"Make me something eco-friendly for Earth Day."

Where: DC Reynolds, 3628 Georgia Ave. NW

Bartender response: “I’ll make you this because it’s slow.”

What we got: An Old-Fashioned: cherries and oranges muddled in simple syrup with Knob Creek bourbon over ice.

How it tasted: Like cherries and oranges muddled in simple syrup with bourbon. Which is to say, sweet and syrupy, with plenty of fruit. We’re still not sure how this drink ties into Earth Day, but we’ve certainly had worse Old Fashioneds in this town.

Price: $8

Improv points (1-5): 1. Fruit comes out of the earth, right?

Where: Busboys & Poets, 2021 14th St. NW

Bartender reaction: “We’ve got organic alcohol.”

What we got: Organic gin, grapefruit juice, and basil syrup shaken over ice

How it tasted: The basil syrup was imperceptible; this drink was nothing more than gin and grapefruit. And even though it didn’t taste like it was saving the world from total environmental destruction, at least our booze earned its sustainable stripes.

Price: $10

Improv points (1-5): 1. Without that kick of basil, our earth-friendly libation was unfortunately basic, resembling something you’d make at home. That grapefruit juice in the fridge isn’t going to drink itself.

Where: Lost Society, 2001 14th St. NW

Bartender reaction: “Fruity is appropriate, right?”

What we got: 4Roses bourbon, peach liqueur, and peach bitters shaken over ice

How it tasted: Like it was composed entirely of DeKuyper Luscious Peachtree. A fruity cocktail might be a nice way to think about Earth Day (surely, somewhere, there are protection measures for peach trees), but fake-flavored liqueur isn’t the vehicle we wanted.

Price: $10

Improv points (1-5): 1. This drink appeared to be a variation of the peach julep listed on Lost Society’s menu. Presumably, that would have included some muddled fresh peaches and mint. The latter component is green, at least.

Our Readers Say

Sounds like an impossible task. What exactly would have gotten a satisfactory response from you??
Got to agree with art. Been following this series for a while now, & can't recall any drink receiving above a three. Why don't you keep searching until you find a winner?
What a totally worthless review. Go drink dirt next year
Sounds like you two like going around and giving bartenders a hard time. You are reason why some are rude to customers. An 'earth friendly' drink, seriously! If you want that go down to a river with jar and mix some water and dirt together. Will that be earth friendly enough for you. This article was so weak. All the bars mentioned are terrific and and you are hurting their business. Sad sad sad.
I'm not even sure why this was a topic worth writing about. It sounds like you two just wanted to go grab a few drinks on the company card. Good for you. I agree with Frank on all but one point: I don't think you're hurting their business, only demonstrating that these bars, like all bars, have a low tolerance for stupidity.

Please do tell: what would an "earth day drink" look like to you if you had access to all the items behind a normal bar?
Really? This article is stupid. You should serious try a new profession if you think this is what people want to read about. You a dill hole. Seriously. If I had your life, I would hate myself...

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