Something Happened at DC9. Who Did it Happen to? Exploring the life of a young man who wasn't supposed to die outside a nightclub.

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About 2:30 a.m. on Oct. 15, EMTs responded to an emergency call at 9th and U streets NW. Moments later, a patient was loaded into an ambulance. In court filings, police officers said the patient “had a contusion and abrasion on the forehead as well as a laceration to the upper and lower lip, with significant bruising to his forearms.” The man was rushed to Howard University Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

That much, at least, is clear.

Almost everything else that happened early that morning outside the DC9 rock club, on the other hand, remains subject to significant confusion. In a radio transmission to Howard, an EMT supervisor had identified the patient as a 45-year-old black male. In fact, Ali Ahmed Mohammed was in his late 20s. The supervisor described his condition as “Traumatic cardiac arrest after a fight. No obvious trauma that we could see, but he...he’s in arrest basically.” But medical examiners would eventually suggest there was much more to it than that.

By the morning after Mohammed’s death, conflicting accounts of what happened to him were already emerging. What most agree on is that Mohammed, after being denied entrance to DC9, threw at least one brick through the club’s window, and that he was pursued into the street by club employees. Hours later, five of those people—William Spieler, 46, Darryl Carter, 20, Reginald Phillips, 22, Evan Preller, 28, and Arthur Zaloga , 25—were arrested and charged with murder.

But even the official accusations became muddled. Charging documents initially cited an eyewitness who claimed to have seen the five tackle, punch, and kick the 27-year-old immigrant until he was unconscious. Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier called the alleged beating a “savage” act of “vigilante justice.” Other habitués of the nightclub, though, insisted that no such savagery had taken place. They said the men, none of them known as brawlers, merely restrained Mohammed while awaiting the police.


Authorities eventually downgraded the charges against the five, then dropped them all together—albeit with the knowledge that they could re-file after autopsy results came in. But even the much-anticipated medical examiner’s ruling deepened the mystery. While the manner was declared “homicide,” the cause of death was ruled “excited delirium associated with arrhythmogenic cardiac anomalies, alcohol intoxication and physical exertion with restraint,” which would seem to corroborate the non-savage version of events.

Prosecutors are still investigating. No new charges have been filed.

In the meantime, lawyers, cops, activists, and reporters are poring over every detail of what did or didn’t happen that terrible night. But in the fervor over the unsolved mystery, the city has learned very little about one key piece of the story: The man who wound up dead.

Ahmed Mohammed Galtchu came to the United States in 1995, happy to be in a country that offered more opportunity than rural Ethiopia—but heartbroken to have left his family back home. Galtchu chose D.C., he says, because he had friends here; otherwise, he knew almost nothing about the city he would grow to care deeply about.

Galtchu made a life for himself in the District. He found a small apartment among the brick and wrought iron buildings of Somerset Place NW. A friend helped him score a job at a nearby 7-Eleven. But sometimes, early in the morning, he would wake up in tears. When that happened, there was only one remedy. He would pick up the phone and dial Ethiopia, so he could hear the voices of the wife and five children he’d left behind.

In an interview at his attorney’s office, Galtchu says he left Ethiopia mostly because of the children, “so they would have a better education.”

It took two years to earn enough money to fly the entire family to the District. Galtchu never wavered, working at 7-Eleven and a number of odd jobs on the side. The day he went to the airport, it all seemed worth it. His wife and three of his children arrived on one plane. Two other sons came on a later flight. One was his 14-year-old fourth child, Mohammed. The skinny, round-headed lad was soon enrolled in Paul Public Charter School.

As a kid, Mohammed “got average grades,” his father recalls, and picked up English quickly. He spent most of his time playing with other Ethiopian kids. His father says they used to play soccer in the streets near the family’s Brightwood apartment. Mohammed hoped to go to college, but after graduating from Calvin Coolidge Senior High School in 2001, the family realized there wasn’t enough money. Mohammed, always easygoing, adjusted.

Out of school, Mohammed hung around the house, helping his dad with projects. He would go out with friends, read books and watch movies. Coming of age on the cusp of a recession, Mohammed had a hard time finding a job. He tried working at the nursing home where his mother also worked, but that only lasted a month. For reasons his dad couldn’t remember—“maybe he thought he didn’t have the right training”—he despised the job and quit.

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Classic, perhaps even boilerplate, "he was such a good kid, he escaped a tough past, he had so many dreams, he was never one to be malicious or mischievious" story. Sorry, but sweet and innocent kids don't hurl bricks.
I can accurately read that the username *niggaplease* and contents within, is not an ode to the "hip hop" generation. This case has been successfully swept under the rug, what else do you spineless jerks want? He can't be remembered for all the other days of his life?
It's a well-written article and Mr. Smith obviously took a lot of time and effort when writing it. However, the fact that he still managed to get the age of at least one of the DC9 employees wrong undermines the credibility of the rest of the work, if only because it demonstrates exactly how much research he actually did and on what portions of the story.
Let's look in the mirror here folks and tell me what colors do you see?
What color of faces do you see?
A black man is murdered in the District of Columbia, the nation's capitol
and no one is behind bars.

However, if a dog had been killed by the same 5 men, someone would be behind bars. This young man's life was snatched from him in the twinkling of an eye.
But no one is behind bars. Michael Vicks spent (19) months in prison for running a dog fighting ring. Is the message here a black man's life is less value than the life of a dog or a pack of dogs?

The amazing thing about this story is that the DC-9 has reopened. They are partying over the blood of this young man, without God or conscious or punishment. How can the DC government send out this kind of message to the citizens of the District of Columbia? How can they Councilmember Graham?
@ solotruth-DC -- A dog was shot in Adams Morgan at a public festival and no one is behind bars. Let's not get crazy.
The bar is still open because it is a business, the employees of the bar were banned from working there up until recently. There is no logical reason to entirely shut down the bar. The event didn't happen in the bar and nothing about the bar has caused problems.
The people are responsible for their actions, but until they are proven guilty they can't be behind bars. And nothing about this case is black and white. The bar staff wasn't "out to kill."

There are plenty of people who get killed in DC every year who never receive justice. Shootings, hit-and-runs, etc...why does nobody dwell on or talk about these people's lives? What does 3 pages about this guy's childhood have anything to do with this case??
I was disappointed to read such a flimsy article given the huge number of questions surrounding this case. In attempting to reconstruct the events leading up to Mohammed's death, the reporter failed to discover or disclose the fact that witnesses saw Mohammed in a violent altercation with an unknown man outside the Velvet Lounge before he made his way over to DC9 where he demanded to be allowed inside a bar that was closing up for the night. His response, throwing a brick through a plate-glass window, is an indication of just how out of his head he was, a conclusion backed up by the medical examiner's report of "excited delirium" which is almost always an indicator of the presence of heavy drugs in one's system. Yet the article supposes that he was only a little "tipsy" and simply looking for his friends.
And if the brick had hit a patron in the bar?

I don't quite get the point of your nonsensical tangent about a black man's life being worth less than dogs, but I find it difficult for ANYONE to pull the race card in this situation. Race here is irrelevant, for the sheer fact alone that three of the five men involved in restraining him were either black or Hispanic. Race was not an issue. Throwing a violent hissy fit involving bricks that could have injured an innocent bystander was an issue, and a big one. It is incredibly unfortunate that he died, but one must not lose sight of the fact that this man chose to get drunk and do drugs and then initiate an incredibly violent and dangerous situation. It is incredibly unfortunate that he died, but no one would have needed to restrain him had he not initiated violence at being denied entry to a closing club. And who knows, perhaps his body would not have given out had those substances not been in his system....
please do not malign the dead. now people are claiming he was on heavy drugs. did the medical examiner's report indicate so. or are you guys throwing a red herring.
"The amazing thing about this story is that the DC-9 has reopened. They are partying over the blood of this young man, without God or conscious or punishment."

The business operations of DC-9 have no correlation with the death of Mohammed. Nothing about the business in and of itself contributed to his death aside from the employment of the suspects.
"Michael Vicks spent (19) months in prison for running a dog fighting ring. Is the message here a black man's life is less value than the life of a dog or a pack of dogs?"

Let's not forget that Michael Vick was also spraying down injured dogs with water and electrocuting them using a car battery.
@#7-Reginald Denny:
To answer your question ... then they would have called 911 and reported what happened, and the victims would be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Police would ask for the description of the individual, so on and so forth. It is not their responsibility to chase down an individual in the street. They know it clearly that they are not responsible for a drunk man who injured their custumer!!! Not to mention they definetly regret what they did and hope they can go back and change their barbaric action ... we do the same, we wish our brother was alive today too!!!!
How about if he had a weapon and shot them all? Let us admit they got it all wrong from the beginning, they killed him!! And the Community is not letting this slide. We travel all these miles for a better opportunity, not to die in the streets BEATEN LIKE A SNAKE! We will give a lesson to anyone who would dare to make a similar barbaric action in the future ... I am confident the justice system will deliver a fair decision.
May God Bless the USA and our World!
Let's look the facts: 1. time is around 2:15 am and wandering around where to find his buddies. 2. Ended up DC9 alone club where he was denied entry and threw rock. 3. 3 people chased him, dragged him to the ground, beaten him and finally left him unconsious. Police and ambulance arrived and took him howard hospital and died. 4. Bar re-opened for its usual service. 5. Charges filed were dropped and the defendants were set free for now. One against Three. Unbalanced or rather execessive force was used. Just simply throwing rock doesn't have to cost Mohammed's life. Normally robbery, assaulting..."minor" offenses would end up having an arrest of a suspect(s). This one, I mean murder, eventhough you have a medical examiner result, eventhough the chasers or "defendants" were there physically , a "killing zone" with blood stained asphalt and having charges! Looks something fishy going around. I believe in justice system of this country and let's wait. I am not sure till when! However the more things dragged, the more the situation becoming blurred. Justice delayed, justice denied.
This is piss poor reporting. Can anyone tell me what the point of this article is? The case, for all intents and purposes, has gone cold. The alleged suspects have not been charged with anything and are therefore innocent of all the allegations initially levied against them. The medical examiner has concluded that there was not sufficient evidence to arrest the men in the first place; otherwise they would have already been in handcuffs. Yet somehow this article is still dwelling on the purported "victim?" There was no victim. This was just a man, who committed a crime and was then detained by 5 individuals doing their civic duty to prevent a delinquent from running rampant, who then unfortunately died. If you really want to claim there was a victim in this situation how about the 5 men who have had their lives turned upside down because of this. Shame on you Rend Smith for continuing to try and malign the reputation of 5 innocent men by reintroducing the sensationalist allegations into this convoluted narrative.
Re: response #13 "Look at the facts..."

"Looking at the facts" is exactly what you are failing to do in your response.
He threw a brick, not a rock. As for the people two people who allegedly witnessed Mohammed being beaten, their account must have been faulty as the medical examiner's report fails to corroborate the beating they said they saw.
The blood-stained asphalt you mentioned has already been proven to be a result of an unrelated incident that happened earlier that night as reported by the Washington Post in their retraction of the photo they used in their original story.

Your right about something fishy going on here, but the bad smell is not coming from the direction you think it is.

I'm amazed the writer quotes Ms.Woldeamlak's assessment of Mr.Mohammed's sobriety without question. Obviously the owner of the last bar Mr.Mohammed was at that night has a clear motive to exaggerate his sobriety - to deflect liability for his intoxicated state. I'm not saying she was serving him, or was serving him after last call, but her story sure reads like an alibi, to me. Either way, Ms.Woldeamlak is far too involved in the story to be treated like an observant witness to the events. She was a participant in the events, not a bystander or an outsider.

Ms.Woldeamlak paints a picture of Mr.Muhammed which would be inconsistent with him throwing a brick through a window, and its an established fact that shortly after leaving her establishment on that night he did exactly that - threw a brick through the window of DC9. And then she tries to tell us that he was sober when he did it? She can't have it both ways - either he was by nature an irrational man prone to violent outbursts, or he was drunk. Her story does not add up.

This is piss poor reporting. Can anyone tell me what the point of this article is?
-The point is to let people know more about a man that died/was killed other then the rampant rumors circling the city

Yet somehow this article is still dwelling on the purported "victim?" There was no victim. This was just a man, who committed a crime and was then detained by 5 individuals doing their civic duty to prevent a delinquent from running rampant, who then unfortunately died.
- excuse me? This man is DEAD, let's show a little respect. He did not die of natural causes, these 5 guys whether it was all their fault or not, were in violent physical contact with him right before he died. Civicc duty my ass. He threw a brick, that was wrong, 5 guys chasing one man is no ones's civic duty.

If you really want to claim there was a victim in this situation how about the 5 men who have had their lives turned upside down because of this. Shame on you Rend Smith for continuing to try and malign the reputation of 5 innocent men by reintroducing the sensationalist allegations into this convoluted narrative.
-innocent if we're going by innocent until proven guilty. Come on, we all know they hd something to do with his death. And convoluted narrative? have you gone out and interviewed friends and family in attempt to learn more about the situation.
"4. Bar re-opened for its usual service"

The bar did not reopen for weeks, and only after a hearing with ABRA and investigation by MPD.
Just like our culture thought us if NO JUSTICE his father or brother or even female relatives of his should take action.
It is cleare and no doubt he was beaten the evidence is his wounds. So what is the problem whatelse the government wants unless the gov. is bias aginest forigen Africans.The operesed operesing others. imbaresing and shamful act by the government
Just like our culture thought us if NO JUSTICE his father or brother or even female relatives of his should take action.If you know what I mean
It is all about race and some of us who frequented 9th st. know it. The matter of the fact is, all of the employees involved in this brutal and merciless attack among the rest of the employees are highly intoxicated and are in no condition to work in most cases . Nobody wants to talk about all the drugs and illegal things moving inside dc 9 but tend imply if the victim was high and intoxicated he deserved to die. It's a shame for some of you to say this article is out of context when your days are filled with telling yourself you care about basic human rights in other countries. Since when is it justified in the "free world" for five to go against one and beat him to death for breaking a window? Is it really 2011 or...? If you want to teach your kids the right thing about life, I suggest you should start from oneself. This story along others portrays the kind of challenge minorities face when coming to The U.S. trying to live the American dream. Don't justify your mistakes by enforcing your ways and means upon others. The truth has reveled and the people are aware.
"..., says that the five men who pursued and caught Mohammed didn’t all touch him: Only Zaloga and Carter “restrained” him, Dixon says. Zaloga, he says, was “laying prone on top” of Mohammed, who was on his belly. Carter, he says, had his foot on Mohammed’s left hand."

Right, so how did they stop him? How did he get on the ground? How far did they chase him? Across a street? Couple of blows, a twisting of an arm, kicking out the legs, and pile driving down to the sidewalk or maybe bump him into an object and then down to the ground. I can see that, but that all involves touching him.
Shame on all of you ignorant people who are trying to make this about race, when the two men who legally restrained Mohammed were African-American and Hispanic. It's such an obvious display of your ability to ignore facts and only rely on emotions while forming opinions about this case. As the facts change, so should the opinions, and the facts simply do not support the original version of the events of that night as reported by so-called witnesses and the Washington Post. DId you ever consider that you might have been mislead by terrible reporting and inept police work?
The Ethiopian community need to rise up like Egyptian. Revolt demand the resegnation of attorney general who ever he is.I sense conspiracy!!
@Mareg Anteneh
Thank you for pointing out important issues to certain individuals who dare to give thumbs down to this magnificent article. And yes we are in 2011, again, for those who tried to justify this barbaric act by accusing the victim ... and yes everything starts at home, by teaching your kids that it is OK to look different. Where Ali and I come from, you don't stand and watch people fight, and in this case, get killed ... you try to break them apart, even if you end up being injured ... we call it humanity!!! One day, a lady was walking in the street and she almost fell, but I grab her hand and "saved" her from falling (ie. I am a petite woman, but she is well built). Do you know what I was told? That I put myself at risk ... if she still fell, I would have been blamed for "contributing" to her fall? Really??? Talk about justice and humanity ... Teach your kids about diversity. Maybe, if a couple of people in the street approached the gang attacking the young victim, we wouldn't be discussing this today!!!
Sadly, some of you are trying to make the law work the way you want it ...
Be well and do good work :)
@grl - He did not just throw a brick, he assaulted, with a deadly weapon, whoever was in that bar at the time. Several felonies were committed by him right before being chased and then lawfully detained by the five. If someone commits several felonies they should also receive justice. If the police are not there to provide security it falls upon the law abiding members of society to uphold those laws. I don't know what exactly happened that night, as only the people that were there can know that, but if we admit that people should never get caught for crimes they committed by anyone but the police, then that is a small victory for criminals. Unfortunately for them, it is the statutory right of every citizen in the District to lawfully detain an individual who has physically witnessed the commission of a crime. So yes, it is the civic duty of every individual in a society to ensure that the rule of law is followed, otherwise what is the point?

"innocent if we're going by innocent until proven guilty." What other kind of innocence do you want? That has to be one of the most inane comments I have seen regarding this whole situation. You are obviously irrationally biased if you claim there can be guilt where none has been proven.
America will pay for every innocent drops of blood if every drop is not justified. You the result of unjust? More injustice. If I would have been brother of Ali, I would have killed some guys who involved in this act and tell to the world it is the result of injustice. Few days ago I read a news about one gunman killed six American. Guess what I commented? It is the result of injustice. Unjust nation now or later will face more injustice. So if the nation don't say no for the blood of innocents, tomorrow will be his turn.
United State is blaming other country for violation of human right.America is the most human right abuser in the world. Think about those who incarsneted without commeted any crime some are fried by electric cheir for hundreds years.
Tierd of the hypocracy
>Just like our culture thought us if NO JUSTICE his father or brother or even female >relatives of his should take action.If you know what I mean

@ Menasse: No, I'm sorry, but I don't know "what you mean". Could you please clarify for us exactly what you mean by this statement?
@B To answer your quistion. It means taking care of bussiness.
While I'm pretty sure you meant "hypocrisy" I think you may have unintentionally come up with a clever new term: "hypocracy"--which I guess could mean "ruled from below" or "ruled from underneath"? But who are the "below"? Criminal elements? If that's the case, then I do am tired of the hypocracy!
It's unfortunate that both "sides" to this debate (in these comments) tend to be going to extremes with the facts, and demanding "justice" that supports their extreme version of the facts. Life is often somewhere, muddy, in the middle, and it will take much grace and humility on both sides' parts to recognize that was the case here.

Supporters of the DC9 employees want to claim they were just doing their civic duty against a violent person committing felonies, while supporters of Mr. Mohammed want to say he was viciously murdered. This article actually helps us see that it was not likely either extreme.

If it's true Mr. Mohammed was having one last hurrah before going sober (which might have meant going "all-out"), that he lost track of his friends, and that he threw a brick through a window, those facts suggest he was extremely intoxicated (on alcohol or otherwise). This conclusion seems especially valid when looking at the suggestions in this article that he was not normally a big partier or aggressive person. What would make him so aggressive (and violent) on that night? Probably being in a state he is not normally in.

After getting a brick through the window, the employees pursued the person who attacked their bar, and undoubtedly used physical force to restrain him. They likely didn't viciously beat him, but it's also likely (and appears from the evidence) they did aggressively - and likely with some, at least small, acts of violence - tackle and restrain him. After having thrown the brick and being chased, and perhaps after being scared by five men grabbing him, Mr. Mohammed likely had a heart rate through the roof and, combined with a quantity of alcohol unusual for him, his heart gave up.

What this all adds up to is a series of unfortunate events. Mr. Mohammed's actions didn't mean he deserved to die (of course!); but DC9's employees' actions also didn't make them murderers.
@NiggaPlz, of the 5 that are accused. I want the Whiteys to be left alone (they can afford it anyway). But the negroes, those roaches, I pray they slave the rest of their lives away. I do hope the family can make some money of the Whiteys.

And stop feeding bullshit about Michael Vick. M.V. never did a single thing you said that he did. It's funny! I first thought you were black at your audacity in using the name "NiggaPlz" to post your comments. I now can tell you are white by the way you phrased your hateful statement about dogs and M.V. (or an oreo negro of the untold kind). Either way, you are truly a piece of shit!
Bello, you are a racist and most likely have an IQ well under 100.
"And stop feeding bullshit about Michael Vick. M.V. never did a single thing you said that he did. It's funny! I first thought you were black at your audacity in using the name "NiggaPlz" to post your comments. I now can tell you are white by the way you phrased your hateful statement about dogs and M.V. (or an oreo negro of the untold kind). Either way, you are truly a piece of shit!"

You very clearly never read any of the court documents in Michael Vick's case. The affidavits from the cooperating witnesses made very clear what he did to those animals...he wasn't just a business man like everyone portends.
Having frequented many of the 9th Street and U St. spots including DC9.....
Any DC native knows how drunk people can be late at night in that area.

As many of the service industry workers in DC tend to move amongst many businesses....if you go out enough you get to know quite a # of them casually and you have seen your share of late night shenanigans that Bar & Club owners have to deal with when highly intoxicated people are involved.

This accidental death was not racial in any way shape or form.

The eyewitness reports support this, the medical reports support this, hell...every properly scrutinized report about this event supports this.

I am not-white and just by looking at the facts one can ascertain that whatever was in Mohammed's system that night directly contributed to his behavior and his cardiac arrest.

It is sad that a young man's death has occurred but let's not use it as a propping up some unrelated political agenda or to settle some racial score.

Reading through the articles comments here was a little frightening. Are there really people out there SCREAMING over a message board in this forum calling for "..taking care of bussiness." to quote this commentators many misspellings. This call for violence makes me wonder if perhaps your man the "innocent" victim, you know the guy who threw bricks into a closed venue that had staff working to close it, may have somehow been associated with this very same culture of retribution.

Those ignoring the facts here in order to get riled up over the death of a friend may only be seeking to deal with his loss, but (as a suicide survivor I don't say this lightly) he killed himself.

It was HIS actions that lead directly to HIS death. I am not speaking of just his tossing "of rocks".

If there were evidence that he was beaten the charges would not have been lowered and then dropped, particularly in a high profile case like this were the community was in such an uproar of this so called "injustice". Having the Blind support of leaders such as Jim Graham and Marion Barry only leads one to believe that dropped charges mean little to no evidence.

It seems to me pretty sad that a man lost his life here. I also cry for my departed family, however the evidence in that case as well as this one must lead someone to believe that the only victims here are the family's of the deceased and those associated with the club itself (patrons and staff) whose lives where turned upside down in an instance and now appear to be threatened by provincial hot heads that seek retribution where there is none to be had.

PS, I hope someone at City Paper is monitoring this forum and turning to the correct authorities with regard to the threats of violence that are being posted.
GoonieGooGoo -- the justice system fails the poor folks and black people ALL the fuckin time.

Whether by accident or NOT, the death of this young man should not go unpunished. During Katrina, cops emptied their clip on a black man and put him in a burn car and the Coroner there determined it to be something ridiculous (I cant recollect what it is).

The failure in proper investigation by the cops, possible cover up of evidence and the only evidence coming from people with DIRECT interest with the DC9 club should get your black ass to ask questions.

For me, it is just another nigga dead and plenty of them die every day -- it is just the hypocrisy I cant stand.

Fu*k You hypocrites

please explain where one: this is a race thing at all, when the 'victim" started the course which would lead to his death, and the accused where a mixed group.

and two: where is there any hypocrisy is the fact that the man essentially had a heart attack at the result of his own consumption of chemicals. (there is no access to the toxicology report other than the family itself) but we know that he was intoxicated on at least booze maybe more as the condition "excited delirium associated with arrhythmogenic cardiac anomalies, alcohol intoxication..." is often associated with cocaine and pcp use (anyone recall len bias?)

So no one is charged? If i went down the street, hopped up on booze and possibly something else and attacked an establishment with large projectiles and died as a result of my own actions while being held for the police no one would be screaming "no justice" at the hands of my essential suicide. No one, black, white or other would be screaming the race card when after an investigation and medical examiner report all charges remained dropped.

Get over this race BULLSH*T. This man is responsible for his own death, and there is no one who should be held accountable.

It is sad that it happened. But you would ruin the lives of others who did other than legally restrain a perpetrator of a crime. Holding him didn't kill him, his intoxicated state did.

You are the only hypocrites in this area. Particularly those calling for "taking care of business".
If it was a white woman who died that night, and 5 black men chased her down, they would have been executed by now.
@ Endrias:: AGAIN, THIS NOT ABOUT RACE. and there wasn't a single woman involved. WHITE, BLACK "are you kidding me" keep your irrelevant jargon away. And by the way if a WHITE WOMAN, EXTREMELY FUCKED UP were to have thrown a brick through a window at 230 am and 2 black men 1 hispanic and 2 white men were to to hold her until the police arrived...(by the way who do you think called the cops in the first place) Nothing would change. This is not a race thing. leave it alone. A Guy acted out, was held and died because his body couldn't take the abuse that HE caused it>>>

the only victim is his family, he killed himself.
It is time to face facts and move on. When we all read the reports as they originally came out we were given outrage. we were show photos that had nothing to do with this case and told that that is what happened. blood on U street. when the story was re-reported again and again they didn't bother to re write anything: internet cut and paste... I learned that bull shi* doing extra credit in school. the first few paragraphs have been re-reported, unchanged since 10-15-10:

so what do you know?

where did you hear it?

who do you trust?

what did you see at 230am oct 15th?

are you basing your thoughts on feelings or fact?

what would you have done?

-_just a few questions to ask oneself before vilifying others.
@are kidding me here we go again you are trying to gag me. Let me ask you in 21st century in America you still live in 19th cetury mentality and are you trying to deny me my constitutional right in case you don't know the 1st amendment.Only in America
Bouncers in general are over acting bunch of idiots. They are high school drop outs with brute strength and little intelligence.

An adrenalin rush in situations like a brick breaking a window can possibly enrage these dumb animals into over reacting. The law doesn't help either...

I suggest you become NRA members, get a republican in the white house. I promise you no high school drop out will dare to look at your face.
What does suggesting that making threats on people is wrong have to do with protecting your 1st amendment rights?

So it is apparent you are entirely basing this statement on zero information of the club, the people who work their or the people they employ. Good job jack-ass, calling people you don't know or probably have never seen "high school drop outs with brute strength and little intelligence" just shows that you are ignorant and have a willingness to talk about things that you obviously don't have a clue about. Really? good job generalizing an entire group of people.
I actually used to work at Fed-Ex with Ali.
I remember when I first met him. My first impression was that: he was a wild and crazy London guy. And I didn't like him one iota. AT FIRST! We always argued.....and he had a tendency to get on everyones nerves as well...Whats more, there were rumors circulating about our new site supervisor that werent very good.Ali, knew how to piss me off from the vvery first time we met. He, at times, would be at his worst....other times he's at his best and would be easy going, sitting up quiet and in deep though. He was also funny, generous and sincere. As the months went by, we (his co-workers and I) grew to love and understand him. I thought him to be strange and unpredictable. That was Ali. He stayed at fed -ex for a long time. He became a dedicated, hard worker during that time. We became close friends. The last time I saw Ali, was on Florida Avenue bus
He was happy, focused on finding how to better himself and focused on changing his goals because he wanted a career, instead of a dead end job. Am so very sorry that he is dead. Fortunately, we were able to work out our differences .
.as i grew to love him like my own brother.
Around the time He died I was out of town....This is soo sad He is no longer here. I read the story in the city paper of how He lived and died. He did not have to do what He did, though... for every unlawful action, there will always be drastic reaction. Especially on a case like this.

Because he w

To correct my third statement. . .I meant to say He was a wild and crazy kind of guy. Please forgive the error.

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