Fast Company Is speed an excuse for Fenty's crony contracts?

Bid Adieu: Parks contracting scheme eschewed standard procurement rules.
Darrow Montgomery

When Mayor Adrian M. Fenty invokes the term “as fast as humanly possible,” he’s usually not talking about his swim-bike-run times. That’s what he says when asked about the delivery of city services and facilities. Channeling the longstanding frustrations of D.C. residents, Fenty has put his agencies, his minions, on a municipal triathlon timeline: Finish pronto or get left behind.

It’s all good, right? Get those bureaucrats off their asses and serve the people.

Thanks to the Fenty scandal du jour, however, LL and the rest of the city are learning about the dark side of the “humanly possible.”

When Fenty handed at least $120 million in city money to the D.C. Housing Authority, which, in turn, handed it to politically connected contractors with only the faintest whiff of oversight, he was no doubt trying to deliver on his mantra. By doing an end-around on city procurement processes, he’s aiming to cut ribbons on at least 11 neighborhood projects by the summer of 2011, with ground broken on each by this upcoming spring (in the midst, incidentally, of his re-election campaign).

Yet the mayor as endurance athlete—focused, disciplined, driven by hard data rather than parochial politicking—turns out to be the mayor willing to sacrifice any principle of good government in order to get his projects done.

At a contentious D.C. Council hearing on the contracts last Friday, City Administrator Neil O. Albert provided a simple explanation for the contracting scheme: It’s faster, better, and cheaper. The hearing illuminated the ramifications:

• Tens of millions in city dollars were moved around the city budget without independent review.

• Money was handed to DCHA, a ‘quasi-independent’ public concern, which in turn gave the money to a nonprofit subsidiary that engaged in a contracting process that saw little, if any, legal review. For its trouble, DCHA was paid $700,000.

• Management functions were then outsourced to a private company, Banneker Ventures, that was paid more than $4.2 million to do a job—capital project management—that the Department of Parks and Recreation already employs a staff of 11 to do. Banneker is owned by a close Fenty ally, Omar Karim.

• Banneker Ventures, in turn, was allowed to run a subcontracting process with only the faintest adherence to accepted procurement practices, with near complete power to distribute millions of dollars in public money to the contractors of their choice (including, fellow frat pal Sinclair Skinner’s Liberty Engineering & Design). This was done with the input of mayoral officials.

• A contract described the scope of the work to be done for several projects—in some cases costing taxpayers more than $10 million—in a single paragraph of about 100 words. (A top official in the Office of the Inspector General noted that the language was “problematic” and “needs to be redone.”)

• And the whole scheme was created and calibrated in such a way as to elude oversight by elected officials. It took the D.C. Council more than three months to figure out that this was going on under their noses.

The most surprising testimony of the day came from a family-owned local contractor, HRGM Corp. That outfit wanted to compete to build what turned out to be a playing field at the Park View Recreation Center. To get a piece of the pie, it had to comply with the subcontracting process that ensued after Banneker was handed the project management contract. HRGM owner Ramesh Butani and his daughter Rachna testified that the process was essentially a farce—that they were given limited information on what they were supposed to build, that the judging process was opaque, and that there was no attempt afterward to explain why they had lost the bid.

Said Rachna Butani, “It has been unclear to me what value Banneker Ventures adds.…They’re not responsive.…They can’t answer questions.”

She added: “I don’t believe they are professional or capable to handle these contracts.”

Who knows whether HRGM had what it takes to get that field completed on the Fenty clock? What we do know, however, is that the Fenty people hijacked the process, hid everything from public view—and frat brothers ended up with a load of cash.

For the Vincent Grays and Mary Chehs and other Fenty detractors, here’s a felony misstep by the Fenty regime to pile on top of the getting-hard-to-count misdemeanors of the past couple of years. Yet there are a few strands that tie this huge contract scandal with the “mini-messes” that preceded it.

The rec contracting scandal shares an insistence on secrecy with the Dubai trip and the enrollment of the Fenty sons in Lafayette Elementary School. It shares a loathing of the council with the hoarding of baseball tickets and his petulance on oversight issues. And it shares its provincial, proprietary views of what’s legal and illegal with the episode in which Fenty’s buddy played chauffeur in a city-owned vehicle, among other issues.

Each of these easily avoidable screw-ups contradicts the image that Fenty shaped during his 2006 campaign—that Adrian Fenty was the transparent, accountable, pragmatic, get-it-done populist. Rather, he’s acted like an arrogant, power-hungry, win-at-all-costs guy who doesn’t know how to pick his battles, make allies, and otherwise be the “big city mayor” he wants everyone to know he is.

And each time he operates in the shadows, arrogates power to himself, dismisses oversight, and plays fast and loose with the law, he adds beef to the narrative that someone is going to lay down before packed community rooms starting next spring.

Primary Day is Sept. 14, 2010.

Fenty Adopts Bush Tactic

LL and other local observers have gotten plenty of mileage out of comparing Fenty’s executive-power-aggregating habits to those of President George W. Bush.

Both, for instance, have foiled legislative attempts to conduct oversight of their administrations, have been stingy when responding to Freedom of Information Act requests, and have generally tried to consolidate control over their governments.

Let the comparisons continue!

Early in October, the D.C. Council passed the fiscal 2010 city budget, after months of wrangling over how best to deal with a late-breaking drop in city revenue. The process had not exactly been a model of cooperation, with the council jawing about Fenty’s methods of closing the $660 million budget gap and Hizzoner threatening a veto over school-governance matters.

But even with the final vote, the bickering hasn’t ceased. On Oct. 15, Attorney General Peter J. Nickles dispatched a 13-page memo [PDF] to Fenty, who in turn sent it to Gray. The document lays out no fewer than 16 provisions included in the budget legislation that Nickles and his lawyers found to be objectionable—including six measures, he announced, that the executive branch should ignore completely due to “problems, including separation-of-powers and other Home Rule Act violations, that prevent lawful implementation.”

The practice mirrors Bush’s embrace of “signing statements”—messages sent to lawmakers accompanying the presidential signature. The practice, certainly, did not begin with Bush—presidents as far back as James Monroe have made them, but it saw a halcyon era under Bush 43. According to one professor's analysis, Bush by the end of his tenure ended up challenging some 1,200 provisions in federal law—doubling the figures for all those before him combined.

Where Bush’s memos addressed matters such as affirmative action programs and the treatment of military detainees, Fenty’s budget memo deals with matters like taxi rates (the council has no power to set them), budget directives for the deputy mayor’s office (an “unlawful management of Executive Branch affairs”), and grant reporting requirements for the Children and Youth Investment Trust Corp. (the home rule charter says the council only gets to review contracts, not grants).

But just as Bush’s use of the maneuver sent Congress over the edge, Nickles’ memos are driving council types crazy.

Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh says Nickles "is channeling Alberto Gonzales on an unsupported theory of executive power" and says he "doesn't really understand" the doctrines he cites. At-Large Councilmember Phil Mendelson says "much of the logic is tortured" and that it's "part of this continuing pattern of picking and choosing which laws to follow." Even At-Large Councilmember David A. Catania of all people, increasingly peeved by Fenty overreaching, calls them "an exercise in creative writing without the force of law."

As on the federal level, mayors have issued legislative memos before, but usually to accompany vetoed legislation, says Brian Flowers, the council’s chief lawyer. And since Fenty has taken office, he says, the memos have been flying faster than ever before, with increasingly broad legal claims.

As for the claims in Nickles’ budget memos, “Some of them are quite laughable,” Flowers says. He is drafting a response.

Nickles has a fine retort to the Bush comparisons: “Why don’t they criticize President Obama, who’s engaged in the same practice?”

Indeed, Barack Obama said during the 2008 campaign that he and his lawyers “aren’t going to use signing statements as a way to do an end run around Congress.” Since taking office, however, Obama has issued dozens of his own, and Nickles says he’s read them: “He ensured that Congress knows the president’s view…that he’s not going to interpret legislation to interfere with the Constitution.”

Nickles explains his legislative memos this way: “I think the executive has the duty to stand for the executive’s prerogatives. Otherwise, in our tripartite system of government, one part will run over the other part.”

Political Potpourri

• Is someone taking a whack at scandal-softened Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham?

Bryan Weaver, the longtime Adams Morgan activist and advisory neighborhood commissioner, filed exploratory papers with the Office of Campaign Finance on Tuesday.

To explore a run against the sure-to-be-well-financed three-term incumbent, Weaver has thus far raised $2,500.

Exploratory bids have been rare since campaign finance laws changed some years back, but Weaver, 39, says his campaign is indeed merely speculative at the moment. “I have my opinions on what’s important to me and to the ward,” he says. “Maybe it’s a minority opinion, I don’t know.” Hence the de rigueur “listening tour.”

Why ponder a run? Weaver cites “a difference in ideas and what’s important to the ward,” pointing in particular to “an utter lack of transparency in government and a feeling that there’s a certain group of people who have a seat at the table because of contributions that they give.”

And even if Graham’s longtime chief of staff, Ted Loza, hadn’t been arrested on Sept. 24 as part of a federal bribery sting, Weaver says he’d still be looking at the race. “If you take a foreign trip for 30 days organized by someone with business before the council”—a not-so-veiled reference to alleged briber Abdulaziz Kamus and a 2006 trip to Ethiopia—“no congressman could get away with that,” he says. “I want to hold my city councilmember to the same standards.”

Graham’s campaign apparatus, meanwhile, is grinding to life. He filed his re-election papers in September, and political consultant Chuck Thies has signed on to deliver zinger quotes on his behalf.

“I wish him well. Running as a first-time candidate always presents a number of unforeseen challenges,” he says, playing up Graham’s strong backing in “every part” of Ward 1. “That base of support will surely need to be considered by Bryan as he explores a possible candidacy.”

• Is the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board about to get more health-conscious?

Last month, board chair Peter Feather announced he’d be stepping down in order to take a job out of town. To replace him, Fenty has nominated board member Chuck Brodsky, founder of the Nation’s Triathlon and one of Fenty’s famous “running buddies.”

Also nominated to the board recently is Aisha Wade, a Ward 8 resident who describes herself as a “[v]ersatile, experienced fitness professional.” She’s currently employed by the tony West End gym Sports Club/LA as an assistant fitness manager.

LL ran the potential new additions past Adams Morgan bar owner Bill Duggan, as staunch a defender of good old-fashioned legal vice as you’ll find in this town.

His take: “Watch—they’ll change the ABC Board to the SmartWater Board!”

The Madam’s Organ owner also has more substantive concerns. “It’s the only board that never has anyone from the industry at all,” he says. “You’d never have the medical board without a doctor…and here they bring in any Tom, Dick, or Harry that’s a friend of someone.”

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Our Readers Say

King Fenty is a monster and I hope his azz goes to jail. I agree with Valencia Mohommand on News Talk 8 on yesterday, King Fenty will not get re-elected. The majority of black D.C. voters have been turned off by King Fenty's behavior. Why are liberal whites and the white media in D.C. kissing Fenty's azz and they see no harm with his dictatorship style government? I hope Fenty ends up in hell with me.
I don't care what it takes to build as long as my taxes don't go up. The council use the yearmarks for favors and would give construction contracts to their friends if they could.
I read that the son of Vincent Gray is involved in the scandal? Why LL is not talking about it?
Give the power back to one is able to run this city. Its sad but true. We dont deserve statehood..we just cant seem to get our shit together!
Fenty the preacher-pimp of all Black mayors in the USA and we fall for his crooked shit until now. The people are speaking in grocery lines, the bar, the strips clubs and fine restaurants and they want Fake-Ass-Andy-Fenty finalized out of office. And yeah, I wish him hell or jail with no fucking bail to sail.
Had the DPR contracts included the favorite contractors of certain Councilmembers (coughVinceGraycoughKwameBrowncough), I doubt we'd see any of the Councilmembers being shocked - shocked! - that a politician is routing city contracts to his friends and supporters.

You have not read about it because a mid level project manager (Vince Carlos Gray) in not in authority to even sign on contracys. BS you are the kind of disgusting coach roaches that give Bloggers a bad name.
Mayor Adrian M. Fenty has been a big disappointment. He was supposed to be the man of the people, but Fenty is only for himself and he's in bed with wealthy developers. I agree with Satan, I hope Fenty goes to hell. But before he goes to hell, I hope he goes to jail and he's put in a cell with a big black muscular bald man named Bubba. After Fenty serve as Bubba's wife in jail, then he can go serve the rest of his time in hell. Fenty can take the Ward 4 Councilmember puppet Muriel Bowser along with him. Muriel Bowser does whatever King Fenty tells her to do. Where is Fenty's wife Michelle Fenty? This has been the most invisible First Lady I've ever seen. If the alleged rumors are true about Fenty beating his wife, I hope this information will soon come out. I do think, there's trouble in paradise with his marriage. Fenty has a temper and he's a monster. He might be a closet wife beater. You never know these days. Fenty isn't the only corrupt politician. All politicians are liars and corrupt.
Sally, I am afraid you have missed the ENTIRE point.

The local public tax dollars used to broker these contracts were transferred to a quasi-government for profit entity, Housing Authority, illegally. Making the contracts themselves non-binding.

To somehow try and justify illegality based upon who the lawbreaker is quite irresponsible. I presume you are not a part of the local tax base who pays those taxes.
To Daddy Grace: Maybe Fenty might like being with Bubba, and will be at the end a happy marriage
Let us not forget that this "quasi-government entity, that has it "own board-members" that approve contracts was filled with "FENTY" members some time ago. Remember that Fenty ran the old board members out of town and then replaced them all with his cronies. So now he is saying this board, full of all of his friends, is solely responsible for awarding contracts to his friends and it had nothing to do with him. He didnt even know about it until after the fact huh? Once you put all the names of the board members together with all the names of contract winners it adds up to more than just "people he happens to know". They are ALL in this together to stip DC of every last dollar they can get.
As fast as humanly possible.... Yeah... and as expensive and sleazy as humanly possible.

Would be interested to know just exactly what "landscaping" PG County resident and DC vote fraudster Keith Lomax did at the School Without Walls to earn his $800,000+ fee. Last I looked, SWW has no landscape!!!
Dear Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich:
You can stop wondering about Fenty beating his wife, Michelle. That the reason Lanier got her job as Police Chief. When Fenty would beat the hell out of Michelle, Lanier, who was Commander of the District in which Fenty lived, made sure no reports were writtrn and that Fenty did not go to jail as he should have. When Chuck Ramsey told Fenty that he was not going to cover up for him anymore, Fenty let Chuck know he had to go. Lanier played her card and let Fenty know that if she didn't get the job, the reports would magically show up, just when he did not need them to come to light. The rest is history or bribery -- take your pick... Fenty also thought he was going to have his mullato ass in the White House bumping fist with Barack. After Michelle Obama, and especially Mrs. Robinson, Michelle's mother, heard/found out that Fenty was a "wife-beater", Mrs. Robinson is heard to have said, "Don't bring him in here -- he ain't kosher and he ain't PLU (People like us)." So much for the "first class Mayor" in the "world class city."

As to Skinner -- during the campaign Skinner could be seen with his "d**k out, saying to the honeys, "Give me some and I'll get your name IN FRONT OF the Mayor." At least Barry never had a "go between". Barry just said, S**k my d**k, -- I AM the Mayor. Now there's a guy you gotta' love. Direct and straight to the point.

My last comment is about thieving, Chicago-style -- a real "world-class city."
One of the aspects of Fenty’s attempt at money-laundering and “peewee corruption” (as opposed to “big-dog-off-the-porch corruption”), is that he laundered ALL the money and ALL the no-bid contracts to his frats. Just as in 1988, Lloyd Bentsen said to Sen. Dan Quayle, who had defended his inexperience as similar to that of John F. Kennedy. "Senator," he said, "I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you are no Jack Kennedy." I say to Fenty, “"I served with Richard J. Daley. I knew Richard J. Daley. I watched the contracts and patronage of Richard J. Daley. Fenty, you are no Richard J. Daley.” Any fool-thief knows, you tell your boys “to leave some for the Gods.” On a sole source, no bid contract, you take 75%, maybe 80% if you’re greedy, but NOT 100%. Mayor Fenty, you give good, solid corruption a bad name.

Thanks LL. Always a pleasure. “Political Girl” aka “Contract Oversight Girl” – at least for this post. See ‘ya.
This is getting out of control. I AM THE REAL DADDY GRACE FISH SANDWICH! What the hell!

Anyhoo, you may ask, "if Adrian Fenty beats his wife Michelle Fenty, then why does Michelle stay with him."

Adrian Fenty has made Michelle a millionaire and afforded her a lifestyle that never had. Adrian help Michelle get huge amounts of dough as an attorney involved with the Anacostia Waterfront Corp bullish. Hence Peter Nickles' refusal to turn over records regarding the ANacostia Waterfront to the city auditor.

Go down to Chevy Chase/Mazda Gallery...Michelle Fenty is an attendee at every Gucci/Versace/Jimmy Choo/Barneys drinks and appetizers event. However when invited to an event where there may be homeless women or crackbabies...a staffer from the mayor's is always sent on her behalf.
Asshole Fenty and His Ho Michelle remind me of Baby Doc and his wife Michelle who fucked Hati in the early 80's...complete trash. They fled to France before the mob could take over and execute them...we should only be so lucky!!!
It's like an asylum reunion on these threads any time Fenty's name is mentioned.
Sally..Join the party baby!
I love reading Contract Oversight Girl's blogs. She is on point about how stupid King Fenty, and his friends really are when it pertains to corruption Chicago-Style.These dumb-asses (I heard Fenty likes Bubba-types) should all be sent to jail. If Michelle Fenty likes getting her ass beat, then let it be.
The city has a forecast FY11 deficit of 300 million dollars. My question is why NOW are we making aesthetic expenditures in areas like parks, rec centers and libraries instead of preserving the critical human services that preserve life? Ensuring that the trash gets picked up, the snow gets plowed, the signal lights run, that we remain vigilant on health emergencies? (No pun intended Dr. Vigilance). Aren't these things niceties that should be reserved for brighter fiscal days? We are in a recession folks. I'd like to go out and buy a brand new Mercedes but it just isn't the time.

It is time for local politicians to reign in the contract spending, particularly through pseudo-public entities and SAVE every dime that we can. The only way we are going to be able to claw our way out of this situation is for the city to be frugal as hell, stop the practice of enriching crony's (at least for now), and protecting the bare essentials of human needs.

The city has reduced its general workforce, laid off teachers and is likely to reduce some services. That is a sign that it must, too, STOP with the gratuitous spending projects. Lives are at risk.
Adrian Fenty is on the DL, has been for a long time. Bubba is not his type though, he likes the prepster white boys. He is also a bottoms so the frat bros are more like frat tops! Michelel is a typical fag hag beard.

Is that true about her sucking it up at all the up market retail events? What a bougie piece of trash! She's no Effie Barry, that is for sure.
I wondered why they had been so completely dumped by the White House.
The word is that Mike Brown , Kwame Brown, Vince Gray , or Donald Peebles will run for Mayor. I would love to know who will run for Mayor of this city. I just moved in to the Brightwood area and my community seems to be upset with Mayor Fenty.
" Bubba is not his type though, he likes the prepster white boys."

hahahahahah!! I thought Jack Evans and Jeff Griffis were straight?
I am not surprise Fenty is a Snow Queen. He looks like the type that would bottom for a white boy. I do know, many men in his black Greek fraternity are gay/bisexual. D.C. is Kappa town. I use to perform at Tracks and the Edge back in the 80's and the Kappa boys would be all up in there acting like girls. What man would want Adrian? This guy is ugly as shit and he looks like a turtle. I have seen his father Phil with 3 ear rings in both ears. I think Fenty's father is bisexual, because he's Hippie leftover from the sixties. This is why Fenty is so liberal and sexual. Rumors about Fenty's be gay has been floating around black Washington, since he beat that Amizon Charlene Drew Jarvis the former Ward 4 Councilmember. Maybe Fenty former teacher he let drive his D.C. vehicle is one of his downlow lovers. What person do you know at 39 years old hanging out and partying with a former high school teacher who's almost his age. Something ain't right; these guys are lovers on the downlow. Fenty's marriage is a shame like most politicians. Do yall remember the former white Govenor of New Jersey who was having sex with his driver and he was married to a woman with 2 children?
P.S. You might be right about Fenty liking white men. He has hired many white gay males in his administration in top positions. He recently fired or pushed out a black Latina woman as the Community Outreach for Ward 4 and replaced her with another gay white male. Now Ward 4 has 2 gay white males working out of the mayor's office for community outreach and services. Ward 4 New, I heard Mayor Fenty is hated all over Ward 4, not just in the Brightwood area. I heard they hate in in Petworth, Brightwood Park, Takoma, Shepherd Park, Crestwood, Lamond-Riggs, and North Portal Estates of Ward 4. This guy will be a one term mayor. I saw Valencia Mohommed of the Washington Afo on News Talk 8 and Ms. Mohommed said, Adrian Fenty will not get elected. I agree with Ms. Mohommed. You go girl!!!!
The anti-gay and racist rhetoric of many of these posts is really disappointing. There are enough legitimate policy missteps of the Mayor that people can criticize without getting into ridiculous rumor mongering and criticizing his wife and parents. Some of the other people commenting here ought be ashamed of themselves. If these comments represent the Mayor's opposition, he's likely in better shape politically than they suggest, because the rank and file voters in DC won't follow this sort of hate and stupidity. Despite claims to the contrary, I for one can report that I still see a lot of Fenty signs in 16th Heights where I live.
Guy from DC, what planet are you living on? I live in the 16th Street Heights neighborhood and belong to the Civic Association. I haven't seen many of half breed Adrian Fenty's signs up around him. You know why, blacks in this neighborhood, Brightwood, Petworth, Lamond-Riggs, Shepherd Park, North Portal Estates, Brightwood Park, and in Fenty's Crestwood neighborhood hate him. When Fenty dissed 97 year old Dr. Dorothy Height, he dung his grave. Blacks became outraged by King Fenty not meeting with Dr. Height. All you white homosexuals and white liberals love to kiss Fenty's ass, because he's half white. I have never heard Adrian Fenty say he's a black man. Fenty don't identify as being black. He wants to be anything other than black. I can't wait to see Fenty get voted out of office. Once this happens, I hope he disappears or maybe move back to Ward 1 in Mount Pleasant with his hippy parents. I hope Fenty goes to prison and get gang raped by a bunch of muscular black men. Maybe his ass will come by down to earth and realize, he too is black.
Mayor Adrian Fenty refuse to meet with my Soror, the 97 year old legendary Dr. Dorothy Height.
Dr. Height is currently, at age 97, the Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, the largest civil rights organization in the USA. She was an honored guest and seated among the dignitaries at the inauguration of President Barack Obama on January 20, 2009.

Every year, she still personally attends the National Black Family Reunion, celebrated on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. In 1957, Height was named president of the National Council of Negro Women, a position she held until 1997. During the height of the civil rights movement of the 1960s, Height organized "Wednesdays in Mississippi", which brought together black and white women from the North and South to create a dialogue of understanding. American leaders regularly took her counsel, including First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, and Height also encouraged President Dwight D. Eisenhower to desegregate schools and President Lyndon B. Johnson to appoint African American women to positions in government.

I am angered by Mayor Adrian Fenty refusal not to meet with Dr. Dorothy Height and Maya Angelou. Mayor Fenty should have dropped whatever he had on his schedule to meet with these legendary women. His arrogance and refusal to meet with these women has angered many within the black community.

I am hearing many Ward 4 voters are not pleased with either Mayor Adrian M. Fenty and Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser. As I see it, the D.C. Council has no backbone. They let Mayor Fenty and the white bigoted Republican bully D.C. At-Large Councilmember David Catania closed and privatize the D.C. Department of Mental Health. Former DMH consumers are being sent to 35 K Street, NE by private providers and the Washington Hospital Center. The private providers have been overwhelmed and they haven't been able to provide appropriate care to D.C. mental health consumers. Some consumers have become depressed and they haven't been back to receive care. With the economy being in the toilet, citizens losing jobs and their homes, suicide rates are increasing. With the holidays approaching, depression or other mental health crisis will increase in the District of Columbia. What happened this week in Fort Hood and in Orlando, Florida with the mass killings, this could happen in the District of Columbia.

Mayor Fenty fired hundreds of Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Registered Nurses, and mental health Social Workers at the D.C. Department of Mental Health in August 2009. Spineless D.C. Chairman Vincent Gray and his colleagues didn't prevent this from happening. The Council of the District of Columbia allowed Mayor Fenty and Peter Nickles go get away with unlawful acts and now they are pretending to care. This is all political posturing the Council has recently shown. The mentally ill is walking around on the streets of the District of Columbia and the numbers are growing daily. The D.C. Government nor the federal government has done little to address the mentally ill. Psychiatric care have fallen short in the District of Columbia and in the United States. There need to be more funding for mental health in the District of Columbia and in the United States.

Brenda Martin, R.N.
B.S.N. Duke University
M.S.N. Johns Hopkins University
Fenty has lost the support of many voters in D.C. and on his home turf Ward 4. Everywhere I go, people are talking about not voting for Fenty. Fenty disrespected 97 year old civil rights leader Dr. Dorothy Height, a powerful member of Delta Sigma Theta. This was Fenty's last straw in my eyes. In the beginning, I knew King Fenty was a fraud and he's not very bright as an Attorney. In the legal community amongst Attorneys, King Fenty is a joke. He has embarrassed my Frat and all it's members.

King Adrian M. Fenty is a corrupt politician and liar like most elected to public office. Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser is a Fenty puppet and she will do whatever your Majesty Fenty tells her to do. I never voted for Fenty as mayor and I didn't vote for Muriel Bowser for the Ward 4 Councilmember.

King Adrian Fenty fooled everyone with his phony populism and everyone thought he was Mr. Nice Guy, man of the people. I knew he was a disaster, when in the first debate at UDC he was unable to name the three credit rating agencies! Let's get with it people, when are we as voters going to start electing politicians for their intellectual capabilities and not because they make us feel good? Good on all of you DC residents who voted for Mr. Clean, now the city will once again go down the drain under his leadership...I TOLD YOU SO!!!
All of this makes me sad...I have issues with some of the Mayor's policy decisions, but this chain of comments is awful. Don't people realize that by making these sorts of comments they are weakening their arguments? Calling the Mayor's wife a "ho," referring to the Mayor's parents as "hippies," suggesting that the mayor is a homosexual, stating that you hope that the Mayor be gang raped in prison: These and similar statements are crazy and extreme. I don't have a Fenty sign in my yard, but I might want to get one just to show that I am not party to such horrible views. Political discourse in our city and country keep reaching new lows. I wish people would rediscover personal shame. If you have a political opinion, you should share it proudly. If you just want to call names, you probably should just keep your mouth shut.
Crestwood Resident, please stop kisses King Fenty's ass. Are you King Fenty or one of his family members? After watching News Talk 8 today with Mark Seagraves, white D.C. voters are begin to get fed up with King Fenty's corruption. I don't recall anyone referring to Fenty's wife as a hoe. If they did, they were wrong. Fenty is the hoe and I think he might be on the downlow with that ex teacher of his driving his vehicle. Who hangs out with old school teachers? I haven't seen many of my old high school teachers at Wilson in over 35 years. I can assure you Fenty will not get re-elected. Adrian has changed fo rthe worse and he's no longer the man of the people. I agree with KappaNupe, King Fenty fooled everyone with his phony populism and everyone thought he was Mr. Nice Guy. Fenty has turned into a monster. Maybe this was the real Fenty.

Daddy Grace will not be voting for King Fenty
North Portal Estates Resident
Ward 4 D.C. Voter/Resident
P.S. To Crestwood Resident and others. Fenty pissed off many D.C. residents who are members of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc., when he dissed their Soror Dr. Dorothy Height. This 97 year old black woman is a legend in the black community and Fenty's attitude was f$$k her. Dr. Height has met with Presidents and she was good friends with Eleanor Roosevelt. Fenty should have stopped everything on his schedule to meet with Dr. Height. King Fenty upset the D.C. Jewish community by taking that unauthorized trip to the Middle East. Fenty is out of control and it's time for the D.C. voters to spank him and vote his ass out of office. Adrian Fenty has never publicly admitted, he's a black man. Has anyone every heard Adrian say he's a black man. I have heard President Obama say, he's a black man. Adrian Fenty wants to be anything other than black. According to the Washington City Paper last December, King Fenty's father stated at an Moroccan affair, his grandfather came from Morocco. I heard Fenty say a mayoral debate, his grandfather was from Panama by way of Trinidad. This guy wants to be Middle Eastern, Hispanic, or a white man. I don't like uppity light skin blacks like Adrian who think they are better than darker skin blacks. This shit has gone on too long in D.C. and in the black community with mulatto blacks thinking they were better than other blacks. This shit took place at Howard University for years and the light skin blacks in D.C. think they are better than other blacks and they too want to be white. Former Mayor Sharon Pratt-Dixon Kelly was a good example of the light skin uppity blacks living on the Gold Coast of upper 16th Street, NW. Crestwood is full of uppity light skin Negroes too. I was discriminated against all my life by whites and light skin Negroes like Mayor Fenty.
It's about Mayor Fenty's arrogance and recent corruption scandals. The District of Columbia has a $666 million deficit and the mayor is wasting D.C. and federal taxpayers money for his personal pleasures. Mayor Fenty closed and privatized the D.C. Department of Mental Health and the mentally ill are wondering the streets of the city. Mayor Fenty spent thousands of D.C. tax dollars to install a heater in a D.C. public swimming pool he uses. Also, Fenty's kids were supposed to attend West Elementary School at 14th & Farragut Streets, NW. King Fenty chose to put his kids in an all white D.C. public school west of Rock Creek Park in predominately white Ward 3 D.C.

Maryland/Virginia taxpayers need to worry about the affairs in Maryland/Virginia and stay out of the affairs of D.C. residents/voters/taxpayers. The majority of black voters in D.C. are fed up with King Fenty's arrogance, corruption, and his bad behavior. This guy is in hot water with the D.C. voters and he will not be re-elected. I hope Fenty end in jail with Baltimore City's Mayor Sheila Dixon.
City Paper...why remove comments? Cant we make fun of stereotypes and the idiots that play into them????
I'm counting down the days to the September 2010 Primary. Everyone who has a problem with King Fenty is 100% correct in their feelings. That's what I like about The City Paper, you can voice your feelings. Everybody who trully hates King Fenty can not be all wrong! This liar, cheater, idiot, phony fool needs to be on trial, just like the Mayor of Baltimore.
Would be interesting to see how many comments on this thread are from the same IP addresses given the similarity in phrases. Any investigative journalist around anymore. This stuff on the Post is well documented.
Wait until independent audits reflect that the city paid 4 times more for services than what they should have. I am so tired of ward three residents saying as long as we get our parks i do not care how he does it. Do you not understand that for what this man has done will increase your taxes also? Idiots.
I think that the real question should be "HOW DO WE GET RID OF HIM?" I would rather have a functioning crack head as my mayor than a womanizing joke. And his indiscretions are so blatant that he knows the citizens of Washington, DC are fools. I pray that he is not re-elected but I am pretty sure that this mess he has caused within the District will take at least 2 terms to clean up. The Office of Youth Programs and the Department of Parks and Rec deals primarily with the youth of the city and once again he has turned his back.
This is a beautiful time NOT to be a registered DC voter. Look at your choices. DC voters would be better off with a write-in candidate than an "experienced" politician.

It takes more than intelligence to run the center of a metropolis. It also requires tact, common sense, decency, and compassion for vulnerable populations. The ability to manipulate is an indication of higher intelligence; the willingness to do it as an autonomic function is an indication of moral bankruptcy.

What happens when the oppressed rise up to oppress the oppressors?...Career politicos (and wannabes) get knocked off their pedestals and scurry from public office with their tails tucked between their legs. Well, I think that's the happy ending that most of these commenters want to see after the next DC mayoral election...
i want leo alexander
A dark cloud floats over DC mayors office and his political tenure. Iis been a cold, harsh and wintery climate for the citizens and his employees who look to him for resolution in making DC the place to be today and beyond. Lets resolve that our children have learned much from what has transpired yesterday and today and they are willing to change the political attitude for a more promising future for us all.
Issac, Leo Alexander have been very invisible. I was interested in him in the beginning, because he's against illegal immigration. This guy has not been out there. I haven't seen him at on ANC 4A, War 4 Civic Association, or the Fourth Distirict's CAC monthly meetings.
The DC Council should not through stones when living in a glass house. They are a bunch of crooks. As far as Mayor Fenty - he is getting stuff done. Good stuff. Might be a little shady, but at least it is in the right direction.
Ace in DC,

Please elaborate. What "good stuff" is Fenty getting done that Anthony Williams didn't plant the seeds for?
Fenty must go! He does not care about DC residents; he cares about making a name for himself and raping this city. He and Rhee should prepare to packup and head out in Nov. Please vote your outrage in Nov.

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