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Standout Track: “Love at First Sight,” a brittle, lightly orchestrated slow-burner in which violinist Emily Chimiak—singing in a pretty, delicate rasp—warns against rushing into romance. The song features four members of the 40-member collective, including Chimiak’s Mittenfields bandmate Dave Mann, who wrote the ballad, and multi-instrumentalist Nate Plutzik, who arranged it.

Musical Motivation: Mann wrote the song around 2005 and demoed a couple of versions. One was centered on a simple piano line, and he later used it as an auditioning tool for Mittenfields. “When I was looking for vocalists, I would send it out” so prospective singers could “record their vocals over it,” he says. “So I have all these versions with different female vocalists.” For Spelling for Bees, Chimiak replaced Mann’s lyrics with her own, then rewrote them again: Her original words, she says, “were an optimistic view of love at first sight,” but she later turned the song into a cautionary tale: “Both versions ring true to me. I am an idealist with reservations that I choose to ignore.”

Sweet Symphony: Spelling for Bee’s activities include in-studio partnerships and a residency at Velvet Lounge, where monthly shows resemble open mics centered on a theme (next month’s is “guilty pleasures”). But Mann and Plutzik have bigger ambitions, like filming a documentary on the collective and perhaps starting a record label to showcase its work. They also have plans for more involved collaborations. “We want to have something where everybody is playing on the same stage, and do something epic,” Plutzik says. “An indie symphony is a good way to describe it.”

Spelling for Bees performs at Velvet Lounge on Tuesday, Dec. 1.

Our Readers Say

dec. 1 @ velvet lounge (just like the article says...
facebook event invite
Spelling for Bees is an amazing collective. I'm never met someone with more energy and enthusiasm about music than Dave Mann!

I'm so excited to see what they'll do next!!!!!!!
Dave is the Mann.
Nate Plutzik is a genius.
The Bees are on the swarm. This is a really exciting group, and we are happy to be a part of it. Come see some Bees in Dangerósa on Dec 15 at the More Than Me Benefit show.
snooze. pick a name and stick with it. this collective changes its name more than i change my underwear,,
oh yeah..i remember when they were the spelling bees then it was bees for spelling....and i guess that didn't work so they called themselves W.A.S.P but because of the internet they caught that mistake fast as there was a glam rock band with that name (some 80s band).....then they went through another dozen or so names....so yeah...its not that you are a dick but rather, you don't change your underwear that often.
mah undies are quite smelly but Spelling for Bees , twins of gazelle , the hand clap attack, mittenfields, amvsfmm are all the same shit. lke i said, snooze,
pick a fckin name and stick with it..... im sure theres a few more im missing..
also, a 40 member collective? the myspace recordings sound like 1 girl with a casio.... im not hearing 40 people, rofl
Sounds like you have no idea what you are talking about Dick OR you are being a dick because you are jealous somehow?!? Not sure which one is true.

I recently joined the collective and as far as I can tell...you are taking up issue with Dave Mann and not the collective itself. How do you know Dave and why is it that you feel like you have to compare a collective to different bands he is in?!? Sounds pretty ridiculous.

Glad to see that you can tell the difference between a recording (songs up on SfB myspace) and what a 40 member collective could sound like Cap'n Obvious.

Your comments are "snooze".......

snooze! snooze! snooze!
glad i could get rise out of you. my job is done.. let me know when you get out of that glorius venue that is the velvet lounge. lol, doughtful that will ever happen.
nice job there with the little sim movie sun commity. hilarious.....
Spelling for bees is seriously amazing. great track
I can't wait to see this song played live! Freakin SICK
Too fuckin funny..... guess I was right...


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