Miguel Sept. 26 at the Howard Theatre

Thanks to the soulful vocals, pop hooks, and hip-hop rhythms of his 2010 debut All I Want Is You, L.A.-born singer Miguel has had plenty of Billboard success. But he hasn’t done as much for the PBR&B set, lacking the overt artsiness and hipster connections of crooners like Frank Ocean and the Weeknd. Now that may change. On his three Art Dealer Chic EPs, as well as a teaser for his next album, Miguel adds dabs of Prince, indie synth and axe work, and an adaptation of The Zombies’ “Time of the Season.” And he’s still using that hair-raising falsetto. $25–$30.

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Does anyone have any tickets to sell to the Miguel Concert at Howard? If so, please contact me! I'm willing to pay more than original face value. b_mills88@hotmail.com

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