Is Adrian Fenty a Jerk? Politicians say he is. The question for the rest of us this fall is, should we care?

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With weeks to go before the decisive D.C. Democratic mayoral primary, the city’s political establishment seems to have decided that the election boils down to a referendum on the personality of the incumbent, Adrian Fenty.

Unfortunately for the mayor, his fellow pols aren’t debating whether Fenty has a personality problem. Rather, they’re arguing about how to best describe that problem. To pick just three of the terms thrown around during this unhappy summer of lopsided straw polls and campaign-trail boo-birds, the options include “arrogant prick,” “brat,” and “spoiled child.”

“His politics are unnecessarily abrasive, confrontational, disrespectful, superficial,” says At-Large Councilmember Phil Mendelson, who was on the council during Fenty’s six years there and has continued as a councilmember during Fenty’s four years as a mayor.

“I think his social skills have a lot of room for improvement,” says Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander. “It’s gotten completely out of control.”

The feeling isn’t simply shared by the elected officials. It extends well into the politically engaged realm of the general public, that vocal minority of residents who take the time to turn out at campaign debates and political meet-and-greets. “I’d vote for a little dead bug before I’d vote for Fenty,” said a retired school teacher at a recent Ward 7 straw poll.


They don’t like him. They really, really don’t like him. As Fenty fights for his political life ahead of the Sept. 14 primary, few other factors can explain the peril he faces. A political scientist would label the mayor a shoo-in: The city’s population is growing. People are generally happy with city services. Murders are down. And there’s no imminent cliff the city’s about to drive off.

Indeed, Fenty’s main challenger, D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray, has barely even tried to make the case that campaign strategists typically say is essential for ousting any incumbent: That Fenty’s four-year term has been a failure.

And yet, even though the number of specific Fenty policies that Gray is on-record saying he’ll undo is vanishingly small, Gray’s campaign literature announces that “we can do better.” What does he mean by this? Gray spends a lot of time on the campaign trail talking about “bringing people together” and how he’ll be an “inclusive” mayor. In other words, “we can do better” might as well mean: “You’ll like me.”

The election may well hinge on whether enough voters think that’s a sufficient reason to change mayors.

In politics, being likeable is an elusive quality—one that has only so much to do with a pol’s actual personality.

Bill Clinton had legendary closed-door tantrums directed at his staff. Yet even his fiercest detractors agreed he was fundamentally an amiable guy. George W. Bush could be petulant and bitter around fellow insiders. But he still won the 2004 election, in large part because people thought they’d rather have a beer with him than with John Kerry.

Much of Fenty’s messaging involves exploiting that division between on-stage and off. His TV spots acknowledge that he throws sharp elbows, but ask voters to judge him by his accomplishments. Asked about the attacks on his personality, Fenty says it’s just politics: “What people are saying is, they have quarrels with Adrian Fenty the mayor,” he says. “No one is really commenting on me personally, they don’t know me personally.”

If that’s true—that after four years in office, Fenty remains an unknown to most of his constituents—it represents something most politicians would see as a significant communications failure.

But in Fenty’s case, it may well be a blessing in disguise. Many of the people who’ve seen the mayor’s private side don’t much like it.

One police officer who has helped provide security for the mayor on several occasions says Fenty acts friendly to officers when there are other people around. But when it’s just Fenty or his confidantes, the mayor acts “very pompous and very much an ass,” rarely bothering to acknowledge the security guys’ presence. (The officer’s union, the Fraternal Order of Police, has endorsed Gray.)

In Fenty’s own office, current and former lower-level staffers call him a “moody” boss. One says he became so accustomed to Fenty’s angry side that he could see the mayor’s rage coming by watching for the throbbing of a vein in his head. “He runs his ship by fear; people are afraid of him,” says one staffer. “He’s one of the biggest assholes I’ve ever met in my life.”

Several sources said Fenty has a ferocious temper. Last December, according to multiple sources, Fenty kicked a trash can, slammed a door, and screamed, “I’m the fucking mayor,” after learning that some much-hated New Jersey Avenue NW billboards were being removed without his being present for a photo-op. A Fenty campaign spokesman disputes the details of that event. The mayor also got worked up when he heard that LeBron James was in town and his staff hadn’t arranged for Fenty to meet with the basketball star, according to sources.

One former staffer likened working for Fenty to being an “abused wife,” constantly fighting a losing battle to make the mayor happy. The one time Fenty gave him a compliment, it came as such a shock that he called his significant other to tell her that maybe the mayor wasn’t such a bad guy, after all.

Some staffers at the Mayor’s Office of Community Relations and Services (MOCRS) say they operate under constant fear of getting caught in the mayor’s unpredictable crosshairs. Their unofficial motto: “Live to die another day.” The 16 or so MOCRS representatives take care of routine constituent-service tasks—getting the trash picked up or having graffiti covered up—that have been Fenty’s political bread and butter. But current and former reps say his mood at their weekly meetings “depends on the week and how he feels,” rather than the quality of their work. Occasionally, Fenty breezes through the meetings, telling everyone they’ve done a good job. Other times he’ll sink his teeth into a staffer for no apparent reason. One MOCRS rep once got such a verbal beat-down from the mayor that his fellow staffers gave him a round of applause after Fenty had left the room.

But does this matter? There are all sorts of dictatorial bosses in the world, many of them wildly popular with the broader public. If a hectoring, unpredictable boss is what it takes to banish graffiti, should anyone else care?

In Fenty’s case, though, the whispered-down-the-lane tales of petty cruelty have made their way into the slipstream of the political campaign—and, from there, into the District’s Byzantine politics of race, class, and status.

You could blame Fenty’s own dysfunctional communications shop for that, as some of his supporters do. Close friend Chuck Brodsky has heaps of praise for Fenty’s personality and calls the mayor “inspiring.” “I like being around him for that reason,” Brodsky says, but adds that the mayor’s staff hasn’t done a good job highlighting the mayor’s good side.

But you could also chalk it up to a different part of his personality: Fenty seems to lack that DNA strand shared by many successful politicians, the visceral need to make people like you, no matter what it takes.

“My brother is definitely not a jerk,” says his older brother, Shawn Fenty. “He’s a Fenty man. In our family, the men tend to sort of be like the strong, silent type...Expressing how we feel about things isn’t something that comes naturally to any of us.”

“He’s a little bit aloof,” says one neighbor in Crestwood, who is pleased with the mayor’s performance in office and plans to vote for him, but asked not to be identified when discussing the private Fenty. “He puts on a little bit of a front.” To this neighbor, Fenty usually appears to be looking past people when talking. “Getting more than a handshake out of the guy is really something.”

Chuck Harney, the owner of the Bike Rack, has been at several races where Fenty—a dedicated triathlete—has competed. Whereas most people are friendly and supportive before a race, Harney says Fenty has never offered so much as a “hello.” “Unless you train with him...he’s not going to pay attention to you,” Harney says. “At the D.C. Triathlon we were all there...and he knows who we are, and not a word or anything. On the other hand, his brother is awesome. Every time we see Shawn, he’s very friendly, he’s great.”

If the 2010 mayoral campaign so far has had a defining moment, it probably took place on Aug. 4, at the Ward 4 mayoral forum. That night, despite a strong get-out-the-vote effort by the Green Team, Gray trounced Fenty, 581 to 401, on the mayor’s home turf. The chattering classes pronounced it the triumph of the old guard over the upstart mayor. Marion Barry sat beaming in the crowd, a Gray sticker on his chest. (Barry, whose whole career is predicated on his larger-than-life persona, says he thinks Fenty is a “good person” and the election shouldn’t be about personality.)

But the question of the night came from WTOP-FM news personality Mark Plotkin. “Mr. Mayor, what happened to you?” Plotkin said, recalling how popular Fenty had been four years ago, when he won all 142 precincts in the city. Plotkin asked if the youthful, polite guy from 2006 had had a personality transplant.

That’s the theory some of Fenty’s critics have taken up this summer. Four years ago, Fenty used his old public persona, the personable, constituent-obsessed Ward 4 councilmember, to gain office—and then promptly underwent a metamorphosis, becoming the imperious, unapproachable mayor.

Ironically, Fenty’s most antagonistic critics and his most fervent supporters are united in rejecting this version of the story.

To his worst enemies, Fenty was always an abrasive, prickly figure. Fenty the councilmember was a petulant antagonist who would go out of his way to oppose Mayor Anthony Williams for political reasons, rather than substantive policy differences, says one Wilson Building insider. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine this sort of pol screaming at constituent-service subordinates. In fact, back in his less powerful councilmember incarnation, it was part of his appeal.

To supporters, on the other hand, the Plotkin version—you’ve changed, man—ignores the differences between his old gig as an essentially parochial local pol, and his new one as a mayor who needs to look out for the whole city.

Fenty watchers say the mayor began referring to himself as a “big-city mayor” almost instantly after he was elected. In rearranging his executive offices into a “bullpen,” he self-consciously tried to style himself in the mold of New York City’s CEO-turned-mayor, Michael Bloomberg: steamrolling through adversity, making his agenda reality through sheer force of will. (At Bloomberg’s endorsement news conference this week, Fenty said both Bloomberg and Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley represent “the standard of a well run, highly responsive efficient manager running a city government like a private sector business focused on results, focused on getting things done.”)

And yet it’s a little bit too easy to simply attribute four years of head-butting with pols who ought to be his allies to some sort of grand strategy. After all, Bloomberg’s CEO pose isn’t the only way to run a city. Take the most celebrated mayor of the previous decade, Philadelphia’s Ed Rendell—now the governor of Pennsylvania. Rendell was successful enough to be dubbed “America’s mayor.” But the singular quote from his reams of national media attention was something less family-friendly: “A good portion of my job is spent on my knees, sucking people off to keep them happy,” he once told a reporter.

It’s the rare big-city mayor who doesn’t recognize that as part of his duties: Hand over the councilmembers’ baseball tickets, toss some praise in the direction of venerable community groups, and then count on them to get your back from time to time. Sure, sometimes it’s humiliating. But it works. Fenty seems to have gotten the message, albeit only a month before the election. His latest campaign TV ads have Fenty looking directly into the camera, admitting to making mistakes, and promising to be more inclusive. But it’s still baffling that, for four years, a seemingly shrewd operator like Fenty left his knee-pads at home.

Inside Camp Fenty, true believers see establishment disdain as a badge of achievement. The personality traits that people complain about, like arrogance and aloofness, are the very qualities that have let Fenty cut through the bullshit, they say. The old ways don’t work anymore. The true measure of mayoral success comes from crime stats and test scores, not straw polls and civic endorsements.

“He’s different, and I don’t think we fully respect his differences,” said Fenty’s campaign chairman Bill Lightfoot. “First off, I don’t think we’ve ever had a mayor that works this hard… We’ve never had a mayor that’s so electronically oriented, and we’ve never had a mayor that’s so young.”

The whole narrative about Fenty’s personality, Lightfoot says, comes down to resentment from people the mayor has forced out—people who he says deserved to be forced out. “Even when you hear the ones who don’t like his personality, you scratch the surface and they either know somebody who got fired or somebody who doesn’t have a D.C. government contract, or he’s not meeting or consulting with people they know,” Lightfoot says. “I don’t think people are voting against him just because they think he’s arrogant.”

Shawn Fenty likens the mayoral race to the story of former Redskins great Gary Clark. “When Coach [Joe] Gibbs retired the first time, his replacement cut Clark citing ‘an abrasive personality,’” the mayor’s brother recalls. “Ever since then, my father and I always had a little inside joke about people who excel in their job performance only to be fired due to ‘an abrasive personality.’ So the question remains, do you want Mr. Nice Guy, or do you want to win the championship?”

In this telling, Fenty represents the anti-Barry, the man who sees governing as the dispassionate business of administering a large organization rather than the emotional stuff of assembling a coalition. Where Williams, Fenty’s immediate predecessor, merely resented the part of the job that involved treating political hacks as if they were important statesmen, the incumbent actively fights against it. To Fenty loyalists, you can’t play along with the schmoozing and deal-making, or you’ll get trapped in it. Irritating insiders is a sign you’re doing something right.

One problem with this CEO, take-it-or-leave it approach is that it all falls apart when you don’t live up to your own standards. Like, say, when Fenty pal Sinclair Skinner—a failed dry cleaner before Fenty was elected—winds up with hundreds of thousands of dollars in city contracts for engineering work that he couldn’t actually do himself. The mayor who supposedly values cold, hard stats over emotional connections again opened himself up to charges of hypocrisy this week, when he parried questions about the flow of city dollars to the youth outreach group founded by his longtime ally Ron Moten by saying: “I’ve met the kids...I don’t need any statistics.”

But the other problem with this sharp-elbowed logic is that it assumes all acts of political gear-greasing are equally rotten. That’s absurd. Not every political insider wants contracts for their buddies. A little bit of well-timed butt-kissing, for instance, might have salvaged Fenty’s relationship with Councilmember Mary Cheh, whose Ward 3 is the city’s most pro-Fenty jurisdiction.

Cheh, who joined the council at the same time Fenty became mayor, says she had high expectations for working with the young chief executive. And, she says, those hopes were quickly dashed after he made it clear that he expected a quid pro quo type of relationship, where she would support him from the council in return for favors in her ward.

Now, she says, Fenty doesn’t even extend the most routine of political courtesies, like inviting her to ribbon cuttings in her ward. “He’s his own worst enemy,” Cheh says, going a little over the top by comparing Fenty to a “Shakespearean” tragedy. “The idea that you have such promise, you had such potential, you had all that wind at your back and yet because of your own internal failings you squandered it.” In this version, Fenty’s personality doesn’t cut through the bullshit. It creates more bullshit—in this case, a feud that slows down his own agenda.

Listen to enough stories about Fenty’s brusque ways and the campaign’s theory of likability starts to sound like a rationalization. Philip Pannell, a long-time Ward 8 resident and current president of that ward’s largest civic association, tells the story of when Fenty sat next to him at a community meeting. The mayor said hello, then spent the rest of his time typing away on his BlackBerry, giving the impression he did not want to be interrupted. Putting the phone away and shooting the breeze for a few minutes costs nothing. Yet he says Fenty was unwilling, or unable, to do it.

“When certain people come up to me and say, ‘Why are you supporting Vince Gray?’ and I make it very, very clear, I really don’t like the mayor. And they say, ‘Isn’t there a better reason than that?’ And I say, ‘No, that’s really enough for me,’” Pannell says. “Vince Gray will do the same things that Adrian Fenty is doing. Vince Gray is not going to stop building new schools or libraries or hire a bad police chief. He’s just going to actually make you feel good about him as mayor. He’s a person who will spend time with you, quality time with you and will actually come across as someone who cares, and I think that is in and of itself is worth voting for.”

By now, it’s too late for Fenty to win the insiders back. Instead, his campaign is trying to turn the mayor’s vices into virtues—saying things like “no rhetoric, just results”—and touting some very real accomplishments. Four years after Fenty was elected as an insurgent reformer, he’s once again playing the outside game.

For the people who are coming out to straw polls, or sitting around weeknight political meetings wondering what happened to Fenty, the story of the election is already set. But there just aren’t that many of those people.

Which is enough to give Fenty and his supporters some hope: What matters to insiders and activists could turn out not to matter to average voters. The stories the MOCRS reps tell about Fenty’s management style may turn off the few hundred activists who are on a first-name basis with them. But there’s another side to the fury Fenty unleashes at staff meetings—his temper, and the fear of facing it, tends to keep the city bureaucracy working. Hell, listen to the pistol-whipped staffers themselves: “Does the guy deserve, based on performance, to win again? Yes, absolutely,” says one of them. (The staffer is leaning toward voting for Gray anyway.)

That’s the narrative Fenty’s side will tell over the closing weeks of the campaign. It’s also the only narrative they have left: Sure, the guy may be a jerk. But he’s our jerk.

In the end, the political establishment is probably right: This election will be a referendum on Fenty’s personality. What no one knows yet, and what’s likely to determine the result, is whether that personality winds up helping Fenty or hurting him.

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Our Readers Say


Where did you find the Jerk-n-the Box picture of Fenty? TOO FUNNY!
The reason I won't vote for Fenty again is not because of his personality. I won't vote for him because he hired a novice to run the school system.
Michelle Rhee has removed the highly effective principal from my one of daughter's former schools;made plans to move the other school without mentioning a word to the school community about it; and made a circus out of the budget hearings due to her inability to prepare properly.

I don't care if Fenty's a jerk but I do care about whether Michelle Rhee is an effective leader. She is not. He failed. The sunniest personality in the world won't keep me from recognizing a poor hire when I see one.

This is a great "hit job" on the mayor. You'd make a great sniper.

Now, you spill an awful lot of font and ink quoting anonymous sources. Great job covering for cowards. Do you have any actual names you could name to provide proof that you aren't just repeating slander?

My family and I moved backed to DC, and felt comfortable doing so precisely BECAUSE Fenty was mayor, and were okay with putting our daughter in DCPS BECAUSE Rhee was chancellor of the schools.

It's a shame you chose to be a hit man instead of an even handed assessor of the mayor.
As a Ward 4 resident/voter/taxpayer, I have witnessed first hand how nasty King Fenty can be to others, because he was very nasty to me. King Fenty has to reap for what he has sowed and when you lay down with dogs, you will get up with fleas. Oh what a web we weave King Fenty.
I'm sorry but I have to disagree. I have had pleasure of meeting Mr. Fenty on several occasions and he is very personable. He is dedicated to his job so his aloofness may be hard for some people to get. When I approached him with a problem. I was surprised to get a call from his executive staff and no this was not during election time. Give the man the credit he desires, he is getting the job done. Even in election time, he is still focused on making sure projects that started with his administration are carried out. When in the last 2o years did any ward get a new school, library, recreation center, or retail plaza built? DC used to be the laughing stock of the nation, now we are really starting to look like a world class city and I love it. What other mayor gets Obama to go to Ben's Chili Bowl with him or has mayor's from other cities such as Sacramento or New York fly in to campaign for him. He makes tough decisions whether they are popular or not. Ward4nDC, dam how many blogs do you bash him on. I swear you have a personal vendetta against him but what you don't realize is that referring to someone as King gives them more power because clearly you look up to him.
Thank you for noting Ward 4 Councilman Fenty's consistent and continuous opposition to nearly every Williams Administration initiative. It was Anthony Williams who turned this city around; while Councilman Fenty constantly criticized the former Mayor and openly pandered to bleeding heart liberals and socio/economically disadvantaged citizens with his broken record refrain that Mayor Williams' only concern was for the downtown developers, not the neighborhoods, especially those east-of-the-river.

How ironic that as soon as Councilman Fenty became the Democratic nominee for Mayor four years ago, it was the rich developers who became his best buddies and most important constituents. Councilman Fenty hadn't even been elected Mayor, and yet he was already starting to close the door on the average people who would help him carry the now cliched every precinct in every ward.

How additionally ironic it is that Mayor Fenty's political career is now dependent on his winning the votes of the yuppies, gentrifiers, and west-of-the-creek crowd that he once so openly scorned when seeking the support of the aforementioned bleeding heart liberals and socio/economically disadvantaged citizens.

The sad thing is this isn't ancient history. Surely there must be a few reporters out there who aren't so obsessed with access that they self-censor their reporting and fail to dig for the voluminous examples of the duplicity between Fenty the Councilman and Fenty the Mayor.

But we should remember the masochistic example of pandering that White House reporters exhibited during the Bush administration, when we wonder why local reporters fail to report the discrepancies found within Fenty's claimed record of achievement.

Who woulda thunk it would be the District of Columbia, bastion of the Democratic Party, that would be perpetuating the customs and glory of Richard Nixon, Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay, Dick Armey, and most especially George W. Bush and Dick Cheney within our own Office of the Mayor!
I think, King Fenty is a Republican. If not, he sure acts like one.
Look people. Fenty deserves credit for continuing the work of Mayor Williams and bringing in Michelle Rhee. Let me ask this, what has been Fenty's vision outside of education for the next term as mayor. What does doing more of the same mean? For example, it isn't more libraries. That got cut.

the city was headed into a very plush state thanks to the work and financial management of williams. I don't think that the city can sustain the development planned now because there isn't the same financial management under Fenty.

My biggest concern is the repeated overspending in budgets. that is unacceptable.

Yes, you probably met him in the living room of one of his supporters.

I have meet him too, on the streets while he is surrounded by Ron Moten and Crew and it is a very intimidating feeling.
Not going to get into if he is a jerk, but I find 2 things interesting. The first is the lack of any mention of Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, Fenty doppelganger, fundraising partner, and anti-Fenty on personality who still gets results in Newark. We are far more like Newark than NY or Chicago.

Second is the premise behind the Fenty strategy, to tell people what they should and should not care about. He is finally, with this latest commercial, acknowledging in his strategy that telling constituents not to worry about whether he is a jerk because that is not important is not a success strategy. People want what they want in a politician, whether it is what you think they should want and a great many people want you to at least fake niceness in public. If you really are willing to do what it takes to do this job well, then be Anthony Williams and do it, against your grain and resenting it every second. But don't try to convince me I don't want something I tell you I do.
This election is not about a white issue, or a black issue. It's about a trust issue. The people HIRE the Mayor to represent all the people not just a few. Regardless of who gets elected for the Mayor of DC next term, the residents will need someone who can represent them and advance what is in the best interests of all DC residents and businesses collectively for the common good.

If I went to Wal-Mart and bought a gallon of milk for $3.50 and then sold it to the District whom I learned was looking to buy a gallon of milk; that in and of itself wouldn't be wrong. But if I sold it to you for $21, you'd definitely have legitimate concerns about whether or not to trust me wouldn't you? Now if the milk just happened to be completely soured when I delivered it to you because I'm unqualified and didn't know that you had to keep milk cold (all the time or it will go bad) AND I still demanded you pay me the $21, what would that be? It's called a rip-off!

Black people, white people, latin people, asian people, everybody - ATTENTION! You're getting ripped off! You're buying sour milk! This isn't about anyone being a jerk, a racist, or arrogant. This is about ripping you off! You're being promised one thing, and given another. All public servants work for YOU! You're the boss! It is NOT acceptable for public servants to be arrogant to their boss. The longer the boss lets the employee get away with things the worse it gets, and it makes the good workers go bad as well!

Something is not right here. But, don't take my humble opinion. See for yourself. My definition of what constitutes quality, truth and honesty may differ from yours but to me this doesn't sit well with white people, black people, or sensible people for that matter:
Sorry yes Fenty is an arrogant jerk, he doesn't care about you unless your are rich, white and his base ie: George Bush. He is a republican and he and Sara Palin are running neck and neck on the stupid meter. When he said giving money to the Peaceoholics were dimiss mini or whatever I was nauseous. This man works for us as the previous poster stated and this has to stop.He demeans people who work for the government but applauds people who have abuse their authority ie; Rhee. It is time for him to go. We need a mature person running this city.
I believe the prosperity of the city is largely due to the actions of Mayor Williams and I was very fearful that Fenty would come in and undo it. In an ironic twist, I now want him to stay in office, fearful that Vince Gray will be the one to undo progress.

I understand people don't like Fenty. But they idea of having a Mayor whose only real mandates are to be nice and "inclusive" is terrifying. Being nice is important, but it shouldn't be the focus of an administration. And if you don't use "inclusive" the right way, it just means you won't actually get anything done.

I'm listening for the reasons to want Gray in office (since it looks like he will be, I WANT to believe in him) I'm just not hearing hearing anything.

Mr. Hoffman, you have done a good job of describing the current political climate in district.
Good Morining Dan, you have your right to vote for whomever you want but keep this in mind. When someone is in office he needs to respect his constiuents and treat everyone with respect. You stated that you didn't care if he was a jerk or not obviviously you haven't dealt with boss who look down on you I have and it is not a good thing. Try to talk with Mr. Gray he is approachable. I have.
I couldn't agree more. Fenty should have been able to skate freely to the finish line in the election. However his personality, his advisors, whatever it is have been very flawed. You want to steer a couple of contracts to some friends who would otherwise be qualified, that is one thing.

However, the small group of people who have benefited so richly on the backs of taxpayers, when at the same time, our surplus/rainy day fund has been raided to the detriment of our bond rating (just about) is unacceptable.

You don't confer an engineering license "for merit" when that person has flunked the test on multiple occasions, only to then award them engineering contracts.

You don't run a DDOT on the basis of throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks, rather than listening to the Planners at DDOT and heeding their trained advise.

Why do you depend so much on metrics at so many agencies, but not at DCPS? Why does Michelle Rhee get a pass on declining scores, when other agency heads have been canned for a lot less?

Really, this guy needs to go and the sooner voters understand what another four years of Fenty would mean, the sonner he can pack up and move on and out.
Interesting to get a cheapshot about aloofness and being an ass from Chuck Harney of the BikeRack. His store is universally known for its employees' aloofness and asshole-ishness. See a long thread on this on the Prince of Petworth blog.

So, I guess the moral of this quote is takes one to know one, Chuck.
Is the sky blue?
Personality should be a major factor in choosing an elected official. We elect our leaders to represent us, and if other decision makers think badly of you then you wont get much done. Personality is not the only factor and the ability to do the job is another factor. I seriously question his ability to do the job. It almost feels like people have no idea who Anthony Williams is and what he did for this city. Washington, DC was in the red and ground zero for disaster and in eight years we were booming again. I think people give Fenty too much credit for accomplishments that were done before he arrived as Mayor.

As far as Rhee is concerned she is a scam artist! Education reform is not try everything anyone has ever said will help kids learn all at once. Pay for performance, pay for attendance, hybrid pay methods, fire a bunch of teachers, etc etc etc... The problem with DC education is not so much teachers and the school (those are factors) but the quality of the students by extension of the parents. Until there is a solution for responible parenting urban school district will continue to have problem. Or we can just juke the stats
Great points, Mr. Hoffman!
lol@Beforreal. (These screen names are a hoot).

DC hasn't had any major retail development in 20 years? Why must people make false claims just to show support for their respective candidate. Clearly you are not a DC resident. Let's recap:

1. Safeway complex near Alabama & Naylor
2. Giant Superstore and complex @Stanton and Alabama was planned and approved
under Williams
3. Container Store/MUD in Tenleytown was planned and approved under Williams
4. Target/BestBuy complex in Columbia Heights was planned and approved under

5. The Harris Teeter complex @Potomac Metro Station was planned and approved
under Williams.

6. The Safeway/MUD @5th adn K was planned and approved under Williams.
7. The GA/Petworth MUD was planned and approved under Williams

I could go on but these are the immediate things that come to mind.

<b>Please stop exagerrating just to make a point. </b>

David Hoffman, thank you so much for the link to Sinclair Skinner, it was informative and should help the undecided.
the song for the article.
Why is it when you ask Fenty about Moten or Skinner he stares in space and won't answer the question? Now this is in reference to our tax dollars.
If you get rid of Fenty you must also get rid of his lap dog little Tommy Wells of Ward 6. You can't get rid of the King without getting rid of his eunuchs.
At first I thought, "I can't believe the City Paper is running another story about Fenty being a jerk."

Then I read the story.

Let me clarify, since you reside in SE as well.....
Anacostia Library, Parkland Turner Library, Fort Stanton Rec, Camp Simms, the 68 units at Henson Ridge, Savoy Elementary, Old Congress Heights School, Anacostia Gateway, New DCHD, ...etc etc all broke ground AFTER 2007 and were completed before 2010

Washington Highlands Library, Bald Eagle Rec, Barry Farms Rec, New HHS Complex, Poplar Point...

Fentt never claimed the credit for the idee but what did he do is deliver the project in just 3.5 yrs. Now let me propose this to you, why do you think Mayor Williams, endorsed Mayor Fenty and worked in conjunction with the current mayor to buold DC USA mall. my main point is that is does not take 10 years to build or break ground for a new library, park, or school. Mayor Williams was also the CFO and did an excellent job at restoring the city's finances.Mayor Fenty, during his tenure on city council helped build up reserves. The same reserves we have used to balance the budget for three years consecutively. Do you really think 8 years to plan and approve projects, especially for SE is an accomplishment or that it took less than half the time to get them done?

@guylady2010- actually try Minnesota & Penn. Ave SE or better yet try S.Capitol St SE-where the murders happened in March 2010

In conclusion, if your want to throw your money away, than vote for Gray. The same man who caused DHS to go into federal receivership, cost the city over 1 million for not housing the homeless, paid fines for a foster system that was declared unconstitutional by Congress, was held in contempt for not following federal law by having nurses in our public schools, sending over 300 payments for foster children who left the home or were no longer placed, etc, etc.

Other than education, Mayor Fenty launched the HPRP program that is aimed towards homelessness prevention and rapid rehousing, has housed 1000 homeless people in 3 years. There is much more but you can search the web just like I did.
"I'm the fucking mayor," said Fenty. As well, "I'm the fucking president," is something Bush may have exclaimed.

Well, they both fathered twins with pleasant and attractive wives, both more capable not just of motherhood, but of thought, than the husband / father.

But, fucking? Well, Bush as party animal until he was Fenty's current age was a notorious boozer. Dunno here that either one of them is much of fucker.
Beforrealaboutyourself, please take a spelling class and just because the recreation center, ect was built after 2007 doesn't mean that it wasn't already in the budget to be done prior to 2007.
right @ SuperS. that is spot on. IF it wasn't in the cap budget before 2007 it probably would not have happened post 2007. But i am sure that our friend beforreal can look that budget up from the campaign office.
This is what I don't understand then. Do you want me to credit Fenty with carrying out projects that were on the table BEFORE he was elected? Camp Simms, Parkland Turner, and ESPECIALLY Henson Ridge were projects well under way before Fenty was elected. Why should get a pat on the back for carrying out projects that would have been done under any other Mayor.

This is the same issue Fenty supporters keep missing about Michelle Rhee. She is duly capitalizing on reform efforts begun under Janey. That is her JOB as Chancellor. Her only option was to come in and NOT do what had already been approved.

I don't know why Williams is endorsing Fenty. But, I'm sure him being the incumbent mayor quite a bit to do w/it. Contrary to what you say here, it actually can take 10 years to complete a project from its inception to final construction. Nothing I've said here indicates a project requiring that much time. What I do know is that Fenty didn't come in a jump start these projects because nothing was being done on them. That is a clear misappropriation of the facts.

I was not here before Mayor Williams' administration. I also don't buy this line talking about what Gray did almost two decades ago while Fenty was a recent high school grad. So I don't know any Mayor personally enough to determine what money I'm throwing away nor do I believe you can cite any examples of Gray "throwing money away." If you can, then I'll blame Fenty for the series of murders in SE DC which have occured under his watch. Specifically, the SE massacres. Or shall we blame the Banita Jacks, the nutcase who killed her kids and left their bodies to die in her home. Or shall we move on to SkinnerGate? FiretruckGate? Or let's just stop at Ron Moten.

Now in all honesty, these things happened during the past four years. Should we really based a campaign on what someone did or didn't do 20 years ago?

By the way, since you internet saavy, please check the most recent local stories about money being taken away from the homeless to fund other programs.

Hell yes he is a COMPLETE JERK.
No to the jerk. NO to the no bid contracts. No to the sexist administration. No to the lies, cronyism and corruption. No to the SKINNER Mentality of GOVERNMENT.
I have met Fenty, as councilmember and Mayor, and he does look past you when talking directly to you. I didn't feel disrespected. I merely thought his elevator didn't go quite all the way to the top. In one of those encounters, he suddenly snapped at one of his staffers, who, like a trained circus animal, fumbled over to him, ingested what appeared to be a hushed tongue lashing, and ferried a way the same way he came.

Fenty has allowed DC agencies to overspend their budgets during a recession. There inlies my greatest concern. He has no fiscal discipline. Steering contracts to unqualified friends and cronies does nothing for me either. $400,000 dog parks during a recession? Really?

I don't dislike Fenty because he is arrogant. I dislike him because he lacks the professional and ethical acumen of a real executive.

I was a non-stop, energetic pavement hitting campaign volunteer during Fenty’s first mayoral run. Many of those that hit the streets with me, secured jobs with the administration soon after Fenty took office. I was never interested in working for the government because my calling is best answered elsewhere. At that time I was convinced that the passionate young man, full of energy and (funny now) humble, deserved my time, support and campaign contribution. Luckily, I’m sober now and the Green Team 2010 has one less enthusiast to count on, me.

I’m a Ward 4 resident, mother, tax payer, home owner, active DCPS parent and DC non-profit worker with a huge change of heart about Fenty. Personality was not on the top of my list, you can run a tight ship while being captain jerk, as long as you are operating in the best interest of ALL of our residents and you do it with integrity.

Yes, the cronyism weighs heavy on my Fenty scale. At one point I thought I could see past that and understand that he is young mayor with political favors to pay, fine. But then one analyzes and adds other “minor” executive misuses/mishaps to the scales and suddenly it tips over against our current Mayor. You know…executive mishaps (scale tippers) overspending, fishy fire truck, scrambled school reform, etc.

One scale tipper is the hallmark accomplishment that the Green Team uses to toot the Mayor’s horn of decreasing homicides, crime and gang violence. Unfortunately, that’s where the Mayor’s trademark personality comes to shine and disregards the many individuals, political colleagues, community groups and neighbors that played a bigger role than the executive office and takes credit where it hasn’t been earned.

These front-line workers have never received praise or even acknowledged for their support, for their valiant efforts and their commitment to keeping our streets safe not matter who is maneuvering the political ship (I’m not even speaking of the tireless efforts of dedicated MPD personnel, those men and women deserve bigger praises from us all). Well, unless you are the Peaceoholics and then you are not only in-line for a public praise, a ribbon cutting, but also contracts with the city and those quasi government organizations like CYITC. All masked under reimbursable work.

Unfortunately, there are many other groups that are extremely qualified, that do the same and at times better work than Peaceoholics does, they sit at the same work tables and work with the same kids, but aren’t recognized by the political backroom or benefit from rewarding contracts.

I have seen the Mayor and his staffers exploit grieving families after homicides, just for a photo-op. The same happened during the Eastern Market and Mt. Pleasant Fires, the Mayor’s staff shows up a few minutes before the Mayor’s arrival to secure a crying victim that would guarantee a quick snap for the front-page.

Fenty has not once admitted that he is reaping the benefits of the Williams administration and the Williams led control board, which is where the brilliant architecture for Fenty’s success should be credited.

Yes, the cronyism, yes, the personality, yes, the political chess games played have given me and many others the passion to root and campaign elsewhere. Unfortunately, former supporters like me are insignificant to the Green Mean Fighting Machine.
as a ward 4 resident I would NOT vote for Fenty if I was on my death bed and a vote for him would save me.
He is an azzhole and his appoitment and support of that WITCH MICHELLE RHEE shows his ignorance and incompetence.
Will never ever vote for our 'photo-op' mayor again! Still angry with myself that I voted for him the first time around. He seemed like a man of the people, boy was I duped! Mr. Gray, you have my vote.
through it ALL I will still vote for MARION BARRY.
He was the BEST MAyor DC ever had.
SuperS, This is a blog, on the City Paper’s website at that, my deepest apologizes for not spelling checking on my phone. So that you are clear, when I am seeking your advice on spelling errors, I will let you know. In any event, thanks for sharing, this spell check is you! BTW what part of the fact that I mentioned that Fenty never claimed credit for the idea that originated the delivered project or the when I mentioned that Anthony Williams planned and approved majority of the constructed projects, did you not understand? Your response is not properly aligned with my statements; therefore, end of discussion.
SEis4ME- It is not really a matter of patting someone on the back, I just would like you to acknowledge whether or not it really takes 4-8 years to plan and approve projects? I used to work for DOT so no I do not agree that it takes that long to go from start to finish. A prime example of this is Nationals Parks and the New Convention Center. In the past 3 years, 68 units were added to Henson Ridge and now Parkland Turner Library did not close down until after Mayor Fenty took office. The main reason Michelle Rhee was selected was not because solely based on her graduating from Harvard. I do believe it had more to do with her proven record of reform in Baltimore.
In terms of Benita Jacks, please name one jurisdiction in the nation that is not plagued by the same problem? The difference with Fenty is that e dramatically decreased the caseload
It is ill advised to directly correlate the SE massacres with Fenty as hey that just happened to be my building so I witnessed who looked after the victims during and after. Furthermore, you might as well blame every crime on Fenty right? What I do know and DOJ and MPD stats can back me up on is that we have the lowest crime rate we have ever had in the past 40 years. In fact we have the lowest crime in the nation currently. Now in terms of Gray's tenure at DHS, please head over to the Washington Post or file a FOIA request with DHS. It is a well known fact that Sharon Pratt Kelly ran the worst mayoral administration ever in DC's history and possibly the nation. You cannot argue the fact that he lost control of the agency and directly contributed to that specific agency going into federal receivership. We still have DC agencies such as CSOSA under federal receivership.

Do you really want to talk about recent cronyism concerning Vince Gray?
Let us talk about over 300 million to WC Smith, who happened to be the same contractor who constructed the illegal fence at his Hillcrest home. Better yet, how Barbara Bailey, mother of Emanuel Bailey, was awarded the lottery contract, (38 million) even after it was awarded to an intralot. In addition, Emanuel Bailey had shaky dealing with the government previously, admitted to secret meeting with Vince Gray and Marion Berry for two years leading up to the awarding of the contract. How about those earmarks to Harry Thomas? How about how in back in 2008, on council member stationary, Gray solicited 10k from Comcast, a company in which he has council committee ties to. Also the Office of Campaign Finance, made him return 5k of the 10k received. Let us not forget about the flip flop Gray did on the H streetcar project, cutting funding in the middle of the night, costing tax payers. Well what about the rule that says City Council cannot vote on a law in which personally or professional benefits them and yet 6 weeks prior to election, all but two council members did not recues themselves from changing Election Day laws? Please go to consult the debate held on WAMU yesterday regarding the letter written on the Executive Office Letterhead (White House) saying that it was okay to use the funds in anyway the Mayor deemed appropriate. Now after you read the letter and try to counter that those funds were pledged for the homeless, please note that the funds were allocated for FY12, which is why the White House declared it okay to use now and that there is also federal appropriate dollars in the HPRP program for the homeless which as of today has not even be used fully for FY10.
In conclusion, kindly tell me of just one time Vince Gray has ever did anything for DC in the past five years, more specifically for Ward 8? I would also like to inquiry about when have you ever seen Vince Gray anytime except for election time?

Somehow I forgot to mention, Vince Gray, in the capacity of Chair of the Council approved every measure the Mayor proposed in terms in using the reserves, appointing, Nickles, Lanier, and Rhee. The only time he voiced any object to anything the Mayor has done has been during election time. The only thing we are sure about concerning Vince Gray is that he prefers S Curl activator over a wet set hair style. Can someone fact check that?
Hells YES he's a JERK, is that even a serious question??!!

And to think he is not alone......beforrealaboutyourLIES, slim you are 1 geechy dan individual, spewwing your lies about projects that not only got their inception prior to FENTY but were damn near complete by thetime TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE got his claws on the office of MAYOR!

Specifically SAVOY and Henson Ridge; which is nothing to write home to momma about and SHOULD be FENTY'S to claim, considering its inferior craftsmanship and hackjob design, better off renovating the old Stanton Terrace/Douglas dwellings....BRICK!!!

Fenty has been bad for the economy, morale and community, but furthermore the children!
If you turn on channel 13 you will see Vince Gray all the time. He is the chair of the city council. I think that we have seen Gray and every other politician plenty over the past 4 years. Our budget situation is far from great. There has been repeated overspending. Do we realize that we have to start paying back this $800 million rainy day soon. Where is this money gonna come from?
beforrealaboutyourself how much is he paying you for the canvassasing that you are doing? Why are you so angry we do have a right to our opinion. Furthermore I know for a fact that Mr. Gray is approachable , Mr. Fenty not so much the boy king reign is about to be over.
“I’ve met the kids...I don’t need any statistics.”- Fenty hasn't met the kids just like the newly appointed Deputy Director of DYRS. Another Fenty running buddy who wouldn't know a DYRS kid if he stole his bike. Yet I digress. What people fail to realize is Rhee is working from a master plan that Janney came up with. Janney and previous superintendents helped to slowly but surly raise test scores. Under Fenty/Rhee we're backtracking. Fenty is taking credit for a plans that Williams put in place. Before they can break ground on anything, they have to have a budget and approval, etc, things that Williams laid the framework for. The only thing I'll get Fenty credit for is appointing Cathy Lanier. Otherwise I'm placing my bets with Gray.
On a serious note, anyone who becomes mayor of Washington, DC, due to its wide and varying range of education and economics should have a clear and concise vision, NOT A HIDDEN AGENDA!

Individuals got paid under Fenty and continue to do so on the backs of the taxpayer! Where is the nobility in that while the disparity widens between those who have, don't have or struggle to keep?!

Fenty has been nothing but a flunky in and a flunky out who now wants to appear supportive, assescible and humble at election time!

I have absolutely no respect for an administration that:
1. systematically/cowardly displaced BLACK TEACHERS and workers and replaced them with "OTHERS"
2. fattened the pockets of buddies while in a RECESSION
3. enabled gentrification to the detriment of locals
4. prioritized business as opposed to creating fiscal and financial responsibility on part of same businesses and their hiring practices
5. willing to take $$ from NECESSITIES and ESSENTIALS but more ready and motivated to GIVE/PAY/APPROPRIATE tax $$$$s to crooks, frauds and charletons!!!

Jerk is actually too nice of a name for dude!

Yes, Fenty dramatically decreased the CFSA caseload. The caseload was reduced, but child abuse and neglect and homelessness haven’t, it’s just classified differently now. Caseload decreases were done by triaging cases, under-classifying the severity of the cases and sending the families out to seek services in their neighborhoods from overloaded non-profits.

Community organizations that are very capable of providing tailored services, but like everyone else have limited resources and should not carry the burden of taking high risk cases of the government’s hands just to make the executive leader look good.

By the way, let us remember that this was done at the same time many social workers and family support workers (junior social workers) were fired from CFSA. At the same time that social service contracts were reduced. They real heroes here are the children, youth and families that have to show their resilience during times of crisis and need while the leaders play photo¬-ops and money games.

WOW, similar to DC’s school reform…
LOL, I did not mean on TV, hell if you watch the news in the past three months, I have been on channels 5, 9, and the very channel 13 you speak of. LOL so TV appearances don't amuse me. I was talking in literally terms, you know at community events. Last time I checked, you don't have to be paid to present the facts or be able to find them. Now ask Mr. Gray about the loan we had to take out and will be paying back over the next 10 years due to the flip flop of the streetcar project? Reserves are not monies you have to pay back although you should. I just wanted to clarify that notion.
Tired-angry? no, informed yes? There is significance difference between the two. When anger comes to mind, I think of the Gray campaigners who yell and scream at potential voters, and yeah the ones that knock on my door and cannot tell me one thing he has done? Have you ever gotten a call from his campaign staff? I have and I attempt to encourage a healthy discussion on the issues but all they said was, "are you going to vote for Gray or Fenty." In any event, my time is up here, it's been fun.
Fenty is a jerk, of the highest order! When I worked with A Scott Bolden on his campaign for City Council, I observed this guy firsthand. He was raised as a child of privilege, and he is what we call bougeoise! he has no idea how "the other side" lives. Snobs are sickening, especially, those with power! Say what you want, but there will never be a politician with the street savvy that Marion Barry has!
No, you don't want me to acknowledge whether it takes 4-8 years to complete a project. You want to present fallacious evidence that will make Gray look bad and Fenty look good. That's the gist of your roving arguments. In your next, you'll have yet another straw man.

But to your points, I never said it takes 4-8 to plan and approve a project. And I'll repeat, no one said it does take that long. What I did say is that it "can" take that long from start to finish and unless the "final construction" phase only involves planning and approval, then your whole point re: this is moot. Henson Ridge is in my n'hood. I remember when the tore down the portion east of stanton road and built the present units. I also remember when they finally demolished and rebuilt units west of Stanton Road. The entire WCS development was well under way BEFORE Fenty took office. Do you want me to credit Fenty with creating 68 units in an already existing development? Also, Parkland Turner Library may as well closed a decade ago. It has NOT been an operable library in at least 8 years. So why do you keep bringing that up. FYI, a new library was part of the master plan for the Camp Simms development BEFORE Fenty took office. do you need me to speak en francais or en espanol?

Please post the article detailing Rhee's Baltimore reform efforts. Thanks

Oh and I see you now don't believe that a single person is responsible for what happens in one specific entity, in this case, the DC gov't. You rightfully admit that there are mishaps in every city in every agency that can't be blamed solely on one person. Yet, you and Fenty cite what Gray did 20 years ago and blame HIM for the state of affairs during that time. That's a telling but not surprising position there.

No, I actually don't blame Fenty for what happened. I'm just happy he thought enough of the incident to return from his vacation in Jamaica.

Wait, did you just say that DC has the lowest crime in the nation? No need to address that obvious lie.

I will not continue the rather useless act of pointing out "political shadiness" because frankly, that is at the bottom of the reasons why I will never cast another vote for Adrian Fenty. But to your other useless point:

Vincent Gray is chair of the council. He was previously councilmember for Ward 7. As chairman, what exactly "should" he have done for Ward 8? Should Muriel Bowser do something for Ward 8 even though she's in Ward 4? Should Jim Graham "do" for Ward 7 even though he's in Ward 1. Another useless point you're making here. I've lived in Ward 8 for a while now and I don't recall Adrian Fenty rollerblading down MLK Ave either.

Curl activators and wet sets. How adult is that! Since your straw men weren't working. You decide to insult my prefered candidate as if I have a personal attachment to him. Sorry! You can call Vincent Gray Fat Back Taffy from Tallahassee for all I care. I don't know the guy so it will affect me or my vote not.

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty is worse than a jerk. He's a monster and he's divided the District by race and class. Has anyone ever noticed, Mayor Fenty never likes to talk about the issue of race and racism? When have anyone heard Mayor Fenty identify himself as black man? I don't think Mayor Fenty see's himself as being a black man. I think, he identifies with being Hispanic, Middle Eastern, anything but a black man.

A politician is supposed to have social skills and not treat constituents as if they are dirt, slave, employee, or servant. D.C. At Large Councilmember is another D.C. politician with a nasty attitude and he too like's to talk down to constituents as if they were children. Both Fenty and Catania should live together as roommates, because they both have similar personalities.

What's up with Mayor Fenty hanging in da hood around the so called GO GO thugs? Mayor Fenty act's one way when he's around white wealthy D.C. voters in Ward 3 other upscale neighborhoods, but when he's around poor uneducated blacks in the ghetto, he attempts to be down with the brothers. When Mayor Fenty campaigns in upscale mostly white Ward 3, he has is mostly white campaigners with him and when he campaigns in mostly black neighborhoods like Wards 7, 5, or 4, he will have his dear, smart, educated, and articulate friend Ron Moten with him. Wake up black people, Fenty is pimping you for your votes, but he doesn't care about poor or middle class black people. Mayor Fenty want to be accepted by white Washington and whites in America, but some will remind the King, he's the N word. U.S. Senator Harry Reid stated, whites in America prefer light skin articulate non threatening blacks. Fenty may be light skin, but he's not all that articulate.
berealaboutyourself, that is exactly what I have received from the paid people of the fenty campaign. So we agree to disagree. You do what is needed for you but don't be hostile when we don agree with you. By the way your name isn't Adrian is it?

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty is worse than a jerk. He's a monster and he's divided the District by race and class. Has anyone ever noticed, Mayor Fenty never like to discuss the issue of race and racism? When has anyone ever heard Mayor Fenty identify himself as being a black man? I don't think Mayor Fenty see's himself as being a black man. I think, he identifies with being Hispanic, Middle Eastern, white, or anything but a black man.

A politician is supposed to have social skills and not treat constituents as if they are dirt, slave, employee, or a servant. D.C. At Large Councilmember David Catania is another D.C. politician with a nasty attitude and he too like to talk down to constituents as if they were children. Both Fenty and Catania should live together as roommates, because they both have similar personalities.

What's up with Mayor Fenty hanging in da hood around the so called GO GO thugs? Mayor Fenty act's one way when he's around white wealthy D.C. voters in Ward 3 and other upscale neighborhoods, but when he's around poor uneducated blacks in the ghetto, he attempts to be down with the brothers. When Mayor Fenty campaigns in upscale mostly white Ward 3, he has his mostly white campaigners with him and when he campaigns in mostly black neighborhoods like Wards 7, 8, 5, or 4, he will have his dear, smart, educated, and articulate friend Ron Moten with him. Wake up black D.C. voters, Fenty is pimping you for your votes, but he doesn't care about poor or middle class black people. Racism is showing it's true colors with white liberal D.C. voters. Mayor Fenty want to be accepted by white Washingtonians and whites in America, but some whites will remind the King, he's nothing but the N word. U.S. Senator Harry Reid stated, whites in America prefer light skin articulate non threatening blacks. Fenty may be light skin, but he's not all that articulate.

By the way it is don't agree with you.
This article was a waste of time. All who know how the system works know why Mr. Fenty is being painted "the villain" so often. It's because his success will spotlight the failures of so many others who are only in the game so long as their personal goals are being met.

Just think about how much could have been done so far had Michelle Rhee been able to focus on the education of the children instead of fighting with underperforming teachers who have been in the system for years while the children continue to fail for DECADES.

This is ridiculous. I've watched the majority of the people who oppose Rhee and Fenty speak on the news or listened to them give interviews on NPR. Their lack of language skills alone lead me to believe they shouldn't be anywhere near the table when it comes to educating our children.

If Fenty has to be a jerk to get those that feel entitled to the positions they hold even when they are failing then I say so be it. Be a jerk and get done what needs to get done.
Gray and Fenty are both elected and go to those community events because that is part of what you have to do to be reelected.

Actually the District's reserves do have to be paid back. The federal government requires funds withdrawn from the DC rainy day fund in a given year to be replenished in full in the following year.

"Reserves are not monies you have to pay back although you should. I just wanted to clarify that notion."

The Home Rule Charter [D.C. Official Code § 1-204.50a] lays out the city's reserve funds. One is the emergency reserve fund. the other is the contingency fund.

(7) Replenishment. -- The District of Columbia shall appropriate sufficient funds each fiscal year in the budget process to replenish any amounts allocated from the emergency reserve fund during the preceding fiscal years so that not less than 50 percent of any amount allocated in the preceding fiscal year or the amount necessary to restore the emergency reserve fund to the 2 percent required balance, whichever is less, is replenished by the end of the first fiscal year following each such allocation and 100 percent of the amount allocated or the amount necessary to restore the emergency reserve fund to the 2 percent required balance, whichever is less, is replenished by the end of the second fiscal year following each such allocation."


"(6) Replenishment. -- The District of Columbia shall appropriate sufficient funds each fiscal year in the budget process to replenish any amounts allocated from the contingency reserve fund during the preceding fiscal years so that not less than 50 percent of any amount allocated in the preceding fiscal year or the amount necessary to restore the contingency reserve fund to the 4 percent required balance, whichever is less, is replenished by the end of the first fiscal year following each such allocation and 100 percent of the amount allocated or the amount necessary to restore the contingency reserve fund to the 4 percent required balance, whichever is less, is replenished by the end of the second fiscal year following each such allocation."

The code goes into more detail. Thanks for clearing up that notion. We wouldn't want anything like the home rule charter to get in the way.
One thing I can say for him is that he looks out for his frat brothers even though one is known as a "Slumlord" who uses tactics to remove residents from their apartment so that he could fix up the building but he got sued by some of the residents and that is a good thing. So Fenty rewarded him by giving him a share of the renovation of the Fla Ave Market in NE. He did something with the HPAP money and he did something with money that allows tenants to purchase and/or renovate their apartment building(s). Fenty is a real estate lawyer so who do u really think he backing? It does not matter what color DC residents are if they do not fit into his plan(s) then shame on them. One thing I have to say he really stepped up during the election year and threw so folks a bone (money) that has been waiting a long time. Is this good leadership? That is for u to decide.
SEis4ME summarized it all. I didn't need to read any further to decide I'm voting Gray (or anybody BUT Fenty)! He is so full of himself but so is my boss so I can easily get over that character flaw, it is the lying and hooks up I can't take!
A thorough job was done here tonight to answer the question with evidence to support it. So I am simply adding that this black female ward 4 taxpayer is not voting for Fenty. I did not vote for him the first time and never gave it a second thought this time. Yes he is a JERK! BONAFIDE, CERTIFIED, INARTICULATE JERK! He has done nothing that wasn't started by Williams except to take over DCPS and look what a mess that is now. BTW: School modernization: Williams did that too and Sousa which he claims as his accomplishmnet was already finished when Fenty took office. Yes he is a JERK and that is being kind.
Re: post 40: "Last time I checked, you don't have to be paid to present the facts or be able to find them. Now ask Mr. Gray about the loan we had to take out and will be paying back over the next 10 years due to the flip flop of the streetcar project?"

That is nothing compared to the reserve funds depleted at the hands of Fenty cronies such as Skinner, Moten, Karim etc. Really, you dig a hole for you boss/son/lover whatever when you make statements like this. Fenty is really the one returning the District to the Barry years. He has no sense of fiduciary responsibility, and the cracks are getting deeper.
King Fenty looks like the cartoon character Tushay Turtle with the blad ass head. LOL LOL LOL

CandyCane1, unfortunately this Ward 4 voter voted for King Fenty when he ran against former Ward 4 Councilmember Charlene Drew Jarvis. Later on in his political career, I start to see King Fenty's true self. I didn't vote for this jerk during his first run for mayor. I voted for Marie Johns. I would vote for Fog Horn Leg Horn, the rooster, before I vote for King Fenty.

CandyCane1, we both live in Ward 4 and we know how most Ward 4 voters/non voters hate or dislike him. I was in the Safeway on Georgia Avenue, NW and Piney Branch Road, NW and shoppers in the Safeway were talking about King Fenty like a dog. Many Ward 4 voters living in 16th Street Heights, Crestwood, Shepherd Park, North Portal Estates, Brightwood, Brightwood Park, Petworth, Lamond-Riggs, Takoma, and in Colonial Village Ward 4 can't stand King Fenty. 84 Ms. Ethel Delaney Lee a prominent black Ward 4 resident in North Portal Estates and Precinct 62 in Ward 4 has turned against King Fenty according to the Washington Post. 84 year old Petworth resident and former 4th District CAC Chairman Minnie Green referred to King Fenty as a bonehead in the Washington Post. LOL LOL Many black D.C. senior citizens can't stand King Fenty. Senior citizens are the one's that show up at the polls in D.C. and around the country. The older or mature people (seniors) vote.

Bye Bye King Fenty. Many of the so call young white professional moving to D.C. could careless about local politics. They just are just passing thru to work on Capital Hill or in some Law firm to start the careers. These young professional whites hasn't a clue to what's going on locally in D.C. politics.

Native Washingtonian

Fenty may come across arrogant just like many of us in this new "big city". Native Washingtonians keep forgetting that DC isn't Marion Barry's anymore.
Vince Gray represents everything this city should stay away from and "us" new Washingtonians should come out on September 14 and vote against him.
In Chicago where I moved from nobody would question the need for better parks, dog parks, bike lanes. Here, the social class divide is evidently the driving force behind this political divide.
All I see from Mr. Gray is going back to DC 10 years ago. That is not the city I want to raise my children in and that is why I am voting for Fenty.
Ward4NDC, this is not a popularity contest, this is an election.
Anyone who has a minimum of common sense is not going to vote for Gray because he appear to be nicer than Fenty. In fact, the points you make about Ward4 residents and "young professionals who are just passing by" makes me vote for Fenty even more. Those comments show ignorance on your part.
The reason why the media and Gray supporters focus on Fenty's personality is because Gray doesn't seem to have any substance. For each argument is made against Fenty I can find a flip side. For example, the scandal around the baseball tickets is petty on Gray's part too. The park contracts, weren't those approved under the oversight of the council?

I want to see a real argument in favor of Gray, I want to hear an example of a Salomonic decision he has made. What has he built, what risks has he made?
I am not voting for a nice guy, I am voting for someone who is going to take risks and who is not going to be afraid of making unpopular decisions, even if that means to come across like a jerk.
Fenty’s personality would be totally irrelevant if, and only if, the fear he inflicts on government employees didn’t cause them to negate their fiduciary duties to dc stakeholders and serve ONLY their master—Hizzoner, Adrian M. Fenty.

As a former government employee, with a community activist background, I quit working for DC government because I couldn’t stomach Fenty’s incompetence cronies that were being transplanted, like roaches, from the Mayor’s office to my agency. Case in point, this agency has approx. six employees in its communication department, of which three are being paid on a director’s salary. One was the department’s director under Mayor Williams and she does all the work; the other was a classmate of the agency director, and third guy was sent from the Mayor Office and had absolutely no communication experience--he worked on Fenty’s first mayoral campaign.

That’s over $300K for three employees in a communication department that is basically responsible for updating the agency’s website. People from the Mayor’s office would pop-up like roaches and no one mumbled a word. Have you ever heard of a DC gov't secretary earning over 100K? The mayor sent over an assistant for the agency’s director, mind you she already had three, and this guy is a grade 15. That’s over 100K a year.

Fenty’s Stalin like “Great Terror” tactics has government employees, especially agency directors, following his orders like janissaries. As a result the taxpayers’ coffer is being pillaged and no one is held accountable.

Here’s a short-list of Fenty’s acts of malfeasance and his blatant disregard for DC’s budgetary pressures (posted on The Wash Post by thelildiva4u, 8/17/10):

-$83 million laundered to friends (Skinner and Karim)

- Issuing check for $2.5 million to Banneker Associates despite an on-going investigation

-No job plan for those who are un-employed in the District.

-Attorney General who enters into agreements providing financial payments to groups under current investigation by the city council.

- God Daddy Nickels aka Attorney General for City, yet never defends the citizens of D.C

-Peachoholics given funding without written contracts or results.

-D.C. Youth Facility inmates escape and kill D.C. residents

-Shut down the Department of Mental Health (who will mostly likely use the new hospital owned by the city)

-Firing Grace Wiggins types (meaning any D.C. civil servants who side with District residents seeking to keep their places of residents affordable)

- Pretty much denying any Directors to testifying to the council

-Nominating unqualified individuals to influential boards

-having a $75,000 heater installed in his favorite city pool

- having his name scrawled in super sized letters on the new soccer field

-using city money to throw a $60K frat party

-Cut D.C. Fire Cadet Program (few programs that allowed 18-22 yr to become firefighters.

- Summer Youth debacle (years 2007 -2010) has overspent $30 million in the last three yrs

-Peter Nickels refusing to make public the books on NCRC and AWC

-Fire Truck Scandal (Please google Mr. David Jannarone) now Deputy Director of the Department of Housing and Community Development

-HIV rates climbed to the highest and federal money mismanaged (Bars HIV Director from meeting w/ HUD’s top brass.)

-400k doggy parks

-Maintaining friendships with Moten types who intimidate citizens and elected officials

-using police resources to stop traffic so that his friends can ride bikes

-maintained associates with I don’t recall Sinclair Skinner and OMG Karim aka Banneker Associates Bandits who also worked with David Jannarone aka Fire truck man

- OCTO Scandal (google Yusuf Acar) multimillion-dollar embezzlement scam w/kickbacks, contract steering and ghost employees

-handling of the Banita Jacks case. Fired workers without knowing the true extent of how their case loads had jumped.

- D.C. tax office scandal ($20 million)

-Moves David Jannaron (fire truck man aka) to be second in charge at DHCD

-Federal investigation opened investigation on ANOTHER employee in the city's workers' compensation agency

-Planned to cut housing for homeless families in lieu extending Summer youth one week

-Security fee’s waive for some events. D.C. doesn’t collected need revenue. An example is the $485,000 fee waived for the National Marathon alone. In hard times like these are these wise decisions? Also how does the administration determine who is waived and who is not.

-Vetoing the pay-to-vote bill based on recommendations from his **cough** volunteer campaign strategist, thugnificant…gov’t name Ron Moton.

-Director of DDOT also owner of Zip Cars…conflict of interest?

-Using gov’t resources (i.e voter registration mailers) to mail Fenty Campaign information.

- The average number of Freedom of Information Act requests wholly denied by the city has quadrupled under Fenty, while the average number of requests has stayed constant to previous administrations

- Fenty administration takes more than four years to implement the living wage bill.

-Inclusionary zoning law (one for affordable housing) too almost 3 yrs to develop and implement regulations.

I added the following to lildiva4u’s list:

- Per Fenty’s directive, the dept. of recreation’s director did not apply for federal funds for its daycare program, which forced a 30 year, gold star program to close its doors and 160 gov’t employees were fired.

- Fenty’s frat brother’s, Skinner, marked-up on services he provided to the gov't by 500% for the construction of recreation centers

- Faux cause oriented fees-- bag tax, increase parking fees for HPAP, etc--- that are diverted to cover Fenty’s overspending

- DHCD’s non-bid, sole source, $4.4 million loan to Peaceoholics to buy real estate. I thought Peaceoholics was in the beef-squashing business, not real estate development.

- $1 Million dollar bike rate @ Union Station

- The Warrenton Group, another crony of Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, handed a $1 million landscaping give-a-way for the West End Library.

-Fenty forcing well established construction companies such as William C. Smith and Landex Corp to partner with his cronies, the Warrenton group and Banneker Venture, to win taxpayer funded construction projects.

- Fenty justifying his attendance at an anti-Semitic, tennis match in Dubai by stating, “ Serena Williams was also there.”

- Fenty not disclosing that his wife was working for the Nat’l Capital Revitalization Corp (NCRC)

- Mrs. Fenty working as a real estate attorney at NCRC and she’s not a real estate lawyer, but a global tech. attorney

- Mrs. Fenty billing the government for writing emails and talking on the phone.
(**please feel free to add to the list**)

If reference to crime and better government services, gentrification-- not Mayor Fenty--pushed crime out of DC. If the media wants to give credit to a politician for DC’s reduction in crime, then it would be Newt Gingrich. He devised the gentrification plan for DC in the 90s.

When Newt was the Speaker of the House, he was appalled by the Nation’s Capital high crime rate and blighted neighborhoods. He introduced the $5,000 federal tax-credit for any first-time homebuyer who moved to and purchased in D.C. (This federal tax-credit was only for DC, although other U.S., urban cities were plagued with record-breaking murder rates.) The gentrification flood-gates opened and urban removal was reintroduced in the Nation’s Capital by CONGRESS.
In reference to improvement in municipal services; but of course –higher income residents have insurance and are considered assets by municipalities which equate to better gov’t services for them.

Fenty is the beneficiary of Newt’s master plan and he is too delusional to comprehend it!

We, as DC residents have to deal with a corrupt, dysfunctional government due to Fenty’s personality conjuring-up fear in DC employees, which in-turn has prevented transparency and accountability from Fenty and his follies.
Oh, I forgot to add: I agree with Alen, Fenty is a JERK !!!!!!
Newwashingtonian and Ward4too, your comments are ignorant and uninformed. Why would I vote for any politician regardless of race that talks down or disrespect me? Both King Fenty and D.C. At-Large Councilmember David Catania need to attend a charm school to learn social skills. They both are two nasty D.C. politicians that talk down or disrespect their constituents. This is what King Fenty has done to a lot of black Ward 4 D.C. voters. We made King Fenty and he pimped us for our votes and he turned on us by showing his true self as being a nasty, vindictive, arrogant human being. You reap what you sow and King Fenty is nowing reaping what he has sowed. When you lay down with dogs, you will get up with fleas.

For the record, you must be born in Washington to be considered a Washingtonian. The same goes for some one born or being a native of New York. You may be a transplant to New York City or Washington by moving to these cities, but you aren't considered a native Washingtonian or a New Yorker. Your being a transplant to either city makes you a resident not a native Washingtonian or New Yorker. If you were born in St. Olaf, Minnesota, you will always be a native of that city. I haven't endorsed D.C. Council Chair Vincent Gray or King Fenty. As I see it, all the candidates running for mayor in the District of Columbia are not attractive candidates to me. The same goes for the candidates running for the Council of the District of Columbia. Out of 400,000 registered voters, these are the only circus clowns they could find to run for mayor and the Council? Last be not least, King Fenty disrespected the late 98 year old late Dr. Dorothy Height; an icon in the black community locally and nationally. King Fenty has no black history in this country. His father is black, but his father's ancestry is from one of the Caribbean islands. King Fenty's mother is Italian American (white). King Fenty has no black ancestry in the United States like most native black U.S. citizens with an ancestry back to slavery. His ancestry is similar to that of President Barack Obama. I've heard President Obama say many times, he's a black man. I can't say this for King Fenty. I have traced my ancestry in the United States back over 400 years to slavery in Bennettsville, South Carolina. King Fenty cannot do this. King Fenty doesn't understand the struggles that blacks had to endure and still are enduring in this country because of racism. This mayoral race has brought out it's ugliness with many of the liberal white Democrats in the District. I am not fool by whites, whether they are Democrats, Republicans, Independents, liberal, conservative, gay, or straight. They are still white in American and they are raised from the same fabric in America. Liberal white Senator Harry Reid shared what was really in his heart by saying, most whites in America will feel comfortable with a light skin articulate Negro. The same goes for Dr. Laura a white Jewish woman for using the N word several times to get her point across. In my opinion, Dr. Laura was saying how she truly feels in her heart and I am sure many whites in America uses the N word in predominately white settings. King Fenty will not discuss or touch the issue of racism in the District and in America. In my opinion, I don't think King Fenty sees himself or identify himself as being a black man. Culturally, King Fenty is different from most blacks in America. As a people, we were taught to show respect to our black elders and the late 98 year old Dr. Dorothy Height was one of the few women and blacks that fought for "Civil Rights" for black U.S. citizens during Jim Crowism and segregation in this country. If I had not been for the late Dr. Dorothy Height and others, King Fenty wouldn't be in the position he's in today. I will give Chairman Gray credit, he know's he's black in America and growing up in segregated Washington, he was reminded by some whites, he was still the N word regardless if he had light skin or fair skin. My wife, grandmother, mother, aunts, sisters was and is all black women. When King Fenty dissed the late 98 year old Dr. Dorothy Height and the 82 year old Dr. Maya Angelou, he disrespected all black women in America.

Also, King Fenty is not a member of any church and most prominent black politicians has always belong to a church. I've been told, King Fenty is alleged to be an Atheist. In my opinion, I think King Fenty is godless. I know him personally and when he's kicked out of his Kingdom (Wilson Building) on September 14th, I will tell him what to kiss and where he can go in his face. Let's see how many friends and asskissers King Fenty will have once he leaves office.

I co-sign to everything that GoldCoast stated in his or her comment. Not only is King Fenty a jerk, he's an asshole too.

This white D.C. voter is voting for D.C. Council Chair Vincent Gray to become mayor. I suspect more white D.C. voters will be voting for Gray instead of for Mayor Adrian M. Fenty. Fenty is alleged to be too corrupt and his association with Ron Moten and giving millions of dollars to his fraternity brothers has turned off a lot of white D.C. voters. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty reminds me of the former corrupt mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick.

Fenty seem to discriminated against people 45 and up. He refuses to hire or employ people over 45, with the exception of Peter Nickles.

I am not saying Vincent Gray is the greatest candidate, but I believe he will make a better mayor than Adrian M. Fenty. Fenty was too young an inexperience. Let’s face it, Mayor Fenty isn’t that intelligent and I would love to see his grades from Oberlin College and Howard Law School.


If you mean by a return to the Barry years, then you are mistaking candidates. Fenty is the one who has sqandered the $1.5 BILLION dollar surplus by submitting unbalanced budgets to te Council every year; Fenty is the one who has been allowing his fraternity brothers and organizations like Peacaholics to walk away with overinflated contracts with minimal accountability or experience.

Fenty has put this city on the brink of a return to the Control Board financially. Please get your facts straight before you start playing the race card and spreading misinformation.
Echoing "SEis4ME" if anyone can support the notion that Rhee is qualified, or has a record of success in Baltimore, please post references.

Her credentials get thrown around as if they are gospel, yet in reality, they do not exist. There is no transformative record from her brief stint in Baltimore. For the real story google "gfbrandenburg" whose blog has lots of actual information (as opposed to the made-up, unsubstantiated, unreferenced things that Rhee supporters throw around) about her real record in Baltimore.

I guess DCPS is just another one of Fenty's experiments, like most of the agencies that are headed by his new appointees. I'm tired of our city being an experiment, when there are actual qualified, intelligent people out there who could be in these positions, and there are actual examples in this country of successes that we should be studying as models.

I can't say Gray will be the solution to everyone's problems, but by all accounts he is a policy wonk, smart as hell, and interested in studying a problem before just throwing whatever at it. Fenty wants to look before he leaps. Well sometimes you end up jumping off a cliff that way.

Expirimenting is fine if you have no choice -- that is no precedent, no experts available, no history of similar problems. Fenty seems to think we're the only place that's ever had to deal with education problems, transit policy, and so on, and that he knows better than the rest of the world. Sad, because it means we are simply making mistakes that there's no reason we should be making.

At long admit it.

"I didn't vote for this jerk during his first run for mayor. I voted for Marie Johns."

Dude, you have been lying for at least six months. You constantly talk about how Fenty fooled you last time. NOw it cocmes out that you campaigned against him last time. You have been a Fenty enemy for 10 years.

I have been waiting for one of you people that have been signing "I was a Fenty supporter against Cropp...he fooled me."

Ward4Dc, you specifically have told that lie what seems like a hundred times. Just like you lied about him beating his wife, screwing Dorothy Height, and dissing Maya angelou.

A big part of the reason that People think Fenty is a jerk is that they get fed lies by people like you. There were 34,000 people that voted against Fenty last time. Those people did not just up and disappear.

Ward4DC, thank you for exposing your own lying ass!

My only regret that his sons aren't old enough to come find you for the lies that you tell about their mother and father. You think it is cool because Fenty is a public figure. But, that crap comes back at you.

Fenty is very nice person and he is genuinely conserned about acheiving results for the District. You Ward4DC, are a lying hater that would say anything if you thought it would bring harm to Fenty,


This is a true gossip column. It is not hard to find someone that thinks a politician is a jerk. THEY ARE ALL JERKS! Obama...jerk. Clinton....jerk. Bush....jerk. Marion Barry....jerk. Vincent Gray....jerk. Mary Cheh.....jerk (beeeotch really). Any person that thinks they are qualified to tell everyone else how to live thier lives is a ....jerk. That is what a politician is. Period. If they weren't a bit of a jerk they would not be qualified for the job.

Big Egos, hurried persona. That is what the JOB creates.

Anyway, when are you going to publish the artcile about how Gray verbally assualts private citizens. Or, when he talks about white people taking over the Districct. Are you going to report on him calling Fenty an "uncle tom." Or, the promises that he made Barry for both his support and his silence? I have more than a few people willing to leak you those stories.

Or, maybe I should be like Ward4dc and just make things up. Maybe about Gray's deceased wife. Maybe I should lie and say he used to beat with a telephone cord and that is how she passed. Or, how he and Emmanuel Bailey are Gay lovers. Doesn't really matter what the lie is. I just have to repeat it enough. Citypaper will put it in an Blog.

Gossip is impossible to defend. Bearing false witness is prohibited in the commandments for a reason.

Adrian Fenty jumped on the moving train of progress when he was elected as Mayor. He is not the architect of that dramatic change in city services and economic development. This as a result of the talents and skills of former mayor Anthony Williams.

Fenty's claim to fame is dividing the city along the lines of race and class.
One former staffer likened working for Fenty to being an “abused wife,” constantly fighting a losing battle to make the mayor happy.

That explains it.
Little needs to be added to what has already been said here.

But for "Jon Bon Jovi" and the others who question Fenty's intelligence: you are dead on. I am personally familiar with his "work" as a Councilmember. The proposed bills and other items he created were astonishing in their lack of sense, absence of research, and just plain incompetence in drafting.

Everyone has the right to his own opinion. In mine - which comes from years of observation and interaction with him and his gang - Adrian Fenty is unintelligent, unethical (corrupt, if you prefer), uncaring, immature, insensitive, imperious, incompetent...(I could go on, but you get the picture).

We deserve better.
Will somebody check on how much it cost the District to remove snow this past winter? Will someone check to see how much each dump truck driver was paid? Will someone check to see how prepared the city is for another possible terror attack, given that Fenty nominated (and the Council disastrously approved) someone wit no emergency management experience whatsoever, someone who worked the charity route previously?

People, our lives are at stake here in the District in emergent situations. We need capable leadership, not some slapdash, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, antagonistic, crony-filled leadership. I truly am fearful if Fenty gets re-elected. He kept schools open during the blizzards of '10 when Metro and the federal government shut down. Only after tons of phone calls to Rhee and the Wilson Building did he relent. (Ostensibly, Fenty was heeding President Obama's call that the city was full of "weather wimps."

Judging by the character of the comments, Fenty has hoodwinked no more. Beyond that, however, is the city and region's ability to handle a real crisis. Local media is a failure in progress. We cannot count on them to give us "news you can use."

So, please, someone do some checking, some reporting (no, it isn't even investigative reporting). Do a Freedom of Information Act and get us some answers on the city's plan under Fenty for handling emergencies, from snow to terror. Find out how much those blizzards actually cost the city, and then compare it, fairly and reasonably, to comparable costs for snow removal.
Hymesb, have you been smoking "crack" and hanging out at a GO GO concert with you butt boy the King and Ron Moten? Let's get the record straight, I have never, never stated that King Fenty beat on his wife. I've always stated, this is an urban legend with no evidence. I have never discussed his personal life or said anything negative about his wife Michelle and his kids. I have told the truth or shared my opinion about King Fenty as being an arrogant, corrupt, vindictive, godless politician. Hymesb, what church do King Fenty attend and does he believe in God? Is King Fenty an Atheist? I ask this question, because most black politicians belong to a church and have a belief in God. The black church has always been our rock since the days of slavery and segregation in the United States. I was born in the late fifties and I live thru segregated Washington and America. I did support and I vote for King Fenty twice for his run as the Ward 4 Councilmember. Heck no, I didn't vote for King Fenty for mayor. I told him I did, but I voted for another candidate. I saw earlier in King Fenty's career, his true self of being a nasty vindictive dictator.

Hymesb, I don't know if you are King Fenty, his father Phil, or his brothers Jesse and Shawn writing this foolishness, but all of you can go straight to hell and kiss my brown ass before you go.

I stand by my word, I have never heard Adrian Fenty state, he's a black man. I have never heard King Fenty discuss the issue of race or racism within the District of Columbia. Your son or butt boy doesn't have any black ancestry in the United States like most black U.S. citizens. Fenty was raised by a white and black liberal hippies who apparently did a horrific job in raising their spoiled, arrogant, vindictive child. They should have taught their son about black History in the United States and to show respect to all senior citizens, not just black elders like the late Dr. Dorothy Height and Dr. Maya Angelou. In my opinion, King Fenty has enteral issues within himself to who and what he is regarding the issue of race. I do know, I am a black man, because some racist whites in D.C. and in the United States remind me everyday of this. King Fenty has hired a lot of young white males or white gay males in his administration who feel they call talk down or belittle blacks. Guess what, I will not have it and I let one of his white Agency Directors know this.

Let's not forget King Fenty former campaign manager Alec Evans. Alec was a nice human being that worked very hard to get King Fenty elected. Once the King was elected, King Fenty fired Alec Evans. Let the record show, Alec Evans was a young white male. My point, King Fenty don't discriminate when it comes to him having a nasty attitude. He has been nasty to blacks, whites, Jews, Latinos, etc. This is the personality of a dictator with a bi-polar disorder. King Fenty should have never closed and privatized the D.C. Department of Mental Health and cut their budget tremendously. He himself seem to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown by his actions at some of the mayoral debates. A good example was the Ward 4 straw poll in which Channel 9 WUSA News reported his behavior on video seem to be losing control by yelling and screaming.

As I stated in an earlier comment, King Fenty need to attend a charm school to teach him about how to acquire social and interpersonal skills.
Hymesb, my wife and I have 3 adult sons. All are college graduates. My wife and I taught them about their history and what is like to be black in America and being pulled over by the police based on their skin color.

Do you have children or are you too busy being a gay bar kissing the ass of another man? If so, that's you business and I am not mad at you. Live your life and be happy, but stop kissing the ass of the King. Have a nice weekdend and remember to practice safe sex in the bars. LOL LOL

Native Washingtonian
Ward 4 Resident

Hymesb, my wife and I have 3 adult sons. All are college graduates. My wife and I taught them about their history, to show respect to their elders, and what it's like to be black in America and being pulled over by the police based on their skin color.

Do you have children or are you too busy being at a gay bar kissing the ass of another man? If so, that's your business and I am not mad at you. Live your life and be happy Hymesb, but stop kissing the ass of the King. Have a nice weekdend and remember to practice safe sex in the bath houses. LOL LOL

Native Washingtonian
Ward 4 Resident
I have lived my last 31 years in DC, but I was born in NYC, and lived in Sweden for 10 years before landing in this great city. And I happen to be a white, Ivy League, professional from Ward 3. So perhaps I am not a Washingtonian, but I intend to vote by the rules, and bring many like myself to the polls when early voting begins.

I don't know the mayor, but I have spoken to him a few times. Anyone who has had a substantive conversation with Fenty that I know comes away with the same opinion; Fenty is a JERK (and worse). Those who have posted differing opinions in this comment section are an enigma to us.

And if you are like me, and you view video of Ron Moten (Fenty's friend and convicted felon associate friend) and you still don't see the disconnection; then you can please leave on the same bus with Chancellor Rhee and the former mayor Fenty.
@1intheknow: I'm co-signing your comments. He truly demonstrated his lack of intelligence when he signed the budget, that saved DCPS jobs and scaled back summer school. When Rhee created the RIF, that was against what the mayor signed. Insubordination to the sky! What did he do? Babble more than usual on TV. He shoud have been on top of it, reprimanded her or fired her. I wonder if his image would be a teeny bit better if he had acted like a boss when it counted. Hundreds of jobs were lost because she was insubordinate and was too stupid to recognize it.


It is so sad that so many African-Americans are more focused on Fenty's personality and how much of a jerk he is. It is so sad that you're not looking at the job that he has done. He has continued the progress under Mayor Tony Williams to the present. Just look at the data, he has accomplished so much from new school construction and renovation to community centers and libraries. He is a visionary and forward thinking person who is bringing forth an exciting new streetcar program that will revitalize and connect neighborhoods and create jobs. The district's murder rate and crime rate is at record lows. The district is a much more exciting, safe, and bustling city to be proud of. Mayor Fenty is getting the job done. Why an earth would I want to stop his progress if he's getting the job done. His personality is not what's improving the city, it's his aggressive forward thinking management style that is making the city the envy of so many others. As an African-American I am ashamed of some of my black neighbors who are so focused on race and pettiness and who are so divisive in their language. This city is far better now than it was 10 years ago. Why do you think so many are trying to make it their home.
Mr. O
Wards 7 and 8. Stop being such complainers. Your beloved Marion Barry could not even accomplish in 10 years what Mayor Fenty accomplished in six months. At least this Mayor is radically changing DC for the better. Just look at a few of accomplishments below.

Wards 7 and 8 accomplishments under Fenty.

Ward 7
What Fenty Has Done
Benning Neighborhood Library
Delivered the Benning Neighborhood Library.

Sousa Middle School
Fully modernized Sousa Middle School, providing students with a 21st century learning environment.

Ray’s The Steaks
Provided funding for Ray’s The Steaks, Ward 7’s first fine dining restaurant.

Woodland Tigers
Built a premier football field at 800 Ridge Road SE, making a new home for the Woodland Tigers.

Eastern Avenue and Dix Streets
Broke ground on 56 units of affordable housing at Eastern Avenue and Dix Streets.

…and there’s more on the way
HD Woodson Senior High School
The new $89 million HD Woodson Senior High School is scheduled for completion in 2011.

Hayes Street apartment building
Will deliver 27 units of housing at a long-vacant Hayes Street apartment building.

Kenilworth Recreation Center
Will deliver the new Kenilworth Recreation Center.

Department of Employment Services Headquarters
Will complete the new Department of Employment Services headquarters building in 2011.

700 mixed-income housing units as part of the Capital Gateway development
made way for over 700 mixed-income housing units as part of the Capital Gateway development, which will include a new grocery store, by demolishing the long-vacant Capital View Plaza Towers. At Minnesota Avenue and Benning Road, will break ground in fall 2010 on the development of over 300 units of mixed-income housing as well as restaurant, retail, and community space. Deanwood Recreation Center : The $33 million new Deanwood recreation center, scheduled for completion in summer 2010, is the District’s largest recreation center.

Ward 8
What Fenty Has Done
Ballou Senior High School
Upgraded Ballou Senior High School’s library and gymnasium

Anacostia Gateway
Opened the Anacostia Gateway, which includes the Department of Housing and Community Development in historic Anacostia.

Henson Ridge.
Developed 68 affordable 3 and 4 bedroom town homes at Henson Ridge.

Parkland Turner and Anacostia Neighborhood Libraries
Built the new Parkland Turner and Anacostia Neighborhood Libraries

Opened Camp Simms
Opened Camp Simms, a retail development including a Giant, the first major grocery store to open East of the River in more than a decade, and an IHOP, Ward 8’s first sit-down restaurant.

Savoy Elementary School and Playground.
Completed the modernization of Savoy Elementary School and Playground.

IHOP, Ward 8’s first major sit-down restaurant
Provided funding for a new IHOP, Ward 8’s first major sit-down restaurant.

Yes! Organic Market at 2300 Pennsylvania
Created 115 units of affordable housing and 20,000 square feet of new retail, including a Yes! Organic Market at 2300 Pennsylvania Ave.

United Medical Center
Ensured that the United Medical Center, the only hospital East of the River, remained open while significantly improving its quality of care.

…and there’s more on the way
Anacostia High School, Ferebee-Hope Elementary, Moten-Wilkinson and Patterson Elementary Schools
Full modernizations of Anacostia High School, Ferebee-Hope Elementary, Moten-Wilkinson and Patterson Elementary Schools.

St Elizabeths Hospital campus
Redevelopment of St Elizabeths Hospital campus, a project slated to create over 16,000 construction jobs over the next six years.

Anacostia and Fort Stanton Recreation Centers
New playcourts and facilities upgrades at Anacostia and Fort Stanton Recreation Centers.

Bald Eagle Recreation Center
A new Bald Eagle Recreation Center, with an expanded boxing program and major facilities improvements.
I wouldn't vote for Vincent Gray because he tried to cut money from the streetcar plan that was proposed by Mayor Williams and that is becoming a reality with Fenty. I am amazed at all the accomplishments listed above from Ward 7,8. Go Mayor Fenty, you are truly the best man for the job, the best man for the city and definitely the best man for Southeast.
Southeast Rules.

Vincent Gray withheld funding for a PORTION of the streetcar project because it lacked the necessary planning justification that would threaten anticipated federal funding required for the project.

It turns out he was correct. He should NOT have moved forward. Since then, the application that the District Department of Transportation's Gabe Klein presented to the Federal Transit Administration for that 25 million in federal funding was REJECTED, because it lacked sufficient planning and did not involve sufficient local resources. The project depended on this funding, guess who has to pick up the slack (during a recession)? That's right, the local taxpayers.

Gray every step of the way, even as councilman from Ward 7, has voted to support this project. He, like Anthony Williams, is just conscientious about making sure that we have a viable means of getting projects completed with a solid plan and with the least fiscal burden on the citizens. That is called leadership. Alternatively, Fenty listens to nobody, plans for nothing, and uses the city's 'rainy day' fund to subsidize his budget overruns and pet projects, again, DURING A RECESSION.

No thank you. Without fiscal discipline, Fenty will point the city back down the road toward the Federal Control Board.
- Mr. O

The problem is, the city has not had the monies to produce the projects listed, so what did Fenty do? He raided the budget surplus left by Tony Williams so he could show "progress". The problem there is that now the city finances are teetering.

A prudent politician would have laid out a realistic construction timeline based on both need and funding.

Meanwhile, Fenty cronies have made off with millions of dollars.

Fenty claims he has a four year record to evaluate. If the budget is any indication, then we cannot afford another four of this joker.
B.F. raises a good point. What price have we paid for progress. will there be money to run all the new buildings that Williams planned and Fenty continued when we have to start repaying the reserves?
The mayor of the District of Columbia works for the citizenry, not the other way around. King Fenty needs to attend a charm school and learn social and interpersonal skills.

The mayoral race isn't about Marion Barry or the Sharon Pratt-Kelly administration. That was then, this is now (2010).

Mr. O, what do you have to say about your King Fenty associating and praising educated, articulate, and upstanding D.C. resident Mr. Ron Moten?

Do you think white D.C. voters are going to support King Fenty due to his association with Mr. Ron Moten and the GO GO events?

Mr. O, unfortunately King Fenty closed and privatized the D.C. Department of Mental Health and he decreased the mental health budget tremendously, but King Fenty found D.C. tax dollars to build dog parks and bike lanes. What do you have to say to this Hymesb? Stop kissing King Fenty’s ass all the time. Open your eyes by seeing, King Fenty is about to take the District back under a federal “Control Board”.

King Fenty will not get re-elected. I received a call yesterday from some marketing group asking me about who am I going to support for the D.C. mayoral race. Before the man could finish asking me a question, I yelled over the telephone, Vincent Gray is whom I’m going to vote for.

Vincent Gray looks like an alien. Look at his weird eyebrows. He reminds me of Spock of Star Trek. When asked what initiatives would he change from Fenty, all he could say is that he would be kinder and more respectful towards the constituents. Apparently, he doesn't have a problem with Fenty's initiatives. It's funny how some of y'all are complaining about Fenty building bike lanes and dog parks. What, black people prefer not to ride bicycles in bike lanes and I guess we black people prefer to take our dog to the streets to run around than to a neighborhood dog park. What is wrong with raising the quality of life of the residents of our city. If the residents in NorthWest request to have bike lanes putt in, then what's wrong with that? I love the idea of riding my bike with my daughter and wife in my own lane. All the Great American cities have bike lanes and dog parks. Yes, some of us would rather Mayor Fenty to increase the welfare benefits back to its previous levels for our Southeast neighbors rather than build dog parks. to be honest, I am very worried that if Gray wins, he's going to slow down progress because he's going to be so warm and friendly and cozy. I'm sure he will attempt to feel our pain. Please God I pray that Vincent Gray, the alien from Southeast will be defeated.
Hallelujah, Hallelujah.
It's interesting that in the article about the Mayor's "anger management" issue, the writer fails to get any input from Michelle Fenty on her spouse's physical abuse or anger issues. Why isn't Michelle showing up with the Mayor on his campaign forays in the city or why are't they [as the city's first family] no longer seeking photo ops with the President/First Lady? Where is Michelle? Many of the Mayor's neighbors and Ward 4 residents know. Why doesn't City Paper?
Wayne, how do you feel about King Fenty closing and privatizing the D.C. Department of Mental Health? This isn't about welfare or stereotyping all the residents of Southeast as being poor or on welfare. There are many middle class and educated blacks living in Southeast. I attended Wilson Senior High, Howard University, and Georgetown University with some residents from Southeast. All of Southeast Washington isn't ghetto and all the people there aren't "savages". There are a lot of poor people in upper Northwest in Wards 1, 2, and 4. Some might be on welfare or food stamps. With food prices being high and the economy being in the dump, I wish I could get food stamps. I don't have a problem with helping U.S. citizens in true need of help. Our U.S. government can send money to countries all over the world and help their citizens, but is it wrong to help poor senior citizens and others truly in need in the United States? I am not talking about women having babies by different men and will not look for employment. These type of residents shouldn't get help from the District Government. Our liberal D.C. Council and King Fenty supports illegal immigration and the District of Columbia is a sanctuary city to illegal aliens. The Justice Department need to overlook the September 14th, 2010 elections, because I am afraid, illegal aliens and non D.C. residents will be allowed to vote inorder to put King Fenty back into office.

Many people suffering from depression or some other type of mental health disorder cannot afford or get the help needed. Many HMO's have very limited mental health visits in their plans and some healthcare providers don't offer mental health visits in their plans. I would prefer my tax dollars go towards mental health than to go towards dog parks and bike lanes. Do you not think, human beings is more important than animals and bike lanes?

We are living in stressful times and maintaining good mental health is important. The former D.C. Council Chairman John Wilson committed suicide and he had suffered with depression for years. Looking at the behavior of several politicians and the King at the Wilson Building, some are showing signs of some type of mental health disorder. King Fenty is very insensitive to the issue of mental health and he refuses to discuss the issue of race or racism. In Fenty's world, he thinks racism doesn't exist, but he has divided the District by race and class with his racial politics.

To AndrewWard4, there's no evidence to the rumors about King Fenty's wife. Please let's keep King Fenty's wife Michelle Fenty and his children Andrew, and Matthew Fenty names out of this campaign. Let it be known, I have never fed into these alleged rumors about Fenty's personal life. This rumor has been an urban legend for the last 5 years or so. I only deal with King Fenty as being a corrupt, lying, arrogant, and vindictive politician. King Fenty is a jerk and worse.

I agree, there are some slanderous things being said about King Fenty's personal life and I stay away from them. I state facts or my opinion regarding King Fenty as being the mayor of the District of Columbia where I live, vote, and pay taxes. King Fenty is now reaping what he has sowed in life. His days are numbered in the Wilson Building. Good riddance to him!

Native Washingtonian
Ward 4 Voter

Yes!! Fenty is an ignorant absolute jerk.
If anyone thinks that the DC Mayor's dictatorial jerkism is harmless, please read my book "Arrested at City Hall." For a free download, please go to Thank you.
It is so sad that so many African-Americans are more focused on Fenty's personality and how much of a jerk he is. It is so sad that you're not looking at the job that he has done. He has continued the progress under Mayor Tony Williams to the present. Just look at the data, he has accomplished so much from new school construction and renovation to community centers and libraries. He is a visionary and forward thinking person who is bringing forth an exciting new streetcar program that will revitalize and connect neighborhoods and create jobs. The district's murder rate and crime rate is at record lows. The district is a much more exciting, safe, and bustling city to be proud of. Mayor Fenty is getting the job done. Why an earth would I want to stop his progress if he's getting the job done. His personality is not what's improving the city, it's his aggressive forward thinking management style that is making the city the envy of so many others. As an African-American I am ashamed of some of my black neighbors who are so focused on race and pettiness and who are so divisive in their language. This city is far better now than it was 10 years ago. Why do you think so many are trying to make it their home.
Mr. O
WARD4NDC Fenty only cut some money from the Department of Social Services to balance the budget just as he cut back on some previously planned dog parks and bike lanes to also balance the budget. We need to be fair here. In addition, WARD4NDC, I am also a resident of Ward 4 on 5th St. and I must say my ward just feel so much safer and cleaner and I know that you can not deny that. Aren't you afraid that Vincent Gray is going to slow down progress? Aren't you afraid that Gray is not going to fully fund the streetcar system? Look, let me be honest, Vincent Gray is from Southeast, they have a totally different kind of management style. Just look at former Mayor Marion Barry, scary. I just don't want my ward 4 to resemble Vincent Gray's Ward. It's a legitimate fear. Well, it's Sunday and I need to go to the church and pray for my mayor Adrian Fenty, because I believe in the power of prayer to stop the enemy who is trying to bring down our mayor. Folks, the enemy is real. Our heavenly father, please bless our mayor and curse the evildoers. Amen.
" Our heavenly father, please bless our mayor and curse the evildoers. Amen."

I will go to church today and pray for YOU. Clearly you don't know that God tends to bless people in proportion to how they have asked him to bless people, even the ones you consider "the evildoers." I hope your church reads Proverbs 26 and 1 John 4 today. Clearly you have not been covering that on your own.

Regardless of who wins, progress is gonna have to slow down because we are running out of funds. We have close to a billion dollars that has to be paid back. Those rec centers look great now. But where is the money gonna come from to keep them up?

A message to our southeast brethrens. We all can learn from the many immigrants who immigrate to our country from Third World nations in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and South America. Many of these immigrants come with nothing except for the desire to be successful. Although these immigrants are lacking citizenship and the basic opportunities that the average Americans have, these immigrants are able to stand up on their feet much faster than our southeast brethren's. They are able to earn degrees and a career. On the other hand our southeast brethrens are complainers. Here they are citizens of our great country with all the opportunities bestowed to them, much more than the new immigrants and yet many of them are still on welfare, unemployed, and begging for handouts. Even illegal immigrants are working harder than many of our southeast brethren's. The point of all this, is that Fenty is trying to push us to stand on our feet while Vincent Gray will give you all the social services and welfare benefits to satisfy your cravings. God bless our beloved mayor Fenty to save our southeast complainers from themselves.
Wayne, please put the "crack" pipe down. I don't think King Fenty attends any church and it's alleged, King Fenty doesn't believe in God. So why would you pray for someone who doesn't share your religious beliefs? Tell me what church does King Fenty attend or is a member of? Most black politicians are members of a church.

On the issue if illegal immigrants, many of the Central Americans here in Washington from El Salvador are illiterate in their native Spanish and they live in poverty. El Salvador is a very poor country and one of he most violent countries in Central America. El Salvador and Mexico has imported their poverty into the United States along with MS 13 gangs and other criminals.

King Fenty had nothing to do with crime being down. According to FBI statistics, crime is down all over the country. I monitor the 4th District list serve daily and we had a homicide in Ward 4 on yesterday. 4D units received a call for a sounds of gunshots in the area of 9th and Buchanan Sts NW. A male shooting victim was located by officers at Kansas Ave and Sherman Circle. The victim is deceased. This case is being investigated by the Homicide Unit. Anyone with information is asked to call 1-800-919-CRIM(E). The victim is a white male. Robberies, theft from autos, and assaults are up in the District of Columbia.

Wayne you are full of Do Do with your racist views of stereotyping all blacks in Southeast D.C. I doubt if you are truly a black man, if so, please seek some mental health counseling. You have some internal issues within yourself to whom and what you are. As most D.C. residents see it, King Fenty has help to divided the District by race and class. I am so glad the citizenry is catching on to King Fenty's trickery and his con game. His association with Ron Moten is enough to turn of black, white, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Cuban, West Indian, Jewish, and Asian voters.

Mayor Adrian Fenty, late in tough reelection campaign, tries to make amends

WARD4NDC that was really a low blow. I think you have crossed the line and I do expect an apology. I am an African-American of Caribbean descent. This country is where the opportunities are. I came to this country along with many immigrants for the opportunities that this country has. I just cannot understand how some of our people who are born here, who are citizens, but Have yet to see the light and jump on the bandwagon.
I have one question for you. Can you please tell me how on earth has Mayor Fenty divided our great city by class and race? I would really love to know because the only people that I hear talking about race and class are African-Americans and Vincent Gray. You know, I bet that if it was Marion Barry running against Fenty, many of y'all would rather vote for Barry because y'all are afraid of progress and afraid of Caucasians moving into the city, and you're afraid of bike lanes and dog parks. You are just afraid of change. I bet that you have a negative response when you see white people walking on U street. You know it's true. At one time there were so many people were moving out of our city. Not only white flight, but also black flight. This city is not only your city, it's not chocolate city, it is a city for everybody. Vince Gray represents everything this city should stay away from. He represents the past holding hands with Marion Barry. It is so disturbing that people like you are questioning the need for better parks, dog parks, bike lanes. WARD4NDC you are just so damn afraid. Oh by the way give Barry a shout out for me.
Wayne, I see you are truly off your medication and I had to think twice in reference to responding to your asinine remark. As I stated earlier, this race isn't about Marion Barry or the past. Unfortunately, fools like yourself are living in the past, not the present. Why don't you return to your native island and help your corrupt government make a better life for your fellow countrymen and women? You never answered my question, do you not support healthy mental health for District citizens? The D.C. Department of Mental Health falls under the Department of Health, not Human Services. Once again, you are one uninformed idiot on who's who within the District Government. You are correct, I could give a shit about dog parks or bike lanes at the risk of human beings not get appropriate mental health services. You know nothing about me or my ancestry in this country. I also have an white ancestry too (Irish), thanks to slavery in the United States.

Once again, you tapped dance around or you didn't answer my question in reference to King Fenty. What church does King Fenty attend or is a member? As I stated, it's been alleged, King Fenty is an atheist. I am not afraid of the so called change you make reference to. I am concern about racist attitudes of some during this election or new residents that has moved into the District. Racism is and always will be embedded in America and in the minds of some. When have you heard King Fenty knowledge, he's a black man? When have you heard King Fenty discuss the issue of race, black on black crime, and the high unemployment rate of black male citizens living in the District?

On the issue of illegal immigration, I don't support illegal immigration. All illegals should be deported back to their native countries. I support legal immigration, not illegal immigration. The United States is becoming a third world nation. We cannot be the welfare country of the world and take in other countries poorest citizens. The U.S. economy is almost in the toilet and many U.S. citizens around the nation is unemployed. A good example is Haiti. The U.S. government has poured millions of dollars into this corrupt nation and it's still one of the poorest nations in the western hemisphere. Wayne, I am sure if I entered your native country illegally, I would not be welcome there. I would be deported once I'm found to be illegally in your country. Illegal aliens and "non citizens" shouldn't be allowed to vote in the September 14, 2010 election. Black U.S. citizens are hurt the most by the influx of illegal aliens into the United States and into our neighborhoods. Many Salvadorans and Mexicans had racist views of blacks before coming to the U.S. according to a study taken in 2006 at Duke University and UNC at Chapel Hill.

All Hispanics are not criminals or illegal aliens. Many are productive United States citizens. It is wrong for Latinos/Hispanics "NOT" to be against illegal immigration, cracking down on illegal aliens, and enforcing our immigration laws. If these were millions of blacks or whites coming from the Caribbean, Africa, or Europe, the majority of Hispanics would be for enforcing immigration laws.

I am a black citizen with over 400 years of ancestry traced back to slavery in South Carolina. If these were millions of black Africans or black Caribbeans who broke U.S. laws by crossing our porous borders, I would want their behinds deported and U.S. immigration laws enforced. I am a citizen of the United States of America, not some foreign country on the continent of Africa or in the Caribbean.

Native Washingtonian
Born In Freedman's Hospital, now Howard University Hospital
I think Mayor Fenty has done a great job, with city council members who fought him from day one and a chairman who started running for mayor from day one instead of doing his elected job. Fenty made the tough decisions to close schools and fire staff that were not needed or up to par, Gray wanted Fenty to come and ask him first, why? Gray wanted to take control from the Mayor on schools and give it back to the school board, why? All Gray can do is TRY to make himself and his ego look good. Gray grilled Michelle Rhee at hearings just to make himself look relevant. Gray also let the city council not vote on Fenty appointees or worse grill them at confirmation hearings as if the nominee was up for a murder trial, very unprofessional.

The economy is expected to be bad for the next 5 years and you need someone in charge who actually cares about the city, will do the most with funds are available, make intelligent choices and will get things done including necessary cuts in budgets to move forward. The city council members who support Gray intend to manipulate him and run the city their way, which will only be good for council members egos and their wards. Gray is vindictive, spiteful unable to come up with an orginal idea. Of course Gray does not need an original idea as he intends to let the city council run him around like a dog on a leash.

It is never a good idea to vote against someone unless you are getting something better, Gray is not the man.
I think Mayor Fenty has done a great job, with city council members who fought him from day one and a chairman who started running for mayor from day one instead of doing his elected job. Fenty made the tough decisions to close schools and fire staff that were not needed or up to par, Gray wanted Fenty to come and ask him first, why? Gray wanted to take control from the Mayor on schools and give it back to the school board, why? All Gray can do is TRY to make himself and his ego look good. Gray grilled Michelle Rhee at hearings just to make himself look relevant. Gray also let the city council not vote on Fenty appointees or worse grill them at confirmation hearings as if the nominee was up for a murder trial, very unprofessional.

The economy is expected to be bad for the next 5 years and you need someone in charge who actually cares about the city, will do the most with funds are available, make intelligent choices and will get things done including necessary cuts in budgets to move forward. The city council members who support Gray intend to manipulate him and run the city their way, which will only be good for council members egos and their wards. Gray is vindictive, spiteful unable to come up with an orginal idea. Of course Gray does not need an original idea as he intends to let the city council run him around like a dog on a leash.

It is never a good idea to vote against someone unless you are getting something better, Gray is not the man.
Mr. O, as an African-American, it's a shame you feel as if you need to barometer on the things we, as voters, should and shouldn't look for in an elected official.

In politics, you get to based vote on whatever factors you choose.

For some, the number of bike lanes, trolley cars, and dog parks are the basis.

For others, social services are important.

Then there are those who object to certain styles of leadership. Ever heard of an effective asshole of boss you wish could be fired. Well, take out some of the “effective” and you have Fenty. You don’t get to decide what sort of personality I think my elected official should have. And I don’t care if you are black, white or blue with zebra stripes.


Oh really? So the reason that Gray voted to give Fenty reign over the schools is because he [Gray] had a secret plan to then give it back to the school board? Now repeat that and ask yourself how much sense you're making with these Obama is a Muslim-like claims. It's just silly.

Like Obama, you don't know what you are getting with Gray, but most of us are willing to go with our guts and follow the anti-Bush vote in 2008 to get Fenty and his disiveness OUT OF WASHINGTON!
I remember hearing similar name calling in the student body election campaigns at my elementary school. If Gray supporters' best tactic is to call Fenty a jerk, that concerns me.

Similarly I was quite concerned a few months ago when the Post reported on Gray's last-minute backroom dealings with the budget that nixed funding for the H Street trolley car line. To me that misstep crystallizes the Gray's image as tired politician

Frankly, I don't care how the job gets done. I want it done. And Fenty gets the job done. I think his real estate background will really benefit the District in the long run. Sure the markets are down now, but it rebounds, the District will possess a very lucrative real estate portfolio. Money from those investments will allow us to fund other programs and projects so all citizens reap some benefit.

What exactly is Vincent Gray going to do "better"?

By the way, the Phil Mendelson who disses the Mayor's politics in the lead quote is the same Phil Mendelson who chaired the Judiciary Committee and passed a crime bill -- minus the minimum sentencing laws for gun possession, which then-Mayor Anthony Williams had proposed. (Source: Basically, I'm saying Mendelson -- of McLean Gardens -- is the d-bag to blame for the SE massacre and other gun-related deaths in the District since 2006.

Furthermore, I don't really want the masses getting involved with the decision-making of our city. The masses are asses! What a coincidence anytime I read a dissenting opinion of Fenty or Rhee, it's fraught with grammatical errors and misspellings.
SEis4ME You have it wrong. Gray may have voted for the Mayor to take control of the school system. Then when Fenty and Rhee were making progress and getting great reviews for reshaping the system, THEN Gray was quoted saying he thought the School Board should have more control and say on the reshaping of the school system. It was clearly Gray trying to stop Fenty and get himself some visability with his great idea. The School Board who have been unable to do their oversight job for years and years. Fortunately, no one listened to Gray and his leadership was ignored.
WARD4DC, I accept your apology, thanks.
Let me address your numerous questions. Of coarse I support healthy mental health for District citizens. The District of Columbia provides a lot of money to the DC Department of mental health, more than most cities of its size. Far more than the city of Baltimore. Yes, unfortunately some money was cut from the program after a nationwide and global recession. The worst recession since the great depression. The fact of the matter is every state and every major city had to make difficult cuts.

I have not returned to live in my native country because this is my home. Just like you, I am a citizen. I came here because of the tremendous amount of opportunities that this great country has for its citizens. It's a shame that more District residents have not jumped for the many opportunities.
In response to your question about Fenty not attending church. I don't care whether Fenty attends church or not. Attending church has nothing to do with how one governs a city. That is his own private life, all I care about is the management of the city and if he’s getting the job done.
You stated that, you are “concerned about racist attitudes of some during this election or new residents that has moved into the District" my response is that the only people that I hear displaying racist attitudes are African-Americans. For one, you are certainly not very welcoming to our new residents of the District. The new residents are coming here because DC is a great place to live. It's a clean, safe, bustling city that provides a wonderful quality of life with numerous parks, nightlife, museums, and a terrific public transportation system. People like you are disturbed by new residents to the city because you don't like the change you see. Apparently the change has a certain complexion to it. You see it as a threat. You are viewing people through racial lends and not as human beings. You stated, "when have you heard King Fenty knowledge, he's a black man?" That is so stupid, the dumbest comment I've heard yet. Why does a grown adult professional man who happens to be our mayor need to tell you that he's a black man. What does being a black man have to do with running our great city. As you can see, you are the one bringing up race. What if white councilman Graham was acknowledging that he is a white man, would that really make a difference?

You stated, “When have you heard King Fenty discuss the issue of race, black on black crime, and the high unemployment rate of black male citizens living in the District?” Fenty has addressed this. Why do you think he's trying to raise the standards of our education. He hired Michelle Rhee to aggressively transform our school system from a failing one to one that will adequately educate all of our children so that they may become successful citizens, therefore avoid becoming a statistic such as black on black crime, high unemployment. Education is the answer my son. Look at Marion Barry, did he stop black on black crime, unemployment, the public schools?
With more residents moving to the District leads to more jobs for District residents. As a result of the increase in population, there are more restaurants, more health clubs, more nightclubs, more upscale groceries, more banks, more Starbucks, etc. etc. which means more jobs for DC residents.

WARD4DC if you entered my native country illegally, you will be welcomed. Why? Because you're an American. They see you as an opportunity, that you will take your American wealth and bless their country through tourism.

Perhaps you are ready to answer my question. How has Mayor Fenty divided our great city by class and race?
SEis4ME I love your comment about the effective asshole. That was a good analogy. Fortunately, I believe Mayor Fenty is quite effective. I don't hear people complaining about his effectiveness. I just hear them complaining about his personality and whether he's a jerk which I can probably agree with. As long as I don't have to deal with him on a day-to-day basis in the office, then I'm okay with him as mayor

Stop picking on Wayne. He's made some legitimate points.

you have made some excellent arguments.

You realize that Fenty has been a horrible steward of the city finances, no? remember that budget surplus that Williams left? It is essentially gone.

Deficit spending is no way to manage a city or budget. We cannot afford 4 more years of Fenty-nomics.
@Ward4too (comment #66):"...The park contracts, weren't those approved under the oversight of the council?..."

That's a big, resounding, "NO!" It is a fact that the DC Council chided Mayor Fenty for doing an endrun around Council approval to get things done for the sake of so-called expediency. The only thing requiring expediency was putting DC gov't funds in his frat brothers' pockets, before he could get caught.
DC Guy: Fenty puts together a budget, then it goes to the City Council that add in all THEIR special projects and want to cut nothing out of the budget. Then the two groups compromise on a budget, so let's spread the blame on spending and include the City Council. This last go round it got so bad that Jack Evans refused to vote for the budget as he could not get the City Council to make further cuts in spending thus the dip into the reserves. If the City Council listened to the Mayor we would all be better off. This particular City Council, many of them are new and irresponsible, and some looking at re-election bids added extras for their ward. Several of the irresponsible should not be re-elected this year.
@N.Daley (comment #86): "Yes! Organic Market at 2300 Pennsylvania
Created 115 units of affordable housing"

Are you seriously touting this as a Fenty accomplishment? These units are "affordable" if your household earns the median income for this area...which WAS $78,000 in 2000. They're "affordable" if you have a housing choice voucher (formerly section 8); and if you haven't spent years on the waiting list, don't delude yourself into thinking you will get an application now. It's "affordable" if you're single with no dependents (more complaints about tax $s for failing schools) and earn a living wage; not too many households in Ward 7 are producing living wage-scale income.
amamimus001 you fail to realize that for years grocery stores and new upscale developments like the apartment building mentioned above were either avoiding Southeast or were closing their stores altogether. Opening up an organic grocery store and a brand-new high-rise attractive apartment building in southeast is a major accomplishment. This is progress. Trust me, that building will be filled with new tenants in no time. Why?, because we have a lot of high income earners this region. Please, don't be blinded by the fluff. Finally, people in southeast can purchase organic groceries in their own neighborhood.

DC Guy
budget surpluses from cities across the nation are mostly gone. Not just DC.
DC Guy. I believe it is unfair for you to say that we cannot afford four more years of Mayor Fenty because of a budget deficit when most of the major cities and states across the country are in record budget deficits caused by the worst recession since the great depression. The good news is that our deficit is small compared to other cities. When you weigh the negatives and positives, the positives outweigh the negatives tenfolds.
@N.Daley: I fail to realize nothing. Someone promised Yes! Organic that the tenants would be able to afford their overpriced organic goods. The base rent for a studio apt is indicative of who's supposed to live in those luxury units. Like I wrote, "affordable" those units are not. Just like statistics, you can play with semantics and make anything look/sound the way you want it to look/sound to your intended audience.

Fenty could have made some of those units "affordable" for several of the families who have been turned away from overcrowded, DC shelters. That kind of accomplishment would certainly put the Mayor in a more generous light. Instead, he tried to fund the SYEP 2010 budget with TANF money that was set aside for the homeless programs. WTH?

I fail to realize why Mayor Fenty wasn't recalled when the Parks and Recreation contract shenanigans came to light. I fail to realize why people cannot find a better candidate than either Fenty or Gray. I fail to realize why people think that sweeping working poor and lowEST-income DC residents, further to the fringes, is considered progress.

I'm just saying...
amamimus001 the developer of this project did not come all the way to Southeast just build apartments for the poor. Southeast has very few luxury dwellings for those who want it. Yes, some prices were reduced to a more affordable level. There are many apartment buildings throughout Southeast that are section 8 or low income. Southeast is really hungry for something upscale. I can probably count on one hand the amount of luxury dwellings. If this grocery store and apartment complex had not arrived in Southeast, I bet you'd be the first to complain about how so little developments are occurring in Southeast. I strongly believe that you should be grateful and give the Mayor credit. Think about the jobs that were created in building this project and providing employment at the grocery store. Some of us are so ungrateful. You may not shop there, but I have and I found the food and produce to be fresh and tasty along with the crowds of people who shop there on a daily basis. Unlike you, some of us are grateful that we finally have an organic grocery store in our backyard. The first and only one in Southeast. Finally, a businessman took a chance on us.
Nikki Sixx
Well done. I really like your argument and especially the point you made about the misspellings and grammatical errors. That was really funny.
The most amusing thing about the mayoral election of 2010 is watching Mayor Fenty attempt to arouse support from the same people he has shunned the last 3 1/2 years. I do not like Mayor Fenty and am surprised he is in such a tight mayoral race considering he won every precinct in 2006. I remember watching Fenty walk through Lincoln Heights and the Children and the seniors were so proud that this attractive, articulate man was running for Mayor. It was surreal! The neighborhood came out that Saturday and walked with Fenty like he was the pied piper. Lincoln Heights is one of the poorest sections of the nation's capitol, but residents of Lincoln Heights had hope that this young man would make our city proud. See, when you live in neighborhoods that are always underserved, you don't expect much, but you support empty promises because a man is articulate, smart and he will make African-Americans proud! What happened to the man that walked through Lincoln Heights that day. Why is he in a tightly contested mayoral race that one year ago resembled a second landslide victory? Well, Mayor Fenty appears to suffer from HUBRIS, excessive self-pride that leads to one's downfall. All anti-heroes in Greek tragedies suffered from the same malady. Long suffering Odysseus and the great Achilles downfalls were similar, but they never groveled and pandered when circumstances did not go their way. Mayor Fenty has alienated the exact same people that voted for him in 06. Now, he has reinvented himself to be a listener. Give me a break! You see it is not just about redevelopment. Anybody can build things....Take Skinner and Karim for example, they had no experience, however they brokered like middlemen and completed the job. The nation's capitol will survive cronyism and corruption, but true Washingtonians despise a disrespectful anything. Mayor Fenty has become his own worst enemy and many people that voted for him in 06 cannot wait to cast a vote against him! No mayor should forget that his is a servant of the people! Mayor Fenty did and now he is in the run for his life! What's interesting is that Fenty is truly hated in many city corridors. What did you do Mayor Fenty to have an almost Obama-like hold on all of Washington D.C. and four years later, you have to have paid campaigners to stump for you. Maybe, your brother would be a better mayor...Sean seems to understand it doesn't take much to just say Hi.
@md harris

I hate you, because you write so well, so articulate and you have begun to make me question my support. Damn you. Now I'm on the fence again. I need someone out there to respond with a strong counterargument to help me get back on track. Help me yall, I'm starting to drift towards g r a y y y.

I am here to the rescue. As Obama would say, "it's all a distraction". Yes the Gray camp is just trying to distract us from progress. Vincent gray is the past who happens to have a huge enormous endorsement from former Mayor Marion Barry. Now that's scary. 0 By the Way did I tell you that gray and Barry our neighbors. They just live a couple blocks from each other. Whereas Adrian Fenty is of the future. He has brought so many jobs, corporations, and all kinds of development throughout the city. Remember when Marion Barry was Mayor, his only accomplishment was the Reeves Center. Adrian Fenty has accomplished 10 times more than what Vincent gray and his buddy Marion has ever accomplished. Just look at the stats. It's absolutely amazing. Lastly, Mayor Fenty has the endorsement of former Mayor Anthony Williams, the one who turned around the city from the brinks. I hope this helps.
thanks, but I'm still on the fence here. I need something more convincing. I'm actually registered as an independent and I just learned that I may not even be allowed to vote because this is the Democratic primary and only Democrats can vote. I did hear one good news however, that Mayor Adrian Fenty is going to the elections board to try to allow independent voters and Republicans to be allowed to vote. I believe this a good idea because it allows for more people the opportunity to vote. I've never heard of a Republican candidate running for Mayor or any other elected positions, well except for Carol Schwartz.

I'm still on the fence and need someone out there in Lala land to convince me who to vote for. I hear so much about how Fenty is a jerk, he is rude and corrupt. On the other hand I hear how Vincent gray is going to slow down progress because he's from a part of the city that has a different kind of politics and that he's against the streetcar plan and bike lanes.
Wayne, please do a better job w/the facts.

I agree, like Fenty, Gray has received the endorsement of Marion Barry. What about that bothers you? What's "scary" about a black former mayor endorsing another brother? Why does that bother you so? You think he's gonna give Barry special contracts for his friends?

Last I checked, Marion Barry lives in Ward 8, 5 minutes from Barry Farms. Gray lives in Ward 7, Hillcrest, near the DC/PG line. Driving, they are about 15 minutes a part. Now unless you are speaking NY blocks, or rural Picayune, MS blocks, how does it take 15 minutes to travel two blocks?

Please tell me what jobs and businesses Fenty has brought to the city. That's not to suggest that he hasn't because I'm sure he has. But which in particular are you referring to? Desparately, you want to make this about Marion Barry and decided to write about the difference between him and Fenty. What you don't seem to realize is that there was another mayor who preceded Fenty, Anthony Williams. Outside of the schools, much of the development you see is a direct result of his efforts.

As mayor, I would hope that he/she would accomplish 30x's more things than a city council chairman. He is, you know, like Mayor. Should Nancy Pelosi accomplish more than the POTUS?


fenty is a jerk. and he hit on my ex-girlfriend. for realz.
Bye bye Mayor Fenty. This black Puerto Rican D.C. voter will not be voting for you. Mayor Fenty, you have turned out to be an jerk and loser. Do you have any feelings for your fellow human beings or do you only care about you inner circle of wealthy friends/supporters like Bill Lightfoot? I am speechless on the subject of Ron Moten. I don't understand why the mayor would want to partner up with Ron Moten. Ron Moten is helping to destroy Mayor Fenty's re-election. I watched the video and I couldn't believe what I saw on it. LOL

I truly wish you well Mayor Fenty after you leave office. We just don't want to see you again in our neighborhoods.

Brightwood Resident
1977 Howard University Graduate
Ward 4 D.C.

Calling all Sorors to the floor. (DST)

Mayor Adrian Fenty refused to meet with our Soror, the late 98 year old legendary Dr. Dorothy Height. She's was the Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, the largest civil rights organization in the USA. She was an honored guest and seated among the dignitaries at the inauguration of President Barack Obama on January 20, 2009. Dr. Height was a former national 14th President of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

It's time for Mayor Adrian M. Fenty to go. Fenty showed disrespect to Soror Dr. Dorothy Irene Height by refusing to meet with her twice. Fenty's disrepect to our Soror was a slap in the face to the black community. Many members in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and the National Council of Negro Women are registered to vote in the District of Columbia and they will never forget Fenty's actions.

Rest in peace Soror Dr. Dorothy Height; your work is done on this earth.
I love you Mayor Fenty
TO: Post #129

You are not me and you are an idiot. I don't love King Fenty and his days are numbered in his kingdom (Wilson Building).
Can someone post the link to the video of Ron Moten that has been referenced in the comments above? It was painful and hilarious watching Sinclair Skinner's testimony before the DC Council.
I've been visiting DC for 20 years and a (non-citizen) legal resident for the past 5. Plain and simple, Gray comes across as a wanker. I've heard little of his policies and plenty of examples of the "I'm a down homie" speak. Excuse me while I vomit. Please answer me ONE question Gray: What EXACTLY are you going to do to make the district improve at the rate it did under Fenty? When I arrived in DC many parts of the district looked like a bomb had hit it. Simply, an embarrassment for the capital city of the most powerful nation on earth. Under Fenty's reign it has gotten a LOT better. While Fenty is maybe not a likable guy, he's overseen a period, kicked off by Mayor Williams, where this city has turned around at an almost unprecedented rate. Changing leaders, simply because you don't like the guy, is always the wrong reason.

As for the Michelle Rhee debate - I couldn't care less if she is a b****. I couldn't care less if she "only taught for two years" as some say. You don't need experience to be effective, you need a brain and balls. To her credit, she has both. To really instill change in deeply rooted dysfunction, you have to shock people. My American wife puts it succinctly; "I went to those 'ghetto' schools and you know what? A lot of those teachers need to be fired". Any conversations discussing Rhee's tenure that angle toward her personality and lack of experience are a meaningless waste of time. Let's discuss the decrepit system that allows shoddy teachers and fails generations and generations of kids that she's dealing with.

It doesn't matter if Fenty screams at his staff, doesn't go to church, acknowledges his race (whatever that means), does "shady" back room deals, provides jobs for his buddies and so on. All that matters is DC gets better under his watch, and it has.

PS: So, is true that Gray has the support of the (alleged) ex-crack addict and oft-believed-to-be-worst mayor in DC history, Marion Barry? Vote wisely people.
The Ozzinator

That was one powerful and to the point letter that you wrote above. Thank you for clarity and knowledge of what has been going on in DC over the past 20 years. This is truly a wake-up call for those who want to go backwards and those who want to go forward. Your comments has been the best yet. Thank you
I went to vote early this morning at the Board of Elections. I didn't have to wait too long before they called my number. As I was standing there, in walks Ron Moten with a senior citizen. Ron Moten stood next to me. This guy is just street trash.

I don't trust any of the other voting places. I wanted to go directly down to the Board of Elections to make sure my vote was counted and I used paper to vote. They asked for my D.C. Driver's License and they scanned the code on the back of it. I officially vote for Vincent Gray.

Early D.C. Ward 4 Voter
I am so sorry to hear about your vote. I tried my best to convince you but you would not listen. If things get worse six months to a year from now, I will certainly hold you partly responsible. I too will be transporting my family and relatives for early voting and we are all standing firmly with our Mayor.
Wayne: Don't fool yourself. Adrian Fenty still rides the coattails of Mayor Anthony Williams. He hasn't one original idea. He is a lack-luster attorney who has been sanctioned by the D.C. Bar Association for stealing. He was handed a billion dollar surplus and now we find our bond ratings threatened because of his deficit spending on such luxuries as dog parks and bike lanes all while his agencies overspend their budget. School improvement has come as a result of the labor of DOCTOR Clifford Janey. It is the fruit of his labor that is producing today's DCPS improvements. Chancellor Rhee has done nothing more than come in and wrap herself in the garment of progress and make a mockery of the instructors that produced those changes. She claims to represent the children but promises to abandon them in the event Vincent Gray wins.

I am certainly glad that the MAJORITY of the residents of the District aren't drinking the kool aid that the Mayor is pouring.

Be angry but don't be deluded. It isn't very attractive.
DCDem. Alexander Flemming discovered penicillin and Howard Florey isolated it, but it doesn't diminish the work of doctors and nurses who administered it to sick patients just because someone else performed the groundwork. Rhee may be continuing the work someone else started, but it doesn't diminish the fact she had the guts to get in there and shake things up and things continue to improve. Besides it seems funny how Janey can't get his contract renewed because of performance issues in NJ.

I'm curious why you're spanking Rhee for 'abandoning the kids' when Gray won't even say whether he'll keep her on or not? Would anyone honestly be silly enough to vote for Vincent "I'm not telling you my policy on education" Gray? Just a minor issue that. I generally only vote for those with the gumption to actually tell me what they are going to do before I vote for them. You don't tell me what you are going to do, I don't vote for you, plain and simple.

Saying the Fenty's financial management is poor might be true, but it's kind of hard to separate what was badly done vs what was economy driven. Tons of cities have bond ratings in the toilet right now so DC is in good company.

As an aside - It seems odd we don't have a better caliber of leader lining up to take the reins of this city doesn't it?

I had to share this comment posted on the Washington Post blog. This person says it best to discribe King Fenty.

debra21756JCG wrote:
Michelle Fenty please do not cry anymore in front of DC media on Adrian Fenty’s behalf as reported you did today September 1, 2010 following the W.Post sponsored debate. Adrian Fenty isn’t worth your tears nor DC residents even remotely considering giving your monster husband another chance as mayor as he asked us to do today. Adrian Fenty will soundly and rightfully lose his mayoral post and paycheck, which he thoroughly deserves and way more. Michelle Fenty dry your tears, woman-up, get back to work as the confident top lawyer people have read that you are, financially support your three children, and remember the personal tears and embarrasment Adrian Fenty caused you way before and during his term as mayor. Also know and remember as well the fact that Adrian Fenty is responsible for rampant illegal job terminations, harassment, intimidation, pain, and ruined lives of far too many African American DC residents. DC voters will most definitely kick him out of office come September 14, 2010, which isn’t fast enough for many including myself. Also know this. Adrian Fenty getting kicked out of office will unfortunately not actually make up for all of the harm he has caused so many people including you. He deserves not only the political backlash retribution he is now experiencing, but as well deserves criminal prosecution for corrupt and illegal actions. It is now Adrian Fenty’s turn to suffer, cry, and hopefully pay dearly in every conceivable and extremely painful way for all of the rotten things he, his cabinet members, and powerful supporters have done to people. And, may Adrian Fenty and his minions all pay dearly for a tremendously long time in this life and beyond. Michelle Fenty face reality, dry your tears, and woman-up doing what you know is best for yourself and your children. DC residents know your husband is not right for the District of Columbia as its mayor. Whether he continues to be right for you as a husband and father to your children all of you together in one household given given his personal physical attacks against you talked about all over town for some time is clearly a decision you will indeed have to personally make. The vast majority of DC residents have already made their 2010 decision about your husband. Get over it and get on with your life.
Wayne, I am glad King Fenty is your mayor because he's not mine. Come January, 2011, he will not be your's either. LOL
This is a message to all Fenty supporters. If Fenty were to lose the Democratic primary election on September 14, we all should come together to encourage Fenty to run as an Independent for the November general election. This will enable the mayoral election to be decided by the entire city and not just the Democrats. The city is known for having a large population of registered independents after the Democrats and a much smaller Republican minority. If Fenty were to get enough independent votes and Republican votes, it could be enough to tilt the pendulum our way, leading to a big victory for him come November. Fenty has expressed that he would not run as an independent during an interview with the Washington Post, however he can still change his mind and I hope he does so. What y'all think?
It's not over yet my brother. Ever heard of the comeback kid?, I think Michelle Fenty may be the key in leading Fenty to success. Last night, she was just so beautiful, classic emotional, intelligent and genuine in her responses to the mistreatments of the Mayor by some zealous fanatics. I think this could be a turning point.
How could anyone in their right mind vote for FENTY....he now has the city in a financial bind..... what has happened to the reserve money left over from the
Williams administration......we are in a real deficit...(though nothing is being said about that). Those of you who voted for Fenty the first time should realize that he is not a good manager of money. Look what he did to the Wm Hardy family... when Mr. Hardy's account showed up with missing funds.... Mr.
Fenty paid it back although he didnot take it....HA!

Do we need anymore 40,000 dollar dog parks... when we donot have sufficient housing for residents of the District of Columbia, including the homeless.
Franklin School sits idle and boarded up because you have not given the deal yet to one of your cronies to remodel and sell as condos. Makes no sense....winter is fast approaching and that building could have been remodeled as a class-one shelter for the homeless. Let us hope and pray that we will not be duped... oh yea,,
Does anyone know whether there is any truth to theDirector of DDOt being the owner of Zip Cars? and why does the Director of Communications take the government car home?
It seems like you're just searching for any and everything negative about the current administration. If you search hard enough you can find negative things about any politician. The idea of turning the beautiful Franklin school into a homeless shelter is preposterous. That beautiful historic building to be used in such a manner is a very poor decision. What these homeless people need is mental health services, not the Franklin school, perhaps a shelter in Vincent Gray's district.
Homeless people are human too. Have you noticed that housing in limited and when the Franklin Building was closed they were left to fin for themselves in the street. Sure you can build Condos galore... as you notice a lot of them remain empty.How about building more shelters (then... in all of the WARDs for the homeless. I am not speaking negative about the current administration, but the truth is the light and people donot want to accept it. Perhaps the current administration should provide
"good health services" for the homeless. shelter in your District.

Sorry you did not like the above comments... and I am sure that MR.VICENT GRAY
would provide for the downtrotten and homeless.

Wayne is another fool kissing King Fenty's ass! The majority of the black popoulation in D.C. hate Adrian's guts and want to see him banished from his kingdom (Wilson Building) on September 14th. QBC;4U, please ignore Wayne, he's not from the United States and he has no history in this country. I agree, human life is more important than dog parks and bike lanes. I too have my doubts about Gage Klein as the DDOT and his qualifications. The chickens have come home to roost for Adrian Fenty. Michelle Fenty fake tears will not fool people into voting for Adrian. Not only is Adrian Fenty heartless, he's godless too. Once Adrian leaves office, I will curse him out and tell him where to go.
Fenty vetoed the bill that would have aligned local election laws with those of federal elections. Perhaps, because of his intent to use such tactics to get votes. Unfortunately for him, because there is a federal initiative on the ballot, all candidates are subject to federal law.

What needs to happen is a sting operation to catch the campaign red handed so as to hand to the U.S. Attorney's office evidence that is prosecutable.

Fenty is at a brand new low.

The telephone number for the White House comment Line is 202-456-1111. Eventually you can speak with a live person, if you wish. I let the volunteer know I supported President Obama in both the primary and general election when he ran for office. I then let the volunteer know that Baby-Fenty is a nasty, corrupt, egomaniac bully; and that President Obama should not endorse baby-fenty, because Baby-Fenty is going to lose. I cautioned the volunteer that the President won't want the press next week saying that the President had endorsed another loser.

I can't wait to laugh in your face come election night. Apparently you fail to realize that there are a lot of young educated voters who are new to the city and have yet to be Polled because they primarily use cell phones. These young voters are predominantly Fenty supporters. And they will undoubtedly upset you and Mr. Gray. On the night of September 14 when the winning Fenty numbers come out, I'm going to laugh in your face online. It's gona be one hell of a laugh can't wait ha ha.
WARD4NDC don't be girl. Stand up and take it like a man.
Wayne have you ever thought about returning to your native country and stop kissing King Fenty's ass? You never said what country you are from and why you came here? I have 2 college Degrees and many black educated Ward 4 and other Washingtonians will not be voting for King Fenty. Wayne, I am beginning to question whether or not, you are a black man. First you stated, you are a Christain, but you are acting like Ron Moten.
Why doesn't anyone call Fenty a racist? If a White mayor had come into office and fired every Black agency head and replaced 9 out of 10 of them with non-Blacks, many of whom were completely unqualified, everyone would question whether he had a problem with Black people. Fenty went to Howard Law School. Do you mean to tell me he can't find qualified Black professionals in this town to fill top government posts? The answer is he CAN. He just wasn't looking for anyone Black. This is not Boise, Idaho and I expect the make up of the city government to reflect the fact that this town is NOT ALL WHITE!! And I don't want a mayor who insults my intelligence by telling me he picked the most qualified people to fill top posts when they so clearly are not.

Wayne, what University did you attend and where were you educated? You sound like an ignorant fool. Steppin Fetchin would be a good name for you.
Fenty has contempt for participatory democracy. He would not take advice or criticism. He mercilessly axed ardent supporters in his administration when he needed scape-goats.
He deemed his ideas were so good that he could by pass the council and violate the law, in the interests of getting his agenda accomplished. He does not seem to value loyalty unless it is unquestioning.
He should admit his true calling- competitive sports, rest on his "accomplishments", and turn professional athlete, and take along his running buddies Skinner, Moten, and Nickles.
Mr. Fenty and the Banneker contract: Setting the record straight
I am from Jamaica. Are you happy now? It's funny how you keep questioning whether I'm a black man are not. Apparently you believe that all blacks are monolithic in their thinking. I already answered the question why my family and I moved to the USA. Just look at comment number 109 above, (written on August 23, 2010) and you will see all the reasons listed. I am a proud Christian who loves my DC neighbors whether they're black, white, or Asian. Unlike some Christians like yourself who are hateful towards people who don't look like or act like yourself. Sadly, in order for you to accept me I would need to act "black" whatever that means, and worship Vincent Gray in order for you to believe that I am black. How ridiculous.
So far I have answered all of your questions. Yet you still have not answered my one question. How has Mayor Fenty divided our great city by class and race?
Since you claim to have 2degrees, I'm sure you can articulate a reasonable response.


Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

Master Of Education, Howard University. Bachelors of Science State University Of New York.

Steppin Fetchit and I have something in common. We both have roots in Jamaica. Perhaps there are some similarities, however, I would like to know why you call me Steppin Fetchin. He is one of my personal heroes. I believe that he is a remarkable person in African-American history, after all, the NAACP awarded him a Special NAACP Image Award and he was inducted into the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame. So I guess to be called Steppin Fetchin may be a compliment, especially since he had a mind of his own.
oh, by the way. Did you hear the big news? The website that you are currently logged on to just recently gave a resounding endorsement to Mayor Fenty. Guess why? Because he gets the job done and he has improved the city. Even though our Mayor may be a jerk, he is our jerk and we need him.

Check out the title of the article below and link (a must read for WARD4NDC)

Adrian Fenty: The Jerk D.C. Needs
Why you should vote for an unpopular mayor. And lots of other endorsements, too.
One City is what DC desperately needs and not Fenty’s plutocracy that caters to dogs of the wealthy.

Case in point: On 2/22/09, The Examiner asked, “Dogs or Daycare in DC” and questioned the Fenty’s administration priority to make dogs its prime interest above day care centers. While cutting daycares in 2009, Dept of Parks & Rec (DPR) planned to spend as much as $350,000 on the development of a dog park at Newark and 39th streets NW. In 2009, the dog park designed included an “artificial dog turf,” which alone would cost $150,000.

A Ward 3 resident told the Examiner, “under the Obama stimulus plan, ordinary human beings will only get $400 each. But if you are a dog in McLean Gardens, the [DPR] is about to lavish over $1,000 on each of you.”

Yesterday, on 9/11/2010, Mayor Fenty officially opened the Newark Street Dog Park, it’s a 10,000-square-foot boutique dog park that cost taxpayers $400,000. The Newark Street Dog Park was $50,000 over budgeted.

In 2009, Fenty closed DPR daycares in Wards 6, 7 & 8 and fired 160 daycare workers due to “so-called” budget constraints, but Fenty found money to lavish $1000 a piece on McLean Gardens’ dogs.

Fenty disdain for the city’s low-income residents should be unacceptable to every resident in the city.

Dr. Abraham Van Helsing
Spring Valley Resident
Ward 3
Dr. Abraham Van Helsing
you are a phony, you're not real, and you don't even exist. I looked you up and discovered that you are a fake, an imposter. You're just a Vincent Gray campaign staffer who is spreading propaganda on election eve. How desperate!

Hey yell, check out this really cool website it is (
you can look up anyone. Try it for yourself, plug in your name and city and state and you will see how much information you could find about yourself. It is truly amazing. You will be shocked.
WAYNEl, I am insulted!!!! Fenty thinks that he can win over my vote by stereotyping my community? Not all blacks who live East of the Anacostia River are memorized or taken by Go-GO Music. Where are the debates? Where are his speeches that he gave residents West of the River? Did he feed them with foolish music and free food, in order to win over the more intellectual and professional votes? In fact, did he parade around with a convict in the upper class neighborhoods, allowing him to speak to the professionals and rich of Wards 1, 2, 3? Oh boy, am I tired of this man sticking me in the back, thinking my my community is nothing more than poor, low class individuals with low intelligence and will support anyone based on the promises of free food and music. Racism and separation--he is no better than George Wallace. Next he will be handing out free watermelons at the voting polls.

I am a Democrat---I hope Fenty loses badly today...

Wayne, you are truly an idiot. How do you know Dr. Van Helsing is a fake or doesn't exist? You don't know what type of Doctor he is. You should have kept your ass in your native Jamaica. I have a close West Indian friend from Saint Charles parrish in Jamaica and he recently became a U.S. citizen and he can vote in this election. He can't stand King Fenty and he too will be voting for Chairman Gray.

Wayne, what do you mean, I am a fake? I can assure you, I am an 88 year old retired Scientist and I have lived in Washington, D.C. for over 50 years in Ward 3.

Wayne what you think of me really doesn't matter. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty will lose this election because he has lost touch with the truth people (black voters) who first elected him into office. Education is not the only issue Fenty or Gray should be focused on. D.C. has a lot of single or childless residents and many are gay. There concerns are issues that's more important to them besides education. Don't get me wrong, education is very important, but Mayor Fenty and D.C. Council Chair Vincent Gray should be focused on healthcare, affordable housing, mental health, senior citizens, AIDS, illegal immigration, crime, black on black crime, etc.

Wayne, what do you mean, I am a fake? I can assure you, I am an 88 year old retired Scientist and I have lived in Washington, D.C. for over 50 years in Ward 3.

Wayne what you think of me really doesn't matter. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty will lose this election because he has lost touch with the people (black voters) who first elected him into office. Education is not the only issue Fenty or Gray should be focused on. D.C. has a lot of single or childless residents and many are gay.

Their concerns are issues that's more important to them besides education. Don't get me wrong, education is very important, but Mayor Fenty and D.C. Council Chair Vincent Gray should be focused on healthcare, affordable housing, mental health, senior citizens, AIDS, illegal immigration, crime, black on black crime, etc. Wayne, you are not a Christain. You are a sheep in wools clothing.
As of 12:45 a.m., Vincent Gray 57% to King Adrian Fenty 42%. I am confident, D.C. Chairman Vincent Gray will win this election. Many Ward 4 and other D.C. voters/residents will be singing the Negro spiritual by Edwin Hawkins, "Oh Happy Day".
Oh Happy Day, Oh Happy Day, When King Fenty lost, when King Fenty lost, he lost the D.C. mayoral race.

Mayor elected Vincent Gray congratulations.

Wayne go straight to hell with King Fenty. LOL LOL

Native Washingtonian
Registered D.C. Democratic Voter Since 1975
Wayne you need to eat crow. hehe

Many white D.C. voters voted for Vincent Gray. Hopefully mayor elect Vincent Gray can help to heal our city of the racial divide.
I am so sorry I kissed Fenty's ass. The Devil made me do it and I rebuke him in the name of Jesus. Long live Vincent Gray the next mayor of Washington, D.C.

I so sorry for being a Jackass by supporting Mayor Fenty. The majority of the D.C. voters has spoken.
TO: Post #164

You are not me and you are an idiot. You are an imposter who wishes you were me with class. Get a life you Gray loving fool. People like you need to move out of Ward 4 and relocate to Southeast so that you can sing your spirituals with your boy Vincent. 0h By the Way, I looked you up and found out it was WARD4NDC pretending to be me. How desperate and how embarrassing of you.
Today is a very sad day for me, my favorite candidate for mayor lost to Vincent Gray. The election is over. This is a democracy, sometimes ignorant fools win. I hope that all the mean-spirited people who have called me numerous negative names are happy now. As a result of Gray's victory, progress and transformation of our great city has come to a halt. The chances of a citywide streetcar program is coming to an end. Avid bicyclists like myself and dog lovers may not see anymore bike lanes and dog parks in our neighborhoods. Gentrification will be slowed to a crawl because the new mayor lacks vision in white folks may begin to think twice about relocating to DC. Southeast will become the new center of the district. The budget for welfare will grow and funding for social services will return back to its previous levels. Ignorance will become even more Bliss and Marion Barry will become Gray's top dog.

I love you Mayor Adrian Fenty, you are the best and I'll always remember you. I hope you never forget our great city, you taught me so much about class and responsibility. I am just so fearful of what Gray from Southeast is going to do to the tremendous progress that was made under your tenure. This is truly a sad day. With love.
Wayne, you are an Uncle Tom West Indian. Take your black ass back to your country, because you have no ancestry here. I can trace my ancestry back 7 generations back to slavery in South Carolina. Wayne, you nor King Fenty can't do this. All the bad karma coming King Fenty's way, he will truly deserve it. I am a native Washingtonian and I've lived in Ward 4 the majority of my life. This is not a sad day. Maybe it's a sad day for Uncle Toms.
Wayne, I didn't know you were gay and in love with the mayor. I ain't mad at you, but King Fenty is a married man to a woman. I have heard rumors about his sexuality, but I have never believed them. You need to find you a single openly gay man to love and I am sure, it will be a white gay man. You love the white man and he dispises you.

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