The Answers Issue: How much does Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton's office cost taxpayers?

How much does Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton’s office cost D.C. and American taxpayers a year?

The operating budget for Norton’s office was $1,368,849.00 for fiscal year 2012, according to her spokesman. That’s the same as one of the 435 voting members of the House gets, and $93,597 less than it was the year before. That figure doesn’t include Norton’s own salary, which is $174,000 a year.

Much of Norton’s budget goes to her staff, which during her most recent filing was at 22 full- and part-timers. Norton has also been spending $7,689 to rent an office downtown at the National Press Building, and $1,068.83 for an office space on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE. “The downtown office is necessary to enable residents to come to an easily reached, central location near a Metro stop from any ward. The Southeast office is necessary because of the difficulty residents living east of the Anacostia can have in reaching other parts of the city,” says her spokesman, Scott McCrary.

McCrary adds that the lease is up on the downtown office; Norton will open a new one near Metro’s NoMa-Galludet U (New York Ave.) station—just one stop on the Red Line away from Union Station, a short walk across Capitol Hill from Norton’s suite in the Rayburn House Office Building.

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Thank you, Alan. My best to you, Dean and Fam.
What a waste of money. TWENTY TWO full time and part-time staff for a faux representative who accomplishes NOTHING?
I guess "Typical DC BS" hasn't had a problem with Social Security, Veteran's benefits, the IRS, or any other federal issue. The vast majority of work in Norton's office (or any Congressional office) is constituent work, helping constituents (who are taxpayers) deal with delays and screwups at the federal level. Most Americans have a choice of two senators and a congressman to help navigate these problems. We have Norton. Whether you like her or not, her office staff is there to help and advocate for constituents. To say they accomplish nothing simply indicates you know nothing.
I think Eleanor Holmes-Norton does a great job, considering she can't officially vote on the House floor (well she can when the House votes as a committee as a whole, but her vote can't be the deciding vote so that makes it meaningless) and/or make any deals with other House members. Having the Anacostia office makes sense given the limited means of the residents living over there, but an office downtown or NoMa? Come on... people can just go over to the Rayburn Office Building. Any other office besides Anacostia is a waste.
Why is this NEWS...I forgot, its time to pick on Black people again?

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