Missing Directed by Ewan McNicol Shows with The Central Park Effect on Fri., June 22 at 2 p.m. at Discovery HD Theater. Also on Sun., June 24 at 10 a.m. at AFI Silver 1.

Truffles, owned by Judy, is a Norwegian forest cat; Mimi, owned by a woman whose name we don’t learn, is a black-and-gold mutt. Mimi’s half of Missing revolves around her owner’s quest to find her, which involves hiring “pet detectives” (their equipment includes a sniffing dog and a thing that looks like a tiny satellite dish). If that seems excessive, consider Judy’s tactic following Truffles’ disappearance: Employing an animal “communicator” named Carol, who claims she was able to talk to Truffles via something she calls “the golden cord.” Missing reminded me of my grandmother: Surely, if her beloved Snowball disappeared, she’d at least consider bringing in a Carol. I hope this doesn’t happen—not because the cat-psychic thing is weird, but because Missing heartwrenchingly documents what it’s like to lose something you love.

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