Everybody Loves Cathy Lanier D.C. is down on just about every official, except the Metropolitan Police Department chief. Why?

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And she does mention that she subscribes to the theories of Marc Kleiman, a University of California at Los Angeles criminologist who taught Lanier when she was at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government in 2002 studying drug policy. One thing Kleiman liked about the then-lieutenant: “She wasn’t a true believer. She was practical. She didn’t believe in busting as many drug offenders as possible and giving them as long of a sentence as possible.”

That put her in a good position to absorb Kleiman’s approach to crime fighting: It’s impossible to stop all crimes, he says, so you pick your battles, and make sure you win them decisively. “Control what you can control,” Kleiman says.

It’s hard to argue with numbers: D.C.’s murder rate is on the decline. In 2008 there were 186 murders; in 2009, 144; in 2010, 131. That’s a 30 percent drop in bloodshed over three years in a city that had 500 killings in 1991. (So far this year, there have been 62.) According to MPD’s numbers, D.C.’s murder police are practically superheroes, apprehending killers more efficiently than ever. The case closure rate for homicides was 75 percent in 2008, 76 percent in 2009 and 77 percent in 2010.

At the end of each year, when D.C.’s crime stats predictably decline, Lanier gets lauded for her community-based, technology-driven, intelligence-led police force. And she deserves some of the credit. But it’s hard to cast her work as different from Police Commissioner Ray Kelly in New York City, or Police Chief Charlie Beck in Los Angeles, or Police Chief Ed Fynn in Milwaukee—all of whom are incorporating technology, intelligence, and community outreach. Lanier is a modern police chief, but she’s not really a professional outlier. Crime, after all, is down everywhere.

On the other hand, her ability to retain the confidence of people in a city where the definition of governmental professionalism itself has become a polarizing subject is a real accomplishment.


One clear night in 2010, a mother who’d gotten word from neighbors that her child had been shot dead couldn’t get past crime-scene police tape to confirm the tragedy.

The patrol cops wouldn’t give her much, says the mother, who asked not to have her name or neighborhood identified because she worried that talking to a reporter could hurt her case. After she attempted to cross the taut yellow tape several times, police threatened to arrest her. Minutes later, Lanier appeared in Cruiser 1, the chauffeured patrol car identifiable by its four stars. “I yelled for her and she came,” says the mother. “She said she’d find out what she could.” Lanier sought information. It turned out to be as bad as the mother had feared. Lanier broke the news, then held the sobbing woman.

Ask folks about Lanier’s standing in the city, and they’ll likely cite scenes like this one. In a city that last year showed off its wariness of overeducated types with no ties to actual communities, she wears her soul—or at least a soul—on her sleeve.

The folksiness helps Lanier navigate the tricky D.C. political conundrum of identity. Fenty lost an election because, among other things, he couldn’t connect with black voters. Lanier’s fellow Fenty appointee, former schools chancellor Michelle Rhee, suffered thanks to a similar dynamic. Fenty’s attorney general, Peter Nickles, says he immediately recognized the difference between Lanier and Rhee during their contract negotiations: Lanier could get along.

They’re both “intellectuals,” Nickles says, but “Michelle is like a laser, and Cathy is much more personable.”

Lanier also seems able to calibrate her approach depending on neighborhood. She rode in the Palisades Fourth of July parade carrying a dog—a symbol that might be polarizing in a neighborhood more anxious about gentrification. Constituents who want to see their police chief as more executive than empathetic take comfort in word that Lanier is a famous emailer: Armed with a BlackBerry and iPad, Lanier is always available. “I answer all my email,” she says via email, “300 or more a day.”

U.S. Attorney Ron Machen, who works closely with Lanier, has noticed how she makes “consistent efforts to be accessible to the public.”

But if getting an email from the chief is guaranteed, getting a substantive one isn’t. Lanier’s emails tend to be brief. When resident Joseph Martin wrote her about realignment plans, she merely responded “Excellent points. Thank u.” On the 9,000-subscriber police email lists Lanier stays active on, empty phrases like “thank u” and great work” dominate her interactions. But for many noise-complaint-submitting, bike-theft-discussing gentrifiers, a symbolic response is enough.

A close inspection shows off some of the hard work—and sharp elbows—that have gone into preserving Lanier’s image. Her emails to reporters certainly don’t display the graciousness of her message board missives. For instance, here was Lanier’s response to a request for more information after the Fraternal Order of Police accused the department of juking its crime stats: “U don’t have the correct information’s need to do some more fact finding.” Thanks.

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As I've said many time, Lanier's approval rating is over 80%. Thank you for citing this TRUE, FACTUAL STATISTIC!

As a DC resident. I like good customer service. Lanier delivers. I live in a sketchy part of town. We have annual shootings. Anyway, Lanier's not scared of my neighborhood. She arrives without an entourage. No bodyguards. No entourage. Just her on community walks. Team Lanier!

Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier is popular with the citizenry. I can say that about the elected clowns sitting in the Wilson Building.
My god, dc residents are stupid. Sadly, the peasants will fall for pretty much anything...
6D, you must be a disgruntle MPD police officer that happen to live in Maryland or Virginia. Get over yourself. If you don't like Lanier, look for a job elsewhere. Try Baltimore, PG County, Montgomery County, or Fairfax. I am sure, you will have something negative to say about this locales.
Nah, I'm one of the few cops in this town who actually lives in my beat. Just because our chief is awful doesn't mean I don't care about my department or my town. Im DC born and raised. What have you ever done for this city, if you don't mind me asking?
6D, I was born in the old Freedmans Hospital in 1957. I graduated from Archbishop Carroll in 1975, Yale University in 1979, and Georgetown Unversity in 1985. I am a former ANC Commissioner in Ward 1, member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., and I currently sit on several Boards and Commssions in the District of Columbia. I pay a hell of a lot property taxes in the District of Columbia. 6D, what have you done besides being a police officer and what have you contributed to this city?
I live in Ward 4 and I'm a native Washingtonian. Police Chief Lanier is popular with the residents living in the Fourth District. I can say the same for former 4D Commander Hilton Burton. Many citizens hated his guts or should I say, they dislike him.

I CAN'T say the same for former 4D Commander, Hilton Burton. Many citizens hated his guts or should I say, they dislikeed him
@6D; I graduated from Wilson Senior High School in 1973, Columbia University in 1977, and Georgetown Medical School in 1982. I presently sit on several Boards and I've volunteered, by providing health care to low income D.C. residents in Columbia Heights and the Spanish Catholic Center. I too was born in the old Freedmans Hospital in 1955, now Howard University Hospital. In those days, Negroes as we were called, was born in Freedmans Hospital.

North Portal Estates Resident
Ward 4 D.C.

Thank you for all of your work to better our hometown. Seriously. Also, looking back my first post was pretty crass and I apologize.

As for my contributions. Besides taking a bullet (thank God for MedStar), and my years as an officer, I have coached children's sports teams on a volunteer basis, I have provided transportation for trips for local kids to see the mall, downtown museums etc, that they had never been to (I have a CDL, which comes in handy with a Blue Bird bus), and I have donated a good bit of my salary to UDC (my alma mater). I don't pay property taxes as I've pretty much been priced out of home ownership here. I've never held office or sat on a committee and likely never will. I'm more of a hands on person.

The chief is awful. That being said, I still love my department and my city. It just awes me the way she can woo the citizens. And yes, I'm a bit disgruntled. How can an executive in good conscience take 75K in raises over four years while the rank and file recived no raises over the same time period. Besides that, he blatantly ignores the law. Would you be disgruntled if your boss was a consistant labor law violator?
6D, congratulations on volunteering with young people and I am glad you survive your bullet womb. I am a supporter of law enforcement. As a private citizen, I have been emailing Phil Mendelson and other elected officials to give you officers a raise, but they turned a death ear. However, I can't stand Miss Catania. She's such an evil human being. It's my understanding he wanted to reduce MPD's and the teacher's retirement plan.

It's time for D.C. residents to speak up for our police officers by demanding a salary increase for them. 6D, you are right about being priced out or not being able to afford a home in the District. This is a dam shame. Our police officers, teachers, fire persons, and others should be able to afford to live in the District. Lanier is not perfect, but it's up to the citizens to fight for our police officers to get better benefits and pay.
The next, first white female, Mayor of Washington DC.
I like Police Chief Cathy Lanier. If she were to run against Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser, she would crush Bowser in Ward 4. She probably would win the mayoral race too. One of the best things Lanier and Fenty did were to get rid of former Commander Hilton Burton at the Fourth District. He was awful and most Ward 4 residents didn't like Burton.

Ward 4 D.C. Crestwood Resident
Why dont you guys get on a chat line to discuss your personal stories. Good grief, this article isnt about who you all are and what your life accomplishments are, nnot all that shines is GOLD and things could be better but hey, lets move on. Just one time I would like to read an article without both sides having thier people post comments in deffense.

People, people, read the articles and move on, so much hate in the world, those who are obsessed with the mpd 24/ 7 seriously need to get a life!!! How about adopting a senior citizen at a nursing home with all that free time instead of Lanir debating...
Lanier could definitely run and WIN for Mayor! I'd vote for her. Groomes could then take her place. If not Groomes, then Missouri. I like good customer service.

@Bluedog, I would say add the former Cmdr Brown to that list. Horrible, dreadful, arrogant, angry, woman. Think Omaraosa with a badge and a gun. lol Chief Lanier, why?!! Why!!! Her last three and 1/2 months in that position, Ward 4 was having a shooting sometimes killings EVERY single week. Somebody was shot in the head on my block!

6D and SE Ken bring up great points and different views just like this article did.. Im a DC Officer, who moved to this city from Pennsylvania, and I seen and learned the history and it has become home. As a more laid back type of personality I kind of sit back and observe and pass judgement on the chief that way. One thing I will tell you, the Chief does not have a high approval rating among the cities police force. There are constant complaints about her AHOD's (which were deemed illegal by an arbitratior), which causes our assigned days off to be changed, some of our shifts to be extended and our summer vacations to be lost, while our leave is being restricted. She rarely listens to Officers gripes and complaints for better working conditions, hence the fierce battles with Union Leader Baumann. As a 4D Officer, we have heard all the whispers about her time managing the 4th District and why Fenty would appoint her chief of police (2 overturned domestic arrests by Commander Lanier at the time for council member Fenty would do it!). This was a great article, but I really wish it also pushed the feeling of the Officers about her to expose her a little more like they did with the media. Because her drowns (Chief Durham and Groomes (who we do like!)) are always going to speak in favor of her no matter what... Chief Lanier is not all what she portrays herself to the public.. And yes I could see her being the next DC Mayor, bc she already shows the signs of a politician!
I must say that I am appalled maybe even disgusted at what I have read. Did we perhaps forget about the recent Charlie Sheen episode and the inaccurate comments made to you [the media] by the Chief? Not to mention the IG report which cleared the members of MPD who were condemned in the media by the Chief. In addition have we forgotten about the multiple articles highlighting the various law suits indicating regular practices of ethical violations and retaliation against members who dare to speak out against the Chief and what she believes to be correct. I’m not quite sure if I understand the reason for the article, I guess after the constant negative press we need a positive spin. If you would like to accurately report, maybe you should poll the members of the Police Department to see how many people really love Cathy.
bluerag hit alot more points head on than I did, and its so funny the people that really know this lady (i.e. Police, media, and local politicians) know how she really is... She is very vindictive and petty. You do not want to be on her bad side or she use her power against you. Union Leader Baumann has been on non-contact (Which means, your police powers taken away) for minor issues just bc of there on going dispute and her misuse of power. Its so funny that the citizens fall for this fake show she puts on for you. Yes the numbers dont lie and homicides are down... But lets be real here too, like the article stated numbers for homicide are down across the country and lets face it DC put alot of money into its economy, and alot of condos/ new homes are being built throughout the city and alot of section 8 is moving out to PG County, look at the rise in PG County homicides.... Also the best crime deterant even more so than Police and citizens is the construction companys tearing down old apartment buldings and complexes (I.E. Sursum Corder, Green Leaf, the planned Barry farms and Park Morton plans)...
You poor misguided sheep. Wake up and smell the BS. I'm both a cop and a life long resident of the city. Look into this woman's background. Search for the real reason she was given the job.
Please tell us what to look under... But say none of the domestic situations didnt occur.....
The Chief Lanier Rend Smith described is not reality. In the article he describes the scene with the grieving mother who she helped to get information about a dead child; that’s commendable. Two year before there was a similar situation, she authorized the mother of a homicide victim entry to the crime scene. When the sergeant on the scene complied with her instructions; instructions that were not conveyed to the homicide investigator it resulted in a complaint against the sergeant. What does Chief Lanier do, she call the sergeant on the phone screams and curses the sergeant saying she never authorized it, then transferred the sergeant from a special assignment and issued discipline for allegedly violating Department policy. The public likes and approves of Chief Lanier because they have no idea what she is really like to work with. Look as the number of times she has been publically discredited,(e.g. UCR crime stats, Charlie Sheen escort) what will it take for the reporters in this town to stop kissing up to public officials and do their jobs. Remember how popular Tiger Wood was before the truth was revealed.
Rend - I see where you and Bill Meyers had some problems with the way that Lanier handles the media. Were there any legitimate reporters who voiced that complaint?
Chief Lanier must have some huge dirt on Rend to get such a puff piece written about her. This is the very definition of PUFF! It even contains just enough (about one paragraph's worth) of disdain for Lanier for this to be considered an unbiased article. With Lanier's priority #1 being to stomp out negative press it's no wonder her approval rating is so high. With her approval so high, the media and council won't call her out on her blatant lies. It's cyclical or should I say, SICKlical.
There's something fishy going on here, bc she always comes in smiles and happy when she comes to our community meeting and now all these people saying theres another side of her...
Lets be real here. Crime is down in the city, but that is because the demographic of the city is changing. I make GREAT money and live in the worst PSA in the city 706. Are crime has dropped dramtically compared to previous years, but it still remains high. This is in part due to the AHOD and policing. Here is my problem, coming from someone who pays property taxes, works in law enforcement, is forced to do all hands on deck when MPD decides that they want to do them, its outrageous, We also (CSOSA employees) have to adjust our schedule to knock on doors and attempt to find criminals who may not have lived at a residence in years along with MPD. They hate doing these AHOD initiatives and so do we. Somebody needs to take a close look at this Woman because I guarantee you there is some fishy business going on here. Not to mention many of here initiatives are unconstitutional. Next topic get Marion crackhead Barry out of Ward 8, so we can finally move forward
Getalife, you seem to be a very bitter person. This is a blog and people make comments to articles on a blog. You are the one that need to get a life because your bitterness will consume you in the end. Keep hope alive!
Beat cops in 7D dont sing her praises. As people have mentioned, the beat cops have not had a new contract in 5(?) years or so. There are other reasons she is not as popular with her staff as she is with the citizenry. Nonetheless, the streets are safer -- who deserves the credit?
A question to D.C. police officers, was there a police chief you liked and whom would you like to see as the new police chief?
chief Robert contee sounds good. Chief Monroe would be loved by all. The tall one who loves 4d.

@25yrvet; are you talking about ritired Ronald C. Monroe? I have to disagree with you. Monroe was awful. He use to live in PSA 403 and around the corner from his home was prostitution and drug dealers. I don't know anything about Robert Contee. I can assure you, if Robert Contee and Monroe were made police chief, many officers will hate them or speak negatively of them.
I can afford to buy a rowhome in DC on my $70K salary. Why can't MPD officers?
There is a difference between being able to afford to buy a home in DC and being able to afford to buy the home you want in the neighborhood you want, you know.
she is one good chief
she gave me a reason to smile when she promised to lower crime rates
we need peace in the streets
I live in the Fourth District near 14th & Luzon Avenue, NW in PSA 402. I remember Cathy Lanier as the former Commander. She was a people's person and she came out and patrolled in our neighborhoods. There are always going to be haters and distracters out there. Many male police officers don't like Lanier because she's a strong woman and she's not going to take their shit. You go girl!!!
Yes ANC3, I am talking about one of the best leaders MPD has ever had. You have not walked in OUR shoes so you can not comment on his leadership, he was an EXCELLENT role model and leader and the rank and file would welcome him with open arms as we would Commander Contee. I grew up in the 5400blk of Jefferson Street NW, in 4D, a few blocks from where he lived and yes, there were and stil are crime issues, SILLY, you cant blame him for all of those problems. What was he suppose to do, go out there are approach every suspect? he did a great job and contributed to the city for over 28 years, thats my favorite Chief!! Don't comment negatively if you dont know the man, the leader, he was a great leader, christian, god fearing gentleman who did right by the men and women of MPD. He was an even better human being.

As a 25 year vetran I can say that Monroe, Kamperin, Contee, Evelyn Primis, Sheryl Pendegrass, Alen Dryer all would be great Chief candidates. No one is perfect, but I would rather have a vetran male police Chief like Monroe with character, pride, humility, concious and 25 plus years of executive police experience to lead the MPD. By the way, he has a masters degress as well, and guess WHAT?? He too grew up poor, very poor in DC, and he to omade it without any help as a african american male.. He is the BOMB!!

I am intittled to my opinion aftr 25 years of working for the MPD, I have seen a lot of people come and go, not knocking anyone just giving my 2 cents and opinion as an INSIDER and person who grew up in DC and who still lives here going on 57 years.
This reads like a third graders book report; I seriously hope Rend Smith realizes he isn't anything close to being a legitimate journalist. The reason crime has dropped in city is because of gentrification. That, and a little creative juking of the stats( how are robberies and assaults that take place near a metro not factored into the Districts stats?) All of DCs color and history have been pushed off to the county; whether that is good or bad is up to the individual to decide. It has nothing to do with gimmicky policing; however, enjoy the footbeats and crime initiatives while you can. It is going to be difficult to have your own footbeat Officer when their aren't even enough people to cover one PSA in roll call. Recruiters from other Agencies know that it is open season on Officers with less than five years on. MCPD, USCP, USPP, Metro, Arlington, Fairfax...the manpower problem MPD is facing isn't due to retirees or dirty cops getting fired, it is because those without vested time are leaving in droves. This is just a repeat of what happened in the nineties. It has nothing to do with Officers "hating a women in power," it is about having a boss that has neither respect nor concern for her subordinates. The FOP doesn't have almost two dozen lawsuits filed against the City because they are haters. Its because the Chief routinely violates contract law without concern of consequence. Three years from now, when it takes 15 minutes for a 911 call response and the Officer that finally shows up is a lackluster slap that doesn't care about anything beyond getting paid every two weeks...well then maybe Rend Smith can write another puff piece.
6D Sarege, you are intriging and your comments have deep insight and foundation, do tell us more. Your blog comments ar REAL LIFE in your face and I believe what you say. Thank you for you comments, please give us more insight... I interpret your comments as a person who has true perspective. What do you think about Bon Jovi question.
Kathy Lanier's baby daddy Ronald Hall is Black but the public never hears this fact? True or false would someone verify for sure and positively let us know. If this blond beauty, Lanier has a black baby daddy, she is qualified even more so for Mayor of DC and I will tell her that when I see her or her double Diane Groomes, Ass't ChiefMPD. She would fool us less,cheat less,scare us less,arrest less and corrupt less with the entire city benefitting I surmise.* No data to prove any of this just a raw feeling and sometimes RAW is the best ask any of my baby mamas in the city.
6D Sarge,

Thank you for telling the truth. People in our city really don't realize how many good cops are leaving our communities. There were four good cops from my neighborhood that left MPD within the last six months. One of your co-workers in the 5th district told me that officers are leaving everyday and our city leaders can care less.

Where did some of you police officers learn to read, write, and spell? Many of you write on a third grade level. @getalife; it's obvious, you were educated in the D.C. public schools. Stop be such a bitter person. Gentrification is a good thing for D.C. Maybe more white educated police officers will be hired to replace the current illiterate police officers. I wonder how well do many of the Hispanic police officers read, write, and comprehend in English? MPD went to New York City and Puerto Rico to hired Spanish speaking police officers. Did they do a complete criminal back ground check on these guys? Many of the Spanish speaking Dominican police officers came from the slums of New York City. Police Chief Lanier is trying to rid the department of lazy and corrupt police officers.

@getalife, stop being such a bitter person.
It's a shame the citizens of DC are FOOLED into believing the hype of this woman. She cares NOTHING about the officers under her command! The morale of MPD is at it's all time WORST in 20 yrs. Do the citizens know that every month she pulls detectives from their element, puts them in uniform & sends them to other districts for her infamous AHOD? She's depleting one unit (CID) in order to fill another. Guess what people, IT'S ALL FOR SHOW. Not to mention the case load that piles up while you're away standing somewhere on a foot beat. She's vindictive and if she doesn't like what you say, you can almost guarantee you will be demoted. Mayor gray made a promise that he would stop Lanier from pulling detectives away from their case loads to walk foot beats in uniform in other districts. That didn't happen because it's still going on. We are currently almost 500 below on the force. Officers come here and less than a year later, they QUIT. To the citizens, if you REALLY want to know about her, talk to some of the veterans.
@ English Teacher,
I find your type of communication style rather distasteful with regards to your lust for gentrification.
You seem so eager to insult people by tagging them with a DCPS education that it's obvious what your thrust is. If you want to insult people for their grammar, I recommend you go elsewhere. Sick individuals like you infest the Washington Post comments section all the time. The "you must be a product of DCPS" is a common ploy and it really speaks to YOUR intelligence level as well as your level of compassion for the very people you'd want to gentrify out of their brownstone so you can move in.
I recommend that you look in the mirror because you're ugly. Take a long look. The fact that you commented on the DCPD needing more "white, educated" officers to replace the illiterate ones? It speaks volumes about precisely who and what you are.
DC Dave, gentrification is a good thing. I welcome gentrification and I hope it rids the District of thugs and criminals helping to destroy this city. I am a black woman married to a white male living in Adams Morgan. If you can't afford to move in a certain area, move and find somewhere else to live. Apparently, many people can afford to live in the District because they are move here daily.

Ward 1 Adams Morgan DC Taxpayer
DCDave good come back, I loved your comment.

The comments are what they are; don’t take the obvious trigger words written by some so seriously, people like 6DSarge, DC Dave, DCfinest and some of the others really understand the real issues despite the distractions. On a lighter side, thank goodness football is back!!! Once the season starts, I will be traveling up and down the E/ Coast watching football games, This article is old news.

It's sad, all the so called MPD police officers on here bashing Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier are all men. Did your mama teach you, if you don't have something good to say about somebody, to keep your mouth close?
Gentrification is a good thing. I guess, it's white people committing all the crime in the District? Look how those savages started fight one another after the Caribbean carnival, in front of Howard University. There seem to be too many unprofessional police officers at MPD. Look at all the police officers arrested this year alone in the 4th District for corruption. Let's talk about the 2D police Sgt. arrested for stealing over $40,000 from an elderly woman. Lanier is trying to clean up the ghettoism within her department. Myself and others support her efforts. Getalife, you should be retired by now because you are in your 50's. You are an old man almost waiting on the 'Angel of Death'.
@ Rend Smith,

You are definitely a finalist for the Jayson Blair Award.

This is ridiculous and much to do with the misandrous agenda here in this city!

If Lanier was MALE this article would not be positive, FACT! Here you have MPD personnelle telling you and informing civeez about this dames illegalities and issues and here comes personal attacks and grandstanding bull crap!

Get a Life got it right...if most of you were not so PC she would never garner the support she has!

These are the times of the Fraud, Phones, Fake and Illegal....just ACT like you're doing something and you get a pass.....DC truly deserves the Fentys, Wells's, Catanyia's and Lanier's.....I'll pass!
FOP President Baumann, "took them to war" and what was the result? Nothing for the rank and file officers, yet Chief Lanier has a contract which entitles her to a 3% increase each year. And for what? Replying to all emails and hugging people? Crime is down not only in D.C., but nationwide.
Also, enough about her challenging upbringing. She is not the only person to have been raised by a single mother; in fact, some single mothers were too proud to accept welfare and took jobs to support their kids and daughters did not become teen moms and then rely on a boyfriend to find a solution for a career.
Grace Jones

You are what I call a Jim Dandy n*****!

You flaunt your self hate like you wear your weave, false eye lashes and switch your extra fonkee adz you greased BLACK abomination...YOU ARE THE PROBLEM....NOTHING has changed since the 60s, not 1 thing, still got geechy Dan azz Negroes runnin round like They've Arrived....pathetic!
6D: Citizens appreciate how hard you work. We all work hard and your job is not the only dangerous job. Try serving active duty in Iraq where soldiers get paid less than you do. These days, there are problems and whining coming from almost every police department in America; even in low crime affluent neighborhoods. Police are sounding too much like a bunch of I'm entitled to earn what an attorney, accountant or scientist earns group of people. The market drives salaries, so if you don't like the pay and working conditions, do like everyone else--go find another line of work so that you can buy a home in a community where you desire to live. Colleges are great at educating adult learners looking for better opportunities. There are plenty of people that would like your job and the taxpayers are tired of the constant carping “I want more”. If you want to live in a certain neighborhood, get a better job. Enough already!!!
1st round of auditions


see comment #4

open casting call for Swindler's List:

Michael "Sam Rothstein" Brown - casino legislation

Harry "Payday Loan" Thomas

Diana "SINderella" Groomes

Kwame "Pimp My Ride" Brown

Cat "Goldilocks Barbarian" Lanier

Vinny "Hide Every Penny" Gray
I think MPD should bring back (ret. Assistant Chief) Robert C. White. He was one of the best.
There are so many different things here that could be addressed. BLH for example, your comments are just silly and juvenile. Anyone who works in this great country of ours deserves a raise every once in a while, and to disparage Police Officers for wanting a raise is just juvenile. They risk more than you do ANY day of the week, so please don't belittle what they do. Yet while they work with no pay increases over the past 6+ years, Chief Lanier has manages to garner a $70,000 pay increase in just about 3 years....hmmm, really??? And people on here complain when the Officers feel like they've been shafted? Please...wake up DC. Wasn't it only a week ago that this very paper published a blog about how Chief Lanier LIED to the media as well as EVERY tax payer in this city. And not even a month ago she LIED in front of the city council...plain as day. Those are FACTUAL statements, not a matter of opinion...FACTS. Yet people think that because she shows up at a church and praaaaiiiises Jesus and shakes some hands that she walks on water. I remember another politician who did that, what was his name? Oh Yeah, Marion Barry. Its amazing how little the public types need to do in this city for the voters to forgive all past transgressions. The Chief has a history of lying and to deny that is just putting blinders on. Oh yeah...Female MPD Official..you obviously have no contact with the "backbone" of MPD, because if you did, you would see that its not just males that have issue s with the chief....the females do as well. The bottom line is, this article is the biggest fluff piece I have ever read and Rend Smith had better not call himself a journalist. You should be ashamed of yourself for publishing such an article and misleading people. Take a pole of the Police officers and see how the numbers play out....I dare you City Paper.

DCLee, what happened to the sergeant in your comment? Did the sergeant file a complaint? Was she fired or demoted?
@ chickens come home to roost, who would listen to a complaint from a sergeant on Chief Lanier? Lanier is more PROTECTED politically than Harry "Payday Loan" Thomas. Lanier is the people's CHAMP!

Cathy Has Attacked Metropolitan Police!
I've known Chief Lanier for a very long time. At one point I would have considered us friends. she is popular and I really beleive that she does what she feels is in the best intrest of the agency. When people ask me why the troops hate her I try and put it in prespective. The rank and file get hammered for the slightest infractions but the command staff gets away with everything. The union has a contract, which the Chief violates with the attitude so what sue me I won't have to pay. These folks haveen't had a raise in years but she has. Many of the Command staff are fucking idiots and cowards

Commander Mike Reese Idiot
Commander David Kamperin Idiot
Commander Matt Kline Coward
Commander Jennifer Green Idiot
Assistant Chief Diane Groomes....?
Assistant Chief Peter Newsham well you know the story
Commander Geroge Kusick Coward
Inspector Mike Eldrich Idiot and a Coward
Commander Chris Lojocono Idiot
Commander Robert Contee Real police
Commander Andy Solberg Real Police
Commander Joel Mopin Jury's still out
Commander Charnetta Robinson Harmless and Useless
Commander Danny Hickson Old school real police
Commander Hilton Burton Brass Balls (Viewed by a 14 year old)
Assistant Chief Rodney Parks Idiot
Assistant Chief Lamar Green Real police
Assistant Chief Michael Anzolo well he did Groomes' investigation
Commander Jake Kisthner Jury's still out

When you look at this crew as a whole it can shed light on the feeling of the rank and file. Many of these folk's abuse their power on a daily basis
GJ, you left out Assistant Chief Alfred "Can't pass the captains' exam" Durham.

That says it all!

How is one able to ascend to an executive leadership position of the agency after repeatedly failing the captains' exam when he was a lieutenant? Lest not forget, he also abandoned the agency and fled to Richmond, Virginia, for greener pastures and returned to be "knighted" by Queen Lanier to the rank of assistant chief of police.

If memory serves me well, didn't he obtain taxpayers money in violation of municipal compensation laws:




And Danny Hickson retired as a lieutenant CENTURIES and was brought out of retirement like he is the Michael Jordan of policing and appointed to the rank of Commander. Another recepient of the could not pass the captains' exam.

These two appointments alone show how biased Lanier is against her bench (captains and inspectors)that she felt none of the captains or inspectors are competent to hold the position of assistant chief or commander.

Now that a "SLAP" in the face!

Oh yeah, don't forget about when Councilmember Phil "I must SHIELD Lanier" Mendelson offered up this legislation in tribute to the blonde Goddess Cathy "the Great" Lanier:


Until the taxpaying citizens and city council members wake-up from their " Rip Van Winkle-like stupor, Catherine "the Great" Lanier will continue the blatant apartheid-led system within MPD.

Cathy "It's MY MONEY and I want it NOW!" Lanier is no where near worth $253,000.00 in salary a year.

The proof will be when the several dozen lawsuits are settled out of court. Tally up the total cost to taxpayers. But hey, you all, the taxpayers, love her. You all gave her a BLANK CHECK to spend your money as she pleases.

As you all awaken from your suspended state of animation, Lanier will be basking in the sun as she opens her golden PARACHUTE retirement.
@GJ; how do your feel about 4th District Commander Kimberly Missouri?
Sorry Commander Missouri real police

D.C. Pulitzer Prize award winning quote:

Former Examiner reporter Bill Myers, who left his post last year, says he often found himself in that position—and came to doubt the chief’s intentions. “Eventually I got good enough watching Chief Lanier so that I thought I could tell when she was lying. The tip-off was that her lips would move.”

I am not a DC native, but I've been here an awfully long time. This discussion reveals the need to think of the different audiences involved: the chief, the public reacting to the chief, the cops, and the public reacting to cops. I think the clues to why the chief is so popular, if she is, and I think she is, are to be found in the article. Reference to her brown eyes. We like her eyes. The photo of her that never ever changes. Riding around in a police car looking like she's having the time of her life. References to her as a ham. She's got personality when she interacts with the public. I don't know much about the workings of the police force - and that's a problem, not just on my part but it says something about the closed defensive nature of our police department - but I have suspected that there is always more to her than what we hear. I'm not sure my opinion of her matters that much. Let me put that another way - I'm not sure she matters to me that much. Rather, I am much more concerned about the day to day conduct and responsiveness of our police officers. I have hear just about enough of cops who refuse to come to the scene of a crime, who won't get out of their cars "because it's cold," - we all have our stories. Why does it have to be this way? Why do we accept this lackluster attitude?

If she could do something bout THAT, I'd be much more impressed.
Media in the DC area has never told the truth about Cat and a lot of her deeds that got her promoted. She gets a lot of help from friends in communities she definitel doesn't want people to know about. These same friends use her to get people fired when they don't like certain officers. She comes across as vindictive, petty and a total bitch.

Cat is one of those leaders who wears one face with the public and another with citizens. She is one of those passive-aggressive women who will do what she has to do to get her way. There are many officers who don't care for her but there is an equal number of citizens as well. In my opinion, he is a good actress and not much of a leader. Every one of those male complainants can't be making things up about her and more women need to step up and complain about her too. Until people stand up for what they believe, they are going to be treated negatively.

She doesn't seem to be familiar with the truth. She has consistently lied, changed her stories, even contradicted herself on the spot. The difference with her and why people defend her over many other DC leaders is that she's articulate and able to properly use subject-verb agreement. She has her dirt too, she just hasn't been exposed -- yet. She has walked all over citizens to get her way too. All of her dirt won't last forever.
The Greek Tragedy with Lanier and its Shakespeare Ending is long overdue.
Her unyielding quest for power,fame and money by destroying all in her path will also be her downfall.

A habitual devotion that Lanier adheres to every day:

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it” ~ Adolph Hitler

After reading this article on Lanier and other current article about her practicing sex discrimination, I am having second thoughts about her. Woman can discriminate against men too. Read this article in the Washington Times about Police Chief Lanier losing another demotion case before an abitrator or the courts.

Bunny, your complaint about lazy Officers is one of the inherent flaws of MPD. Hardworking officers aren't rewarded for their efforts, they are punished. Eventually, most either burn out or leave for other agencies. Those that do little work don't interact with anybody, so they don't generate any paperwork...which by DC standards is the perfect officer. Chief Lanier didn't create that enviroment, but in her tenure she has done nothing to change it, either. The lazy Officers more often than not reap the benefits of MPD. If you are working in an admin assignment or not locking people up, you have plenty of time to study for the next promotional exam. Its why there is such a disconnect between rank and file and the white shirts. As you can see by GWs list, the higher up you get in the social strata, competency becomes harder and harder to come by. Meanwhile, more and more neighbobs and sychophants rise higher and higher up, peter principle be damned. Meanwhile, good kids are leaving at an alarming rate, and what are you supposed to tell them? Hang it there, it'll get better? A statement like that will get you on the Lewis List. Trying to adress the retention issue will just land you on a Friday teletype.
Rank and File;

Noone should be surprised that there are leaders in positions that shouldnt be there. Noone should be surprised that there are leaders in positions who are evil. Noone should be surprised that the leaders are mistreating and destroying ALL within the MPD family. Noone should be surprised that it appears that noone cares. Do some reading, this is only the beginning, the day of the rapture is approaching and things are going to get worse not just within the MPD, the entire septic world is a mess.

The anti-christ and his demons are ascending and this may be thier moment of power. Do some biblical reading my brothers in blue. That is the only way to get true relief from what is going on with your department, things will get better for everyone in Gods time. Sreaming on this blog will only get you worked up and frustrated.

Believe it or not Lanier, really isnt in charge, God is. Continue to stay focued, work hard and things will change for the better, one way or another. Be safe and remember the most important thing, Check off safe and go home to your families.

@Bunny ur a terd, go take an english class because your DC Public School education is showing. How about you stop being a leach to DC Govt dollars and using our services while you live some where else...
Listen I work at Macombo's Lounge and if anyone could tell you about bad police service its me... I try to make my money to feed my 15 kids who live in SE DC and ill be in an alley picking up some johns and the police come by and arrest me while im at work for no good reason.. Its summer time too business is supposed to be good. chief lanier approves of this police work with her blonde twin groomes. The police officers in dc are trash and they like my couchy... Well my shifts about to start see you all later, free lap dances tonight if u read my post,ask for Unique.
@Former captain, I cant go home safe and spend time wiht my family bc Im always working AHOD's and god wont cancel them.
seDCdude, are you mad because my husband is Caucasian, hot and in shape, educated, and we live in a nice Adams Morgan home? Get over yourself because most of the black men in D.C. aren't marrying material, lacking education, and many are on the downlow.

On the issue of Police Chief Lanier, she's popular with the taxpayer D.C. residents. Many of these assholes giving her a hard time are male MPD police officers. Many of the MPD police officers are lazy, corrupt, and don't give a dam about D.C. residents. Cathy don't let these bitter male police officers get you down sister. You go girl......
One more thing seDCdude, I arrived a long time ago by working hard and not blaming the white man for all the ills in my life. I am not looking for a hand out from the government, like you seDCdude. By the way, this black woman doesn't wear weaves. My gorgeous Caucasian fine muscular in shape husband love me. I can't imagine no woman wanting to be with you. How many babies momma's do you have, seDCdude? Step up to the plate and be a man. Take care of your fatherless children.
Gracey jonesey enough already. You are embarrassing the rest of us who are engaging in bi racial bi religious relationships. Enough already. You sound like you don't deserve to be married to the guy -read your post before you hit send. I am doubting if you are really a sister married to a white guy because I have some breaking news for you..its 2011, its not a big deal. Most educated black ladies would not write all the stuff that you have.
@ Grace Jones:
Nobody gives a damn about your stupid personal "story" or your bi-racial relationship. My response to "English Teacher" only spoke to his/her use of coded language to get their point across. I found it distasteful. I find your thrust rather rudminetary and borderline self-hating. But not for the reason you think. Your lack of intelligence suggests that you think you're special because you're a black woman supposedly married to a white man and then, in other posts, you have the nerve to go after a black guy on this thread and suggesting he's got out-of-wedlock children that he should go take care of? That's not cool. And you should be ashamed of yourself trying to pass yourself off as a champion of gentrification. You're just as bad as Petworty who is a jag-off that labels the unworthy to live in this city as savages. Who the hell are you or Petworthy to determine who is worthy on your moral scale to live here?
The real problem with gentrification isn't what your small mind thinks it is. Gentrification puts attitudes like yours and Petworthy's out there as gospel and it's not true: the good people in these neighborhoods that you vultures find so attractive now? Those people are what made those neighborhoods great. The drug-dealers and bad folks? I'm glad they're gone. But for someone like you to beat their chest as some sort of conquering hero? That's ridiculous. You're on such a moral high-horse that it's no wonder that even the good people in these neighborhoods you see fit to move into find you distasteful. They know smarmy, snarky people when they see them. You're ugly to the core. You can marry a white man if you like, but it won't legitimize you to anyone that matters except in your own sick, twisted mind. I feel sorry for your husband. There are lots better black women out here than a harpy like you.
@ chickens come home to roost: The sergeant was disciplined and removed from a plumb assignment. On appeal her discipline was rescinded.
The reason the crime rate is down in DC is not because of honest police work. It's because chief has apparently given the officers a green light to harrass the citizens and pull them over for made up reasons mostly false speeding and then all of a sudden it's legal for them to ask you to step out of your car and have them search your car without permission or probable cause especially if you fit the profile. I've been driving for 15 years with a good record but every since she's been in office every time there's a murder in SE I get pulled over for doing the usual 42 in a 25 mph zone then asked to step out the car then my car searched and then let leave without warning or ticket if i'm lucky but that aint too often and its always the cop without the radar gun that says theyre qualified to read the speed without the gun who pulls me over this has happened to me so many times that in her first year or 2 in office my license was suspended and I know many with the same stories. I drive a monte carlo so I guess it must be a red flag on my vehicle model. It's a shame when crime goes down only because the people who are supposed to prevent it cant figure a way to get it done other than to break the law themselves and the person solely responsible is praised because the people who are doing the praising dont fit the profile nor live in the areas to experience this shameful display.
Grace Jones you sound ridiculous with the whole if you cant afford to live somewhere move out and the whole my husband's white and we live in adams morgan. Apparently you think you live in the suburbs or a gated community or something you have no humility and with come off as extremely shallow. I can almost guarantee your marriage has no substance and that the most exiting thing about it are the two facts that you mention on every one or your posts. With that attitude you got running around bragging over absolutely nothing relevant to the story or anything else for that matter. Read about humility and learn how a real marriage works.
BTW grace jones with the way you talk It's probably safe to assume that you spend absolutely no time talking to God because your God has obviously become your possessions. Get it together and realize that everything you have will one day perish including your favorite 2. Return to God and stop praising your temporary life God searches the heart now look into your heart without being in denial and quit that foolishness your on with all the stereotyping life's too short and time too precious to run around with that "I've arrived mentality".
@DBfromDC, why are you talking about a make beleive person. Everyone doesn't beleive in your make beleive God. On the issue of gentrification, why does it take educated professional people regardless of race to move into a ghetto and clean it up? Why in the hell those longtime residents trashed and didn't give a dam about their neigbhorhoods. When whites move into black ghetto's thee property value increase and you will see community policing. Why you don't see young white males hanging on corners in 2D in Ward 3 selling drugs, shooting, and killing other whites? You don't see those residents in Ward 3 trashing their neighborhoods or supporting the no snitch policy.

I am a black man and I am tired of the black on black violence in D.C. Stop blaming the white man for all your ills and stop looking for a social hand out. Get your lazy asses up and go to work for a living.

As for Grace Jones, she has a right to express how she feel on this and other issues. We live in a democracy where we supposed to have free speech. I may not agree with what's said, but I respect their right to express themselves.
@DBfromDC, I don't beleive in your God. How can I beleive in something that I've never seen. What God would let people suffer, particularly blacks? I am not alone. There are many young and old people of all races in this country that don't beleive in God.
Columbia Heights. God doesn't let people suffer people make people suffer. God created the earth perfect we mess it up by not following his directions we say I'll take it from here God. Look at what we spend the most money on as a nation Weapons and war imagine how many people would live better lives with that money just read how much weve spent on the war of your choice and NASA spent probably billions to fly to the moon and back to bring pictures and rocks while people here are starving which leads to crime God is not responsible for this world he's responsible for the original. You cant see air yet you believe in that dont you? God gives us free will because he wants us to choose to love him and listen to him not be forced we as humans just make dumb choices and blame God. The proof of God's love is all around you just look at what you call suffering truthfully and youll see that your just not content with what you have but it is sufficient for your survival and it's not by your own power.
@DBfromDC, there's no God. Stop beleiving in a make believe person. The same applys to Santa Claus.
explain why do we live on a planet with everything to sustain us we breath oxygen and i dont know if ive ever heard of another planet with that we eat plants and animals i dont think ive heard of them anywhere else either explain who created atoms? which sound more realistic to you God creating everthing we need and placed us all in the same place with it and theres absolutely no other place recorded with one of the things we need to survive one week. or atoms and everything in space and on earth appearing from nothing and everthing I said was just a coincidence that we get to experience have you ever seen a coincidence so elaborate?
The most favorite weekend passtime in DC — young black men with guns shooting each other. They say that is just what they do. This City’s tolerance of gangs and gun violence is nauseating.

I want do feel safe in my neighborhood and I am not feeling safe. Police Chief Lanier is do the best she can. She seem to care about the D.C. residents. I can say that about many corrupt D.C. police officers. So far, several D.C. cops have been arrested this year in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Districts.
Let's keep God out of this conversation because everyone doesn't beleive in a God or religion. The topic is about how the residents in the District of Columbia admire Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier.
Columbia Heights If you can explain one thing from my previous post I'll give God up. I'll do you one better I'll give you the biggest lifeline in the history of the world and give you til the rest of your life to answer the post and you can get help from any and as many scientist or experts that you wish and I'll give you my personal email address so you can shoot me an email when you find the answer once you come up with it. I have seen God's work and so have you but you would rather credit science and you have that right, but every scientist I have heard try to explain it stories are filled with I believe and maybe. You believe in people explaining to you that the earth is blank hundred million years old when they were born 40-50-60 years ago based on the fact that they dug deep into the earth. Please find a scientist to explain the creation of the first atom and i will give you absolutely anything I own. Explain my prayers being answered without me lifting a finger many times with science. All you say is God doesnt exist because you can see him and thats as far as you can see, but since you dont believe in things you cant see stop believing in air and stop breathing it and let a scientist come up with a way to save you without oxygen.
Dr. Van Helsing that is the problem with the people right there tryna keep God out of everything to appease those who dont believe and then expect the world to be a wonderful place with wonderful people. You were not a part of the conversation and if you dont wanna read about what we were talking about then read another persons post but you wont jump into this conversation and tell us what to talk about I do not care what either of you believe in and I dont recall asking either of you what you believed in you guys are initiating the conversation with me so if you dont like whats being said move the f on.
Bunny 70's message is not by me, Bunny - the original Bunny who posted message 63.
@ Columbia Heights,
Grace Jones has a right to say what she wants, but if it's a bunch of malarkey, folks have the right to call her out on her bullcrap. Simple as that. But why should she care? She's married to a white man and lives in a house in Adams Morgan. When someone on here resorts to the typical "gentrification is good" mudslinging i.e. "these people destroyed their own neighborhood" as someone did or "how many baby mommas do you have" as if the new folks moving in are something special, that's where I get off the gentrification train. Because sentiments like that devalue the good people that stuck around during the bad times (interesting how you have to point this out to people like Grace Jones and Petworthy). The people that were stalwarts in these "ghettos" that are now so attractive to the loft condo posse are the reason why there's value left in those neighborhoods to begin with and I find some of the sentiments here rather pathetic.
There are good people that have been in these troubled, crime-ridden neighborhoods for decades. Many of them did the best they could to earn a living, live their life clean, steer clear of the problems and raise their kids like they're supposed to do. But to lump the bad element in the neighborhood with those good folks is, well, ignorant. And anyone in a comments section that tries to play the "you don't see white people (insert name of crime here) do you" is lame-o. Anyone that claims to be educated or "tired of blaming the white man for our problems" is full of it. And Grace Jones is in that vien.
I've lived in gentrifying areas, and it's no easier for black people renting/owning in those places. Gentrification is more about the green of someone's dollars than the color of their skin. And it certainly isn't about the content of one's character, either. So being a gentrifier doesn't automatically absolve these people beating their chest about it of a stained soul that needs to be searched and adjusted.
Don't personally know Lanier and disagree with some of her actions. But, unless she does something in the future I find plainly inexcusable, I'll back her completely.

In a city that, sadly, seems to become more racially divided every day, Lanier's human touch and solid support among blacks and whites offer hope that we can rise above and see one another as just people, regardless of race. No wonder she's right behind Obama in high approval ratings.
It's telling that Chief Lanier's backers don't want to talk about the fact that she has been a proven liar with regard to the Charlie Sheen escort fiasco and the Diane Groomes cheating scandal. From day one on this department all you hear is, "Don't lie to officials. They'll jam you up." Chief Lanier must've missed that back in 1990.

Her backers also don't want to talk about AHODs and how she was ordered to stop them by an arbitrator but kept doing them anyways. Soon enough D.C. taxpayers will find out they'll be on the hook for this debacle to the tune of millions of dollars. Rest assure the Chief will be sitting there defiantly as ever saying, "I'm disappointed by the PERB's ruling. I still believe in AHODs. They protect the citizens of the District of Columbia."

Chief Lanier slamming rank-and-file officers at every turn shouldn't be a surprise. What would you expect from someone who spent less than four years as an officer? Take into account the fact that she made the rank of commander in just ten years and you see her inexperience at the forefront in her decision making, statements about ongoing investigations, or when she gets some tough questions.

How did lying work out for Bruce Pearl or Jim Tressel (former Univ. Of Tennessee mens basketball coach and former Ohio State Univ. football coach), two wildly popular people at their respective institutions? Time will only tell how lying works out for Chief Lanier.
MPD has too many corrupt police officers/officials. Whom can you trust? I admire Lanier for trying to clean up her agency full of corrupt lying police officers.

A D.C. police sergeant has pleaded guilty to stealing more than $40,000 from an 85-year-old woman she was assigned to help.

Aisha Hackley pleaded guilty in D.C. Superior Court on Monday to first-degree theft from a senior citizen. She must resign from the police department as part of her plea agreement and faces up to 15 years in prison when she is sentenced in October.

Hackley admitted stealing from the woman after being assigned to investigate suspicious activity on her bank account.

Prosecutors say Hackley used the woman's personal account information to write checks payable to herself or to her son.

The older woman contacted Bank of America on May 31 after noticing a series of suspicious checks charged against her account.

Folks, I'm sorry, I just had to weigh in on this and throw my two cents worth out on Chief Cathy Lanier. I don't know her personally but I have heard her speak on the radio fairly frequently ("Ask the Chief" with Mark Plotkin) and, overall, I am not overly impressed with her. She is one of (good riddance to him) Fenty's hand-picked appointees who likely didn't earn her position by any tangible measure of merit. Oh wait, that's right; from what I've been lead to understand by one of my co-workers, who is a former MPD, Fenty was involved in a serious domestic issue with his wife some years ago and Lanier was instrumental in its cover-up. Wow, what better reward than to hand the job of Chief of Police over to her, especially since she saved his ass from a potentially career-damaging episode. I am (sadly) no longer a D.C. resident but will always hold a special place for the city in my heart. I'm just not overly impressed with any of its current cast of characters in government at present, will pass at this time.
Cathy remember the pinch and tickle we had in the firehouse in the early 90s love damm you were good....... you were a all pro
Hey GJ: let me let you in on a little secret, but one that I know you already know. Every member of the command staff has a few officers who follow them around like puppies, kissing their ass at every turn. They follow them from job to job, get their dry cleaning, wash their cars, get their lunch. You know who I'm talking about right? They are easy to spot because they haven't worked on the street in about 10 years.

Now, I'm willing to bet my next 10 paychecks that you are one of those ass kissers. We love you man.
She admitted to the Hanky Panky at Lt. Foys class action suite in the 90s, check it out its on file. Come on boys do a little police work of your own, and I am not one of her lap dogs either. I did want to leave my wife for her but thank god someone put a stop to it.
Hey, I confess when she gave me some cha cha in the fire house I was always giving her some stuff from Victoria secrets, even some money she had a ring in my nose, Black mail you know. I ruined a nice firefighters rep.too that was not out to get into her pants.

I am sorry
(R)where ever you are. I was weak, thank you for saving me from that vampire bitch, she also tried to ruin you too with her lies which could have ruin your carer and your family life too, I am so sorry.

I should have listen to you when you said a 50% of police women hate men, 25% of police women want to kill men, 20% you do not want to talk about, there is only 5 % of police women that are worth a dam, and she is not one of them.
To southeastken I dont care what board you sit on. You dont have the balls to get in front of a bullet. Police officer are fearless. I hate people like you who only care about the political gains of this city. I was born and raised here my husband , uncle, brother and friends are on this department. If you dont know the inside facts do everyone a favor. Shut Up!
I agree with many of you that she is a great on screen personality and a true modern day politician. She is very catering to the residents of the District. We all know that if you dig deep enough you will always find smears. I truly believe that many of you do not want to know because it will taint the image of this "savior" that you all see before you. She covered up for Fenty when he was an ANC commissioner, for beating his wife. There is truth behind this. Seek an OFC. Mallard who was on scene and was coerced by her not to arrest the former mayor, then ANC commisioner. There is more but i'm sure you all can't handle it.

I would also like to add that I think it is unfair to her predecessor who actually changed the department. He is the one who put in place the policies the DEPT is operated by today. There is not one thing that this "savior" changed but she still takes all of the credit. I almost forgot she did change the Officers uniforms. Lets give her some credit.

Great Blog!! That was amazing. Your thought processing is wonderful. The way you tell the thing is awesome. You are really a master.

What a joke. Only in DC would you see resumes in the comments section of a news article. Get over yourselves.
AS FOR the chief, Lanier is only popular because the rest of the local politicians are incompetent morons. If you are not a retard, you can be pretty successful in a DC leadership role. The reality is that about 99% of the police department censures their own chief. That should give you an idea of how that place is actually managed. They need to do a command climate survey or something similar, and chances are she would be forced to resign and maybe even face criminal charges. She has run the department into the ground, and lots of crime is up. Homicides are down, so it appears as though she has done her job, but that trend is nationwide. Furthermore, she puts out fake statistics. One set for the FBI's uniform crime reporting data, and another to DC residents that looks much better. There are numerous cops that are all but boycotting the department. Cops that used to be productive and enjoyed doing their jobs now refuse to do anything because the department is so terribly lead. Ask a cop. Just walk up and ask any one of them. I have done it numerous times. I promise you will find out the real story about how pathetic that organization is. And how wonderful it has the potential to be. And how the chief sued the city a couple of times and did unethical favors for certain politicians to get in the position she is in now, which they all say she is quite unqualified to be in. It's too bad city paper didn't ask around, they could have found a really great story.
This tells it like it is about how people feel about her



6:00 - 8:00

She will be the director of The FBI someday or something with Home Land Sec.
So beware she is coming for ya
She will be the director of The FBI someday or something with Home Land Sec.
So beware she is coming for ya
what does - 1 mean ????
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Everybody Loves D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier - Washington City Paper
brokenhearted P.O. that Sam Kinison clip was great. So happy for y'all in DC where they joyfully enforce unconstitutional laws (and SCOTUS opinions). If you know anything about the Constitution and can read, it should be plain that US v Miller 1939 clearly violates the 2nd Amendment. Welcome to the forefront Chief Lanier. I'm sure you're a decent person; it's too bad that bad pols and bad law have put you in this position. Don't bother with debate points. I won't convince you, I already know that.
Hi u doin miss lahnier i wanna meetchu 1day so i can jus tell u why i wanna meetchu 1. I kmw how to get gunz off the streets.nd have ppl thinkin twice about carry them. Ima change person i love to help ppl but u can call me 202 341 1756
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I have a Question how does a Police Chief get to place a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown at Arlington ? She has never been in the military, member of congress,senator, or a higher up from another country ? I wonder who she is in bed with????? oh !!!!! watch out Gen. do not end up like Patraus

She is going to be the HEAD of the WORLD POLICE FORCE coming soon folks............
I thoroughly buoyed reading about. Cathy Lanier,first time I saw her on the news and i liked her instantly.
I can see why she is so high in the polls.

Absolutely gorgeous,intelligent and compassionate American woman,love her,love you guys.

Lester (U.K.)
I was a cop in Memphis for 30 years - lanier made sgt. in 4 years, lt. in 6 ,captain in 9 years and inspector the same year - this is totally unheard of - I would not trust her as far as I could throw her - you just don't earn rank that fast - not impressed but then DC has a horrible reputation in the law enforcement community
Lester, Lester !!!!

You need to put down your fish and chips, as well as your gin and bitters.
Remember these words, Skeletens in the closet, and Bearded Clam for you uneducated thats pon-tang!!

She is really a secusess story she came from a broken home, suffered from drugs acholohism, and a pregency all before 21.

When I was assigned to 4D P.D. a few people did not like her, others were affraid of her because she had a realtive who was in a very high place and she was no angel either.

But she loved attention and if you did not play ball ? you guessed it she made you out to be the guilty one which a lot of limped dicks cowarded to her and kissed her ass because they were affraid of the women thing and there careers, she had you, you understand ?.

You got to give her credit she knew how to WORK IT :-)

4yrs Sgt.
6yrs Capt
9yrs Inspector
Chief of POLICE WOW!!!! do the math.............

I got into a beef with her at 4-D and my Capt. saved me from going down town ,he told me man to man and a good officer with balls LEAVE THAT WOMEN ALONE she knows some bad bad people. She is like one of her officers said a cross between a prey mantis and a black widow spider with and lot of JAWS............

But she has the HIGHEST RATING of any Dept in the city, I wonder why ? even thou her suboardanace hate her. But you have to give her credit she gets the job done.
She gets hers 3% pay raise every year, she is set for life ( Way to go there BOOO )
I am sure she is slated for something when she retires. Mayor ????

But Lester its a FAD--- ATTRACTION!!!! Blie me !!! knowing what I know I would not touch that for anything. So put it back in your pants and think with your other head, spank the monkey latter.

Do you know what D.C. stand for bro.?

District of Corruption



Am I right DJ BRIGGS or am I wrong HOMEY?
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