Carolyn Malachi at Montserrat House Friday, July 27

D.C. singer Carolyn Malachi has made long strides in a relatively short time. Her debut album, Revenge of the Smart Chicks, was self-released in 2008; by 2010, her song “Orion,” which detailed a complicated romance between a mermaid and astronaut, was nominated for a Grammy. With Malachi, the results aren’t always conventional, but they’re surely positive, whether she’s nudging you to free your mind or follow your dreams. Malachi also likes a good cause: She’s raised funds for secondary students in developing countries and brought awareness to bullying in schools. So it’s no surprise that she’s headlining a benefit show tonight to aid independent artists in developing countries. The proceeds from the concert, hosted by the nonprofit PeaceTones, will go toward the group’s work in Sierra Leone, Brazil, and Haiti to teach independent artists how to create and sell their music globally. With her worldly sound, Malachi is a good fit.

Carolyn Malachi performs with Jayarr at 8 p.m. at Montserrat House, 2016 9th St. NW. $15.

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Carolyn surely has a wonderful voice and is a great ambassador for the music industry with her work helping those in the developing world.

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