Beerspotter: 21st Amendment Back in Black A black IPA, spotted at Cork & Fork

Where Spotted: Cork & Fork, 7333 Atlas Walk Way, Gainesville, Va.

Price: $9.99 per 6-pack

Art of Darkness: Black IPAs are a fresh take on that distinctly American style of beer, pairing the citrus-peel and herbaceous bitterness of hops with the French-roast-coffee notes of dark malts. The result, particularly in the balanced Back in Black, is sort of a backyard barbecue in a can: You taste the smoke and char in the body, but finish with the signature hoppy notes of an India pale ale.

Black Is the New Black: Black IPAs were tinting hopheads’ glasses even before Stone Brewing Co. popularized the style last year with its Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale (originally brewed in 2007 as Stone’s 11th anniversary ale). Like many brewing innovations, the idea percolated up from the home-brewing circuit, with the late pioneer Greg Noonan credited as the source. (Noonan also founded the Vermont Pub & Brewery in Burlington.) Today, black IPA is one of the newest beer kits in his homebrew stores, bringing the trend full circle.

Our Readers Say

also on tap at galaxy hut and the red and the black
Also at Meridian Pint.
I had a can recently at RFD. Apparently, this is the new up-and-coming-have-to-get style.

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