Plimpton! Directed by Tom Bean and Luke Poling Thurs., June 22 at 8:30 p.m. at AFI Silver 1. Also on Sat., June 23 at 12 p.m. at AFI Silver 2.

Oh, how droll, how amuuuuuusing it must have been to play...oh, what’s the damned thing called? Ah yes, quarterback with the, ah, the Detroit...Lions! Thank you, George, thank you. Anyway, it sounds sooooo fascinating, so delightfully brutal. It’ll be splendid, I can’t wait to read the book, I just loved the one about baseball. Your stories are always so...interesting, George. Say, is that Gore Vidal over there? With Norman Mailer? I heard him say the most wicked thing at Gay Talese’s last Sunday. Have you seen Bobby lately? I’ve been dying to have a stay at Hyannis this summer. Oh, how’s the magazine, dear George? I adored the Cheever interview, so fascinating. Oh, why I’d love another, George. Did I ever tell you you throw the best parties?

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