Please Run for Mayor LL picks six Washingtonians who should challenge Adrian Fenty.

Running on Empathy: Mayor King would stand up for youth.
Darrow Montgomery

OK, so Vincent Gray doesn’t want to do it (or he would have done it already). R. Donahue Peebles doesn’t want to do it (at least not “at this time”). Kwame Brown doesn’t want to do it (or he says he doesn’t want to). And Michael Brown probably wants to do it, but he isn’t a registered Democrat.

So who will run against Mayor Adrian M. Fenty in the Sept. 14 Democratic primary?

A civic consensus has emerged: Someone needs to challenge King Fenty for his throne. They might not succeed—probably won’t, in fact—but someone legitimate needs to knock the smirk off the guy’s face. Even the Washington Post editorial board is begging Gray to enter the race—possibly a rope-a-dope maneuver for the resolutely pro-Fenty panel, but still.

But there’s not a someone among the current crop of challengers. Sulaimon Brown doesn’t have much of a record to run on. The anti-illegal-immigrant rhetoric of Leo Alexander, the strongest candidate yet to declare, leaves a bad taste in LL’s mouth.

The problem with Team D.C. Politics is a short bench, not unlike LL’s beloved Georgetown Hoyas this year. When star center Greg Monroe needs to rest, he’s spelled by uncoordinated beanpole Henry Sims. If Gray can’t step up to challenge Hizzoner, the city apparently can’t do any better than Alexander.

That’s what you get in a town that has only 15 elected officials with any power—sorry ANCs, party faithful, and shadow congressmen. We the District have realized this before—hence the insurgent candidacies of Anthony A. Williams and Sharon Pratt.

With no state legislatures and no congressional delegation to feed mayoral-level competition, the District needs to get resourceful. Is this not the nation’s capital? Isn’t it often said that this area is among the most educated in the country? Well, then, allow LL to play headhunter here, looking beyond the usual suspects—no elected officials allowed!—and tapping a few candidates he’d like to see on a 2010 primary ballot.

Columnist Colbert I. King: The booming voice of old-line D.C. knows how to weave reporting, outrage, and his native Washingtonian folksiness into blockbuster journalism for the Washington Post. What the Pulitzer Prize winner also brings is years of experience not only in muckraking but in government and business—serving as a key aide on the Senate committee that drafted the Home Rule charter and later working as a Riggs Bank exec. A Colby-for-Mayor push, for you media-watchers, would also set up a tremendously fun dynamic between King and his Fenty-loving former colleagues on the Post editorial board. Plus, LL thinks it’s time for King to put up or shut up: Let’s see you try to clean up the Fire and EMS Department or the city youth rehabilitation apparatus!

U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan: After more than 25 years on the bench, LL’s hoping this judicial giant might be looking to switch branches. First off, the guy’s Washingtonian credentials are impeccable: McKinley High, Howard, Howard Law. Spent time on the District’s Superior Court and Court of Appeals. Longtime Shepherd Park resident. Big Redskins fan. Local bona fides notwithstanding, he’s been a force on the federal bench—known in particular for calling prosecutors on their overreaches, most famously in the trial of Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska). His skepticism of government attorneys served the District well in the Pershing Park case, where he’s repeatedly lambasted Attorney General Peter Nickles for his office’s habit of inexcusably losing evidence. Who could forget his most famous line: “Mr. Nickles, you’re playing games with the wrong judge.” Run, Your Honor, run!

WAMU-FM host Kojo Nnamdi: You want a candidate who can attack the incumbent’s weaknesses. Fenty, if nothing else, is remote, robotic, unlikable. Could you ask for a better set of negatives for Nnamdi to attack? You want a uniter not a divider? Kojo’s your guy. The Guyanese native has been a Washingtonian longer than Fenty’s been alive. He knows everyone in town, because they’ve all been on his show. He knows all the issues, and he knows how to delegate: Just look at his Politics Hour institution—the guest analysts handle much of the sharp questioning, but when Kojo himself lays down a tough query, it comes with authority. Plus, his voice and pleasant demeanor are perfect for the ceremonial parts of the job—who wouldn’t want to attend a press conference run by Kojo Nnamdi?

Philanthropist Peggy Cooper Cafritz: The former school board president was sadly back in the news this summer when her Palisades manse burned to the ground, destroying her massive art collection. LL thinks Cafritz could use a new set of distractions, such as mobilizing her base and taking well-timed potshots at Fenty. Sure, Cafritz might be a symbol of pre– Michelle Rhee educational dysfunction, but she’s now had a taste of the way Fenty and Rhee operate, which might give her a reason to open up her Rolodex and get in the race. The Post reported on Saturday that plans are afoot to move the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, which Cafritz co-founded, from Georgetown to a small space on Capitol Hill. On Tuesday, she told the Post that the plan was “absurd” and “beyond the pale.” She went on to say: “This administration has a tendency to decide it is going to do something and then to just do it.” Which is exactly how she should go about running against it.

Acting U.S. Attorney Channing D. Phillips: After doing a yeoman’s job in the District’s prosecutorial office for 15 years, rising to the top spot, Phillips is soon to take a hike. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton refused to endorse the vet for a well-deserved permanent post as U.S. attorney, opting instead for WilmerHale partner Ron Machen. Phillips is likely headed to DOJ headquarters to work for old boss Eric Holder, but LL would love to see the guy stay in the local realm. He’s a native Washingtonian and the son of a D.C. civil rights icon—the Rev. Channing E. Phillips. If Phillips doesn’t find the mayoralty suitable, he should run for attorney general, if that ever happens.

Brookings Institution scholar Alice M. Rivlin: In these times of budgetary crisis, the District needs a steady fiscal hand, a real numbers guy. Or numbers gal. Who better than Rivlin, the former budget director for President Bill Clinton who went on to chair the control board? Since then, Rivlin has blazed a path that should please D.C. taxpayers: Though she has held great power on the federal level, Rivlin has spent many years championing the cause of municipal D.C. from her post at Brookings, overseeing numerous studies on the District’s present and future. Here’s to a summer chock full of debates over the “structural deficit”!


Local Democrat Packs Heat

Last week, the D.C. Democratic State Committee voted in favor of a resolution urging President Barack Obama to mention D.C. voting rights in his upcoming State of the Union address.

Now voting rights is an issue of considerable consensus in this town, particularly among the political class. But not complete consensus, it turns out. One of the 43 voting DCDSC members came out against the bill.

That would be Lenwood Johnson, a Ward 1 resident and former treasurer of the group.

Johnson explained his vote to LL this way: The Democratic State Committee, last year, approved another resolution expressing the sense of the committee that the District shouldn’t accept a vote in the House of Representative if that meant, as it did at the time, allowing Congress to wipe out city gun laws. The way Johnson sees it, the DCDSC had its chance to ask for voting rights, and it blew it.

“It makes us look like a bunch of crackheads,” Johnson says. “They want everything for nothing, and that’s why I voted against it.…Right now we have nothing: Congress is still setting our gun laws, and we don’t even have a vote.”

It should be noted that Johnson brings some strong ideas on guns to this point of view. He’s been a National Rifle Association member since the early 1970s and says he’s “always been an advocate for gun rights.”

“I grew up in Virginia—in the country in Virginia,” he says. “Need I say more?”

Johnson also informed LL that he in fact owns a gun, which he keeps in his home—“and I take it out with me, too.” He purchased his piece legally from a gun dealer, but he hasn’t registered that weapon with the Police Department, as he’s required to do under the city’s current gun laws (as Gilbert Arenas now well knows).

“It’s no big deal with me, owning a gun or not owning a gun,” Johnson says, adding he “doesn’t understand” why he needs to take his firearm down to police headquarters and go through all the legal rigmarole. “I’m not going to register mine.”

Johnson said that last Wednesday, and his nonchalance was featured on Washington City Paper’s City Desk blog the next day. By the following Monday, he’d changed his tune.

You see, on Saturday, Johnson reports, D.C. police showed up at the door of his Columbia Heights apartment. They explained that they were there due to a “citizen’s complaint” about his illicit heat.

Johnson allowed them to search the premises, but they went away empty-handed. In the wake of the house call, he’s backed off his open scofflawism: “All I can say is that if anyone ever sees me with a gun in my possession, I will certainly be in absolute compliance with all the applicable gun laws and regulations of the jurisdiction where the gun is in my possession.”


Adams Morgan Coup?

For three years, Bryan Weaver has been elected chair of the Adams Morgan advisory neighborhood commission. That run came to an end on Jan. 6, when he lost his re-election bid by a 4–2 vote of his fellow commissioners.

Now LL doesn’t delve too often into such parochial affairs, but this particular internecine feud carries greater significance: Weaver is currently exploring a run against his councilmember, Ward 1’s Jim Graham. And replacing him as chair is Wilson Reynolds, whose day job happens to be as Graham’s constituent affairs director.

So did Boss Graham execute a ruthless power move to force a key neighborhood critic to the margins?

Graham’s spokesperson, Brian DeBose, says that “no one knew” about the move until the meeting. Reynolds says “absolutely not,” and a fellow commissioner, Nancy Shia, says that Graham had “nothing to do” with the ANC vote.

Not directly, anyway: “It hurt the commission for the chairman…to have such a contentious relationship with the councilmember. That happened long before he decided to run,” Shia says. “I believe in Rodney King: Why can’t we all just get along?”

Add to that some communications issues, she says: “Why did they think it was OK to win an election without asking anyone to vote for them?”

Weaver says he may not have actively solicited his colleagues’ votes, but he says none of the members mentioned any dissatisfaction with his continued tenure. He admits he charged hard and “was not the easiest of chairs to get along with” but stands on his record of stepping up the commission’s activism and cleaning up its books (no small feat in ANC-dom).

Wasn’t enough for Reynolds, Shia, and two other commissioners (all listed as Graham supporters on his campaign literature), who plotted an ambush. Weaver and vice chair Mindy Moretti found out about their plan not more than five minutes before the meeting began.

Though Weaver realized he didn’t have the votes, he went through with the roll call anyway. “I thought I would give them a certain amount of satisfaction in knocking me off and let them know that I’m not fazed by it,” he explains.

This weekend, in a blog post (since removed), Shia wrote that Weaver and Moretti had un-friended their fellow commissioners from their Facebook accounts. To that, says Weaver, “I am friends with some of them and I am not friends with some of the others.” Adds Moretti, “Facebook is for my friends.”


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Our Readers Say

Mike DeBonis, you are such a white gay liberal. Why should polticians focus on illegal immigration and illegal aliens? This is why the dumb dictatorship Democrats lost the Senate seat in Mass., because they were not listening to the people. The majority of U.S. citizens are agaisnt illegal immigration and Obama's healthcare plan. Citizens are out of work and illegal aliens are working in construction jobs, hospitality, and housekeeping thanks to cheap labor. Liberals like you Mike DeBonis is the reason why the United States is going down the toilet.
Why shouldn't politicians not focus on the illegal alien and illegal immigration crisis in the United States? These Salvadorans/Central Americans/Mexicans are breeding babies daily purposely to make them U.S. citizens at birth to get social services. Go live in El Salvador or Mexico for one month and see how the majority of the mestizo, poor, uneducated people live. They live like animals and they bring their customs to the United States.
Mike, a Washingtonian is a person who was born in Washington, D.C. or a native. Many of the people you mentioned in the article are not Washingtonians. Many native Washingtonians are offended by this.
LL, so you're still wearing your "One city Gray for Mayor" teeshirt? When's the ethics report come out?
Wheres the "flag this comment" link when you need it? Shut the f*ck up Mad Dog unless you have a list of potential mayoral candidates better than this. What does white, gay, or liberal have anything to do with trying to get this city a good mayor? Mad Dog- your an idiot- there will never be a republican mayor in this city. Go back to the south.
Why should Vincent Gray announce now? Or, for that matter, why should Kwame Brown?

There is no reason that someone known to the electorate needs to run a campaign longer than four months in the District of Columbia -- except to amuse the pundits, sell media time and space, prolong what many call the "Silly Season".
LOL at Crazy Dog's "mestizo" comment and all the crazy past regarding the "one drop rule" that brings up. Integration is the present and the future, Crazy Dog, go segregate yourself in your own basement if you don't like it.
Anyone who applies the word "dictatorship" to the Democrats is a retard, especially after the borderline fascism of the Bush administration.
How can anyone with common sense and knowledge of the city suggest Peggy Cafritz as a candidate for Mayor. As Board President she rewarded the mediocrity of Paul Vance by keeping him on as superintendent killing any chance for viable reform. Nothing was accomplished during her tenure. Of the candidates listed in the article, Vincent Gray, Colbert King and Emmett Sullivan would be my choices.
Fuck all you losers. D.C. is the dam south. I am black and a native Washingtonian. You dam right, I am against illegal immigration and illegal aliens. Now you might have 8 million illiterate, uneducated, non speaking English Haitians might be coming to the U.S. I hope these third world Voodoo practicing savages move next door to you liberals with their third world customs and destroy you neighborhoods.
Downtown Rez, we all know you are a white homo who takes it up the ass. Go to hell where you belong.
Mad dogs mad - watch out! Why don't you run for mayor if your so special?
Uh Oh, there is a super tough angry man on the prowl! He' s black and proud and not going to take it any more. I'm so tough I post comments that I'm a racist self loathing douchbag. Hear me roar!
Hey Mad Dog. Are you a white man's bitch? You do sound like it.
Ask you dirty mamma, is she a white man's bitch. Fuck all you crackers. Move the fuck back to the mid west or better yet, move to Haiti.
Are you that racist cracker David Catania's lover or Miss Jim Graham?
Wow! What in the world is going on? I thought the title was, Please Run For Mayor 2010, not who can be the biggest "meany" on-line.
@ Mad Dog: If Washintonians are "mad" with the choices mentioned, where are they? If there was soomeone who wanted to run or that the would be a better pick where are they. The fact of the matter is there aren't any natives stepping up to the plate to go after the position. Its apparent you do not follow politics at all. Someone, in fact almost anyone would be a better mayor then Fenty.
I am sorry to say, but in the picture, Colbert King look like an APE.
Mad Dog sounds like a power bottom.
@Sally - HAH! Awesome!
What's the matter Mike, scared of a Black man taking a stance on issues without your approval. The fact of the matter is Leo Alexander is not "anti-immigrant." However, he is the ONLY candidate who talks about upholding the laws of this country which he would be sworn to do once he becomes mayor. Why don't you travel with Leo door-to-door in Black neighborhoods where the unemployment rate is very high? Hear what these brothers and sisters are saying. They want work. They've wanted to work. They are also tired of watching others work while businesses refuse to give them work. Leo wants to end generational poverty. This is America still last time I looked. Americans come first and illegal immigration is still ILLEGAL. Funny thing about some people who just don't get it. The newly senator elect of Massachusetts incorporated the same principles about illegal immigration as a major part of his platform and it took off like wild fire. Democrats and Republicans, alike, understand we need stronger immigration reform laws. But typical for some reporters trying to make a name for themselves in DC is to attack a Black man with vision and for standing up! Well, guess what you'll get your chance for the next eight years. Four decades after the March On Washington, Leo has the same vision of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - jobs, health care, housing, education and justice (public safety). Instead of fighting White men who hid behind sheets and the pen, he's dealing with many Blacks in power, some liberal Whites that believe America should be the haven for 6 billion immigrants around the world and reporters who don't interview candidates or do research. Leo's coming so get ready to rumble. We know the game and we intend to stop the rhetoric or use it to our advantage and win this thing. Peace.
Bravo Valencia, bravo, you've hit the nail all the way on the head! This article reflects that shortsightedness whites have when they view blacks and their politics, but fortunately we are not a monolith!
There are several 'dynamics' at work in this city, the elite, the previledged, the delusional, the frauds, the ass kissers, the disenfranchised, the marginalized, the illegals and the underworld.....all taking from the ''melting pot'', but not all giving to it and we need a mayor who will address this and that is Leo Alexander.
Valencia I have stated this previously, if this had been the bible belt states WE would not be discussing illegals or who's right or wrong because whites would not tolerate it and change would surely take place, that's why Massachusetts was a no-brainer, but us blacks have to accept the bullshit and shut up, pitiful!
Now when Mad Dog points this out his sexuality is attacked by those who live that same lifestyle, how weak and childish! WCP is a haven for fraud ass outta towners, coward ass racists and washington blade subscribers with delusional fantasies involving big black men, how ironic!
Interesting that none of you address the issue Mad Dog brought up (yes, a bit crudely). Specifically, illegal immigration and the effects on the poor and working class. It's indisputable that illegal immigration is taking an economic and social toll on many people. It's not racist or anti-immigrant to question why immigration laws are not enforced. And what does the man's race have to do with this? Hypocrites!
you know mad dog you are just an ignorant idiiot looser and racist.-
Thank you Valencia and I agree with you 100%. Illegel aliens shouldn't be in the country period. Liberal Democrats like Fenty and the 13 member D.C. Council, along with nappy headed Eleanor Holmes Norton have turned a blind eye to the illegal immigration issue in the District of Columbia. I am fed up with the Demcratic and Republican parties and I am switching to become and Independent. The majority of Democrats and Republican voters are fed up with illegal aliens and illegal immigration.

Ward 4 Voter
Sedcdude, brother you were on point too with your comment. Read these racist white gay liberals. Massachuestts voters were fed up with the bullshit and they elected Mr. Brown. I am seriously looking at Leo Alexander, but I have seen him at any ANC 4A or 4C meetings or the 16th Street Heights Civic Association, Crestwood, or Shepherd Park Civic Association meetings.

Sedcdude, brother you were on point too with your comment. Read these racist white gay liberals. Massachuestts voters were fed up with the bullshit and they elected Mr. Brown. I am seriously looking at Leo Alexander, but I haven't seen him at any ANC 4A or 4C meetings or the 16th Street Heights Civic Association, Crestwood, or Shepherd Park Civic Association meetings
Memo to LL from Alexander's people: You can't say anything negative about black candidates because you're white. Got it?
One thing we don't want to feed into is Leo Alexander being falsely labeled by the media as a "one issue candidate." Before the Internet, it got away with this madness. Now the newspapers that have controlled the minds of many voters will get a "beat down" in a heartbeat if the stuff ain't legit or correct. Madd Dog is correct, illegal immigration has a huge effect on our economic decline. From our research we found out that almost 20 million illegal immigrants migrated into the US in the LAST FIVE YEARS of the Bush (Republican) administration. There is no way anyone can convince me that this did not effect our economy. While the media gave the impression that all Republicans and most Whites agreed with Bush's policies, they were fuming at the influx of illegal immigrants and his weak immigration enforcement policies. And what do the Democrats do, stand around acting too afraid to take the lead on the issue of true immigration reform. I've lost friends over this issue. But I stand firm on my belief that everyone in the world can not live in America. It will destroy us.
We have begun to schedule ANC and civic association meetings. ANC 4A or 4C meetings or the 16th Street Heights Civic Association, Crestwood, or Shepherd Park Civic Association meetings will begin in February. Promise.
I almost died laughing when I read Mike Debonis list of people he thought should run for mayor. Check this out:
Alice Rivlin - 3/4/1931 – 79
Colbert King - 9/20/1939 - 71
Kojo Nnamdi - 1/8/1945 - 65
Peggy Cooper Cafritz - 4/7/1947 - 63
Emmitt Sullivan - (about 63)
Channing Phillips ???? (best bet) except he's trying to get a gig in the White House

Which one of these individuals do you think is going to campaign door-to-door? For those who think the revolution will be on You Tube, Twitter, My Space, Facebook, websites and electronic papers - people want to see and hear the person who is running to determine if the candidate is sane. They don't intend to make the same mistake twice. Everywhere we go people keep shouting, "Fenty has got to go." While I know DeBonis' old school list of candidates have bright minds, this generation of voters wants their grandparents to vote. They don't want to vote them in office. Peace out!
I will say, the majority of blacks in D.C. and whites living outside of D.C. are against illegal immigration. I agree, the U.S. cannot take in all the world's poor. If we take in Haiti's 9 million people, we are doomed as a country. Pay attention, in the D.C. area and around the U.S., Mexican, Central/South American, and Dominican women are breeding babies by the hundreds of thousands daily in the United States. Everywhere you look in the D.C. area, you see young Hispanic women with 3 o 4 children and one in their belly. This shit is out of control. Blacks have been afraid to speak out on this issue, because they didn't want to be viewed as racist. We accepted illegal and legal uneducated poor Hispanics into our poor and middle class black neighborhoods in the United States. According to a 2006 study done at Duke University and UNC at Chapel Hill, Mexicans coming to Durham, North Carolina had a negative view of black Americans before coming to the United States. Illegal Mexicans stated in the survey, they had more in common with white U.S. citizens in Durham, North Carolina than black U.S. citizens. Interesting, the whites lilving in Durham, North Carolina stated, they had more in common with black U.S. citizens than the illegal alien Mexicans. I listen to Terry Anderson a black radio host in Los Angeles weekly on the Internet. Terry discusses how bad illegal immigration is in Los Angeles and how traditional black neighborhoods like Watts, South Central, and Compton are now mostly Mexican and blacks have been displaced in their neighborhoods and in employment. I am sending Terry a copy of this article.
I agree with Ms. Mohammed and others on this issue. Illegal immigration is a serious problem in the U.S. and black neighborhoods are being affect the most by this. Now that illegal aliens are moving into all white neighborhoods in Maryland, Virginia, and around the country, white U.S. ciitizens are raising hell and they are upset to see their neighborhoods being trashed and overcrowed homes and apartments. This doens't make them a racist. I am a Ward 4 resident and I see overcrowding daily in apartments and in homes in Ward 4. Ward 4 D.C. Councilmember Muriel Bowser Chairs the Committee that oversee DCRA and she has admitted to the overcrowding, but she and her colleagues on the Council of the District of Columbia are afraid to speak out, because they might offend the immigrants or Hispanics. There are sanitary and health issues involved in overcrowded housing. Communities in Wheaton and in Silver Spring, Maryland have brought the issue of overcrowding in housing up with the Montgomery County Council and they were ignored too.

Political correctness and the Democratic Party have remained silent on this issue and have pandered to illegal and legal Hispanics. With the U.S. economy being in the toilet, U.S. citizens are fed up with this bullshit. Congress will not address the illegal immigration issue this year, because citizens will be outraged at any amnesty deal given to illegal aliens.

Ward 4 D.C. Resident
Shepherd Park

Study Explores Anti-Black Prejudice Among Latino Immigrants
by Christina Asquith , July 27, 2006

Immigrants / Stereotypes /
Study Explores Anti-Black Prejudice Among Latino Immigrants
New study suggests immigrants bring negative views with them from home countries.

By Christina Asquith

Latino immigrants often hold negative views of African-Americans, which they most likely bring with them from their more-segregated Latin American countries, a new Duke University study shows.

The study also found that sharing neighborhoods with Blacks reinforces Latino’s negatives views, and reinforces their feelings that they have “more in common with Whites” — although Whites did not feel the same connection with Latinos.

“We were actually quite depressed by what we found. The presence of these attitudes doesn’t augur well for relations between these two groups,” says lead author Dr. Paula D. McClain, a Duke political science professor.

The study, “Racial Distancing in a Southern City: Latino Immigrants’ Views of Black Americans,” is based on a 2003 survey of 500 Latino, Black and White residents in Durham, N.C., a city with one of the fastest-growing Latino populations. Latinos represented 8.6 percent of Durham’s population in 2001, up from 1 percent in 1990.

Duke’s study found that Blacks did not reciprocate the negative feelings. And highly educated Hispanic respondents who socialize with Blacks were not as likely to harbor negative stereotypes.

McClain focused her study on the South because she wanted to examine what impact the Hispanic population explosion in the region was going to make on the Black/White dynamic.

“No section of the country has been more rigidly defined along a Black-White racial divide [than the South]. How these new Latino immigrants situated themselves vis-à-vis Black Americans has profound implications for the social and political fabric of the South,” McClain writes.

Among the results: Almost 59 percent of Latino immigrants reported feeling that “few or almost no Blacks are hard working.” And 57 percent found that “few or no Blacks could be trusted.”

ewer than 10 percent of White respondents held similar negative attitudes towards Blacks, suggesting that Hispanics were not adopting their negative views from Whites. Previous research on race and Latin America found that Blacks “represent the bottom rungs of society” and Duke researchers surmise Latino immigrants “might bring prejudicial attitudes with them,” the study states.

Dr. Ronald Walters, a professor of political science at the University of Maryland, calls the study “right on target.” He says that Hispanics overwhelmingly consider themselves as “White” because of the overall negatives associations with being Black.

Some say that such poor relations represent a missed opportunity for two working-class groups to partner politically. McClain intends to start a larger survey in the next year in other Southern cities, including Memphis. She hopes her findings will be more positive.

“If large portions of Latino immigrants maintain negative attitudes of Black Americans, where will this leave Blacks?” she asks. “Will Blacks find that they must not only make demands on Whites for continued progress, but also mount a fight on another front against Latinos?”

© Copyright 2005 by
Having read some of this evenings' thoughtful posts, I decided to give Alexander a second look. If it's true that his base is drawn from the old Marion Barry base (as noted by Gray in BeBonis' September write up), then that's enough info for me. It'll be my last look at Alexander.
@ truthhurts
actually that's all your fellow bloggers and the writers for CP ever do! No one cares about your views, opinions or slanderous comments if they are not backed with TRUTH (facts), how can you not understand that while having that tagname???? Sensitivity gets you nowhere and if the truth hurts, then shame on you for not being able to handle truth!
Let me say this, all Hispanics are not criminals or illegal aliens. Many are productive United States citizens. I feel that it is wrong for Latinos/Hispanics "NOT" to be against illegal immigration, cracking down on illegal aliens, and enforcing our immigration laws. If these were millions of blacks or whites coming from the Caribbean, Africa, or Europe, the majority of Hispanics would be for enforcing immigration laws. I am a black citizen with over 400 years of ancestry traced back to slavery in South Carolina. If these were millions of black Africans or black Caribbeans who broke U.S. laws by crossing our porous borders, I would want their behinds deported and U.S. immigration laws enforced. I am a citizen of the United States of America, not some foreign country on the continent of Africa or in the Caribbean.
I am a white guy from New Jersey and a registered Democrat. I don't support illegal immigration. Illegal means illegal and illegal immigrants don't have a right to be working or employed in the United States. Many of these so called jobs that U.S. citizens want do or don't want is BS. It's about cheap labor! The Democratic Party is looking for cheap votes and the Republican Party is looking for cheap labor. As I see it, U.S. citizens are screwed by these spineless politicians. I think, U.S. citizens are getting fed up with these politicians serving themselves, big business, and illegal immigrants, and not the people. They spoke with the elected Senator Brown in Mass.
I am a white guy from New Jersey and I don't support illegal immigration. The Democratic Party is looking for cheap votes and the Republican Party is looking for cheap labor.

U.S. citizens are fed up with all the BS coming from these self serving politicians. They only serve themselves, big business, illegal immigrants, and lobbyist. Senator Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are on their way out the door in their re-election. I am a registered Democrat, but I am not a liberal. I don't support President Obama's healthcare plan either.

As I see it, U.S. citizens are screwed by these spineless politicians. I think, U.S. citizens are getting fed up with politicians serving themselves, big business, and illegal immigrants, and not the people. The citizenry spoke when they elected Senator elect Brown in the State of Mass.
I am bisexual, liberal, white, and a Democrat. I gave a $100.00 donation to the Red Cross for Haiti. On the issue of illegal immigration, I don't support it. Illegal immigration is out of control. I know many white liberals in Montgomery County who have drawn the line on the illegal immigration issue. The United States is becoming overpopulated and it cannot or will be able to absorb all these people. We have 300 million people in the United States. With the high birth rate of Hispanics legal and illegal in the United States, I expect the U.S. population to increase to 400 million people in 20 years.
The United States is becoming overpopulated and it cannot or will not be able to absorb all these people. We have 300 million people in the United States. With the high birth rate of Hispanics legal and illegal in the United States, I expect the U.S. population to increase to 400 million people in 20 years.
What I find interesting, on tonight all the major networks, HBO, and many cable channels hosted the Haitian telethon. Not one of the Spanish speaking networks including Univision carried the Haitian telethon. I do see a lack of concern by some Hispanic ethnic groups on the Haitian crisis. I read on the Internet, Puerto Ricans and Dominicans have held meeting in cities like Philadelphia to raise money. I haven't heard anything from La Raza, Casa de Maryland, LULAC, or MALDEF, or any Central American organizations in the United States. I do think, there is a disregard for blacks or Afro Latinos by many in the Hispanic community. I am sure, it this tragedy had occurred in El Salvador or Mexico, most ethnic groups within Hispanic communities around the country would be involved. If these were European whites, I wonder if blacks or Hispanics would donate their money? Just a thought!
@ van helsing
at the end of the day, blacks just want to be able to earn a living and take care of their families, but because of lies, manipulation, misrepresentation, unaccountability and ignorance WE are labeled and prejudged!
I would not hesistate to help my fellow man if in need, not because I have an agenda, a want or a need to be recognized, moreso because it's the HUMAN THING TO DO! Blacks collectively, don't have global aspirations or agendas and that needs to change, both africa and haiti have been pimped and raped by 'outsiders' who have either lead the charge to reform by religion or shear greed, LET'S SEE HOW THIS DEBAUCHAL in haiti plays out!
How can you question our loyalty to this kuntry when we helped build it, enforce it's laws when they don't favor us, report it's media when it misrepresents us, support it's economy when it turns on us....
Van Helsing don't fret, blacks still suffer from Jim Crow, Willie Lynch syndrome.....
I've read some very interesting comments on illegal immigration but please let's don't focus on one group. Yes, the majority of illegal immigrants in America in recent years have come from 18 different Latin countries through our loosely secured southern borders. However, there is an increasing number of illegal immigrants jumping on the bandwagon from Asia and Africa thru the shipping docks, Russians, and Germans. The more obvious is the Latino population - Press 2. Law enforcement are concerned about an ever-growing Russian mafia in the US! Russian mafia? Now the so-called ex-Communists are here running stuff. This is crazy! When you dig deeper you will find loopholes that allow illegal immigrants to receive more local and federal FREE benefits than Americans. This madness must stop. A recent study shows that in DC (alone) local benefits paid to and for illegal immigrants costs taxpayers on average $86 million yearly. And these staggering numbers are growing. Maryland and Virginia are running in the billions. Sympathizers of mass illegal immigration in the US label me a racist. Can you believe this? To me this is a matter of common sense and self-preservation. Have any of you checked on senator -elect Scott Brown's position on illegal immigration? He is anti-illegal immigration and that's what really got him elected. Many Americans do not want to pay for healthcare benefits for millions of illegal immigrants which is included in Obama's bill. That's what is not being stated in the media.
I agree with your comment Ms. Mohammed. There are thousands of illegal alien white Irish in New York City and from African and Asian countries. But let's face it, the majority of illegals are coming from like you stated 18 different Spanish speaking countries. There's a serious problem when you see certain communities become Spanish speaking barrios within 5 years. As I see it, the quality of life in the United States is going down hill fast.
Also, the majority ethnic groups of people living in overcrowded housing/apartments in the D.C. area is Hispanics. You do find Africans and Asians living in overcrowded conditions in D.C., but not like you see Salvadorans/Central Americans. I concur with a comment someone posted about sanitary conditions and diseases in overcrowded apartments. Your Ward 4 D.C. Councilmember Muriel Bowser oversees DCRA and neither she or this Agency are enforcing or addressing overcrowded apartments in the District of Columbia. I have seen as many 10 people living in a studio apartment in Ward 1. I am white, but many white liberals talk out of both sides of their mouths. Overcrowded apartments/homes would not be tolerated in Ward 3, Foggy Bottom, Georgetown, Capital Hill, Kalorama neighborhoods.
Illegal Immigration is just that ILLEGAL and trying to put a different more liberally and socially accepted face on it is misleading. I am an unemployed black female who has worked since I was 16 years-old for the federal government in one form or another either as a civial employee, contractor or consultant. Let me say this the federal government through its contracting vehible is the worst offender of illegal immigrants taking American citizens jobs and outsourcing them.

As Jobs Leave America's Shores...
The New Face of Class War

America is seeing a widening polarization into rich and poor. The resulting political instability and social strife will be terrible.

Te attacks on middle-class jobs are lending new meaning to the phrase "class war". The ladders of upward mobility are being dismantled. America, the land of opportunity, is giving way to ever deepening polarization between rich and poor.

The assault on jobs predates the Bush regime. However, the loss of middle-class jobs has become particularly intense in the 21st century, and, like other pressing problems, has been ignored by President Bush, who is focused on waging war in the Middle East and building a police state at home. The lives and careers that are being lost to the carnage of a gratuitous war in Iraq are paralleled by the economic destruction of careers, families, and communities in the U.S.A. Since the days of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1930s, the U.S. government has sought to protect employment of its citizens. Bush has turned his back on this responsibility. He has given his support to the offshoring of American jobs that is eroding the living standards of Americans. It is another example of his betrayal of the public trust.

Besides a legitimate guest worker program for the seasonal agriculture industry, American companies and universities are allowed to import "temporary" workers for all sorts of jobs that they need workers for. The main reason given is that there are no workers available but usually it is that there are no workers available at the lower wage rates desired by the employer.

Does that sound familiar? In any case, the program has no serious safeguards to protect American workers from being replaced and is often abused to simply provide cheap foreign labor to increase bottom line profits.

The Immigration act of 1990 established an annual quota of H1B visas to allow the best and brightest workers in where there are legitimate shortages in the US workforce. In a capitalistic society, supply and demand takes care of shortages and surplus – in a much more efficient way than government programs could ever do.

In March 2003, the American Engineering Association reported that the US high tech sector lost 560,000 jobs between January 2001 and December 2002. While this corresponded with the dot-com bust, it is worthwhile to note that during the same period companies sponsored more H1B and other "temporary" visas than the numbers of jobs lost. Obviously, there could not have been a shortage but employers simply wanted cheaper labor.

In 2001 it was reported that 9 out of every 10 new job openings for computer/IT were taken by temporary workers on H-1Bs. In 2002 the INS issued 312,000 visas.

More and more frequently, companies are using the program as part of their job outsourcing plans where the foreign worker is brought in and trained by the American worker. Only when the foreign worker goes home the job goes with him and the American worker is then laid off.

In closing America does not have the manpower to track and inforce these visa's therefore when they expire noone enforces deporting the holder and they stay "illegally" and continue to rape this system and it's people; stealing income from taxpayers and avoiding the legal responsibility of paying taxes and becoming accountable.
Dear Wendy and Dr. Van Helsing:

Who is looking out for Americans? Jobs are outsourced as well as handed over to undocumented workers inside this country. Americans pay fines or go to jail for not paying taxes but illegal immigrants don't pay income taxes and are treated with more respect than us. It's not fair. What are Americans supposed to do - lay over and let this happen without a challenge? Are Americans despised that much by other Americans that believe this country should be destroyed from within? Will it be unlawful to speak English in the future? What's really going on that I'm not privy to?
@ wendy
sorry to read that you are now unemployed, but what's even more ironic is the fact that the only jobs available in the future will be those tax based careers such as police, firefighters and teachers, paramilitary employment that instigates false pride and nationalism!
@ V. Mohammed
this is all by design and WE have to look out for each other! There's no coincidence that bama now wants to place restrictions on banks after the bailouts 'handouts', Goldman's creation of a bank out of thin air and their recent acquisition of the dollar general; parent company to all dollar stores, the intentional allowance of merril lynch and lehman brothers to fold and the same figures recycled and strategically placed in key positions and throughout various administrations while WE the people foot the bill and struggle, marshall law is soon to follow when the have nots decide to take from the haves, PRESSURE BURSTS PIPES......
Though I don't necessarily buy into City Paper's left-of-center tilt, in recent years I've valued that it's not afraid to be un-PC. Thus, I'm disappointed in Mike DeBonis's six picks, which reek of the white-guilt attitudes of the moldy-oldy 1970s.
At a time when Washington is becoming increasingly diverse (more white, Asian and Hispanic), five of the picks are black, with the ancient Alice Rivlin the exception. Why isn't Michelle Rhee on the list instead of Peggy Cafritz? In addition to improving test scores by her sheer will, she must be doing something right to be pissing off so many people. Instead of Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan, why not Superior Court Judges Frederick Weisberg, Robert Richter or Russell Canan? Any lawyer who practices regularly in DC will tell you they are the best judges in town, and with 10 times the case load of Judge Sullivan. And why Kojo Nnamdi and not Gordon Peterson?
Race aside, the one name not on the list that should be is Anthony Williams, the best thing that ever happened to Washington, DC.
@Patrick Hand, I just fainted after reading your comment. Slave to the Rhythm and Pull Up To The Bumper Baby.

Many of the Central Americans in D.C. are not citizens, some are illegal, and tehy cannot vote or run for public office. For years, I thought Miss Ted Loza working in Miss Jim Graham's office was a citizen.
Patrick: The lawlessness of allowing massive numbers of illegal immigrants to come here to work in DC started with Anthony "Bow Tie" Williams. While a few jurisdictions, set up E-Verify and laws that restricted illegal immigrants, Anthony welcomed the cheap labor movement. African American skilled labor started losing their jobs en masse and have never been able to recover them. As a sign of despair, many took to drinking and alcohol. To be honest, Black people did not trust him and hate his guts.

But Marion Barry gave his approval and people followed him like a herd of sheep jumping off a cliff. Now Barry apologizes for his mistake everywhere he goes. Anthony was much kinder in the way he screwed our community. In other words, we got KY Jelly with Anthony but we still got poked. Fenty has orders to pick up the baton , screw us again and forget all about the KY Jelly. Go hard.

Plus there was something strange about Anthony. He always seemed aloof in private conversations. People kept saying he was such a genius. I kept thinking he forgot to take his meds. It took Anthony years before he felt comfortable with shaking hands with Black folks. Many people who worked closely with his wife on his elections said (allegedly) she was a "stone-cold" alcoholic but extremely nice. Something that was hidden by the media. I've had enough of him and his crew.
LOL@Valencia Mohammed

Valencia, I think King Fenty forgot to take his medicine too. LOL What's up with Muriel Bowser? She kisses Fenty's ass and do whatever the King tells her to do. I heard people up in Ward 4 are sick of Bowser too.
funny, after reading through all of this no one seems to have a good reason for unseating the mayor other than his arrogance.
...and maybe a little cronyism.

the fact remains that the murder rate is the lowest it's been in decades, school test scores are actually improving, our city population is rising, and you can finally pay for the actual distance you travel in a taxi cab. Which I might add has also made the taxi business more competitive and thus easier for us (black guys) to hail a cab.

i would also say that government is smaller, more efficient, and more effective under Mr. Fenty. Finally, after decades of a lazy, unresponsive government workers we have a young, energetic government workforce that is actually making a difference.

the changes made at CFSA, DCRA, DPW and other agencies are working because for once managers are being held accountable. It's very clear that if they don't do their jobs, Fenty will fire their asses faster than he can spit.

I say keep Fenty.
The Massachusetts vote was not about Coakley or Brown. The people are sick and tired of a one sided congress with their secrecy, locked doors, theft of $1.5 billion in bribes, lack of any transparency, etc. VA, NJ and MAss are in the midst of a revolution and next month when Obama reaches Nevada's border he will see it there also. He should save the crew of Air Force One a trip and just stay home.
Some people repeat phrases like a parrot. There are many reasons why Mayor Fenty should be replaced,arrogance IS NOT one of them. However, his lack of fiscal responsibility is a major one.

From Black history, there were slave owners who were arrogant and crude and others who were more benevolent. Yet they were all still slave owners.

Fenty can throw a tantrum, not answer a question, ignore an important Black figure, not respond to media requests - where people may react emotionally. However, the residents that I talk to who vow to get rid of him have more intelligent and substantial reasons why he must be punished.

In fact, to suggest that people want to get rid of someone simply because that person is arrogant seems unintelligent and insulting. More than any other racial group in DC, Blacks feel the sledge hammer of Fenty's administration. And they are going to get him and it doesn't matter how much money he has raised.
Wow, that was deep Valencia. You and I have been in meeting together. Valencia, I saw you at the Ward 4 Democrats meeting back in October. I noticed once Vincent Gray got there you left. I didn't stick around either. I would like to met Leo. Someone had told me about him over 2 years ago about his views on illegal immigration. If you are up tonight Valencia, please listen to Terry Anderson show at midnight. Terry's one hour show discusses illegal immigration.
there are quite a few reasons I can think of as to why dc citizens will want Fenty gone, let's see...being pissed on and being told it's rain for starters, in the form of school closings, termination of social services that enabled and supported adults and children, the deliberate downsizing and gentrifying of city administrations and neighborhoods, the misappropriation of funds and contracts through cronyism and favoritism throughout city government, the welcoming and servicing of 50,000+ illegals, the catering to and support of 'outside' contractors who took city dollars while utilizing illegals and 'outside' labor while simultaneously taking the money and running, the creation of a cold, efficient, yet out of touch government and a POLICE state just to name a few.
Please don't credit Fenty's administration with the decline of violent crime because that would have more to do with the process of attrition and the changing views towards drug dealing as a 'culture' and the drug markets relocating outside of DC!
Lets also not forget the Fenty administration's benefiting from a more educationally, sexually, economically and socially diverse citizenry that embodies political correctness, image is everything thought processes and a shear want and need to do better mindset amongst the youth here in dc, thus curtailing a more violent and aggressive one.
Times have changed and so have people, Fenty's Bushesque approach to governing is old and tired especially coming from a true spoiled brat! LESS IS MORE IN THIS TOWN!
Alice Rivlin would be just what this city needs. A good numbers head and her heart is in the right place. She would make decisions in the best interest of all DC residents, not just those with power and money already. Yes! Do it! I'm so excited!
lastly, it does not make government or any agency for that matter efficient if Fenty has to threaten with termination, I would much rather be served by a professional who understands the task at hand and who takes PRIDE in providing that service, PROFESSIONALISM and RESPECT goes a long way my friend, not fear......
Alice Rivlin - 3/4/1931 – 79

Let's don't get caught up in the media hype. Remember when the City paper tore up Linda Cropp for looking matronly against Fenty? Well, what do you think the community will think about Alice Rivlin? We all agree she has a bright mind. I don't care how her campaign would try to sell her, she will be 80 before the election and almost 81 when she's sworn in.

Plus we've seen her work with big business. Please forgive me everyone but my center is my Blackness, sometimes that's good , other times it's not. But bare with me. Rivlin was on the Control Board that destroyed ties that Barry had with Black contractors. Her so-called brilliance is also tied to allowing businesses to flourish with undocumented workers. She and other members of elite business operatives are fully aware of the affects of illegal immigration on the District. But she hasn't said a word! In her position, silence condones this wrong. Please enlighten me on any documentation where Rivlin comes out against illegal immigration.
There's a debate going on now in Congress about taking in thousands of Haitians.

What a mess!!

I am truly sorry for the problems in Haiti, but why should the United States have to take in Haiti's poor? The U.S. have high unemployment, crime, overcrowding houses/apartments, citizens without healthcare, citizens on welfare/food stamps. Let Europe or some African country take these people in. I was against the United States letting Salvadorans and others get temporary status and they never left. I don't support the Haitians coming here either. It's not the U.S. responsibilty to take care of people from all over the world. Are we the world's welfare country. The U.S. focus should be on it's citizens, not Haiti's. If President Obama or Congress accept these Haitian nationals, they will see a citizen revolt all over the U.S. We the citizenry is tired of seeing our country destroy by importing poverty from other countries. These people don't speak English, are uneducated, poor, and we have enough illegal Spanish speakers who don't speak English already in our country. U.S. citizens are doomed.
Fenty's mistakes are too numerous to count. It is clear that he does not know how to think clearly and rationally. His first poor decision was to appoint Michelle Rhee chancellor of the schools. While she may be well intentioned and idealistic, she has no idea how to run a huge bureaucracy. Instead of trying to win supporters, she constantly creates fights for no reason, as though no one but her wants to improve public schools. The same can be said of the Mayor. His refusal to let city workers testify at city council hearings and his unwillingness to share baseball tickets with the city council are evidence of this. He will fire city workers at the drop of a hat without doing investigations. Evidence of this can be seen in the Banita Jacks case when a number of social workers were laid off without a full investigation.
I never voted for King Fenty. He's closing recreation centers, boys and girls clubs, schools in black communities and for what?! He has no agenda just ulterior motives.
• His worst mistake is leading with a dictatorial, top down approach to almost all decisions. He seems convinced that he and his very small coterie of advisors and city officials have no responsibility to make themselves available for dialogue with the citizens of DC. Indeed, he seems intolerant of those who disagree with him, indifferent to the concerns of citizens or officials who bring unwelcome complexity to discussions and he appears to view any attempts at holding his government accountable to DC taxpayers as interference in his divine right to rule. Most of my friends, neighbors and colleagues jokingly refer to our city government as "the tyranny of the left." The title is all the more telling because we are liberal democrats who are completely in sympathy with Fenty's stated goals for the city but find his methods and lack of respect for democratic process and consultation deplorable. While he may intend improvement in the city his methods are leading to yet another more insular group who regard this city as their personal business to be managed according to their own preferences and views.
Many blacks bristle at the comparison between the civil rights movement and the immigrant demonstrations, pointing out that black protesters in the 1960's were American citizens and had endured centuries of enslavement, rapes, lynchings and discrimination before they started marching.

Others worry about the plight of low-skilled black workers, who sometimes compete with illegal aliens for entry-level jobs.
The debate to allow Haitian immigrants into this country after the earthquake aftermath is a smoke screen to giving amnesty to 26 million illegal immigrants that came here in the last 10 years.

I was thinking about writing Obama to demand that he give my reparations to the Haitians since he doesn't want to give it to me. But I changed my mind. Obama plans to give more to illegal immigrants than what it would cost the government to give us in reparations. I'm going to fight this and fight hard.

If there is an earthquake, volcanic eruption or tsunami in other parts of the world, are the victims suppose to gain refuge in the US? No.

I say let's help them restore and rebuild the Haiti like it never knew before. Let us not rule it but monitor more closely what is going on where 340,000 orphans and 10,000 HIV/AIDS and social programs exists.

Did we finish rebuilding New Orleans yet?
Yes, haiti is a smokescreen, but it will and is a cashcow at the moment! Haiti will be rebuilt alright, but not unlike N.O. it will generate profit for contractors and investors who will oversee its rebuilding and 'new' economical push with its imports/exports, infrastructure and its newfound tourist appeal will attract freaks, do'gooders and urban warriors looking for excitement and an endless source of black orphans!
Make no mistake about it, Katrina was the blueprint on how to get em' out and keep em' out strategy but Dubai and Iraq are the plans for economics 101 in the 21st century for investors and contractors!
Haiti will be something 'special' here shortly and it's obvious! A whole lot of unaccountable dollars out there....
Almost funny but ultimately sad how the Fenty dog and pony show is bought, swallowed and digested by everyone including its' number one victim, the black people, lock stock and barrel. Follow the developers, duh, it's their city and they call the shots, always have.
I refuse to learn spanish and get over it and no I won't move to Maryland or disappear.
Sister Valencia I could listen to you forever and still it wouldn't be enough, love an intelligent active sister; right on! May the people of DC WAKE UP and end the slave puppetry two step on every level.
Those empty glass and fake chrome buildings stand on land and homes that black people, my people built and lived. They remain empty not only due to high leases but because they are so wrong and mired in greed.
The next bald headed fake ugly mayor won't save anybody either, hello? DC where you at?
There are more than 160 member countries in the United Nations. Let some of those countries take in the Haitians that wish to leave their island home.

Let us start with the injured. The various nations that make up Central and South America can take in the injured, followed by the relatives of the injured.

I believe that one can receive first class care in nations such as Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, etc.

America is not for everyone and not everyone is for America. We have enough problems here with our own people. Let us help our fellow Americans. Let us repair our infrastructure. Let us address poverty here at home. Let us educate our children. We can no longer be the sole savior of the world.

Let the rest of the world help with the Haitian immigration issue. Let the rest of the world solve the Haitian immigration issue.
Bringing millions of Haitians here is simply not in the best interests of the United States and its citizens, however well it serves beleaguered Haitians. If OUR OWN GOVERNMENT doesn’t put the best interests of American citizens ahead of the interests of the rest of the world, WHO IS GOING TO? Post-Americanism is right. We are, for all practical purposes, second-class citizens in our own country BEHIND foreigners of all stripes, including the ones who want to kill us and destroy our culture. Our government is supposed to defend us, and our interests first and foremost. That is the basis of the Constitution, and one step back, the Social Contract. Every elected representative, at whatever level of government, needs to be called out on this, beginning with BO and members of Congress.
Please run for Mayor "Linda Cropp".! Lets face it, Mrs. Cropp got unfair treatment from many of us because of her age. She was painted as this angry black women, when in fact she is the total opposite. Linda Cropp has a long successful career with our city and it was so disapointing that Mike D. had not suggested Linda Cropp. I voted for this guy, Adrian Fenty. He sold me! If I could have my vote back today, it would definately go to then Council Chair Linda Cropp, and secondly to Marie Johns who recently accepted an appointment at Deputy Adminsitrator for the Small Business Administration, and third to Michael Brown. He is truly the anti-Fenty, and for that alone, Michael Brown you can have my vote, but know I will vote you out too, if you rule without consideration of the majority.
I had considered Leo Alexander, but no more. I have read his comments on his Facebook page, and he has a strident tone when responding to people who do not agree with him. Confidence is nice, but arrogance is what we already have in the mayors office right now.
Dear Stlindc:

It seems you are among the people who cringe when a Black man speaks his mind without fear of offending others who have stepped on African Americans. I like Leo as a candidate because he's fearless. He has the audacity to challenge a $4 million candidate. Leo doesn't care about whether his name will appear in the mainstream press. By now Black people realize this has been one of our biggest downfalls. Right now there's only two candidates on the street - Leo and Adrian. People welcome Leo at their homes while Adrian is getting doors slammed in his face. When Black people want to get rid of someone there's nothing one can do but cheat. But Leo has vowed that no non-believer will triumph over him. And he means that. Stand in the way and a herd of elephants will run over you. Fenty's gone. Stay in DC and watch the revolution. Peace.
Leo Alexander has Valencia Mohammed as his spokesperson and campaign manager, surely he should know better than to entrust this ex-school board member who did absolutely nothing while she was in office and can't even control her own child who was a menace to the community, check his profile (murder, drugs, guns), one of her daughters is an alcoholic on welfare and one is in between Jail and the St. Elizabeths surely no one will hire her now to work in government. All politicians are the same, I didn't vote for Fenty and neither wil vote for Gray... even if Linda Cropp was to bounce back I would vote her in... Lets face it, it is all about how much more $$$ can be milked out of DC. Leo get someone else on your team, she will turn you around ...
Ms. Mohammed and all other haters of Fenty, why don't you challenge to get him out of office NOW instead of waiting until the primaries... Fenty doesn't have to actually stay in office until election time... you're wasting the time of the tax payers, put you feet to the pavement and get him out of office NOW...
King Fenty discriminates against people 45 years and up. For some reason, Fenty have a disdain for people 45 and up and he feels they are washed up, should retire, or die. As a native Washingtonian, I too am concerned with all the white/gay appointments Fenty has in his administration. I don't think his DDOT Director Gabe Klein is qualified for the position. Fenty wants to live in a color blind society, because he's a light skinned Negro with a black father and white mother. Racism do exist in D.C. and in America and many white Americans will continue to remind blacks of our place in society. Blacks worse enemies as I see it are white liberals like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, etc. The white liberals I mentioned continue to focus on color and race in society. Harry Reid was a good example. Tiger Woods wanted to be white and Tiger wanted to be accepted by white America. Tiger was white America's little Negro poster boy, until he married a white blond Swedish woman and had sex with all white women and committed adultery. Adrian will fall from grace as I told him in a private email several months ago and he will come running back to the black community for forgiveness. Many blacks will not fall for Fenty's BS and many Ward 4 voters in the 16th Street Heights, Crestwood, Shepherd Park, Lamond-Riggs, Petworth, Brightwood, Brightwood Park, and Takoma hate Fenty guts and will not be voting for him. William Lightfoot is an elitist Negro with light eyes who think's he's better than the average black living in the so called white man's world. I can assure you Mr. Lightfoot to many whites in America, you are a Negro with hazel eyes and who doesn't speak with a Negro dialect.
No, Mrs. Mohammed...your assessment is inaccurate. Nobody is "cringing" about Mr. Alexander being a free-speaking Black man. But he comes off a bit hair-trigger and insulting towards those who challenge his postions--similar to what you've done in your assesment of me, without knowing anything about me. It's not much different in tone than that of the egomaniac that we currently have in office.
If I was still a registered DC voter, I wouldn't throw away my vote on a career politician or a wannabe politician. DC's Mayor has to have fundraising/lobbying (read "schmoozing") experience. DC's Mayor has to be an effective leader--not a boss. DC's Mayor must have a head for numbers and the stomach for accountability.

What you really want to do is lure the head of a DC, community-based nonprofit (one without the slightest aroma of corruption) to campaign for the job. Someone who knows to lobby effectively...Someone who knows how to make a tough, budget call--for the right reasons...Someone who knows that crap rolls uphill, not down.

Now...who is this virgin that the voters would offer up for sacrifice?
Mrs. Mohammed, your bang up job on the school board helped to pave the way for the FIRST control board we had and made DC ripe for people like Rhee.
I'm wavering between Fenty and Leo Alexander.

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