personally, as a Georgetown University alumnus, I’d nominate the entire Georgetown ANC for stymying students’ love of partying. So pick an ANC commissioner who has slighted you in some way and carry that grudge to your grave. Isn’t that what local politics is all about?

Correction: Due to a reporting error, this article originally stated that Leroy Thorpe had been an incumbent ANC commissioner when he lost last year. In fact, he was attempting to win back a seat he had previously held.

Our Readers Say

Thorpe didn't lose his "re-election campaign" in 2012. He lost his re-election campaign in 2006. He hasn't won since, although he tries every time.
Thanks, TM, that was my mistake. It's been fixed now.
I believe that Thorpe actually called Evans a "that pink cracker."
and then there's Mary Cuthbert:
One cannot forgot the world's biggest arsehold Tom Smith up in Ward 3 and his undertaker / lover Jeffery. Those guys are straight up Satanic.
Darrell Gaston (ANC 8B02). Hands down! He went ape-shit when he lost his chairmanship last week LOL, and it was recorded.
As someone who has been hit with a few of Mr. Thorpe's colorful barbs - including being called a racist, drunk, hater of my neighbors all simply because I think he is a bully and was one of his biggest critics when he was in the ANC. I agree with the tag "one of the worst"...

For some reason the DC pols (including Jack Evans) L-O-V-E him (or are afraid of him). He is a thin skinned little man who throws verbal assault after verbal assault on his neighbors but when you "dare" criticize him out come the lawsuits!!! And MAN does he love lawsuits...

When my family and I moved overseas he even left me a little love note on his sad little "blog" to say goodbye...sniff I miss him (not).
Hey Will Sommer et al,

Way to bring up an article way long AFTER it's even relevant. Where was the WCP before the last election on it's favorite DC clown/sambo? For the past few years when MrT was up to his worst and most public antics -- documenting them for the record on his blog -- you've been silent. How bizarre.

Tommy Wells is a Racist:

CS is a Racist:

BS and his wife(?) are Bigots:

(Sometimes a fox -- apologies to foxes because they are really lovel and clever creatures -- or monkeys with their heads up their asses -- only smell their own hole.)

MrT's arrest and conviction for criminal misconduct:

And yet we wonder why staff (such as MrT) at DYRS aren't helping, providing better examples, much less "rahabing" the youth who need it most, and in turn only perpetuate our juvenile crime problems that are no small thing. [, Northwestern University School of Law, 2012 study]

This is why the meda is going downhill. First you're in love with Lance Armstrong despite the evidence and unbelievable string of victories; yet this year everyone is shamelessly piling on against him. Where was the investigative journalism? Manti Te'o is just one dude in a sea of thousands of immature -- not ready for the spotlight or cash windfall -- athletes exploited by the industry and media.

The WCP used to be a big read. It just keeps getting smaller and smaller.
Still not corrected: 10:55 Fri 25 Jan 2013:

"Sadly for students of ANC mischief, the 2012 elections really thinned the field. Leroy Thorpe, a former ANC2C commissioner known for slinging racial and homophobic slurs and praising the 9/11 attacks as “a great day for America,” lost his campaign to retake the seat by just 20 votes."

If he hasn't been in office since 2005, the field of elected bad commissioners (like the victor/incumbent in that race) is hardly "thinned" by MrT AGAIN not winning election. (four-time loser)
They be given out journalism jobs to people who even use Google these days?
I don't know who wrote this column, but you should truly take the time to research before you write slanderous and defaming comments about me, especially since the City Paper covered the issues you mentioned about me back in 2009. First, the Office of the Attorney General opined that the censure process used by ANC 5C, which was then chaired by Anita Bonds was "legally improper." Why? They did not use Robert’s Rule of Order procedures because if they did, they would not have had a leg to stand on in these matters which was based on some members of the Commission decided to try to ruin my reputation by making false and unfounded accusations against me because I didn't bow down to the wishes of Anita, Barrie Danneker, Tim Day, Marshall Phillips and some others on the Commission so they could control me. I wasn’t elected by my SMD residents to “cow-tow to individuals operating from the old system we must validate you first.” I had served 3 prior terms in Ward 6. Only people with low self-esteem and insecurities would want to do this to another person. For the business cards, Comm. Mary Famer-Allen used a union print shop to purchase our cards. I was not alright with this because I was not told what would be the price of the cards before they were printed. I wanted to use The ARC, a non-profit print shop I had been using since they opened and knew the price would be $45.00 for 500 cards. When I received the cards from this union shop, not pre-proofed which is not common practice, they costed $90.00, with $55.00 template fee, total $145.00! The font was too small, could barely read the cards due to the little use of ink especially for sr. citizens to see. I requested corrections and to proof before final print. I was able to proof, asked that more ink be used, and still had questions about the proof which was at 176% view size which were never answered. This shop printed the cards anyway with a grand total charge of $235.00 which included additional fees of $55.00 for the alleged re-proofing and editing. I also refused these cards. The ARC print shop doesn’t charge you for proofing. Comm. Farmer Allen paid for these cards anyway. I send an email with documentation to the DC Auditor requesting an investigation for we have a fiduciary responsibility to spend DC taxpayers money wisely, not spend just to spend. I did not request government issued furniture for my home. The GSA federal surplus system allows DC govt agencies to access their system for many different items. This helps to save govt money. Back in the 90s while a commissioner, I developed a relationship with this federal government system for schools, commissioners and commissions and other govt agencies to obtain needed items. I even testified before the DC Council on this to have the door opened, and was commended for this. There was a 10 yr gap in my service as a commissioner to which I returned in 2009. I went through the proper channels; fill out the proper documentation to request a used computer and a small table for the computer, for my use on behalf of the residents of my SMD as I had done in the 90s. I was told to use my address since that is the legal address for me as the elected commissioner which made it my home office since ANC 5C didn’t have an office. The form was sent to the Office of ANCs which denied my request. I was informed that the rules had changed, especially since in prior yrs there were some abuses. That was fine with me, but felt unfair in that DC govt employees are allowed to have DC Govt equipment used at home. Commissioners positions are non-salaried, their ANC work is additional "wear & tear" on their personal equipment on behalf of their constituents for which we are not compensated. You should have read then City paper reporter Amanda Hess' coverage of these issues first for I provided her with all related documentation, which produced fair and balanced articles. You also had the opportunity to call me before writing this slanderous piece. I am considered one of the best, if not the best Commissioner ever in DC for my work on behalf of the residents I was elected to represent and for my work on behalf of all DC residents, which I have humbly accepted. I am requesting an immediate retraction or correction to this article and to be directly informed when it has been done.

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