Mayhem Festival at Jiffy Lube Live Sunday, July 29

If you were Lemmy from Motörhead, you’d drink a bottle of Jack Daniel’s a day, too. Not because you’d have a giant growth on your face, or even because you were an alcoholic. No, you’d guzzle firewater because, after 37 years of writing countless iterations of the same great punk-metal anthem, you’re still only one slot above a turdcore band like Asking Alexandria on the Mayhem Festival tour. At least Motörhead is playing the main stage: Thrash pioneers Anthrax are relegated to the one sponsored by Jagermeister, a beverage that should be downed copiously if you have to sit through a set by one of the festival’s many metalcore acts, including Baltimore’s own Mouth Breathers...sorry, that’s I, the Breather. But that’s how Mayhem is: For every Slayer, there’s a bunch of growly dudes with twee keyboards keeping it unreal. Drink up.

Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival begins at 1:30 p.m. at Jiffy Lube Live, 7800 Cellar Door Drive, Bristow. $26.50–$69.50.

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