Dan Deacon Nov. 17 at 9:30 Club

With a new album (America) on a new label (Domino), Deacon once again expands his musical palette. The bleeps and boops of his trademark glitchy, dancey music are still there, but the compositions are finer and the melodies sweeter. The best pop song of the bunch is the catchy single “True Thrush,” while the ecstatic “Lots” encourages busy footwork. The second half of the album is “USA,” a four-part suite dedicated to the country’s sprawling landscapes. America is Deacon’s most ambitious and fully-realized work yet, giving equal time to energetic pop fun and passages of full-bloom beauty. In live performance, the Baltimore musician still leads his audience in a variety of dance moves and physical games. Let your guard down, participate, and enjoy. $15.


State of the Arts: 2012 Fall Arts Guide

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