Terry Huff's Lost Soul He's been a cop, an R&B sensation, an insurance salesman, and a homeless man. Today, the star of Special Delivery just wants to survive.

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I’m supposed to meet Huff at 10 a.m. at his sister Becky’s place. Around 9, he calls me on his new cell phone to say there’s been a change of plans: His “music guy” wants him in Chinatown by 11. There’s a New York–bound bus to catch. Something about a record contract. Terry Huff still wants to make it big.

They’re queuing for the bus when I arrive. Huff, sporting new sunglasses, greets me with a grin. “My brother! It’s good to see you,” he says.

Huff’s music guy, who is less happy to see me, is Dana Mozie, a hip-hop impresario who’s brushed shoulders with Diddy, Salt ’n’ Pepa, and Michael Jackson. More recently, he’s known as the GOP’s “hip-hop ambassador.” (He did urban outreach for the Bush White House). Mozie has been trying to get Terry a comeback for a couple years now.

“I want to do an upgrade of his style into today’s style, today’s R&B,” Mozie says. “I just wanted to take his voice and put it in the mix so people could fall in love with it again. Give him his last opportunity to be in on some other projects—kind of get his props.”

The bus lurches down H Street NW and eventually north, to the city where Huff recorded with Van McCoy, where Johnny Boy Katsouros dressed him in a bright green tux and told him to go out and charm the world, where he used to turn up in a ’61 Seville. As he boarded, Huff looked like a star: dark glasses, wide smile—an elder statesman of R&B unconcerned with his own demise.


It almost doesn’t matter that there wasn’t a record deal, after all. Mozie just showed Huff around—the Puerto Rican street parade, a quick stop in Chinatown, a spin around Times Square.

They even made time for a visit to the Apollo.

Our Readers Say

Wow, what a great story. I met Terry Huff working the cash register in JohnnyBoys on Southern Ave. You can't imagine how big a hit Special Delivery was after "I Destroyed Your Love" came out. Every kid in town was singing it. This was the peak of sweet R & B singing groups sucj as the Temptations, Stylistics, Spinners, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes Delfonics, Dramatics, Dells, The Manhattans and the Montclairs. It was a great time to be young in DC.
I remember Terry Huff when I was just a little girl living in the same building. We live in 601 Edgewood Terrace on the 7th floor. We were little girls that loved him and everytime we would see him we would have him to sing to us all the time. So, I heard that songbird 1st hand and loved every minute of it. As a matter of fact, I still listen to him every single day because I have that song in my CD player right now as we speak. I love him and willl never forget the joy he gave me as a little one on the plaza of Edgewood Terrace.
Grew up next door to the Huff family on 15th St. SE in the 60's
WOW of a story indeed ! I just hope Terry realizes how many lives his music has touched. In 1976 I came home from the Air Force on sick leave for 30 days. In need of music I went to the SOUL SHACK on G st. and found "I Destroyed Your Love" on a 45 record. After playing it I knew I was home and when I left I could take a small piece of home with me. Thank you Terry Huff and long live D.C.
This is the sort of story that makes CP great.
Please follow up, and also post some links to his music.
WOW!!! This is amazing. I'm so glad I have have the opportunity to read this article because I would have never known that The song that I have been singing for the last couple of years belonged to a DC Native. There is a lot of talent in this area that goes unknown. Good Job Mr. Huff and I will continue to Rock " I destroyed your love"
Very cool piece.......
Yeah Buddy Thats My Uncle...... That's just what he does!
You could not imagine what it was like growing up in this environment. These are my uncles, I love them all dearly. By the time I was born their careers in music were all but over, yet the love of music ran deep. If I could tell of all the years I spent listening to my uncle Terry play his guitar, while singing along in my grandmother's living room. Or how my uncle Andrew used to sing while he was cooking, it was sad to never actually hear them sing together, even though they could be in the same house. This riff between the family has keep us virtually divided for years, but all for what? Its not over money, its really none to speak of, as far as I know. Could it be that that the only love that was truly destroyed was the love between brothers? Who knows? I know that it has be hard growing up with uncles who don't speak to each other. Is it too late for family counseling? This article has shed light on a lot of problems plaguing our large, yet divided family. Our story should be used a tool for upcoming groups of young people trying to make it big in the music business.
It is so sad to hear what has happened to Terry. I went to school with him at Eastern High School and the former Wanda Wallace is my cousin, so his condition touches me deepl. I wish there was something I could do to help him out.
Terry, Andrew, Dave, and my uncle Mickey Freeman they reherese in my grandmother's basement. I would sit on the basement steps and watch them play. I had a love for music. Terry always had a smile on his face with those deep demples and I knew he had a song in his heart. My sister had a crush on him. The Huff brother were just like family to us. I was sorry to hear about Terry illness I will be preying for him. Give us a call our family would be glad to here from you.
Growing up in DC, all of my friends knew to call me when "I Destroyed Your Love" would play on the radio. I loved that song and it's still one of my all time favorites. I will pray for Terry's healing and I hope he realizes what an impact his song had on DC and to this day, his fans are still pulling for him. God Bless You, Terry.
Terry Huff is not a lost soul. It is only God Almighty who can determine whether an man's soul is lost or whether it is not! It is not a man's call to make and place it on the front pages of the Washington City paper "LOST SOUL".

My Brothas and Sistahs do you all remember the story of the Good Samaritan?
Luke 10:33- But a certain samaritan as he journeyed, came where he was: and
when he saw him, he had COMPASSION on him. All who have read this story, let this be the time that the Washington DC Community reach out to Terry and show
him compassion and mercy, not just in words, but in deeds and in truth.
I am so sad to read this about Terri. Terri recorded me in 1982 in Washington DC. but we never released the song. Terri was so very kind to me and a gentleman. I am going to record again and thought I would look him up and I found this article. I am going to contact Ted tomorrow so I can try to reach Terri. Pray for him. Pray changes things.
I am so sad to read this about Terri. Terri recorded me in 1982 in Washington DC. but we never released the song. Terri was so very kind to me and a gentleman. I am going to record again and thought I would look him up and I found this article. I am going to contact Ted tomorrow so I can try to reach Terri. Pray for him. Prayer changes things.
I remember " I destroyed your love" Even when I hear it now it is like I am right in with that time. DC was my heart. Eventhough my parents moved us to Columbia, Maryland. My heart remained faithful too this music.
I often wondered what ever happened to Terry Huff and Special Delivery. I was 8 years old and the youngest of 10 siblings when this album came out and I have been in love with it ever since. One of the benefits of growing up with teenage and twenty something year old siblings, I received an excellent education on real and good music. As a young girl I would sing the songs and not fully comprehend the meaning, as I got older, I was so amazed at how timeless, relateable and profoumd the music and lyrics of all the songs on this album really were. It is a mainstay in my music collection, however, it is still a cd i have to reapeatedly replace due to my older siblings love of the cd and their sticky fingers lol! My most favorite and therapeutic lyrics: 1. The good book teaches that it's sinful to lust, but that's what drove to betraying your trust, and 2. The hardest part is when I'm all alone and no one cares enough to ring my phooooone. Thanks Terry for the great music/lyrics that made us all feel akin to you. May God Bless and Keep you Brother!
Terry Huff, you are and always will be a gift of light to all who listen to your music & voice. Your journey has been a beautiful yet a trying one. We all have to take that journey which has been assigned to us, however difficult it may be, the good news is, we don't have to take it alone. Please know that love is possible, love can be real, beautiful and true and I pray you have found love now and forever. As a radio personality in Deroit, we have always truly loved your gift of music and will always continue to do so. Don't ever forget how much your fans love you. You are not a lost soul, never have been, never will be!!! What you are is a joy! that is etched in our hearts, minds and souls always. I wish for you & your love ones peace, love, kindness, forgiveness & healing. Please Heal quickly & peacefully my beautiful, talented Brother.
I destoryed you love will always be number 1 on my list of oldies. I work with Terry younger brother Jimmy.
Mr. Huff, I hope that when you read this that life will be treating you real well. I deeply commend you for your spirit of
not giving up on your dreams especially with how life has thrown it's wrenches at you. You are indeed a very well gifted
singer with God given talents. "The Lonely One" will always remain one of my favorite love ballads of all time despite how
terribly underrated it was. I lived in Michigan during much of the 70's and now have resided in Texas the past thirty years
and am almost appalled at no one seeming to have heard it and as for that matter " I Destroyed Your Love "also. You will always be in my prayers and remember, "GOD is ABLE". I just know that he will bless the desires and wants of your heart.
Keep on keeping on !! GOD BLESS!
Terry the man
Huff I was 14 years old when I heard I destroyed your love it moved me then and it really moves me now along with the lonely one I didn't know whether you was still alive or not but i'm happy to know that you are I will continue to pray for your health and fortune I need to hear more music from you
I love you man get well we need you
Hello Terry, you will always be one of the best in my book. I often wonder what ever happen to you but be assured that God has his loving arms around you. I am fifty nine years of age always wanted to meet you are even talk to you. If so happen that you get this e-mail i can be reached at 281-854-7262. Take care may God bless you.

When I first heard Terry Huff, I feel in love with his style and voice. And the song, the lonely one, just hit right at home with me..Because I was going through a set back, from a broke-up affair. The whole LP, was a nice. Sorry to hear, he is sick. My prayers go out to him.
Thanks Patrick for sharing those personal moments that we all have in our families. Sure do miss Terry Huff and his great voice, and sorry to hear about his illness. Terry if you read this know that there is a lot of love for you. Don't ever think you have been forgotten. That'll never happen. Just like I search for some information about you, others are doing the same thing. Much love to you Terry. Dreams come alive, so you keep on thinking about what it is you want to do. That is where it all begins. I just wish you would tour and share that magical voice with us.
Terry, I remember you at Eastern High School. I was friends with Wanda and you used to wait for Wanda, at her locker, outside of Mrs. Logan's classroom.

I also remember the talent shows and how remarkable your voice was. You are in my prayers, I have never forgotten you

Hey,we use to talk as friends.I was at 7D. When you left to do your dream, I never really understood why you left the "Blue" for a shift at Johnny Boys.The music was great. Herb did it came back and left to do his dream too.I did finally get it.The year was 1972-73.I left in 1979.We were just a bit more than babies with blue steel S&M'S not really sure of why we chose that career path. You were a really nice person and I loved our conversations.I pray for you and wish you wellness.I am still looking for my old LP.It is in one of about fifteen boxes of records in my basement.
TERRY is not a lost soul at all !! ANDY & THE MARGLOWS song (s) WERE STOLEN and it is no doubt about it. They deserve their money for their work. I know TERRY from 15 th & Indepence Avenue S.E. years ago and I pray that GOD does bless him with some riches & better health before he calls him home !! TERRY with his brothers, the other group and several groups from Washington, D.C. did NOT get their deserved recognition...THE SUMMITTS, THE PRESIDENTS, THE AMBASSADORS, THE D.C. TONES, THE FUZZ, THE MANNIQUINS, THE CHOICE FOUR, FOUR MILE HIGH, THE CHANCELLORS, BBS UNLIMITED, THE JEWELS, JOE QUARTERMAN & FREE SOUL, THE EPSILONS featuring JAMES DUVAL, FATHER'S CHILDREN, INSTANT GROOVE, THE KATASIONS and SKIP MAHONEY & THE CASUALS. These D.C. groups were some of the best !! Forgive me if I left out any other entertainers.
Wow, to read this article and learn all this... I'm from New Orleans and since I was a kid I have loved " I Destroyed Your Love", radio stations played it so much growing up and even play it often today! I'm glad to have read this story about Bro. Huff and my prayers go out tohiand for a speedy, healthy recovery.
What a great article. I am sorry he's fallen on hard times. DC has some great musical roots.
Terry I just came by to firstly wish you the very best and Pray The Lord is keeping you ..As well to tell you of one of my happiest days ..I am on a site connected with facebook called "Soul Shadows" It's been a pleasure sharing our passion of the finest Soul ever recorded.. Today 3 not one was introduced to "Poochie" through me. They had not heard it I emailed the song to them and one replied "This is sweet!!! I have been a big fan for years have the "Lonely one" album and treasure it ..I am not connected to the music business in any way nor know the ins and outs ...just know what I love and want to tell you Your music can not be duplicated ever!!! Am anxiously waiting on the responses of the other two Gentlemen as to their opinions.One of the happiest days thanks to you love Nina ..May you be blessed today and always ..youre so loved ..
Mr. Huff the first time I heard you sing, I was hooked for life.You should be talked about in the comyany of the greatest falsetto voices.The likes of Eddie Kendricks,Curtis Mayfield and others.I wish more had been done to promote your music, we were so cheated.i remember you in my prayers and I sencerely pray for a full and complete reovery.I often say ,we have not seen or heard the best that there is. You Sir are truly a gifted voice from God. I hold you in high esteem.If anyone wonders how angels sounds thay should Listen to you sing.God blessed you with a beautiful vice. thank you for sharing it with us.
I am from NJ, but in 1976 i was station in Ft Hood Tx. I purchased the cassette tape Terry Huff and Special Delivery, The Lonely One. I listened to that cassette often since then. Even after cassette players were old, i made sure i had a cassette player to play this cassette. These song were always a part of my life because the words are so true in relationships. i was so glad to be able to purchase this album from iTunes, In fact i am listening to it now. I enjoy the entire album and i agree Terry your voice is in the line of the best. I cannot understand why rejection came, but we lost out. I wish i could see a concert. i wouldn't know what to do with myself!
Terry Huff was a great part of the music train of Washington DC and Nationally known for his musical writing talents. We still remember you, Terry and will never forget !!! God is with You Always !!!
I was 16 my parents allowed me to have a party. I was so excited,then my other eights track ta tapes wouldn't play. The only one that would play is my Terry Huff and Special Deliver I played it over and over the whole night . My party was a sucess I had impressed the senior class even though I was just starting senior high. I always wanted to Thank You and Special Delivery. And I'm looking for it so that I can buy it again, you are an inspiration to me love you then still love you now ! !
Really emotional today. Please keep my family in your prayers right now! We need your help! My Uncle Terry Huff is seriously ill and I'm asking you to please, please keep him in your prayers!

Heavenly Father, I come before you with a
solemn heart and in need of your intercession.
I believe in your capacity for miracles, and ask for this on
behalf of my all time favorite R&B Sensation, Mr. I Destroyed Your Love himself, Terry Huff. Heavenly Father, I know you have the power to grant me a miracle and I'm asking for your mercy and grace. Through you all things are possible! Thank you heavenly father, for filling me today and ever day thereafter with hope and faith, and helping us to stay strong for him in the most trying of circumstances.
The first time I heard I destroyed your love, I had just moved to Milwaukee Wisconsin after a stint in the Navy. Early 70ish. My buddy Ray and his Fiance, who had a super fine twin sister along, took me to the Lantern Club, down on 3rd street in the heart of the city. It was the hey-day of the DJ, and next to my boy Lil Mike, Soulful WScruggs was the may. I mean you could go to the Lantern club and Bop till ya dropped. That nite, my first party nite in Milwaukee, was the first time I heard the song: I Destroyed Your Love.
I remember that Soulful Scruggs NEVER played the song without playing parts 1 & 2 back to back, and no lie, he dropped those track 4 or five times that night. The next day I went down on 3rd & wells to Radio Doctor Record Store & bought the album. for many year that jam, along with Lonely one, were numbers one and two on my personal hit parade.
I owned the album, I think, 4 times altogether. Once O found it for 2 bucks in an old jam stack at Woolworths down across from the food stamp office. I'd either wear the grooves out from puttingt the arm back on the record to hear the same songs over & over, or some scallywag hag would slip outta my crip with the disc in her fist.
Great story...
About a great group...
Thanks for taking me back in time to when back tracks rode on black wax, and we'd groove to Terry Huff tracks.
I first heard "I destroy your love by Terry Huff" in a little town call Yazoo City Ms. in 1976 and oh man did I love that song and the way the people down there slow dance off of it. Man I took that back to the west side of Chicago and my sessions on Soul Train, oh how everyone loved it and the slow dance that I brought back from Yazoo. I m very sadden to hear of Mr. Huff's conditions and I sincerly pray that he would be clear of all illiness and return back to what he loves. Stay strong my brother and keep the faith.
Thanks everyone for all your kind words in our families time of need. Unfortunately, we lost our beloved Song Bird early this morning.Words can not express how we all are feeling but we asking that you continue to keep us in your prays!
You all have my deepest sympathy. I work on the unit where Terry spent his final days. I would look in on him on the nights i worked. We also had discussions about how he felt about his diagnosis. Simply, he would say"Im ready, this world is a wicked place. I found Terry to be kind of deep. We also shared a good laugh. I was honored to have been able to spend just a few moments with someone whom i had only heard of through family and the joyous tunes of "I destroyed your love"and"The lonley one.Everyone of you are in my prayers. Love Pam
Sadly on the morning of Dec.14, 2012, my Father lost his battle with cancer and departed this world peacefully I must say! I would like to thank all the Doctor's and supporting staff of GWU hospital who were in awe of him and his music, for providing him with the best of care in his last days, not to forget CN&R facility in Maryland. You guys are all Awesome! To piggyback on my cousins comments above, i also thank you all for your kind comments and support. My Daddy will be forever loved and truly missed!
Terry and I were very good child and adult friends. We attended Eastern High School (Ramblers)and attended Washington Tech., back in the day, wer sang so many songs together and were co-workers on the DC Metropolitan Police Department.

I have been trying very hard to locate Terry and now he is home. GOD BLESS the entire family at this time.
To the family of Terry huff, our family is deeply sadden by his passing. GOD be with all of you.
Hello all, I am the nephew of the late Terry Huff, many may know me from my early years at Kalorarma skating rink, but many others know my from my music; I am currently on tour in Japan when I found out that my Uncle was hospitalized and was told that he has only a short time left on this world.

For all of his fans I would like to encourage you too keep his music alive and to keep being a fan of the Huff family, there are many talented members in this family and I'm sure even in your families; It is important to nurture and encourage the gifts that you and or your children have, don't sweep it under a mat or dismiss it as just a "Hobby".

I would like to encourage my family to keep Uncle Terry's legacy alive and to keep pushing forth with your talents and gifts. Never, every let your dream die, first before others can believe in you, you must believe in yourself. All my love to my family and to Tiff. Huff, also a shout out to Aunt Becky.. you are a wonderful person. Love you always
C. Huff
I attended Eastern High School 1963 - 1966 with Terry and I lived in the neighborhood. I will never forget the Eastern High School Talent Show with Terry, Mickey, Michael H. and others. He always had a smile bright enough for a toothpaste commercial. A nice friendly guy. Reading the story brought back many memories of days gone bye. As am Eastern Rambler "Peace to you, Terry!!"
To the family remember the good times...
Good Morning! There will be a benefit concert in my Uncle's Honor on January 4th from 6:00pm-1:00am at Hampton Conference Center 207 W. Hampton Pl., Capitol Heights, MD. The cost to attend this event is $20 and will be collected at the door. To get more information please email me to get the flyer.....fantasyiland03@hotmail.com.

P.S. There will be no funeral services as my uncle has been cremated. Therefore this concert is a way for everyone who loved him and his music to honor and cherish his memories.
I just heard the news and I am sad the Mr. Huff didn't get an opportunity to share his wonderful voice with the world on more albums. I live in Chicago and when "I Destroyed Your Love" first came out it was played often in the clubs and people sang along. I must have bought the album three times because actually wore sections out playing it so much. Mr. Huff had the voice of an angel and after learning of his passing I had to play "I Destroyed You Love" in memory of the good times. May God bless the family and may Mr. Huff's soul rest in peace. In Jesus' name. Amen.
I had heard that Terry may have passed and I was hoping and praying it was not the case. Lived in the apartment building next to Terry's and he and I were always crazy with the music. I will always remember my friend as someone who had the magic not only with his vocals but with his ability to lift ones spirit with his words and that infectious smile. My prayers go forward, I truly adored and loved Terry Huff. John
Im from baltimore md and was and still a very big fan of terry huff & special delivery. We. Here in baltimore maryland claimed him as our own too. We listened to his music dailey from 1975 up until now april 2013. We kind of put him up on a local musical pedistal throne with our local singers - marvin brown of the softones , tony yarborough of first class & jimmy briscoe of the beavers along with also billy griffin of the miracles. It hurts all of us up here as well and he will truly be missed as well as loved. (Tony cole).
R.I.P. my dear friend Mr. Huff. We recorded some amazing songs before your death. Your fans are going to be amazed that you still 'had it" despite all the distractions going on in your life. Stay tuned DC. Keep watch soul music fans! Get ready to feel the love America! You have not heard the last of Terry Huff. A voice like his can never be silenced! LOVE SONGS ARE BACK AGAIN!
I very sadden by this unfortunate news I loved his voice and played the album over and over may god keep terry huff safe in heaven.

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