Dan Snyder: Unsportsman of the Year, 2011

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

As both my readers know, the Unsportsman of the Year balloting has historically been as one-sided as a Vanilla Ice 45.

Guess that makes this year historic: Dan Snyder, stay on down! You’ve won again!

Throughout 2011, Snyder and his enterprises showcased all the unsportsmanly traits that brought him home the hardware in the past. The Redskins, who on the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks sold Pentagon hats for profit, commemorated this year’s 10th anniversary of the tragedy by taking out a full page advertisement in the Washington Post showing a drawing of the Pentagon with a big team logo pasted right about the spot where the plane hit.

Crass act, indeed.

Then there’s the email Snyder’s marketing geniuses blasted out earlier this month disguised as a holiday greeting. The email was actually an advertisement from Audi, a major Redskins sponsor, which hailed those Redskins fans who “enthusiastically embraced” such “traditions” as wearing “feathers and war paint” to feel “oneness with the tribe.”

Hey, Dan, 1932 called! It wants its cultural sensitivity unawareness back!

And while Snyder continued shunning most real interviews for another season, he did sit for a Q and A in October with a Leesburg fifth-grader named Sully. That encounter ran on Redskins Nation, a daily infomercial produced by Redskins Broadcast Network, which Snyder owns.

Snyder’s never been too successful at staying away from labor lawsuits, and he kept that going this year: The Snyder-controlled Dick Clark Productions was hit with a class action suit last month in which a contract employee named Charles Griffin led a group accusing the company of chronically stiffing low-end workers on awards shows. “[L]ate payment of wages is customary rather than exceptional,” the complaint alleges. For years, lawsuits alleging that he and his businesses stiff the little guy have followed Snyder the way a Labrador retriever follows his master. In 2007, a nanny for Snyder’s children won a suit filed over illegally withheld wages, and in 2010, a class of litigants made up of staffers in the Redskins ticket office got paid after suing the team for ignoring overtime laws. (Briefly back to Dick Clark: Snyder does deserve some huzzahs for the company’s recent revival of Bloopers, which for decades was appointment TV for shots-to-the-gonads aficionados. Yet, for Redskins fans, discovering Snyder is behind a show called Bloopers should be as surprising as learning Kim Kardashian is involved in a show called Kim Kardashian.)

Then there’s all those Redskins season ticketholders who paid their 2011 invoices on time during the last offseason because of a promise of free tickets to either Manchester United v. Barcelona, University of Maryland v. University of Notre Dame, or a Kenny Chesney concert at FedExField. Many on-timers later took to message boards claiming the team offered them the Chesney tickets after they requested the football or fútbol ones, due to high demand. Over the weekend, after the last home game of the season was played on Christmas Eve against the Minnesota Vikings in front of what looked on TV like a half-empty stadium, Snyder’s crack media staff issued a press release opening with, “The game was the Redskins’ 368th consecutive sellout.”

Unsportsmanlike conduct! Half the distance to the goal line!

And of course, there was also the matter of the lawsuits he filed againstWashington City Paper and me. More on that later. But, in the end, Snyder earned his latest dishonor as much by what he didn’t do as by what he did.

Bottom line: An awful lot of unbuilding went on this year.

The handling of the unbuilt “party decks” at FedExField showed a typical degree of unsportsmanship. Last spring, fans at the Redskins draft day party noticed thousands of seats were ripped from the upper deck. This deconstruction came amid mountains of anecdotal evidence, from message boards and newspaper comment sections to sportstalk radio callers, that demand for Redskins tickets was lower than in generations, and fears that home games could be subject to TV blackouts come the 2011 season. But Snyder’s chief spokesman, Tony Wyllie, pooh poohed the blackout talk, telling me at the time that the team would soon announce plans about new “party decks.”

No such plans were ever released, of course, and no new standing room sections ever materialized. By the first weekend of the season in September, Wyllie was displaying hilarious amounts of unsportsmanship whenever attempting to explain the unprecedented reduction in ticket supply: “The reasons for removing the seats were the ingress/regress with parking, [to] create shorter concession lines,” he told me, “and to improve and enhance the entire fan experience.” Good golly!

Another unsportsmannish non-build overseen by Snyder in 2011: the retaining wall, above the C&O Canal, that once sat behind his home in Potomac.

That wall fell down in 2005, which may have been related to soil erosion after Snyder ordered swaths of trees chopped down a year earlier from lands protected by federal and local easements. The cuts gave Snyder a great view of the Potomac River and, according to a Post piece from 2005, added “$500,000 to $1 million to the home’s value.”

Well, he’s still got that great view.

“The wall is not built,” says Mark Pfefferle, forest conservation program manager of the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, which has an easement on the land Snyder went all Black and Decker on. As of last week, Pfefferle says the retaining wall ain’t the only thing the property still lacks, all these years after the initial clearing: “We’re short on trees, too,” he says. Initial replanting work was never finished.

Pfefferle says M-NCPPC had hoped the land in its easement would be reforested years ago, but Snyder was told he must come up with an environmentally acceptable plan to replace the fallen retaining wall before more trees can be replanted. No such plan yet been put forth by Snyder, Pfefferle says, adding that his agency hasn’t “heard anything” about the project since “probably 2007.”

“We’ll only wait so long before we just go forward ourselves,” Pfefferle tells me.

This continued lack of greenery makes Snyder’s 2011 pose as a tree-hugger even more unsportsmanlike.

In September, he showed up at FedExField to pump up the installation of solar panels at the stadium, which he owns. The project was funded by NRG, a New Jersey alternative energy company. Shortly thereafter, alas, word got out that Snyder had bought a $70 million yacht with a 55,212-gallon fuel tank. Even if the big boat mostly stays in port, it’ll crank far more pollution into the atmosphere than the solar panels at his stadium will ever save.

Bottom line: The environment made out about as well in Snyder’s solar panels/mega-yacht swap as the Redskins did in the draft picks for Donovan McNabb deal.

But if Snyder wants to remove the unsportsmanly stains on his green résumé, Pfefferle says he’s eager to discuss getting the rebuilding and replanting started pronto.

“I’d tell him it’s a good time to plant trees right now,” Pfefferle says. “The best time of year, really.”

Also unbuilt: The practice bubble at Redskins Park.

Just over a year ago, as his team was preparing to face the Dallas Cowboys, coach Mike Shanahan was forced to tell players to drive themselves to a local health club to work out because a snowstorm had left the team’s practice fields unusable. After the ad hoc indoor workout, Shanahan declared to the press that getting a practice bubble was “a priority.”

The Redskins lost to Dallas. The next day, a release was posted on the team-owned website headlined “Redskins to Install Heated Field, Practice Bubble.” Shanahan reiterated in the piece how important the bubble was to his team’s future preparations. “So that’ll be done,” he said.

The Post reported last week that, as the 2011 season ends, it ain’t anywhere near done yet.

Why not? Well, for all the urgency Shanahan expressed a year ago, former Loudoun County councilmember Kelly Burk told me earlier this year that the Redskins didn’t even apply for a permit to build a practice bubble until September—or about nine months after the press release proclaiming the structure was coming.

“If you started building a bubble in December, it would be ready for the next season,” says Steve Staudenmier, president of Staudenmier Sales & Services, a major bubble builder based in Sabillasville, Md. Staudenmier spoke with Redskins management about constructing a rainy-day practice space “seven years ago,” but those talks went nowhere.

While Snyder wasn’t building a practice bubble, the Redskins were talking with various powerful people in the D.C. market about relocating the practice facility; Redskins Nation recently devoted a program to the possible relocation of Redskins Park to the District.

Snyder, of course, would need the support of the D.C. Council to make that happen. During his lawsuit against me, Snyder’s lawyers mocked that very same D.C. Council, arguing in a motion that city lawmakers are constitutionally prohibited from enacting laws that protect D.C. residents from frivolous lawsuits of the sort he filed.

Snyder dropped the case before a ruling on his novel argument could be handed down. Still, there’s plenty of legal precedent to show that elected officials in this town do have the authority to tell a guy who just paid $70 million for a boat that he’s not getting a dime of taxpayers’ money to build a training facility, with or without a practice bubble.

And a final note: This will be the last Cheap Seats column. In our 25 years and 51 weeks together, City Paper and I have gotten everything out of each other we’re going to get. I’m grateful for all the people who told me their stories, and anybody who ever read my attempts to retell those tales in this space, and, well, anybody who didn’t read but sued me anyway. Be well...

Our Readers Say

McKenna, you are the Sportsperson of the Year among defendants in civil suits. You are the Mikael Blomkvist of DC libel suspects. Nobody's ever shown such love for the trees of the C&O Canal. You will be missed.
What, a City Paper without Cheap Seats? Dave, I'll always remember the time you quoted me in the one about March Madness and I picked Drexel. And every time I pick up the phone, I still expect there to be somebody wailing the guitar solo to Sweet Home Alabama. Maybe that's the tactic to use against Snyder... Be well my friend.
Another dent in the City Paper hull.

Maybe he'll go to a publication that gives its readers internal links in online stories, instead of one seemingly stuck in 1998.
Your column has been my favorite feature in the CP. Thank you for all the fantastic pieces. I'll miss you.
Mr. McKenna,

Great piece. A stiff shot of the truth. Reading this reminds me of a quote from the movie, Remember The Titans. "Attitude reflects leadership".

The leader of this franchise is handling his personal interactions with selfishness and carelessness. It is NOT a coincidence that these same traits are on display at Fed Ex Field each and every Sunday. I believe that the "trickle down effect" is the #1 biggest problem facing the Washington Redskins franchise.

It almost seems like you can field a good football team with Ex Redskins currently playing on other teams in the NFL. Did they ALL discover a magic talent potion when they left? I don't think so...

I think that in a emotionally charged sport like football it can be hard to lay your body on the line every play for a leader who appears to think only of himself.

So... what can we do as loyal Redskins fans and citizens of the most powerful city in the world?

1. Continue to passionately cheer on the team... Ultimately, they are the ones making the sacrifice.

2. Conduct our personal interactions with integrity and selflessness, the same traits we expect to see from the leaders of our community.

3. STOP PURCHASING THE GEAR - Wear a burgundy shirt... You don't need to wear the "official gear" of the Washington Redskins to show your support.

4. Keep your fingers crossed. Maybe Dan will wake up and see that this city will give back exactly what you put in...

Thanks for delivering the truth to the DC faithful.

Wow someone has a hard on for Snyder... Get over it!
Great job, Dave. Terrific column to end on. You will be missed and glad you stood your ground against that egomanical bully, $nyder. He is obviously reaping the rewards of the karma he is putting out in the universe.
I wish he and Peter Angelos would stop competing for world's worst owner.
Another great column Steve. You will be missed.

Dan Snyder is a turd burgler.
Nobody writes about local sports like McKenna does. If most D.C. folks only know of Dave because of his Snyder pieces, that's fine. But he's at his best telling stories of people and teams that you don't hear about in the WaPo. His institutional memory is second to none, and he's been excellent at holding folks accountable and cutting through BS.
Dan Snyder is an ass. That is all.
I have no Washington connection and am not a Redskins fan. I have never read the Washington City Paper except a few of these "Cheap Seats" articles detailing Mr. Snyder's douchebaggary. I just want to applaud Dave McKenna for his relentless proclamation of the facts surrounding Dan Snyder's character. I send my condolences to the many great Redskins fans who have had their pride victimized by Dan Snyder.

We are all Dave McKenna.
Thank god you are leaving. Good riddance douche!

I will greatly miss your writing as another excellent chapter at the WCP sadly comes to a close. Thinking back on all the columns you have written, I'm not sure which I liked best. Your columns on the continual tragi-comedy that is DCPS sports offered superb insight to an otherwise overlooked and forgotten topic. I delighted every time there was a story looking back on the DC area's golden age of prep hoops, as I knew I could take it back to my father-in-law, who played with many of the profiled stars, and listen to long forgotten accounts of playground games. And of course, your stories about Dan Snyder and your Ahab like obsession with pinning every piece of dirt possible on him were must reads for any Redskins fan who realizes that Larry Michael is not a reliable source for team information.

I can't tell you how many debates amongst friends your writing has sparked with impassioned opinions, and to me, that's the mark of a truly great columnist. Contrasting Cheap Seats with the same lazy, half-hearted crap trotted out by the WaPo sports section columnists, it becomes even clearer how big of a hole you're leaving.

I truly hope you continue writing about the DC sports scene in some capacity, as it has been an integral part of my weekly reading since I was a freshman in college, and I think the entire DC area will be worse off without it. Thanks for all the great reads.
Dave you will be missed. You have a way with words my friend, the truths are graphic and to the point. Those who cry foul, well, Haters gonna hate.
Wow, the writer of this
article is a huge sissy wimp. Go cry somewhere else loser.
haha man idk who u r but thank god ur retiring or leaving or w/e bc this might be the worst sports article ive ever read (only behind anything jason reid writes of course)
You will be missed by those of us who know and appreciate the history of sports in this city. You will be remembered in much the same way as Donald Huff (the last great Post high school sportswriter) and Eddie Crane (covered high school sports for the Star). Your columns on Dan Snyder were the best along with your columns on DC high school sports in the 60's, 70's and 80's. Your absence will leave a large void in the coverage of high school sports in the city, one that the current Washington Post sports department definitely cannot handle. Take care and good luck in your future endeavors.
McKenna loves patting himself on the back. Get it over it...how many times are you gonna recycle the same ole story. You suck and will not be missed...hopefully your hard on for Snyder will go away. Get a life !!
PS..get your facts straight if you are gonna write something. That is what got in trouble in the first place. Freedom of Speech was not to protect against idiot writers stretching the truth. Snyder did not pay $70,000,000 for that yacht....he was part of an investment group that bought the yacht. What a stellar career you have had at the "city paper" concentrating on a man you wish you could be....dont be jealous. You and Steinberg should move in together so you can combine all your Snyder collections. Pathetic....you have chosen this as your last article ? Speaks volumes of where your head is...pull out and take a breath sometime.
Snyder is a fag. Sorry the City Paper fired you.
While I'm not a Redskins fan, it's not hard to see what has happened to a once storied football team since Snyder has taken over. I applaud Dave for taking on Danny Boy and showing the Washington that the "Emperor" does not have the interest of fans at heart. It's about making money and nothing else!! When Joe Gibbs left without accomplishing anything near to his first time here, that spoke volumes to what conditions must be really like under Snyder. I hope someone else picks up where Dave is leaving off, because the Redskins set a new record for finishing at the bottom of the division for the fourth straight year!
You rock! You'll be greatly missed. You're the reason why I will never give the Redskins or Dan Snyder a dime of my money.
Your column's latest began as a feast and ended with hard cheese.

I go to Washington City Paper's site for your column. My delight was nearly feverish when I began reading a yearend Snyder's-boiled-ass-on-a-platter-with-a-fork-in-it read. I was buttering rolls and asking for more mashed potatoes.

Taking my time to savor, I asked for another glass of merry. It was delicious Snyder boiled ass. A Snyder ass never disappoints. It may murder trees and yacht away, but it remains an ass of amazing proportion.

It amazes me that I never tire of it. There is no practice bubble dome on earth large enough to encapsulate it. We dined outside - in Kansas. All of that flatland could have become boring, but we had a feast of Snyder ass.

It turned at the end with your column having a fork stuck in it. That was our hard cheese. There are places I suspect you may land. Wishing great things for you and yours. Please let us know when you do land and how you are.

Sooooooooo, CG, Dave, Matt and Frown. Exactly how do all of you kiss Danny's ass at the same time. I assume you all work for him; do you work in shifts or are you all on call. Just curious.

Your pal,

Be well, Dave. You're among the finest I've ever read. If I were betting the ponies, I'd go with you coming out ahead. Go get 'em, kid.
We are all Dave McKenna ad infinitum, or at least until $nyder moves on.
Dave, I look forward to reading your work wherever you end up next. You're an exemplar of true sports journalism at its best, and it's absolutely encouraging and inspiring the way you stood up to that moron Dan Snyder. Best of luck in future endeavors! We are all Dave McKenna.
Great article! Is there anyway to get rid of an owner? Can we start a petition or something? He has ruined football for me... now I cheer for my fantasy players. I don't go to the games anymore, I don't buy stuff, I just suffer at home while we are embarrassed season after season.

What an A$$hole Danny boy is!

Edd Boggs...that is the best you come up with.So is it safe to assume that you work with Dave McKenna ? Must be since you are defending him. Seems logical.

We are all entitled to an opinion and I do not agree with his opinion. My opinion is that he is an old cranky writer who has no creativity and has made a name for himself by bashing another human being. That is something to be proud of ? He must an angel and has never done anything wrong sitting on his soapbox pointing fingers.

A big FU (frown upon) to him and glad to see him go away. His claim to fame is that he does not like Dan Snyder....big deal. How much money has he donated to charities or made a difference in someone's life...probably zero. Mckenna leaving is a great way to end 2011 !!! NANANA HEYHEYHEY GOODBYE.
Did you really pick this subject to be your last at WCP??? Once again you highlight only a portion of what you know about someone. And many question the accuracy of what you highlight. I'm sure a few of the crunchy granolas will miss you and your slanted pieces fueled by biased opinion. They're probably transient Dallas fans anyway. But leave knowing this, I scrolled past the article to post this and celebrate your departure. Dan loves you.
I really do have to question the veracity of the posts supporting Snyder. There is just no way. You may not outright hate the man like many do, but to go out of your way to post your support for someone who clearly has done nothing to deserve said support makes me question the posters sanity and/or motivation.
Guess we can't play the Feud anymore So here's a hearty, well meant "fuck you" Davie.
We love ya Dave! Snyder is a cretin. He should sell the Redskins to someone who gives a damn about football. THANK YOU for speaking truth to slime.

Great writing. You should come to New York. There's plenty of selfish leader/owner/bosses here to take on -- in sports and every other high-profile pursuit. You'd never run out of subject and stories.

"Cheap Seats" has been the perfect title for your column, which I will miss greatly. While other DC sportswriters, who enjoy press passes and free parking and other amenities at FedEx Field, and who have been co-opted by Dan Snyder into, at most, muted criticism of Mr. Snyder, you alone have spoken for the fans who sit in the rafters for overpriced (and increasingly abundantly available) seats. Those who think you dwell on the negative overlook your many excellent columns celebrating the underappreciated past and present coaches, local athletes, and other sports figures who were motivated by love of their game rather than the almighty dollar. You will be greatly missed by most. As to those who have expressed negative views about you, well, at least they read your column. Good work and good luck.

You are spot on as usual. The only way to have Napoleon sell the team is for games to blackout. He keeps offending the fanbase with the product on and off the field, more people will stop going to games.
Little Danny may be a miserable little toad, but he's trying really, really hard to win a Superbowl.

Ah, who am I kidding? The tiny tyrant just wants to pick our pockets.
Washington Redskins fans - you are the luckiest fans in the NFL because you can always predict with accuracy how your team will do. It is very simple. You ask "Will our team fail to win?" The answer is a question: "Is Dan Snyder still the owner? If yes - the answer is "Yes," if no - the answer is "you finally hav a chance to win again . . ."
Hard not to read all these negative McKenna comments and not imagine Danny boy sitting behind the computer, relentlessly thinking up gems like "Wow, the writer of this
article is a huge sissy wimp. Go cry somewhere else loser" and "Thank god you are leaving. Good riddance douche! ".

While i enjoy reading about the numerous short comings of our proud lil owner, it matters none. Dan is our owner for better or worse. As a longtime redskins fan it is impossible to flip a switch and cold shoulder a team that is wired into my dna regardless of owner affiliation. And honestly i believe snyder loves this team and really does want us to be successful (not just financially). Besides how many billionaires do you know who havent done anything despicable on their paths to fortune? Hail skins, dave, and snyder, for whatever thats worth.
Mr Thank You - thanks you for all the great Deadskins coverage over the year. Hope you're not leaving because of Danny Boy - you know he'll claim victory.....
Love or hate Dan Snyder......A regular City Paper reader has to admit that Mr. McKenna's articles against Snyder have become thinly veiled personal tirades. They are the only articles that get any attention.

If you listened to the Lavar Arrington Show yesterday and the discussion about this article...he attempted to sell that none of his articles on the Redskins or Snyder have ever been personal attacks on Snyder.

Even the hosts of the radio show had a hard time buying this....and even went so far as to ask what is the point of bringing up non-football related items in his articles since Snyder has chosen to goto the sideleines since ShanAllen took over. McKenna had no answer for that question and tried to laugh it off.
Dear Dans robots:

Life is short, sad, sweet, and whatever else we choose to make it. You dont have to investigate to understand the kind of person dan snyder is. Think for yourself. at bt he end of it all, life is certainly too short to be somebodys bitch.

Fuck you, dan. I loved football until you.
All the Dave suppoeters are on here as if they know Dan Snyder personal and Dave has a relationship with him...all you know is what Dave Mckenna has written...most of it stretches the truth. Just because it's in print does not mean it's true. If I started a blog and looked into every bad thing that I thought was bad about Mckenna...would that make Mckenna a bad person ?? He has made it personal and lost his focus as a writer. He is obsessed with making Dan Snyder look bad....he is like an angry ex-spouse. If you are a "sports" writer...why would you write your last article about Dan Snyder and not about the the "sports" memories you had as a journalist in the area. His choice to take one last stab at Snyder is pretty lame...keeps bringing the past. Move on and take your negativity with you. I am GLAD he is gone....now if we can work on Feinstein, Steinberg and Reid...the four horsemen would be gone. Happy New Year all you Dan Haters...stop hating someone you do not know. It's pretty dumb and a waste of time.
+1 Patrick Hand. dave, please keep writing and shining light on the real local stories with character instead of glitz.
Damn Dave, you decided to leave just as we started getting used to your work at WCP...

Regardless of where you go next, keep sticking it to the dumbasses that appear to be thick on the ground in the <God help me> DMV. Someone has to walk the sports beat, and I am not waiting up nights for the other reporters to step up to the plate.

You've done good, my boy.
Dave, your contribution to DC sports has been tremendous. I hope Jerry Sandusky buttfucks Dan Snyder 24/7 when they meet each other in hell. Snyder would probably like it too much though
It is nice to see the Redskins PR staff posting comments on this article.

Dave, you should still write an annual detail of Snyder's douchebaggery (either here or elsewhere).

You did good work. Enjoy retirement - or whatever comes next.....
Great article, Dave...as always. I will miss your columns here. You kept Snyder honest, and now that you will be gone I'm afraid his terror will go unchecked.

As for the Snyder sniffers, they all have the characteristics of someone in an abusive relationship. They know they're getting abused, but are too scared to venture somewhere else.

Godspeed, Dave.
Who cares. Funny article though. Go Seahawks.

Get Em Dave!
Wow Dave, Im truly sad to see you go. Ive greatly enjoyed your work over the years. Best of luck on your future endeavors.
So...who's going to keep tabs on that Asshole?
Good riddance. This no-talent hack is utterly devoid of journalistic integrity.

Dan Snyder has successfully run this team!

You want proof? Albert Haynesworth and this season.
All of this makes me wonder... How much does this tool make from other owners every year he turns in a losing season?
I've read plenty of 9/11 articles in this very paper that were dripping top to bottom with display advertising.. Why McKenna, this very paper is trying to ring profit from victims souls related to that dreadful day. Using your column as a personal pulpit to settle personal vendettas. Typical. Do us a favor and go back north to that 3rd world melting pot you call home north of the mason dixon and enjoy the rotten view.

Farewell. It's a shame you are leaving the Washington City Paper. Your column is the only reason I have visited this site. I found your recaps of the owner's dickweedian behavior entertaining as well as informative.

I'll have to google your name periodically to see where you end up. And like someone posted above, it would be good to get to get an annual recap of the dickweed's 'douchebaggary'.

Shouldn't that be 'douchebaggery'?

I am very sorry to see Dave McKenna leave the CityPaper. He is the last CityPaper (not syndicated) columnist worth reading. My appreciation is not less about his Snyder articles, but the overall body of work that showed interest and respect for Washington area athletes, history, culture and people. His articles about the UDC basketball team, the UMBC chess team, local basketball legends were informative.

I know that it won't happen. But I hope that the rest of the CP writers would follow his example. CP seems too obsessed with snark and personal opinions instead of interesting stories. There is too much tales form he perspective of young newbies perspective and myopic worldview of the District and not enough about the "people."

When I came to the District. CP had edge and snark, but much of the content reflected McKenna's style. Article about the interesting people who live here. When the focus were on rough neighborhoods, the treatment was compassionate. Never the contstant shilling for developers and advocacy of displacement of people, places, and events. The enthusiasm was for events of all District residents - diversity, not just the young and new.

McKenna's loss is a shame for me as a reader, for CP, and the community.
Dan Snyder is a sad, sorry little man. He hates criticism, yet he had taken the Washington Redskins through their worst seasons ever. I think it waould be better if he died. I agree with Washington City Paper. Apparently this douchebag yuppie doesn't know anything about football at all.

In the words of Ray Finkle in Ace Ventura Pet Detactive, "DIE DAN DIE". Appropriate words for an inappropriate man.
Gonna miss ya Dave, up here in Philly we have to deal with our own little weasels, Jeff Lurie and Joe Banner. What a shame that two passionate sport cities have to deal with the same type of bullshit.
Sorry to see you go, come visit us, there is a good story up here in WV about Snyder s cronies pulling a fast one on the residents residing near the C and O canal. NPS buddy is replicating a proposed treeless landscape for yet another millionaire Snyder crony.

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