The Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide to Dan Snyder From A to Z (for Zorn), an encyclopedia of the owner's many failings.

Illustration by Brooke Hatfield

We’ve been told a New Dan Snyder walks among us. The line that’s been in heavy rotation out of Redskins Park (and Snyder’s wholly-owned media empire) all season holds that he’s letting football people run the football team. His wife, Tanya Snyder, is out selling the transformation, too. Last week she went on local TV to tell an interviewer that he is now surrounded by “better people,” and that he’s “grown and he’s evolved.”

Well, maybe his wife can find evidence of Snyder’s growth and evolution. I can’t. Sure, some names have changed—Jeff George and Bruce Smith are now Donovan McNabb and Albert Haynesworth—but the ages and the bonuses have a familiar ring. So do the results: The epic humiliation of the Redskins on national television Monday night, coming mere hours after McNabb signed a mega-publicized deal with a dubious dollar value, recalls so many pages in the old Snyder’s scrapbook.

So before we welcome the New Dan Snyder, let’s look back at the one we know. That’s the Dan Snyder who left his mark, or stain, on more than just a football team. That’s the Dan Snyder who got caught forging names as a telemarketer with Snyder Communications, made a great view of the Potomac River for himself by going all Agent Orange on federally protected lands, and lost over $121 million of Bill Gates’ money while selling an “official mattress” while in charge of Six Flags. That’s the Dan Snyder I’ve found to be the most fascinating and consistent man on the planet, responsible for the hilarious and/or heinous deeds outlined in the following pages.

If he’s really gone, I’m gonna miss that guy. ­


8-3: Record Marty Schottenheimer posted in the last 11 games of the 2001 season, his first as head coach of the Washington Redskins. Snyder fired him anyway.


$10: Amount Snyder charged fans for admission to the team’s workouts during the 2000 training camp at Redskins Park in Ashburn. He also charged another $10 to park, thereby becoming the first owner in NFL history to use team practice as a gouging mechanism.

$20: Price Snyder affixed to “Redskins Mania,” the first Redskins scratch lottery ticket in 2009, making it as expensive as any scratcher ever offered by the Virginia Lottery. The campaign flopped.

$25: Price Snyder charged for a special group of standing-room-only tickets at FedExField in 2008. The cheap tickets were linked to the high-priced suites; lobbying watchdogs said Snyder was merely attempting to skirt congressional gift limits. Damning evidence: A team brochure for instructing ticket sales personnel to explain lobbying loopholes to suite customers. Snyder denied the charge. SRO tickets now sell for $152.50, with no mention of lobbying in the sales pitch.

$30: Price Snyder charges for a doll of Fox Sports’ Cleatus the Robot in Redskins colors. Same doll is available on Fox’s website for $23.96.

31-36: Record Joe Gibbs had as coach with Dan Snyder as owner; Gibbs went 140-65 without Snyder as owner.

700 Pages: Length of the playbook brought to Redskins Park in 2006 by Al Saunders, who Snyder hired to call plays for Gibbs. In pre-Snyder era, Gibbs’ comparatively simple offensive schemes revolutionized the game and brought the Redskins three Super Bowls.


“A Long Time”: Thirteen weeks, in Snyder-speak. During training camp in 2000, ESPN asked Snyder how long Norv Turner, who had just coached the Redskins to an NFC East title, would be in his employ. “A long time,” Snyder said. He fired Turner with three games left in the season, despite the Redskins’ winning record.

American Enterprise Institute: Conservative thinktank that summed up Snyder’s football operation as a “leading exemplar of this tendency toward irrationality” in a 2006 report. Kevin Hassett, director of economic policy studies at AEI, cited Snyder for running a “seriously mismanaged” operation. “I used the Redskins because they’re the most frightening example of a team that hadn’t thought through the simple economics of pro football,” Hassett said at the time. “The problems of running a pro football team are right out of the textbooks: With the salary cap, everybody’s got the same amount of money to spend, so let’s see what you’re going to do with your money. The big signing is counter to the economics of pro football. Over time, [Snyder is] spending the same amount of money as everybody else, but he’s spending it irrationally. I think they’re years away from correcting the mistakes they’ve made.”

Andyman: Fake name widely believed to be used by top Redskins officials to post anti-media rants on fan message boards. In 2005, Washington City Paper reported that Karl Swanson, Snyder’s longtime PR chief, had registered on, a website where Andyman often sniped at The Washington Post. Andyman, which could be Pig Latin for Danny M (Snyder’s first name, middle initial) all but disappeared after the report.


Bankrupt Airline Peanuts: What Snyder was selling to fans at FedExField. During the 2006 season, vendors offered shelled nuts in royal blue and white 5 oz. bags adorned with the Independence Air logo. Problem: The airline had gone under about a year earlier. The supplier told Washington City Paper that it stopped shipping the airline’s nuts “before Independence Air went out of business.” A spokesman for the Peanut Council told City Paper that to prevent rancidity, the recommended shelf life of a foil bag of out-of-shell peanuts was “about three months.”


Casserly, Charley: Redskins general manager who played a lead role in assembling the 1991 Super Bowl championship team. Snyder fired him in 1999 to clear space for Vinny Cerrato, who played lead role in 1994 feature film Kindergarten Ninja.

Conflict of Interest: What Snyder created by employing members of the D.C. media to work for Redskins Broadcast Network, wholly owned by the team. Among the many journalists who worked for Snyder while also reporting on his Redskins for major news outlets: George Michael, Michael Wilbon, Dan Hellie, Wally Bruckner, Andy Pollin, Lindsay Czarniak, Brett Haber.


Dan-Jazeera: How Al Koken, a former employee of Snyder-owned sports station WTEM, describes the Redskins owner’s media operation.

Dumb and Dumber: Nickname fans gave Snyder and longtime racquetball/Six Flags investment partner Vinny Cerrato in 2009 season.

Diageo: World’s largest liquor company and a business partner of Snyder’s. They paired up in a massive 2002 sponsorship deal that placed liquor advertising inside FedExField in the sight lines of network cameras, as well as local TV commercials during Redskins games. George Hacker of the Alcohol Policies Project, a program of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, was among the anti-drinking advocates who called the pact an attempted end-run by Snyder and Diageo around longstanding prohibitions on booze advertising. “Airing ads for Smirnoff Ice and Captain Morgan’s Gold during Redskin telecasts trumpets liquor brands and enables Diageo to sidestep the networks’ voluntary ban on hard liquor ads,” Hacker wrote. Snyder and Diageo remain partners.


“Emulate Charlie Chan”: What Asian actors trying out for a mascot job at Snyder-run Six Flags were allegedly told during 2008 auditions. After the 2006 firing of Mr. Six, the longtime mascot Snyder deemed “creepy,” the theme park chain’s marketing team hired a Japanese actor to scream “More flags! More fun!” in a vaguely Asian accent in TV commercials. The Chicago chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League, which publicized the “Charlie Chan” angle, was among the advocacy groups critical of the effort. The campaign was canceled very shortly after its debut.

Entertainment Tax: Ten percent fee Prince George’s County collects as part of the deal that put the stadium there. The fee, like all assorted tariffs, had historically been included in the ticket price. After buying the Redskins, Snyder removed those charges from the printed price, moving them to the invoice. The move coincided with the biggest ticket price hike in team history. The biggest losers in Snyder’s removal of fees were street sellers, since “face value” of a ticket was no longer its actual retail price.

“Ewwwww!”: How Barbara Hyde, spokeswoman for the American Society for Microbiology, reacted to last year’s news that Snyder’s vendors were selling beer in the bathrooms. Fans had been alleging that the Redskins were hawking lager in the loo long before a YouTube video surfaced in October 2009. Hyde said that because microbiological bad actors like E. coli hang out in the men’s room, beer vendors shouldn’t.


Fan Appreciation Day: Gimmick used in 2006 by Snyder to draw people to FedExField, where he charged $25 to park to watch the team scrimmage and hear an address from Vinny Cerrato. The parking charge was not mentioned in the advertisements the team produced for the event.

Flat-Screen TV: What Snyder said he’d deliver to Laveranues Coles in the 2005 preseason. The gift was part of a threat from the owner to keep the receiver out of football if he didn’t agree to give up a $5 million bonus called for by his contract so that Snyder could trade him. “He said he would send a flat-screen television to my home because I’d be better off watching the games there,” Coles told Sports Illustrated in 2005. “That was his way of saying I’d be sitting for the next couple years until they cut me.”


Gates, Bill: Formerly world’s richest man. But he’s not as rich as he would be had he not done business with Snyder. One of Six Flags’ biggest stockholders, Gates had 10,210,600 shares worth about $122 million in early 2006, when Snyder began putting his marketing team in place. They were worth $0—zilch, zip, nada—by the time Snyder was tossed off the board last year. “Bill Gates gives away more money than anybody, and his main cause is malaria,” said a representative of Resilient Capital Management, a hedge fund and Six Flags investor, which sued to have Snyder removed from the company for fiduciary irresponsibility. “That was money that could have gone to save kids from malaria.”

GEICO: Insurance company and major Redskins sponsor. Snyder allowed GEICO to hand out promotional signs at FedExField last season at the same time the team had instructed stadium security to take away home-made signage, much of it involving derogatory comments about Snyder and Cerrato. David Donovan, Snyder’s attorney, said the sign ban was for “safety.”

George, Jeff: Quarterback and one of many Snyder-era free agent busts. Snyder brought George to D.C. on the advice of friend and former Redskins star Sonny Jurgensen. Terry Bradshaw pooh-poohed the George signing on the FOX pregame show: “Both Jurgensen and George have one thing in common—they’ve never won anything,” said the four-time Super Bowl winner.

Guest House: Dwelling on Snyder’s Potomac estate where prospective employees stay overnight during job interviews.


Helicopter: Favored method of transportation Snyder used to drop into Redskins practices in 1999 in Frostburg, Md., after taking control of the team.

Herzog, Frank: Beloved former Redskins play-by-play announcer. Herzog was best known for signature call, “Touchdown, Washington Redskins!” He was replaced in Snyder’s Redskins Broadcasting booth in 2004 by Larry Michael, best known for saying “Brought to you by Subway! If you love bacon come into Subway! Eat fresh!”

Hill, Pat: Down-on-her-luck 73-year-old grandmother—and five-decade Redskins season-ticketholder—who was sued by the Redskins in 2009 because she could not afford to keep up payments on the 10-year, $50,000-plus club seats contract she’d signed.

Hurricane Katrina: Storm that Snyder used as an excuse to get out of the 75-year lease Six Flags had with the city of New Orleans. Snyder took over the company shortly after the storm inundated much of the city; he immediately let it be known he wouldn’t be coming back. “If any company is trying to figure out an exit strategy, they are,” New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin said of Snyder’s abandonment. Six Flags never reopened. Snyder rented the park to the Department of Homeland Security. Last year, the city fined Six Flags $3 million for breaking the lease and took over the property.


Inside the Red Zone With Vinny Cerrato: WTEM radio show featuring top Snyder aide that debuted early in the 2008 season, shortly after Snyder had bought what was then D.C.’s only sports-radio station. Because of abuse from Skins fans, Cerrato quickly stopped taking calls. He later stopped showing up at all on Mondays after Skins’ losses. The show didn’t return for the 2009 season.


Johnson, Brad: Quarterback who in 1999 led the Redskins to their only division title of the last 20 seasons. Benched in favor of Snyder favorite Jeff George a year later. “I think that decision’s made from up top,” Johnson said as George took his place. “I think it’s obvious.”

Junk: How the bond rating service Moody’s rated the notes Snyder sold in a cash-raising scheme in August 2010 for his Dick Clark Productions. The Wall Street Journal reported the lousy rating came from Snyder selling “$165 million in notes in a deal that originally was supposed to be $150 million.”


Kennedy, Robert F.: Namesake for the former Redskins stadium—and current “party deck” at FedExField. Tickets to this standing-room only section cost $152.50 and include access to a cigar bar and a Hooters, among other come-ons. Snyder dropped “RFK” from the marketing pitch after Kennedy family announced its displeasure in Washington City Paper.

Knott, Rene: D.C. sportscaster who in 2000 was forced to do live reports from the Redskins Park parking lot while peers filmed inside the practice facility. Knott’s employer, WJLA-TV, was the only local network affiliate that did not pay Snyder to become a “media partner” of the team.


Labor Laws: Something Snyder has had trouble with. In 2006, Snyder was sued by a former nanny, Juliette Mendonca, who told a Montgomery County court that when she pointed out she was being shortchanged and asked for proper recompense, Snyder screamed, “I pay you more than my Redskins Park people! I can’t afford to pay you like this!” The court ordered Snyder to pay Mendonca $44,880. In 2008, Snyder faced a lawsuit from a group of FedExField ticket office employees who weren’t being paid for extra hours. The team argued that the Redskins ticket office wasn’t covered by standard overtime laws, citing a 1932 exemption for “amusement and recreation employees” in the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. The exemption, however, was meant to cover lifeguards and greenskeepers, not office employees. Snyder settled the suit with the employees earlier this year. James Rubin, a Montgomery County attorney who represented the ticket sellers, says that he was shocked to learn during the case that Snyder now requires all employees to sign a document waiving their right to sue him “as a condition of employment.”

Losing Record: What every head coach Snyder has hired since buying the team has posted. Only Norv Turner, who Snyder inherited as coach in 1999, put up a winning mark in the Snyder Era, going 17-12 in less than two seasons under the new owner.


Maryland Clean Indoor Air Act of 2007: Statewide ban on smoking in bars and restaurants. The law prompted regulators to order Club Macanudo, a cigar bar on FedExField’s Club Level, to either stop selling drinks and food or stop allowing smoking. Snyder stopped food and drink sales for one season. But the establishment reopened as the Montecristo Club in 2009, with the team explaining that the new facility was no longer a bar, but a tobacco shop, and therefore not required to comply with the state code. Unfortunately, a promo film for the tobacco shop posted on the Redskins website featured a bartender pouring a Bud Light from a tap, a clear violation of the law.

Market Segments: How Snyder viewed cancer patients and diabetics during his marketing days. In a 2000 interview for a PBS show called CEO Exchange, Snyder told host Jeff Greenfield that his business depended on coming up with “$5 million niches” that he could sell goods and services to. Asked for examples of his methodology, Snyder said, “We were looking at trend lines. We saw that the aging baby boomer demographics were coming on strong. That meant there’s going to be a lot more diabetic patients, a lot more cancer patients, etc. How do we capture those market segments?”

Mitchell, Brian: Redskins fan favorite and the NFL’s all-time leading kick returner. Mitchell was cut in 2000 to make room for Dallas Cowboys star Deion Sanders.

“More than 200,000”: Number of names that Snyder claims are on the waiting list for Redskins season tickets. So why were the Redskins reduced to putting ads on the sides of Metrobuses this season?


Nepotism: Plague that has run rampant at Redskins Park since Snyder took over. Other than Jim Zorn, every head coach he’s hired has put family members on the payroll. Examples: Marty, Brian and Kurt Schottenheimer; Steve Spurrier senior and junior.; Joe and Coy Gibbs; Mike and Kyle Shanahan. Coordinators got in the mix, too: For the 2006-2007 seasons, Offensive Coordinator Al Saunders got son Bob a job, while Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams brought in son Blake. Conversely, the team cut both punter Matt Turk and long snapper/brother Dan Turk after Dan made a bad snap on a field goal attempt in a 1999 playoff game.

NFL’s Digital Media Committee: What Snyder was named to head in 2008, despite his bizarre refusal to install a hi-def screen for replays. For years, fans had mocked the video screens at FedExField as “MiniTrons” and “Lite Brites.” But Snyder spokesman Karl Swanson maintained that the team couldn’t give them what they wanted because FedExField “was wired for analog” and therefore couldn’t accommodate digital screens. In 2009, Paul McCartney and U2 both performed concerts at stadium, bringing their hi-def screens that somehow worked when plugged in. As of this year, FedExField has its own hi-def system.


Official Mattress of Six Flags: Anatomic Global. Over time, Snyder had shown his sponsorship mania by inking deals that gave Six Flags an official mayonnaise and the Redskins an official carpet installer. In June 2009, weeks after the theme park chain filed for bankruptcy, Snyder signed a deal for an official mattress. In the few months before his removal from the board, Snyder actually started selling the mattresses at his theme parks ($1,299 for a queen size).


Pentagon Flag Hat: A Redskins cap sold for profit by Snyder to “commemorate September 11” in time for the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Ads boasted that the $23.99 caps, really just black Redskins hats with a red, white, and blue Pentagon sewn on the side, were “expected to be worn by the Redskins coaches.” No other NFL team put 9/11 commemorative products for sale during the 2006 season, for profit or otherwise. Snyder had previously added a $4 “security surcharge” to the ticket prices soon after the attacks.


Redskins Extra Points MasterCard: The only credit card Snyder told fans he’d accept for season ticket payments for the 2005 season. He withdrew the demand following a threatened ticketholder revolt and after MasterCard told the Redskins to drop it.

Redskins Unfiltered: Feature on designed to “offer fans an a la carte menu of information,” as Snyder told The New York Times in 2006. In practice, Unfiltered was mainly used to rebut everything written about the team by The Washington Post. Immediately after the Post ran a story that mentioned players eating “fast food” at Redskins Park, for example, Snyder staffer Larry Michael produced a long video in which team employees testified that Baja Fresh was NOT fast food. Unfiltered came back to haunt management when players used its video as evidence in a union grievance over “contact drills” during voluntary workouts. “You know how we caught them?” said NFLPA chief Gene Upshaw. “We saw it on their Web site.”

“Ringing Endorsement”: What Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen gave ex-Broncos coach Mike Shanahan during private conversations with Snyder last year. Bowlen had fired Shanahan after the 2008 season with three years remaining on a massive contract. With Bowlen’s blessing, Snyder hired Shanahan, thereby taking Bowlen off the hook for about $7 million of the money that was still owed on his contract.

Rodgers, Pepper: FedEx official whom Snyder almost made Redskins head coach. Snyder knew he wanted to fire Norv Turner in the middle of the 2000 season, but he didn’t have anybody to put in charge. So he contemplated Rodgers, 69, who had never coached in the NFL and whose last coaching stint was with the Memphis Mad Dogs of the CFL. Rodgers’ main qualification for the Redskins job was that, after FedEx became a Redskins sponsor, he watched games with Snyder in the owner’s box and told stories about coaching John Riggins at the University of Kansas.

Robiskie, Terry: Early Snyder Yes Man. After taking over for Norv Turner as head coach in the middle of the 2000 season, Robiskie confessed he would play Jeff George over Brad Johnson just because that’s what the owner wanted. “Mr. Snyder owns the football team,” Robiskie declared after his first practice as head coach. “If I wanted to change my desk, I’m going to call him and say I want to change my desk. If I want to change quarterbacks, I’m going to call him and say, ‘What do you think of me changing quarterbacks?’ It’s his football team.”


Safety: Bogus excuse used to get a ban on pedestrian traffic into FedExField on game days in 2000. After a class action lawsuit alleged that the ban was really intended to increase parking revenues at the stadium, the ban was overturned. In 2007, Snyder again cited safety to get offsite parking banned by the town council in Agawam, Mass., home of Six Flags New England. Parking rates at the theme park tripled after his 2005 takeover of Six Flags. When the Agawam council learned about the earlier pedestrian-safety controversy at FedEx, it undid the ban.

Sanders, Deion: Crown jewel of the fantasy football team Snyder put together during his first offseason as owner, which also included Bruce Smith, Mark Carrier, Jeff George and Adrian Murrell. Snyder signed Sanders to a seven-year, $56 million contract with an $8 million signing bonus. After a debacle of a 2000 season for the team and himself, Sanders refused to report to the Redskins in 2001—but declined to return any of his bonus money.

“Several Million Dollars”: Amount Snyder was paid by StubHub as part of the Redskins’ 2008 deal with the online ticket clearinghouse, according to StubHub spokesman Sean Pate. At the time, Snyder had been taking tickets away from season ticketholders for violating team’s policy against reselling tickets. The Washington Times reported that the team even repossessed six tickets from the Braloves, a D.C. family that had had them “since the 1940s,” after Redskins detectives found that they’d put some tickets up for sale on eBay.

Slamming: The illegal practice of switching a customer’s telephone service without authorization. Florida authorities fined Snyder’s pre-Redskins outfit, Snyder Communications, $3.1 million in 2001 after investigators uncovered more slamming in its offices than you’d find stagefront at a Limp Bizkit show.

Smear Job: Action that Marvin Demoff, agent for Gregg Williams, accused Redskins of taking to pre-empt fan unhappiness over Snyder’s decision not to hire Williams. A four-year employee of Snyder’s, Williams was a fan favorite. But the owner reportedly wanted to hire veteran coach Jim Fassel instead. Demoff pointed out that three D.C. media operations reported at about the same time that “team sources” were saying Williams wasn’t fit to be head coach because he had been “disrespectful” to retiring coach Joe Gibbs. The alleged slight occurred when Williams unilaterally called the “Missing Man Formation” as a tribute to Sean Taylor after his death. Outcry prevented the team from hiring Fassel, though Williams didn’t get the job, either.

Smith, Bruce, Rear End Of: The only thing fans who bought the first run of Snyder’s Dream Seats had a great look at. Before the 2000 season, Snyder installed 1,488 field level seats at FedExField. To that point in football history, the front rows were regarded as the worst vantage point in a stadium, since the players on the sideline block the view, and were priced accordingly. Snyder charged $3,000 per Dream Seat.

Sponsored Sponsors: A technique created by the Redskins Broadcast Network in the Snyder era to cram in all the advertising sold on Redskins radio broadcasts. No segment of a Skins game goes unsponsored, leading to fabulous listening moments such as: “The GMRI scoreboard brought to you by McDonald’s.”

“Sports Jerk of the Year”: Award conferred upon Snyder in 2001 in cartoon strip “Tank McNamara.”


Unobstructed View: What Snyder wanted of the Potomac River from the back of his Montgomery County home. To accomplish this, he cut down trees protected by the National Park Service. The episode marked one of the rare times Snyder got crisis PR help. He retained Mike Sitrick, who helped with damage control for the Michael Jackson family after the pop star’s death and Paris Hilton after one of her arrests.


Vanilla: Flavor of ice cream that Snyder left to thaw in defensive coordinator Mike Nolan’s office TWICE in one season to let the coach know the owner felt his schemes were simplistic, or vanilla. John Feinstein wrote that Snyder’s second delivery, after a loss to Dallas, consisted of “three giant canisters of melting 31 Flavors ice cream” and a note that said “I do not like vanilla.”


Weasel Stew: Menu item at the Princess Restaurant in Frostburg, Md., conceived in 2000 after the Redskins broke their training-camp lease with the local college. Jack Kent Cooke and Maryland lawmakers had worked out a 10-year, $331,000-per-year deal, designed to bring tourist dollars to western Maryland, as part of the agreement that brought the Redskins to Prince George’s County. Shortly after buying the team, Snyder defaulted on the deal so he could hold training camp at Redskins Park, where he charged $10 admission and $10 parking. In 2001, Snyder paid the school $750,000 to settle the matter. The school used the money to establish an endowment named for Cooke.


Zorn: Verb meaning to humiliate an employee into quitting so the employer can avoid paying severance. The word was brought into the lexicon early in the 2009 season, after Snyder engineered a public emasculation of head coach Jim Zorn. Zorn’s play-calling duties were handed to consultant Sherm Lewis, who was working as a bingo caller at retirement communities in Michigan when Snyder hired him. At the time, Zorn had a year and $2.4 million remaining on his contract. He didn’t quit.

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Our article pages are dated to match the date on the paper, which is the Friday of the week it comes out. But you can pick up a paper copy around D.C. any time from tomorrow on.
Simply outstanding.
You did a good job with this, but how could you ignore Snyder suing his own fans who could no longer afford their tickets? Of all the shitty things he has ever done, that is the worst by far.
Jim C --

That's in here:

"Hill, Pat: Down-on-her-luck 73-year-old grandmother—and five-decade Redskins season-ticketholder—who was sued by the Redskins in 2009 because she could not afford to keep up payments on the 10-year, $50,000-plus club seats contract she’d signed."
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Mentioning Brad Johnson was good, but you should have noted that when he came back to Washington with the Vikings in 2006, he mockingly wore his old Redskins jersey into the stadium and was doing out-of-character celebrating after the Vikings' victory. Great stuff. Plus of course two years after the Skins demoted him, he won a Super Bowl with the Buccaneers.
Dan Snyder. There's nothing we can do to get rid of this insufferable cunt, so we might as well ridicule the shit-eating scumbag. I am a Skins fan for life but I will not spend a dime on anything related to that team as long as he is the owner. Great article.
Is Danny still involved with Dick Clark Productions? Wondering if there's correlation between his involvement and this:

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GREAT article!!!!!!!
Even after all we've witnessed, a litany like this is jaw-dropping. I was a Redskins fan my whole life but as the team has declined under Snyder's "leadership," I no longer wear the ballcap, attend games, or care whether they win or lose. Games like this past Monday night are almost like karma coming around. It's a real shame for a team that once deserved the undying loyalty of its fans.

much needed after that (which was the second worse day of my redskin fandom life) monday night massacre!

There should be a Riggins entry in the R's
I m from Detroit and after reading this William Clay Ford doesnt seem so bad... Josef Stalin doesn't either
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And doesn't even fully delve into how awful the team has been *on the field*. 24th best record in the NFL since Snyder bought the team.

Not sure the internet has enough room for that kind of exposé.
Wow. Everybody knows what a clown and a moron Snyder is but I had no idea he was this bad. Once I got to the bottom third of the list I started to realize that if this guy has been caught in shady deals and practices this many times it probably means that there are twice as many stunts he's pulled that nobody knows about.
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I had no idea that Skins fans had it so bad. This Packers fan extends his sympathies.

Speaking of the Pack, I wanted to point out that Sherman Lewis, who was a "bingo caller" when he took over playcalling duties for Jim Zorn, is/was a highly regarded offensive coordinator who ran the Packers offense during the Superbowl seasons (he was with Bill Walsh's 49ers, too). So he wasn't just some Snyder crony. Still, bringing Lewis in was totally classless.
Let's not forget when Lavar Arrington's contract got switched out during signing, replaced with another draft that cut $3 million in bonus money! Also, remember how he screwed John Cooke out of the team by pretending to want to go in on a bid with him. You should have also mentioned more goodness about Dave Donovan and Dennis Green, too.

Best article ever...even inlcuding James Grimaldi's piece last year on sueing customers, selling tickets out the back door, and forcing customers to buy "packages" including Touchdown Club in order to get a season ticket.
This is exceptionally well done. Please continue to update this article as needed, I'm sure there are many, many more stories you can share. Maybe going through the years one by one, a timeline if you will, beginning with elaborating more on his dirty business deeds in the 90s. I can't get enough of this!!
Forgot to mention...

The players know what kind of people they work for, and this team will NEVER win under this ownership. Mark my words. NEVER, because they get screwed over every day, but they can't talk about it for fear of being black-balled.
God bless you Dave NcKenna for publishing a little thing we like to call the truth.
This was a beautiful piece of writing. I have tears in my eyes. Every year people think things are going to change, but as management has shown, you can dress up a turd, but it still smells like shit. It is harder and harder to even care about this team. My wife and kids are forbidden from buying any NFL gear because Danny get's 1/32 of everything due to profit sharing; my friends who are fans of other teams also support this boycott. It's the only language that ass-hat undrstands

My only correction, Matt Turk asked to be released after the team cut Dan the day after his botched snap.

Thank you again for brightening my day!
Belt Buckle, Jewel-encrusted: the Redskin-tastic Rosebud to Snyder's Charles Foster Kane.
It was Matt Cavanaugh's desk that Snyder left Vanilla ice cream, not Mike Nolan.
This article saddens me to no end. A pox and a curse on you, Daniel Snyder.
Don't forget Danny REQUIRING employees to call him Mr. Snyder, no matter their age or position. I'd also like to know if he's now driving to the stadium (and experiencing the massive traffic jams the Monday Night Football games cause for ordinary commuters) or if he's still flying in on a helicopter. If he's still flying to games, can't we work on our local representatives to get his helicopter banned, like most ordinary pilots who have to avoid "no fly" zones in this area?
Great article. I've said all along that Dan Snyder is the worst professional sports team owner in history. His entire organization is suspect. I have become less of a Redskin fan with each passing year of his reign. Unfortunately, I can't see him selling the team anytime soon. In terms of sports futility, we are destined to become the Chicago Cubs of the professional sports.
Even during a year such as this one, Dan Snyder makes it easy to be a Cowboys fan.

Despite being 2-7, it could be worse: I could be a Redskins fan.

Your team and its fans deserve so much better than this guy. I'd contend Snyder killed much of the Dallas/Washington rivalry due to the apathy he has instilled in his fan-base.

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This is....bad. really bad. I had no idea how terrible Dan Snynder is. I feel like Jerry Jones gets a lot of criticism, but I don't think he comes even close to the "body of work" that Dan Snyder has
Awesome piece. Couple of omissions:

1) post 9/11 he handed out American flags for people to wave at the game. The flags had a sticker on them: "made in china"
2) post-Katrina he had employees collect money out front of the stadium in buckets. The buckets were labeled :"redskins relief fund" no mention of Katrina.
3) he didnt consult with pg county before expanding to 91,000 seats. Since the infrastructure was not designed to have that capacity. He was reprimanded by the county. See 10/6/04 article in wapost.
4) fan patdowns post 9/11 that remain, likely to keep people from bringing in food. No other local sports team does this.
5) no straws or lids for sodas at fedex field
6) cash parking at remote lots with bus service to stadium
The hiring of Shanahan and Donny Mac are but the current act of this tragedy. When I said this in the spring, nobody believed. Mr Snyder will never change because he can not.
whats the difference how inept he is at running the Skins, people still pay to go see em and in doing so reinforce his self image.
This is the most articulate and succinct description of the behavior of Dan Snyder. Being a fan, you can’t help but be directly or indirectly impacted by Snyder. Most have grown numb to the pain and embarrassment he wields on this franchise and fan base, but the article does an absolutely fabulous job of reminding us all what an incompetent owner his is and has always been. Most of the behavior is his own work and at his own hands. That which is performed by his minions is still representative of the culture he creates. Persistent - Snyder may be, which has probably served him well in most of his successes. However, he has clearly proven to be persistently bad at many things, including owning and operating a professional football team – not to mention many things that reeks of being a detestable human being. Snyder is toxic by most measurements and I’m afraid his era as owner will not reflect kindly on the Reskins’ record book. His toxicity has certainly stained the franchise, the brand, and everyone who represents the Redskins and the fans.
Wow. I thought Jeffrey Loria was the lowest of the low in sport franchise ownership but I see now that he has serious competition.
Makes me think of Goerge Orwell's Animal Farm.

Simply outstanding wrok. the only folks doing a worse job with the Washington Redskins than Dan Snyder is the Washington Post and the loser "YES" men that work for that paper. Chad the mouth should have added "You Suck Washington Post!"
If I wasn't in the middle of a public library I would rip the Redskins shirt I am wearing off of my back right now. Dan Snyder is the most classless piece of shit to ever own a sports team. The only upside to having him as an owner is that it gives people like Dave Mckenna a chance to write articles like this. Brilliant work.
God bless you for this post. May Dan Snyder get Cholera.
WOW.........just freaking WOW!!! Normally, I like to poke good natured fun at the fans of the other NFC East teams, whether they be fans of the Midgets, Cokeboys or Deadskins, but after reading this, I'm swearing off picking on any remaining fan of this team. Dan $nyder is an absolute abomination as an owner, busnessman and human being and I can only hope that the true fans of your proud and storied franchise find a way to force this meglomaniacial carpetbagger to sell your team to someone who has at least a clue........well, maybe still clueless, but at least a decent human being (oops, sorry, I'm still an Eagles' fan after all.

And if he still flies his helicopter to the games and elsewhere, I know a guy who has a friend whose cousin lives next door to a guy who has a connection for Stinger missles :D
Enough is enough Snyder! Start by drafting an O-line to go with Trent Williams.
I wish I could say that we need to take it easy on Dan, BUT once again we are dealing with the same issues that have plagued this team for the last 10 FLIPPIN' YEARS! Only the names of the coaches have changed and what is the problem with this team, well there is one constant throughout these years (to Quote Sherlock Holmes, "When you have eliminated all other possibilites whatever remains no matter how improbable is your solution")...Hello Mr. Snyder!
I'm partially blind, so maybe I missed these. Don't forget to add them:

1. Verbally abusing John Feinstein in a public restaurant, during which he claimed that he should not be criticized at all. Check out JF's blog at: and

2. Snyder fired most of the Redskins’ office staff when he took over in 1999…after guaranteeing them in writing that he would do no such thing.

3. Snyder cannot take criticism of any sort. He took away most of the Washington Post’s press passes after they continually bashed him for his mis-management.

4. Snyder and his wife fired their child’s nanny and didn’t pay her a dime, so she sued them in court for unpaid wages and won. Nice guy, huh?

5. Snyder made millions by targeting the grieving families of cancer victims in hospitals, selling them ‘bereavement baskets.’
What a read! Great article and very informative. I am also an Eagles fan and had heard some of these stories but I had no idea the depth of this cretin's meglomaniac tendencies. Snyder is a genital wart and needs to be removed. I hope this article gets some national attention as Redskin fans (actually fans of any team) don't deserve to be treated in such a facist manner. Skins fans should start by boycotting games. The Redskins franchise has a proud and storied history and what this small minded (and small man) is doing is crminal.
What a scum sucking douche bag - As a Cowboys fan, I hope Snyder continues to run the skins into the ground for decades to come. Maybe he will buy the Giants and Eagles too!
Awesome. A great chronicle of the Snyder era. Informative and hilarious. I will keep a copy handy every time I start to think that Snyder is human. Great job.
Wow, that was beautiful. Nicely done.

One thing to add to the item about Snyder charging fans $10 for admission to training camp is that it made it easy for other teams to watch and film the Redskins' practices.
Snyder is a bigger dick than i am. McKenna rules!
Out-fracking-standing. I got on the ticket waiting list in the mid 1970s...and only got season tickets when FedEx came on line in the late 90s. After 10 years of miserable football and an even worse game experience at FedEx, I gave the tickets up. The Skins wrote, called, almost begged me to keep them (fork over the dough), but I would not. And never will again with D. Snyder as owner.
What a masterpiece. I would add that he could have added in a "T" category for Tom Cruise. After buying into Cruise's production company, Snyder had his marketing minions hype up a pregame home game (help me here I can't remember against whom)with a special surprise for ticketholding Redskins fans. The big "surprise"? Watching those two malcontent midgets hobnobbing on the sidelines. Unfortunately not enough people were paying attention to boo them both back to his helo and quite frankly not many even gave a flying F. As i recall, Cruise also graced the sideline at an away loss to powerhouse Detroit heedless of being just a totally out of place distraction in an embarassing loss. What a total disgrace this littel Nero is.
Does Snyder worship at Westboro Baptist Church?
"That’s the Dan Snyder who got caught forging names as a telemarketer with Snyder Communications,"

Where's more on that? I'm having a hard time digging up that allegation.
This article summarizes why last year I couldn't take it anymore and dropped my season tickets. The only reason I went year after year was to tailgate with my brothers, cousin and friends - certainly NOT for the product The Danny was putting on the field. It got to the point I did all my eating and drinking before the game (plus smuggling in a few beers...) and never spent a red cent in FedEx just because I couldn't stand thinking of that smug idiot making more money off me. Think about it - a franchise as storied, beloved and ingrained into the life of DC and it's fans is now looked upon with contempt and scorn solely because of it's ownership. Don't tell me winning would "cure" that - even when we went to the playoffs (one playoff game AT FedEx) we were bitter because of the way he constantly finds ways to squeeze every last nickel out of the very people he expects to love his team and him.
Fire Danny, move back into RFK and raze FedEx.
Great article - what a great piece about a scumbag...and I'm not even a Football fan but never understood why they couldn't perform. Year after year.
From a Cowboys fan....I can't believe I am going to say thing. I never thought I would feel this way: I am so sorry for y'all Redskins fans. I thought our owner was bad. I can see how things could be so much worse.
M- Modell as in Art who Snyder forced to park more than 1/2 mile away during a Redskins Ravens game. He was around 80 years old at the time. I don't know the exact outcome.
I was born and raised a Redskins fan, alive during all three Super Bowl wins, and old enough to vividly remember the last two. I LOVE the team and am so proud to be a Redskins fan...but Daniel Snyder is slowly KILLING the glory of our historic franchise. Is there truly nothing that we fans can do to remove this greedy idiot from committing further damage? I am literally fuming right now and wish I knew somebody in the legal profession to consult with and find out if some sort of legitimate boycott or even class action lawsuit could be made to remove Snyder from our great city and its team. This has gone on for over a decade and I have zero doubt that Snyder will EVER give up the team on his own. What can we do about it?
As a lifelong Eagles fan, I love seeing Snyder skwered like this. Keep up the good work.
My favorite part is Deion Sanders refusal to pay back the 8m signing bonus. What kind of an idiot doesn't have clauses built into professional sports deals.
I have a personal history going back many years with Dan. All I can tell all of you is that once upon a time he was a pretty good guy and lots of fun.It's sad and a shame.
Don't forget the time a few years ago when Snyder's Montgomery County neighbors went nuts after a huge blizzard knocked out power in their neighborhood for an extended period. For days, that whole section of the county went without heat and other basics due to the storm. Many people were in dire straights. There were calls by public officials for conserving electricity and helping your neighbor. But Snyder thumbed his nose at everyone by running his home generator in a manner that left everbody pissed. Onlookers claimed that his compound was lit up like the sun, while so many people had to deal with spoiling food and no heat or hot water. The incident was widely reported on in the Post, and he suffered yet another black eye.

Your article is great!!
It is about time that the veil of secrecy and denial is being pulled off; this guy is the worst than jimmy jones and believe me that is saying a hell of alot against the egomaniacal owner....thanks from Dallas
As an Eagles fan, i would like to personally thank Daniel Snyder. extension? Kudos to you, Oh Danny Boy!
As a lifelong Redskins fan...
He fucking owns you and only he is smart enough to know it. Dan Snyder only makes money when sheep go to shitty blowouts and buy 10 dollar beer. We only have ourselves to blame for such a transparent asshole. Hw can only charge money for parking when stupid fucks show up to pay it.
Bengals owner Mike Brown has grossly mismanaged the Bengals. However compared to (as Jon Gruden would say) THIS GUY, hes likable as a person at least.
Love how you go out of your way to not mention Tony Kornheiser among Dan's employees.
I was at the game where Danny Boy forced the Ravens to park their buses at well away from the stadium. Art Modell had to wait for someone to come pick him up in a golf cart. It was pathetic.

Danny Boy also sat down for lunch with Art and turned around and sent Art the bill.

And one of the funniest things he did as a new owner was after being introduced to William Clay Ford, he asked Ford what type of business he operated that allowed him to own the Lions.

You can't make this stuff up.
oh MAN! I feel for ya Skins fans!
As a 40+ year Packer fan, I don't much care for the Skins but...well...I'm just sorry for ya havin' to endure that midget.

On behalf of ALL NFL Football fans, we'd understand if you wanna dump your allegiance to them and adopt another team. You folks have earned special free 'allegiance' trade. (Cuz ya KNOW that little sh!t is gonna own 'm for another 40 years.)
You left out:
1.) Firing long-time loyal employees after buying the team.
2.) Telling Native American activists that he would never change the racist nickname as long as he owned the team.
3.) One of his partners, Drasner, undermined Schottenheimer's authority because Marty was using the "good limo" and wouldn't let Drasner use it for some of his out of town guests. At the end of the season, Drasner pushed Snyder to fire him.

As long as the fans keep buying merchandise and sitting in the rain to watch the worst team in professional sports, Danny will keep finding ways to fuck you. As the Sex Pistols once said, "Ever feel like you've been swindled?"
This man has transformed this team into something almost totally unrecognizable. This certainly isn't the same team I grew up with. I just can't support the 'Skins while he runs them into the ground.

Hopefully Snyder will grow bored and sell to a competent owner. I just fear that it will be decades from now...
The fans sat out in that freezing, pouring down rain for a team headed by this Putz?! The fans should revolt and give him the cold shoulder. Calling him a greedy, scum bag would be an understatement. I won't be paying for any tickets.
But, I'm sure some of the players have this same arrogant attitude.

Fans boycott him until he can treat you better!!!
The fans sat out in that freezing, pouring down rain for a team headed by this Putz?! The fans should revolt and give him the cold shoulder. Calling him a greedy, scum bag would be an understatement. I won't be paying for any tickets.
But, I'm sure some of the players have this same arrogant attitude.

Fans boycott him until he can treat you better!!!
So sad for the Redskins. How does a guy like this continue to thrive?? Can we all have a REDSKIN tea party and just boycott the lout? He's like a cockroach, feeding on everybody else's money.
@ Bud

We can always "Zorn" him until he sells the team!
Great article, really eye-opening. One that was not in there, & I hope I don't sound like some wacko conspiracy guy, but the MNF game against the Steelers when the Redskins wore all red jerseys. With red being the color of the Republican party it seemed like a Dan Snyder type of move. Thanx again, good job!!
200,000 on the waiting list, eh?

Snyder's lying. The Packers, who have the most famous waiting list in the NFL, have about 84,000 names on the waiting list. I'm in the 35,000 range after 12 years.

The douche isn't willing to accept that everything he touches with the Redskins turns to dust.
I heard Don Geronimo tell on 106.7 today of a time he interviewed Snyder, and was given rules for the interview including not to look Snyder in the eyes during the interview. He said before the interview began, Snyder's security people set a box up for him to stand on so that he could be taller than Geronimo during the interview.
Amazing that the fan boys still defend the dirty dwarf.
Wow, I thought Snyder was a creep, but man! I sure wish Jack Kent Cooke had not left or been forced to leave such an onerous will for son John, that's the only reason this little creep owns the team.
I know it's bad when other teams' fans are on here with condolences, good grief.
GREAT article. This team has long been a joke. Snyder is a clear a-hole. And people who continue to go to his games, pay for tickets, buy food, wear merchandise, etc. have only themselves to blame. NOTHING changes with this team until the fans $top. Period.

Also, as a native Washingtonian and fan of all our teams EXCEPT the Redskins (go Caps, go Bullets!), I didn't think anything could beat last season for Redskin fun. Who knew THIS season would be better. This City Paper article is the perfect chaser for that wonderful game Monday night. :)
You knew right away what we were in for when virtually the first action taken by this creep was to brag publicly about how he had abused and humiliated Norv Turner after a loss. Well done.
I didn't think it was possible to hate Chainsaw Dan any more than I already did.

Growing up in the shadows of RFK and the glory days, I hope the team will return to both...without that idiot!

Until then, GO CAPS!
Well done, Davey Boy!

Beating up on that little twirp Snyder is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel, and certainly more fun. But I must admit, you've done a fine job with this effort.

Keep it up.

Shunning and shaming can go a long way. And I shall not rest in my grave until Snyder is somehow separated from the Redskins?
My wife, who's been a Redskin fan since she was a child and never missed watching a game in the 26 yrs. we've been married, has stopped watching football completely thanks to Danny. She watches SerieA, soccer from Italy every Sunday now. And she tells me things like, "There aren't any fat soccer players," and, "Soccer fans don't put up with assholes. They'd have made him sell the team years ago." He won't change until he loses enough money that he has to sell and he won't lose that much money as long as the fans continue to buy Redskin merchandise. Stop supporting him and the team and watch what happens.
The only reason I go to games with my season tickets is to cheer AGAINST the Redskins - mostly Dan, but the players have to take the hit - but it's because I have to keep paying ALOT for my season tickets until my contact runs out in 3 more years. If I don't keep paying, I know I will be sued.

I really expect there will be a lot of empty seats in a few more years as more season tickets come up for renewal and don't get re-taken. (Of course, remember the article in the news last year that showed the Redskins forged contract renewals/extensions, too)

I am still deciding which team to cheer for: Saints, Packers, Colts?
Just a thought: I wonder if a player lockout will void our season ticket contracts. That would be a dream come true. I really hate this guy, this organization, and that stadium. I just want OFF THIS NIGHTMARE RIDE!

At least if there is a lockout and no season next year, I won't have to pay for tickets.

Thanks for refreshing my hatred for Danny Boy and his minions. Of course, that last game was a strong reminder, too. Nobody can coach or play for these idiots successfully.
Jeopardy question:
How is it possible for any human being to make Peter Angelos look good?
See above.
I remember living in DC from 2000-2002. There was good-natured teasing between my friends and I (I'm an Eagles fan). I remember laughing and telling them that the Redskins owner was a creep, and they weren't going to win a thing as long as he was there. I had no idea how much of a creep he was. My heart goes out to Redskins fans.

But you can't let Snyder win. A European soccer team's fans would never settle for this crap. Organize a "Sell It, Snyder!" campaign. Boycott the television games. Boycott the radio broadcasts. Boycott tickets sales and Redskins gear. If you can, part with your season tickets. If you must go, wear no Redskins gear; instead, wear a non-Redskins color of unity associated with SIS!, such as orange or sky blue. In addition, you cannot buy concessions, and you should start "Sell it, Snyder!" chants as often as possible. SIS! should boycott all sponsors of the team as long as Snyder is the owner and should organize a letter-writing campaign to those sponsors saying so (Busch, Coke, Sprint, FedEx, etc.). Companies should know that they can't sell their products to Redskins fans if they sponsor the Redskins under Snyder's ownership. SIS! should also organize a boycott of anything else Snyder owns (Red Zebra, Dick Clark Productions) and should let the boards of those companies know it.

Take back your team.
C'mon guys snyder is great. I love him as our owner.

Sigh. My prediction in the second season: 7-9 for 30 years almost seems hopeful.

Should also be another citation under: L - Largest Seating Capacity in NFL. Which you get when you push 20,000 seats back up under the second deck, behind pillars, so you can only see 2/3 of the field, and lose sight of the ball if it gets up higher than 20 feet in the air.
Doesn't Synder force season ticket holders to pay for FEDEX delivery of tickets?
And he collects season ticket $ just after super bowl, invests it and then FEDEX tixs just before preseason.
Brilliant piece. A chronological history of Snyder's incompetence and greed would have been deeply depressing and almost unreadable, but this A-Z guide to the Redskins' lowlights really keeps you reading, marveling...and chuckling.

I am not a Redskins fan--wasn't even before Little Danny took over. So it's hard for me to fathom why people still care for this team. After all the jacked-up fees, the revolving door on the head coach's office, the overpaid, over-the-hill free agents and the YEARS of losing we should all be asking: why root for this team? It's not anything like the organization that won 3 Super Bowls. The only thing the current Redskins team has in common with the teams in the glory years is the uniform.

Folks, please stop feeding this feeding this beast. Little Danny Snyder has treated Redskins fans like a drug dealer treats crack addicts when he sucks out every last dollar in their wallet. I feel your pain--it's not fun watching your team drop to the bottom of the league--but root for college teams instead. Or find another NFL team to follow.
You should make this a regular column in the City Paper. Something like "Danny's Douchebaggery." You already have enough material for the next five years.
Wow. How can anyone afford to be a skins fan? I bet that he puts a dome on that stadium soon and sucks out all the oxygen and charges for air tanks.
Just as Jerry Jones is getting his comeuppance from other Dallas-Fort Worth teams (the Rangers winning the AL pennant, FC Dallas playing in Sunday's MLS Cup), we can only hope some of Washington's other teams steal his thunder (the Capitals winning the Stanley Cup, the Nationals someday reaching the playoffs -- heck, even the Wizards returning to prominence). Snyder is clearly the most fan-unfriendly owner I've ever come across, even worse than Cuban Pete in Baltimore or the late George Steinbrenner, and the scorn he receives is well-earned.
We in Dallas realize we have a jerk for an owner but it makes us feel better that we know it could be worse.
I have been a loyal fan my entire life and I too am so discouraged since Snyder bought our faithful team that I must change the channel. It's sad to think that one person could bring down a franchise that once stood for everything that this man IS CLEARLY NOT! Thank you for having the balls to inform us all, that otherwise did not know the degree of hatred we should have for "The Owner"; sadly I use that term loosely as PIMP is more fitting. If only he would fall off the high horse/box that is lifting him up. I just hope that I am alive to see that day!
Does Ted Leonsis have the money to buy the redskins to?
dan snyder could not manage a successful lemonade stand....let alone a successful football team.

inept Cerrato and pathetic Cerrato deserved each other.

Listening to dan snyder prattle about NFL player personnel is comparable to listening to lindsey lohan on the topic of alcohol sobriety.

u ommitted the adam archuletta fiasco....adam thrived in chicago bears secondary who primarliy played a zone defense....the redskins apparently thought he would thrive in their man to man defense even though adam only had marginal speed and could not play man to man defense.
u forgot about the brandon lloyd trade from san fran...san fran was going to cut brandon....yet they got 2 draft picks from the redskins.

and mark brunnell was going to be cut by jacksonville....yet the skins gave jax a 3rd round draft pick.

and the portis trade from denver for champ bailey...the redskins gave denver a 2nd round draft pick...for what should have been a straight up trade.

and the duckett trade from atlanta...who the redskins never used...and gave atlanta two draft picks for.
1. When Frank Herzog was fired from the radio show, my friends and I decided that the new guy's name was "Not Frank". "Not Frank" is a real idiot saying stupid stuff like "these guys came here to play football". Duh.

2. Another high point in Dan Snyder's treatment of loyal Redskins fans: no more shuttles to and from the Metro. That's a long walk!
You also forgot to mention that he now makes the Cheerleaders carpool with eachother in order to leave more parking spaces available for the fans who will "pay" for parking. The guy is a scum bag and has been killing the greatness of the Washington Redskins since he came on board. The team is a joke in the NFL and it all starts at the top. This is a great article. Snyder needs to GO! Every company he touches goes to shit. But as long as he's making $$$, he'll never stop. Fans really need to just stop buying gear and going to games and he'll feel it!
thank you for writing this
Not even a mention of his fabulous relationship with Tom Cruise? This is great, thanks for the good read!

Great article. I had season tickets for 8 years and gave them up this year because I couldn't take it anymore. All fans of this team need to give up their season tickets, stop buying merchandise and supporting this vile scum. Only when money well dries up will he sell this team and all fans will finally have redemption.
I have been a Washington Redskins fans for more than three decades, but I will no longer root for this team as long as Dan Snyder is the owner. Why? Because Dan Snyder is scum!

I'm betting this guy is a Repubican....
I wonder how the people who work for him at his radio stations can say they are real, obejctive journalists. Poor Kevin Sheehan, I actually feel sorry for his as each day he tries to work the masses away from their hatred of Snyder and all he sowes, spewing low budget propaganda as he goes. Sheehan actually thinks he's an objective journalist, just email and he'll tell you.

I still wonder how Tony Kornheiser manages to work for him, but he does mention everyday that he is no longer a 'real' journalist and is now the 'Uncle Tony' charactor so popular in urban American and elite places everywhere.

Word has it that Snyder was the guy who pressed to get him hired on MNF, and it worked. Tony, however, showed us all that Joe T. is better at tv than he is. That thought alone must have Tonk K. still seeing his shrink after each show. That big paycheck he brags about, of course, coming at the price of his pride and dignity.

Which, of course, is the first thing you give up when you live your own, personal 'Devils Advocate' and work from DS.

Thank goodness I'm a Bears fan. Our owners aren't mean, just dumb. Like Mike Ditka.
Dan Snyder is a typical Jew...
And you're a typical asshole. Snyder is despicable, but don't use him as an excuse for you're anti semitic bullshit. Jackass.
I'm a Ravens fan and I have always disliked the Redskins; but no fan base deserves this. Snyder is surely one of the leading assholes in the country. He seems like the kind of guy who used to get shoved into lockers in high school and he has spent his entire adult life getting revenge.
Hey Jake,

Fuck you, you fucking punk. You are a typical asshole.

You are a miracle of evolution. How you made it to this point in time is remarkable. Fortunately, natural selection will run its course and trash like you will fade away. Continue to lead an empty life so you can die sooner and allow the human race to move forward.

On topic: great article -its amazing how much abuse we have taken as Skins fans...

PS: Jake -sorry about the big words like "evolution". "Evolution" means go outside behind your grandaddy's shed and shoot yourself. There. That's much better.
This team will NEVER be successful as long as Napoleon Snyder owns it. NEVER. Each year, he and his marketing team try to fool us with a message of hope and each year, those fools who fall for it are left holding an empty bucket. This year is no different than any other and why? Because the man at the top of the heap hasn't changed. You can bring in a dozen new head coaches, a dozen free agents, it ain't going to change a thing as long as the top dog remains the same. As a lifelong Skins fan, I pray every day that Snyder sells the team or is forced to sell it. Realistically, however, I believe we are stuck with this putrid organization for at least another 15 or so years, given Snyder's age. If people would only wake up and vote with their pocketbooks (stop going to the games, stop buying the merchandise), Snyder would go bankrupt and be forced to sell. It is a crime what he has done to this once proud and classy franchise. JKC must have rolled over in his grave at least 100 times since Snyder bought the team.
Snyder is a disgusting example of an arrogant little jerk who thinks owning a team is all about marketing. Despite his claims to the contrary, I still think he's heavily involved in team operations. Who doesn't believe he had EVERYTHING to do with the McNabb contract extension and the timing of it? If you believe it was all Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan, you are one of those fools who Danny Boy just loves to fleece. With his philosophy about making a buck, being patient and building a winning tradition will always come in a distant second to Danny Boy. End result is many, many more years of mediocrity (at best) and humiliation (at worst).

And we fans have done NOTHING to deserve this, nothing. We are among the most loyal fanbases in the NFL. And what do we get for our years of loyalty? A conniving, lying, rotten owner named Dan Snyder who could give a flying d*mn about you or me.
B: Building Facility Fee for the most recent Paul McCartney show @ Fed Ex Field. I wanted to take my family of four to the show, could only afford it by going for the $65 (cheapest) tickets, only to have a $50 per ticket Building Facility Fee waiting at the end of the buying process, breaking my bank account to the point I couldn't swing the seats.

By comparison, the most recent McCartney show in Miami featured $25 tickets released the week of the show, and of course, no disproportionate fee.
Each week, I love to watch the Redskins lose, knowing full well that I will see the grieving face of Daniel M. Snyder on the television. It makes me dance like I did when France fell. And Snyder's unpopularity helps with my continuing efforts to berate his tribe. Snyder is the Roy Cohn of NFL owners.
When my Dad was alive, he was a Redskin fan (this was the pre-Snyder regime.) Honestly I'm glad my Dad is not around to see how Snyder has ruined his beloved "Skins".
as a long time Giants fan it was always just part of the season to know you had to try and beat the redskins. your team was the enemy.
that said, you dont deserve this. not at all. Im glad Wellington Mara doesnt have to shake hands with this scumbag.
You folks need to seriously organize and boycott. pickett the parking lots. You and all football fans deserve better then this.
you forgot R - Rooney rule. How napoleon circumvented the rooney rule by staging a couple of fake interviews with black coaches then immediately hiring shanahan with whom he had already negotiated a contract. Of course one of those coaches will probably win a super bowl before Mike does.

The organization never changes - instead of collecting fantasy players he now collect fantasy coaches. What has Mike done since elway retired? Terrible. But Mike was the big "name" out there so napoleon just had to have him.

More Snyder-era player/coach bashing would've been nice. I guess that could be an entire book.

Remember that article in WP about Jason Campbell being the 17th starting quarterback (at the time) since Snyder took over...i loved the starting record/tds/ints...Gus Frerotte, Tony Banks, Heath Shuler...
Redskin season ticket holders = SUCKERS

Why do you idiots continue to support this asshole who repeatedly sticks his hand into your wallet and gives you a horrible fan experience?
Didn't you realize the entire nation was laughing at you rubes for sitting in the cold rain in your $200 seats, after paying $35 to park and then facing a 2 hour drive home?

Stop renewing your season tickets that no one else wants and quit being sheep.
Wow I always just thought he was an idiot team owner, never knew he was an idiot and scumbag of a human being. Actually sympathize w/ you skins fans, I def would not spend a dime on the skins until he's gone.
Please keep updating this article with some of the info you're getting in the comment sections. There's still 100's of more great examples our plague of an owner has commited. Great article!
Great article, but it did leave out the Steve Spurrier Era... The Era that began after Snyder got rid of Shotenheimer and gave Spurrier a $25 million contract that was the most lucrative, at the time, in the history of the NFL. Spurrier got rid of power back Stephen Davis and replaced him with Trung Canidate - Trung f*cking Canidate. Dan Snyder is a vile wretched human being and the most incompetent owner the NFL has ever seen. Snyder is scum. As a life long fan I have grown apathetic with each passing season. Snyder would be nowhere in life if he didn't have publishing magnate and real estate tycoon multi-billionaire Mort Zuckermann bankrolling every failed venture the dumb retarded weasel was ever been involved in up until he purchased the Redskins on DEBT ALONE. If Mort Zuckermann was bankrolling ANYONE even after that person lost $3 Million on a ground breaking innovative concept such as "CampusUSA" that individual would become a millionaire at some point which is exactly what happened with Bozo Snyder The Clown.
As a former season ticket holder, about 40 years between my father and I, I finally gave up the tickets, and rooting for the Redskins because it seemed being a Redskin fan was similiar to being an IBM fan, i.e. simply rooting for a business to do well - somehow Snyder managed to remind us professional football was a business, when most other owners in all other sports somehow make us feel it is a hometown team.

The last straw in giving up the tickets was continuing to pay for parking at the stadium, and having no spaces being left, and having nobody to line up the cars when pulling in, all facing the right way, as was the case in RFK. Snyder is a doosh.
Hey Jake - just saw your post - you are also a doosh. Hope you are not reproducing - you pindick
Dave, you have outdone yourself this time. You never fail to impress.

I wonder if the ExtremeSkins politburo have started banning people from linking this article in posts? It wouldn't surprise me. People on there don't want this site to gain extra traffic, because they're afraid that people might learn the truth about their daddy Snyder.

Will Loudoun Larry talk about this article? HIGHLY doubtful.
Awesome article, but nothing about the Albert Haynesworth debacle? I never thought Snyder could possibly make a worse decision than signing Deion Sanders, but when he signed Haynesworth that was the first comparison that popped into my head. Can you imagine what would have happened if Snyder had owned the team when the Cowboys were looking to trade Herschel Walker? The Redskins would have given up every first, second and third round pick for the next ten years. This guy is an absolute moron, plain and simple. Jack Kent Cooke had three championships because he had a good G.M. who got the players a great head coach needed and he wrote the checks to pay the people Beathard and Gibbs went out and got, albeit without a salary cap.

Snyder needs to understand that paying one or two players 25% of the team payroll only ensures that the team does not have a roster full of capable players from top to bottom. This teeny weeny jackass does not understand that you play fantasy football by drafting players from around the league onto a FANTASY team, not signing has beens to a real team that has to pay massive contracts with millions guaranteed. I will never go to FedEx Field for another game and I truly believe, as much as it pains me to say this, that the Redskins will not win another Super Bowl as long as Tiny Danny Snyder owns the team. The NFL needs to realize that he is a blot on the league and force him to sell the team. Unfortunately Snyder's ego is too big to allow him to see what he has done to the front office, employees, players and fans of a once great organization.
Dan is in the business of making money. At that he is incredibly successful and will never sell the team as long as he's making money. How do you stop it?

- Don't renew season tickets
- Don't buy tickets to games
- If you've already paid for tickets and feel you must go, avoid spending one red cent while you are there. Take the metro, sneak in beers, eat beforehand. Think about it - if every of the 90,000 people in attendance spends $40 less per game, that would be a loss of $28M/year (90K x $40 x 8 games). It's a start
- Don't buy ANY Redskins merchandise. If you want to support the team buy a generic Burgundy/Gold shirt, but without the Redskins/NFL logo on it.
- If you want to be really aggressive, boycott all sponsors, and most importantly, let them know why you are boycotting them.

As long as he's making money, Danny Boy will own this team and continue to run our storied franchise into the ground.
brings new meaning to the phrase "getting jewed"
Does nobody else think that last Sunday's game was a protest by the team?
GREAT JOB! Many other posters have mentioned suing the old lady and others when they couldn't pay for their season tickets. I cut out the hard copy and will keep it, Snyder is such a total jerk that I can't even explain it to people from out of town, there is too much stuff - but you conveniently put (almost) all of it in one place. THANK YOU!
Remember this one? I searched but couldn't find a reference - there was a game against the Ravens, and Snyder charged the Raven Team Bus - the bus bringing the football players to the stadium - for parking!!! The Ravens refused to pay, slimy greasy Snyder finally caved in and refunded the money because I think it is a league rule that the home team can't charge the visiting team to enter the stadium ROTF. It was the opposing team's bus!
SNYDER BLEW 21-YEAR SEASON TICKET WAITLIST! In 1998, just before the cretin Snyder bought the team, a coworker was waving around his new Redskin season tickets. He told me he and three roommates when they were Georgetown students TWENTY-ONE years earlier had all signed up for the waiting list. Of the four of them, one had died, one no longer lived in the DC area, but two of them still lived here and responded when the Skins called in 1998, and they bought the tix. So in 1998, the wait list was 21 years. Now in 2010, the waitlist is GONE. I got a fancy package earlier this year in the mail soliciting me to buy season tix - this piece was heavy stock, full color - and I am not on any Skins list, have not been to a game in ten years. This mailer must have cost three to four dollars per copy to mail out. THAT's how hard-up Snyder is to rip-off and dupe more people, he is sending out expensive unsolicited mail pieces to "cold call" mailing lists.
Wow. Really depressing. I've been thinking more and more about the act of moving my support to another team. Easy to talk about, hard to do for some reason.
How is it a surprise to anyone that a guy who made millions *because* he was a money-hungry asshole -- who now happens to own the team he quite literally idolized as a child -- remains, in fact, a money-hungry asshole? This leopard's spots haven't ever changed.

Also: How great would it be for PG County to enact some sort of a new licensing fee for pro sports? Like, if you operate a pro sports franchise, then you have to pay XXX million or you get shut down. Anything to siphon millions from Snyder's deep pockets, and put them toward the county's general fund, schools, cop salaries, etc., would be brilliant.
I think you left out the instance where, in his first year, Danny Boy charged the visiting teams buses for parking.
I'm 55 years old.

Followed the skins since I was a kid, but no more. Rooting for the opposition every week!!

I want dumb Danny and inflexible, nepotistic Shanny to LEAVE.

Mr. Snyder (he prefers you call him Mr. Snyder in case you didn't know) might write the checks to pay for all these blunders but the fans are the ones that eventually pay for it. I haven't bought any Redskins merchandise or paid for anything Redskins related since his greatness has taken over. Boycott Snyder is the only way things will change.
Your article also missed the forced retirement of Bobby Mitchell a true hero in Washington, DC. I skimmed through the comments and if I missed it I extend my apologies - something that is still owed to Mr. Mitchell.
Not to long ago ESPN did a story on Mr. Snyder that portrait him as being misunderstood by Redskins fans,that he trully love the Redskins football and it's fans. After reading this it totally changes my way of looking at this guy in any positive way.If there is a way you can mess a huge money making machine as the NFL and it's teams Mr. Snyder found it. Good Luck Redskins Fans!!!
Fabulous piece, a real public service, and one I've bookmarked in ten different folders. If only the Post had the guts to published stuff like this.

But you now what the scariest thing about our Little Napoleon is? According to the life expectancy tables, he's not gonna croak until 2042. Ouch!
The only thing that is the same with the team I grew up with and loved is the uniforms. Snyder has been trying to buy a SuperBowl since he's been here and hasn't changed since day one.. When are people going to wake up.
This guide is awesome. It's simultaneously depressing and insightful. Well done.
It was just last season Dan Snyder was banning signs from the stadium.. They guy has not, nor will ever change.
About Synder and the Indians is the main situation here,is where like the racist coup you've got on the hill,acting like they're not going to leave as habitual offenders who's perjured the Flag and The Republic out to foreigners who owns America and the clothes they wear,is in for a treat whien I'm suing all of you for what none of you've done and that's even a football team calling a Nation of People whom is as rich as Synder if they only knew their Rights as Humans to stand and be accountable for the coming Indian,Hispanic and negrid generations of up and coming children of all colors that don't need to be slaves as you all been these 42yrs with none of you ever being black enough to stand up and fight for Human Rights that I have each child and family covered once they break out of slavery and it can be overnight and in one debate I need the People to demand from Vince Gray to give I so I can run his ass out of public and to never return ever like his boy Fenty/whom must get sued for committing perjury and we can start with the DC Mayors then to the hill for under Oath perjury charges and a slew of infarious obsequious tyrannical behaviors other than The Republic required must be punished for Catholic charities especially,cause Indians don't have their Rights to their Lands while a freaking football team carries it's name on their head with a white boy lord as owner,is all out to be sued and the People regain their conscience's worldwide,America is in swerious debt to Indians besides casinos that can't plant corn,nor teach children how to live and be cultured,washington take that Indian off the side of your head,I,Edward Baltimore is still running for Mayor of DC;and if you know I deserve a Debate with perjured Vince Gray;give I a ring @ 202-393-9132/202-393-1909;remember it's a Catholic charity facility and thety don;t like real Blacks is why I;m not Nayor but it doesn't mean the children and their families can't be free,if you all ever know how priceless it is to be FR$EE!!!!...
I'm a Canadian and a 45+ years fan of the Washington Redskins. I grew up on the north shore of Lake Ontario and our old TV antenae could receive unhindered signals from the Rochester CBS affiliate, who carried the NFC East. Pat Summerall and Tom Brookshire were the play by play guys. I fell in love with the 'Skins the first time I watched them wipe the smug smiles off of the American Media darlings the Dallas Cowplops by kicking the hell out of them. I was a fan for life. One of my " Bucket List " dreams was to head to D.C. and see the 'Skins live. I'll never do it as long as Little Danny Snider owns the team. How did such a venal turd ever get his claws into such a proud and storied franchise as this? It makes one yearn for the genial despotism of Jack Kent Cooke. He was a bastard but he was our bastard you know.
Redskins fans have sunk so low that we have to accept condolences from Eagles, Giants and Cowboy supporters. It's appreciated but Good Grief!
I also cheer for the Chicago Blackhawks who for yaers were mismanaged by a terrible owner, one Bill Wirtz. They just ended a 49 year drought by winning the Stanley Cup last Spring. They went from a totally negative fan experience (ie all local games were blocked out on local TV-- Seasons ticket base of 6,000 fans ) to now having a waiting list of 30,000 and offering a great fan experience at the game. Mr Wirtz died, his son Rocky took over and things went on an upward trajectory from there. I'm not suggesting that one of you locals put a cap in Little Dan's Ass. I'm not one to delegate responsibilities but the Gun Laws in Canada are tough. Just wishful thinking I suppose. LOL
The Redskins right now are like Moses in the desert. Are we doomed to wander for 40 years before our deliverence? According to current life expectancy stats for average American males it would seem so. Barring the Rub Em Out scenerio (and I'm convinced that if the Judge was a 'Skins fan you'd get off with Justifiable Homicide and nothing more than Probation) the only solution I see is this. To vote for Edward Baltimore for Mayor and owner of the Washington Redskins. Based on the previos e-mail our football team could use his clear consise and reasoned opinion As he says himself " I, Edward Baltimore is still running for Mayor " I don't know how he'd do as Mayor but he sure couldn't do any worse as owner of the 'Skins than that little wanker who currently occupies the position now. Thanks for letting me vent.
P.S. This is not the first time that the Redskins have had a terrible owner, do some reading on the history of George Preston Marshall. Another real beauty.
Great article. How about running another version for Ted Leonsis? Here are some suggestions:

20: Age of Jason Hammer, Caps fan assaulted by Leonsis for criticizing him.
100,000: Amount of fine imposed on Leonsis for criticizing the NBA's salary cap, which denies him the flexibilty of the NHL.
33: Percentage increase in price for Capitals tickets between 2009-10 season
1: Verizon Center ranking among unsanitary pro sports stadiums.
3: Number of months after acquiring the ticketmaster franchise that Leonsis started arresting individuals who were selling tickets in front of the Verizon Center. On his blog, Leonsis complained that he was only making revenue off ticket sales from the box office.
60: Estimated number of DC Special Forces police taken off their beat to arrest ticket resellers.

Dave, your thorough aggregation of very old news really packs a punch! Just glad to see you've turned your attention to covering adults and public figures rather than bashing 15-year-old kids on an undermanned high school football team. Snyder may be a douche, but you're not exactly brimming with integrity.
Harold Ballard, owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 70s and 80s, ordered the championship banners to be used as dropcloths to cover the seats when they painted the ceiling of Maple Leaf Gardens.

I feel your pain, Washington.
As a New York Giants fan, I am very thankful that Dan Snyder is the owner of the Redskins. I wish he can get other family members to buy the Eagles and Cowboys.
Steve Biscotti (Ravens owner) invited the Snyders to a party he hosted, just to be nice to a fellow NFL owner. Legend has it that Dan Snyder, egomaniac, insisted on being called "Mr. Snyder" even by the other big timers in the room, including Biscotti's wife. Set off Biscotti to the point where he kicked him out of the place, apparently went off. Oh if only we could do the's a sad time to be a 'skins fan....
I did not see anyone mention how Dan Snyder refused to change the name of the team. The Native American people said that the team would never win with the name Redskins because it would be cursed.

Maybe that is what is wrong with this team. Why not change the name of the team if it is offensive to a group of people, especially our Native Americans.

Thanks for shedding light on the subject. As Riggins says Dan has a "dark heart". I am beginning to believe that prolific statement.
This is a great composition. As detailed as it is, it still only scrapes the surface of how repulsive as a person Snyder is.
Dave McK -- great job on this article! Please keep it updated -- as others have mentioned, there must be much more Snyder material that hasn't seen the printed page yet...

Currently a Ravens fan, but grew up a Baltimore Colts fan. In the annals of horrible team owners, how quickly people forget the despicable ownership of one Robert Irsay in the 70's and 80's. I guarantee that Baltimore fans of a certain age haven't forgotten.

This drunk spent years shopping Baltimore's landmark NFL franchise around to other cities (Tampa, Jacksonville, Memphis and Phoenix) before finally packing up the Mayflower trucks during a snowstorm and hauling ass to India-noplace in the middle of the night. Irsay lied to the mayor and governor of Maryland, swearing on camera that he wasn't moving the team, and then did it anyway. He traded John Unitas to the San Diego Chargers at the end of the QB's stellar career. Hell, Irsay even called plays from the SIDELINES during one remarkable game in Philly, calling out his coach (Mike McCormick, only a Hall of Fame player and lifelong football guy) in front of his entire squad!! And Irsay's own mother once described him as "the devil himself"! The guy was pathological and certifiable, and an embarrassment to the entire league.

Fans protested and stayed away from the Colts' storied Memorial Stadium in droves during the last years of Irsay's reign of error. The average attendance in the early 80's was something like 14,000 a game. This from a fan base that generated more consecutive sellouts than any other franchise to that time. But in the end all the silent protests and arguing with our wallets and pocketbooks didn't matter -- the team moved anyway.

So, all you denizens of FedEx Field (the world's largest erector set), be careful what you wish for... If all of you DC fans resort to boycotting all things Redskin, you run the risk of having the midget pick up his toy franchise and, like the spoiled brat that he is, go running "home" to a new city (Does the sound of "Los Angeles Redskins" have a nice ring to it??!! I bet it would sound nice to your punk owner and his Hollywood friends!

And btw, should such a threatening scenario come about, don't expect the other NFL owners to lift any of their privileged fingers to stop little Danny Boy. Baltimore had to grovel at the feet of Jack Kent Cooke and his puppet commissioner Paul Taglia-butt to beg for an expansion franchise in the 90's, only to be turned down for Nascar Charlotte and that other thriving southern metropolis, Jacksonville. AT the time JKC and PT argued the hollow contention around the league that Baltimore and DC could not support two NFL franchises within a 40 mile radius, (only something that the cities had been doing successfully for more than three decades!) And how are those attendance figures in Carolina and Jax'ville today? Not so much, eh? Meanwhile, The Ravens came into existence only after Cleveland refused to work with Art Modell to make improvements to that crater in the ground that was Municipal Stadium, the ultimate "mistake by the lake".

Baltimore went 13 years without NFL football, jumping through the NFL's hoops at every demeaning turn, while other cities lent no support. Today, the Baltimore Colts storied history has been usurped under the Indianapolis nameplate. Even the Hall of Fame in Canton presents the stories of Unitas, Berry, Marchetti and all the other Baltimore greats as part of the "Indianapolis" Colts franchise -- ridiculous! The players themselves refuse to acknowledge this arrangement. Meanwhile, Cleveland whined and complained after Modell's Browns moved to Baltimore, and within three years Cleveland had another franchise, along with the Browns name, colors and HISTORY!!

So, If there is such a thing as poetic justice, Baltimore football fans have found it in the Ravens, a perennial playoff team that has great ownership and fan support. Meanwhile our Redskin neighbors to the south suffer with the likes of Snyder, and Carolina and Jacksonville play in front of half-empty stadiums. Cooke must be rolling over in his grave at the way you fans have been treated by Snyder. The NFL has never been able to reign in its own maverick owners, from George P. Marshall to Al Davis, from Irsay to Danny Boy!

So good luck to all of you Redskin fans -- you deserve so much better than what you now have. It's only a sports franchise, but we all know that it's so much more than that. Hey it's almost Thanksgiving, so I'll give thanks for good health, family and friends, a steady job -- and a strong NFL franchise like the Ravens that appreciates its fans, hires great football people and lets them do their jobs, and puts a solid product on the field year after year. 'Skins fans, you have my sympathies.
I'd like to settle everyone down. I am Dan Snyder's lawyer, and I hereby name Ted Leonsis the new owner of your Washington Redskins. The transaction is a non-monetary one, and following the completion of the deal, Dan will also be selling his Six Flags operation to Bill Gates, call it Nerd Town, and evenly spread his profits to disease torn Africa and impoverished citizens of Haiti. He does this with full hope of being respected as a human being again, and not loathed for the scum that his public thinks he is.
I haven't paid to see the team live since they forced us to pay for parking thanks to that pedestrian ban. This article reinforced my decision to NEVER attend another Redskins game at FedEx Field.
how did this doosh get the money to buy the redskins in the first place. I have been a fan for over thirty years , and this troll has me depressed. I knew he was trash but omg. i see the light now , we fans are in trouble unless and hopefully a piano falls on shnidlies head HAIL!!!
I have been faithfull to the Redskins since 1959. Alot of dissapointments but nothing like what I have seen since you became owner. I've played sports and I may not have won, however I understould why our team did not win but the corrections were made and our record improved. I'm not sure if you ever played sports but you do not understand what changes need to be made in order to make a team that plays for each other. You are a very successfull individual but you don't seem to understand what makes a successfull sports team that plays for the whole and not for self. Every winning team starts with a great OL and DL,(with backups) and the rest will fall into place. Shannahan runs the whole show, where does that leave Allen? Seems to me and my friends that there is a problem long before any new Redskins come into the fold!

Redskin fan.......Michael F. Jeffers
Forget what some feel is an offensive mascot name --"Little Danny" Snyder is the true Redskins' curse. He's the kind of guy who brags at his high school reunion, "Hey, lookie me, I own the team now!" and everyone replies "Yeah, but you're still a dick."

It's time someone created a parody of the burgundy-and-gold "Redskins" bumper sticker, same font and size but reading "Fire the Owner." I'd do it and give them away but I don't know how. Any graphics-savvy takers out there? I know the gesture is futile but it might satisfy a metro-wide collective itch -- kind of a "honk if you hate Danny."
I became a season ticket holder the year after Mr. Snyder became owner. It had been a lifelong dream to become a season ticket holder so that I could cheer on my only diehard sports team. Every year something has happened to me or my frinds/family that have really pissed me off to the point that I will probably not renew next year. Most recently I have noticed fan violenece becoming much more common as disgruntled fans are attacking even fellow Redskins fans in the stands and parking lots. There have been a half dozen fist fights in my section in the last 7-8 home games and these are the ones that I have seen. One other thing that REALLY pissed me off was when U2 tickets went on sale to season ticket holders before they went on sale to the public and I made sure I ordered my four tickets the minute they went on sale. I was rewarded with seats in the upper section behind the fricking stage. I thought I would have been front and center!!! I called the ticket office and they told me that premium seats had been withheld from the presale. That is utter bullshit!! I could not have had worse seats for this very expensive event.
What a scum bad Snyder is!! He gives all Jews a bad name!!
First, I'd like to defend the short among us - being small in stature doesn't make you a greedy, self-serving, egotistical, controlling, condescending, lying scumbag like Lil' Danny. And I'm not sure what did. After all, from what we're told the poor boy was brought up in a tiny garden apartment somewhere in the wrong side of suburban Maryland where he'd watch his beloved Redskins, sitting Indian-style in front of his struggling parents' 13" black and white tv, wearing his threadbare Sonny jersey, patched up Redskin jacket and team beltbuckle - a gift from his dying grandmother - nibbling on dry matzo and tap water - or so the story goes. But there were times, according to $nyder's self biography, when his Dad would scrape up some sheckles and dimes and take his rag-a-muffin son to RFK to see his heroes in person fight for old D.C.

So what WOULD drive Lil' Danny to charge loyal fans thousands to stand in obscured view areas eating $10 stale peanuts after having their p.b.&j. sandwiches confiscated along with their non-team-approved posters after being frisked by surly, under-paid, unappreciated employees, having just schlepped from an office park five miles away because they couldn't afford to park AND get a beer - not after paying thousands for ticket packages lest the corporate lawyers come after their elderly parents - to watch a once-proud team bumble its way to yet another sub-.500 season with the play of overpriced wash-out players, without the ability to see replays of their ineptitude or the scores from other, probably more exciting games due to a Stalinesque control of what's shown and heard on the tiny monitors placed on the support posts that block the field in that God-forsaken stadium know as FedEx?

I don't know, but it's not just from being short ;-)
McKenna is awesome!
Can we ad A is for Audi Ads to the list?
This is an outstanding piece. It will be quoted, referenced, linked to, and celebrated for years to come.

Whatever you do, encase this post in protective glass and never, ever let it disappear from the world wide web.
This article is slanderous and untrue. Mr Snyder is a generous, classy human being and no one wants to win more than he does. To suggest anything otherwise is a sue-able offense! Haven't you heard the reports that he's changed? He has real football people around him now, that he listens to and gives control. And haven't you seen those commercials where his wife gets a girl's Redskins jersey? He's such a nice guy! And those jerseys are great, all female redskins fans should immediately purchase one!

Shame on Mr Mckenna and the rest of the national media that constantly tries to badmouth Mr. Snyder for doing the right thing to try to win football games. Nobody is more upset about the team's losing record than their kind and generous owner!
I'm not a Skins fan (Steelers!!!) but I feel bad for all the Skins fans after reading this. But not giving Danny Boy any money won't save your team- he'll move it. No, fans need to make Danny *hate* the Skins. Chant out anti-Snyder rants the whole game. No signs allowed? Make your jerseys anti-Snyder slogans. Protest outside the games. Protest in his neighborhood. DC might have some Southern hospitality, but our city knows how to make someone feel not just unwanted, but hated. Make Danny Boy loathe going to any game, make him hate Burgundy and Gold, make him flee from DC to some Other Place. Because even though I don't like the Skins, I do love my adopted city of DC- and I hate that it's tarnished by the stink of Dan Snyder.
This list is by no means comprehensive.
I really hope that Andyman is a joke. Dan Snyder is a discusting excuse for a human being. He has Cops on his pay roll not just in PG but in Montgomery County as well. How do I know? I tried to protest Snyder owning the team in front of his house. I was on "County Property" which is the first 6 feet of your property connected to the public street. A Police Officer came out from his gate, and gave me a tresspassing warning, even tho I was not tresspassing and just doing what I have the right to do. I started the TRADE SNYER shirts to try to start a revolution. This team will never move, WAY too much $$ around here. I also learned the hard way that a majority of Redskins fans just don't understand or get it just like Snyder does not get it. I have put my passion and heart into trying to change this team and start a revolution with the fans. I was not successful even with interviews on NBC4 and MyFox5 and numerous news articles about it. Nothing much came of it as most skins fans just brush it off their shoulders. I can not take it anymore. This franchise should be one of the most dominate franchises in history, instead it is now the biggest practical joke in NFL history besides the Saints back in the day. Snyder continues to pour money into undeserved pockets. Continues to take money out of pockets that deserve better and force people to suffer instead of rejoyce for a positive season. He is a egotistical megolomaniac that needs some sort of slap back to reality. He treats people like dirt, and the Redskins will continue to lose under his toxic management skills.
Really, I am a fan of 45 years of this team. Maybe I need to re-think who my favorite NFL team should be. Glad I am not one of the season ticket holders get slammeed in the ass from this prick. Thank God for FOX and CBS televising games. I did make it too 2 games this season compliments of Fed X.
I can remember watching Eddie LeBaron at Griffith Stadium with my dad, playing against Unitas. Then the Snead teams. Boy did we suck. But nothing in 55 years tops the Snyder regime for mindless incompetence, and the stats bear this out (loosing streaks, records, point spreads). You would think the NFL would care about its "product." But it let the Cardinals rot in the wind for decades under the Bidwells, so no hope there. So it comes down to us consumers. Hello internet/satellite feeds. I've witnessed an entire generation of 20-somethings, including my son, turn entirely away from NFL to international soccer. If somebody wacked Dan tomorrow and we got a "product" I could in good conscience "consume" in the next couple of years, I'd come back to Redskin football. But there is no way Snyder and the NFL are ever getting these kids back. I'm glad I've lived long enough to see it. ¡Visca Barça! Oh, one more thing: I've never used the word to describe anyone before, but I endorse Bud's post, above, back in November. Snyder is indeed an "insufferable cunt." There, that felt great.
The CIA is just downstream and across the river. You'd think some loyal black-ops team could do us all a favor.
We went from Jack Kent Cooke to this Greedy Crook! There is no end to this bastard's self-serving evil deeds. Although this list seems comprehensive, there are so many more terrible things this monster has done - it is unimaginable. Everytime the team blows a game...someone has to be fired or cut...Norv Turner with just a few games to go....the recent cutting of the punter/holder after the Bucaneers game. It used to hurt me that the Redskins were THE laughingstock of the it is rather amusing. It would have hurt me knowing how much money Albert Hainsworth stole from I wish he would have taken more. There really must be something psychologically wrong with Danny to behave as he does. Maybe he doesn't get any. Maybe he longs for his momma's love. Maybe he's just getting back at the world for all the lunch money stolen from him as a kid. Whatever the compendium of stuff that he went through...WOW....what a f____ed up head this dude has now...and Redskins fans throughout the world must suffer at this hands. Sux to be us.
Leave my little baby alone. It's kinda my fault that he's the goody two shoes that he is now. I mean...he's so generous and giving to the other NFL teams in the league....Brad Johnson would never have a Super Bowl ring with the Bucs had Danny not preferred Jeff George over a "leader" at QB.....Ryan Clark wouldn't have a Super Bowl ring were it not for Danny's preference for an underperforming overpaid safety in the form of Adam Archuleta over Ryan....Jason Campbell would never have had the opportunity to be in the hunt in Oakland had it not been for Danny's largess in releasing Jason to find greener pastures....Antonio Pierce owes his Giant's Super Bowl ring to Danny personally...because it's Danny who pushes for over-the-hill overpaid has-beens at linebacker rather than leverage home-grown emerging dare anyone cast a bad eye towards my wittle baby! And as for the band losing their parking privileges...most of the band members are fat and need to exercise more so the longer walks and METRO can only help them get more needed calorie cutting....and heavens knows that Tom Cruise needs a friend...I mean...all those fake friends and hot models around him all the time...he needs some quiet time with my Dannyboy up in the booth to get him grounded again...oh..and as for that money that my cutieboy lost for Bill Gate's Malaria fighting foundation...well you know as well as I do...that NONE of those poor little desparate malaria-ridden kids would EVER have amounted to much in the way of NFL player what's the big deal? Just saying...leave my baby alone. He's just trying to save the crickety, 38 year old, washed up former NFL star at a time. Happy Holidays to all you true Dan Snyder supporters....and I mean both of you! You really should join us for the holidays...Danny's bringing some of those special peanuts we love.
This piece of work needs to end up in Leavenworth as Mike Tyson's beeeatch!
I cannot believe they fired the PUNTER this week for missing his second high snap of his career. Unbelievable. Danny does not get it. Anybody want to buy my season ticket lease out???

(I can't even find any fans left to sell my seats to anymore - Now Danny's screwing me again!!!)
Haaaaaahahaha! Now there are benching McNabb too! That's it, Danny Boy, keep pissing these players off and spitting in their faces. The O-line won't stand for this!
The Grinch that Stole Sunday Happiness.
A few years ago I worked for the company responsible for catering the Louges. I am not sure how any of the agreements were written or exact dollar amounts but- I do know that the company who won the bid to cater (Alcohol/ Food in both Louges) was forced to buy/ lease two suites for the duration of the contract. This was a small, local catering company. The two leased suites cost upwards of $500k/ season. The owner of the company chalked the contract up as a loss and hoped that having catered that contract in FEDEx, his business would be able to sustain any loss earned by a 4 win season.

I am not a lawyer but this doesn't sound legal. From reading above, it has a familiar sound. It would be interesting (and time consuming) to see who has suites at Fedex and what business relationships are in place between suite-holders and Danny boy. In the business I am in, renting two suites would be the equivelant of a VERY large envelope being slid, illegally under the table...apparently something DC politicians and their wives are not very good at.

I spent 29 of my 30 years alive as a redskins fan. My first actual memory was a Redskins Super Bowl party my parents threw. I was, however, born in Princeton, NJ. Is it time for me to sell out and become a Jets fan? The stigma involved with selling out your home team make it a tough decision. But from the comments above, it seems the reaction would be apathetic.

Shanahan said on the heels of Rex Grossman's performance that he "understands this game". Maybe it's worth one more season. Doubtful.
I've been a fan for over twenty years and each year it becomes more and more difficult to watch games. I no longer buy any Redskins material at all. Snyder go to hell!!!
How about another entry under G - the Gray Zone. "Interviewing" Jerry Gray for the head coaching position while he was still the defensive backs coach for Jim Zorn during the season so he could do an end around the Rooney Rule. Snyder then put Gray in the position to lie about it when the league front office confirmed the interview took place.

The only model for team ownership I've seen that is fair to the team and the fans is what they do up there in GB where the fans own it. No more a-hole owners. No more moving teams around. Sell the team in shares to the fans Snyder.
Let's not forget the infamous "kicking incident" from years ago. Right after buying the team, D-Boy said it was pointless to pay kickers exorbant salaries to whack a ball through uprights with their feet. He stated that anyone, literally anyone, could be hired to do this for minimum wage. So at a practice, he went out on the field in a business suit, and, in front of everyone, tried to kick some field goals himself while wearing Italian loafers. After shaking four or five kicks, losing a shoe, and provoking laughter from all assembled, he stalked off the field in a rage and never mentioned this idea again.

I grew up in Bethesda during the Glory Years of this organization. When people say "Redskins" it brings to mind the antics of Jack Kent Cooke's wife, the quiet Ned Flanders style charm of Joe Gibbs, George Michael and Gordon Barnes setting up shop at Frostburg during the preseason, RFK Stadium, Art Monk, John Riggins, Joe Theismann, Mark Mosley, etc., etc. mingling with fans, the rivalry with the Cowboys, the Hogs pulling tufts of grass and mud from their helmets after laying out an ass-whomping on some other team, division championships, conference championships, Super Bowl trophies, and what's most important, fans who loved the organization. A black dude from S.E. D.C. and a white guy in a pickup from Greenbelt fist-pumping each other as they pass on a street, and teaching their kids to love football and the team. People calling in to DC 101 to talk football, driving around with Skins bumper stickers, getting pumped to watch MNF...

All of that is gone, gone, gone. Snyder has taken what used to be an elite organization and turned it into the shit bucket of the NFL. Worse, he has lost a whole generation -- people born 20 years ago -- as fans. They simply don't care, and because they don't, their children won't, either. He reminds me of some fucking Nazi propagandist in 1945, screaming to the people that his glorious troops are advancing on all fronts, when in fact the Red Army is knocking on the gate of Berlin. His flunkies dispense shit-tasting Kool Aid that doesn't begin to mask the taste of defeat and failure, and he spends all his time trying to prevent people from telling the world how bad he sucks. The breaking point for me, after decades of Skins fandom, was when I friended the Skins on my Facebook page. Every week a new spurt of Kool Aid, pretending we hadn't been sodomized the previous week and weren't going to be sodomized again next week. When they tried to put a happy face on the Eagles game -- the most humiliating defeat I ever witnessed in my 38 years on this troubled planet -- I told them to go screw and deleted them from my page.

In closing, Danny, let me say FUCK YOU!!!!! I hope your nuts break out in running sores, you poisonous dwarf!

FUCK YOU SNYDER! This malevolent, pestilential dwarf is a cancer.
What can we do? How can we fire the owner? Perhaps by not buying tickets? Then the actual team gets hurt. Plus, don't put it past this rectum's trying to move the team someday. This guy is a curse, and unless he steps completely away from the operation, nothing will change. I for one have canceled my Sunday Ticket subscription, in protest of the way he has destroyed the team. Now I listen to Sonny and Sam. Kinda reminds one of a police investigation out of NY.
Great article! That about sums it up except I think you might have been a little too kind.
wow, I remember most of that stuff. Over time you forget the specifics, you just know that he's an ass. To see the compendium makes you rofl. hahaha great article. Someone wrote that he's an asshat and the leader in asshattery. Let's call him Mr. AssHat!
A great summary of the train wreck that we've all witnessed over the past decade and more. A lesson in narcissist Napoleon complexes. Could we have hit rock bottom yet? I see no reason why the insanity won't continue with Captain Queeg at the helm ....
I have put the Redskins so far out of my mind I just remembered: I had several club seat tickets starting the year Redskins moved to PG County. Five year contract with the Cooke ownership; fixed price all 5 years. When renewal time came the Skins had descended to sub-mediocrity (2002), but the license fee for the new contract was variable over the renewal term and the amount of ticket prices would not be known until the team told you what the price was sometime before the season started. My reaction was "huh, wtf is that. FO." I never looked back -- game day experience was horrible -- getting to the game, parking, walking through the dangerous parking lot, the horrible game itself, and the multi-hour exit. omg I had not thought about this for so long, what a disaster!
Dave, I hear the miserable little dwarf is suing you over this article. Print another one! That scumbag is trying to intimidate you into silence -- little Danny doesn't want anyone to know the truth.

Skewer that short, stupid clown.
Excellent summary, and to think I never would have found this article if the Post hadn't reported that Snyder was considering suing over it. Thank you Danny for bringing it to my attention!
I grew up with George Allen, then Pardee and then the almighty Gibbs. Nothing could get between me and watching the Skins. And now they are just the play thing of an asshole. I can't imagine the joy that would erupt if the earth just
opened up and swallowed him whole. Let's hope for cancer!!!!
An excellent overview of how not to do... well, anything.
i only watch the redskins on tv to watch them lose...great entertainment value! THAT synder has created~
I'm waiting for another writer to come around and pick apart your drivel, but I'm pretty sure your "journalist" boys club has sworn off exposing one another as the inept hacks you are. McNabb's "extension" was nothing akin to how business was run in the George and Smith days -- the guaranteed money is nothing close to what was initially speculated; but I suppose as a "journalist" fact gathering comes a distant third to salaciousness and hyperbole.

I just hope you don't get fired over this, last thing we need is another blogger trying to prey upon a frustrated fan base on the internet and incite the masses. Someone think of the children, for God's sake...
Sorta makes me wish I was a lawyer so I could take Dave's case pro bono. Was a fan for 50 years - not anymore. You can't care about a team whose owner doesn't care. Not to mention that he's a shit.
I cannot help but wonder, why is anyone still buying tickets if this is how it is? Danny seems to be filled with greed, and childish whims, and contempt for the fans, but maybe it's because he realized that many people are indeed stupid enough to suffer through just about anything he can throw at them, and he stays rich through it all.
Sue away Mr Snyder. The number of people that read this piece will explode.
Apparently lil' Danny Snyder is so angry about this article that he's threatening to sue.

Oh yeah, and he wants author Dave McKenna fired.

Here's the story:

He's a shady operator, alright. And an early commenter is right; he'll never change. He brings disgrace to the Washington Redskins.
@ Mr.Mister - the only reason I know about this article is cause Dannyboy opened his big flapping gums in the first place LoLz

@lolwow - cause we Skins fans are stupid idiots we continue to fund this a-hole

@Truant - you need to lay off the meth
After reading this I am appalled, but in no way will I stop being a fan of the Washington Redskins. By being a fan I am rooting for the players to have successful careers while they are here in Washington or for other teams whewn they leave. To see such a great organization fall to the level it has is a shame, but it's the players that I enjoy and their continued hard work despite what goes on under Snyders watch. You all think it's bad for us fans, how much worse is it for the players? Yes Snyder is a crewed business man, but so are so many other business men in this country not to mention most of are politicians. By calling out the team and choosing not to be a fan is also a shame. When I buy a jersey I buy it because of the name and number that is on it, that there is worth the money. With all the things wrong with this country why don't you people set your sights on more important issues like health care, homelessness, poverty, families who go nightly with out food, crime, and how about stopping the lobbyist and big companies who are the ones who actually make this countries policies that allow this kind of business to continue!!! In the grand scheme of things this article is a comic strip compared to the issues facing this country. For those of you who live in the DC area stop bitching about the owner of the Redskins and raise your voices to a nation that is need of it!!!

But what do I know, I'm just a homeless man who once was proud of a great organization but now support the players who wear the Burgundy and Gold colors.
Having lived in DC for many years - off and on - but not been a Redskins fan, I have another gripe against Snyder. Used to be - you could get all sorts of things done in DC when the Redskins game was on - go to the hardware store, visit Nordstrom, pick up groceries. Traffic was lighter and queues shorter since everyone was watching the game. The only thing you could not do was get into a bar with the game on - it was packed. Since Snyder has teken over the traffic is backed, the lines at Home Depot have grown, and opportunities to drink beer and eat burgers have increased to the detriment of my waistline - and it is all Snyder's fault.

As a lawyer, I am very amused at the threatened lawsuit by Snyder. There has been a lot of rumbling - burt no lawsuit yet. Snyder may be having a problem - getting a lawyer to sign the complaint. The problem Snyder has is that this article - and I read it - appears to have been very carefully "vetted" by a lawyer for City Paper before it was published - and by the looks of it had at least two items of backup verifying every entry. If some of the posters here wonder why their little bits of dirt on Snyder did not make it into the story - it's probably because the lawyers cut it for lack of enough backup to make them feel comfortable. So the first problem Snyder has in chasing this story is that he has to show something false in it - and his lawyers know that they will have a serious problem signing a complaint for libel, defamation or slander if they cannot show after reasonable investigation that something in the article was not true. As an aside, I wonder who had the unenviable task of explaining that to Snyder and saying 'umm well, Mr. Snyder, most/all of it is true."

Worse still Snyder is also stuck with the public figure exception, and given that he has made himself a very public figure, he would have a high burden to surmount to bring a suit. In New York Times v Sullivan, 376 US 254 (1964), the supremes created the carve-out form ordinary libel, defamation and slander that where people that have put themselves in the public spotlight, they have to show that the defendant engaged in actual malice before you can be found liable. The burden of proof is also on the public figure, i.e., Snyder, to prove that the author knew the statement was false, or you acted in reckless disregard of the statement’s falsity or truth.

The New York Times standard is very hard to overcome - perhaps unfairly hard in many cases. But even so, this article seems to run into the standard straight on - and if the City Paper lawyers vetted the article properly (and it reads like they did), they made sure that McKenna had some reasonable basis to show them for every painful statement in it. And while McKenna may have regarded the vetting lawyer as a "pain in the ass" at the time, he should buy that guy/gal a beer this weekend for doing a thorough job.

I just wonder - who is the poor legal-schmuck who is going to have the explain this to Snyder.....
Thanks for the legal review. You are correct on truth as a defense and NYTimes.

I'll gladly tell Snyder to his face that he's a dumbass if he thinks he can survive a suit without getting counter-sued or sanctioned for filing a frivolous suit. Read the comments, more evidence backing the facts reported. It's too funny that Snyder's musing about suing has promoted the article. Snyder is truly someone who can't think 2 minutes into the future.
I like Dan Snyder. As a Raiders and Clippers fan, he reminds me that while one of my teams may be owned by a senile old fool and the other by a racist cheapskate, Snyder manages to be Al Davis and Donnie Turkowitz in one.

I do feel sorry for Skin fans though - you guys deserve better.

BTW, thanks for Jason Campbell. He got off to a rusty start but we really like him now.
Thanks Danny for threatening to sue... it made the WP today and they linked to it. I don't know how I missed this.
Too perfect that the only way I get to read this great article is because Danny threatened to sue.
What a great article. This truly shows how brain dead Snyder really is. If he doesn't threaten to sue, I would have never read this article. Now everyone who missed this great article the first time will read it this time! Brillant Danny boy! For your next move maybe you hire Hosni Mubarek as head coach, he is soon to be unemployed and will come cheap!
I guess all publicity is good publicity. The WAPO coverage of the potential lawsuit gives creedence to the Dumb/Dumber monicker. Won't this guy ever learn? Not the sharpest tool in the shed, just the richest!
Fan for 40+ years but Danny's gotten the last dime he's gonna get from me. I will cheer for another team just not another NFC East Team. Some things just cannot change!
D-Mac, this has to be one of the greatest breakdowns of Danny S.'s bafoonery and dirty-ness ever written. This would explain the dark cloud hovering the Redskins organization. It's the "Dan Snyder curse" that's pouring down on the entire franchise. I see why Dum Snyder wants to sue you. Thanks, Dave! By Sndyer wanting to sue you publicly he's going make you a national hero for this.

Redskins owner Dan Snyder seeks dismissal of City Paper writer
Wow. I'm reasonably new to DC, and wondered why Dan Snyder is so despised. It seemed an incredibly vitriolic response to a guy who seemed like just a lousy team owner. But now I see what everyone is talking about. Scary.
Dave McKenna...and Redskins Nation...lets make this MF step down. Worked in Tunisia...worked in Egypt...and it will work here. Lets pick a date and set up a protest. There are several thousand redskins fans in the DC area, who wouldnt mind blocking Redskins Park or his driveway with a giant tail-gate. What are we afraid of? What can we lose? Nothing...but have everything to gain. Snyder doesnt have tanks or soldiers like Egypt does, he's just a man in a suit. Anyone think this a good idea?
I had never seen this or heard about this article until boy genius threatened to sue via the post. I will be sharing this with all my fb friends immediately. His law suit is similar to the sign ban. My father started taking me to games when I was 4 I am 35 and will not be renewing our seats. I just can't do it anymore.
snark much?

It is interesting to see the amount of bs The Danny has been a part of. Many of these items, however, I don't have a problem with. But that doesn't excuse the others.

And I agree, the suing of the fans for borderline illegal season ticket sales was just ridic.
City Paper - Free
Scathing piece on Danny Boy Snyder - $100
Comments on said piece - $200

Threatening a libel suit and bringing the CP story back from the dead - priceless!
So glad that WP linked to this story. It breaks my heart. I have always supported the burgundy & gold but no more. Boycott everything Dan Snyder has his grubby little hands on!
I rember moving to DC in 2000 and the joy of getting season tickets, but paying through the nose for Dream Seats. The only saving grace was the contract ending after 3 years of cold hot dogs, stale peanuts, and old cookies. I now spend my money on Sunday Ticket!! Better bang for the buck.
"Should also be another citation under: L - Largest Seating Capacity in NFL. Which you get when you push 20,000 seats back up under the second deck, behind pillars, so you can only see 2/3 of the field, and lose sight of the ball if it gets up higher than 20 feet in the air. "

Amen to earlier poster on this. He brought long time season ticket holders from ok upper deck seats and put them in not built yet obstructed view seats on grand lower level promises. They had a small section built on the 50yard line to show you and they were fine. On game day when you showed up, you had pillars, drain pipes and all the fans in the original seats of the stadium to see thru. When you called and said you wanted old seats back, it was to late to move becaouse they sold them , but you could get club seats this week. 2 years later they finally dropped the prices on the seats, I had to pay more to upgrade to these lower level seats, and printed "obstructed view" on the tickets.
My family went from 10 tickets in the 90's to zero now and no one misses them. THe fan experience became so horrible and abusive that there is not much to miss.

Great article, keep up the good reporting on this scam artist called owner. I will be posting this article wherever I can. Love the fact you have actually gotten to him. Love to see him squirm.
Please note, I do not defend D.S. here...he should be held accountable for the negative truth...and he should be given credit for the positive truth. I would be willing to wager that if a writer did the research he or she could easily come up with a truth-filled article about Al Davis of the Oakland-L.A.-Oakland Raiders that is even more damning than this article. But winning Super Bowls gives Al Davis (or what's left of him...) a teflon coating. Dan Snyder is not going anywhere. Truly, he needs to change some of his ways. Disabusing the Redskings of Vinny Cerrato and hiring George Allen as GM was good start. D.S. is slowly gaining the wisdom required to get The Washington Redskins to the promised land (i.e. Super Bowl), then, and only then, will all of this be cleansed and forgiven. With another new owner just getting to the playoffs once or twice would be enough. But D.S. and his ways have set the bar at winning the Super Bowl. Godspeed Dan Snyder, Godspeed....
You forgot:

D: Davis, Al: Eccentric and erratic owner of the Oakland Raiders, who Dan Snyder is apparently trying to emulate.
My brother, who is in his 50s, was born a Redskin fan. This past season he bought a box suite at Ravens stadium. Enough said.
This is just about as bad as it can get.

A marketing organizations with a football team.

Danny has been very consistant winning the offseason with high priced free agents and we continue to buy it.

Wait till we draft this year. Who would make the biggest "splash" in April. Who could Danny market? Who would create the most hype? Thats right ....Cam Newton. I have no idea what type of QB he will eventually be, but I can tell you this. Danny Boy does not care how good he will be. He only sees $$$$$$$

Until he sells this team, we will never be taken seriously as a threat to win.

@JohnH - There is no positive truth. Wanting to win is not enough. I do not question whether Danny Boy Snyder wants to win, but I do question his ability to put together an organisation that is necessary to make it happen.

I don't blame him for some of the silly stuff, like selling beer in the bathroom, but I do place at his feet the blame for being unable to set the tone for this entire franchise. If he can't do it in ten-plus years, how is he ever going to do it? What's different now than five years ago, when the club was spending draft picks like a drunken sailor?

I question whether winning is the tonic for his redemption. Winning does cure a lot of ills, but ten years of gross misconduct and mismanagement is a lot to overcome. Whether Ms. Pat Hill, for example, was guilty of negligence in signing for her season ticket plan is a question that is lost in the public perception that the Redskins are suing their fans. How do you overcome that?

"Winning" is about more than the Super Bowl. Winning is about being a positive neighbor in the community, which Snyder is not. Each of the entries above, while small in isolation, line up to reveal a pattern of someone who is not a positive force. The NFL is curiously split between being a money-printing machine and wanting to be a force for positive change. Snyder has embreaced half of that dichotomy, but it entirely clueless regarding the other half.

He will not change. The Skins are doomed until he sells the team, or relinqushes control of it. That is the truth.
I saw the link from Steinberg's "bog" to this article in November, as a regular post reader. However I didn't want to indulge in 20 minutes of negative anything for a fun lunch read.
But once you threaten to sue, it piqued my interest. And it was intersting, you really get a more rounded sense of the 21st century redskins, beyond player/coach personnel decisions. I'm sure Snyder's a more well rounded human than just this, though he obviously loves money quite a bit, and the bits about his nanny & the Labor laws show an objectivist style disregard for other people....

But if you really want to change, Dan, don't sue to cover things up. Keep working on being a good nice person, helping others, making decisions BASED around being a good person instead of the bottom line... in a few years that kind of investment really pays off, in ways you can't understand when you're crunching numbers. Don't try to grow your bank balance into the biggest Dan Snyder mogul-type you can be, just try to manage your assets and be a good steward of your conscience and your heart. Do you really want to end up like Mr Burns on the Simpsons? !!
Let's not forget that during Snyder's tree-killing assault on the C&O Canal, he also fought hard to get permits to flit in and out of his new Potomac neighborhood in a helicopter.

A landing pad in a residential neighborhood.... He couldn't care less about anyone other than his diminutive self. Maybe if he made it a 911 commemorative landing zone and a critical "no drive no-walk safety issue" it would have been approved... ;-)
You forgot "Racist" - Team name, a stereotype beloved by a white man and sold to minorities other than the one you are ridiculing.
Snyder's attempt to intimidate this paper and get McKenna fired merit revision and re-printing of the article. Add an entry for this threat and publish the piece again.

The threat of a lawsuit is of course at it's root an economic threat: Snyder can and will gladly pay for more and better lawyers than the City Paper could muster, for as long as he wants. He'll lose in the end, of course, because the article is factual, but since he's a petty short sighted man, it will be enough to him that he costs the paper money it can't afford to spend.

Way to go Danny! Although the City Paper is an important local resource, its relatively small circulation would have ensured that most folks never saw this article -- until you made it "newsworthy" again by threatening legal action!! (A claim which, as an attorney, I can assure you is completely meritless, truth being an absolute defense to libel).

I hope the WCP article and its aftermath put to rest forever that Snyder is a brilliant business success who just doesn't understand football. What he is is an idiot who was in the right place when the Net exploded and happened to get a billion dollars. I would wager that most lottery winners have more intelligence, common sense and scruples.
I was made aware of this fabulous article only with the lame threat of a lawsuit from Dan Snyder's PR machine. It was very helpful to see the entire sweep of Snyder's efforts to gip the entire region a dollar at a time and also to bypass and abuse laws in order to make a buck. It has been a shameful performance and I can see why Snyder would rather not have a free press.

Can't Snyder make money in some other industry and leave our team and town alone/
I can't believe I missed this back in Nov...Thanks, Dan "Schmucky Boy" Snyder for whining and crying and threatening this reporter, otherwise I would have missed out on reading a very interesting and entertaining article. This should be added to the sporting archives, so that future owners of professional sports franchises can learn WHAT NOT TO DO as an owner.
Count me as another who would never have found this article without Danny boy's lawsuit. Thanks Dan. I'm sending this to every Redskins fan I know.
You know the Seinfeld episode where everything evens out? Angelos in Baltimore is such an a** I am rooting now for the Nationals but to make sure it all evens out Snyder is making sure my loyalties don't completely abandon Baltimore. Go Ravens, at least until the little nerd who is still trying to get back at the bullies who hung him by his undies from the flagpole is gone
The amazing thing about this, is the fact that The Danny has created an atmosphere in which nobody in Ashburn had the courage to raise their hand and let the idiot know that by going after McKenna and City Paper he has taken this from a local underground paper straight (most of whose readership probably doesn't care that much for sport) to the national stage (can't wait for ESPN and some of the bigs to start running with it). I'd love to see how many more hits CP got after the Post article. So much for your little "The Danny has changed" Dog & Pony show!

I will be the first contributor to the McKenna & CP legal defense fund.
Thanks Dan, never would have known had you not cried about this article. It's probably better for the Redskins that you energies are focused away from the team. As a Cowboys fan I never thought I'd say this but, Thank God for Jerry Jones.
This is truly one of the greatest pieces I've seen in any Washington newspaper in 2010. Comprehensive and entertaining. It's value is proven by Snyder's pitiful lawsuit, and I only hope it gets more and more circulation and links around the web. Snyder proves who he is year after year after year. When will the Redskins fans/ticketholders learn and impact him with the only thing he really and truly cares about? Probably never unfortunately, as they have made the franchise as valuable as Manchester United and the Yankees despite their absolutely horrendous performance on the field and disdain for fans since the day he took over. I commend the author
Section E should include "Epic Failure." Despite all the claims of being a marketing genius, he could not get Art Monk into the Hall of Fame without Peter King. He has all but killed what was once a top 5 sports brand and made a mockery of its legacy. Dan is the opposite of a marketer - he is a serial exploiter... from selling bogus trips to Cancun to college kids, to "slamming", to charging people to park and walk a quarter mile to a third-class stadium... Dave may have taken it easy on him. Screw you Dan. Prove Dave is wrong.
This article has gone national and I'm writing as a Giant's fan. I always viewed the Redskins, prior to Snyder, as a class organization with some incredible teams along the way. Nowadays, I view the organization on the same level as the Lions and Raiders. A joke.

As someone mentioned above, perhaps its time for a fan revolt, time for Skins fans to send a message to this clueless prick? It's tough for force an owner to sell but if you don't show up, perhaps he will be forced to sell. Take your team back.
This article is awesome. Snyder really is evil.
Great PR move, Danny! This blog post is now getting national attention. Now the entire country is going to know how big of an ass you are.
Awesome Article!!!! I will forward this link to all of my friends to read this interesing article!
As a die-hard 49er fan, it is refreshing to find a team owner who is more inept than the York Family. Thanks Dan for showing the Detroit, San Francisco, Oakland, fans that no matter how bad their teams are run, there is always the Redskins!
How does scum like this get away with all that they do! Maybe if he started going to jail instead of paying his way out of everything this scum would learn a lesson!
Great article. I'm sick to my stomach - looking at my bill for the upcoming season - contemplating as I have for the last 5 or 6 years whether to give up the tickets (my father's had them since before I was born). On a different note, although Terry Bradshaw panned Sonny on Fox as reported above - I feel we need to remember that while Sonny may never have won a Superbowl, he's a favored player and loved Redskins hero who remains loyal to the Skins to this day. Off topic but I had to put it out there.
I, too, would have missed this article had I not seen the blurb in today's Washington Post indicating that Dan Snyder was attempting to sue Dave McKenna. I won't stoop to calling Snyder names (it's unnecessary), or threatening to cancel my season tickets (that was done a long time ago). I will, however, declare that I had lost count of the number of scandals to which Mr. Snyder was linked.

It is disappointing and deflating to be a Redskins fan these days. I remember growing up in the seventies and being genuinely excited whenever a Redskin would do an autograph session at the local McDonald's, or the scant possibility that my father would use one of his precious season tickets to take me to a game. Those days are fondly set in my memory. Those memories (of guys like Charley Taylor, Pat Fischer, Ron McDole, Billy Kilmer - men who gave everything they had on Sunday to win with honor) are what cause me to still care about the fate of the Redskins every weekend in the 21st century. However, even though I care, even though I scour the box score on Monday, even though I tell all of my friends around the country that I am a Redskins fan - the truth is that time has passed and those days will never come back. Sure, someday the Redskins may win the NFC East, they may win some playoff games. Hell, they may even win another Super Bowl. But the damage has been done. We, the vocal, supportive public have been subjected to too many indignities - too many shameful episodes. We will still go to the games, we will watch them on our high definition flat screen TVs, we will hope and pray that we win beat Dallas twice a year. But the trust that was built up from the late sixties until the late nineties is gone. The Redskins have become just another unfulfilled promise, another barely out of reach love that has grown old and tired and cruel.

If this is how we feel, the fans that "grew up" with the colorful championship teams of the seventies, eighties and nineties, imagine how the players feel. Young men who had dreams of glory, who were successful in high school and college, come here to have their talents wasted by a directionless marketing machine that masquerades as a professional football team. I don't feel sorry for myself - I got to watch 5 Super Bowls that featured the Redskins. I feel sorry for my sons, who will never have that feeling of loyalty and public trust, that emotional investment in your hometown team. I also feel incredibly sorry for the players who are near the end of their careers and will watch their youth and talent fade while they are part of a disingenuous organization. Sure, they make incredible amounts of money, but that doesn't take away the pain of being part of something that is dishonorable. These players succeeded because they were driven to succeed. I do believe that the new coaching staff is a step in the right direction, but I also believe it will be take several years of a disciplined approach to the draft, to trades and to personnel and strategy, before we will see this team win with humility and lose with grace.

Dan Snyder has every right to own the Redskins. I just hope that he can turn over the operation of the team to a group of people who take pride in a job well done - not in inflating the bottom line.
He will get his! The greedy SOB
I know little about football and am fairly new to DC, but even I'd heard Dan Snyder was a heartless jerk. Now I know why that was said. Still, the insults I've heard previously don't begin to cover the depth of his ineptitude! Why do people keep buying tickets?
I know little about football and am fairly new to DC, but even I'd heard Dan Snyder was a heartless jerk. Now I know why that was said. Still, the insults I've heard previously don't begin to cover the depth of his ineptitude! Why do people keep buying tickets?
I have to admit, I was a Snyder fan at first. After six years of mediocrity I thought he was what the team needed. Little did I know things would only get worse! Love the guest house where potential employees must sleep. I remember reading in the Post where Zorn had three seperate 10 hour interviews. I wish some of Snyder's former employees would come out with their experiences dealing with him. A friend of mine knew Norv Turner and told me a very interesting story of how Turner got to Redskins Park one morning and saw Snyder out on the field "drilling" the field goal kicker on proper technique. Priceless stuff.
Great article on Peter Angelos - oh its not about him?? Very smart of DS to bring this up so all of us who missed it can now catch up. Redskin and O's fans should create a fan union to force both of these jokes to sell their teams.
What a great article! Ironic that I didn't know it was here until Danny announced his ridiculous intention to sue. Like others, I went to high school here in the 80s and remember the "golden era" when the National Symphony" would end performances with "Hail to the Redskins." Now.....shitbucket of the NFL indeed.
This is long overdue, I officially resign as a fan of the Washington Redskins. The skins are now a far different team than the one I grew up watching. Not even the logo, the uniform or the team song remind me of the "glory days" anymore. Daniel Snyder is truly the worst kind of person, he is blinded by greed and ego and could not begin to understand why skins fans feel the way they do.

Great article, but left a major part off the list:

The naming rights being sold to Jack Kent Cooke stadium immediately following the purchase of the team. Why should we memorialize an owner that built a stadium with his own money.....We can thank old Danny for the stadium naming revolution of the 21st century.
I never hear mention of the scam that is the "Tailgate Club".

Want to skip the "Waiting List"... $40 extra per ticket per game and you got your tickets and a "free" hamburger. BTW... the first year of the tailgate club if you wanted a beer you would pay 8.50 INSIDE the tailgate club... 7.50 in the park. That's right, an extra dollar for the same beer that is 10 feet away inside the park. But I guess they have to make up money on the mystery meat their handing out.

Need to upgrade to lower seats? There's not a lot of room down there... we might be able to squeeze you in if you not only pay for your tickets but sign up for our fabulous tailgate club. Where you not only get cheap crappy food you also see a cheerleader or two... yay!

BTW, even though it wasn't HD, why couldn't they show replays on the old lite bright screen? They had no problem showing Dominoes commercials.

For years I paid to have 10 days of my life each year away from my family, overspending on EVERYTHING and getting gouged at every turn... and I still had to watch commercials at the game!!!

I only go to one or two games a year now... Usually for free because they can't build a team and people can hardly give their tickets away... I turn down an unbelievable amount of free tickets every year because a team that's in the entertainment business is in the gouging their fans business.
Just when it was about to be forgotten, Snyder pulls another stunt like trying to get the reporter fired. I guess he wanted to be sure that those of us (read: ME) who hadn't heard of his antics before, certainly do now. What a piece of work he is!
I left town when he bought the Redskins from Jack Kent Cooke's estate for Pittsburgh. By far, best move ever made was moving to a town where the football team is still owned by the original family. Snyder should give up on the Redskins and go back to making pretzels.
I am a long time season ticket holder who finally gave them up before the beginning of this past season. Best move I have made in a while. This team is five years away, at least, from having even the chance to be good again. Go Jets.
Just because you have money doesn't mean you aren't low-life trash. I feel sorry for the fans.
Holy smokes. As big of a douche as this guy is- can you imagine how much fun he would be to me married to???? Or have as a parent??? What a nightmare. Just goes to show- money cannot buy class or intelligence- but it can buy you a platform to abuse people and destroy institutions. No worries- we all go out the same way- feet first- and clearly this guys legacy will be that he was a waste and accomplished nothing...What a DA.
I'm not into sports at all, but I'm a journalist. So when the subject of a story starts trying to get a reporter fired and threatens a lawsuit, I'm there reading about it. I've dealt with my share of nutty public figures, but this guy is really in a class of his own.
And fans complain about Jerry Jones! Whats up with theses owners.
I'm from Dallas, I thougth Jerry Jones was bad as an owner. Damn this Redskins owner takes the cake!! Thanks to Snyder threatening to sue and the Yahoo Article that linked this story, I would have continued thinking Jerry was crazy.
Money doesn't buy you class, or intelligence.
This article is a joke, it doesn't even mention all the wonderful thing Dan Snyder has done for the organization, the NFL, and the World!
I am a Dallas Cowboys fan that lives in San Francisco, CA now so I am far-removed from DC and anything Redskins.

A few things strike me about this article and the 1,000 or more posts after it.

1) Not 1 post was pro-Snyder. That is absolutely amazing to me! You will NEVER see an article where there aren't at least a few posts that support the "other" side! This guy must be an absolute dickhead! Not even the slightest mention of someone being near Snyder's side on this, everyone is against him....

2) As a lifelong Cowboys fan, I can see Jerry Jones eventually turning into Al Davis-type figure as he gets older. But one thing is certain, the Cowboys/Redskins rivalry is completely dead and buried. Under Snyder's watch I have been able to completely disregard the Skins as a team that Dallas has to worry about each season. Sure, Washington will win one here and there, but its just far too one-sided to even be called a rivalry any longer....

I never thought I would ever say this, but I feel very sorry for you Skins fans, I never knew how bad it really was with this midget-bastard around.
You can add this to the list of sins: Dan Snyder doesn't understand PR for jack. I came to read this article BECAUSE of the reporting over the law suit.

Hey Dan, ever heard of the Streisand Effect? Now you might get your own bullet point in the Wiki article due to your own stupidity!
I'm from Southern California. Never would have seen this article without the link from WAPO, which wouldn't have linked the story had Snyder not threatened a lawsuit, who should know better than to bring attention to glaring character flaws. A butterfly flaps its wings in Guatemala...

After all that Snyder has done, why is Al Davis considered Public Enemy #1 to NFL fans? Seems very clear that Snyder not only doesn't know how to run a winning NFL franchise, he doesn't know how to be a decent human being either.
Webmaster, can you please delete this? My SEO/Reputation Management company informs me that this is the proper way to address negative search results and loss of page rank....otherwise, we'll have to fill these comments with lots of positivity, for example from fans like this - "It is of excellent commentary that this blog is observing, I am anxious to follow and report on the success of your blog - and Mr. Snyder is hugely excessive in most excellent character, for your ingestion"
You forgot one:

"GSS" -- the memorial patch for Snyder's father that he wanted players to wear on their uniforms.
Although a life-long Skins fan, I've accepted and made peace with the fact that we will be wandering the football wilderness for at least the next decade. The play is tragedy, but at least it’s a comedic tragedy. Enjoy the ride! This approach worked great for Cubs and Saints fan (until 2010).

I also think that the NFL should move the Raiders into the NFC East; perfect fit with Cowboys and Skins.
Thanks to Deadspin, I get to read this article ripping on Dan Snyder. Dave McKenna please continue doing journalism exposing b.s. and the truth. Government is next
Found this linked from PFT(ProFootballTalk)so this will be getting more national exposure soon. I grew up thinking and have always thought that you have a team you root for and always follow that team no matter what. I'm now considering if I can suspend my allegience to the Redskins and not consider myself a traitor or bandwagon fan. Having gone to every game last year(will not be going to any next year) it realy does seem like this team is cursed. I've gotten to the point that I despise Snyder so much for hijacking my Redskins that I'm not sure I want them to win b/c I don't want Dan to have the satisfaction. The Ravens are a functional likable team and I guess I will follow them until further notice. By the way fans ARE getting sick of all this. Games are poorly attended and are full of opposing teams' fans. I had two extra tickets to the Tampa game and literally could not give them away - I left them out front on a trash can.
We can only pray that Snyder "does" sue because if he thinks this article is bad wait to see what else comes out about him in court. "All" his dirty laundry will come to lite and he'll be lucky if he isn't run out of town. Sue Danny, please!! The only supporters he has now are people on his payroll and that's it.
Love this. It's tough to live in the DC metropolitan area and defend my beloved Redskins when there's so many reasons for non-fans to point out why the team is terrible.

Thankfully, the one thing this city has always been good about is standing behind its teams through thick and thin. Wonder how much longer we'll stand behind an idiot like Dan Snyder.
All anyone needs to know about Snyder's character is his refusal to change the name, REDSKINS, when he insists that this "honors" those who TELL HIM they are offended.
By the way, what ethnicity is "Snyder"?
Wow, what an unbelieveably idiotic move by Snyder. Did he not realize that this piece had pretty much died, and no one was going to speak of it again?

Then again, this is pretty much consistent with how Snyder runs all of his business operations. I'm not a Redskins fan and could really care less about the team, but Snyder's uncanny ability to repeatedly shoot himself in the foot is nothing if not an endless source of amusement.
How the hell was he ever allowed to buy an NFL team. What a spoiled rich brat. Althought I am a Giants fan I would not wish this on the Redskins....Dallas maybe!
Whatever you do City Paper don't give in to this dirt bag.

Snyders actions speak for themself. "I'm rich, entilted and I do what ever I want. You cross me.... and I'll crush you!"

This man is nothing more then an egomanic with an inferiority complex. He's a drama queen too. He "HAS" to be rich otherwise he's a nobody, no friends, no women, nothing, zero. And tyrants always fail at some point. Self distruction is inevitable. History bares witness over and over.

The problem Snyders attitude is this... You'd better not fail. Cause there's all those people you s-c-r-e-w-e-d over just waiting kicking your @#$. If Snyder thinks the other NFL owners or his rich buddies are going to go down with him, He's a fool. If theres one thing I know about the NFL, It's all about image.

It's so clear that other coaches and owners hate Dan Snyder and Redskins. He's s-c-r-e-w-e-d them too. Why do you think we get pounded by 52+ points when it's clear the game is over. It's cause they hate ya Danny. And we,(the fans) pay for it in humiliation and embarrasment every year.

I firmly believe in karma. I've seen it too many times. The clock is ticking on dan Snyder and the Redskins. It's just about there. Keep alienating everyone Danny you've just about reached the top of the hill.

I love the Washington Redskins Team with all my heart. But this guy is just to much. I refuse to give a dime to this t-u-r-d. The fans have a right to be angry. He's embarrased and destroyed a historic landmark of Washington DC.

It's so painful to watch the Giants and Eagles take the cake every year while they mop the floor with us. Sad thing is I've just given up.

Yes sir.... Dan Snyder's owns of the team and he can do what he wants with it. I'm a consumer and I can do whatever I want with my money. So you have a nice life Mr. Snyder, See ya round!

Hope that mortgage in Potomac is huge one!
What a terrible, terrible person.

In 2009, I was forced to disown the skins. I highly recommend doing the same (primarily for personal and family health and safety concerns).
This article was awesome.
great article

didnt know dan snyder sucked THAT much
This city should have a disclaimer for those giving birth to children: long-term side affects to your newly born redskins diehard could include depression, anger, a losing mentality and suicidal tendencies.
Has anyone mentioned the emails the week of home games talking about all the extra tickets the redskins have for sale? Great article.

I hope Snyder does sue, then you could prove his shady tactics and general mismanagement.

It would be easier to take over Guyana than unseat little king Danny. To bad, I used to love football and the Redskins. Now Ive learned to love misery.
God doesn't like ugly. What goes around, will eventually come back around. Besides, why be so greedy? and thanks to the editor who he is trying to sue, i wouldn't never known about this selfish greedy owner of the redskins if it wasn't for Synder trying to sue him. Kudos!
My family has terminated its contract for seaston SKIN tickets. Outrageous. We meet some good fans, but that does not overcome Danny's pursuit of $$$$. My wife and I attended the Paul McCartney concet. Glad he brought all the support equipment to display a first rate show. TOO BAD, Paul did NOT bring a plumber as the restrooms were not working....NO water supply, overfow issues, and hip boots required to "enter". DANNY and CO, just blew it off as they counted their $$$. GOOD BY DANNY
You forgot an entry for R - Racist, see team name, refusal to change, stereotypical logo and the pandering of one racial disparity to other minorities.
My family has terminated its contract for seaston SKIN tickets. Outrageous. We meet some good fans, but that does not overcome Danny's pursuit of $$$$. My wife and I attended the Paul McCartney concet. Glad he brought all the support equipment to display a first rate show. TOO BAD, Paul did NOT bring a plumber as the restrooms were not working....NO water supply, overfow issues, and hip boots required to "enter". DANNY and CO, just blew it off as they counted their $$$. GOOD BYE DANNY
you forgot about him paying to have that clown Tommy Cruise "hang" with him during a monday night loss to what ever team the redskins were gonna lose to anyhow.
hey Danny boy. take your bad luck bone outta DC. The only way my skins will ever win is with you gone. boy.
I'm a New York Giant fan and even I can't stand this guy.
Thank you little Danny Snyder for bringing my attention to this article... this is so much bigger than you are in real life!
I missed this story the first time. Thank you Mr Snyder for reviving it. Nothing in here that hadn't already been reported, I think. How is this Libel...appears that he is doing this to intimidate others out of doing this kind of reporting. People need to Boycott the redskins until he is gone.
If the Egyptians can get rid of Hosni after 30 years why don't we abused and taken for granted lifelong Skins fans rise up and get rid of our terrible greedy, and incompetent owner Dan Snyder. We should stage a huge protest to express our deep dissatisfaction w/ his terrible leadership of this franchise and insist that he put the team up for sale immediately. Who wants to take th elead in arranging our public protest?
Great Article!! hope he doesn't sue you. OH WAIT! I herd he is, well I'm all for you Dave. As you pointed out, much of what Dan does seems to fail.
Lil Danny-boy is theee poster child AND Exhibits A-Z in support of abortion-on-demand.
Just think of how many other potential pieces-of-shit never came to be due to abortion rights!
If only Lil Danny Boy's mom had had access to a rusty hanger about 45 or so years ago.....
I always told people the only way to save Redskins is to fire Dan. Just like the way he fired so many employees. Of course, no one can really fire the owner. But, fans should unit together by not going to FedEx to watch games. I believe in a few years, we will have a new owner. I do not go.
What a shmuck. I would never have known about this article or that he was such an intensely horrible POS had I not seen the news on him suing. Great article though and it makes me hurt for Redskins fans though I'm not one myself.
Just read the article on yahoo sports and was re-directed here.
Dave, great work! Snyder, terrible job!
I knew some of this, but I didn't know all of this until now. Why? Because Danny boy threatened to sue. Lol. Just another item to add to this long list.
I read this because I heard Snyder tried to have the reporter fired. I had no idea who he was before this. Loved it.

However, someone ought to do one of these on the late great George Steinbrenner. It would probably resemble a bound dictionary.
There is one way Snyder can redeem himself -- change the racist name.
Outstanding story.In a way it was totally predictable behavior by a rich,spoiled,immature,insecure,mentally shortchanged jackass.And I thought Jerry Jones was the NFL's biggest horses rear end.Jerry still gets the nod over Snyder.Jerry's charging $200 a ticket for people to stand in the parking lot and watch Sunday's Super Bowl on a big TV screen.Here's the kicker-you have to buy a minimum of 4 $200 tickets to get them.
wow. I am very lucky to be able to leave a comment on such a famous article. Dave this is great! Good job!
Loved it. keep it coming - it's the only way change happens!
Great report, let the little boy take it to court and have more poeple make fun of him. He should get out of football. Maybe he should buy McDonals and charge people to use the drive thru. I agree, he needs to go!!!
Dan Snyder has to be the biggest dirtbag to walk the face of the earth. This man has no integrity whatsoever. Riggo was right when he said Dan has a 'dark heart'. This guy will do anything for a buck. Some of the crap he's pulled oughtta come with jail time. How in the world does this guy even sleep at night? I have officially lost all hope for our beloved franchise.....depressing.
Yet another genius PR move by Darth Snyder- sue the paper and have the article circulated all over again. I saw a little girl (about 6) have her glittery hand made sign, that was actually supporting this clown, taken away. She was was so sad. That was at the Monday night Pittsburgh game where 75% of the stadium was a Pittsburgh fan courtesy of Stub Hub. Shameful. Why didn't the angry little Assface sue Rolling Stone when they published an awesome Snyder bashing article? They called him a M*ther F*cker!! Man do I truly hate him!!
Don't watch sports really. Live in CA. Saw a story on Yahoo about the lawsuit. HAD to read the article. What a dumbass. Sorry for you Redskins fans!! Thumbs up to Mike for great reporting!
Only heard about this today due to the threatened lawsuit. Now I will publish it.

Doesn't even mention the lawsuit against financially distressed season ticket holders for defaulting on their long-term contracts, even though the Redskins were able to immediately re-sell those tickets and lose nothing.
Wow, as others have mentioned this story already had a thick layer of dust on it until Dan blew it off with that lawsuit. This demonstrates another concept most narcissists have trouble with; letting sleeping dogs lie.
Wow- I am out in california and cannot take al davis anymore. but this I though we had it bad in raider land
Even if Washingtonians stopped going to games, Snyder would still make a killing from opposing team's fans, coming to see their team play while they serve their "career sentences" in the Capitol Metropolitan Area. Snyder is an ass clown of the first order.
Relished your article in CP 1/14/11 edition, "Burgundy and Golden Globes?" It filled an entire evening of conversation in my home, and I am grateful to have been redirected to a story I apparently missed. In my opinion, this is the stuff of real "journalism." This is not about a team that is disliked or about griping, but about the abusive behavior - legally and ethically - of an unstable adult with too much financial power, who has detrimentally affected the people of our city, the people he employs, and those he does business with. The ripple effects of his acts are far and wide indeed! We teach our children that there are consequences for bad acts; that the great karma of the world says "What goes around, comes around." I hope the CP and its parent companies continue their support! I for one have read CP from issue one and will continue to do so.
I've never been able to understand why I've raised two sons in the D.C. area and one became a Cowboys fan with the other turning to the Eagles. After I read this article (prompted, as many others, by Snyder's efforts to quash it and its compiler - way to get something buried, squirt!), I'm beginning to understand why. The local team has been made a joke by its owner. As South Carolina regularly says "thank God for Mississippi," so too Mr. Snyder can say "thank God for Al Davis."
Thanks for the lawsuit threat, D. Snyder! I would have missed this awesome piece otherwise, and not been able to share it out on Facebook and Twitter!
Now, the article will blaze up ESPN and sports talk PLUS aggravate the NFL who want everyone to be focused on their Trademarked-Championship-Game this Sunday. Good work! Plus City Paper gets mondo hits, exemplared by "Due to very high traffic on February 2nd, this page is being cached."
Now the story is a lead on yahoo. Once jerk leave the bottle, it's impossible to put it back in! He might as well embrace his "Montgomery Burns" reputation.
Makes me grateful for the Rooneys! What a maroon!
The Curse was when Norval Eugene Turner was fired, He cried! and them tears was not good tears, I'm telling you.
And to think that Deion Sanders had the stones to attack Jay Cutler for his injury/lack of performance in the Bears loss to Green Bay after leaving his Redskin teammates and fans hanging because he had a sore toe! Clearly, he learned much from Snyder.
Be sure your sins will find you out. This guy is a piece of work....
Idiot fans still paying this dick.
I just saw the article on Y! about the idiot trying to threaten you (Dave) with lawyers. What's he going to do, try to bludgeon you with them? There's no legal standing for them whatsoever, as all you did was gather all of this information into one place. Not a bit of it is a lie. I'm sure Snyder is throwing tantrums and fits, right this moment, and contemplating having his current legal staff fired so he can replace them all with brand-new college graduates, since this newest debacle has brought this article back to light in such a big way.

Perhaps we, the public, can "Zorn" Snyder into selling the team? It's not as if the team is worth what it was when he bought it - he's done plenty to lower the value.
Divine justice, ain't it grand! Snyder decides to sue over an article that many had not read or heard about. Well Mister smartie pants, now we HAVE heard about and read it, and now we all know just what an asshat bafoon (albeit with money) you actually are. But alas, your wealth apparently doesn't by intellect, integrity, class, or compassion for a once proud Redskins team and its fans. RFK fans used to ROCK that stadium like an earthquake. OK, so things change and so we had to give up RFK's close and personal venue when FedEx field was built. But you Mr. Snyder have behaved as a greedy, stupid little troll. For Pete sake if you're not going to sell the team to someone else, please just GET OUT OF THE WAY!! Let the folks who know how to play the game run the team. After 10 years of repeated failure is your ego so large you can't admit when you don't know what you're doing? Come on, you're alienating some of the most loyal fans in the history of the NFL. Step away and please let someone else restore this team to its rightful place as one of the most storied and admired in the history of the game.

McKenna - good for you! Don't let Snydies saber-rattling about lawsuits deter you from keeping your readers informed and entertained. This was an excellent piece. One to be bookmarked, shared and referred to after every losing season. Freedom of the press Snydie, now there's something you can't f-up or control. McKenna's reported facts. This article didn't sully your reputation. You're doing a fine job of that on your own. And since you like the Mister salutation, we'll just start referring to you as "Mr. Asshat".

Hey fans - we've still got the Baltimore Ravens, a team the makes the playoffs more than not and treats their fans like they're important. Buy Ravens gear and let's put a hurtin' on Mr. Asshat's wallet. Sadly, that's the only thing that will force this idiot to back-off and let the experts run this team. I still love this team or at least the idea of what it once was. Hope springs eternal...
Keep this thread alive HAHAHA
Keep this thread alive HAHAHA
As a Skins fan now living in Eagle Country, I join those who would have missed this fantastic article were it not for Snyder's lack of self esteem pushing the city paper to fire Dave McKenna. Great promotional effort, there, and Dave, know that you have the support of Redskin Nation!
being out west I thought Al Davis was the nfl's biggest nut job, but Snyder got him beet. Al blows up about once every other month. It looks like danny wakes up everymourning wanting to piss the townfolk off
Dear Kenna,

If it was anatomically possible, I would have your children!

Ah, I long for the days of Gibbs(the first), Riggo, The Smurfs, etc., etc. Isn't there some way we can get rid of Danny the Douche?
It's classic Snyder to sue City Paper which notifies the post which publishes the link driving readers to the article they would have otherwise missed. Stupidity is the inability to learn from past mistakes.
Best move the Giants made in the fee agent market is letting old Danny boy

purchase Haynesworth. Looks like they are perfect match!
Awesome! It is great there is an owner more miserly and inept than Jerry Jones!
I have said all along that snyder is a PIG... all he has ever done was take money from the fans.. A man of his culture that wears a yamaka is all about a dollar bill and control...can we trade for a a new snyder
The saddest day in Redskins history is when John Kent Cooke lost in his bid to by the Redskins from the pompus ass.
The saddest day in Redskins history is when John Kent Cooke lost in his bid to by the Redskins from the pompus ass.
The saddest day in Redskins history is when John Kent Cooke loss ins his bid to by the Redskins from the pompus ass.
In Septemeber of 2001 I was in the Pentagon when it was hit on the 11th. I spent two weeks out there afterwards as a part of the regular Army 'Old Guard' cleaning up wreckage and bodies.

One day as part of a 'morale' event we were told that a large contingent of the Washington Redskins and their owner were in the parking lot and wanted to thank us for what we were doing. Needless to say I was in a foul mood during that time and spent that lunch with my squad and one of the franchise players and I asked him to tell me stories about the owner. I remember him telling me that the richest sickest thing the owner had done was higher a surrogate to carry his kids for his wife because she did not want to ruin her body!

Bet they are great parents!
Dan S you are a failure in life!! You make me want to change my freaking name!!!

Give it up... maybe then the Redskins can have a chance to be a contender in the NFL!

Dave Mckenna you are a HERO!! Don't let this piece push you out of the paper.
... and he has bad breath!
I am an athiest. Wait a minute. The Redskins are at the bottom of the NFL East
standings? Gee, maybe there is a just god!
and i thought we had it bad in detroit with the matt millen era...well, at least our owner is a decent guy. i will stop my hue-and-cry to get him to sell the lions ...a guy like snyder is just what this town doesn't need. my sympathies to redskin fans everywhere.
Put me on the list of those who didn't know about this great piece until Danny Boy himself called attention to it. I grew up in the Sonny/Billy era and considered myself a die hard Redskins fan. Well, thanks to Snyder my love of the 'skins has died, hard. Eff you Daniel Snyder!
The story was last years news. Dan is an idiot for bringing this back up. He really is a douche bag. We need to stop padding his pockets with money and things may start to change.

great story!
i hate the redskins (mostly b/c living here for 25 years the media is terribly biased towards them).

but i am starting to feel sorry for all my friends who are skins fans. really.

it's one thing to have a bad team. it's another to have the owner rape and pillage every last nickel from you to watch a bad team.

this isn't the cleveland browns or bengals or lions. it's sad what he's done to this team.

his dad would be rolling over in his grave.
I agree with the last many posts: way to go Danny the Devil incarnate! If it weren't for your lame threats (boy you just think you can bully the world, don't you, douche?) I'd have never known (moved away from DC in '99, miss the City Paper much)about this article - the absolute best, most supreme (and truthful) indictment of this wretched little turd's nearly total destruction of a once legendary and proud institute. I'm begging the little creepy Bastard Synder to please, please, attempt a suit. I would relish watching 'Lil Napo get all red-faced and pouty and with any luck at all realize that money does not equal winning - on the field or in the court room! What a scummy, evil little POS. Good job on the article, indeed!
I'm sure glad to be a Packer fan!
McKenna and the rest of you guys are CRAZY!!!

Snyder is, without doubt, absolutely the first-rank; he's the acme, the best owner the Redskins have EVER had. In the history of the NFL, Snyder is right up there with Jerry Jones - maybe even better. I THANK GOD for every year, every day, every minute, every nano-second that Daniel Snyder is the Redskins' Chief. Long may he reign! Hail!

Of course, I am a life-long Eagles fan....
Holy crap. Snyder is a serpent.
Thanks to the L'il General, his wanting to sue and the WaPo's coverage of the lawsuit, I was able to find this article. Good heavens, this idiot's incompetence and pretension is amazing. To the long-suffering 'Skins fans who no longer give him your money, you have my sincerest sympathy. To the idiots who still buy Snyder merchandise I wish you'd do everyone a favor and lose all your money because you're stupid and you reward stupidity.

As a Patriots fan we suffered many years of being the most ridiculed fan base in sports because we had a series of owners that were pathetic. If my beloved Pats were to return the the level of mediocrity of the 'Skins, I think the feeling would be worse. If you've never had someone then you don't really know how success feels but when you know what success is and can't find it like your current organization then it's got to feel worse, much worse. Damn that idiot Snyder, he's not just bad for Washington but he's bad for the NFL.
...greedy, miserable person through and through.
Dave Mckenna should do his next expose on Peter Angelos, because I'd like to know what kind of shenanigans he's up to. I hated Dan Snyder from the day he became the Redskin's owner, and reading this article reminds me of a team that was so loved and is now just laughed at, and it's not fair to the fans. I haven't been a fan for years, but I was a huge fan during the days of George Allen, Jack Pardee and Joe Gibbs. I feel very sorry for the current fans and the only suggestion I can make is to switch allegiance to another team the way I did with the Ravens.
Sad facts that will now haunt a once-fantastic football organization.
Thanks for dumping 74 years worth of legacy into the toilet.
You are a BUM Dan Snyder. Yes, you are rich, and you are a Redskins fan, but you are a BUM.
Thanks for the money, Mr. Snyder. I would love to come back and ride the pine behind Sexy Rexy in 2011. Think about it.
One thing I think that was left out, was when he tried charging other teams to park their buses. All time classic cheapskate move
I understand that Snyder is contemplating suing you over this article, please tell me where I can donate to the defense fund. This is good journalism... speaking truth to power! If you don't want to be called a moronic asshole stop being stop being a moronic asshole... don't sue someone to stop telling the truth.
This article is TOTALLY unfair. I think Dan Snyder is a GREAT owner. Possibly the best in the history of the Redskins.

The only problem is I'm a Giants fan and anything that keeps the Redskins the doormats of the NFC works for me. Maybe Dan would consider buying the Cowboys too? The Eagles?

Actually, all kidding aside, it's sad to read how the fans have been treated by a franchise that once prided itself on a sense of family and community. As much grief as I get from the Giants (oh, like blowing 21 point leads in 7 minutes) they haven't gone completed fiscal(but let's not get started on those Personal Seat Licenses).

Sounds to me like Snyder is bad for everyone.

Loved it!!! Maybe you'd be interested in "expanding" and writing a similar article on Jerry Jones, The Steinbreners, Chivas' owner (Mexico´s most popular soccer team), Jorge Vergara, or Roman Abrahamovich??? I am sure you'd have a lot to work with, hehe Saludos desde México, D.F.
please dc area media, if you ever do anything again, please just crucify this insufferable arrogant c***
It sounds like a ONE-MAN BEST reason the personal income TAX RATES are too LOW by about 1,000%!!!! If people like this couldn't KEEP the money, they might not be quite so determined to glom onto every passing dollar bill, one thinks. Sadly, some are so amoral, they'd probably do it anyway, in hopes of being able to BUY (or "influence") enough votes to repeal the increase retroactively! I have this theory, "NO ONE HATES BEING RIPPED OFF WORSE THAN A THIEF!" and it's proven true, each time some schmuck uses his influence to avoid paying someone else a fair wage, or according to contract, or just becuase they pulled a fast one. The validity of the proposition is demonstrated again and again, when said person tries to escape having to pay, time after time. It's OK for them to do it, but don't try it yourself, because that's not allowed.
I have been a long suffering Redskins fan since 1970 (when I was attending Georgetown University and got to meet the great Sonny Jurgenson). However, in 2009, I became a Eagles fan (I live in Pennsylvania) because I was sick and tired of Dan Snyder ruining a good franchise.

Thanks to Dave for giving voice to all the reasons I can no longer be a Redskins fan until he sells the team.
I've heard ALOT of shady things with Snyder but after this article, I've lost ANY respect I've had for him (which was already none)... This guy has NO CLUE on how to run a football team, it seems as if all he is concerned about is wheelin' and dealin' ... trifling ... I wouldn't piss on him if he where on fire !!! I feel sorry for you Skins' fans ...
As a member of the Steeler Nation and good friend of a life long Redskins fan you have my deepest sympathy. The Steelers and Redskins both have a wonderful football tradition. If the Rooney's handed the reins over to a boy like Snyder I would jump off of the Fort Pitt Bridge into the Monongahela river. What a putz and embarrassment to the NFL
Snyder YOU STINK!!!!!!! Problem is all you Redskin fans wont do anything about it and will let Snyder continue to do as he wants. STOP GOING TO GAMES. WHY WOULD YOU BUY ANY PLAYERS JERSEY??? ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!
One of the biggest insults is his continued refusal to change the name from the racially offensive term he inferited. George Preston Marshall was perfectly in step with the times in not having any Black players in the begining, But times changed and society evolved untill we realized that was wrong. He finally realized. It is sad that after ten years Dan Snyder is still blind to his own derogatory inflamatory use of racial stereo types for profit.
Living in Detroit, and observing a usually bad team, I thought William Clay Ford was bad. He pales in comparison to Snyder, er, Mr. Snyder. I really feel for you, Redskins fan. You deserve better.
Dan Snyder is simply a THUG. Although, I do not know the first thing about football, this article was fascinating. Good job Dave McKenna

On another matter entirely:


Otherwise, I truly enjoyed this article.
This is why I became a Jets fan!
I'm one of those readers who wouldn't have heard about this article if not for the article about Li'l Danny trying to get the author fired and suing for libel. I am a lifelong Cowboys fan, and my family moved to the DC metro area during my high school years. That means I lived there throughout the 1980s. Yeah, the glory years for the 'Skins fans.

I wear as a badge the fact that I never wavered in my loyalties. (To be honest, that period actually reinforced my loyalties.) I'm pretty good in defending Jerry Jones' ownership though not so much for his GM work. I usually could refute most criticism about JJ posed by any guy on the street, to the point that they'll admit that their main reason was that they just don't like JJ. I know I can't change their feelings, just expose their true reasons.

It's clear from this article that I would never be able to defend Li'l Danny in the same way if I was ever a 'Skins fan. I am eternally thankful that I am not one!
Well done!
@Dave: You wrote:
4) fan patdowns post 9/11 that remain, likely to keep people from bringing in food. No other local sports team does this.
Actually, if I'm not mistaken all the NFL teams do this. I've been to the old Cowboys Stadium as a fan, M&T as a fan, and M&T as a Ravens employee, and we all get patted down.
Love you Danny Boy. I too missed this great article -- until I read about Danny's threat to file a libel suit, and efforts to get the author fired, as reported by the Washington Post. Thanks so much, Danny. I and countless others wouldn't have known about this article if it weren't for you.

Reminds me of the late Virginia Senator William L. Scott. Back in 1974, the esteemed Senator called a news conference to denounce some obscure research group's naming him "Dumbest member of Congress", thus a) confirming that he richly deserved the "award" and b) assuring that millions who didn't know of this "award" would learn of it.
I like so many others have been a redskin fan for most of my life. I used to watch them play on sundays with my dad and two brothers. We always had a great time cheering for our redskins. I remember the fun of watching the hogs and the fun bunch after a touchdown celebrate. Now all that is gone, the only thing left is the total heart break of defeat. Since Snyder acquired the team I have not watched a game. It seems there is no reason or rhyme for the behavior of this owner other then greed. I do not buy anything redskin any more. I so admire Jack Kent Cooke, he may have been an ass but he knew how to run his organization and he knew how to treat the fans who came to see his team play Mr Snyder it was called respect. You can't receive what you yourself will not give. Money is a necessary evil but to what level to you place money above the people around you. It is time Mr. Snyder to hand over the reigns to a more qualified owener, someone who really knows the game and can shape this team back into our once glorious redskin team. Mr. Snyder you have proven only one thing YOU ARE NOT THE MAN FOR THE JOB. You never where and never will be! So go back to stealing, lying, cheating and whatever other corupt dealings you do and leave our redskins alone. Don't drag them down with you anymore. They along with their fans need to be able to lift our heads with pride once again and we will never do that as long as your around.
Great article, and perversely hilarious -- even more so now that the scumbag in question is threatening action against City Paper, one of the few local media outlets he can't get his grubby paws into! I am SO glad I'm not a Redskins fan, b/c it would be so painful and sad to have to endure his gouging and incompetence just to see the team I love in any capacity. Instead, I was able to just laugh at his bumbling during my 10 years in DC, and pray that my team never fell under such a shadow. Hopefully this article will be the last straw for many fans and give them the gumption to say enough is enough!
Scary part is how true all of this is.....and I did not think anyone could make Al Davis look like a good owner until Danny-Boy came along!

Maybe Uncle Al and Danny Boy can go off and form a league of their own somewhere else, and sell their respective interests in the Redskins and Raiders? It could make for a better world!
That's the greatest article ever, what a guy. He's the reason i don't care about the Skins anymore. Sad that i've been a fan since i was 5 and i'm in my 40's now. Go Ravens... And don't call him Dan, it's Mr Snyder lol, what a tool !!
I will not buy a ticket to a Redskins Game until Dan Scheider sells the team. I have been a fan for over 40 years. I can wait.
I am a 3rd generation native Washingtonian. Like a lot of others have been a redskin fan all my life until Dan Snyder. Does this mean I can sue him, I'm sure a sharp attorney could come up with the right angle??? I don't see him as a good person I only see him as a bad team owner. I stopped rutting for the skins in 2001, I just could not take it. I know it's not the teams fault, they can't help who owns them. I will not support anything that Dan Snyder has a hand in. This has nothing to do with his religious beliefs, though I don't know much about the religion of money. He has made the team and the fans the laughing stock of the NFL. This is my opinion and I am entitled to it.
At age 40, I'm glad Dan Snyder didn't own the Redskins when I was a child and cheered for Theisman, Monk, Riggins and company. Make's me glad that I no longer live in Redskin country and that I am a proud Raven Fan, and have been since 1997.
Is one guide enough?
Should we at least blame some of this on the "squire'.Mr. Cooke could have made the skin's public like the GB packers all of us would have brought stock and the Squire still would have his trust for his egg heads!And best of all NO DANNY!
Snyder is a kookabury! I hope he burns in hell....... or where ever stupid greedy village idiots go to burn. He could go down as biggest jack a$$ in sports history!
Spot On Dave....f ing priceless. This c sucker has single handedly destroyed this storied organization. I could never imagined growing up as a native Washingtonian that things would ever get this bad. Such a disgrace....I miss Bobby Beathard. The Squire must be rolling and rolling over in his grave.......
What a loser. Good thing he has lots of money because he has a habit of losing it. Stop trying to run a footbaall team if you know nothing about it. You cannot BUY knowledge!
And to think I was a die hard Dallas fan for 30 years and left because I could not stomach Jery Jones any longer. I even bought Redskins season tics. Synder you are a clone of Jerry Jones. Snyder, it would be nice if your organization would answer my emails sent to your season ticket group. I have sent 5 over the past several months with no response! Oh, no explanation from your employees. YOU have trained them well.
What a loser...little man syndrome...hahahahaha
Absolutely mind boggling stupidity. Great reporting. It beggars the old question about how the fool got the money in the first place.
That was a great article. I enjoyed reading all the shenanigans that go along with being a Redskins fan. Worst owner in sport. Even worse than Jeffrey Lurie.
I have now come to the conclusion that we are in for a very long draught when comes to winning. This assclown has nothing but bad carma coming his way........wish he bought The Cowboys instead. Guess the only way to watch the skins live is at another teams stadium. What a shame I remember going to RFK with my gradfather during the over the hill gang days.....I wanted to give those fond memories to my kids as my grandfather gave to me, but I am boycoting this jackass till he sells. Jack Kent Cooke is rolling over in his grave and wishing he willed the team to his son John instead of making him buy it from his foundation. Snyder You Suck!!!!!!!!!!! may the bird of paradise, fly over and crap on your head.
This Snidely Whiplash Danny-boy is a world class bunghole! I worked with a lady who was top notch Redskin fan who was proud of her family's season tickets & telling me of the waiting list that I could not comprehend. It's sad to see an egotistical ratbastard put his (failing) stamp on a once proud franchise. I thought Bud Adams was the biggest dill-hole owner in the NFL, but I stand corrected! Dan Snyder, you and your cronies are bad news!


Unfortunately is a terrible owner based on the allegations by Dave McKenna in his news article. If this article is true with clear facts to back it up, why is Snyder trying to get him fired from his jos as a reporter for telling the truth!

Anyone who would waste 122 million dollars of Bill Gates money and subsequently removed from Six Flags Board for fiduciary irresponsibility should not be the owner of The Washington Redskins or any company. Mr. Snyder does not know how to run an NFL franchise and he needs to sell The Redskins before he does anymore harm to the club or the league image. I am shocked that ESPN/OTL (Outside The Lines)has not done a story on his many business misdeeds.
i root for washington, and

i root for washington, and

i root for washington, and
wow, that guy is a bigger douchebag than i thought
to City Paper--you should consider setting up a legal defense fund to receive contributions online, or through the mail by check. I believe that you would be surprised at the depth of your support.
What a great read! Makes me appreciate the Rooney family and the Steelers that much more. And hats off to City Paper for publishing this piece, too. Surely they saw the lawsuit on the wall with this, but First Amendment trumps potential suit. Your writer rocks in a very big way. He deserves a raise!
danny snyder will never hod a super bowl trophy in his life because he is a failure as an owner.

he has zero class, though he thinks it's for sale.
What a great (sadly enough) story. It almost reads like a Ripley's "Believe it or Not..."

I have 2 questions:

How does a guy that operates this way, stay on top? (We all know how he got to the top - lying, cheating, conniving and stealing)

Second, who in the NFL did due diligence on this incompetent fraud, before agreeing to let him purchase the team?? Outrageous, and this article outlines how damaging a huckster like Snyder can be to the health and well-being of a team.
great read he sounds like a winner. must be a member of the lucky sperm club
great read he sounds like a winner. must be a member of the lucky sperm club
WOW! He's a bigger idiot than I ever believed. Makes me so happy that we have Jerry Jones in Dallas. Yeah, we haven't gotten back to the Super Bowl in a while, but at least we don't have a complete moron in charge.

Dan Snyder is truly the epitome of JERKY LOSER!
Thank you Dave McKenna! I had been a Redskins fan for over 45 years, since I was a little boy.
Snyder has ruined my loyal support for my hometown team. I can no longer root for a team owned by this man. If anything, you went easy on him. I could add another dozen instances of detestable behavior by this jerk and his fading NFL franchise.
I hope more Redskins fans will wake up and realize that John Riggins is right...Snyder is just a bad guy.
The City Paper must stand up for Mr. McKenna and his outstanding work.
Hate the owner, love the team? I did that in Tampa during the Culverhouse years. I don't think I can do it for Snyder's Redskins. I hate you guys. Lose lose and lose some more.
Ever since this little guy showed-up as Redskins owner and was televised in his luxury suite wearing those $2,500 suits with white shirt and tie I did not like the person! To me, he never appeared as a sports fan, just a money hungry bloodsucker. Now, after reading this article "The Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide to Dan Snyder" I consider him as pond scum and a menace to society. It even makes me think far less of Mike Shanahan for going to work for him regardless of how much money he's getting paid. I've always rooted against the Skins and shall continue to do so. Go Cowboys, Eagles and Giants!
Ya know? I knew Snyder was a s@*#head, but I had no clue as to what an incredibly offensive, amoral scuzbucket he really was. It's astounding to me that he can get away with all of this BS and still be in the NFL. Of course, there is the precedent of Al Davis in Oakland. As we all know, he's crazy as a loon. But Snyder? He's a jackal. He should be tarred and feathered (literally) and then run out of town (again, literally).

Eugene, Oregon
That's it! I'm suing each and every one of you! All of these comments are libelous and slanderous!!! If you don't like me or my team, well, screw you!! I've got enough money that I really don't give a crap about you little people. I could buy all of you and put you to work as my servants!! I hate DC, and I hate all of you! So pi$$ off!
1) Where can I donate to the WCP Defense Fund?

2) Verizon/GTE were fined $3.1 million for slamming. Verizon/GTE fingered Snyder Communications for forging thousands of signatures without their knowledge. Verizon/GTE stopped using Snyder, afterwards.

3) The dollar amount Snyder is requesting for defamation is ludicrous considering City Paper's reader base is small. If it weren't for the suit publicity, millions wouldn't have known about this article.

4) That Rabbi playing the anti-semitism card is a laugher to defend the owner of the "Redskins".

5) Tanya Snyder should of kept her mouth shut or said "no comment" when asked about her husband. Instead, she towed the company/family line and made herself a public figure a long time ago.

6) All you dummies still buying Redskins merchandise are no better than Snyder.
I have no idea why my comments would have been flagged for spam or trolling. Perhaps Dan Snyder is in charge of this website as well.
WOW!! This is a great article! I was unaware of this article until reading about the impending lawsuit in the Washington Post. He makes Gordon Gekko look like an alter boy! I have given the soap opera at Redskins Park a name, "As The Redskins Burn". I'm thinking of holding a "Name The Redskins Soap Opera Contest" on my site for people to submit and vote for an "official" name. It's really sad to see what a mess the franchise has become.
The day the music died.

Owners like Snyder and Jones will ultimately destroy the entire league. The Maras and Roonys and Halas's sacrificed for the good of the league for generations. They cared for the common good. And they built something.

Can you imagine Snyder sacrificing anything? I suppose we are simply, of a time. The new breed. Look at Dan Rooney's ego and look at our little butterball's ego. What good ending can there possibly be? None, I propose.

My only comment for the esteemed Mr. Snyder: What an unimaginable pussy! And you know it. Heckava job, Brownie(strong resemblance).
A special thank you to Dave McKenna! This is how the rich get richer and dumber. I hope everybody reads it and if there is a chance of a boycott season then it will be known that the local public understood it.
Great article. I'm a long time Skins fan, thanks for emptying the closet.
I knew I didn't like Dan Snyder. I was a little misinformed. I now know he really is the devil. I hope this new attention he brought upon himself makes him run like the scared little boy he really is.
I read something on yahoo about this article, and it stated that you were accused by Dan, of being anti-semitic. He's an Idiot. Again.
I really don't want to, but I am going to pray for him.
Fed up w Fed Ex!
Love you Baby! Hate your owner!...JET
HAHAHAHAHAH This is spectacular, absolutely awesome! The best part is you can now add to this list (as if you couldn't already) about how he is now trying to get a reporter fired for pointing out various faults of his! Snyder seems more fit to do business in China, maybe North Korea.
Great column, one that every football fan should read. Seriously, Snyder is such a jackwagon, he makes Jerry Jones look like a rich alter boy. As much as it hurts me to say this, I'd rather have Jerry Jones as an owner, at least he WANTS to win. Why do we have to have this nutjob dramaqueen for an owner!?! As long as he is calling the shots, the Skins will NEVER be a Championship team!
Hey maybe we can host one though, lol!
Don't know why Danny is so upset. This stuff all happened. He is a spoiled brat who thinks the world revolves around him. You don't see the other team owners acting like him. He has absolutely no class. He bleeds his fans. Its too bad they don't wake up and realize they are lining his pockets and he's laughing about how they follow like sheep
No one knows what it's like
to be the damned man
to live in dan land
misprinted lies

But my team
They aren't as empty
As you deem my conscience to be
I have tickets
Many tickets
Profit is business
They're not for free....
Thank you for the great article. The reason Danny-boy is suing you is because it's all true and he hates articles that point out who he really is. The Washington Post itself lost several season tickets because they wrote negative articles about Danny-boy. Just like the Nazis in the 30's, he wants censorship of anything against him, even his staff @ Fed-ex is dressed in black (a-la Gestapo). There was a rumor that the second season of his $500 (to join) tail-gate (+$50 entrance fee) they were serving food left over from season one because he didn't want it to go to waste (apparently several people were sick). He doesn't care for fan safety; try walking around the stadium on the sidewalk during game days. Impossible, especially with the barriers set across the sidewalk at certain places, so you are forced to walk in the trafficked road. Same as walking from the old Capital Center, that's OK, because you pay a Danny-boy parking fees there. He has sent out ticket invoices for next year already and expects payment BEFORE there is even a new collective bargaining agreement (I guess he needs as much interest as possible). I would really like to know how the truth printed about a public, nationally known, figure is defamation? Good luck with the law suit. Pity you can't counter sue.

My family has had tickets for 70 years. We had a group that sat together during the entire period- sons-daughters-grandsons/grandaughters
Snyder forced out three rows of our group and replaced them with touchdown club members .(Over 40 )
It was the most dispicable thing I ever saw. One of our members hadn't missed a game for 50 years.
I barely go to games anymore- I use them for business and it is still pains me to have to tailgate at FED- UP Stadium-especially in the designated tail gate zones and then have to go inside and pay 8-9 dollars for a cold one.
He is a jerk but what can you do.
The only thing he ever did right in my opinion was when he got rid of Vinny Cerrato and chartered several planes to fly the fans down to Tampa for a playoff game several years ago with a block party included.
Unfortunately he has taken center stage once again and made our team look like crap again
Great article! I fully support your efforts to defend freedom of speech! How can I help with the lawsuit that Snyder is launching against your paper?
Really sad actually. Once a great franchise with storied characters, is now a laughing stock and an embarrassment. The only recourse I can think to do is not buy tickets or licensed product. Other than that, what can you do? Honestly, we need an organized walk out so he losses so much money that he has to sell the team. Don't think fans will do it though. Thanks for the article...I did learn a lot I didn't know.
Thanks to Gene Weingarten for referring this excellent article. Lots of reasons to continue being a Patriots fan.
Dan Snyder has ruined football more than ANY other single person could possibly manage to do. He is a cancer to ALL professional sports.
Dan Snyder is the worst, most disgraceful NFL team owner in the history of the league.
The only thing I disagree with are the size of the devil horns you depicted in the picture of Snyder.....they should be alot bigger!
Thank you: an x redskin ticket holder..
Great many Redskins fans, I have been complaining about this jerk Snyder since he bought the team. Time after time he shows a complete and utter lack of respect, not only for the coaches he hires, but also for the fan base. How do jerks like this remain in business? Worse yet, how do they remain as owners of one of the most storied teams in the NFL? As a lifelong fan of the Redskins, I cannot abide anything about the Dallas Cowboys, but I have to say, Jerry Jones has proven himself to be a FAR BETTER OWNER than Dan Snyder will ever HOPE to be....and as far as I'm concerned, Snyder's lawsuit against this paper is nothing but another stunt by a whiny baby...who thinks he can get his own way if only he throws enough money around. Take a lesson here, cannot buy your happiness, so sell the Redskins NOW to someone who actually knows how to run a football organization. You're killing the team you claim to love...
CP needs to add the huckstering at Bank of America; it was comical to go in there in fall of 2009, with the team off to a dreadful start, and seeing the employees having to wear Redskins gear when cashing the Friday paychecks of Hispanic construction workers near East Falls Church. Snyder probably wanted BOA to charge these workers a Redskins premium for actually cashing a check. Just remember; Tanya Snyder says "we're not rich, we're succesful". If successful means exploiting the public, the Snyders are extremely successful.
Dan Snyder is what our kid's call a "LOSER". Sorry, but if the shoe fits wear it. It seems he has played people for so long that he believes he is the victim. But the only victims here are the ever so loyal fans of the Redskins and those he used for his finanical adventures i.e. Bill Gates and others he took advantage of. Remember what goes around comes around it's something we of the 60's call Karma. One suggestion to Mr. Snyder from a middle class Mom of the Lower Eastern Shore of MD, SELL THE REDSKINS WE WANT OUT TEAM BACK.
Dan Snyder is what our kid's call a "LOSER". Sorry, but if the shoe fits wear it. It seems he has played people for so long that he believes he is the victim. But the only victims here are the ever so loyal fans of the Redskins and those he used for his finanical adventures i.e. Bill Gates and others he took advantage of. Remember what goes around comes around it's something we of the 60's call Karma. One suggestion to Mr. Snyder from a middle class Mom of the Lower Eastern Shore of MD, SELL THE REDSKINS WE WANT OUT TEAM BACK.
One-million sperm and he's the one who gets through. SMH
You could receive no better validation than a lawsuit from Washington DC's own little man Banana Dictator! I support you and the Truth Dave McKenna.
Snyder is a BITCH! If I saw his BITCH ASS on the street, I'd slap his sorry little face like the BITCH he is! Anything for a buck......from that sorry fuck!
are you serious

i wish everyone would cancell their season tickets until this little bozo

sells the team - how did he ever make soo much money to buy the team

i know how by being a little typical f###$#@$ j#@#!&$ a#@$#%$

what goes around comes around - i have met and once worked for an F#@# like

him - hit him where it hurts - his wallet - the small little man has nothing


in his very sad life
are you serious

i wish everyone would cancell their season tickets until this little bozo

sells the team - how did he ever make soo much money to buy the team

i know how by being a little typical f###$#@$ j#@#!&$ a#@$#%$

what goes around comes around - i have met and once worked for an F#@# like

him - hit him where it hurts - his wallet - the small little man has nothing


in his very sad life
So we have to be careful not to offend muslims - so we (including the president) talk about all their accomplishments (without ever citing one) - but it is perfectly fine to draw horns on a pic of a jewish person. Where is the article showing Obama's head on a monkey's body?
Great Article! I'm glad Snyder has to read this. What a complete and total failure/loser Snyder is. He is a complete and to embarassment. As a Buc's fan, I am sometimes unhappy with our owner, but not anymore. This guy makes Al davis look smart.
I call on a all Danny BOY Snyder boycott!
And i challenge any and everyone who comes in contact with him to treat him the way he treats others.
We can make it a game. Post how you dissed the Danny!
I knew there was a problem with Dan Snyder as owner of the Redskins, especially the $100M to Haynesworth and all, but all the other shenanigans -- simply astounding --
Great article. It's time for the egotistical Mr. Synder to go. He has ruined the Redskins, all the while claiming to be the consumate steward for the team and living a dream as a life long fan...Unfortunately he hasn't a clue about the game. But, to his credit as a businessman(sic), he has a built the 'Skins into one of the most profitable sports ftanchises in the world. All at the expense of the die hard fans he inherited..well they are heading for the door in droves. Nothing pleases me more to see increasing numbers of empty seats at the games !!
I never would have thought to say that before the Snyder era..But face it, where else can one to continue to deliver an increasingly poor product while at the same time boasting of record profits year after year. Way to go Danny. You are destroying the franchise you supposedly love out of ignorance and desire for personal gain.
Thank you. Somebody finally wrote how it is. I have been a Redskins fan since I moved to No. Virginia in 1970. Many times we wondered what the heck is Jack doing, but he always had people to level things out (Bethard, Gibbs). I knew after the first season Snyder was on his way to ruining a very proud franchise. What a shame for fans that use to have the record for the most continuous sold out games.

I figure he has 2 choices: 1st SHUT UP or 2nd sell the team to a person that knows how to run a football team and finally allow us true Redskins Fans the opportunity to stand up and say we have a great team.
What a jerk this guy is. I used to be a Skins fan but now its just painful to turn the TV on. Going to FedEx field is also a very taxing experience not to mention how expensive it it. Football is a working man's sport to enjoy but not many working people that I know can afford the minimum $150 that it will cost to go to one of the games. I would suggest a full boycot of all things Redskins until Snyder sold the team but unfortunately few people around here are willing to give up rooting for their team for a season or two to make that happen. Oh well, I guess we will spend the next two or three decades in football hell.
I love this article. It is so hard being a Redskins fan. I wish the owner could be fired. The only reason Dan Snyder wants the writer fired is because the writer put up a mirror to him. Truth hurts Dan. Get over it.
Nothing like karma.
Hello Dave
Im not sure I can remain a fan of the Redskins after readiing this (I probably will). I am 33, and have been a Redskins fan since I watched them win the superbowl in 1982. On one hand I have nothing but love for my beloved Skins, but on the other hand (after reading this) I am begining to dislike how the team has been ran for the last 12 years. Is there anything good that you have found that our ignorant owner has done to be positive. If so, you should probably write " The very short but positive fans guide to Dan Snyder" so you can keep your job and do what you do best, keeping us (the Redskins) relevant. I will most likely remain a Skins fan for years to come, and know that eventually our time will come. I mean come on, atleast he hasn't become Al Davis.

Chris Angell-Asheville NC
Snyder is a moral and intellectual degenerate. He can't stand the truth and that is why he has threatened litigation.

Snyder had everything in life handed to him. Without all of that money behind him, he would be a complete nobody. Snyder is a mere by-product of the pathologies of our political and economic system.
Dear Mr. Snyder: I never heard of the Washington City Paper before, and certainly never read this piece. Always thought you were inept as an NFL owner, but in an innocent kid-in-a-candy-store kind of way. Didn't know much about you beyond that. Thanks to your ridiculous lawsuit you made Drudge and now I (and I'll bet thousands upon thousands of others) have heard of the City Paper and have read the article. Roger Goodell, call your office! Now I think Frostburg aptly named its weasel stew after a weasel of the first order. Not sure where you came up with the anti-semetic thing. I for one (a)didn't know you were Jewish (b) would not have known or even suspected that you were Jewish after reading the article and(c)now suspect that ADL and others will be more offended by your cloaking yourself in the mantle of victimhood than would be offended by the article, which is clearly critical of you for what you have done not because of your race or religion. The article appears to truthfully collect in one place many things I had been vaguely aware of but had never put all together. Powerful, truthful, detailed indictment of your business practices. The story is really anti-sleazetic, or anti-money-grubbing-word-breaking-team-destroyeretic. To close, thanks for suing so that I and others like me could read this excellent article, which we would never have heard about but for your own continued ineptness. For a PR guy you could sure use a good PR guy.

Best regards,

Thanks, Danny Snyde! I never woulda seen this if you hadn't brought it to my attention. I think I'll read the City Paper more often from now on.
i can see why he doesn't want this in print but stick to your story, it's a good one and dead on
riggins has it right this guy is evil !!
I hope you get sued, and ruined. Completely! WTF is your problem?
Great article. Snyder is, and will continue to be, a bad human being and even worse NFL owner. The fact he is trying to get you fired is ludicrous. He is a baby and can't stand criticism, yet he continues to perform immoral acts and authorize terrible football operations. What is weird is that his wife seems to be a very nice person, which makes me wonder what kind of contract she's working for, or what kind of blackmail he has hanging over her head.
My Dad and I used to go to 1 game a year at RFK back when I was in high school. It seemed expensive even back then when ticket prices were $35/seat, but you could bring in basically whatever you wanted to eat and metro was cheap and convenient. I still remember those games. I remember on Monday night, during their last year at RFK, we watched Darrell Green (my favorite player and jersey) rip the ball out of Keyshawn Johnson's hands in the end zone. The fans chanted Keyshawn's name all game. The Skins won. The stadium was rocking, people were screaming, it was a true home field advantage. It was incredible and I miss those times.

Fast forward to 2011. The team has been horrible for a full decade. Ticket, parking, and concession prices have never been higher. Multiple unsuccessful coaches. A slew of overpaid and worthless free agents like Sanders, Haynesworth, Archuleta, B. Smith, just to name a few. Underpaid producers like Fletcher and McIntosh. Absolutely the worst draft picks of any team in the NFL lead by the owner's buddy. The stadium has not personality and is simply one gigantic advertisement.

Dan Snyder - I've gotten to the point that I don't care if the Skins win or lose anymore and neither does my father. As difficult as that is to do, you found a way and that's on you. Even though we don't cheer for the Skins anymore, at least we still have the enjoyment of cheering against you.

Great article, Mr. McKenna. Thanks for writing it.
Dan Snyder is a moron. I wish the NFL would take the team away from him. That's the only way the Redskins team will ever be a true winner.
As long as Redskins fans continue to purchase Redskins products and tickets, the Snyder greed and madness will continue. The best way for fans to fire Danny, (in his own mind, "Mr. Snyder") is to boycott his product. I mean seriously boycott the product.
As long as Redskins fans continue to purchase Redskins products and tickets, the Snyder greed and madness will continue. The best way for fans to fire Danny, (in his own mind, "Mr. Snyder") is to boycott his product. I mean seriously boycott the product.
If he had not sued the paper I would have never been aware of this article. As a long time fan I am aware of most of these events but I have never seen them documented in such a concise manner. Good article, Snyder is a weasel.
Thank you Dan. Were it not for your frivolous lawsuit, I never would have read this article.

I think you should get a raise and promotion for this report.
Do rich guys even know how silly they sound when they say they are
"going to get some one fired"??

The best is trying to sell mattresses at theme parks.I know when its time to shop for a mattress I head to Six Flaggs.

I think Dan Snyder should move to Pittsburgh for 5 years and do an internship with the Rooneys of the Steelers and learn how to be an NFL owner.


Paul S
great article. I am a professional waiter who has served Snyder on several occasions. My observations. Arrogant, rude and a free-loader. He would come in to Bonarotti restaurant in Vienna Va., Cooley's favorite restaurant, be treated to a great meal (gratis) with his cronies, including Vinny Cerrato, and either leave a paltry tip or none at all. Never thanked anybody. Thanks for exposing him again.
@ 444 you are so right. I wish everyone would cancel their season tickets. That would teach this guy a lesson. Great article never heard of the Washington City paper till now but I'll be reading it more often now.
Glad I'm a Giants fan, as far as I'm concerned he can "keep on trucking" up.
Glad I'm a Giants fan, as far as I'm concerned he can "keep on trucking" up.
This is the greatest article ever!!! This guy Snyder seems like a real P.O.S. I am a chicago fan but even I feel bad for Redskins fans having to deal with this guy. Keep reporting the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sounds like Snyder should be sued for crimes against humanity.
Dan really screwed the pooch with this lawsuit. I didn't even know about the "offending" article until I read about the lawsuit. Now thousands more will read it and so the CP will win out.

Bottom line: Legally he has no chance. He is a public figure (Hell, he even makes pizza commercials . . . or was that Little Ceasar?) and he'll never prove malice. So he not only loses, but he also highlights the very problems he wished to bury.

He was a loser. Now he is a whinning, bulling one. He need to sell the team, change his name and move to another town.
Great summary of a problem owner...we could use an expose of this caliber in San Diego...and, I'd guess Dallas would like one as well!
I call it the "Curse of Jack Kent Cooke" the redskins will never win a super bowl under this asshole's leadership.
Oops. I posted that last comment before seeing all this. 196 posts between first publication and February 1; 261 in the three days since the lawsuit got attention. The man has every bit as much PR genius as he does football knowledge. Christ, Dan, shit on your shoes much?
GREAT POST !!!!!!! I hope that the paper can avoid a lawsuit with my satin neighbor. Many good thoughts being written and the only ones that will hit home with Dan is MONEY. If you have season tickets boycott the pre-season games and let the good writers in town cover the backlash. The only way..... and I mean ONLY way Dan will leave is if his money stops coming in, or the NFL sees what he is doing to a historic franchise......people need to stay away and start firing letters to the NFL
WONDERFUL column! Dan Snyder has been a plague on our beeloved team and community from the start. He is the clearly the root cause of all of the team's woes and of the abuses that the fans have suffered due to Snyder's rapacious actions. I gave up my season tickets rather than continue to feed his ever more hungry maw and deal with the far too expensive hassle that going to a Redskins game has become. Now, I just cringe at home watching on ewashed up former star after another enjoy a bloated paycheck with no result. Snyder is an embarassment to DC and should be ashamed of himself. If only there was a legal mechanism to force a wayward owner to give up his ownership. Certainly, no one has earned such action more than this weasel.
Great article, amazing amount of information...being a Bears fan I had no idea what DB this dude is. It is hard to believe that a guy can be so successful in one area of business and a complete moron in another. It is a shame that a storied franchise has to be owned by such a dork. That being said, because I love the Bears I hope this nitwit owns them less team the Bears will have to contend with. Poor Jack Kent Cooke must be rolling over in his grave.
Greed will kill a franchise, business, faster than anything and it is sadly apparant that Dan snyder cares all too much about the all mighty dollar and not the fan...please tell me that the season ticket holder who was behind on her payments got help from an angel investor...

Danny is a bully - but but instead of being a big physically imposing bully he's using his wallet. I was born a Skins fan - I was in elementary school and high school in the late 80's early 90's... those were the days. But we have not been relevant since. Danny is slowly losing me as a fan. I haven't completely gone, but I tape more games that I watch later... I used to plan my day to make sure I watched it live... no more. It's sad! I hope all of Washington reads this article and the Washington Post article about the suit.. and responds both online and at the games! This guy needs to GROW UP, start acting like a normal human being and let someone competant run the organisation he says he's loved since being a child!!
If the Tunisians and the Egyptiand can do it, why can't we start a mass public demonstration of our own and force the little bugger out? I'll bet hundreds of thousands of pissed off former Redslkins fans would happiuly gather in front of Danny's house (sorry, gated community) and at Redskins Park. Perhaps some pitchforks and torches might convince him its time to go ruin someone else's world. In this world of Twitter and Facebook, I'll bet it wouldn't be too hard to get this going.
Why cannot Cunard Lines build another Titanic Liner and give Napoleon Snyder a free trip to the North Pole during Growler season?
Why cannot Cunard Lines build another Titanic Liner and give Napoleon Snyder a free trip to the North Pole during Growler season?
You forgot removing Jack Kent Cookes name from FEDX Field
CONGRATULATIONS are due to you for printing this amazing article. All of us long-suffering fans have our favorite memories of the Snyder years, but this puts the whole debacle into perspective.

Hail to the Deadskins... may their suffering (and ours) be over soon.
This happened to me. It is the worst feeling in the world. I feel so sorry for Dave. I'm so disgusted with Snyder.
You left out the fact that Snyder tried to destroy the career of the National Park Service ranger who cited him for his destruction of trees on the C&O Canal.
Great article. Hopefully the Skins will be sold at some point in my lifetime. Snyder is a cancer.
Good article. However, you forgot one thing, "Security." Snyder instituted security checks for the ostensible purpose of preventing terrorists from bombing his stadium. However, the security personnel are instructed to seize even the smallest amounts of food from fans, including chewing gum, peanuts, etc. in an effort to preserve Snyder's monopoly on selling bad food at ridiculous prices at his stadium.
I think that this is very amusing, but would NOT call it journalism in the sense that it is real news, but more of an entertaining feature
Kudos for this article. I've always felt that Snyder was the problem and it's nice to see the many ways he has been. I used to work in the building with Snyder Communications and let's just say they didn't hire the cream of the crop for their entry-level employees.

All it takes is a 1,000,000 Skins fans (I'm sure there are that many) with $1,000 each (average) and we can buy this team back from this worthless fan, that is Snyder. He can than try to buy the Cowboys and run them into the ground, thereby restoring my faith in him being a Skins fan.
REAL Redskin fans would boycott all games until they forced Dan Snyder to give up the team. Bickering and complaining can ease frustration, and that is totally understandable, but do something constructive collectively with it!
JOHN KENT COOKE - people should re-read the interview he gave a year or so ago. It illuminated the total arrogance Snyder has - especially the part when John Kent Cooke said to Snyder over a private lunch during the period he was trying to buy the Redskins - that he wanted to keep the team in the Cooke family and one day pass it to his children and Jack Kent Cooke's grandchildren. Snyder replied "Well, I want to pass the team along to my own children." God good almighty, I think we all should be VERY scared!
Also, forgot to add that I have also been a Skins fan from 1972 to present.
My 4 kids ages 26, 22. 20, and 16 love the skins. I had season tickets from 1985
to 2004. RFK was the BEST ..FEDx sucX bad. I had 4 seats and it was under 450$
then to fedx I had 2 seats row 25 , 50 yard line skins side $1000.00 then after
2004 season I gave up because Dan priced me out. I will always be a Redskins fan!
One man will not change me ..I like the players and the fan's. We have a GM and a hall of fame coach. Mark my words 2012 we could be 500 then 2013 still a avgerage team 2014 will be a the playoffs. Dan is Smart and has lost mega bucks
on the skins other NFL GMs and fan's all say the Washington Redskins are a better team and now have RESPECT around the NFL ....Yes it took 15 years of loosing millions but you will see !! Move the team back to DC !!!!!!
Also, forgot to add that I have also been a Skins fan from 1972 to present.
My 4 kids ages 26, 22. 20, and 16 love the skins. I had season tickets from 1985
to 2004. RFK was the BEST ..FEDx sucX bad. I had 4 seats and it was under 450$
then to fedx I had 2 seats row 25 , 50 yard line skins side $1000.00 then after
2004 season I gave up because Dan priced me out. I will always be a Redskins fan!
One man will not change me ..I like the players and the fan's. We have a GM and a hall of fame coach. Mark my words 2012 we could be 500 then 2013 still a avgerage team 2014 will be a the playoffs. Dan is Smart and has lost mega bucks
on the skins other NFL GMs and fan's all say the Washington Redskins are a better team and now have RESPECT around the NFL ....Yes it took 15 years of loosing millions but you will see !! Move the team back to DC !!!!!!
Mr. Mckenna did an excellent job with his reporting and should be proud of his work. This article says what most REDSKINS fan already knew, Dan (Ratman) Synder is the football owner equivalent to Kenneth Lay of Enron! Synder is greedy, manipulative, selfish, and is obviously not a true sports fan. As a native Washingtonian and true Redskin fan I would like to thank Mr. Dan McKenna for his concise and honest report!
*Mr. Dave McKenna! My bad Big Dave, great article again!
dan snyder is the worst person in the world.
dan snyder is the worst person in the world.
Dan Synder is such a joke. He's the laughingstock of owners/leadership in the NFL and continues to make it worse. I mean, there's really only one answer to the question, "Who is the only owner who would run a franchise worse than Al Davis?" That answer is clear.... Dan Snyder!
Is it any wonder that when the Redskins play the Steelers it appears that FedEx Field has been moved to Western Pa? The Danny will do anything to make a buck, including alienating his fan base. Unfortunately, Redskins fans have long been dedicated and find it difficult to "protest" in any measureable fashion for fear of losing their tickets. The experience is watered down in the bland, metal closure that replaced the heart and aura of RFK Stadium.I spent many years attending games in DC but gave up my tickets in the 2nd year after the move. Maybe someone should leave a few gallons of vanilla ice cream in Snyders office.
Wow - it's amazing how this article grew just while I was reading the comments. a) Andyman should read "A" above, he is a Danny boy flunky. b) Danny boy's lawyers know they have no suit, but finally somebody is getting one over on him, they're just taking some of his $ to file the suit and placate Danny boy. c) Not to be bigotted but the short Austrian w/ the 'tash should have finished his "final solutioned" and removed Danny boys' parents so that he would not even be around. (then gotten rid of) d) Most American Indians had no problem w/ the name because it did represent honor, pride and winning, and non-American Indians should butt out, they can't speak for a different race. e) Same vein, it's people like Danny boy who give Jews a bad name and cauze people to stereo type, he is even disliked by people in his own Synagogue!
What a Royal Dick---This is exactly why the Skins suck...time to fire the owner...and Danny Boy, you should be lucky you don't own the Eagles or Bears...those fans would have run your ego-sized ass out of town so fast and seize the team back you would have been lucky to be a ticket taker at Six Flags--er...if they are still around.

When will DC learn the way to liberate the team is to stop going, stop watching and stop buying the Redskins and their products. I have---and my new team, the Steelers---will be working this Sunday--in the Super Bowl.

Screw you, Danny litte rich boy.

What a Royal Dick---This is exactly why the Skins suck...time to fire the owner...and Danny Boy, you should be lucky you don't own the Eagles or Bears...those fans would have run your ego-sized ass out of town so fast and seize the team back you would have been lucky to be a ticket taker at Six Flags--er...if they are still around.

When will DC learn the way to liberate the team is to stop going, stop watching and stop buying the Redskins and their products. I have---and my new team, the Steelers---will be working this Sunday--in the Super Bowl.

Screw you, Danny litte rich boy.

Most people don't know this, but ... Danny boy wants to move the team back to the city because, get this, so he can build a new stadium w/ PSL's, because he is not rich enough and needs another billion (100,000 seats w/ an average PSL price of $10,000.00 {over an average of 10 years}= $1,000,000,000.00) GREED baby G R E E D !!!!!!!!!!

If you look closely you can see the 666 the devil branded into his forehead...GREAT ARTICLE!!!!!! Can't wait until you can update it next week.
I would like to see "Mr. Snyder" place a chair on the 50 yard line during halftime at a home game. Then, I would like to see "Mr. Snyder" sit himself in the chair. Then I would like to see all security and police exit the stadium. Then I would like "Mr. Snyder" to feel the love the fans have for him.

Hey...stop calling me's not fair!! I'm going to tell my mommy on you or better yet, I'm going to raise parking prices on you jerks. I HATE YOU...You exist only to make me money--money money money---I love money. Especially when it is other peoples' money--AND I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAHA...Guess what? I'm sold out for the next ten years so my money is already made--SUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!! I need to go, I'm taking my helicopter to by champagne...keep spending money Suckers!!!!!!

Dan "I never slammed anyone I didn't like" Snyder
A most insightful Dan Snyder will sue you for a bizillion dollars.
Thanks to this goob Jerry Jones And Al Davis are not even in the running for goofiest owner in the NFL!
Wow, great compendium. I never would have found this if Snyder didn't want to sue you. I thank Mr. Snyder for guiding me to this treasure trove.
Thanks! Great job and it's nice to know somebody isn't afraid to take on a JERK. Mark Welsh
Amazing article. Why is this guy still around? Oh, money, of course.
Thank Dan Snyder for the law suit; I would have missed one of the best reads in a long time. Until people stop going to the games, this list will continue to grow.
This is a depiction of the sole reason why one of the greatest football organizations (prior to his ownership) has now become the mockery of lies, deception, price gauging and poor product that it is. I am no longer a season ticket holder and would never return as one, nor recommend anyone else to, unless this moron leaves the sport to an owner that has class, knowledge, dignity and has a genuine care for the fans of the game instead of only concerning himself with how much profit he can make. He is the inevitable DC curse. L for Losing Record says it all..
If Snyder could bring a winner would there be such hatred of the man? The constant grind for money by Snyder is to cover the massive amounts of money he spends on the team, give him this, he isn't cheap on paying for players...quality is another matter.
The story behind how Snyder made his money is inspiring. Americans love the idea of the entrepreneur, but when you get to know some, you hate the them.
If Snyder could bring a winner would there be such hatred of the man? The constant grind for money by Snyder is to cover the massive amounts of money he spends on the team, give him this, he isn't cheap on paying for players...quality is another matter.
The story behind how Snyder made his money is inspiring. Americans love the idea of the entrepreneur, but when you get to know some, you hate the them.
This is awesome. I don't think the general Redskins public knew much about this. We ALL know that Dan screwed the team and fans over repeatedly but all the details and other goings-on that he is a part of, are rather shocking but not surprising. I knew about the National Forest incident when it happened and he should have been forced to replace the trees with new ones. Almost every player and coach that has left Dan's Redskins has gone on to do quite well. Even Jason Campbell had a great season with the Raiders. Football is supposed to be about fun, fans, players and the game. Being an owner, you would think he would just enjoy owning what USED to be a great franchise. The Redskins will NEVER achieve what they have in the past under this 'jack-ass'. He has royally screwed everything that Redskins used to mean to this town. Charging for things that should be part of the whole experience such as watching practice is infantile. Anything to make a buck. Not ALLOWING people to WALK to the stadium? C'mon. I would be more than willing to shuttle every single ticket holder from their car offsite to the front gate just to keep the parking lot empty. Metro should run a line right to the park entrance so that NO ONE has to drive. With everything this 'nickel & dimer' has been a part of, wouldn't it be great if players, coaches and fans ALL SAT OUT the 2011 season. Just not show up. I'm sure there are contracts in place, but really, the players and coaches could probably afford it and maybe it would finally drive the point home to Danny. SELL THE TEAM TO SOMEONE WHO GIVES A S@*T ABOUT PEOPLE, PLAYERS, COACHES and FANS!!! Of course, now, he probably couldn’t get anywhere near what he paid for it, $800 million I believe. Ultimately, without fans, there would be NO TEAM. I've been a Redskins fan all my life and always will be. Just not a Dan Snyder fan....EVER!!!
HaHa this is great stuff; and the main reason i am no longer a skins fan. after 24 years of skins i stopped funding the snyder corporation in 2009 (was a Season pass holder). I am no longer stressed, i am happier and relaxed! I hope snyder is not surprised when more and more fans say no more of this SH*$&. I can no longer support a team that does not care about the fans and everything they do is about $. The only reason i saw this article is because of the lawsuit. I wonder if there is a site for de-fan the skins. I may create one! Facebook?
I just wanted to add my name to a list of someone who will donate (and offer pro-bono legal services) to defend against this nonsense.
As a Redskin's Fan for over 35 years. I say thank you for the article. I did not read the original article, I read it after reading about the Snyder lawsuit, in the Washington Post. I say let him sue. Every true fan knows that Dan Snyder is a weasel, and he is a money-grabbing, immoral person. Thank you for the article. If it is legal for the City Paper to solicit funds to defend the newspaper, I will be willing to contribute.
I say do not settle let him sue, no press is every bad press, what a brilliant way for advertising for the City Paper. BRILLIANT!!!!
You should add an addendum exploring how much more press this article got since Snyder is threatening the City Paper. What a moron.
Dear City Paper - don't let that ($^^&#^#^*@@*&#^$%) jerk run you off! We're behind you (AND I'm a Jew!)
Most of the blame goes to Snyder, but the fans are also to blame because they continue to fund a failing team. Redskins keep trying to get this one year run to the super bowl signing people like Deion Sanders, Bruce Smith, Jeff George , Randel El, Albert Haynesworth , David Pattern, Jessie Armstead, Jeremaiah Trotter, Adam Archuleta, Mark Carrier, Brandon Lloyd, Laveranues Coles, Jason Taylor, Cornelius Griffin, Donavan McNabb (2010 bust). The only recent free agent that has really showed any consistency is London Fletcher. Yet the players seem to wonder why the Redskins field does not feel like home field when they play in DC.

Then you have to consider the coaches in the last 10 years; Mary Schottenheimer , Jim Zorn, Steve Spurrier , Joe Gibbs, Terry Robiskie, Norv Turner and now Mike Shanahan.

Is Snyder stupid? not really because he continues to get paid for a team in last place.

Watching the Redskins is hazardous for your health, symptoms are anxiety, stress, irritability, feeling tense and jumpy, sweating, insomnia, tremors and twitches, abrupt yelling/screaming, hitting friends/strangers/family members, and of course frequent urination or diarrhea. As a result of these symptoms you may be a candidate for a heart attack or stroke. Remedies include finding a new team to be a fan of or just give up football all together! (This kids has the right mentally)
As a life long NY football Giant fan ALL HAIL DANNY BOY!
As a life long NY football Giant fan ALL HAIL DANNY BOY!
This a great historical view of Dan Snider. Continue the good work. THX.
This piece was hilarious. I hope a judge dismisses the suit and that Danny boy has to pay your legal fees.

I just feel really awful for the fans. Pittsburgh Pirate fans are at this point an extinct breed, replaced only by suburban families looking for a really cheap (you can get tickets for $7) to enjoy the river and the fireworks. I can only imagine that Redskins fans will become extinct in the next 10 years unless Snyder sells. This is honestly just sad.
This is a funny article and Dan Synder has no sense of humor. I've started a Facebook group to try to stop him, "Stop Dan Synder's(Redskin's Lame Owner) Lawsuit to City Paper& Dave McKenna". Please join and show Dan that all the money in the world won't stop a tyrant.
I love it... I'm sure you could add more to the guide, if you really wanted too! Maybe that's why he's upset
I dont know about all of you, but I am emailing Roger Goodell and plead with him to do something about this assclown. I found his email so please join me and help get this knuclehead out of the NFL.

All of these things sound very true about Dan Snyder. As much as I would not want any human being to be this incompetent, this bad in decision making, etc, this all sounds very true. And most of it is true. Thus Dan Snyder needs to drop his lawsuit and change the way he does business. If he does better, we will praise him, just as we had praised Jack Kent Cooke and Ted Lionsis of the Capitals. If he sue you, he will only embarrass himself further. I hope he tries so he can embarrass himself, but I sure hope he losses his case. To me, he doesn't stand a chance. You keep doing what you are doing. Thanks for writing this, we now know the plain truth about Dan Snyder. And I hope a lot of Redskin fans wake up and stop buying from this guy, until we see some good results.
Kudos for having the nerve to say what many people would like to say.But, don't have the nerve.
as a lifelong fan yes iam my family has had season tickets tickets since the days of griffth stadium i applaud you and your article the facts speak the truth we stand by you as fans who have a vested interaest in our team HEY DANNY BOY if the stve is too hot get out of the kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! take your money your bull headed ways to philly bring back the Cooks a real football family and if your a true fan as you state leave football to football people
I grew up a die-hard Skin's fan...every piece of Redskin football family...I owned it..I still have my football card albums archived and seperated into year/team/player.

Daniel Snyder has ruined everything about this team....The Cooke family must be spinning! I no longer support Washington at all until Snyder leaves, and I know he won't. It's a shame he ruined this team...his own father would be pissed!

Typical corporate guy with no common sense.
I have spent over $30k in ten years of Snyder-era season tickets; our place in the season ticket line being one of the few things my late father left me. We waited 14 years on the waiting list together. I finally stopped the hemorraging in 2010 and refused to put one more red cent toward Snyder-related organizations. Your article validates that decision.

Mr. McKenna, I expect you do your level best to expose this fraudulent little man in every way possible. As a born and raised Washingtonian, I think he has earned this city's disgust. He is truly a disgrace. I support you and will continue to boycott; I hope others will join.
Reads like a resume' for someone preparing to run for government office in Afghanistan.
As an Eagles fan, I'm glad the only thing I have to worry about is:

Being afraid to risk my marriage by taking my kids to games with our wonderful, classy fanbase
No Super Bowl wins
Only two Super Bowl APPEARANCES
Dog lovers barking at me for wearing the QB's jersey in public
12 years and counting of a mediocre, cheeseburger walrus of a coach who just cannot get the job done even with superior talent
Idiots who think I should root for the Steelers, a true winning team, just because they're also from Pennsylvania...even though FIVE other Super Bowl-winning teams, from the Redskins all the way to the Patriots, are closer to my doorstep

Despite all that, I don't feel so bad about my plight when reading about douchebag Snyder, who is even more useless in DC than Congress.

Thanks, I guess, from the bottom of my heart while I watch the Puppy Bowl this Sunday evening.
Anyone that watches the NFL knows Dan Snyder is a Napoleon type douchebag that will NEVER have a winning team, because of himself. He is a dumbass. GREAT ARTICLE. I laughed my ass off because it is oh so TRUE. File all the lawsuits you want Danny Douchebag, the truth hurts sooooo bad.
DS's lawsuit is only going to increase traffic to this article. I didn't even know about it until I read about the lawsuit in the WaPost, and now it's linked on my FB page. Bravo, McKenna.
Thanks Mr. Dan Snyder for making a stink about this article. I missed it when it came out the first time. Glad I had a second chance. I'm also glad I didn't eat your peanuts!
What a fabulous piece of work. There is the old adage that you cannot fire the owner, but consolidating his stupidity in one place for posterity is simply brilliant. For my own small part, I park offsite drink a beer or two on the way in and NEVER buy a thing during a game EVER. There were plenty of empty seats at the last game I attended, I may join that group.

You have to take pity on the owner's plight at the upcoming negotiations. The Post article outlines the owner position pretty well. Someone will trot out the inventory of Danny deals: McNabb, Fat Albert, the new Stadium and people should realize pretty quickly that the owner’s wounds are self-inflicted. The NFL may have gotten its anti-trust exemption by buying off Congressmen, but the only way they can buy off the fans is by using self restraint and providing reasonable value.

If Danny were measured on performance, he would have fired himself long ago.

Leave is to Snyder to play the Jewish card, what a whimp.
Awesome and very accurate! Please let's create a boy-cott Facebook account for next least for a few games :)
Great article!

I only wish someone here in the Baltimore media would do something similar on Oriole owner Peter Angelos, a Snyder-clone.
I wouldn't have seen this column, except that Snyder decided to sue, and Gene Weingarten wrote an open letter about it in the Washington Post. Snyder was just a name to me before this. Now, because he sued, I know him as a prize jerk. Smart move, Snyder.
Need to add "Whiner" under "W" after his reaction to this article.
Sounds pretty much like the creep he is..
I was in the owner's box during the infamous Philly game. You can't imagine how dysfunctional this leadership has become. The group is completely rudderless and unable to do anything but re-act to the press or worse yet react to the anticipated press reaction. There are people who know what to do, but the overridng belief is that a bit of well placed PR will solve everything.

They have fundamentally forgotten that it is good football that counts, not protecting the owner's self-esteem.

Little Danny is a miserable human being.
You forgot one thing that Snyder implemented: The implementation of fans paying full price for 2 exhibition games. Let's be real, the rest of the owners now do it and that is the real reason why the owner's want an 18-game schedule. Where I agree with management a lot, this is one thing that is shameful. GO BACK TO CHARGING DISCOUNTED PRICES FOR EXHIBITION GAMES!
I think we should all write the following:

Dear Senator/Representative XXXXXXXXXXX,

Please consider revoking the NFL's anti-trust exemption at your earliest convenience. It is clear to see that what is playing out within the league’s leadership is symptomatic of organizations that lack meaningful competition in the marketplace.

The leadership that has emerged post exemption is destroying what used to be a national asset – football as a sport. The league may point out that viable competition for watching football exists in many different forums: watching grass grow, going to the zoo, reading a book, tearing your hair out. The reality is that football, the sport, deserves protection from its leadership.
The only apparent protection for the game given the state of the present leaders is to allow for other leagues to form and carry on the tradition of the sport of football.

Remember Tunisia and Cairo….
Great article! Of course he has a lawsuit pending because that is what he does, bad business and PR decisions! I love the redskins but will not go to games because it is too expensive and I will not line his(Synders) pockets any more! I wish fans could fire an owner. Thank you and again GREAT ARTICLE!!

Mike K
You forgot to mention 'Watergate'. In 2006 we scrimmaged the Ravens at Fed Ex Field. Danny Boy made it "Fan Appreciate Day" and we all flocked to the stadium to see the scrimmage. It was a very hot August Day. The heat index had to be well over 100 Degrees and we had to pay $7 for a bottle of water. Something that we had to have just to stay alive and he charges us through the roof for it! Everything else was marked down too! It was all half price food, but not the water on that 100 degree day! He rose the price up on that one! I hope Danny Boy dies or sells the team soon!
Dave: Thank you for the long-overdue thorough reportage on a truly horrible human being. Egregious putz --Jeffrey Goldberg's metaphor -- doesn't begin to capture the man. One question: I know that Alan Greenspan and Andrea Mitchell have watched games from Snyder's box. That I can understand. But what of all the other presumably respectable DC celebs willing to rub shoulders with Dan for a couple of free tickets and a mess of buffalo wings? Have they no shame?

Mr. Dan has a problem. For a public figure to sue for libel, he must show that the writer acted with knowledge that the allegedly libelous statement is false, or in "reckless disregard" for whether it is false or not. (New York Times vs. Sullivan) McKenna provides citations in other media for nearly everything challenged by Mr. Dan's lawyers, which basically rules out "reckless disregard" and shows the comments are at least arguable if not totally true.

About all they've got is the statement about "forging names," which City Paper can argue is a synonym for slamming. Otherwise, they are going to hit the Sullivan wall, in which the Supreme Court ruled that small factual errors don't count. In Sullivan, for example, the Court held that the fact that the police did not actually "ring" the campus wasn't libelous since police were undoubtedly in the vicinity. That seems to cover the difference between selling mattresses at a theme park and using them in a hotel. It is almost impossible for a public figure to sue for libel anymore, and I doubt Mr. Dan is going to buck that trend.
Wait... Snyder is suing over THIS?

Every section is either an unquestioned fact (Team/coach records, prices charged for whatever) or is linked to a story, legal decision or article that offers either 1st person interview or direct party information!

Jesus H... The man can't be serious, can he?
Don't slanderous or libelous statements have to be factually untrue and made by a person who knows it for fact, yet makes the statement anyway to willfully hurt the offended party?

Well, since none of the sections fit that bill, he's hoooooooosed, and I hope that the Washington City Paper counter-sues for legal fees and punitive damages to THEIR reputation after this is done.
God Bless Ypu. This is why we started selling our prime seats five years ago after fourty years of loyal attendance. Synder is as classless as they get.
A puff peace. Not hard hitting enough.
Great article. The only part I would take exception to is the implication that Pat Bowlen only gave Mike Shanahan a ringing endorsement to get out of paying the rest of his contract. Ask any sports fan in Denver and they'll tell you that Pat Bowlen and Mike Shanahan are very close friends and that the decision to fire Shanahan didn't come easily for Bowlen. I have no doubt that Pat Bowlen would have given Shanahan a ringing and sincere enforcement whatever the circumstances of his contract.
I grew up a Redskins fan from the 60s through to the Cooke era. Within 2 years after Snyder humiliated the franchise (on a regular basis), I converted to the Ravens. I still keep up with the Redskins, especially when I want a good laugh. They are the laughing-stock of the league. I wish the Redskins were run like the Ravens, but I'm afraid it will not happen under lil' danny.

By filing suit against the paper, danny boy has ensured the article will be read by millions.
Can I be sued for reading this?
Dan's spelling it "anti semitic," when we all know it's spelled "revenge!" So, his aim is to put City Paper out of business by overwhelming them with legal fees. Even if Dan loses, it's going to cost City Paper a bundle. Here's an idea: someone sell tee shirts with Dan's bedeviled picture on them, all proceeds going to the City Paper Legal Relief Fund. And wear those tees Everywhere! Clothe the city with them. A rally on the Mall would be fun. I don't know if any of this is feasible, but I can dream, can't I? (And I'm accusing Dan of wanting revenge?)
couldn't agree with article more, nice to see DS is keeping up with him image by bringing this law suit
I enjoyed the ABC's. I have the solution for all his transgressions - Snyder should return punts! I went to Fed Ex for the first time ever and experienced "The Michael Vick Experience". The first play from scrimmage was a thing of beauty! I decided Fed Ex is the worst feng-shui design ever even though I was sitting on the 50 yard line just below Snyder's box with my free ticket in hand. I also decided the stadium was built on an ancient burial ground. Thanks for the constant Geico commercials during the game — they really added to the experience. Next time I'll just stay in the parking lot where the tailgate is the best part of the game day experience. Something I learned in first grade is Snyder has no one else to blame for his reputation but himself.
It is so typical of the "Envy" crowd like Mr. McKenna to consistently bash the "Elite" crowd like Mr. Snyder. I think Mr. McKenna and his flock of looser followers should have a hand at least for one day in running an NFL team among other ventures. It's certainly NOT a walk in the park, and there are pressures as well as acute stress involved with such undertakings. Mr. Snyder is a human being just like the rest of us. We have our ways of fu*!ing up and he has his. Try and do something a bit more meaningful in your lives like reading a book or praying rather than humiliate yourselves and others.

Nothing personal Mr. Mckenna.

Brilliant! I had no Idea of this disaster that is Redskin's ownership. What a putz.
WOW. This article blew me away. Thank you for putting the pieces together and pointing out the obvious. FIRE SNYDER. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

HAHAH great article. Snyder = dick
Im tired of all of the supposed "Redsins Fans" who use Daniel Snyder as a Scapegoat. Snyder may have made mistakes in some of decisions prior to the the 2010 year. However, I am almost certain behind closed doors it was not Snyder's sole decision to sign the lackluster players who failed to live up to their hype. Additionally, I would rather have a frugal owner rather than one who is unwilling to spend his money. Also the decision to trade for Donovan Mcnabb came from Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen. Though you can focus on all of his failed personnel decisions, you would be ignoring the good management decisions he has made. To those who say he can't buy wins, you can argue it has worked for a certain owner in Dallas. Therefore I think it is unfair to completely blame Snyder for the Redskins recent woes, considering we should be content to have a compassionate yet naive owner.
I love this article...I grew up loving the Skins, but once Snyder bought the team, I refuse to spend a dollar on them!@ I switched to the eagles!!! Thank you Washington City Paper!!!
This is brilliant. I'm so grateful for all the publicity surrounding this. I would have hated to miss this very clever and spot on piece of work. Thanks City Paper!
All this time I thought I was the only one who truly thought that Snyder was, to put it as nicely as I can, not smart. Thank you for helping me realize I am not alone and that this guy cannot just skate by with his half-thought decisions without getting justifiably ridiculed for it.
Great article. Tell us what you really think? It just proves that many Americans have way too much money.
This article does make one pray either for a just God or that karma be real, just so this noxious little narcissist and sociopath can be called to account one day. At least he did get called to account on that business with the trees he cut down. I've been on that stretch of the C&O Canal in a canoe and it's easy to see the severe erosion from which his property is suffering since he denuded it. In fact, I read reports last year that his home's foundation has been undermined because the erosion is so severe, all because he wanted an unobstructed view of the Potomac. Too bad he didn't get washed away in a big storm. That would have been shweet.
At least the article tells me something I didn't know, which is that Danny Boy is a truly bad businessman and is actually just a giant vendor selling overpriced products and trying to gouge his customers every way he can. Any guy who can lose $122 million on mattresses could fail at any time. This gives me hope. Some day soon I hope Weasel Boy Dan wakes up bankrupt and has to unload the team, or better yet, goes bankrupt and the team gets dealt to the fans and held by them like the Packers are by their fans.
This article is fantastic and superbly written. Thank goodness Snyder decided to file suit against the City Paper or I might not have ever read the article.
keep it up, nail that midget sorry excuse of a human being; Riggo is right, Snyder has a black heart. Lastly, the Jews are ashamed to have him as a member of the tribe
Here's a thought. Everyone stop buying Redskins tickets. There's a ton of angst here, and valid at that. The way to speak is to not buy tickets. What a simple solution to a longstanding problem. What will Dan do when attendance is down... Charge 15 dollars for beer, 40 dollars for parking, and hide additional fees on the invoice in small font. Come on folks, let's speak with our wallets and save ourselves some money. DON'T BUY TICKETS!
why are we still putting ANY revenue in his pocket? stop buying tickets and merchandise and concessions. support the team but stop subsidizing this douchebag. I'm actually going to contribute some money to CityPaper for their legal defense fund. I hope the damn trial happens and get more publicity. We're behind you, CityPaper.
Far be it from me to defend Dan Snyder. I'm not a Redskins fan. I'm not even a fan of professional sports. But do you think that most owners of sports teams aren't a**holes? Or, for that matter, do you think that most RICH people aren't a**holes? Jack Kent Cooke (may he R.I.P.) was an a**hole, too. So, what? if you don't like, then don't spend your money on their business. I went to a Skins game once (got a free ticket and free parking at FedEx field) and didn't spend a dime there. But Dan Snyder paid (and risked) HIS money to buy the team so he can do whatever he wants. You don't like it? Then don't watch 'em on TV. Don't buy products that have anything to do with the Redskins ... don't use FedEx. My point being, he can (and should) do whatever he can to make money. We are (or are supposed to be) CAPITALISTS, people! I don't blame him at all for making money wherever he can, whenever he can. My choice is I DON'T GIVE ANY OF MY MONEY TO HIM. And you shouldn't either. But there are 50,000 or so people who voluntarily choose to give their money to him, 8 Sundays a year.
This is a GREAT article, and thanks to The Danny's lawsuit, lots more people will read it than would otherwise have done so. It all rings true, but so much of it is public knowledge. The remarkable thing is that the man has no shame. Each morning, when he looks in the mirror to shave, he must have quite a love fest.
At the end of the day, it's the Redskin's season ticket holders that pay upfront to see the games. It's great that non-season ticket holders can buy tickets, from time-to-time, but it's not guaranteed revenue. We, Redskin season ticket holders, all have choices, and Dan is helping us make those choices. Again. Don't buy the tickets and let's see the outcome! I agree with Jon. I do plan to cancel my tickets this year! It gives me more freedom on Sundays!
I did not see the article when it was published originally, but I want to belatedly thank Dave McKenna from the bottom of my heart for articulating all the ineptitude and asshole behavior committed by Snyder since taking over the Redskins. It all started for me when he brought our most despised rival, Deion Sanders to the team. How low can you go? Every time he brings another over-the-hill, totally over-paid player to the team I roll on the floor in laughter and wonder how such a moron could have ever made so much money. I will never root for them again until he gives up ownership. City Paper should start a fund to raise money for litigation against Snyder. I would love to contribute. Dan must go!
Where can I contribute a small amount to a legal defense fund vs Snyder? Ms. Austin, you may be the next Katherine Graham. Thank you and Dave McKenna for a very funny and obviously satirical article. A nerve has been struck! Watch out and good luck to you all!
Hey compared to how I percieve Snyder this article was flattery. Hail to the Redskins and to hell with Snyder. What a smuck.
About time put all the pieces together. In my opinion, this man has no redeeming qualities.

How can someone whose reputation is terrible possibly sue you for defamation?
WOW!!!! Now he is playing the RACE card!!!! No one ever talks about a Jewish person playing the race card. I wonder why? Especially after he tried to make this funny sketch into something entirely different!!! The drawing has nothing to do with his religion or race.... It's just a playfully highlight on how TERRIBLE HE IS AS AN OWNER; and HOW TERRIBLE HE IS TO THE PLAYERS, COACHES, AND THE FANS!!!! By the way, I AM LIFE LONG COWBOY'S FAN!!! I feel sorry for the Redskins fans!!! :(
What a sleazeball cutting down parkland trees for his view/
Great article. Don't bow to the bully pressure!! Ironically, I would not have known about the paper or read it, had Snyder been quiet.
Great article. Too bad City Paper had to get suited before i knew and read about it. Fight the fight City Paper. Great job.
Great article. Don't let him intimidate the Cith Paper.
Excellent article. As a former season ticket holder, who's family has had them since 1965, I can't stand what he has done to the average ticket holder and to the team. I gave up. Guessing all the facts are correct, so please counter sue him and make him pay all the legal expenses. I will read your paper more often b/c of this! Thank you!
Thio is a great article. Please make sure you have confirmed every source of information. I want you guys to win big in court. My prayers are with you.
Dear City Paper and it's Ownership,

I want to applaud you for standing tough against the little Napoleonic bully and protecting the First Amendment, please don't back down.

Dan Snyder is putting The City Paper on the map.

Best Wishes,
Dave (A Former Redskins Season Ticket Holder)
Great Article! Please let us know if you choose to establish a defense fund.
I didn't need to read this article to change my opinion of this creepazoid, look at the results on the field, This guy have taken a once and mighty pround franchise to ruination. We are the laughing stock of the country. Why did the National Football League award a franchise to this incompetent owner. It is clear that he is not a great business man even a broken clock is right two times a day. this guy caught a lucky break and it have gone to his head. The fans are stupid for going out to the games. I used to be and avid game day participant but i will not go to Fed-Ex until their is a change in ownership
right on! it's about time someone wrote this! where was the Washington Post?
I wonder what recourse the league has to strip Snyder of his owernership. I think it should be awarded to the people of the District of Columbia and run by a local board of directors (with Mark Murphy as the chairman of the board).
Snyder is warped. Makes me want to root for a different team.
he is an Al Davis wantobe;say what you want;1st team to have black QB/Coach;Latino Coach;Raider Rules,stickem;advance a fumble;tuck;Big Al HOF:dan ho shame
Dan Snyder is the problem I agree, I think he is the reason why our team won’t win. He is all about the money and that is all he cares about. Did you know there are zero drinking fountains in FedEx field.
That’s right, if you want any water you have to pay for it. They also over sell the parking spaces. So if you have an orange pass for that lot, you better get their early, otherwise there won’t
Be a space for you. They overbook the lot just like the airlines do.

That big screen board they put in – while some people like it, I think it is distracting to say the least and takes away from the heart of the game.

It’s all about the money and players feel it too. In fact the NFL wants to add 2 more games on for next season, just so the owners can cash in. These owners don't care about the players or the fans and it shows.

The ads are nonstop, even when you are watching the game live and the game is stopped too often for commercials. It just seems to get worse every year.

They need to get back to the basics of the game, but it’s doubtful that will happen as long as they hold the golden goose.
Wonderful article. I would argue that the team's miserable record under the ownership of Dan Snyder is the most telling inditement of the kind of owner/manager he is. He needs to grow up and learn how to be an intelligent, responsible adult. Or, perhaps this is how his parents raised him and he became exactly what they wanted him to be...poorly brought for thought.
If weren't for Dan Snyder, we'd just be losers!
Hang tough! The public is behind you. And hopefully they will show this by boycotting any and all of Dan Snyder's enterprises, including the Washington Redskins. I encourage everyone to do this, not because we don't love the Skins, but precisely because this may be the only way to save the team from the claws of Dan Snyder. He will not hold on to the team if there is no money in doing so. So hit Dan Snyder the only place it will hurt...his pocketbook. Boycott everything Snyder!
Check out the letter written by Reskins General Counsel David Donovan and then
the reply by the lawyer (Curtis B Krasik) obtained by WCP parent company.
If it was a football game the score would be 56-0..Snyder cant even hire good lawyers.But in fairness to Mr Donovan THERE IS NO CASE!!

BUT I hope Danny fights this and there is a trial.Then every slimy, moronic,cheesy,embarrassing
illegal corrupt move Snyder has been the mastermind of will come out in open
court!! Now that we will fun!
Go get that thin-skinned moron. Good job!
YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and thank you Mr. Haber
I loved this story when it came out in November. And I love it even more now. One question, which letter or letter does the suit go under? I mean I can think of M and F right off the bat...
I loved this story when it came out in November. And I love it even more now. One question, which letter or letter does the suit go under? I mean I can think of M and F right off the bat...
I've got my copy of the City Paper front page with that prix picture done up properly to look like the friggin devil he is. Long live the Redskins...F Snyder!
If Bozo persists in the lawsuit, please let me know where to send my check for the defense fund.
I was born in Wash D.C. and have been a Redskin fan since the '40's. I once had an official football signed b Sammy Baugh. Unfortunately,it is difficult to maintain allegiance to a team so tainted. My wife is from Pittsburgh and I have for the past 5years been a Steeler fan: The Steelers area much classier organ ization,and they really care about their fans. Sadly, this is obviously no longer the case in D.C.
Maybe Snyder recently bought an interest in the City Paper, and this is a ploy to expand readership.???

Nah...weasel-theory seems more likely.
I'll keep my eyes open for that defense fund account.
What is funny i did not even know Snyder owned Six Flags when i was there
and I thought what a chessy lame over priced place. NOW it all makes scence.
His parks are not even close to the quality of Cedar Point and Kings Island in Ohio.
So I guess everything Snyder touchs turns to crap...So how did this douchebag make his money in the first place?? Was it from mommy and daddy?
I knew this guy was bad news but this is way beyond that. He needs to sell this team. He acquired it by some questionable deals. Cook's son should have owned this team. He loved it and the fans. Snyder has made it unaffordable to go to one game a year.
Amazing article! Sheds light on how truly awful this owner is. The only criticism I have is the timing of the article. This should have been posted closer to next season so people would be less inclined to go to the games. This will all be forgotten come the 2011-2012 season.

Is there anyway to remove this guy from ownership? (other than the obvious)
I gave up my season tickets after 45 years in 2010. After trips to playoff games and two Super Bowls, I finally didn't care what happened to the Redskins. Premium prices for an really inferior product, no way. They stopped being a team when Snyder "bought" them from the Cooke Foundation. Financial collapse and having the NFL take the franchise from Snyder for the good of the sport is the only way out of this morass.
In the mean time, go Terps!!! Sorry Fridge, they did you dirt.
It was great to see Chris Hanburger get nominated to the Hall of Fame. Those were the days.
I would love to see this in coffee table book form.... I would buy it!! Great stuff.
If you are ever feeling bad about yourself, just read Dave McKenna's gem and you'll feel so much better!
Sorry to hear about the lawsuit but, on a bright note, I would have never known about this article if it hadn't been filed. So Bravo to Mr. Snyder for bringing this excellent piece of journalism to my attention.
please set up an account for people to aid in litigation costs.
I used to be a Redskins fan, but dropped them a year or two after Snyder bought the team. Somehow I knew he wasn't a quality owner early on. He has no class, patience or football knowledge. By far, this is the worst run team in the NFL!

We SUPPORT you Dave McKenna!! Don't let dumb-Dan intimidate you.. keep up the good work!
This article is second only to the "Epic Redskins Reparations Rant" (google it).

I'm glad Dan Snyder sued Washington City Paper. By doing so, thousands will read it (myself included) who otherwise would have never seen it. Can "lawsuit" be added to the Ls?
Did Dan Snyder purchase Sloan, a manufacturer of plumbing fixtures/supplies? Just curious, because the Sloan flush valve on our toilet at work has truly become a Redskins' toilet...sometimes it flushes multiple times while one is doing his/her "business", other times it does not automatically flush at all, but periodically it flushes once automatically when one has "finished"! Of course, on a positive note, we are not charged any money to use the facility! abused 'Skins fan in the Chicago area...
Great job, Dan! I never would have read this if you hadn't sued.
You also need to mention the messy manner in which he bought the team from the Cooke family which wanted to keep the team after Jack Kent Cooke's passing.
Wow what an amazing ass hole, he is scum of the earth. I'm so happy to a RAVENS fan WOW. Just to think I would no nothing of this in humane asshole had it not been for his law suit. When did telling the truth and I'm assuming it is all true become libel???? If this guy gets fired I think there should be a boycott of all Redskin Games until he sells the team. I love Steve Bisciotti damn did Bmore get lucky.
Why would Dan and Dave be so “dismissive” of Tanya and her great work as the NFL
spokeswoman for Breast Cancer Awareness by involving her in a lawsuit that has nothing to do with her? When Tanya’s quote, from a tv interview, stated that Dan is hanging with “better people” and he has “evolved” as a person. Which was the only complement in the article?

But what was more demeaning to Tanya was Tony Wiley’s statement on CBS radio
that any monetary award would “not benefit the Redskins or Dan Snyder.. it would go towards “charity to benefit the Homeless” Which is a noble cause, but you’d think Dan would be more “evolved” to have Tony state that any monetary award would go to Tanya’s NFL Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

Wow, I'm not a Redskin fan but wtf? I think the picture suits Snyder perfectly. He is the devil. And how did he get rich in the first place? The guy is a freaking disaster. Everything he touches turns to sh!t.
What a *rick! We need to "zorn" him outta here. STOP BUYING TICKETS and paraphanalia!
Thanks for the memories. I long for the days of Bill McPeak. All the Way Ozzie From the moment he fired Brad and Norv.......
Snyder - if you're pissed because the City Paper twisted some facts, then say so and defend yourself. To claim that the article is anti-semetic disgraces everyone that has sacrificed his freedom and his life for being Jewish.

Even if a portion of the City Paper's antecdotes are not factual, I've heard even more stories of how Snyder treated employees at both the Redskins and Snyder Communications heartlessly, if not unethically.

As a fan, I can attest to the fact that the fan experience has deteriorated sharply over the last 11 years. It certainly doesn't come close to that of a Capitals game, Wizards game, Terps outing...

The problem with the Redskins is not that they don't have a healthy offensive line or that the playbook is too long or that Snyder doesn't know how to build an effective front office. I get so tired of all the talk show experts ranting on for hours about the personnel decisions.

Unfortunately for everyone, the problem is much deeper than that. The problem is that if Snyder's reputation as characterized in the article is even partially accurate, no one in the organization trusts him or respects him and that is the stuff that losing teams are made of.

So stop buying his high priced game tickets and paying inflated parking fees and sitting in obstructed view seats and buying throwback jerseys and making him richer. Believe me, the only way to get Snyder's attention is by impacting his wallet.
Makes Jerry Jones look like owner of Pittsburg Steelers. I can't believe I wondered for so o o o long how it is that this once great franchise has been so o o o o crumbie for so long.
Let's do like the Egyptians and hold a demonstration...'Snyder needs to go NOW!'
Great job, Mr. McKenna!! Thank you for a great article.

And now, thanks to Mr. Snyder's lawsuit, you and the Washington City Paper have thousands of new readers!

Fantastic article. I grew up in Falls Church, loved the SKins, cheered them on to their numerous Super Bowl titles in the '80s. Been out of touch the last few years and mostly keep up through my friends' status updates on Facebbok. I had NO idea. Just--wow. Great, great article. Stay strong, don't let him try to intimidate you. Remember, the truth is a defense.

Snyder sounds not just greedy and an all-around shitty person but a little bit unhinged as well. The thing with suing the old lady who tried to work something out is the worst. Or maybe seeing cancer patients as a demographic to be milked is the worst. Or possibly the 9/11 hat cash grab. So difficult to single out just one!
Just sell the team already, I'm sick of this crap!
I met Synder at a party a few years ago. He was a DICK! I know that is surprising.
Is this libel? Do I need an attorney?
Prohibiting Pedestrian access to Fedex field: I seem to recall a picture in the Post of fans walking OUT of the stadium. The police who had been there to keep you from walking in were long gone. Somehow it was only a safety threat if they walked in without paying a parking fee. Once the game was over and Dan had your money he no longer cared how dangerous the sidewalks were.
the most clinical and exacting dissection of Snyder's true charecter I have ever read, John Riggins was the first brave soul to stand up to this bully, now we have another hero in Dave McKenna to thank for exposting this egomaniac for what he is. Thanks I will keep this article for years to come. This clown has destroyed the franchise I have loved all of my life, starting in 1957.
I just heard Dan Snyder's interview with Doc Walker. Snyder repeatedly mentioned that this article attacked his wife, a breast cancer survivor and his religion. I read the article and really didn't see that. Another marketing ploy by Snyder? Now he wants to bankrupt City Paper. We need to show our support by donating to a fund to keep this from happening.
Come on everybody..... stop picking on me! I just want to be your friend!
I support the City Paper 100%. Don't let him bully you guys. Good Luck!
After 76 years of great existence of franchise life, it "only" took 12+ years for Dan Snyder to take the franchise down.

First home game of the 2011 Redskins season: Hang up banners in the parking lots that state "FIRE SNYDER. TAKE THE FRANCHISE BACK."

Great one Dave.
Even from Los Angeles, this was a very amusing article about a matter of public interest.

The only thing you should be grateful for is that the Redskins are not owned by the McCourts.
And I thought it was painful being a Raider Fan...
I knew all of this. Taken one incident at a time its an "oh well" moment. Seen in perspective its an "Oh My God" Epiphany. Thank you for the effort.
My family has roots in DC going back at least 130 years,and my grandfather had season tickets 70 years ago. It's depressing to know that things won't change with this man as owner of the Redskins. They aren't even lovable losers like the 50's & 60's guys. Art Rooney lost for 45 years and had a bond with the City & such bond is possible with such a souless individule as our current owner.Thanks for providing some moments of humor and temporary solace with this article. Dan you & your people are a bad joke.
Thanks for a great story! Perhaps because of his early business successes, Snyder believes that he is smarter than everyone else. I believe that he was in the right place at the right time--and very, very lucky. Snyder is both arrogant and misguided, and his problems with Six Flags and the Redskins are a much better indicator of his real skills and abilities. Don't be intimidated into some sort of out-of-court settlement that would prevent you from updating this article in 2011 and 2012.
I will NEVER be a Redskins fan or give them any money until that man is gone. It is unbelievable what he has done. I knew some of those facts, but to see them all together the picture is pretty clear and it is ugly on so many levels.
Great article and so much pure truth. Snyder tends to act like a spoiled two year old. Too bad he can't be forced to sell because that is probably the only way the Redskins will ever get better.
#440 Albert
February 3, 2011
One-million sperm and he's the one who gets through. LMAO!

I was thinking about the last few years of losing seasons. I know the players don't have a lot of job security but I wonder if they are playing poorly because it's such a bummer to work for this guy? I know JKC wasn't an angel by any means but he had a strong coach and he had great players. They played because they cared as much about the team as he did. This "owner" doesn't care and I think it's reflected by the players.

My father was a huge Redskins fan. I'm glad he's not around to see his beloved team run into the ground the way DS has done.

Dan, I hope you leave this paper alone. Your suit is a nuisance one that is proven by the statement your attorney released implying that the WCP doesn't have the financial resources to make it thru the experience. On the other hand, by the outcry I've seen here, on and facebook, the anti-Dans would help WCP raise enough capitol to manage and I'm sure there are any number of attorneys out here that would even work gratis just to have the opportunity to push your face deeper in the mud and the muck. You know you'd lose and would have a huge fine for the nuisance part and the court costs because you lost. Oh how we'd laugh and laugh!

I grew up a long time Redskins fan. I learned football watching Joe Gibbs. I used to whistle "Hail to the Redskins" while walking through Dallas Fort Worth Airport. I almost cried when JK Cooke died. I used to be sad that I didn't live near DC anymore and wasn't following the Redskins like I used to. I am now happy that I stopped following them, Snyder has done a pathetic job and pretty much destroyed a great organization.
It is almost like Snyder has decided to take the worst pro-team-owner title away from Donald Sterling (Clippers). Snyder has made the Bidwells look like geniuses, even though they hired Buddy Ryan.
I wouldn't have found this article except for the coverage of Snyder's twisted panties over it. I can't wait for Snyder to decide he's had enough public ridicule and sells the Redskins.
Who says this is not justice for this moron? He has done nothing but run the Redskins into the ground. I have an idea why doesn't he sell it to someone who is not so narcisstic and mean spirited.
As long as he is the owner, nothing good will come of this team. I would not work for him. What a loser. Wealthy on the backs of many..but a real loser.
Great article!! Where/how can I donate to your defense fund??

Dan snyder truly is a foul human being IMHO. Snyder will only make things worse for himself by bringing a lawsuit against CP. I would be willing to donate some money to CP for a legal defense fund and I bet lots of other folks would too.
And now he's suing the paper! What a whiny freak! He claims the picture is anti-Semitic? WTF!! LOL!!! Boy, people running around screaming "anti-Semitism" any time someone criticizes them, really is unfair to TRUE victims of bigotry.

Snyder, sorry dude. It's very clear they are criticizing YOU because YOU are a greedy, brash, arrogant, a.h. who is a bad manager worst of all. None of this criticism would even be coming your way if you had been successful in giving us winning seasons. Yeh, I think people might even shut up about the exploitative parking and practice schemes. You abuse the fans, and try to stop them from speakng out about you, crying anti-Semitism? What a joke you are. If I were a Semite myself, I would be none to pleased with you ridiculing the very concept of anti-Semitism with your whiney baby tactics. For shame!
Thanks for revealing Dan Snyder for the weasel that he is.
He has single-handedly transformed one of the NFL's premier franchises
into a public laughingstock. A once proud organization is doomed to fail as long as he
remains "at the helm". God help us.
This is a well-written and devastating article. As long as it's honest — by which I mean, containing no statements that the author intended to be taken literally but knew to be false — it's a real eye-opener. Ironically, it was only brought to my attention by a Washington Post article, written after Snyder decided to sue the author. Without the law suit, Snyder wouldn't have been half as infamous.

Whether there are one or two possible errors in this story is beside the point. Snyder was given the opportunity to rebut them but has failed to respond. If anyone should be fired , it is Snyder's PR firm and attorneys who have elevated this story beyond the readership of the Washington City Paper. I see no disrespect to Snyder's wife in the article as Snyder claimed yesterday in media interviews. I do believe that if there is no evidence about the "forging" episode , then City Paper should issue a retraction if this allegation cannot be documented.
However, after reading the story for the first time today, I must say that the article rings true. Unfortunately, Mr. Snyder's reputation with Redskin fans is not what it should be. His lawsuit will not improve his reputation with fans but only reenforce the public perception that he is thin skinned and used to having his way .
The Truth and nothing but the Truth!
This is what I felt in my gut about Mr. Snyder since day one!

Great, great article! It just nails it!

You should get an Oscar for this.
The guy hires attorney's with the same skill that he hires washed-up expensive useless free agents. His attorney is bitching about some guy Dan McKenna while Dave McKenna is writing the articles. He wants to be a public figure and wants to be excluded from the ridicule from the press of public figures guaranteed in the constitution and then his law suit is a blatant attempt at blackmail. Love the response from City Paper's investors. Hope they go to court, because that Dan's Attorney's would look like the redskins to the other parties Stealers. They'll wipe the floor with Mr. Danny's lame-ass lawyer.

You can't hide form the truth Danny boy and when you try, you only make it worse.
I went to my first redskins game in the late '40s and saw Slingin' Sammy. I have cheered every victory, and agonized over every defeat since. Until last week, I didn't even know there was a Washington City Paper. After reading the entire article, the opening salvo from Snyder's attorneys, your attorneys freedom of speech rebuttal, and Gene Weingarten's amusing piece, I can report as follows:
You will win any lawsuit upon filing a motion for summary judgment.
Our court system does not need spurious lawsuits preceded by threats to bankrupt the Defendant.
You have exposed Mr. Snyder as the egotistical pious unpricipaled cheat that he is. As an attorney for over 40 years, I applaud your actions
Danny has a huge Napoleon complex. Were it not for his money, he would be nothing. His money has become his god. How sad for Washington and the surrounding states that used to revere the Redskins. We look elsewhere for football.
To Redskins fans -- Come to the purple side...come to the purple side...
Snyder is the most embarassing owner in sports. His business model has much to be desired. JKC, you screwed the pooch by not giving the team to your son.
Please don't back down to Snyder, The Idiot! I heard him say something about trhe article dissing his wife and breast cancer. Well I didn't see any of that. About the dream seats, Cooke intentional raised the original front row so fans would have to stand up to see over the bench (just like the new Giants & Coeboys stadiums). Now the fans must stand up most and sometimes the whole game. That's tough on my 88 year ago father (who's been a season ticket older since the 1940's. About the Redskins Extra Point Master Card, I had heard the Master Card demanded Snyder to drop its policy because the Extra Pts card would have been the only one accepted at the stadium for ANY purchase. It wasn't just the purchase of season tickets.

WCP,Stay Strong!

Lets not forget the classless, infintile firing of Mark Suisham and Hunter Smith. Those moves were truly from the chump users manual. Did they really believe that either of those firings would effect a change from the bush-league performances and embarrasing defeats practiced by these stressed and confused players. Just look at how wonderful the team did after they were hung in effigy outside DannyLand. Oh and by the way, isn't Suisham in the Super Bowl tomorrow? And wherever Smith lands I will surely be rooting for him to find his vindication. There truly is a football god but he ain't living at the Fed-X.
Like Michael Wilbon stated in one of his articles about the Chicago Bears years ago, some things you are born into. I was born and raised in the Washington, D. C. and am a lifelong Redskins fan. The past 10+ years have been tough due to the product on the field but even tougher because the owner is screwing the fans every chance he gets. Your article mentions many of those that I have witnessed and noted. If Snyder can dispute any of the claims then let his publicist write a rebuttal outlining each. Don't take up the time of our crowded court system and once again try to bully the opposition to get your way. To me, this is evidence that Snyder has not changed. He is just continuing to be the same bully as 10 years ago with Marty and most recently with Zorn. He has not changed and I doubt he’s never going to change.

Fortunately for me, I have the opportunity to change and this is the straw that has broken my camel's back. Although it will be hard, I will no longer root for the Redskins as long as Snyder is the owner. The rest of the fans should take the opportunity to do the same. Show your dissatisfaction by giving up your season tickets and stop going to the games and paying for an inferior product. Only good things will happen as a result. One potential is that the Redskins will stop paying crazy salaries to players and this will force him to manage the team as a football versus a marketing organization, e.g. giving up Brian Mitchell for an aged Dion Sanders; bringing in Bruce Smith when he was on his last leg; hiring Spurrier because he was the ‘got to have coach’. Or perhaps even better, Snyder will go running and sell before the market value is similar to that of Six Flags. If you want to do something good for Washington sports, quit contributing to the bully. It's easy, it will save you money, and in the end Washington will be better for it from a sports fan perspective, an environmental perspective and potentially a humanitarian perspective. Accept the criticism and move on Dan…..please move on.
I am a lifelong Redskins fan who has lived in Dallas for more than 20 years. I used to think only Jerry Jones rivaled Peter Angelos among idiotic billionaires who could buy once-proud teams, rip them down to mediocrity and then make their fans hang their heads in shame. But Little Danny takes the cake. Ever since the story about Little Danny fired an elderly team employee for leaning on a wall during swelteringly hot preseason game.

I know a handful of talented college players through a friend who works in the industry, and I would love to see some of my favorite players wearing burgundy and gold. But when I consider the fact that they would have to work for Little Danny, I change those thoughts. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

People have to stop buying tickets and Redskins gear. Wear what you have — I do — but Little Danny won't change until he gets hit in the pocket. Even then, he probably won't, but it's worth trying, because nothing else has worked.
and all the so called sports radio BS artists-sheehan,loverro, czaben,John thompson, doc walker,and the rest of the phonies have all put aside their charade of criticizing the idiocy of this guy either ignoring the subject or jumping right into line like John Thompson did on his show friday when the emperor of greed made an appearance pleading his case. Thompson who spends so much time telling us how blacks have been mistreated prostrated himself to the point of embarrassement, I almost expected him to say yassa massa,you was sure nough mistreated.Just like everything else in Washington, when you bow down and allow the mighty to walk all over you its ok, but if you tell them to go to hell they want to throw lawyers at you and censor the truth.
I had heard all the hoopla about this article--would never have thought to read your paper but now i will. i was a journalism major at the university of arizona and as part of that program took libel law. I see nothing libelous about your article--well written, very well researched and presented.

my only comment to mr. snyder is "wah wah wah--if you can't take the heat of the kitchen..." city paper--keep up the good work and thanks for the guts to print it.
If Albert Haynesworth is a simple infection, Diaper Dan Synder is a full-blown cancer on the Redskins, slowly and surely eating away at the very substance of the team until it is just a shell of its former self. Dan blames everyone for being unfair, but it is his egomanical mismanagment for over a decade that has driven this team straight into the ground. Dan Synder is only good news for Giants fans.
Thanks to the Daniel, I have had a million laughs reading the comments following this article. Please, Dave, give us an address to send money to the defense fund for the City paper.
Fantastic. I can't say I'm a football fan, but I love this article. Even moreso because I know Snyder hates it.
A very informative, humorous, sad, but truthful article! I Danny Boy needs to listen a little to his critics. I am shocked that this guy ran anything successful in his life. I'm also afraid to say that the Redskins will never go anywhere under his ownership. The Synder curse will live on until he relinguishes control of this great franchise! What a shame!
This is a bunch BS
I found the article highly amusing and a great read. I wanted to read it for myself after listening to Snyder on WTEM980am yesterday explaining his position for litigation. However, there must be a part of the article missing because I did not get the part where you made fun of his "breast cancer recovering wife", and "the anti-semitic" characterizations of him as he attested to.
As a former season ticket owner and urban planner in Prince George's County, I must admit that I am very suspicious of any and everything done by the Washington football team. (I try not to refer to them as the Redskins after Snyder's so insulting justification of the name ten years ago as he didn't think it was insulting with no justification and they had no intention of changing the name and any discussion was just silly).
I gave up my tickets after the 2002 season as I was required to pay for the tickets six months before the first game. From his illegally closing a PUBLIC street, to cutting down national parkland trees, to not allowing you to bring water into a stadium where you cannot find a water fountain (check it out-I did!), I realized: why am I coontributing monetarily to a billionaire becoming richer who has no regard for the fans, the community, the law, and the people for which the team's name is based.
From his constant need for stimulation by firing and hirings, to his noted lack of empathy. Dan Snyder, without a shadow of doubt. Is a Sociopath.

"And he's not a compassionate person, not a compassionate person at all from what I understand. And that makes me just want to pummel somebody. You know, you hate to see pride, wearing itself on his forehead and his chest. And to me, arrogance sticks out like a sore thumb when you talk about him. And the lack of compassion for others is a problem. Because it's not that hard to be compassionate; you just choose to" Emmitt Smith on Dan Snyder
Wow, I just can't see how this guy isn't sitting in a cell somewhere, dreaming up scams to bilk people out of hard earned money. Sure I'll help defray some of the costs of defending the paper's right to publish the truth and characterize this public figure. How can I help?
Hey SHRIMP BOAT are you kidding me? I can't beleave you actually think that by sueing this newspaper that this is going away. You have ruined this football club and taken our pride as fans. What makes it worse is that you don't care about anything but what you can get from a once proud football team. I hope what you started buy sueing will bring everything out and people will finally force you out. If you love the skins the way you always have said let it go. I've been a fan since 1972 and since you have owned the team I am totally ashamed to be a known as a devoted fan. How much is enough? What else can you screw up. Please just go away!!!!!!!!!

From Dan Snyder: "You can't call people names, [can't call them] criminals," he told The Post. "You can't make fun of someone's wife and her effort for breast cancer awareness as national spokesperson for the National Football League and as a breast cancer survivor. It's just wrong. What's wrong is wrong, and this is wrong. And this guy [McKenna] crossed the line."

OK, after a careful reading of this article and an automated search for the word cancer, I see that Mr. McKenna used the word "cancer" exactly twice: once in introducing Dan Snyder’s quote, and once in the quote itself. If Mr. Snyder is uncomfortable with a newspaper feature publishing his own words, perhaps he should stop spouting them. In addition, there is nothing in the introductory sentence that could be construed as pejorative; in, fact, there isn’t a single modifier. There is also not a single reference to breast cancer, nor is there any correlation between the word “cancer” and Mr. McKenna’s reporting on Ms. Snyder’s statement defending her husband. Therefore, Mr. Snyder’s assertion that Mr. McKenna “made fun of” Ms. Snyder’s breast-cancer-related advocacy is a false claim stated in a widely read publication, communicated to someone other than the person defamed (Mr. McKenna), expressly stated to be factual, and the statement most certainly gives Mr. McKenna a negative image (well, except for the fact that everything that comes out of Mr. Snyder’s mouth seems to be widely regarded as self-serving whoppers). I believe Mr. Snyder’s statement completely and unequivocally fulfills all of the components of the legal definitions of defamation and libel, as well as slander if he repeated such assertions via any broadcast medium.

Can you say “countersuit”?
Snyder is scum. Apparently, the Redskin PR machine was in full effect during Super Bowl week beacuse all of a sudden Snyder was getting chummy chummy with all the media on radio row. He claimed this article made fun of his wife's cancer. It does nothing of the sort. There is one passing reference to the wife with nothing bad said about here. Thankfully, Snyder is a public figure and it is almost impossible to win a libel suit unless there are blatant lies, and the author knows they are lies. I don't see anything here. I'm not a Redskin fan, but I feel bad for a really proud fan base that has been put through the ringer by this guy. He not only can't build a winning team, but more than any other owner in the league he tries to squeeze every dollar out of every fan for any reason. Great job suing a grandmother who had season tickets for decades when the team has a waiting list a mile long.
When, a few years ago, I read in the Post a quote from Steve Spurrier that he had watched film with Mr. Snyder, I realized that Dan Snyder was a rich, arrogant punk who violates what is, for me, the cardinal rule of professionalism - knowing when you don't know something. Dan Snyder has systemically destroyed the Redskins and, in the process, he has destroyed one of the storied franchises in the history of the NFL and professional sports in America. He's a fool and the Redskins will not change (and win) until he is gone. Why Redskins fans and ticket-holders do not boycott the team is beyond me.

Redskins fans just want their team back. Dan things that because he bought the team that he owns it. He doesn't. The community owns the team and he is only the care taker. He has done a poor job for caring for our once treasured NFL franchise. We, as a community need to stand up to Dan and let him go. I say that we should boycott the team until he is forced out.
"“Several Million Dollars”: Amount Snyder was paid by StubHub as part of the Redskins’ 2008 deal with the online ticket clearinghouse, according to StubHub spokesman Sean Pate. At the time, Snyder had been taking tickets away from season ticketholders for violating team’s policy against reselling tickets. The Washington Times reported that the team even repossessed six tickets from the Braloves, a D.C. family that had had them “since the 1940s,” after Redskins detectives found that they’d put some tickets up for sale on eBay."

Doesn't eBay OWN StubHub?????
Just let everybody know when you create a legal fund to defend against Snyder's legal action. I am not a Redskins fan, but I hate pigheaded rich people.
Snyder takes his private Redskins emblazened jet to Aspen on the weekends---I wonder if he hangs out with the General Dynamics crowd here [the Crowns.]

If so, like minds think alike. The Crowns who own Aspen Ski Company just fired a 15 year long term employee, one of their ski instructors, for... a pay protest.
If you are right, then show your proof, if not, then say you are sorry and make a retraction. What is so hard? Unless this was all deliberate.
What a jerk! (Albeit a rich one with a knack for spinning straw into gold & smart enough to marry a woman smarter/kinder than himself)

But at least not a coward like Rummy. dbm
This article helps to illuminate why the unprecedented step of 're-owning' is needed in Washington, D.C. Perhaps we can even anticipate that more diversified ownership of the football team will bring (along with better football management skills) the upgrade in racial sensitivity required to re-name the 'Redskins'.
Danny's behavior is just unbelievable. He fails to realize that respect is a two way street. Yes he has worked hard and earned lots of money - but it doesn't give him the right to simultaneously walk over his customer and demand their unwavering respect.

As fans, we will always forgive mistakes and respect
Here's what you should do: counter-sue the a-hole for slandering your name and the CP with accusations of anti-Semitism, bankrupt him in said lawsuit, and relieve him of the team.

I don't care about the Redskins that much (being only 20, most of my life has been spent watching them lose) but this guy is a leech on this team's fanbase! I'm surprised he hasn't been thrown in jail yet for some of the stuff listed in this article!

Take back the team!
D. . . don't you know no one likes you
A. . . Andyman is a jerk too
N. . . never before seen vanity and greed so embraced

S. . . seriously, you should go
N. . . no one ever said owning an NFL team makes someone honorable
Y. . . you should care more about the team than your ego
D. . . don't you think you could have handled everything better?
E. . . everything means everything
R. . . redskins fans deserve better
Everybody should write him and tell him what a crook he is. His home/mailing address is:
11900 River Road
Potomac, MD 20854
He denies being a crook (gets all bent out of shape ON NATIONAL MEDIA) but he sold upgrades at his stadium, showed off great seats, then put people behind pillars. See "$30" above. See "E" above(lied about what the % increase of the price of tickets was). See "L" above.
Fed-ex gives him massive discount but he tells season ticket holders that they MUST pay a $25 Fed-ex fee to get their tickets. What happens to the other $15+?
(Fed-ex +/- $25 - $10)
A lot of my friends and family didn't understand why over the past ten years my love for the redskins has dwindled to a fraction of thought and the disappearance of any faith. Sorry, but this article paints a perfect image...
Just heard about this from today's NY Times. What a tool! Eventually he'll leave, but we should start planning the party now. Dan Departs Day, or, O Danny Boy, We knew Ye Too @#$%&&(!! Well! But we have to be careful - he might want to move the team to Texas, where everybody's like him.
I'm not a lawyer but am familiar with the U.S. Constitution and fail to see any merit in Snyder's contention that he's been libeled (nearly 2 months ago!!). Nor do I see cause for his whining contention that his wife had been assaulted in the story. Anti-semetic??!? Please! His behavior confirms, at least in my mind, the essence of the story, that he's a world class jerk and a scumbag. His nuisance suit has served one purpose, that is to call attention to the article, which I had not read, a benefit felt by the thousands who have received it via email. I will in turn forward it to everyone I know. (I have been a skins fan since 1957)
It is obvious that Dan Snyder is all about the "money" and not about the "team:. The result is, that they will most probably never win a super bowl while he is in control of the team.

For him to sue a paper because they printed the truth about him is ludicrous.
From Mr.Snyder's pending litigation, it's obvious that he is sensitive to the pain caused by racial stereotypes. As a Native American living in the Washington area, I am interested in speaking to any lawyers who would be interested in pursuing litigation against Mr. Snyder, his organization,and his sponsors for the damages caused by his continued use of the offensive nickname and logo. Please post the name of any law firm interested in pursuing such litigation and I will contact them ASAP.
Kudos to you on this concise, factual article. As a 42 year resident of Northern Virginia, former college and professional football player, high school coach, and avid football fan I wholeheartedly agree with your analysis of the football aspect of the article.
There is an old axiom in sports that states," You are what your record says you are." Well, Dan Snyder cetainly deserves the horns.
I am willing to send a check to help with the legal battle that you anticipate even though I live on Social Security and pension from the state of Virginia!
Stan Kemp
I can't believe anybody is still buying tickets at all. Even the people that are FORCED to continue their season tickets due to contracts must have a hard time unloading them. My only thinking is that the Cowboys/Eagles/Giants fans are enjoying the depressed pricing that this dreadful situation affords them.

For me, I will never cheer for this team again as long as Snyder owns them and Donovan runs them. I hope they have lost MILLIONS in the slumping value of the organization when he finally sells it. Until then, GO PACK GO!
We saw two teams put together by class do battle last night in a very competitive Super Bowl. It was great to watch. The only negative thing for me was that my team, the Redskins, were not in the game. With Dan Snyder as the owner of the Redskins, I don't see the team EVER making it back to the big game. That is why I finally quit as a fan of the Redskins until Snyder sells the team to someone who has class and a heart. I am over the "Cowardly Lion" character traits Snyder exibits. To you Snyder, I say thank you ... thanks for nothing.
Great reporting. I think you have a problem with your comments filter though. Do you really want the profanity/derogatory filth posted by some readers in this public forum? Will that stand up to Fifth Amendment? Even if it does, does it add to your work, or take away from it?
Amazing article. I feel sorry for all the proud Redskins who have this guy running their storied team.
Will someone post the location where I can donate to the defense fund? In the meantime, let's all boycott everything Snyder has anything to do with.

Wow I am just amazed, over 700 comments no one has anything positive to say about the guy you must really be hated Synder damn that is a stat no one wants. I am glad I am a giants fan who are run by classy people like the Mara's, but even I feel bad for the redskins and the fans. I am just amazed how much doucebaggery one man can fit in a 11 year span and Synder but somehow Mr. Synder does it. This was a great article thank you for bringing it to light.
Several years ago I stopped going to games at Fed-Ex because this fool had the nerve to charge $25.00 for a bus ride from an industrial park in PG to the field. I will not waste my time or my money on this team as long as he is the owner. This action by him further deepens my resolve and I will support the CP against this NAZI like approach to silence critics.
He is a weazle!
Redskins Fans should take a lesson from the Egyptian people and over throw the little pipsqueak with the Napoleon complex. Funny thing, if you check on a service called Tweet Feel, and type in Hosni Mubarak, the tweets are 67% negative. If you type in Dan Snyder, they are 100% negative. Sentiment against Danny "Call Me Mr. Snyder" Snyder is worse then against Mubarak.
Not only has little danny turned one of the most storied football franchises into a joke, (to the rest of the NFL, not to us loyal fans), he has continually taken advantage of the most loyal fan base in all of professional sports! Little danny SUCKS, and I am impressed that the City Paper listed the many reasons why it is past time for this jerk to leave. Remember, we were all Redskin fans BEFORE little danny came to own our team and we will still be after he leaves!


Ron Smisek
first off, the anti-semitic stuff is awful. boo, and shut up.

second, i take issue with the assumption that just because li'l danny has done the horrible things over and over and over, he's somehow automatically the worst team owner ever. why, up in baltimore, lord peter angelos has certainly done enough to at least deserve mention. i mean, the orioles have had 13 losing seasons in a row and emptied out their stadium (except when the bosox or yanks come to town). let's not sell angelos short. instead, let's realize how long the odds are that two epic schmucks operate in such proximity. how 'lucky' fans are in the chesapeake region to experience two historical ownership tenures at the same time! and if you wanna get historical, throw in bob short and bob irsay, and the region's fans really deserve purple hears.
i'm a retired journalist who caught dave carr's piece in the nytimes this morning. the quote from redskins's general counsel, "mr. snyder has more than sufficient means to protect his reputation . . .we presume that defending such litigation would not be a rational strategy. .." is the kind of arrogant, big-moneypower threat we've all faced at one time or another, and it has to be faced straight-up.

i hope one of d.c.'s journalist associations is on this. if the 100 or so journalists currently employed in the nation's top 100 newspapers each sent $10 dave'd have $100,000. add in contributions from smaller papers, and he'd have a decent start-up fund.

if it costs more? so--- we give another $5 or $10 or whatever. each time, the reputation snyder claims he wants to protect will sink deeper in the stink of his own publicity and greed.

if a defense fund for dave mckenna is already active, to whom, where, do i send my check?
This is why I will never spend a dime on anything with the Redskins name on it. I will wait for the next owner who is not so worried about making a dime. I plan to send money to help out with the defense fund. I was a huge fan when Joe Gibbs first arrived.
I have often offered weak apologies for Snyder based on the only time I met the guy. He gave my wife and I free floor seat tickets for the Hall of Fame induction ceremony of Art Monk and Darrell Green. In retrospect, I'm thinking he was just in a panic to unload a bunch of seats he had previously tried to gouge people for (we were given the tickets on the street in Cleveland by one of his employees the day before the ceremony). I'm also now thinking that another possibility is that these were seats that should've been filled by former players, but not enough of them wanted them bad enough to interact with Snyder (Virgil Seay and Mike Nelms were sitting about 5 rows in front of us).
Thank God I'm from Baltimore & a Ravens Fan!
I too, gave up my tickets When the license expired! I think the only way is to boycott all of snyders enterprises.Money is what its all about,and ,No dough,dans got to go!!The team is brown after dans efforts ,don't fund this little tyrant!
If you want the skins to get better get rid of the infection..
Dan Snyder is the most arrogant nasty little monied creep that ever slunk through this town and is clearly willing to bend his short little body over backwards to prove that point. The City Paper has been a free source of news and local information to this are for decades - and Dan Snyder? He's made routing for the Redskins a perverse act (not to mention exercise in futility).

Bravo, Mr McKenna.
I, for one, would like to thank Dan Snyder for his lawsuit against the City Paper. Having lived for a long time on the West Coast, I was convinced that Donald Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, was, hands down, the worst owner of any professional sports team in America. However after being alerted to the City Paper's article by Mr. Snyder's legal action - I was able to revise my opinion of Sterling and now consider him the second worst sports team owner in America after Danny Snyder. Snyder is not only clueless about owning a team but he has managed to drag a team with a proud history and a large and LOYAL fanbase into the dumps. No one can claim that the LA Clippers are a storied franchise - just a franchise with sad stories.

Thanks again, Dan - one question - As an outsider, what do you think of the human race?
What a fool. Because of this story people like myself who do not follow sports and live in far away Portland Oregon even know what a small minded, petty and overreaching SOB this mister Snyder really is. Most people you find at the top of the economic food chain, find themselves there at the end of a life's search to fulfill some of life's hungers. More money can translate into not only security but a sense of respect from the greater community. But this fool is so blind to the nickels he's chasing he will never move beyond being thought of as an angry little bully who genuinely hates people and see's them simply as a resource.
Spot on, mate. Dan Snyder is a money grubbing wanker who couldn't manage a pee-wee football team. BOO this man!! I seriously wish DC fans would stage more mass protests outside the park this year or better yet, at his environmentally unfriendly estate!!!
Dan Synder is like Hilter, as it relates to the Redskins, who dies with less creditablity year after year.

Further, it sad because both of these men are Jewish and clueless about business leadership, ethics or respect.
Absolutely outstanding article. Sorry, I hadn't read it sooner! I am a long time Redskins fan going back to the late 1950's when I first watched games with my father; I have attended numerous games at RFK--including several playoffs games and the 1987 Super Bowel in San Diego. Although I remain a huge Skins fan, I now have Baltimore Ravens season tickets. The difference between the two organizations is unbelieveable. While one organization continues to distroy a once proud and great heritage, the other has moved into the upper echelon of repected NFL organizations. Unlike Dan Synder, Steve Biscotti(sp?)runs an efficent and class organization. It's a shame Mr. Synder doesn't take the short ride up 95 or the BW Parkway to find out how to run a real professional football organization. We can only hope that Dan Synder wises up and sells the team to someone who really respects the once great herritage of the Washington Redskins.
BTW - I just got the bill to renew my Redskins season tickets. I am officially tearing up the invoice and planning to write a check to you instead. Make sure Mr. Snyder knows that no matter the outcome, this is going to hit him in the wallet that currently resides where his balls are supposed to be.

The entire city has your back on this and we have plenty of money to spend. Watching Danny get publicly humiliated will provide far more entertainment than his pathetic team ever will in the foreseeable future.

I hope you not only kick Snyder's whiny little ass all over the courtroom, I hope you can find some way to counter-sue him for damages in an amount that is substantial enough to force him to sell the freaking team.

First he ruins my team then tries to ruin my favorite paper. No more of my cash for you Napoleon. This is your Waterloo.
Dan Snyder is the main cancer in the locker room - always has been. Ask Lavar Arrington or other former players (You REALLY should ask Charlie Taylor - he tells it like it is! Brig Ownens, too.)

The Redskins will suck as long as he is the matter who the coach and GM are. I'm waiting for my ticket contract to expire, but until then I will go to cheer on whomever they are playing. Poor sport? Yes. Pissed off at what Dan has done to my team? Hell yes! Disappointed it will not get any better until Dan sells? I'm never going to recover from that - I truly hate him, and I don't hate another sole on the planet!
Watch out Season ticket holders, if you don't pay your season ticket contract, they WILL sue you for breach of contract. Won't you, Dave Donovan? Donovan says "Yes, I certainly will."

My predicition for 2011 season, if they even have one...Draft Cam Newton for publicity but he's a bust by game 1 and Rex finishes out the losing game. They ban signs complaining about Snyder by Game 3, and start to throw out anybody chanting "Snyder Sucks" or "Sell the Team" by week 5. End the year 4-12. Shanahan resigns citing personal reasons, and Bruce Allen takes job with another team because he has become scapegoat next offseason by Danny. Raise ticket prices again for 2012, and hot dogs go to $9, parking $80.

Bottom line, this team will never win as long as Dan is the owner or Dave Donovan is the COO. Morons - lawyers seldom fix bad situations, and the problem is you!
First of all, The City Paper has a much more soiled past in D.C. than Dan Snyder does, and Dave McKenna has been taking cheap pot shots at Snyder (and just about everything Redskins related) for years now.

Just do a little searching through McKenna's archived articles here, and you'll see tons of stories attacking and trying to embarrass Dan Snyder every chance he gets. Many of his articles have crossed the line of good taste, and what should be considered 'fair game' to use when you're attacking a person in print.

McKenna and the City Paper have been out to get Snyder for years, and now that Dan finally fires one single shot back at them (which originally only asked for a simple apology for the errors), McKenna and the City Paper want to act like it was all just a good natured joke, and Dan has no sense of humor. Then they play the helpless victim card, turn it into a David vs Goliath fight, and appeal to everyone to please "donate money to our defense fund." What a joke!

You guys dug up every negative thing you could find on Dan Snyder, then you stretched and spun the truth around A LOT on many of those issues you pointed out, to make them sound worse than they actually were. To try and be funny, entertaining, and of course ... to try and sell more newspapers.

I'm sure your researchers are hard at work, right this very second, trying to figure out how on earth you're going to defend some of the half truths and lies you put in that article.

You constantly berate him for being insensitive to a few people that view the name Redskins as a racial slur. Then when he tries to use the same logic on your drawing a "thick uni-brow, devil horns, and a beard" on a picture of him ... you scoff at the very idea that he might have found it a little racially offensive.

Once again you try to use the defense of; "No, No, it was just a joke .. You know, like teenagers scribble on pictures all the time. It was just supposed to make him look like a devil." Well, I have news for you City Paper ... any God fearing human being on the face of the planet would feel a little religiously attacked if their picture was plastered on the front page of your newspaper, characterized as the devil. Get a clue.

And lastly, for all of the so-called Redskins fans around here that keep getting sucked into the relentless attacks by the D.C. media on Dan Snyder and everything Redskins (Let's see, who needs firing this week .. Is it Jim Zorn, Jason Cambell, Haynesworth, Vinney, Portis, Shanahan, McNabb, Haslett, Cooley, Moss, etc, etc, etc. The blame game list in the D.C. papers just never ends.)

I just hope all the whiners are happy when Snyder finally gets fed up with being blamed for everything and decides to take HIS team, and the Redskins name and all of it's history, and move it all out to the brand new stadium being built in Los Angeles, CA. You know, a new start in a new city, where fans might actually appreciate an owner that opens his wallet up every year, and tries his hardest to put a winning team together.

I'd imagine it wouldn't be too hard to turn a nice fat profit by selling off FedEx field and all of that prime DC area land to some real estate developer.

Everybody seems to think that if they scream loud enough Dan will sell the Redskins, and some new owner will magically swoop in here and turn everything around overnight. The fact of the matter is that most sports team owners could care less if their team wins or loses, it's really all about the money. For all of the bumbling things Snyder has done over the years, the one constant positive has been that he's a true Redskins fan, and he's not afraid to spend money to try and help the team. What more could you ask for from an owner?

The DC area media is the real devil around here. They bombard Snyder and the Redskins with constant negative articles, using unidentified sources, and made up stories, all in an attempt to rile up the fan base and increase their sales.

The real reason they all hate Dan Snyder so much is because he got tired of all the negative press a few years ago and basically cut them all off by opening his own media outlets. He bought and built up his own Redskins radio network, and started his own message boards and websites. He stopped giving out free game tickets to all of the local reporters and hired his own reporters. Ever since then, all of the media on the outside of Dan's good graces, have created non stop drama for him and the Redskins by making up negative stories and starting controversy. Even the second coming of Joe Gibbs, who quickly led us back to 2 playoff seasons, wasn't exempt from the negative bashing and embarrassment by the papers.

If Shanahan was smart, he'd get out of D.C. now, while he still has some what of a decent reputation left. Just look around the NFL at all of the ex-Redskins players and coaches that do just fine with other teams after we chase them out of town, screaming for their blood, because of all the negative articles that picked them apart while they were here.

A football team is supposed to bring a city together, not tear it apart. For some crazy reason, the DC media just doesn't understand that.

I for one, will be dancing in the streets when Dan's lawyers win the case against the City Paper, and we can rid the area of another big paper waster ... and constant negative influence ... on our fun sport of football.
Danny just won the Pro Bowl, and is now gearing up to win the 2011 Pre-Season. Reports are that he has been seen dining with Brett Favre...who must have one more year left in him. Press conference to follow.
Why do we buy into his BS year after year? Is there a facebook site that we can join so we can formally protest? I was a five year club seat season ticket sucker. Luckily I had finally hit the wall. This year they started my tickets in 338 at 10k a year! Try putting out a quality product first then raising the prices. Not the other way around.
Hey, Dan's Buddy in Post 730, you realize that the land the stadium is on is next to worthless except for being "near FedEx Field" right? The main thing that would keep him from moving (if he wanted to) would be his inability to take anything other than an EPIC loss on that stadium. And the only reason the Redskins still have ANY fans (and the tremendous $$$ value) is because we were here long before Snyder and we care. If you transplant this situation into a city that doesn't already care one way or another about this group of football players, you'll set a record for devaluing an organization.
Too freaking funny. The Simon freaking Wiesenthal center got engaged in this? Is drawing horns and beard a anti-semite action? Wtf?

Oh well, at least the magazine is getting famous even over here in Europe.
Great article! And if Mr. Snyder thinks "Redskins" is a compliment, when every dictionary I've ever seen makes mention that it's offensive, why not change the name to honor his own heritage- the Washington Kikes perhaps? Not a compliment then, huh Dan?
Outstanding Article; I hope it becomes a real catalyst for change ... I recall reading in the Post soon after he became owner that Dickhead Dan Fired the minimum wage Elevator Operator at FedEx when the much older man failed to properly greet him in saying "Good Morning!" instead of Good Morning Mr. Snyder!" Real Fans should refuse to attend any more games until The NFL Removes this total A**hole as owner.
Until then, the classiest owner in the league is just 30 miles north - lucky Baltimore - Go Ravens!
Local Football Fans can also save a lot of 'dough' and see an entire great football season played at the Univ Maryland for Less Than the price of one lousy Redskin's game - Go Terps!
I support freedom of the press and any newspaper that reports the truth, regardless of criticism or law suits. Assuming every"fact" cited in your article that resulted in the law suit can be substantiated, I salute your reporting of the many money-making schemes in your article. The Washington Redskins deserve an owner who values the franchise for the team's sake and the fans' enjoyment, and not for enriching himself in as many ways as he can.
Where's Bowie Kuhn now that we need him
Great Article, Continue the great work in exposing the worst professional sports owner in America. While the Redskins continue to lose and Snyder's bank accounts continue to swell to new dimensions, do you really think he is concerned about winning or the fans?? As long as his bank ledger is in the black, what concern does he have when he bought the team he also inherited the most loyal fans in the NFL, so win or lose we continue to support the team by buying tickets and merchandise, this inturn is supporting Snyder. Take the power back, by not buying tickets and merchandise.
Danny boy - Let this storied franchise and its true fans live with some dignity. Please shoot yourself.
I would never have read this article and know what a complex this man has if it weren't for the lawsuit. It just goes to show that somethings are best left ignored.
If Mr Snyder had just let this go, it would have blown over. Now, it's a national story, with people contributing to the defence fund of the paper. I'm writing from Vancouver, which is in a whole other country. Well done Dan. You shone a spotlight on the guy taking you down, and then handed him a bullhorn. The lack of self awareness speaks volumes to the crazy detailed in the piece. You're nuts, and now everyone in North America knows.
Gosh, all of this makes the days of Jack Kent Cooke, Marlena, and Suzanne look like a Bible Study! Does anyone but me miss the stories of waiters on Jaguar hoods in Georgetown? Hey, Dan Snyder, I think you are a cry baby and you aren't the boss of me. Will you sue me too, now? Will you try to find out who my employer is and ask my boss to fire me? We used to have noble team owners like Abe Pollin. You are an embarrassment to this city. You could spend your time promoting the city, charitable causes and the like, but you spend your time and energy going after reporters for a local paper.

Is there a defense fund for the City Paper to which we can all contribute? Enquiring minds want to know!

Danny, you've become the laughing stock of the World. You're a joke, your team is a joke, you've made the city a joke, and due to your lawsuit your wife is now part of the joke. Ethnic nepotism may have gotten you the shekels to purchase the skins, but you ain't got the cranial matter, or penis size, necessary to be a team owner. And your small.
sounds like this so called reporter is just jealous he doesnt own the skins.
Wow @ some of the facts in this article..

Snyder is a joke..Please put the team up for sale.

Redskins will never be successful until he leaves.
"Oy Vey!"

Danny, you're acting like a complete "schmuck"! You wants us to think that you have a pair of "baitsim", but we know better. "Bist meshugeh"? A "langer lucksh" would not have reacted like you have to the little piece written by the City Paper. But you had to be just another "piste kayleh". If you feel bad about how the "goyim" treat you, then just go back your "bubbeh" and ask her to make you a nice motzah ball soup.

Shalom, bro!
I'm up here in NY and I had no idea this kind of crap has been going on with the Redskins. What a shame. Snyder makes the Steinbrenner family look like paragons of virtue. Dear Redskins Fans: please accept my condolences. Heartfelt sympathy. My only advice: boycott his ass.
Lucifer should sue the WCP for its depiction of Dan with the horns and goatee and the negative effect it will have on his reputation.
Where do I send my dollar for the author's defense fund?
Hey Andyman(comment #745) you were outed in the friggin article directly above your comment. here's the full story of andyman.
and for those interested in donating to the defense fund, here's that link.
I think it's amazing that he's throwing out a red herring about the "Anti Semitic" depiction and bringing the Simon Wiesenthal Center into the fray. He probably called in a favor, found somebody at the Center and said, look what they’re doing, this is Anti-Semitic....well isn’t it?! Uh yea...... sure it is Dan. Thanks! I’ll quote you....BTW, can I be on your board of directors? Want some hats, or Cleatus the Robots in Burgundy and Gold?

To me, the scribbling on his picture looks like a depiction of a devil, is Dan implying that Jews look like the devil?
The real idiots are we fans that keep forking over our hard earned cash for his crappy idea of a football team. The horns and beard thing is exactly the same thing I did to a picture of my 7th grade english teacher, his name was Anderson, don't think he was jewish, but then again I don't think McKenna was hating on the jewish people when he drew it.
Outstanding article + effort by commentors. Fan for life, since '58, but escaped south in '06 thinking I could still be a fanatic for my team. mister Dan's killing of this franchise makes it very difficult to continue. Only hope I see is for fans, and our fan brothers and sisters to keep beating on the idiot, to run him out of town. It could done, having seen many a coach run out on a rail (not just in DC). We should also be beating on the Commish; he's doing a great job dragging down the league, too!
@ dan's buddy

Go home, no body cares what you have to share.
What a greedy douche. What can Skins fans do? If enough fans get feed up and don't support the team financially...Snyder will move to LA or anywhere that will take a team.

The fact is that the glory days, and great memories of what the Redskins organization was is gone forever and won't come back. Savor the memories. Just a shame.
I grew up following the Redskins even though I lived in NY. I also followed the Jets and hated the Giants. Once Snyder took over, it reminded me of Steinbrenner and the Yankees as far as his ignorance and bullying. The difference is that Steinbrenner was able to buy his way to winning, something Snyder remains clueless to this day. He has also driven me into the arms of the Eagles, the team my kids follow. Snyder has actually done something nobody else has ever been able to do- have me root for the Dallas Cowboys the two times a year they play the Redskins. What a cheap sucker Snyder is for all of the millions of dollars he has. The Six Flags incidents are amazing. Does he bend over the shoulders of his office personnel to make sure they do not throw out paper clips or write on both sides of paper? OMG!
I just read some above comments and especially loved #752 and 753 (and #749 about Lucifer suing). BTW- I am Jewish but, growing up in NY, I always felt like a majority and have NEVER experienced anti-semitism. I am not offended by the horns on the picture, but I am offended that we share a religion. Snyder is the poster child for the cheap Jew label you always heard in a bygone day. Stereotypes die hard and Snyder has done his best to bring back this one from the dead, something he will never be able to do for the Redskins. I guess for every Sandy Koufax and Hank Greenberg we have to have a Dan Snyder. Too bad.
@ Dan's Buddy: Your comments, in a nutshell, show why le' douche de' DC is lambasted even worse than what is aptly summarized in "Mr." McKenna's excellent summary. I think a lot of exaggerated assumptions were made by an overly sensitive pack of Dan's "buds", advisors, sycophants, suckupophants, or whatever you're called. For example, the uni-browed devil would more readily be called "El Diablo", because being partly of Italian heritage, the unibrow is definitely owned in Italian heritage (lmao)... the hyper sensitivity of you and your buds is so palpable, "Mr." Sny baby...cry, cry, cry. You wouldn't last a day with the NY media. You'sd come out with this crying nonsense and they'd stick their fangs into you and not let go... If you pulled even half these stunts, own it in your therapist sessions, and move on and stop behaving this way - it may be business, but it's immoral by mosts' measuring stick. Winner in bottom line dollars, loser in life...repent or face the consequences in a few decades. As Zep sang, "Your Time is Gonna Come..."
This is a well written and a very funny article. The Wash. Post or NY Times should hire this guy if the city paper fires him.
Oh, and you're in good company Danny - Coach K was "drawn up" too by an Indianapolis paper, and it went into print too!
After the Superbowl, Mike Tomlin was congratulated for shaking the hand of every player as they came off the field. He waved off the gesture, saying "That's what we do."

This is in stark contrast to The Danny, who's all about shaking hands and slapping backs after a victory, but makes a point to give his players the evil-eye when they come up the tunnel after a loss.

Unfortunately, if everyone stops going to the games, Snyder will just pull up stakes and bilk another city's football fans. It's been done in the NFL before - re:Al Davis, Bob Irsay, Bill Bidwill....
It's funny that Snyder is now suing over this article. This guy is the worst Jewish stereotype and ironically he's insinuating that a likeness of him with horns is meant to be anti-semetic. It would seem only Jews are readily aware of that historical reference and they certainly do not have the monopoly on how and when satanic references were made throughout history. Its reaching and weak. The guy is a scumbag who will use anything to drum up sympathy for himself. He is souless and be sure there will be a reckoning one day for him, count on it.
Epic takedown...simply epic. And now half of the US has read it....and knows its all basically true.

Nice job, Snyder, in getting millions to read about your faults.

Can we get the Cooke's back?
Chuck- there is a day of reckoning for Snyder every year. It is called Super Bowl Sunday! He gets to reflect on just how bad a person and owner he is. Unfortunately fans have to suffer along with him. If he does not atone for his non-football sins on Yom Kippur, he can at least atone for his football sins (AKA- idiocy) on that magical day in February. He may be there, but he is not really there, as every owner goes but only two have a chance to possibly celebrate and, to use a hockey phrase, Snyder will never get a chance to drink from the Cup until he understands what he is doing. That will never happen as he has an ego to big for a ten gallon hat. Go Cowboys, go Eagles, even go Giants. Do not go Redskins until Snyder sells and moves on. That won't happen either as he now has his ultimate toy. BTW Danny boy, I did not know about this entire issue until I read it in the New York Times so- go sue them now for reporting the truth and giving a link to that ridiculously funny and truthful article. Your ego has enabled even more people out of state to be aware just how low you have taken the Redskins.
Please, please don't settle with this absurd, fatuous, grotesque owner!!! And counter-sue for all your legal expenses.

For the sake of Free Speech and Freedom of Reporting, please don't settle!!!
Lay off Dan Snyder. He's an owner who's getting smarter and better. It's taken a while but Dan's learned the NFL ropes and his picks are beginning to pay off. Shanahan's team was 50% better than Zorn's. Next year will be better, you can just sense it. Get on board Cranky Fan, don't just be a nay sayer, and a whining critic. Settle your lawsuit, provide some support, and stand behind the Redskins. Fans, media, front office, and players need to work together to get the 'Skins into the playoffs and Super Bowl.
Funny how I never read this article, until I read an article about Snyder wanting to sue because of THIS article. Well played. Not.
Fabulous piece -- I moved away from DC shortly after Snyder started destroying the team, and I knew he was a jerk, but had not been following the news closely. Worst owner ever? For all of Al Davis' problems of recent years, at least he had a couple of good football decades back in the day. And the gouging of fans -- sometimes generally, sometimes specifically? And his business peccadilloes? Man, this guy is classic.

And please change the team's damn racist name, will you?

i hear you, this team is well overdue for a name change.

i hear you, this team is well overdue for a name change.
Great article -- like the vast majority of the world, will be rooting for CP against Snyder's frivolous and risible lawsuit.

Worst. Sports. Owner. Ever.
Well, as sad as it is I have decided I will no longer support the 'skins - and this is after over 40 years. Any penny I put in this jagoff's pocket will be used in a way I disagree with.
What a jerk this guy is.
I've been to games in LA where there were almost as many 'skins fans as there were Rams fans. That's how popular the nation's most watched team used to be.
When the Raiders were in LA you could get away with wearing "skins stuff as there were a ton of 'skins fans there for back-up. Gotta love those Raiders fans - well not really.
I've also been approached out west by native americans and asked (not always nicely) to remove any Redskin stuff. I do think it's about time we addressed the name. We could call then $nyder's demons but I understand the devil is suing to get his horns etc. removed from $nyders image.
When $nyder is gone and the team is renamed maybe I'll come back.
I've been following the Packers lately and wish we could get 800,000 fans to cough up $2,000 each so together we could buy the 'skins.
1 and a half billion dollars - geezz - how are we ever going to get rid of this parasite?
Maybe we can sell rancid peanuts door to door in his neighborhood.
Riggo is just right about this guy and here I thought he'd been exaggerating.

Man, you must be feeling INCREDIBLY STUPID! Your lawsuit drew national attention to a well-cataloged list of all the sleazy ways you have ripped off Redskins fans over the years, mismanaged the franchise, and driven team morale into the ground.

By suing the City Paper, you've succeeded in multiplying the awareness of your selfish, money-grubbing ways and the animosity true football lovers feel against you by a factor of 100.

Face it, there is NO WAY this town will ever like or respect you as the owner of the 'Skins. Do us and yourself a huge favor, put the team up for sale, and GO AWAY.

P.S. I didn't even know you were Jewish until you brought it up. Neither the picture nor the article were anti-semitic, but your behavior is a stain on the Jewish community. Sorry, Dan, but all of the negative things people think and say about you, you brought upon yourself.
Hey Danny Boy?

How's that law suit working out for ya so far?
Mr. Snyder,

Why don't we change places?
I can think of any more bad things to say about him but agree with all the things that have already been said.
Can anyone tell me what happened to Pat Hill? If Synder really wanted to show he was a decent human he would do right by her. I don't think he has which goes to show he is a greedy, selfish, unfeeling jerk.
Sounds like olde Danny boy is just trying to intimidate the press with his lucky money. He will never really get it.
@Dan's buddy: He was offered equal space to refute claims, which he could have done. He owns his own media companies, he's not some voiceless joe on the street.
The truth is he was angry and wanted to hurt the people who were publishing these articles, there's no getting around it. And hurt them bad, that is, forcibly take away their livelihood, which is a typical move for someone that thinks of other people as pawns, diabetics as a "growing market" etc.

And the stuff in the lawsuit that he's repeated all over sports radio about attacking his wife's charity ISNT EVEN THERE in the article. It is simply not present. I've read it 4 times over a week, and its just not there. So either Dan and his lawyers didnt read the article and someone misrepresented its contents to him (bizarre, irresponsible and incompetent) or he's trying to launch a perfidious smear campaign of his own against a tiny city newspaper with a fraction of his own holdings and worth, which belongs in this article under B for bullying or maybe S for Straw man or maybe S for sneaky.

Get a grip on yourselves Dan and Dan's buddies. Who cares what some reporter thinks of you and reports to a tiny readership?
Go have a 5 million dollar barbecue with helicopter demolition derby, enjoy your tree-cleared view of the potomac, take a week vacation, don't read your press (like many atheletes and actors do) and live your life.
And don't bully people with less clout than you. Everybody hates that, even you in your heart of hearts.

@eaglesfan ? the fact that he's suing a paper in an effort to intimidate them into firing someone is a sign that he's not gotten any better at all.
Hey, I had season tickets for thirty years at RFK. After two years of the worst
views (and smallest seats) at FEDX, I let'em go. Everything was over priced. The Redskins are now suffering under the worst Owner, management in Sports. and
yes my name is MR. to him ... tks
Just one question: why hasn't Dan Snyder, the worst owner ever, hired Matt Millen, the worst general manager ever?
Fire Mike Shanahan, he's a good guy and probably wants out.
Hire Josh McDanials, he deserves a chance to screw up another franchise.
And now The Economist has weighed in . . .
One can only assume that Dan has a small 8====D
But will it be enough to exterminate the narcissistic cockroach dropping? Tune in next week to find out!
Scurry off little feller. I'd hate to miss and knock that money-grabbing critter off your arm.
Dan Snyder has taken the one of the greatest sports farnchises in history and turned it into a laughing stock. I sad to say am a longtime Redskins fan who is completely ashamed of my team and especially the front office. I hope Bruce Allen and Shanahan can turn things around.Iwas hoping we could get Bill Cowher but we will see.
This is the greatest piece of journalism ever written. I feel like a great burden has been lifted from my shoulders. Kudos!
Tweet from Slate Today: Slate Slate
"The lesson that, hopefully, Hosni Mubarak and Dan Snyder are learning ..." #Egypt #Jan25 #SnyderLibel

Look at the growing comment count. Can you say backfire?
Dear Judith Lockhart, John Walsh, Patricia Glaser, and G. Jill Basinger,

When your kids ask what you do at work, do you say "I file bullshit lawsuits for a spoiled rich guy who thinks his farts don't stink"? I'm sure Snyder spends plenty of money with you, but really -- is this why you went to law school?
I grew up in Western PA, but have lived here for about 20 years. Like many of us, I kept my Steeler loyalties, but reserved my football emnity for teams like the Browns and Bengals. I had nothing against the Redskins, and wished them well, except on the few occasions that they played the Steelers. I know that many people from Western PA have moved to the DC area, and their stories are like mine.

I met my wife here. She was born and raised in Washington, and she, and her entire family were Skins fans. When my son was born in 1999 (around when Danny boy bought the team), we were in a good natured competition to see who could form my son's football loyalties. Fortunately, for me, and for him, I won. In his almost 12 years, he's had the good fortune to be fan (very passionate, I might add), of a classy and winning football team, whose team has had 3 SB appearances, 5 conference championship appearances, and classy and competent ownership. Dan Snyder and Dan Rooney are about as opposite as you can get; their first name the only thing they have in common.

The Redskins should be worried, because I'm certain that there are plenty of 11-12 year old boys living in this area, who have similar backgrounds, and are like my son. These boys should be Skins fans, becoming the Skins next generation of fans, but they are being turned off and raised to follow different teams. In short, Danny is mortgaging the Redskins future, while alienating the existing fan base.

I feel bad for Redskins fans, and if you want to follow a good football team, I'd invite all of you to join us in Steelers Nation.
I was a fan all my life....I hate Dan and will never go to a game again in my life. My family were ticket holders for 45 years and gave them all up 3 years ago!!!
A - Amazing people still go to the games
B - Bully the City Paper? Marion Barry never filed a suit, did he?
C - Cowboys own the Skins and it make Danny Boy crazy
D - Danny Boy is the proper salutation, not Mister Snyder
E - Empty club seats at every home game
F - Frostburg is better off without the Skins (ask Dickinson College)
G - Greed is good? Greed has ruined the franchise.
H - Hubris, ignorance, arrogance
I - Insanity is not a defense for filing this frivolous suit
J - Jealous of the Ravens success
K - Kangaroo court will only find in Danny Boy's favor
L - Lost the majority of the fan base.
M - Mismanagement - do I need to elaborate?
N - Negative rating of 100% on TweetFeel
O - Overpriced beers, horrible food
P - Payment received by cagey free agents
Q - Queen Noor sold him his houe
R - Roads closed to pedestrian access the stadium
S - Sell the team, sell the team, sell the team
T - Traffic jams driving to Raljon
U - Upset by the record loss to the Eagles on MNF?
V - Victory will only celebrated when Danny Boy is forced to sell the team.
W - Worst owner in professional sports - yes, worse than Angelos
X - Xenophobic, better than X-Ray
Y - You still think it was a good idea to file suit???
Z - Zero support now - the fans have had enough
Oh danny boy? Do you look here everyday and see how much we hate you? No it's not jealousy, because lucky money and no respect or friends are not desirable. You will get yours Danny boy. How do you think your mommy feels when she looks here? Wow, my son's a bigger a-hole then I thought, she says! LMAO!

You can't buy friends, danny boy, only whores and it makes sense that birds or whores of a feather flock together!

A fine article, in the best traditions of journalism. Look at the response! I turned 58 today, meaning that I had been a loyal fan for something like 50 years before giving up on the team because of Snyder (never trust anyone with that rich-mans sneer...). Let's get serious DC., Snyder will sell the team instantly when convinced that it's value is decreasing yearly and he might not make as much money in the future if he keeps degrading the franchise. That is what he cares about, not tradition, not the fans, not the fun of the game, not the Redskins!
terrific stuff. will look into providing support for legal fees.
It looks as if Dan Snyder got some courage to write back (above) after a drink or two, eh? None of the allegations are denied, or can credibly be. The truth obviously hurts. Thanks for suing - otherwise I may have never seen the fantastic compilation of verifiable facts that I have lived through and know are real. DC has the worst collection of sports owners in the USA, with Dan Snyder leadeing the pack by several lengths. The Ravens, Nationals and Capitals notwithstanding, the Orioles, Wizards and Redskins are owned by spoiled rich idiots, and when they go, they will be owned by their spoiled rich idiot sons. I'll move to Green Bay.
Ooops - when I said "It looks as if Dan Snyder got some courage to write back after a drink or two, eh? " I meant Dan's Buddy.
Thank you, Mr. McKenna.

I missed this article in November, but read it after I heard about the lawsuit on WTOP.

I have loved the Skins since I became aware of football as a child. It has been a part of my identity as a DC-native.

This article on The Economist sums it up nicely.

I’ve spent thousands of $ on tickets, parking, etc. trying to build my Skins ticket position to ensure good seats for my lifetime and for future family generations. I’ve struggled with knowing the things our owner has done. I’ve tried to stay focused on the franchise history and its future after Snyder has gone. But this is the cold, hard reality: I can help Snyder sue CP, or I can cancel my season tickets.

Giving even 1/10th of my season ticket bill to the CP legal defense fund is still a very generous donation.

I empathize with the other Redskins fans who have posted here. I feel bad for the players. This owner has done immeasurable damage and I can’t pay for another 20+ years of it. I am questioning my NFL identity. I am heartbroken.
And he's now suing over the picture?
It would look smarter if he had just let this story die.
But it doesn't look like this guy does.... never mind.
I have and will be a True Redskins fan for most of my life but I can no longer abide or support any thing that Dan Snyder is involved in.He has taken my Beloved Skins to new and unheard of Lows.He is a money grubber and I have resolved not to spend a dime on anything he touches...Ass hole!!!
Wow, what an enlightening article. Thank God Snyder chose to file suit otherwise I would have never seen this piece and enjoyed such a hearty laugh. I will never spend a penny on anything Redskins while Danny lawsuit is in charge.
The City Paper should issue a retraction of the devil picture, as it is insulting to devils who can actually get things done.

The City Paper should replace the devil picture with Snyder's face drawn on a douche bag. It is a far more accurate depiction as Snyder is, in fact, a total & complete douche bag. Talk about a moniker with some unused mileage, to wit:

Dan The Douche Bag Snyder
Super Douche Snyder
DANdy Douche
or perhaps rename the Douche Bag, the Dan Bag

If you go to a Redskins game, does the ticket bar you from chanting "Douche Bag Dan"? If so, could they eject 90,000 fans chanting it?

I aim to find out.
I'm not a big football fan, but heard of this article after watching "Inside Washington" this week. Like Paula (in comment 802), I never would have come across it had Snyder not started legal proceedings.

It is deplorable that rich people like Snyder should intimidate small publications like Washington City Paper for writing things they don't like about them. I have happily contributed to your defense fund via PayPal and suggest that others do the same.
The only way to get rid of him is to STOP SPENDING MONEY. Don't go to the game! Don't buy anything Redskins! Don't watch the Game on TV! BOYCOTT IS THE KEY TO MAKE HIM BANKRUPT. Once he is bankrupt, he has to sell. STOP WHINING AND DO SOMETHING!
This solidifies it for me...NO MORE OF MY $$$ IS GOING TO THE 'SKINS!!! I've never been more embarassed to be a 'Skins fan.
What about the team name doubling as a racial slur? Are the Redskins playing the Philadelphia Niggers next year? Maybe they will open division play vs. the New York Kikes? Are the New England Spicks in the NFC?
Dave you are my hero. I am behind you and City Paper all the way!
Jack Kent Cooke "the Squire" really screwed Redskins Nation by not providing an easy way for his son to own the team. For estate planning purposes (mostly tax related) he placed the team in a non-profit foundation. I'm sure Mr. Cooke had no idea a person like Danny Boy would be able to organize a winning ownership group. Mr. Cooke felt his son didn't deserve the Skins, didn't earn them. I wonder how he would feel about Danny Boy's career path and "achievements." You think the firm that bought Snyder Comm. is happy about their buy. Or the shareholders of Six Flags?? I can't imagine anyone is happy in buying any of Snyder's assets. Now we have one of the worst run teams in the NFL. And it will continue on for decades. He treat the fans as peons, necessary evil.
Dan Snyder is a exactly like Scrooge. All he cares about is his money. Snyder wants a good reputation by suing a local newspaper? Even the threat of this has cased more backlash into more people disliking Snyder. I do not like Snyder's values and think he has corrupted the redskins because he is the owner which is core to a franchise. Snyder deserves the backlash for his ideas.
All we can do is not spend a dime on the team's gear, tickets, or sponsors. Drop Fedex and let them know why like I did. (UPS is actualy doing a better job anyway) Take those saved dollars and contribute to the legal defense fund. I don't want a settlement - this thing just MUST go to court and let the truth about this guy come out.

"Mr. Snyder, can you tell the court about the forgery and fraud that your firm, Snyder Communications, was found guilty of in Florida by regulators?"
Redskins fans are behind you guys! My blog today said we should handle Dan Snyder Egypt-style. Join the revolution!
1. Dan, you can't buy a "superbowl" team.
2. Dan, offering large signing bonus' to players should be a thing of the past.
3. Dan, your the only NFL team owner who makes a profit off a losing team.
4. Dan, your players are not role models, they are thugs.
5. Dan, Sell the team, and if you don't know why, refer to #1.

The Redskins suck! It makes no difference who Dan gets in here to manage or coach. They need to go back to a simple play book (less than 50 plays), including the "counter tray" up the gut...and make it work. Run the crap out of them until they act like a team, no more of this individual celebration on the field. Oh, and if you haven't totally screwed with your prize QB, you might want to put McNabb back in and surround him with an Offensive line??? Dan, your an idiot and a great embarrassment to this team and to the metro area!!!
I love the Larry Michaels dig - used to guys like him out front of used car dealerships. My only concern is that Larry could be permanently damaging his innards allowing Dan Snyder's hand that far up his backside, but I can't figure out how Snyder is doing the voice...

Remember the times when Vinny Ceratto would sit in on Larry's terrible 'Redskins Nation' show? It was like Goebbels having Himmler on to talk about the delays on the train tracks - vaht are vee to do?

Its all gone to crap, but this whole thing proves that pride is stronger than anger. We all desparately want them to be good, and will never be angry enough to actually NOT cheer for them. We never will. Don't buy anything anymore, fine. Don't go to Fed-Ex anymore, cool. But what we never want to admit to ourselves, the crux of it all, is that IF they EVER actually win - we don't want to NOT be their fan. Daniel Snyder knows this.
The Cowboys support you. Without respect for law there is no competition.
I've never heard of the City Paper. I don't care if some of the items are exaggerated; I wouldn't even care if they were all made up. I have hated Dan Snyder since the day he bought the Redskins, and this article couldn't make me hate him more. He sold out when he took money to name the field FedEx Stadium instead of the much expected and much deserved Jack Kent Cooke Stadium (who had his faults but loved his Redskins). He tore the heart and soul out of my beloved Redskins from day one. I will never stop cheering for them, but he makes it really hard to be a fan. I don't wish him dead, but I do wish him bankrupt. It would hurt more.
I've been a Redskins fan since I was four years old and my love for the Skins is now passed the three decade mark. I remember the days when I could proudly boast who my team was and why. As every year passes and Dirty Danchez remains the owner, my head is lowered more and more with shame knowing that we will never be a Super Bowl contender again, much less a division contender. Dan Snyder is right behind Osama Bin Laden, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Kim Jong-il as the four worst men in the world. Danny is a self-proclaimed life long Redskins fan yet he does nothing to make the Skins better. All he cares about is his ego and his bank account. He makes me feel helpless as a life long fan because I will always love the Skins but I know we'll always be in basement of the NFC East as long as he is the owner. I FUCKING HATE YOU DAN SNYDER!
Read up on Harold Ballard he s the old codger that owned the Toronto Maple Leafs of the NHL,the city celebrated like it was Mardi Gras when the cheap bastard died,he very well could be Snyders biological father as these two are obviously two Peas in a pod,Ballard once made his coach coach the game with a paper bag on his head,both classless douches to be sure,soul mates !
HEY SNYDER, I pray you're still alive when you finally lose ownership of this team, because I want you to experience the humiliation of watching MILLIONS of people celebrate your departure.
Great read, thanks DM/WCP, and heres best of luck in the fight against swine !

This man is a crook. Napoleon meets 'Office Space' meets 'The Insider.' Has been, will be a crook. A bad human being. One of the worst in this city, and it has more than its share. Manages to offend on multiple levels as a SPORTSTEAM OWNER !! WTEM is his demon spawn.

I never liked this team simply because of its racist moniker - but my late mother-in-law woulda been anything but pleased and that it aint right :-)
I am so glad my team aint owned by someone like Snyder, Jerry Jones, Al Davis or Wayne Weaver, and I dont mean to pity Washington fans ... but DC has one of the top three most dislikable owners in all of sports.

This was a great read. The entre organization and its nature is criminal in my opinion. Snyder's business history shows traits, and there simply is no hope for the Deadskins unless this man dies.
As a Ravens fan I am torn here, iI kinda like the fact a racistly named team sucks perennially ... BUT -
I hope Daniel Snyder expires as fast as his lawsuit. That may be a biiit strong, but this one's for my mom-in-law, god bless her, and Frank Herzog. (Screw WTEM and Andy Pollin. Hed run over Joe Jacoby's Mom to make a buck)

Smooches !
(God I am so glad that aint my team)
And I thought the Los Angeles Dodgers were the only ones with that big of an asshole for an owner. Our owner is the parking lot attendent from Boston who is looting the Dodger assets while matching Snyder for ways to gouge more money out of the suffering fans. Like your Redskins we'll never see a winner until he's gone. We can only hope he's forced to sell the team to pay his wife as part of the divorce settlement. Major League Baseball broke it's own rules to let him aquire the club without the necessary assets, just like Snyder's purchase of the Redskins. Like you we ended up with a wheeler-dealer who made his fortune with shady business practices and only knows how to alienate people. I feel for you fans because I know your pain. Hopefully these two will serve as examples to the major sports leagues next time they consider a prospective owner.
I wonder if Jack Kent Cooke is rolling over in his grave? After all, it's his fault that Dan Snyder now owns the Redskins. Instead of passing the team on to his children, he made them bid on it with everyone else. They were outbid by Snyder and company. How'd that work out for you Jack?
We in LA don't want Snyder. If he comes here, he'll lose his shirt. Does anyone remember that the Raiders and Rams BOTH left because they couldn't make money here? LA people don't put up with losing teams. Sterling only makes money because he got lucky on the Staples Center deal and the NBA allows him to spend very little money on players.

If the fans of Liverpool FC in England can revolt against their American owners and basically force the sale of the team, why can't DC fans do the same? Y'all need to organize yourselves and learn from the English.
Their use of profanity just tells you the kind of background them "Chosen People" come from!

As a 'Skins fan, it may look like a very difficult task getting Danny Boy to sell the team. But if ordinary people in countries overseas can overthrow dictators using Facebook and twitter to organize efforts, our job is not that big of a deal. Hell, half the time, the dictators would even disrupt internet and telecom services... Now, I'm not trying to compare the fight for people's freedom and the sacrificing of their lives to our mission of getting rid of Danny, but if they can do that, we can certainly do something as simple as this. There has to be a way...
All we have to do as Skins fans is just STOP. STOP buying merchandise...STOP going to the games....STOP...STOP....STOP
Power to the people!
I completely agree that we, as Redskins fans, need to stop buying merchandise or anything else associated with Snyder's pocketbook. But I realized over the last few years that it is virtually senseless to buy tickets to any home games because of the fact that not only are they way overpriced, but also:
Parking prices are ridiculous and the busing situation also ridiculous. I have been to 13 other pro stadiums as well as 4 major college stadiums and FedEx is by far the worst. Even parking in downtown Charlotte for a Panthers game is easier, cheaper and more convenient than what Snyder has set up in Landover.
And what I find worse... and UNFORGIVABLE... is the fact that when you go to a home game, there are SO MANY fans of the opposing team EVERYWHERE. Now, that isn't all of Snyder's fault but he is largely to blame. The high season ticket prices almost force many fans to sell some of their tickets on the internet to recoup a percentage of what they have spent. This allows opposing teams fans to purchase tickets and take away a home field advantage like we had every sunday at RFK. RFK is still the greatest stadium I have ever watched a football game in. Nothing can compare. I miss it and realize that FedEx will never even come close. It's a shame because if we still had that atmosphere... I would go to 3-4 games a year like I did in the 80s and 90s, win or lose. It just great to be surrounded by all Redskins fans, screaming our heads off to root on the team. My last game was in 2007 I think- season opener against the Dolphins and I was surrounded by fans of the other team. Told myself it was the last time I would go again. We even won the game but the atmosphere just sucked. I am sure nothing has changed, if not gotten worse.
Send the ownership a message. Stop spending your hard earned money on tickets, parking, $9 beers, overpriced food, etc. Just stop doing it. I did it 4 years ago and I have no regrets. I still root for the team but spend no money that would find it's way into Snyder's pocket at all. It's not hard at all.
Thank You Dave McKenna. Keep up with your research!!!! Lifelong Skins fan here. I knew Snyder was an a##hole but geez this is just heartbreaking! Keep up the good work - maybe he'll grow a conscience. Hey Snyder - Instead of suing over the truth why don't you sell the Skins (you'd make more money than off a lawsuit)so us fans can have the owner/team that we deserve!
Why would Snyder bring such a laughable libel suit? New York Law School's legal journalism blog, LASIS, takes a look:
Maybe someone should sell pee sponges with snyders face on them to all the angry fans. That would probably qualify as a $5 million dollar market niche.
Too funny Trent! I'd buy more than one!!!
It has been so bad, his reign as Skins owner, that there has been several occasions when i thought of giving up on the team and just being an NFL fan rather than a Skins fan.

I fear we will become the new Raiders with the owner calling plays and bugging Redskins coaches offices...if he don't already
Wow. I'm a former resident from the Washington DC area. I spent 25 years of my youth and adulthood in Maryland, before moving to Florida. I was a big Redskins fan from the mid 70s until the early 90s. I've been a Dolphin's fan since the mid 90s as well as the early 70s. However, I had no idea that things had gone so badly for the Washington fans since Snyder took over. It's such a shame, because the Skins had their hey days under George Allen and Joe Gibbs. Many great players came out of that team and it has such a legacy. Well, at least I have my beloved Maryland Terrapins who I visit every other year or so for homecoming - Fear the Turtle. Go Terps!
I wish my kids could grow up loving the Redskins like I did. They can't love this.
I grew up a Giants fan and always had "rivalry" hate for the Redskins. However --- even a vilified enemy doesn't deserve the fate the Skins have suffered by having this belligerent, small-man-syndrome-suffering, and probably utterly non-athletic jerk run them. To steal from the old joke, he probably doesn't need to use toilet paper because he's such a perfect #*$hole.

I hope that, somehow, your fortunes can change. Don't see it happening while this prick owns the team though.
Please sell the Redskins, make whatever you would like of the sale and buy the Cowboys. If you love the Redskins as much as once claimed sell them and leave them in good hands, buy the Cowboys and repeat, that will guarantee us 2 wins a year for eternity.
I'm glad Snyder wasn't owner with Art Monk, Gary Clark & Ricky Sanders played. He would have traded all 3 for Ryan Leaf or Jamarcus Russell.
LOL - Great answer 836. Bet that made the douchebag sad!
Now Rolling Stone is weighing in (?!), this would have been forgotten, if not for Dan's bizarre lawsuit. If it goes to trial, I really hope it does this Fall, to draw fans attention away from another crappy Skins season. I hope it's a real circus with all the entertainment channels milking it for what its worth.
I don't sense Dan will do too well with alot of out of area news hounds in his face, since they aren't on his local payroll.

Here's the article:
What a dipsh*t! I hate Dan Snyder.
As a kid growing up in DC in the 70's and 80's, my Dad used to take me to RFK to watch my beloved Redskins. Those Sundays (and then Monday nights when I got old enough) were by far the best part of my youth. I came home from my freshman year in college just in time to go to the "seat cusion game" against Atlanta. I still have my seat cusion, and it is a prized posession. I used to be proud to be a Redskins fan.

I live in Colorado now, where people know only a bit about Snyder's idiocy. Folks out here know he's a bad owner, but don't understand what a pathetic, petty, evil little monster he is. Mike Shanahan still has a few fans out here and they ask me if I'm excited about his hiring. "Whatever." I say. "As long as that little fucker Snyder owns the team, we'll suck."

I just mailed a check to the City Paper for their legal defense fund. And with that, I guess it's official: Go Broncos!
I've been a redskins fan for many many years. However, since Jim Zorn was hired, I've slowly transitioned from Redskins fan to Ravens fan. With Shanahan hired and especially with his handling of the Haynesworth-less and Mcnabb situations, I've completely renounced my loyalty and support for the skins.

To Dave Mckenna- This article was truly a great read. You're an impressive writer. Write some more pieces like these and enough people will really start to gang up on Snyder. I cannot keep the faith but I hope you do.
What an amazing piece of writing. I am a Broncos fan and live in Denver (as a previous poster notes, CO doesn't cover a lot of this) so I have been completely unaware of the complete and total evil that is Daniel Snyder. After reading this perfect evisceration of his character as an NFL owner, and even more so as a person, I have newfound respect and admiration for all the 'Skins fans who have remained loyal throughout all of his bullshit. Furthermore, I will be keeping track of and supporting your legal efforts to defend yourself against such an obviously anti-American SLAPP lawsuit on behalf of this monster of a businessman.
As a Leafs fan from Toronto, I've heard all about our owner from the 60s-90s, Harold Ballard, who basically robbed our historic and glorious team of every semblance of a successful franchise it ever had. And I thought I had read about the worst owner in sports history. Then I read this. Washington, I have been a life long Niners fan, but I swear the day Dan Snyder no longer owns this team, I will turn into a die hard Skins fan. You have my deepest sympathies.
Haven't seen any follow-up from either McKenna OR the City Paper on this story since it broke. Also haven't seen McKenna around since the Snyder follow-up story broke except for a short mea culpa article on Sidwell Friends earlier this month. Has Snyder's legal team gone through with their threats or was the whole thing just a very public way of intimidating the paper into silence? Given the lack of follow-up I'm guessing this tactic worked.
After the Steeler Nation came in and helped Pittsburgh beat the Redskins before Election Day 2008, I bet all the Republicans should file a petition having Dan Snyder and the Redskins be forced out of D.C. and move to L.A., as well as taking over Dick Clark Productions. By the way, Dick Clark is almost dead, and after the Monday Night Football disasters against the Steelers and Eagles, I'd like to suggest having Dick Clark be the QB for the Redskins in 2011 and Brian Betts' dead corpse coach the team next year rather than Shanahan. You'll have a better chance of beating Dallas, New York and Philly with a murdered teacher that changed lives rather than Donovan McNabb and Albert Haynesworth. Think about that, Dan. And, speaking of GEICO, for the next time you play on Monday Night Football, why don't the Redskins hire the Gecko and the Cavemen as honorary captains for the 'Skins? Makes sense to me!
To clear something up, it WAS Mike Nolan who was given the ice cream treatment; Matt Cavanaugh never worked for the Redskins.
It's obvious Daniel Snyder has no desire to treat human beings correctly, no own a football team properly.
Great Work. I just heard about this today because of the news about the lawsuit.
What will make him quit? I want my team back.
As a Giants fan, I must say I miss the good ole days of "the NFC East is the best division in football." Here's hoping Snyder trips on a banana peel and I get to watch exciting division games again that aren't against the Eagles.
Excellent piece of work! Thoroughly enjoyable.
I'm a Ravens fan. But damn. Two playoff seasons and zero division titles since Danny Boy took over. The Redskins deserve better than this.
Wow. I thought the York family were the biggest douche owners in pro sports. You have my sympathies, Skins fans.

~A 49er fan
christ what an asshole....
This article... (I have to be careful, I don't want to get sued) ...has appeal to me. I went to most of the home games from the time I was 12 years old until I went to college. The day I turned 18 I drove to RFK to sign up for the waiting list. After 18 long years I got my own set of season tickets. That was 10 years ago. The team has sucked ever since and the owner has burned through all the goodwill that this lifetime fan had. I am not renewing my season tickets this year and I will never set foot in the stadium or buy another Redskin branded item as long as Dan Snyder owns the team.

I will root for the team's on field success while simultaneously hoping the owner goes broke or gets humiliated into selling the team. I accept the reality that that sweet day will probably never come because despite the fact that fans hate him, Snyder has turned the team into a financial powerhouse.

I think there are many like me. I hope the number is in the tens of thousands.
I once witnessed Daniel Snyder suck on a large part of donkey anatomy to prevent a homeless person from having somewhere warm to sleep.

Ok, so that's not true but no one can prove to me he hasn't done that.
I hate the Redskins. Hate them. And I still hope that Dan Snyder goes bankrupt and has to the sell the team. He's even worse than Jerry Jones.
Can the NFL take over this team the way MLB took over the Dodgers? The Redskins are a hot mess.
I'm so glad I'm a Steelers fan. We have the ROONEYS. Just ask Ryan Clark how much better it can be. Been in DC 39 years and I will cheer with Skins fans when Dan Snyder is finally run out of town. Snyder is the lowest of the low, scum of the earth. No city should tolerate him.

Excellent piece of work! DO NOT SETTLE WITH THIS JERK! The D.C. area will support you and TRUST ME YOU WILL WIN!
Fire your crappy PR firm. You are obviously getting horrible advice. Nobody knew about this article until your suit and now you are driving even more attention to it through your Op Ed. If I didn't know better, I would think you are an investor in the City Paper's parent company, because you are driving up its media hits, dummy.
Thanks for article. Was driven here through the lawsuit. What a failure, Dan. Keep up the good work there Snyder PR. Maybe we can get rid of him and I could enjoy living in DC now and supporting the Redskins.
I guess the latest suit just shows you dont have to be brilliant to make money but a lack of conscience and a knack of going for the jugular certainly helps. Most people including myself had probably forgotten about "the article" and original suit but Dannyboy and his never ending ego wouldnt let sleeping dogs lay. No! With his impeccable timing, he decides to uncover old bones RIGHT when the NFL isnt real popular with a lot of folks due to the lockout and impending strike or however that issue stands at the moment. The mans gift for timing is right there with a tsunami's and as popular also.
how is drawing devil horns, a beard and a uni-brow on a picture anti-semetic?
Danny Boy, Oy, is one crappy businessman. Reading all of the above, article and posts makes one wonder, "Why in the Hell can't the NFL do something to make him sell the team?" He is one pathetic baastard. How many teams ever wear the initals of an owners deceased father? Who cares if his Papa died. Also he claimed that the paper was Anti-Simetic by placing Devil horns and gotee on his picture. Did any of the Jewish community here in the D.C. area come to his aid? Hell No. So he goes and files this lawsuit in New York to take local pressure off of himself. Now he brings the Lawsuit back to DC were he really will hear it from the Redskin faithful. Way to go Danny Boy. You are something else. Shalom M.F.
Great article...Knew nothing about all of this until on the radio this morning- dumb move to have a lawsuit. Don't know much about the Redskins but remember being mad reading that he cut down those trees along the Potomac- irreplacable trees. I do remember hearing that Dan S was going to charge for everything -even going to the bathrooms at the stadium.

Hope the few remaing ticket holders cancel their subscripton-and hope he gets zero purchases.

Cancel the lawsuit and just pretend you won and give the money to the charity that you planned on giving it to. Winnning --doesn't it have a Charlie Sheen narcassitic ring to it. Dan-Dont waste money on legal fees-donate-you will feel better....
For accuracy's sakes, I feel the need to rebut a few of these claims. First of all, Saunders' 700 page playbook - 700 pages is actually about par for the course for an NFL playbook, the NFL is different than it was during Gibbs first stint and he had to adapt and keep up. On the other hand, I've heard accounts that the playbook was more like 1,000 pages which if true is pretty ridiculous. Second, while the "emulate Charlie Chan" thing is certainly disgusting, I don't see how you can argue with Snyder that former 6 flags mascot Mr. Six is creepy. And lastly, the whole deal with Laveranues Coles and the flat screen TV - there was nothing wrong or improper done there, football is a business and while Snyder may be a terrible businessman by most accounts this is simply a case of him taking a hard-line negotiating stance. All he was basically saying was re-work your contract or we're prepared to eat the rest of the money we owe you - how is that any worse than, say, Carson Palmer demanding to be traded from the Bengals and threatening to retire if he's not?

Ok, those are the only 3 points that are even remotely defensible, and those are all pretty mild compared to some of the other items on this list. Final verdict - Dan Snyder is almost certainly in the top 10 biggest scumbags in American history.
Now hold on everyone. That Snyder has no honor or integrity is no shocker and all this only confirms what everyone knew anyway, the guy's a jerk.

The real scoop (for me at least) is the conflict of interest with Michael Wilbon, Wally Bruckner, and other sportscasters sucking up and taking Snyder's bribes to be Redskins stooges ("brilliant draft picks, Mr. Snyder!). They should be ashamed and treated with the same contempt as Snyder.

I know, and there's no Santa Claus either and I'm an old fashioned jar head but I was hoping there was some honor left in journalism and something this blatant wouldn't stand. Wilbon, Bruckner, etc. you should be fired.
I don't think I can ever love the Redskins anymore until Dan Snyder leaves. The FedEx and Redskin fan experience on any level in any country is complete shit.
I'm a longtime Raiders fan, and I thought we had it bad with Al Davis. This guy makes Davis look like a saint.

Now Snyder has his panties in a twist over this article, and is filing a lawsuit? Where's this "changed man" we just read about? Methinks the douchebag doth protest too much.
I'm a longtime Raiders fan, and I thought we had it bad with Al Davis. This guy makes Davis look like a saint.

Now Snyder has his panties in a twist over this article, and is filing a lawsuit? Where's this "changed man" we just read about? Methinks the douchebag doth protest too much.


The thing about Al Davis...he's just's hard to keep your sanity when your 500 hundred years old. However, Al Davis has a true football mind and has the rings to prove it.

Daniel Snyder wishes he could have half of what Al has. Danny is nothing more than a smarmy douchebag, looking to squeeze out an extra buck anyway he can
Close to 900 comments...I don't see how I can add anything new...except, I plan on being on the courthouse steps when the verdict comes in for the Defense.

No one should be surprise by any of this. This is what happens when you're born into Money. Snyder has never had to work for anything. He's just a big kid with a lot of money.

It's time for a Time Out Danny Boy!!!!
I'm glad that you've exposed Dan Snyder for the moron that he is. The Redskins were one of the storied franchises in the NFL. Now, it's a laughing stock and it's all his fault. I don't even wear skins gear anymore because I don't want to be affiliated with this clown.

I hope that the City Paper wins this suit because a) he has nothing to stand on and b) he should feel the misery that all of us have felt under his terrible running of the Redskins.
Skins fan since Theisman/Riggins era. Losing faith rapidly. Just read that Packers season ticket might take 795 years to get, think I'll sign up and take a chance. Give 'em hell in court, "the truth will out"
Danny Snyder wouldn't even own The Redskins if Morgan Stanley had let Adam Waldo speak the truth to Wall Street. Screw Snyder. He's is the quintessential shyster. Nothing more than a Barry Minkow with a better story. Bernie Ebbers with a better sense of "sell" timing. Joseph Kennedy without the patrician envy.
I think that ol' Danny Boy should've been arrested along with Bernie Madoff. I mean he's bilked Redskins fans for who knows how much and the product does not improve. Danny and Bernie as roommates. Now there's a pair for you.
As an iggles fan there is a part of me that is happy with redskins futility. However, I think enough suffering has taken place that even us angry philly fans hope DC is soon pardoned from the punishment that is daniel snyder
Why am I not surprised to see racist posts from fans of a team with a racist name? I think I'm much more of a typical jewISH guy than Snyder, and I've protested his team, carrying a sign demanding they change the racist name.

Great article, McKenna. Shame the City Paper can't afford a moderator to keep hate speech off its comments.
Being Jewish is about loving your neighbor as you love yourself.

Judaism is the belief in everybody's inherent value and beauty that has led me to volunteer hundreds of hours tutoring children in a homeless shelter. Judaism is the joy that I feel in being a great substitute teacher instead of making twice the money in the private sector. It's the love that gets me to buy sandwiches for beggars on my credit card when I'm broke, myself.

Daniel Snyder is not Jewish. He just inherited a name from someone who was. If you want to see what a Jewish team owner looks like, look back at Abe Pollin, who hired the second and third African American players in the NHL, and one of the first crop of Soviet defectors. When one of Pollin's players, Chris Simon, was disciplined for making a racist remark against Mike Grier, Pollin's team dropped Simon and hired Grier. As a kid, I could go watch Caps games for the cost of parking at a Skins game. That's an owner who loved people. Then he moved his arena into the center of town where he didn't charge for parking at all, because he knew that it was right to encourage us all to take the metro. That's a Jewish sports owner.

The sooner people forget Dan Snyder's name and the racist name of his racist team--the last in the NFL to hire African American players--the sooner we can get serious about something, anything, that matters. As long as you support that franchise, even by watching it on television so it can sell ads, you are buying into hatred. It's no wonder that the man who would want to own it would be the biggest hater of all.

One of the first recorded uses of Snyder's team's name is on posters to recruit Custer's forces. Get real here. No religious person of any kind could be involved in that nonsense.
Oh, but, by the way, that picture of Snyder with horns actually is quite offensive. So are the pictures of Native Americans that the State of Maryland has seen fit to post on its interstates, but two wrongs just make a whole lot of wrong.

Racists have drawn Jewish people with horns for a long time. There are jokes about it in Shakespeare (who was protested by the puritans who founded America for being lewd and offensive). There was a drug-addicted nun in Spain in the time of the inquisition who wrote about her drug trips and how she saw horns on the heads of all the Jewish people--except she somehow didn't mention whether this included Jesus, his mom or his friends. Mel Gibson even made a movie about it. Doesn't make it appropriate.
The Redskins were once the single greatest unifying force for the diverse mixture of folks in the Md/DC/VA area. Nearly everybody loved that team!

Now ironically, Dan Snyder has himself become that unifying force. Yup, now just about everybody is united in speaking ill of this villain. A more fitting first name would be 'Darth' instead of 'Dan'!

Dave McKenna: Winning !

Dan Snyder: FAIL !
The original article is so well researched and documented that I don't see any way that Snyder can prevail in his suit. I've been a fan for 47 0f my 71 years and I hate what Snyder has done to, "My" team. With rotten decisions he has guaranteed loosing records and made a laughing stock of us. Unfortunately, there is no light at the end of the tunnel for this loyal fan and I will die disappointed and unfulfilled (except for the Golden Years of Lombardi, Allen and Gibbs I). I weep.
I live in the DC area, and while I am not a Skins fan, I have been watching this guy for 10 years. I am a Browns fan, and I am familiar with a pushy, know it all owner who is good at business but doesn't know crap about football (Art Modell). I have always viewed Snyder as a young Art. And this article pretty much reinforces that.
Wow all the reasons why Snyder is a horrible owner. I personally hate him and think he should sell the team. Ps are you sure that you can post this? He might sue you for this.
I will never spend another dime on anything Redskins until he sells. He's ruined one of the most storied franchises with the NFL with pure greed... Jack is rolling over in his grave.
I just read this piece after reading the NY Times (7/4/11) story about the City Paper being sued by Snyder for "defamation." Snyder has a lot of money to throw at keeping lawyers busy and making things expensive and uncomfortable for the City Paper. I hope lawyers are reading this comment section on discovery - the defamation charge is groundless. Snyder has clearly defamed himself through countless of his own actions - the public result and degree to which all of the above comments clearly attest.
Came across this gentleman [D.Snyder] thru the NYT article (7/14/11) on his lawsuit against Mr. McKenna. The "Fan's Guide" certainly does not paint a pretty picture of this 'talented' entrepreneur. It does not appear that the most salubrious material has floated to the top.
Wow. I thought I had it tough supporting a team owned by Al Davis. But big Al's just a few marbles short these days. And no one can deny his past achievements, both on the field and off. Snyder just seems like a cumstain.
Wow. What an awful situation to live through if you're a Skins fan(or football fan in general). As a Packer fan as well as an overall NFL fan, my heart goes out to you all that still hope for good fortune for the Skins- despite the handcuffing of the franchise's success by this utterly oblivious, unrepentant, Napoleonic, smarmy douchebag. It's a shame that once this tumor(lawsuit) disappears, the cancer of this proud franchise still exists. It's an even bigger shame that making money is the only concern of the ownership. Whether they look to rape the fanbase for it, waste shit-tons it on over-the-hill or malcontent free agents, or use it to bully people that oppose their agenda, whatever. Just keep running things like their the Yankees- whoops, it's the NFL and that strategy doesn't necessarily work here.
Here's to hoping that one day this creature wakes up and realizes he's destroying the soul of this franchise.
As a lifetime Los Angeles resident and Dodger fan, the Redskins will certainly not be my team when I move to Washington DC next month. I'll go the extra hours to support the Ravens if I feel like becoming a more adamant football fan. I've already dealt with Frank McCourt destroying my team, I don't think I could add Dan Snyder.
Not surprising that Patriots' owner Robert Kraft -- despite his own personal grief -- is credited by both sides with crafting a long-term solution to the NFL lockout, while Snydely Whiplash is on the sidelines. The two teams' recent histories are no coincidence, given who is in charge.
What a pure greed. I would want to kick his Ass with my steel toed boot.
I loved re-reading this today. After all these years, we continue to see Snyder abusing the fans and the team; he just doesn't get!!! Mr. Cooke is turning in the grave because of the deplorable conditions of 'his' team! Snyder is a total douche bag! Been a Skins fan since '66, had tickets until Snyder overpriced them, and am quite content to watch it on TV. Any truth to the rumor he removed the seats in the end zones because he isn't selling out and was facing a blackout?!?!?!? Just another ploy to slime the great Skins traditions! Mr. Cooke was a fan, Snyder is a carpetbagger!!
"Danjazeera?!" That's an unfair comparison; al jazeera runs a high-quality organization which is truth-minded, rather than money-minded, and which has top-notch reporting, especially on middle eastern affairs.
What a jackass....Look how many page views/comments were left as a result of this stupid lawsuit! This article is friggin' famous now....Way to go Danny, you have done nothing to prove that anything written in this article is incorrect
It's not enough to stop buying Redskins tickets, apparel, and food. We need to boycott the partners of the Redskins - switch from FedEx to UPS, from Sprint to Verizon, from Coke to Shasta, from Bank of America to Wells Fargo...

a dated article, that shows how we pay the 2nd most for the bottom shelf Snyder brew:

if you're strictly a television fan, it's really simple. every commercial is a company you should do your best to avoid.

let's get rid of Snyder by hitting him where it hurt$.
My sincere condolences go out to the DC/MDVA fans of this once great team. I live here now, but am a Pats fan from Boston, and I have a front row seat in watching this slow motion car accident.

For decades, the Redskins were the ONE thing that brought together a very transient community. And did they ever! People of all races and nationalities united as ONE at RFK and felt they had some type of equity in THEIR team. I moved here in 1987 and can say that it was a beautiful thing to watch for those first years down here.

What this greedy child has done is simply evil. He has destroyed the soul of this region. People should not stand for it.
"He has destroyed the soul of this region. People should not stand for it."

It's just a game.

If you don't want to be exploited, then don't place yourself in exploitable situations. Football is not a life or death matter.

In case you missed this post by Jersey Patriot on November 19, 2010

"I remember living in DC from 2000-2002. There was good-natured teasing between my friends and I (I'm an Eagles fan). I remember laughing and telling them that the Redskins owner was a creep, and they weren't going to win a thing as long as he was there. I had no idea how much of a creep he was. My heart goes out to Redskins fans.

But you can't let Snyder win. A European soccer team's fans would never settle for this crap. Organize a "Sell It, Snyder!" campaign. Boycott the television games. Boycott the radio broadcasts. Boycott tickets sales and Redskins gear. If you can, part with your season tickets. If you must go, wear no Redskins gear; instead, wear a non-Redskins color of unity associated with SIS!, such as orange or sky blue. In addition, you cannot buy concessions, and you should start "Sell it, Snyder!" chants as often as possible. SIS! should boycott all sponsors of the team as long as Snyder is the owner and should organize a letter-writing campaign to those sponsors saying so (Busch, Coke, Sprint, FedEx, etc.). Companies should know that they can't sell their products to Redskins fans if they sponsor the Redskins under Snyder's ownership. SIS! should also organize a boycott of anything else Snyder owns (Red Zebra, Dick Clark Productions) and should let the boards of those companies know it.

Take back your team."

It's been over ten years now, put up or shut up.
What is the status of the law suit?
As a Cowboys fan, I enjoy every one of Snyder's antics and hope he sticks around for quite awhile.

I also recognize, however, that this little turd is bad for the NFL as a whole, and I also recognize that the Skins being competitive is a good thing, so I hope he GsTFO.

In the meantime, I'll enjoy the team's misfortune and the fans' misery since we Cowboy fans are stuck with our own little slice of hell in Jerry Jones.
All right! Snyder dropped the suit... Congratulations to Dave McKenna and City Paper!

Congrats for staying strong and refusing to be pushed around by a bully!
Wow, what a controlling creep. This is exactly why teams should be owned by the Fans as the Green Bay Packers are! Why should 30 rich billionaire owners get to control the emotions of millions of sports fans? Pro sport teams should be owned by the fans via public stock offerings, what else could ever make more sense?
If Danny had not sued over this article, I would never have read it. Smart move Danny!
What's the big deal?

Does Synder snatch babies from their mothers' arms and eat them?

Is he a necrophiliac - and does he fuck the dead in front of little kids and old people?

Does he roam around the parking lot with a pitchfork and rip the kidneys out of fans he encounters walking alone and sell them to internal organ brokers?

Hey, what the fuck, two out of three ain't bad. You expect everyone who runs a fucking football team to be a fucking Mother Theresa, like the fucking piece of shit who wrote that fucking article, right assholes?

Get fucking cancer, fuckface, and hey, if you've already got it, maybe you'd like to buy a nice comfy mattress to rest on during your convalescence. Email for details.
I am reading all this shit and I am going to sue every commenter personally - and then I am going to sue each commenter's fucking mother for conspiring to give birth slanderers in order to attack me.

Next, I am going to stop selling Redskins shirts and start licensing their use.

Every day you wear one, I need to be fucking paid. My licensing agents will be deployed all over Maryland and Virginia and I will get fucking paid for every use of my brand, or my guys will rip the shirt off of your back and make you eat it.

You don't like it, you can blow me. In the parking lot a the game. Parking is $30 for the first hour.
What about the "FOOD NAZIS?"

Going through the ticket gates, I have seen even kids frisked for "contraband" (bags of peanuts, candy etc) and forced them to throw it out in the bins provided next to the security guards.

I wouldn't be surprised if Snyder resold the confiscated goods somehow.
I don't think I've personally spent a penny that's gone to Dan Snyder. I don't understand why people continue to buy tickets, go to games and support this a@@hole.

Seriously, just don't go to games, don't buy merchandise, hell- don't even watch on TV.
Oh, and LET'S GO CAPS!!!

Now Leonsis is an owner I can get behind- seriously, I'm finding hockey's a lot more exciting to watch than football anyway!
As a (closet) Skins fan I recall the sense of doom I felt when DS (or is it DH) swindled his way in. His cliché “that’s business" comments said it all. He makes a whole lot of money but not 1 cent comes from my pocket. I would buy a new Haynesworth jersey if I didn't think Mr. would benefit. No more class, no more pride, and no more winning! Sports are about the fans and owners are responsible for providing a quality product. These products are best derived from good judgment, good people skills, character, knowledge, and a sense of decency. In my opinion the skins have lacked these in the DH era. I will not give him my money and try to enjoy the sport for what it is.
Hate me, baby! I fucking love it! I get so hard when people fucking hate me, I just have to run across the street and fuck my neighbor's golden retriever in the ass. I'd fuck my dog in the ass, but I barbequed her after my wife commented how much she loved her. It was so fucking great to watch my wife melt down in emotional agony, better even than the look of despair and rage that comes across little kids' faced when I confiscate their candy on their way into my stadium. Hahahahahaha! Life is good!
And yet the sheeple still stand in line drooling like brainless zombies just for the chance to give this douche their hard-earned money....Pathetic
As a Redskin fan by default (most of my friends are cowboys fans)I don't have a problem with what Snyder does on the field with his team. Bad coaching hires, signing way past there prime players to huge contracts, etc; these guys make millions, so who gives a shit. But what does bother me about this asshole (hey so sue me) is how he treats people and does things behind the scenes: suing "little old ladies", forcing people to pay for parking rather than park nearby for free, adding charges to tickets and then hiding them, not wanting to pay employees a few dollars of overtime, trying to sell beer in the BATHROOM...the list runs, as the article points out, from A to Z. Look, if I owned a team, lets say the Wizards, I too would go out and try to sign players I watched wreck havoc on my home team, past there prime or not. For example, although Michael Jordan had nothing left in the tank (or knees for that matter) if I owned the Wizards, I'd sign Jordan TODAY. My point is, it's JUST sports, and while I understand some cities as well as entire states live and die on the performances of ther hometown sports teams, as a billionaire owner, I'd certainly have fun with it, ala Mark Cuban. Cuban took care of the players, the fans, his employees...AND WON A CHAMPIONSHIP. Dan, how's trying to influence media coverage, trying to nickel and dime EVERYBODY you lay eyes on and being and all around jerk working out for your team? Dan, Bill Gates on line one...
Andy McKenna, you are an absolute genius. Please, please, please, please, please come to Baltimore and take a look at Peter Angelos. Maybe the O's can be saved.

Oh, and Skins fans? I lived in DC for a number of years and I feel for ya. But as long as you keep showing up, he's going to keep showing up.
Just so you know, this article went national and Dan Synder wanted to press charges over it, so that proves EVERYTHING here is correct.

The Redskins were once a powerful organization until he bought this team. Now it's like someone playing fantasy football with a team.

New England Patriots do the same thing. Sue people who cannot afford luxury tickets anymore, and they only allow the use of patriots extra points mastercard to purchase season ticketsIt is to bad the owners keep nickel and diming everybody.
Wow, like many I would never have read the article had this jackass not sued. I can remember growing up in the late 60's and the 70's watching the skins, thinking I'd be a skins fan forever. Well, as many have stated, not one dime will Dumb@ss Dan ever get from me. Dave, what a great article! Please ferret out...... or is that weazle out some of the other crapola that goes on up there, football, politics, or otherwise. Isn't there some sort of law that would allow Dumb@ss Dan to be sued by the fans for his mismanagement, arrogance, and just plain dumb@ssness?

Dan, Dan he ain't our man
Please someone toss him in the can.
Though the toilet's to good for a jerk like him
It will have to do for this jack@ss so dim.
Flush him once, flush him twice
He's much, much worse than a case of lice.
His greed is unparallelled, even little old ladies,
Is there anything he won't do, hell his whole life is shady!

Ok, not my best poetry but it will suffice for now. Mrs. Snyder and family, you truly have my condolences because my guess is he is quite abusive if he doesn't get his way.
Great article Dave. Next time you run into Dan tell thanks for me. I would have missed the article if not for him.
i can't believe i missed this article. i didn't think i could dislike him more. but i do now.
This is an awesome article that clearly shows what an absolutely horrible person Dan Snyder is and has been for the whole history of his ownership. He is a disgrace to the NFL. I do not even know how anyone can buy a ticket to see this team and support this team with such a disgraceful owner. I wouldn't even support this at all. I found this article after was reading the article . Go read it. It is about Snyder dropping the lawsuit against this article being written. I think we should all do something about this guy to get rid of him. I suggest postting the link to this article as well as the link above anywhere you can to let people know the history of a guy who will never get his act together enough to do the right things for this team. If enough people get involved and post these links everywhere you can think of, I think that is is possible to humiliate this guy into selling the team. Let him suffer they way he tried to humiliate Jim Zorn. We all know the power of the internet. This can happen if everyone works together. These links can be posted on all NFL teams comments pages to begin with. And then posted everywhere else you can think of. Just do it!! It will be the good for all and only bad for the person who deserves this which is Dan Snyder.
Time to amend this article about his $70m 224-foot "super yacht"!!

As a lifetime 'Skins fan, I hate Dan. I hate everything about him and our team has no chance until he goes.

I can only imagine how poor Jack Kent Cooke is rolling in his grave. RIP is not happening for that great man.
One month to go for a years worth fun reading.
Good to see that the law suite has been dropped. It was he reason I found this article.
All you can do is hope that Danny Boy has a Tim Russert. Ya I know bad taste but ya gotta have some hope for change.
I'm now a Seahawks fan. Thanks Dan. Also, for the remaining Skin fans, look on some auction sites, that way you can buy your skins stuff without paying him a dime and there is a ton on those sites, because we are leaving the Skins in mass
Thank you dan! As a lifetime skins fan, when he stole the team from John Cooke, (Jack kinda screwed him too, for siding with Mom in the divorce) I became a Ravens fan and have not looked back.
Boycott Redskins.

It's the American Way.
As a NY Giants fan I have little love for the Redskins, but I wouldn't wish Dan Snyder on to any team, even the Cowboys (Thank God for Jerry Jones) I hope you can somehow get rid of him.
As a Ravens fan I must admit admiration of the loyalty of the fans who have hung with the Skins during Snyder's stewardship, in the face of some of the worst football ever beheld by the eye of man. Danny Boy is a great reason Raven's fans should thank their lucky stars for Steve Bisciotti, the best owner in pro sports.
This document needs to be re-released and updated with Snyder's most recent blunders and affronts.
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Here is some interesting reading on Snyder that is posted on a site that tries it's best to be positive and truthful of all things posted. This is from Wikipedia. Go to the link and read >

This guy has absolutely ruined the name of the Washington Redskins. Snyder should be forced to sell the team and and stay out of the NFL.

Here is part of what is said there >>

Public backlash against Snyder

Since Snyder bought the Redskins, the team has had a losing record (91-117 through the end of the 2011 season). They have also gone through seven head coaches in 13 seasons. In October 2009, several articles in Washington area newspapers criticized Snyder, alleging that his managerial style was partly to blame for the Redskins' on-field struggles.[10][11][12] A 24 November 2009 article in the Wall Street Journal also questioned whether Snyder's leadership style had alienated the Redskins fan-base, questioning "Are the Redskins Losing Washington?"[13] The article quotes from a Harris Interactive poll showing that whereas the Redskins in 2003 were the 6th most popular NFL team nationally, by 2009 they had fallen to No. 17.

After a 3-7 start to the 2009 Washington Redskins season, criticism of Snyder and his general manager, Vinny Cerrato, escalated, while sportswriters referred to the pair as "Dumb and Dumber".[14][15] Fans and football analysts have criticized the revolving-door of Redskins head coaches employed since Snyder bought the team, as well as Snyder and Cerrato's pattern of hiring expensive free agents and trading away draft picks for older players instead of recruiting young talent through the NFL draft.[13] Vinny Cerrato resigned on 17 December 2009.

Under Snyder, the Redskins have also sued season ticket holders who were unable to pay during the 2008-2009 U.S. recession. Snyder did this despite his claim that there are over 200,000 people on the season ticket waiting list.[16]

Part way through the 2009 season, Snyder banned all signs from FedEx Field, leading to further fan discontentment.[15][17]

Redskins fans have also expressed discontentment about rising ticket and parking prices, and Snyder's policy of charging fans for tailgates in special areas of the stadium lot.[18]

Snyder is also famous (or infamous) for somewhat questionable free-agent signings, despite their past success (Deion Sanders, Dana Stubblefield, Albert Haynesworth and Adam Archuleta are notable examples), leading to his Redskins being on NFL Top 10's Worst Free-Agent Signings at #1,[19][20] and also prompted Bleacher Report on their YouTube video for 11 Worst Free Agent Signings in NFL History having the description as: "Dan Synder is the best owner ever. At least if you ask prospective NFL free agents. From Albert Haynesworth and his $41 million guaranteed, to Deion Sanders, to Adam Archu-really? The Redskins owner has famously overpaid for free agents time and time again (and that's not even counting Washington's mistake with the Ole Ball Coach)"[21], as well as Bleacher Report's website creating a slideshow called Washington Redskins Free Agency: The 7 Worst Signings of the Dan Snyder Era.[22]

[edit] Libel Suit

Threatening a lawsuit in January 2011, Snyder demanded dismissal of the Washington City Paper's sports writer Dave McKenna, who had meticulously compiled a lengthy article, The Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide to Dan Snyder,[14] documenting the encyclopedia of errors made by Snyder. Other sportswriters have come out in support of McKenna.[23] The lawsuit was filed on February 2, 2011.[15][24][25] On April 26, 2011, Snyder's lawyers added the reporter who wrote the story, Dave McKenna, as a defendant.[26] On September 10th, 2011, Snyder dropped his libel lawsuit against both the Washington City Paper and Dave McKenna.[27]
This is still so so excellent
First of all, well done with this article. It is an amazing piece of journalism with the highest level of reporting. That idiot Dan Snyder tried to sue you but had to drop it after realizing how stupid he would look, without realizing how stupid he already is.

Secondly, I recommend you all to visit "" for daily updates on Dan Snyder's failures with the Washington Redskins. As a former Redskins fan who has watched them gloriously win in 1982, 1987, and 1991, it truly pains me to see them go down this horrific road. I wish fans could impeach their owners, because I am sure the Redskins fans would protest that asshole Snyder. His business failures should be an omen to all of us of what is to come with Redskins if he continues to "lead" this organization. We are set to become the worst team in the NFL by 2013 because we traded too many good picks for RG3 who is going to be knocked out because his offensive line sucks. Our receivers are shit. This team is a failure under Snyder. I will pursue his resignation as owner, as we all should, by refusing to participate in the Redskins games and purchasing nothing that the asshole Snyder tries to sell his. True Redskins fans, we must REVOLT this pathetic turd before he bankrupts all of us!!!
I have been a Washington Redskins fan since 1981 and I am sick and tired of pulling for a underacheiving team how can someone make it into the NFL and not be able to catch a football block for the Quaterback and have the worst deffence in the leage. Daniel Snyder you need to do something we have got a quarter back and a running back now so as a fan for 31 years please please get some big time recievers and a dam deffense. its time that we rule the NFC east its been way to long. what have you done for the Redskins since you took over really NOTHING AT ALL FOR US FANS TO BE PROUD OF. And to the players if I was paid what you guys get paid I could catch anything thrown to me you guys are living a dream so give us fans that arebarely surviving out here something to look foward to on Sundays PLEASE
Dave has been in the wilderness long enough. Time for the Washington City Paper to bring him back.
This article stands the test of time. Dan should have kept Marty S. around and I think there would have been some Redskin Playoff Dominance in the early 2000's. I think Dan is a committed owner, but can't handle not being the ONE. I have been a fan since '84 and caught up on the history of the team before that, but I have to say I, too, am tired of rooting for an underachiever each week. IF DAN keeps Mike S. for 2 more seasons ('13 & '14) - then the Redskins will win the SUPERBOWL in Jan/Feb 2015 when its in Arizona. If he lets Mike S. go before that - it will be several more years until we even get close. SO DAN, I KNOW YOU READ THIS- Keep Shanny around and it will happen. YOU need to practice patience. Redskin Fan Forever!!!! CM
Well well how times have changed. Who would have thought that Ted Leonsis would now be hated more than Dan Snyder in this town but its happening. Goes to show you just how much winning and promise can do for a fan base.
I don't have alot of love for Snyder as a person, but all I care about is that my favorite team is managed well and is put in a position to win in the future. Snyder has finally learned to put the right people in place and have patience, now it looks like its starting to paying off. So articles like these mean nothing to me now. I'm waiting on the article on how Teddy boy is ruining the Wiz and keeping the Caps off the ice.
I feel like F should include FedEx field. "Hey kid, I know you named this stadium in honor of your dead father, but, F* it. I'm reselling the naming rights to the highest coporate bidder.
Snyder had crowd noise pumped into the stadium for the game Sunday. One more item for this list. Redskins fans should get the torches and pitchforks out. How much more of this humiliation can they take?
HILARIOUS article!!! Author should update it periodically!!!
Can't believe you left out "John Riggins" for his comments re Snyder during Showtime's "Inside the NFL" on November 4, 2009:

The Hall-of-Famer was asked by Cris Collinsworth on whether he thought Snyder was a bad guy. Riggins responded, “Let me put it to you this way, Cris, this person’s heart is dark.”

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God, please update this! This is fantastic!!
Time for an update. Danny is doing his best to behave, but we customers of the stadium know that he still hates every one of us left that still comes out to the games until our season ticket contracts finally expire. You could include how many seats removed from FedEx to avoid blackouts, too.
And here we are...three years after the article was written...and it is still as accurate as it was then... Another blown season thanks to the meddling, incompetent owner! The last few games were so surreal, it is impossible to watch this anymore. I think the KC blowout, with a smug Danny sitting self-content in the stadium, just broke me. I switched to the Ravens and definitely got what I was looking for... a good football game!!!!
Hey CP, how about getting some this FUCKING CRAP SPAM out of here?

Re: Snyder... yea it's been a great year. Looking forward to more drama next year too.
As a Cowboys fan, sounds like Jerry isn't the total asshat he is made out to be. Bottom line, even as an Oklahoma boy, Jones loves the Cowboys and makes a fool of himself at the same time. But I have a feeling that Snyder is just born that way and will never change, kinda like Jerry, but at least bumbling Jerry is likeable.. This guy, not so much.

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