Laetitia Sadier Sept. 25 at DC9

From 1990 to 2009, Laetitia Sadier warbled sweetly or drolly recited French and English lyrics for Stereolab, a Brit-based band known for its crate-digging blend of easy listening, krautrock, French yé-yé pop, samba, and jazz. On Silencio, Sadier’s second album under her own name, she makes use of the same influences in a quieter manner. While the band helps generate one cut’s speedy synth-led take on a Curtis Mayfield-like arrangement, most of the songs feature Sadier’s wordy political tracts over her own strumming, with others adding subtle embellishments. She offers no new tricks or catchy choruses, but that’s OK: The ‘Lab’s formula still works. $14.


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