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Kiss the Paper
Directed by Fiona Otway

Kiss the Paper, Fiona Otway’s short film about letterpress printer Alan Runfeldt, is a measured and focused portrayal of a long-existing craft that’s become trendy in recent years. The tricky evolution of craft to art is the dominant theme, and Runfeldt affably waxes on both the positives and negatives of letterpress printing’s resurgence. By the end of the film, it is not the machines or the products that remain, but the portrait of a man working between the past and the future of a changing medium.

Comic Author X-Ray
Directed by Marcos Nine

David Rubín is a celebrated Spanish comic book artist and writer, and when a team of filmmakers makes a documentary about him, he naturally chronicles that experience via ink and angst. The film intersperses animation and single-frame illustration into footage of the artist at work, both in his studio and charming his readers at book signings. Rubín is a mercurial narrator, and his hand-wringing over identity and the creative process (two spheres that seem frustratingly intertwined) takes him to dark places that are beautifully and macabrely rendered by his own drawings. The resulting celluloid portrait is fragmented but fierce.

Our Readers Say

Thank you, Laura, for your kind comments about Fiona's film. I think you got it just right - "between the past and the future of a changing medium". I agree - and I must say - it's a very exciting place to be.

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