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Standout Track: “Low Lying Dreams,” the eerie, King Crimson-tinged debut track from Deathfix, once a studio collaboration between Rich Morel and Fugazi’s Brendan Canty that expanded into a full-fledged D.C. supergroup with Devin Ocampo (Medications, Faraquet) and Mark Cisernos (Medications). Canty and Morel, who met in 2005 while playing in Bob Mould’s touring band, might seem like an unlikely pair, but Canty says collaborating with a songwriter who has “more of a pop sensibility” has helped him grow: “One of the main ideas behind this band is that we’re both just trying to push ourselves a little out of our comfort zones.”

Musical Motivation: “In my mind, I saw this bizarre field during a thunderstorm,” Morel says of the song’s starting point. Beginning with a sparse piano line and Morel’s forlorn vocal (“It’s raining outside and I want to be/Underneath the biggest tree”), “Low Lying Dreams” builds to a thunderous conclusion.

Reunion Show: Deathfix wrote and recorded for almost two years before playing live. What prompted them to finally take the band to the stage? “I got roped into playing my high school reunion,” Canty laughs. Still, it was an oddly fitting show for a D.C. punk lifer: “We had our first gig on the Wilson High School football field at one o’clock in the afternoon.” At least his former classmates were impressed. “They totally got into it,” he says. “And I just thought, if we can play this show, we can do anything.”

Deathfix plays a benefit for DJ Jonathan Toubin at Comet Ping Pong Jan. 27.

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Can't imagine why the CP bot would flag this post for spam or trolling. Other than perhaps the URL, which I included simply because it included my cine-poem via Jean-Luc Godard's A bout de souffle [Breathless], which I invoke in the post. Omit the URL if you like, but I think it's appropriate to reference it.


Barry Alpert
Why did someone choose the photo of Jean Seberg from (I believe) Jean-Luc Godard's "Breathless" as a visual representation of the band? I would say that the character Michel Poiccard played by Jean-Paul Belmondo might be described as having a "deathfix", and perhaps those are his hands around her neck.

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