Is Fenty's Exercise Regimen Clouding His Judgment? All the mayor's exercise could be going to his head.

No Pain, No Brain: Overexercising can have psychological ramifications.
Darrow Montgomery

Late on Oct. 15, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty showed up at a meeting of the Capitol Hill North Neighborhood Association and promised to work on police staffing, nuisance properties, and other workaday issues.

But attendees noticed something amiss about Hizzoner that night—slurring his words, tuning out of conversations, losing his train of thought. One attendee put it this way: “He was drunk.”

Hardly: Fenty is famously a teetotaler with a weakness only for chamomile tea, and LL sees no reason why the good folks of north Capitol Hill might have sent him to the bottle.

Here’s LL’s armchair diagnosis: Fenty is suffering from an acute form of exhaustion stemming from overexercise and the stress of his mayoral duties. He ain’t right.

A hard-charging triathlete, Fenty maintains a rigid and ambitious training regimen—before dawn on Wednesday mornings, he’s been known to do interval training with his AOAT (“All Out All the Time”) track team at Dunbar Senior High School. Other mornings he embarks on runs starting at his Crestwood home and proceeding all across the city, often 10 miles or more. He’s a regular in the water, too, doing his triathlon training in various city pools.

And then there’s the cycling. As WTOP’s Mark Segraves documented this week, Fenty takes frequent midday training rides of two hours or more with his cycling team, D.C. Velo. For the rides, Hizzoner has requisitioned police motorcycles to protect his hide and ease his way through busy city and suburban streets.

Why the compulsion to work out? This is what he told a Delaware newspaper over the summer, after completing the Rehoboth Swim/Run Biathlon: “It’s almost essential that I begin my day with an athletic release.”

Another essential part of the Fenty daily regime is a lapse in judgment. For such a skilled campaigner, he’s proven to be a singularly tone-deaf governor—whether it’s marshaling cops to escort bike rides, refusing to meet with Dorothy Height and Maya Angelou, being unduly secretive about his travel schedule, etc.

Could all the exercise and the bad judgment be related?

LL consulted Keith Kaufman, who has a practice in sports psychology with Parkhurst Associates in Dupont Circle. He says that exercise is normally a good thing, that “in general, it’s one of the best ways to put balance in your life.”

But, yes, there is such a thing as too much exercise.

Kaufman says the consequences of overtraining can run the gamut from “staleness,” where “things don’t seem as fun anymore; you’re lacking some of that same fire, same interest,” to a point where the symptoms “start to mirror depression—you get lethargic, get disinterested.” And, if you push it far enough, Kaufman says, “the endpoint is burnout, a state of physical and mental exhaustion.”

And it’s not just the workouts you have to take into account, says Kaufman. “Stress can be cumulative,” he says. “There can be other things going on.…I think one of the big things I have with these people is time management, finding time to work recovery into the schedule when you can.”

If you don’t, Kaufman says, the depressive symptoms will start showing themselves: withdrawal. Sleeplessness. Lack of concentration. Irritability.

Let’s take a timeout on that last one. ’Cause if there’s one trait that the mayor repeatedly shows to those who follow him, it’s a hair-trigger irritability. Just this week, when he faced questions from Segraves about his cycling habits, Fenty went berserk, right in front of the D.C. press corps, accusing the WTOP reporter of running afoul of the law by taping the bike rides while driving.

Hizzoner’s patterns may be familiar to Alayne Yates, who has brought attention to the pathological dimension of exercise.

Yates, a former psychiatry professor at the University of Arizona, published a book in 1991 titled Compulsive Exercise and the Eating Disorders: Toward an Integrated Theory of Activity. In the book, Yates ties together mostly female anorexics and bulemics with mostly male “obligatory” exercisers—runners who overtrain to the point that it ruins their family and work lives, not to mention their bodies.

The book, in fact, begins the example with a politician—then Tennessee Governor Lamar Alexander, who found it hard even on a family vacation to give up his superpacked schedule. Compare that with Fenty, who was photographed training in Jamaica during a family vacay over the summer, before returning there last month to compete in a triathlon.

Yates’ book offers other analyses of the compulsive exerciser—descriptions that will read awfully familiar to John A. Wilson Building denizens. Obligatory exercise, she writes, “fosters a state of apparent narcissism,” complete with a “lack of empathy [see: teacher firings], a sense of self-importance [see: chauffeur Keith Lomax], indifference about the feelings of others [see: Clark Ray dismissal], and preoccupation with a successful performance [see: his ever-improving triathlon times].” Furthermore, they become “more and more egotistical as they become enveloped in a cloud of intermingled plans, lists, and actions [see: CapStats].”

Sure, to a point, the compulsive athlete’s habits can have a positive effect on his professional life. “They commit themselves to diet or running in the same manner that they commit themselves to vocational or educational activities,” Yates writes. But truly “disordered” overexercisers, she writes, become “seclusive, depressed, distrustful, hostile, and egocentric [see: administration’s response to virtually every FOIA request that comes its way]. Eventually, they assume a position of embattled autonomy and extreme overactivity [see: Fenty’s mountain training interlude after arriving at the 2008 Democratic National Convention].”

On Monday, LL reached Yates in Hawaii, where she’s retired. LL went on to describe Fenty—his ambitious workout schedule, his fatigue, his increasing inability to get along with others.

Her first question: “This guy is an overachiever?”

Indeed, the types of high achievers who end up in top executive roles, Yates says, are particularly susceptible to exercising to the point where they imperil the rest of their lives. “It’s very much a part of our culture,” she says. “People that we look up to are overachievers, and they push themselves, and that’s why they’re so successful. So we can’t say that on that basis that it’s pathological. It’s just when they push themselves into a corner where they endanger their relationships or endanger their physical health.”

So has Fenty pushed himself into a corner?

Hard to say without a full examination, Yates says. But she notes that “being a well-functioning person is different from being able to do your job. Usually the criteria is that he’s not functioning well on the job.”

And that can manifest itself in a dearth of professional relationships. In fact, Yates surmises, “He probably doesn’t have much in the way of close relationships unless they’re running with him.” (LL then mentioned that Fenty is in the habit of naming his training buddies to various boards and commissions. Asked Yates, “Are they qualified?”)

So what to do before Fenty burns out for real?

Kaufman says that “sometimes a light adjustment can be enough,” but “sometimes it can take something a little more sweeping than taking a day off here or there.” If a person’s a particularly bad case, he says, there’s a need to “really make some behavioral changes, to really cut back on the hours.”

In her book, Yates says that overexercisers, when embattled, “become even harder on themselves and they focus more on self improvement.” But she suggests a gamut of therapeutic options, from one-on-one counseling to inpatient treatment. But, in her book, she warns that obsessive exercisers “are not likely to accept help initially from a pudgy out-of-shape therapist.” Or a pudgy, out-of-shape political columnist.

Yates tells LL there are other options for Hizzoner: “They have sports medicine docs that deal with this, who can sit down with him and say, ‘Hey, you know you’re pushing it too far, don’t you think?’” Yates says. “And they aren’t as threatening as psychiatrists.”


Fenty’s Bulldog?

In the pages of this newspaper not long ago, Ron Moten announced his retirement from Peaceoholics, the group of gang interventionists that’s attracted a lot of government dollars and a lot of scrutiny in recent years.

But if you thought that Moten would slink off into the sunset, he put that notion to rest last Thursday. At a D.C. Council hearing on the millions of dollars in parks construction contracts shipped off to the D.C. Housing Authority and in turn handed to Fenty supporters, Moten showed up to testify—and to announce that he’s not going anywhere.

In his testimony, Moten made it a point to paint the ongoing power struggles between the D.C. Council and his old buddy Adrian Fenty as just another beef—like the ones Peaceoholics has been paid millions to squash over the years. But there wasn’t any beef-squashing in Moten’s remarks; it was more like beef-marinating.

Moten started off by calling councilmembers “masters of deception” before comparing their treatment of the parks contracts to what’s happened with the approval of the city lottery contract. He singled out Chairman Vincent C. Gray, accusing him of misdealings and dropping the name of “Bruce Banero”—by which LL assumes he meant Bruce Bereano, the Annapolis superlobbyist who’s also an old college frat buddy of Gray’s (and, Moten did not neglect to mention, who was convicted of a federal fraud charge in 1995).

“When I come in to this chamber I need to wear my Teflon vest, because the real gangsters are in here,” he said in closing.

The remarks prompted Gray, who had been in his office suite down the hall, to come to the council dais and go all Native Washingtonian on Moten. He insisted that Moten repeat his allegations to his face.

Gray started by demanding that Moten be sworn in. “For what?” Moten asked.

“’Cause I asked you to,” Gray replied. Moten protested that no other community witnesses had been sworn. Gray refused to back down. Moten proceeded to essentially dare Gray to have him carried from the chamber.

Then Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry got in the act, bringing up the incident where Moten, in a confrontation outside the Wilson Building, called Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander “trash.”

“You come to your friends, Ms. Alexander and myself, and curse us out and defame us!” Barry told Moten.

“Who did I curse out, Marion Barry?” asked Moten. “Marion Barry, who did I curse out?”

Said Barry: “You cannot interrupt me, Ron. Don’t interrupt me now! Stop it!”

Eventually the drama petered out. It helped that Moten was without his usual coterie of kids and Peaceoholics employees to back him up. (He’d brought more than 50 to a hearing the week before.)

“As of Monday, I won’t be with the Peaceoholics,” he said. “But I tell you, people down here are going to have to deal with me. And If you think I was raising hell, well, now I won’t be under no government contracts. I’m going to work for my people. I’m going to slave for my people. If you think you’ve seen something, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”


Political Potpourri

• Another day with no public appearances by Fenty last Friday meant another day of reporters wondering where the man has jetted off to.

LL learned that Hizzoner was in San Francisco—first off, to attend the Urban Land Institute’s fall meeting in order to drum up interest in next year’s shindig, to be held here in D.C.

But while there, he attended a fundraiser to benefit his re-election campaign, thrown by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, fresh off his decision not to pursue a gubernatorial bid. LL is guessing that of all the Frisco big shots invited, developer and ex-D.C. United owner Victor MacFarlane, whose plan to build a soccer stadium on Poplar Point was spurned by Fenty, was not among them.


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Our Readers Say

"indifference about the feelings of others [see: Clark Ray dismissal]" --LL

Fenty did not dismiss Clark Ray. Dan Tangherlini did.

Neil Richardson and Alec Evans have the real beef--along with citizens of DC that worked diligently to elect Fenty, who passed himself off as a progressive, made a bunch of now-broken promises to supporters, surrounded himself with crooks and turns out to be an exercise junkie.
Mayor Fenty is what he has always been--an incroyable, a merveilleux, an affected twerp whose every action bespeaks an overweening, corrupt, and fundamentally mindless narcissism.

Everything this useless flyweight does is about how he sees himself doing it.

In this he presents the perfect image for a city that is home to three basic groups: a permanently stranded and basically hopeless underclass, a small contingent of the powerful and unscrupulous and their assorted house slaves and sycophants, and an army of passive-aggressive parasites-for-hire whose lives are spent seeking motives for the malice that governs their destructive little lives.

Mayor Fenty represents the complete failure of a social ideal that stems from our national rejection of social equality in favor of Gilded Age corruption and a well-worn pack of lies about the land of freedom and opportunity.

Nothing can be done about Fenty and his kind until the rotten economic and political structure that spawns the likes of him is exposed for all to see and dismantled completely and for all time.
Of course it's wasn't alcohol, I think the Bama abuses steroids!

You tell me if the negative side effects listed don’t fit our pompous mayor to a T: “users may suffer from paranoid jealousy, extreme irritability, delusions, and impaired judgment stemming from feelings of invincibility.”
yeah everything is going to Fenty's head, you see how fat it is with his pure arrogance. 2010 is not coming fast enough. What's up with Moten's anger is he upset that the money trough has dried up? Hey if you want to help the kids do it for from the heart and for free. I have no respect for him.

for the typo -- it wasn't alcohol
It's about Mayor Fenty's arrogance and recent corruption scandals. The District of Columbia has a $666 million deficit and the mayor is wasting D.C. and federal taxpayers money for his personal pleasures. Mayor Fenty closed and privatized the D.C. Department of Mental Health and the mentally ill are wondering the streets of the city. Mayor Fenty spent thousands of D.C. tax dollars to install a heater in a D.C. public swimming pool he uses. Also, Fenty's kids were supposed to attend West Elementary School at 14th & Farragut Streets, NW. King Fenty chose to put his kids in an all white D.C. public school west of Rock Creek Park in predominately white Ward 3 D.C.

You need to worry about the affairs of Maryland and stay out of the business of D.C. residents/voters/taxpayers. The majority of black voters in D.C. are fed up with King Fenty's arrogance, corruption, and his bad behavior. This guy is in hot water with the D.C. voters and he will not be re-elected. I hope Fenty end in jail with Baltimore City's Mayor Sheila Dixon.

Ward 4 D.C. Resident/Voter/Taxpayer
Mayor Adrian Fenty refuse to meet with my Soror, the 97 year old legendary Dr. Dorothy Height.
Dr. Height is currently, at age 97, the Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, the largest civil rights organization in the USA. She was an honored guest and seated among the dignitaries at the inauguration of President Barack Obama on January 20, 2009.

Every year, she still personally attends the National Black Family Reunion, celebrated on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. In 1957, Height was named president of the National Council of Negro Women, a position she held until 1997. During the height of the civil rights movement of the 1960s, Height organized "Wednesdays in Mississippi", which brought together black and white women from the North and South to create a dialogue of understanding. American leaders regularly took her counsel, including First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, and Height also encouraged President Dwight D. Eisenhower to desegregate schools and President Lyndon B. Johnson to appoint African American women to positions in government.

I am angered by Mayor Adrian Fenty refusal not to meet with Dr. Dorothy Height and Maya Angelou. Mayor Fenty should have dropped whatever he had on his schedule to meet with these legendary women. His arrogance and refusal to meet with these women has angered many within the black community.

I am hearing many Ward 4 voters are not pleased with either Mayor Adrian M. Fenty and Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser. As I see it, the D.C. Council has no backbone. They let Mayor Fenty and the white bigoted Republican bully D.C. At-Large Councilmember David Catania closed and privatize the D.C. Department of Mental Health. Former DMH consumers are being sent to 35 K Street, NE by private providers and the Washington Hospital Center. The private providers have been overwhelmed and they haven't been able to provide appropriate care to D.C. mental health consumers. Some consumers have become depressed and they haven't been back to receive care. With the economy being in the toilet, citizens losing jobs and their homes, suicide rates are increasing. With the holidays approaching, depression or other mental health crisis will increase in the District of Columbia. What happened this week in Fort Hood and in Orlando, Florida with the mass killings, this could happen in the District of Columbia.

Mayor Fenty fired hundreds of Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Registered Nurses, and mental health Social Workers at the D.C. Department of Mental Health in August 2009. Spineless D.C. Chairman Vincent Gray and his colleagues didn't prevent this from happening. The Council of the District of Columbia allowed Mayor Fenty and Peter Nickles go get away with unlawful acts and now they are pretending to care. This is all political posturing the Council has recently shown. The mentally ill is walking around on the streets of the District of Columbia and the numbers are growing daily. The D.C. Government nor the federal government has done little to address the mentally ill. Psychiatric care have fallen short in the District of Columbia and in the United States. There need to be more funding for mental health in the District of Columbia and in the United States.

Brenda Martin, R.N.
B.S.N. Duke University
M.S.N. Johns Hopkins University
D.C. voters, please email King Fenty and let him know, we are not pleased with his dictatorship style of government and his arrogance. King Adrian Malik Fenty has proven to be a big disappointment, liar, arrogant, corrupt, and a dictator. King Fenty is no longer the man of the people, but the man looking out for himself, Frat. brothers, cronies, and wealthy developers. His arrogance/corruption has proven, he need to be voted out of office in 2010. I agree with Brenda Martin, King Fenty disrespected the 97 year old civil rights legend, Dr. Dorothy Height. This was the last straw for me King Fenty. You have made enemies of many members of Dr. Height's sorority, King Fenty. Adrian, you will not get my vote and I will never forgive you for the way you treated the people in the trenches in Ward 4 who helped you to defeat the former Ward 4 Councilwoman Charlene Drew Jarvis. You kicked them to the curb King Fenty. The same people you met at the top will be the same people you will meet on your way to the bottom. Good riddance to you King Fenty! Muriel Bowser the Ward 4 Councilwoman is a puppet for King Fenty and she's not liked by mostly the non-voters and voters in Ward 4. Remember Muriel, a lot of people didn't go to the polls and vote for you or King Fenty. My elderly parents lives in Brightwood Ward 4 Ms. Bowser and King Fenty. They dislike you both! Law abiding black citizens in D.C. need to get off their behinds and register to vote and vote in large numbers to get Fenty out of office. My West Indian friend became a citizen last year and he voted for the first time last November for the President of the United States. He's has already telephoned me by stating, he dislike King Fenty and he will not be voting for King Adrian M. Fenty. You see, Fenty is not as popular as he think. Many of the Unions dislike Fenty.

Registered Ward 5 D.C. Voter
Michigan Park
Well let's vote him out and then he can ride his bike all day without somebody wondering why he is not working.
Fenty has lost the support of many voters in D.C. and on his home turf Ward 4. Everywhere I go, people are talking about not voting for Fenty. Fenty disrespected 97 year old civil rights leader Dr. Dorothy Height, a powerful member of Delta Sigma Theta. This was Fenty's last straw in my eyes. In the beginning, I knew King Fenty was a fraud and he's not very bright as an Attorney. In the legal comm
Fenty has lost the support of many voters in D.C. and on his home turf Ward 4. Everywhere I go, people are talking about not voting for Fenty. Fenty disrespected 97 year old civil rights leader Dr. Dorothy Height, a powerful member of Delta Sigma Theta. This was Fenty's last straw in my eyes. In the beginning, I knew King Fenty was a fraud and he's not very bright as an Attorney. In the legal community amongst Attorneys, King Fenty is a joke. He has embarrassed my Frat and all it's members.

King Adrian M. Fenty is a corrupt politician and liar like most elected to public office. Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser is a Fenty puppet and she will do whatever your Majesty Fenty tells her to do. I never voted for Fenty as mayor and I didn't vote for Muriel Bowser for the Ward 4 Councilmember.

King Adrian Fenty fooled everyone with his phony populism and everyone thought he was Mr. Nice Guy, man of the people. I knew he was a disaster, when in the first debate at UDC he was unable to name the three credit rating agencies! Let's get with it people, when are we as voters going to start electing politicians for their intellectual capabilities and not because they make us feel good? Good on all of you DC residents who voted for Mr. Clean, now the city will once again go down the drain under his leadership...I TOLD YOU SO!!!
Thank you Washington City Paper for writing about the corruption of Mayor Fenty and his administration. My eyes opened when Fenty allowed his friend to drive his government own vehicle and he thought this was appropriate. I supported and voted for Mayor Adrian Fenty, but I will not be voting for this guy in 2010. Fenty has shown his true colors with his arrogance and his not listening to the voters in the District of Columbia. If there's a camera around, you can be assured, Fenty is somewhere around. He loves being before the camera. As I see it, many politicians are corrupt and are liars. Look at the polls in D.C., most people don't come out to vote and the one's that do vote have no idea of the policies or ideas of the candidates they vote for. Many young and old minorities came out to vote last year in the Presidential election. Many had never voted in their life. I hope these people will come out in 2010 in large numbers to vote Mayor Adrian M. Fenty out of office, because Adrian Fenty has turned out to be a big disappointment!

1977 Howard University Alum
Alec Evans was a former staffer for D.C. At-Large Councilmember Phil Mendelson. Alec left this position to become King Fenty's Campaign Manager. These young white man worked his ass off for King Fenty. Not long after King Fenty won the mayoral election and beat Linda W. Cropp, King Fenty fired Alec Evans. Alec, if you are reading this, what comes around goes around. Everything evil King Fenty has done to people has come back on his arrogant ass.

Thank you Mark Seagraves, Colbert King, and the Washington City Paper for reporting the corruption and arrogance of King Fenty.
King Adrian Malik Fenty has proven to be a big disappointment, liar, arrogant, corrupt, and a dictator. King Fenty is no longer the man of the people, but the man looking out for himself, Frat. brothers, cronies, and wealthy developers. His arrogance/corruption has proven, he need to be voted out of office in 2010. I agree with both Brenda Martin and Kappa Nupe, King Fenty disrespected the 97 year old civil rights legend, Dr. Dorothy Height. This was the last straw for me King Fenty. You have made enemies of many members of Dr. Height's sorority, King Fenty. Adrian, you will not get my vote and I will never forgive you for the way you treated the people in the trenches in Ward 4 who helped you to defeat the former Ward 4 Councilwoman Charlene Drew Jarvis. You kicked them to the curb King Fenty. The same people you met at the top will be the same people you will meet on your way to the bottom. Good riddance to you King Fenty! Muriel Bowser the Ward 4 Councilwoman is a puppet for King Fenty and she's not liked by mostly the non-voters and voters in Ward 4. Remember Muriel, a lot of people didn't go to the polls and vote for you or King Fenty. My elderly parents lives in Brightwood Ward 4 Muriel Bowser and King Fenty. They dislike you both! Law abiding black citizens in D.C. need to get off their behinds and register to vote and vote in large numbers to get Fenty out of office. My West Indian friend became a citizen last year and he voted for the first time last November for the President of the United States. He's has already telephoned me by stating, he dislike King Fenty and he will not be voting for King Adrian M. Fenty. You see, Fenty is not as popular as he think. Many of the Unions now dislike Fenty.

Registered Ward 5 D.C. Voter
Michigan Park
Homicides and violence are taken place all over the District of Columbia and Mayor Fenty is off bike riding. There was a homicide on Saturday in Ward 4 on Fenty's turf about a mile from his Crestwood home. I am told Mayor Fenty was campaigning with San Francisco Mayor Kavin Newsom to help raise funds for his re-election. Fenty already have 2 million dollars in his war chest. How much more money does King Fenty need to get re-elected? I do know, black voters in D.C. are fed up with King Fenty's arrogance. I will not be voting for King Fenty in 2010 or Ward 4 D.C. Councilwoman Muriel Bowser in 2012. Mayor Fenty when you disrespected my sorority sister, Dr Height, you disrespected all Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. D.C. voters.

Ward 4 Voter
It's sounds like Mayor Fenty is having a nervous breakdown. LOL

This is a good thing. King Fenty has made his bed; now he has to lay in it. When you lay down with dogs, you will get up with fleas. King Fenty, you lied to he D.C. voters about being a man of the people. You have turned out to be an arrogant monster. You closed the D.C. Department of Mental Health along with that white racist Republican "cracker" D.C. At-Large Councilmember David Catania. Hope both you hateful bastards have nervous breakdowns and end up in Saint Elizabeths. Oops, I forgot you kick many of the mentally ill to the curb. Now it sounds like King Fenty is have some mental health problems. King Fenty, Michael Baisden will be doing an entire show on his syndicated radio show on mental health on today. I suggest that you listen to this show at 3 p.m. on today on WHUR King Fenty.
I thought Fenty was a different kind of politician that really cared about the kids in DC. And maybe he does care. He has tried to make more positive changes for the children, not the adults in the school system. But this just goes to show that we should have term limits on EVERY SINGLE POLITICIAN. Whether it be state, local or federal government. THey all get corrupt and power hungry. None of them, Repub or Dem are looking out for the people. They're just lining their pockets at our expense. We should have a national referendum for term limits across the board.

Ward 2 D.C. Councilmember Jack Evans took it upon himself to introduce legislation to do away with term limits. Jack Evans is another loser and if he runs for Chairman on the D.C. Council, he will never winl. Black voters would never support Jack Evans for D.C. Council Chairman. I don't think, Leroy Thorpe would vote for Jack Evans. LOL

Slave to the Rhythm and Pull Up To The Bumper Baby
Congress need to step in and strip the District of Colombia of their Home Rule status, because liberal Democrats sitting on the D.C. Council and in the mayor's office has made a mockery of the Nations Capital. We are the laughing stock across the country. Congress will overturn the gay marriage issue D.C. At Large Councilmember is pushing based on his personal life style. They put the gay voter to a referendum in liberal Maine and the majority of the white voters voted against gay marriage.

Look at all the major cities governed by blacks and Democrats; Newark, New Jersey, Baltimore, Maryland, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., etc. are all cess pools. Blacks are committing the majority of the crimes in these cities and the black politicians like Fenty have their hands in the cookie jar of corruption.

3 Commissioners should be appointed by Congress to take charge of the District, because the 13 liberal idiots, D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes-Norton, and Mayor Adrian Fenty have done a poor job in governing the Nations Capital with their liberal rhetoric. Many of the D.C. Draconian hand gun laws will be overturned in the near future by the Supreme Court. Whites don't feel safe in D.C., because we are being robbed, murdered, raped, and assaulted by the blacks. We want to be able to protect ourselves from the criminal element. As I see it, Ron Moten is a thug and he need to go back to school and learn some manners and learn how to speak English.

Mayor Adrian Fenty will face a Judge and jury like Baltimore's Mayor Sheila Dixon for corruption. I hope both these liberal corrupt Democrats go to jail and rot in hell.
I am a 59 year old second generation black Washingtonian. When I read about Mayor Adrian Fenty showed disrespect to Dr. Dorothy Height and Dr. Maya Angelou, I knew then, this guy would not be getting my vote ever again. One thing you learn in the black community is to show respect for your elderly blacks and especially elderly black women. Do Adrian Fenty not think he's a black man? I saw Dr. Dorothy Height and Congresswomen Maxine Waters and Barbara Lee testify before the D.C. Council on behalf of Cora Masters Marry and the tennis center in Southeast. Dr. Height was in her wheelchair with one of her famous beautiful hats on. Dr. Dorothy Height is a legend in the United States and in the black community. If it had not been for her, Mayor Fenty wouldn't be in his position and his interracial parents might not have been able to marry. Dorothy Heights was one of the few black women out front during the civil rights movement. Shame on you Adrian Fenty.

Brightwood Resident
Ward 4 Washington, D.C.

D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty and Baltimore City Mayor Sheila Dixon will end up in hell with me. Fenty will be in a cell with a big black muscular man named Bubba and Sheila Dixon with be in a female prison with a cell mate named Shanana Jenkins.
Ron Moten, you too will end up in hell with me for disrespecting Ward 7 Councilwoman Yvette Alexander by calling her trash. Didn't your mama teach you to show respect? Maybe Ron Moten should be put in a cell with Fenty. They both can learn some manners on how to respect women and treat them like Queens.
Is former mayor Anthony Williams still available? He was an adult who provided competent governance without drama. Bring back Anthony Williams!
The lunatics are running the asylum here.
The D.C. Republican Party has called on Fenty to release the records and pay back pay the city. Paul Craney, executive director of the D.C. GOP, tells WTOP, "If the mayor is going to do the right thing, he will reimburse the city."
Power corrupts; absolute power (DC being a one-party town, by choice, may I add) corrupts absolutely.

There is nothing irrational about Fenty's actions, though. He knows full well that however outrageous his behavior, the fools of DC would re-elect him just as long as he is labeled a Democrat. Why, just look at O'Malley. He presided over the cesspool of corruption and inefficiency caled Baltimore, but the fools of MD sent him to the State House.
I believe that Chairman Gray would be the best choice available to replace Maser Fenty who is not worthy of being re-elected. Experience, wisdom and someone who can listen and include citizens in making policy changes (schools and agencies)is needed now more than ever.

Maser Fenty and Outlaw AG Nichels are headed for the hills of Great Falls, Va to retire next year.
DeBonis- Why don't you run for Mayor? I'd vote for you over Fenty.
I'm glad Fenty blew off Maya Angelou and Dorothy Height. Neither one is a DC resident. Just because they're black doesn't mean shit. Let's hope Fenty shows the same disrespect to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton in the future.

That's probably the only thing I'm glad he's done. Get over the black college sorority / fraternity thing. Grow up. Once you're done with college, quit drinking the Kool-Aid.

What says Alayne Yates on overexercise and spousal abuse?
Since when has Fenty exercised any judgment? He's just another corrupt DC politician.
Is the author suggesting that the Mayor is.....

Fenty is arrogant and ignorant. A very dangerous combo especially in one who probably has testosterone levels through the roof. His crash and burn will be spectacular and humiliating.
Uh..... so basically, the symptoms of obligatory exercise are those we normally associate with politicians, regardless of their level of fitness?

Alert teh mediaz!!!11!!!1
My analysis of the Mayor's style goes back to family. In the early or mid 90's, I went to Fleet Feet (run by Fenty's parents) to try on a new running shoe - nothing faddy or unusual. One of the sons was helping me. Don't know if it was Adrian. He brought a different shoe. I tried it on and asked again to try the one I'd asked for. He left, spoke to his father, came back with yet another shoe and told me they (actually his father) felt the one I asked for wasn't right for me.


I said again that I'd like to try the shoe. I believe I did try it on. I don't remember if I liked it or eventually bought it somewhere else because I was so angry at the arrogance and passive-aggressiveness of the father. The son seemed conciliatory but not willing to cross his Dad.

I have no physical characteristics that would have made the shoe a bad idea. If Mr. Fenty had some special insight into my biomechanics I wish he'd shared them with me. He didn't, and I've bought my shoes elsewhere since then.
Typical DC BS, you are just another racist white cracker who has moved into Washington. Why don't you move back to the mid west and married your brother or sister? Only a racist white cracker would make such a racist or disrespectful comment towards 97 year old Dr. Dorothy Height and Dr. Maya Angelou. You would never make your racist comment about these black women to any black person face in D.C. or anywhere in the United States. You cannot compare these to icons to hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. I hope to see you racist cracker ass in "HELL" soon.
I will defer to the medical/psychiatric/psychological professionals regarding the causes of Hizzoner's behavior (IMHO, I think there are many, both clinical and personality-driven)... but the essential fact remains: We are suffering under the Imperial Mayoralty, in every possible way.

Behold Adrian Malik "Nero" Fenty, pedaling while DC crumbles.

Unfortunately for us, in this case the Emperor appears to be not only ignoring the destruction, but actively contributing to it. The 2010 election cannot come soon enough! Let us all hope that DC can survive until then.
I'm glad to see folks getting fed up with Fenty, but I'm worried: who's going to run against him?!?

DC residents need to rise up and recruit a strong leader or we'll be stuck w/ the exercise nut for another four years. It's got to be someone who will unite the ENTIRE District and put an end to all the cronyism and special contracts. Any suggestions?
Ok we know for sure he's crazy. My take is that his meds need to be adjusted. But my real issue is the cost of movinghis damn bikes all over the place at taxpayer expense. Over $400,000.00? Who's paying it back for him, Cornell Jones? We sent Fenty to the National Democratice Convention and he was out riding a bike when he should have been there to cast the votes for DC. We need re-imbursement for that as well. He didn't represent the District and Eleanor had to step in for him. Hell to the yeah, freak! Pay the district back all the money being wasted on your fun and your rat pack band of merry men. Hell to the Yeah! Mike can you do more on the money we have paid to move his damn bikes around?
Please excuse my earlier typos!!!
After listening to a conversation between ex-drug users they think that after observing his demeanor he has the appearance of a drug user. His head jerks for no apparent reason, he is slow to respond to questions and never answers directly.
Don't you DC voters.....And non-voters.....Understand by now that Mayor Fenty only wants everyone to cooperate and understand that by submitting to his will, the City of DC will be just fine? Maybe the best run city in the whole world?

Jesus said, "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, and unto God that what is God's" . Though Jesus was separating Caesar from God with this quote, regarding King Fenty you are talking about the same person.

It's so simple to understand that Mayor Fenty is not just the elected King of DC, but also a god manifested on Earth. His decisions, commands, demands, and general policies should not be questioned. I mean, Caesar did a great job as ruler of Rome, didn't he? And now we have both a King and a god to govern our town..... two-in-one for DC. Can't ask for more than that.

Nikki - Adams Morgan
When do Fenty find the time to spend with his wife Michelle Fenty and have sex? Who want to be in a marriage with a partner who's never home?
Jon Bon Jovi

The local first lady likely enjoys the "peace" of the Mayor being gone so much.

Can you imagine living with tick...tick...tick...BOOM!

Has she ever been around to witness a "Boom"?

Chief Lanier, care to answer?
@anon...interestingly enough, i had a similar exeprience when i went to fleet feet for what was my first amd last trip, a few years ago....i was assisted by fenty's arrogant brother...i should have known it wouldn't be good when he grabbed my jacket which i had laid on the seat next to me, and balled it up before moving i went on to describe what i and my doctor knew about the biomechanics of MY feet, this arrogant ass sneered and actually challenged what i was saying...arrogance seems to be a family for fenTool himself, as far as i'm concerned, there was less to him than meets the eye when he was my ward4 council rep


Is this the national enquirer of local politics?

Damn, you guys are so conserned with gossip it is crazy.

He does drugs. He is having a mental break down. He beats his wife. He is trying to turn the city gay. He is a mobster. He spit at Maya Angelo. He steers all the business to white developers. He steers all the business to Black people. He steals from old people. He works out to much. He won't listen to anyone else. He doesn't make his own decision. He is a criminal mastermind. He is an idiot. He needs to burn in hell. He eats babies for breakfast. He hosts an illegal dogfighting ring. He is the anti-christ. He shaves his head as omage to Satan. He screwed his nanny and his nanny's husband. He isn't really Black. His birth certificate is a fake. He bombed the pentagon. He is the secret member of Al Quad.

Stop overdueing it. The guy works his ass off and is trying to do what he thinks is best. I know that you political iperatives are paid to spread this garbage. You are the ones that insult people whenever they disagree with you.

Fenty isn't the only one with a PR machine. Hi councilman Gray!!! Hi Mr. Peebles!!! Hi Mr. "Add the name of your favorite Barry/Williams/Gray contractor."
DAMN boy! That is exactly what you are to sling your bigotry towards 2 prominent HUMAN BEINGS! I side with SATAN on this 1, you coward! I see City Paper has become the cover for fukk wads, freaks, geeks, gumps and DL racists outta towners who feel the need to be "covert" bigots, but your COWARDICE is obvious! Fenty is a delusional assimiliationist who is on his last leg here in DC, "let the doorknob hit him where the GOOD LAWD split him"!
I will chime in on the Fleet Feet thing. I the mid 80s and early 90s I lived in Adams Morgan, this was when they were across the street from where they are now. I always try to support local merchants so from time to time I would stop in there to look at exercise shoes, or try to look at exercise shoes would be more like it. Then the father was really into running and that whole runner's psychology (which seems to have abated considerably) that runners were superior to the rest of the human race. You could cut the attitude with a knife. It was always nasty and unpleasant, one found oneself fleeing, but I was never sure if maybe it was just me being oversensitive.

I have wondered where all that attitude of superiority went. I guess we know. I can't say I am surprised. Shortly after Fenty was inaugurated I was across 14th Street from Studio Theater on a warmish Saturday night just before curtain time. I noticed a man entering the front door wearing shorts and exercise shoes, which struck me as odd considering it was a Saturday night, not summer, and this person was clearly going to the theater. I thought , what a hick, and then I noticed it was Fently's father, swaggering as if he was so cool and so above it all that he could do whatever he wanted, no matter how inappropriate, and we could just get over it. The Mayor's father wearing shorts to a legitimate, professional theater on a Saturday night, it was totally adolescent. A well raised 12 year old would know better. The apple has not fallen far from the tree.

I didn't support Adrian Fenty and still think Linda Cropp would have been a far, far better Mayor. Unfortunately the campaign waged on her behalf was undoubtably the worst ever in the history of DC and she an the City are paying the price.

The problem is that no one of much better caliber then Fenty has emerged yet to run in 2010. Gray has proven to be barely viable as Council Chair (and compared tot he aforementioned Linda Cropp a real dud) so the idea of him being promoted to the Mayor's job is ridiculous. None of the Council members bandied about would be any better then Fenty.
ToThePhoneyFentyBashers, if you don't care to read what folks feel about your beloved Mayor. Then don't READ the comments.

You, too, must have an inquiry mind. You took the time and read each and every comment.

Good boy.
sedcdude, I co-sign on your comment to that ignorant hick from the Nebraska or St. Olaf, Minnesota. LOL

Proballdc, I co-sign to your comment to The PhoneFentyBashers. He might be Fenty himself, but regardless, he's still a loser.

On another note, I dislike D.C. At-Large Councilmember David Catania and I hope he does go live with Satan in hell and take Fenty along with him. LOL
I agree with Bon Jovi, David Catania should go straight to hell. This so called lawyer is the most arrogant, mean-spirited asshole I have ever seen. Please do not leave out Michelee Rheetarded. Where in the world did DC get such corrupt arrogant fools to run this city from. Please bring on the 2010 Primary.
Adrian Fenty is running this city like the mafia runs Palermo. He has his legal protection in the name of a man named Peter Nickles, his police protection in the name of a lady called kathy Lanier,(rumor has it kathy covered up for his domestic beating of his wife), and the dirty enforcers led by none other than Mr.Sinclair Skinner, the frat brother of Fenty.

How long shall we put up with this?l
Truth be told, I really don't care what the mayor does in his personal life, not really, not even if each and every sordid rumor is true. That's his business. However, when his administration makes end runs around the checks and balances in the contract expenditure of millions in tax dollars by using pseudo-public for profit entities (DCHA), as a taxpayer he MAKES that my business. And today, it was revealed by email from the Attorney General himself that he personally requested that the Contracts office forego council review of contracts cost that elevate beyond the one million dollar approval threshold.

The District has a sordid past for financial corruption and it existed as a result of lax oversight and exploited loopholes. The same exploitation that this Mayor is engaging in.

This has to end. It really does.
so much whining.

It is said that dogs hunt in packs as much for their own protection as for their success in the art of hunting. So that their game does not have the time and freedom to focus on each of them individually, for surely they would be destroyed in a one on one battle.

Fenty has positioned himself as the great big bear here, and all the little dogs are coming out to yap at his heels and bleed him until he is too weak to fight them off. It is true, this is not a wise choise of action for his honor the mayor. But let there be no doubt about this, it is one thing if what he is doing is illegal, dishonorable and unethical, and yet another if what he is doing is just pissing off the DC power structure.

Make no doubt about it, especially with the Attorney General in one pocket and the mayoralship in the other, you're going to lose if you're just another dog taking on too big of a bear without enough dogs backing you up. And don't forget that Fenty is a far better mayor than just about any mayor of recent memory.

Feel free to resume the hunt.
When I was about 9 years old, I used to listen to my pops play his music and this song stood out to me, it had a smooth, yet

funky beat, but the lyrics were quite clear.........
"You're pitiful, pity fool, you better have some sympathy, cuz it's the EDUCATED PEOPLE(so-called) runnin' the lives of our

society, makin' up the rules, holdin' back schools, lota greed, a'lota temptation, people 1 thing we're a helluva nation",

brotha Curtis sang this 40 years ago and they are still relevant today! This leads me to believe that we are in need of more

soul and less POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, more real and less fake! To reflect upon SOUL GREATS like Marvin, James Brown and the

likes, is to revisit what we are witnessing today! THE MORE THINGS CHANGE THE MORE THEY STAY THE SAME! I believe we need a

call to action by cool, hip and conscious individuals such as myself, to replace these corny ass, arrogant assimilists who

don't have a clue as to what DEMOCRACY means! It makes no sense to KNOW what is happening, but it is EVEN MORE criminal to

recognize it and not take action to stop it, RIGHT ON FOR THE DARKNESS, THE WHITE, THE RED AND YELLOW!

Look'a here, I am sick and tired of reading complaints by you whimpering ass cry babies talk about how you went into fleet

feet and that spoiled brat Fenty "carried"(se dc lingo for "disrespect, you'll see it again) your ass and MADE you do

something against your wills, something he's pretty proficient at! I would like to ask, no demand that you GROW SOME and make

a statement, take a stand and make change of him or anybody like his $3 bill ass! I am proposing that you get behind me, SE

DC DUDE, I will run on the platform of "In everybody we trust" cuz obviously god don't care, not when this type of governing

goes unchecked and unaccountable, my staff would consist of my deputy being a cool, charismatic white dude who knows and

loves this city, from the 9:30 club to anacostia park, you dig! He will be my liason, "bridging the gap" between whites and

colored, affluence and middle class.

I then will have a hispanic, maybe HARTSTOCK, after she becomes a US citizen of course and tightens up on her diction (so

everyone can understand), to challenge and encourage the hispanic community to come ALL DA WAY IN (legal documentation

included) and participate accordingly and productively on ALL levels of DC and encourage "others" to welcome them with open

arms! My role will be to "accomodate" and make the poor, the marginalized accountable in a way that your class will still

afford you respect..a little human right recognition can go a long way!

I will make sure contracts are awarded appropriately and INDISCRIMINATELY on the basis of efficiency, proficiency and

adequacy and that "jobs", positions and subcontracts are created specifically for DC minorities, students and "others";

promoting good will and employment services! I will have a "BROTHA" who is entegral, cool and calm like myslelf, whom I can

count on to do my "dirty work"! A necessity in todays's public eye! I will not need security because I am highly skilled with

a pistol, good with my hands, have minimal fear (my se roots) and it helps that I'm 6'4, 265, so allocate that budget to

let's say, school supplies! I would only require my salary and a beer fund, for when I have the homeez over for Monday night

footbal or a late night pow wow over policy! The remainder of "myteam" will make local gov't accountable, DO YOUR JOB, BE A

PROFESSIONAL AND YOU WILL KEEP YOUR JOB, plain and simple, no handouts, only to those we can afford to help and who really

need it, simple enuff! This will be a MAJOR part of my administration, after all those years of having an inadequate and an

antequated DMV yesterday, long lines and a lazy aloof staff made for an efficient today!

Next, DA school system, I have a simple plan for that, REVAMP THE ENTIRE SCHOOL SYSYTEM AS WE KNOW IT, cuz it's broken,

obviously, not just a local problem, but nationally, but we won't worry bout that right now! It will include a judicial like

process of nominating a parent and making he/she accountable by creating mandatory participation in the classroom; the

curriculum will be overhauled as well to include a more REALISTIC model, life!

I will then take a page outta the Honorable Marion Barry's page and go onto become MAYOR 4 LIFE, because I have watched him

be scrutinized, make mistakes and try to be everything to everybody for mostly the right reasons, but some wrong, while this

brat Fenty HACK JOBS the poor, cheats the middle and ass kisses the for change in 2010, vote for everybody 2010

because that's what I stand for, not a select few AND EVERYBODY WILL EAT! Remember, Madoff, Bush and Fenty looked the part of

politicians but commenced to dumb down and cheat the people! Vote for a dude who looks like the people, is for the people and

from the people, TRUE DEMOCRACY, Vote for a functioning gov't, a caring gov't and an INCLUSIVE gov't! I HAVE A PLAN, what do

you think by a show of LLLLLLLLLLLLs, do I stand a chance?
jfc1, there has not been a Fenty accomplishment that wasn't first a Williams accomplishment.

This is not a dog and pony show for me, it is about millions of dollars in contracts being moved through quasi-public entities as an end run around fiscal oversight and checks and balances. And worse, those contracts being doled out to the least qualified venders; some from out of state.

The Mayor hides behind plausable deniability by saying he does not control the "contracts" process at DCHA. You, yourself crowned him as a big bear and you must know 120 million local tax dollars are not being awarded without his knowledge and approval.

Yes, I find the Mayor to be ethically challenged. An assessment backed by the sanction he received from the D.C. Bar when he stole money from that old man's estate while serving as its trustee, only returning it once he was caught and reported by the family. His M.O. has not changed. Plead ignorance, apologize and go on to do it again.

Point out one solid piece of legislation that Fenty passed as a Councilman that stuck. In three years, NOT ONE.

I am just not fooled by the faux hard charging persona that he has successfully conned the public into believing. In short, once a thief always a thief.
My fault fellow bloggers I apologize for that..
Oh jesus...please keep that rap shit where it belongs..on bathroom walls. Its boring and serves no purpose.
@ dc1967
If you took the time to read it, you would know it wasn't rap, either ignore it, READ IT AND RATE IT or just SHUT THE FUKK UP!
Loose Lips

People should not be able to post as real people. If this keeps up you should require a sign in.
He is on crack. The sympotoms match: constant sweating, irratability, nervousness, eyes dialated.... Everybody East of the River knows that he is on crack.....
"there has not been a Fenty accomplishment that wasn't first a Williams accomplishment. "

By identity his accomplishments are his accomplishments, not the accomplishments of his predecessors. A simple attempt at restating this would only succeed with the "logically-challenged", to say the least.

The rest of your comment is supposition at best, mud-smearing in general. Regardless of what you say Fenty is still the mayor, when that changes please call us with the news of your newfound power to decide who is and who isn't. As long as he *is* the mayor his actions are by definition "ethical" because they are the legitimate actions of a government official in the execution of his legitimate government responsibilities. Look it up.

Until he's impeached, indicted or loses a lawsuit, he's right and what he's doing is fair and just, a legitimate exercise of his power. That's how it works. Deal with it.
besides it wasn't *Fenty's* chief of staff who got himself arrested last week for taking payoffs. I think it was Jack Evans CoS, yes?

You assume that just because the contracts are assigned at the whim of the Council that it will be done ethically LOL

Fenty may not have followed the letter or the spirit of the law, but doesn't make what he did a crime (only the courts can decide that) and it doesn't make what he did "unethical". That just makes it unpopular with the City Council and adds more fuel to the anti-Fenty crowds' fire. And that's fine. They will have their chance to vote soon enough.
Every member of an organization has the obligation to speak up when something is happening which is detrimental, certainly fatal, to the organization. But only the council has the right to impeach Fenty and remove him from office. Certainly the US Congress can revoke the Home Rule charter at will. And just as well, any court with jurisdiction over the Districts' affairs can bring the administration under control through injunction or even criminal proceedings.

When this does not happen they are all at best co-conspirators. Yet by default the government is assumed to act legitimately. So *really* when the government does *not* act to stop Fenty then both he and it are assumed to be exercising their lawful authority in legitimate ways in the execution of their lawful duties.

The council can rant and rave about this all it wishes, either they inpeach the man or they don't. It's that simple. If they really thought that they had an impeachable issue, they would impeach him.

They aren't impeaching him.

Therefore they are saying that his actions are legitimate.
jfc1, you are right, the people will have their opportunity to underscore their will and opinion of Fenty in 2010.

What is not innuendo, and what you failed to address, is the fact that when elected he was same unethical attorney that was caught stealing from an estate to which he was assigned as trustee over. A deed to which he was sanctioned by the D.C. Bar. You look THAT up.

The populist Fenty that was elected in 2006 has metamorphosed into the creature of bad habit that you see today.

We'll see. At the rate he is going, nobody needs to campaign against him, he is campaigning against himself.

Say for a few souls who would even forgive him if he urinated on their shoes.
proballdc, the Council (and specifically Harry Thomas) may make our work easier for us. The special panel on the DPR contracts has apparently gone to the Feds on the numerous instances of lawbreaking (both DC and US) that have occurred with the "awards" of these contracts as well as the firing of the DPR daycare folks (paid for with a multi-million-dollar federal grant -- they'll be wanting their money back).

The real problem is the bunch of ethically-challenged nitwits that Fenty appointed to run Economic Development and Planning. Neil Albert was originally hired by Tony Williams and he did a very poor job. He and Victor Reinoso were running a non-profit when Fenty appointed Albert DMPED. And now he is City Administrator. What a joke. Robert Bobb must be having a good laugh out in Detroit.
great article---this loose lips guy seems well educated
"What is not innuendo, and what you failed to address, is the fact that when elected he was same unethical attorney that was caught stealing from an estate to which he was assigned as trustee over. A deed to which he was sanctioned by the D.C. Bar. You look THAT up"

What is also not innuendo, and which you consistently try to ignore, is that he's the frigging Mayor of the city. A city which has elected a man who was caught smoking crack on videotape back to public office (and who is himself facing incarceration for failing to meet the terms of his probation on tax evasion charges as well as under investigation for a kickback scheme involving city contracts).

Fentys' issues are miniscule next to those of the Council itself. If he has problems they are in the sheer fact that he exercises this much in the first place. Obviously that didn't keep him from winning office in the first place, ok?
jfc1, your using the felonious activities of the Barry Administration as a litmus test of sorts to compare the questionable legal antics of the sitting Mayor is on its face absurd. You are right Fenty was elected as Mayor by the 30% of the local electorate that bothered to show up to the polls. I have never denied that, so I don't see where your mind seems to fantasize otherwise.

If you you have a comfort level for corruption that is your business. But all corruption, irregardless of how "minuscule", is inappropriate and intolerable in my book.
I'm not doing that.

On the other hand it's clear that that is what you're saying that I'm doing.

That's the problem here. The fact that you say that something is what you say it is, doesn't make it what you say that it is. You miss the basic point repeatedly. Calling the actions of the government "corruption" ignores the fundamental legitimacy of the government itself, in taking action in the execution of its constitutionally-mandated responsibilities. As Condi Rice said, "if the President does it, it's not illegal".

It NEVER becomes illegal if a legitimately elected or appointed official does it and is not prosecuted and convicted for it in court. And that will never happen if the act has a legitimate goal. The only way that a public official can be prosecuted for breaking the law, or sued for financial responsibility, is if their actions are clearly outside the legitimate duties of their office and personal in nature.

I tried to tell you this above in different words, here I try to restate this for clarity. Maybe one of these attempts will work, some point in the future.
This is why the Republicans suffered, well one reason why, they suffered such a drubbing in the 2008 elections. On top of everything that they were doing *openly* the President and Congress were colluding to do all sorts of evil, dirty nasty things behind closed doors and claiming that it was all a legitimate exercise of their powers in the legitimate pursuit of their constitutional responsibilities. The public had no other say in this other than to run them out of office.

Now of course Obama and the Democratically-controlled Congress are doing the same things. Slightly different and maybe a little less evil but still. I doubt that much has changed on the national-security front from 2008. And we know that not much has changed on the domestic front. politics you can count on one thing. There will be at least two factions, all involved will join one or the other, and each side will engage in name-calling up and down the list of possible charges.

None of that matters until a prosecutor gets involved. Not a damm bit. Between the elections the only prosectors of note work in the DC courts.
You know what. I think that the average working American would disagree with just about everything that you just said. You bloviate with a belief that the more that you do it the more compelling your argument becomes.

In it's most textbook form, political corruption describes the use of vested or legislated powers by any government official for illegitimate private gain. It is the ACT not the prosecution FOR the act that makes it corruption.

Using your odd argument, if a "legitimately elected" public official uses their authority to shift millions of taxpayer dollars in violation of existing laws governing procurement, if that official is not caught and prosecuted then they have not committed a corrupt act. I think that you will stand on that island alone with such logic.

That they are not prosecuted is a dereliction of duty by the Attorney General who is sworn to protect the laws of that jurisdiction, even from the duly elected executive.

FACTS are what proves corruption, not legal prosecution. If through legislative hearings, audits, and/or criminal investigations, facts suggest that laws have been broken, that is when prosecution should take place, however, the corruption is what produces the prosecution, not vice versa.
Fenty is so ugly with a flat ass. The man has no ass what so ever. I don't find this lizzard looking creature to be attractive at all. I wish he would just disappear and take Miss Catania, Miss Graham, and Peter Nickles with him.
Dam, we got gay Vampires saying Fenty is ugly and a loser. LOL
@ proballdc
U maintained a great deal of patience and U were deliberate in ur explanation, point was takin'! Great post!
"FACTS are what prove corruption, not legal prosecution. If through legislative hearings, audits, and/or criminal investigations, facts suggest that laws have been broken, this is when prosecution should take place, however, the corruption is what produces the prosecution, not vice versa"
Fenty got a donkey dick.

I seen it.
I smelled it.
I touched it.

It ain't good, pa. No sir. It ain't good at all
Mike, how about a lovely story about poor Michelle Fenty!! She will not be able to hide in Prince George's County Hospital forever. Poor girl!!! Being caught between a rock and hard place can be difficult.
Precious People, I saw the invisible first lady Michelle Fenty with King Fenty this week at the White House. They don't look like a happy couple to me. Fenty is bisexual and he's getting fucked by his ex teacher from the former Mackin Catholic High School whom was driving his car. Fenty is a bottom on the down low and he loves giving head to masculine muscular men.
Thanks for the laughs, Bisexual Vampire. I agree Fenty looks like a turtle, and Michelle Rhee lokes like the GEICO gecko. LOL
@ Dr. Van Helsing
DAMN, that's visciousl, LMBAO!
They are coming down on King Fenty today in the comment section of the today's Sunday Washington Post.
Fenty's approval in D.C. divided by race
Blacks critical; whites content
By David C. Lipscomb
Recent polls show a sharp contrast between black and white voters' approval of D.C. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty's job performance, with the majority of blacks disapproving, suggesting that racial tensions remain beneath the District's liberal veneer.

Local political observers say that Mr. Fenty's style and approach to governance, and his priorities on cultural issues, play less well with black residents, who traditionally see city government as helping them and view Mr. Fenty as a failure on those grounds.

"I think black people look at government as the entity that intervenes on behalf of those who have frequently been disadvantaged," said Howard University associate professor Greg Carr, who chairs the school's Afro-American Studies department. "To them, [Mr. Fenty] represents the elites, those who already have power."

In the most recent poll of 501 D.C. voters, conducted by Clarus Research Group this month, only 22 percent of black respondents said they want Mr. Fenty re-elected, and 71 percent said they would want someone else. Among whites, 51 percent said they would support Mr. Fenty for a second term, while 32 percent would not.

A September poll of 500 voters, conducted by SurveyUSA for WJLA-TV (Channel 7), also showed a pronounced split between black and white voters, with 69 percent of black voters disapproving of Mr. Fenty, compared with just 24 percent of white voters.

Some longtime D.C. residents contrast Mr. Fenty's style of governing to that former Mayor Marion Barry, who served four terms as mayor and is in his secondterm as a council member despite a past that included jail time.

Mr. Barry, now the Ward 8 D.C. Council member, is credited with opening stable, government jobs to black residents while maintaining his appeal to whites. He also created the city's Summer Youth Employment Program, for which its mostly black alumni frequently thank Mr. Barry when he's in public.

Civil rights activist and D.C. resident Lawrence Guyot criticized Mr. Fenty's approach to certain social issues, saying he has taken a "post-racial" approach and cut "racial preference" out of policy decisions, which has worked to Mr. Fenty's detriment.

"He has taken on a number of issues that are dear to black people and acted as though he was unaware of the history. If he was aware of it, he completely disregarded it," Mr. Guyot said.

He offered Mr. Fenty's approach to the same-sex marriage debate as an example, saying the mayor did not try to persuade black churches on the issue, instead saying simply that he would sign the bill. Black churches and their congregations generally oppose same-sex marriage and are particularly offended by the comparisons that the unions' backers such as Mr. Fenty make to the civil rights movement.
I have no feeling for the mayor what-so-ever. Its not my job to say whether his drug use is legal or illegal. After all, who would be better at knowing whats going on but his partner in crime, the chief of police. She and her crew would be wise to keep their mouths shut,..... to keep from being fired! Maybe he had been standing on a street corner with three of his buddies drinking a 40 oz. Or smoked a BLUNT to ease his nerves, i don't know! Do you?
Fenty must go! He is corrupt and far from being the best mayor DC has ever had. Sooner or later, the truth will come out. He must go!

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