Mount Eerie Sept. 18 at U Street Music Hall

The black basement of U Street Music Hall makes for a fine dance-music venue, but it’s not an atmosphere where you’d expect to find Phil Elverum, whose refracted indie folk channels the green, brown, and blue hues of the Pacific Northwest. But the former Microphones songwriter will be on the subterranean dance floor soon as Mount Eerie, the moniker he’s used since 2003. Natural imagery may not jibe with the venue’s aesthetic, but one aspect of U Street Music Hall will work in Elverum’s favor: the booming sound system. Ocean Roar, Mount Eerie’s most recent LP, is a captivating collection of forest-set sandalgaze, showing a clear affinity for a genre Elverum loves: black metal. In that sense, the dim, dark-walled music hall won’t just sound the part, but look it, too. With Secret Mountains and DJ Sean Peoples. $12–$14.


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