ARCH Development End-of-Summer Social at Honfleur Gallery Wednesday, Sept. 5

Stakeholder input, in the economic-development sense, is a tricky thing: Too often, the only people who chime in already know the ins and outs of the project at hand. ARCH Development, the nonprofit dedicated to bringing an arts-based economy to Anacostia, has hit a crowdsourcing wall. To open up the conversation, ARCH is hosting a “social” at Honfleur Gallery that’s part party, part informational session, and part focus group. In theory, those unconvinced that arts spaces can attract more amenities will be won over by ARCH’s charm offense, and those who already cozy up with Richard Florida’s The Rise of the Creative Class will ping-pong ideas for a better Anacostia with the organization’s staff. ARCH is reaching out to people who aren’t regulars at Honfleur and Vivid Solutions gallery openings through an aggressive postcard-mailing campaign and the simple request that its regular fans bring a friend. Luckily for those who have only visited Anacostia for those LUMEN8 art parties in April, nonresidents’ voices count, too.

The End of Summer Social begins at 6:30 p.m. at Honfleur Gallery, 1241 Good Hope Road SE. Free. (202) 889-5000.

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And if having a good time isn't enough we are giving away 10 LUMEN8Anacostia t-shirts to the first 10 people and giving away THREE $100 gift cards to winners in three contests. Visit out website to learn more.

Honfleur Gallery is located at 1241 Good Hope Rd SE.

There is plenty of FREE on street parking and there are bus and Circulator stops on the street. The closest metro stop is Anacostia.

See you tomorrow!

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