Marshall Crenshaw at Birchmere Friday, Jan. 18

My mom loves Marshall Crenshaw. He is, after all, undeniably supermarket-mom rock: His self-titled 1982 debut album contains the glossy pop hits “Someday, Someway,” “Cynical Girl,” “Mary Anne,” and “The Usual Thing”—all sweet, boppy, wholly inoffensive singalongs. Load the Marshall Crenshaw homepage, and you’ll see a white-bearded chap in glasses wearing—shiver—a fedora. But I love Marshall Crenshaw nearly as much as my mom does. He’s done a considerable amount in my lifetime, like play with the reunited MC5, appear on The Adventures of Pete & Pete, and release a few new albums. All that being said, the classics from his first album remain the best and the most fun: The thing’s never gone out of print, and hopefully never will disappear from the Internet. Otherwise, how will future moms carry the torch?

Marshall Crenshaw performs with The Bottle Rockets at 7:30 p.m. at the Birchmere, 3701 Mount Vernon Ave., Alexandria. $27.50. (703) 549-7500.

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THIS IS SOOOOO COOL! Bill Dukes is a genius! I stuedid acting with him briefly in New York many moons ago at the Henry Street Settlement. Lol my sister and I dragged our then 6 and 7 year old children with us to acting class and they loved it! Dark Girls is one of the best things to happen to people of color in this country; and for the world at large- ever! This does not just encompass people of color of African decent my mom was of mixed heritage dad -Ethiopian/Moroccan mom East Indian/Scottish: her parents were not born in America and she was forced to deny her Indian birthright in order to assimilate without trouble. I remember this certain faraway look she would get in her eyes accompanied by a look of pain. I did not understand it then but as the survival secrets in my family of who I be began to emerge I understood. And my mom was not forced to deny her heritage to Whites only; Blacks were almost unrelenting to people of color who didn't fit the stereotype. Thank-you Bill Dukes and Kudos. Your are refining what Spike Lee started in School Daze.
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