Parks and Wreck What Ximena Hartsock's ouster says about Fenty's undisciplined politics.

Nom de Guerre: Fenty loses war with council over appointment of parks director.
Darrow Montgomery

In February 2001, Mayor Anthony A. Williams had identified a bright, young go-getter to come in and overhaul the city’s property-management department. But while serving as interim head of the agency, Timothy Dimond rubbed a few crucial business folks the wrong way, throwing his confirmation into doubt.

So Hizzoner descended from his plush penthouse perch and engaged in the kind of mano-a-mano politicking that he was known to despise. He visited councilmembers’ offices and made all the necessary assurances.

Here’s what brand-new Ward 4 Councilmember Adrian M. Fenty, who had been in office for barely a month, told the Washington Post at the time: “It’s the first time I’ve ever seen him walking around here.” The Post deemed Fenty “bemused” at the sight.

These days, if the District’s chief executive were seen making the rounds of council offices, pressing the flesh on behalf of a potential agency head, “bemused” wouldn’t even begin to describe the reaction. Flabbergasted, maybe. Shocked? Aghast? Incredulous?

Williams got his man. A crash program of hands-on politicking inside and outside One Judiciary Square led to a unanimous vote to confirm Dimond. One business honcho cited “the mayor’s extraordinary attention to this matter” in turning around the opposition.

Last week, Fenty didn’t get his woman.

Ximena Hartsock, plucked by Fenty from the school system to replace the mysteriously fired Clark Ray as parks and recreation director, became the first cabinet-level appointee in anyone’s memory to be turned down by the D.C. Council. The rejection came in the absence of any “extraordinary attention” from Hizzoner or his administration. And it reflects the near total collapse of interbranch relations in the city government, a state that threatens Fenty’s ability to govern for years to come.

To be sure, a unanimous vote in Hartsock’s favor was an impossibility by last Tuesday. Poisoned relations between the nominee and parks committee chairman Harry Thomas Jr. had already lost his vote. Ward 8’s Marion Barry, always looking for a chance to put Fenty in his place, was a natural ally. Those two turned a hearing on her nomination into a racially tinged farce a week ahead of the vote, a session replete with questioning of Hartsock’s immigration status and one witness referring to “Apartheid, Latin-style.”

Given the taint that Barry and Thomas had put on the process, you might have thought that they’d have alienated just enough councilmembers to secure Hartsock’s approval. But no.

Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray, who had to that point voted in favor of every Fenty cabinet nominee, sided with Thomas, playing up the Fenty administration’s flouting of council directives. And Ward 7’s Yvette Alexander and at-largers Kwame R. Brown, Michael A. Brown, and Phil Mendelson followed suit.

It appears that neither Fenty nor his underlings made any effort to swing those votes. “You have to spend some personal time yourself working with the members, especially when there’s a difficult vote,” Gray says. “I really didn’t hear from anybody.” Adds Michael Brown, who says he hasn’t had a meaningful conversation with Fenty since he was elected a year ago, “All I can take from this is that it wasn’t that important to him.”

Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh also voted against Hartsock. In that lone act of civic dissent comes a dissertation on the political missteps of the Fenty regime.

Cheh represents a ward full of Fenty voters, and Cheh has been a reliable vote for Fenty in many areas, especially on his most precious issue: education. But over the past two years, relations between his office and the Ward 3 member have degenerated to the point that not even the last-minute injection of ugly racial politics, highlighted in a Washington Post editorial, could keep Cheh in his corner. And hers was a crucial vote: With Barry in the hospital, having Cheh’s vote would have meant a 6-6 tie on Hartsock’s disapproval, keeping her in her post.

Could Fenty have done anything about it? Well, let’s look at the short game and the long game.

The Short Game: Cheh says she took a call from City Administrator Neil Albert the weekend before the vote. “He asked me where I was on it,” Cheh recalls. “I said it’s a hard one for me.…All he said was, ‘Thanks, just keep an open mind.’” Then Cheh took a call from Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans, who has essentially become Fenty’s chief legislative whip. Again: “He just said, ‘Where are you at?’ I just said, ‘I’m up in the air.’”

As for the mayoral Office of Policy and Legislative Affairs, Fenty’s in-house lobbyists: “I don’t communicate with them; they don’t communicate with me.”

Did Cheh just need some more stroking from the upper reaches of the Fenty administration? Not in her telling—a call from Fenty, she says, may not have made a difference. Which brings up…

The Long Game: Cheh has been the target of some of Fenty’s most arrogant, regal conduct over the past two years. Attorney General Peter Nickles and ex–City Administrator Dan Tangherlini clashed with her in ways seemingly calibrated to rankle Cheh’s professorial sensibilities. Not only have documents and executive branch witnesses been withheld from her oversight efforts, but it’s gotten pettier than that: Last month, Cheh had sponsored an informational meeting on speed bumps in her ward, and asked a transportation-department functionary to come to explain city policies. That person never showed.

Has all the hardball paid off for Fenty? Depends how much he cares about Ximena Hartsock.

Turns out, there has been extraordinary attention paid to her confirmation, but only in retrospect. The next morning’s Post contained a quote from Nickles at his most demagoguerrific, saying, “I hope the community, particularly the Latino community, recognizes how shabbily she has been treated.” There was no recognition on Nickles’ part of how his own shabby treatment of the legislative branch might have influenced the vote.

Later that day, LL was invited up to DPR’s 16th Street NW headquarters for a late-afternoon chat with Hartsock.

LL arrived in Hartsock’s office just as a camera crew from the Spanish-language Univision television was leaving. At the door he met a pair of folks who ran DPR-affiliated sports programs heartily vouching for the Chilean native. And DPR communications director John Stokes handed LL a fat packet of documents, including dozens of letters of support from residents and community groups and agency employees (many of them copied to Cheh)—not to mention documents aiming to debunk just about every justification given on the council dais for rejecting her nomination.

Hartsock, in the interview, recognized what had happened: “It was not the merit,” she said. “It was a political vote.” She added that she had stumped for votes and was particularly surprised at the votes of Cheh and Kwame Brown. “All of them told me this is not personal. Even Harry Thomas told me, ‘This is not about you.’”

She went on to decry her treatment at Thomas and Barry’s hands at her confirmation hearing. Referring to the “Apartheid, Latin-style” comment: “I thought it was interesting that someone could even think that was acceptable. People laughed about it,” she said, adding, “When somebody makes the statement that I don’t understand the culture of black people…that’s a very strong message.”

“This is about the state of this city, what this city has gotten in this political environment,” she says. “I will go out, get another job. People will blink and forget about it. But what does that do for the city five years from now?”

That political environment, of course, is one of Adrian Fenty’s making. And with Gray and both Browns representing potential mayoral opponents, don’t expect the situation to improve much. Even beyond the 2010 elections, the status quo is likely to persevere: In 2007, Fenty campaigned hard for acolyte Muriel Bowser in her successful run to take the Ward 4 seat he vacated. Since then, he has shown no stomach for wielding his electoral clout in order to shape the D.C. Council to his liking. He’d rather just ignore it.

On Tuesday, Fenty declined to say whether he could have done more to get his parks-and-rec chief confirmed. He did say he had made calls to councilmembers on her behalf.

Albert said a little more on the matter: “I think we did all we could do. She had the full support of the administration.”


Political Potpourri

• An early award for most shameless politicking of the DCision 2010 cycle: To the Rev. Anthony Motley, spotted by LL on Sept. 30 at the Convocation for Marriage Equality, where virtually every gay advocacy organization in the city gathered to hear At-Large Councilmember David A. Catania announce the introduction of his same-sex marriage bill.

Motley, running as an independent for an at-large council seat (meaning he’s essentially taking on Catania), had yet to express an opinion on the matter at hand. And his presence that night did not reflect any change in that stance: “I support gay rights. I support civil unions,” he said to LL. But as to full marriage, “I haven’t made my mind up.”

Adding to the irony is that Motley is a constant presence at the side of Barry, who was famously the only councilmember to vote last spring against recognizing out-of-state gay marriages.

Motley said he showed at the meeting, which attracted some 200 folks, in order to “talk to some friends and weigh some considerations.” He came armed with plenty of palm cards playing up his community-organizer credentials.

“And I’m running,” he added, “so that’s why I’m here.”

• Make no mistake: D.C. Vote is in favor of statehood.

The District’s premier voting-rights advocacy organization last month voted to change its “vision” to make it clear that its preferred endgame involves making Washingtonians residents of their own state.

This, of course, was a matter of some doubt because no group has been more identified with the incrementalist approach, embodied in the single-vote-granting D.C. House Voting Rights Act. That bill, backed heartily by Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, has been mired in the House of Representatives since spring—a sad anticlimax to a three-year strategic gambit.

D.C. Vote’s executive director, Ilir Zherka, says circumstances prompted the move. “Basically, we always said very clearly we were for full representation,” says Zherka. “What’s new here is that we wanted to make sure that the end of the road for us is statehood, and not anything else—retrocession, any of those options.…With the bill where it is, we had to make sure we had that message out to our supporters now.”

The question of the hour has been, says board member and restaurateur Andy Shallal, “Where do we go from here?”

“Most people on the board probably felt angered at the fact that it was made clear that Congress could do this to the District so easily,” Shallal says. “It made people feel really uncomfortable with steps so incremental, so small that it would be very difficult to move forward.”

While LL might interpret the board’s move as further evidence of the DCHVRA’s impending demise, Zherka says his group continues to fight. He declined to get into specifics about its future, however. “We’ve got some time,” he says.

Timothy Cooper, a human rights activist and a chief critic of the incrementalist approach, says he’s pleased by the development. “I would accept that as progress,” he says. “There seems to be a gathering consensus that equal rights is the strategy to follow rather than the debacle of the single vote.”

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Our Readers Say

Dr. Hartsock earned a Masters in Education from The University of La Serena in Chile, and undergraduate degrees in Philosophy and Spanish Education, also from The University of La Serena in Chile. Dr. Hartsock holds a Doctorate in Leadership, Educational Administration and Policy Studies from the George Washington University. (Her educational background information was provided by the D.C. Government website).

As a D.C. resident and a D.C. voter, Dr. Hartsock is not qualified to be agency Director and a mayoral D.C. cabinet member. She is not a U.S. citizen. In certain high level positions in city, State, and Federal governments, U.S. citizenship should be required. I have 2 college degrees. My Bachelors is in Business and my Masters is in Public Administration, but this doesn't make me qualified to be a Registered Nurse/Social Worker/Parks Director. I am glad Dr. Hartsock wasn't confirmed by the Council of the District of Columbia as Director of Parks and Recreation. We need a well qualified person in this position. I was satisfied with the former Parks and Recreation Director Clark Ray. There's too much cronyism, corruption, and nepotism within politics. Ward 4 Muriel Bowser is a puppet for Mayor Adrian M. Fenty. She does whatever King Fenty tells her to do. I can't wait to see both Bowser and Fenty voted out of office. I can't stand either of these corrupt assholes along with Miss Jim Graham and the rest of the idiots on the D.C. Council.
@US Citizen In Ward 4, I am very curious about a couple of things. One, why should the DPR director be required to be a US would that make her/him more qualified for the job? Two, what relevant qualification did Clark Ray have that Dr. Hartsock did not have?
Im practice, you should be a US citizen if your going to serve in a high level government capacity. In my experience it is pretty unusual for a non citzen serving in this type of capacity .
Go-getter Tim Dimond later resigned amidst an FBI investigation into his department's dealings with Doug Jemal, particularly involving top lieutenant Michael Lorusso....perhaps Mayor Williams shouldn't have stumped for him.
I have to say something about the citizen aspect. I do not see it as a qualifier for a job in this administration. Had she been qualified for a job in Parks and Recreation (she is extremely qualified for DCPS ) she would have had a better day at the Council Hearing.

The lack of her following Council directives, laws and spending over her budget may have still tanked her nomination. It would have with me.

But Mike there is a few peices of meat missing from this article.

1. Fenty's head of legislative affairs does not have a background in legislative affairs, an advance degree that may have given her a foundation, any local association or relevant work history. Hmm how does she contribute but to echo her boss's opnion.

2. Fenty did attempt to make gains on the council. He supported a Ward 7 council candidate and had his but handed to him.he did it behind the same so the lose would not be associated with him. But loaned his whole entourage of players on popular campaigns. He no doubt remembers Mayor Williams lack of power in his endorsement and the perception of political weakness if you don't back a candidate who wins. He had tried to support candidates against Carol, and when M.Brown popped up he realized the devil he knew was better. She lossed anyway.

3. Jack support is interesing and very misquided. Jack is not good at seeing trends. He will support Mayor Fenty until someone new is sworn same as he did with Linda. And how he neglected to see the rise of discontent in his ward. He is not at the root level. Of all people who would benefit from distancing himself from Fenty it would be Jack Evans. A. Fenty needs him in his ward then he needs Fenty, you cannot discount Jack's competents. Ward 2 voters can flip in a second but Jack has his folks pretty solid for now. C The ward is changing Jack needs badly to move to CHAIR> He can handle the job and usually does well with other members. o D. The other council members are not going after Fenty because they suddenly found liquid courage...there is polling, ancedotal information that going after Fenty is a popular thing to do. He makes you look strong, in charge and resolute. And not part of the growing problem.

4. Ward 3 voters did give Fenty a 60% approval rating but also said overwhelming they would support someone else. B. That poll was taken in the summer before the scandals . C Cheh showed in those polls. Not only does she have nothing to lose by going after Fenty--she is actually gaining points citywide

5. Outside the Latino community the racism argument is not gaining traction. The theory that Harry Thomas and Marion Barry may be rude gits holds water. But on the Latino listserve there is some agreement that she may not have been qualified. It was more about the treatment. And the reality is playing the race card is tricky especially. It is the administration responsibility to nominate candidates and bears the responsibilitythat there is only two in top management.
I do not know that much about DR. Ximena, I watch briefly after the fact the city council late night, Council member Harry Thomas is a very disgusting individual the way that he approached the Interim director was bias and sexist, his tone of voice was arrogant and impertinent, maybe as he said, is not personal, what is personal is that he does not like the Latino community in this city, why maybe he is from a generation that is not capable to understand that the world has change and also US, like it or not.- If this individual would ever like to run for a high office, I will fully participate with other of my colleagues to fight this man, which is a step back in our relations with the African Americans in this city, Luckily the new generations are already behind all of that XX non sense
About the Old Mayor Barry he still thinks that we are in the old times of believing that the Office on Latino Affairs will ever be the only position that we deserve and will have. But for him is to late to stop us
It is true the lack of a Latino political solid structure is something that we need to nurture, but now we have many Latinas/ and Latinos born in US capable to run and be part of the government including Fenty’s position.
And for the being from the US matter in a high ranking office. Mayors Office of Latino Affairs is a cabinet position, when I ran that office as an Interim Director I was a resident of this country nobody ever raised that matter and this is a cabinet level position, maybe because it was just for Latinos?
The legislative's job is to uphold the law. That's what they did! If anybody thought race was a factor it was Fenty himself becaue he is already campaigning with the signs and the calls. He needs that Hispanic vote. He used her. She followed his orders and his style of ignoring the laws, the council, the city workforce and the taxpayers. It didn' t work this time. He better get used to it because it's going to happen again. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall remember?

BTW: Peter Nickles is making it worse. He should just shut up. He's misrepresenting the district on many fronts. He might be losing teeth but the old pit bull needs a muzzle. We're just tired of hearing him and so are the judges.
Just like several other prominent Fenty appointees, Ms. Hartsock is not qualified...end of story. Upon taking the interim appointment she proceeded to violate specific District laws and also used her authority to hire in the Recreation Department cronies from the schools system. It defies all logic and common sense that the Fenty administration continues to impose its' will and bad government practices on the citizens of the city. Despite the rosy picture painted by the ultra-biased Washington Post, Fenty has taken the city and its school system on a backward course that will take years to recover from.
I saw on the local news last night a bunch of Hispanics were protesting outside the Wilson Building. The majority of Hispanics in Washington, D.C. are Salvadorans/Central Americans mostly illegal aliens or non citizens and cannot vote. Somebody should have called ICE to show up at this protest last night to deport their assess back to their native countries. Let them go back home and protest of their governments for a better way of life. U.S. citizens are fed up with illegal aliens putting demands on our government.
Poor Johnny how little do you know
Francisco, I know most of the Salvadorans/Central Americans in D.C. cannot vote, because they aren't U.S. citizens like Ted Loza. Most Salvadorans/Central Americans/Mexicans are racist towards blacks and Afro Latinos. Blacks tend to have good relations with Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, and Afro Cubanos. Most Hispanics identify with being of the white race according to the U.S. Census. I don't like Salvadorans and wish their third world asses would go back to their native El Salvador. Most live like animals here in the U.S. and this is the way they live in El Salvador. Most cannot read or write in their native Spanish. Fuck Fenty and his puppet Ward 4 Councilmember Bowser. With the influx of Salvadorans/Central Americans into middle class black neighborhoods in Ward 4, they have destroyed these neighborhoods with their nasty third world customs. Salvadorans/Central Americans don't want to start no shit with blacks in D.C., because this is not Los Angeles where Mexicans are killing or attacking blacks just for being black. Mexicans in Los Angeles has stated, they will send blacks back to Africa and the whites back to Europe.
Jim Graham's butt boy Ted Loza is from Ecuador and he had been in the U.S. all these years like Ms. Hartsock from Chile. Neither of these people had applied for citizenship. I can't imagine President Obama nominated a non citizen to be appointed to his Cabinet. I agree certain high level government positions should be for U.S. citizens, not legal residents with a green card. Chile and Argentina are 2 of the whitest countries in South America. Racism is practice widely in Spanish speaking America based on skin color and hair texture. Many Spanish speakers have a disregard for U.S. blacks before coming to the U.S. This study was conducted in 2006 by UNC at Chapel Hill and Duke University. Shit I know some Dominicans darker than me will tell you, they are white.
Johnny, I am from Central American and I do love my country Guatemala and respect my new country and help in any way that I can to make DC, a better place for all of us, I do understand that life is full of different experiences, therefore if this is the way that you feel and think, I do respect your views
Sincerely yours,
Frank R Yurrita
Instead of focusing on the ethnic issues, read the committee report. There were plenty of things to be concerned about on this nomination. It was those other things that affected the outcome, not her ethnicity or citizenship.
Francisco, if you love your country so much, why don't you move back there? The problem I have with many Hispanics, they have no allegiance to the United States. There allegiance is with their native countries. I am against illegal immigration and the U.S. has the right to protect it's sovereignty.
Illegal aliens are criminals. Count them and deport them, along with their children.

Or are we just going to surrender completely to this massive Third World invasion and give up on controlling our own borders?

We should have it as a question in the basic U.S. Census form if you are here legally or not. And our legislative representation obviously should not be based on non-voting residents of any kind. But we do need to count everyone.

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty supports illegal immigration. Fenty wanted to give non citizens in D.C. the right to vote in local elections, when he was the Ward 4 Councilmember.

Adrian Fenty is corrupt, arrogant, mean spirited and I can't wait to see his empire come falling down. All the bad karma coming Fenty's way; he deserves it.

Get out and take all of the other beaners with you
This is an article about a nomination for DPR. Can we please stop with the insane comments on immigration and allegiance? Stuff like that has been said since this country was founded. It is ignorant and hateful.

I believe that she was rejected on her lack of merit, though. I don't believe that 7 council members would vote against someone because of their ethnicity. She's in the bag for Fenty and can't follow the law.

That being said, I'm not sure why someone would bring up her immigration status and link that to her qualifications.
Huh, the reason why people bringing up here immigration status, the woman had been in this country for 13 years, but she hadn't applied for citizenship. The issue of immigration came up, because I am sure many Hispanics protesting last night in front of the Wilson Building were illegal aliens or non citizens on the United States. Liberals/Democrats like you huh support illegal immigration. The majority of black U.S. citizens don't support illegal immigration and we are seeing our traditional black neighborhoods changing into Salvadoran/Mexican barrios and being displaced. Many white citizens are against illegal immigration too. The whites don't want illegal alien third world Hispanics moving into their middle class all white neighborhoods. Why should blacks want illegal alien Hispanics moving into and destroying their middle class black neighborhoods? Fuck you HUH!
Let me say this, all Hispanics are not criminals or illegal aliens. Many are productive United States citizens. I feel that it is wrong for Latinos/Hispanics "NOT" to be against illegal immigration, cracking down on illegal aliens, and enforcing our immigration laws. If these were millions of blacks or whites coming from the Caribbean, Africa, or Europe, the majority of Hispanics would be for enforcing immigration laws. I am a black citizen with over 400 years of ancestry back to slavery in South Carolina. If these were millions of black Africans or black Caribbeans who broke U.S. laws by crossing our porous borders, I would want their behinds deported and U.S. immigration laws enforced. I am a citizen of the United States of America, not some foreign country on the continent of Africa or in the Caribbean.
Immigrants have always brought their luggage with them, be it their politics, values, ethics, racism, etc. Most immigrants in the past welcomed American culture and assimilated in to American society. Today we are seeing an exception.

Take a look at the racial riots taking place in the California state prisons and recently in the Los Angeles County Jail system where latino gangs / latino inmates are targeting black inmates. Most of these latino inmates are either Mexican nationals, or 1st or 2nd generation Mexican-Americans. ( I hate using hypen-Americanism when referring to Americans but the latino Americans prefer being hyphenated-Americans, I can only guess why.)

Anyone who questions this study/poll, do your own study. Go into a Mexican/Salvadoran immigrant community and talk with these people.
Dear Francisco, the racial bigotry of Latino cultists and their supporters are the kind of religion that cannot be refuted with reason. They lack the basic foundation of principles required for them to comprehend the difference between right and wrong, or more sinisterly they just don't care. Cults are generally not reasonable and not trying to be; their focus is on how they might infiltrate a region and impose their will on the rest of society. If they can get their way by yelling, screaming and kicking their feet to the exasperation of everyone else or if they can bully their way to the front of the line, they'll do it. THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION, THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, or anything that does not support their view. Being without principles means that they are not beyond lying, twisting words, contorting the facts and redefining their contortions as truth.
Grace Jones, ending an argument with "fuck you" is very convincing. I agree with your viewpoint 100% now thanks to you cursing at me.
I for one, am sick and tired of these ILLEGAL ALIENS snubbing their nose at our immigration laws and the many other laws of this Country. If our Federal Government can not ENFORCE our immigration laws, and get these ILLEGAL ALIENS out of this Country, then let the States do it! One way or another, an end has to come to this illegal immigration, and not with AMNESTY! Amnesty will only encourage more ILLEGAL ALIENS to invade our Country and reward those who broke our laws and raped the American taxpayer in many ways...depressing our wages, taking our jobs, overwhelming our schools with their ILLEGAL ALIEN children, driving without a license or car insurance, all the crime from stolen identities to rape, drugs and everything else.

It's time for ZERO TOLERENCE with these ILLEGAL ALIENS. It's time for them get out of this Country and back in their own Country where they belong. When we get rid of the ILLEGAL ALIENS, we will get rid of all the problems that go with them. THAT IS A FACT!

INSTEAD OF JUST A CIVIL INFRACTION, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTION SHOULD BE PENALISED AS A FELONY? THAT'S WHY THEY KEEP ON COMING? We should demand of those who represent us that E-Verify should be implemented immediately as mandatory, with no exemptions. Everybody in the workplace must be verified. No more voluntary E-Verify? Every police department should be trained to apprehend and question any individual they see fit to check? No more of this Liberal Socialist political correctness garbage on racial profiling? We should have a federal force to audit I-9's, with the defiant ones going to prison. ICE should have larger funding with more interior and border agents, to sweep down on illegal business activities. Identify for yourself those politicians who are involved in corruption at JUDICIAL WATCH site. Our nation is silently being dismantled by the globalists and those who wave the banner for them.

Don't let sympathy cloud your mind to our own country's deterioration, the infrastructure and uncorrectable overpopulation. Each year our State and federal taxes go ever higher, to pay for the illegal immigrants, their emergency care, education, their extended circle of relatives that enter under family reunification. THE TAXPAYER HAS BECOME THE BREADWINNERS ILLEGAL ALIENS IN THIS COUNTRY AND THE WORLD. IT MUST STOP!

Ms. Hartsock wasn't qualified for the position as Parks Director. She can always go back to her native Chile where she's a citizen and get a teaching position. She can take that half breed Adrian Fenty with her. Fenty don't see himself as a black man. Has anyone every heard Mayor Fenty publicly say, he's a black man? You have heard Obama say he's a black man.
I've gotta agree with Andrew. Grace Jones just bowled me over with her convincing bigotry and use of the word fuck. Now I hate immigrants too. Yeaaaaahhhh!
Good point Captain Kangaroo. I have never heard Adrian Fenty state that he's a black man. Good point.
Why so much hatred towards "illegal aliens"? I don't understand, most "illegal aliens" venture from their motherland to look for opportunity, they work hard to support their wives, children, parents, siblings, etc back home. If the argument is they work in the US yet don't pay taxes due to their legal status I'm sure if given the opportunity they would not have a problem paying their taxes. What is the BIG difference in a person's character if they are here illegally or legally? you say they are criminals, why?! for wanting the "american dream" not only for themselves but more importantly for their families. For everyone that has a negative remark towards latinos/hispanics, illegals/legals, put yourself in their position, what would you do if you lived in a third world county and couldn't provide for your family? what if there weren't any jobs available? would you take the risk and venture to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA where EVERYONE is supposedly EQUAL in search for a better opportunity? how reflecting for a moment and asking yourself where did YOUR ancestors come from? whether or not they came from Europe/Africa/Asia...did they arrive in this country legally? or did they just with luck manage to get in before they needed "papers"?
Meli, guess what, the United States is now becoming a third world. Our economy is in the toilet and the influx of illegal aliens it's helping. Illegal aliens mostly Hispanics from Central America, South America, Dominican Republic, and Mexico are having babies like jack rabbits. Once they have a baby, they are pregant again within 1 to 2 months.

Too Legit, it's true, Fenty don't consider himself as being a black man. Maybe he think's his Hispanic or Middle Eastern. I know many blacks who look whiter or lighter than Fenty like Lena Horne, Dr. Charles Drew, Congressman Adam Clayton Powell who considered themselves black. I don't know why Fenty pledged an all black Fraternity? The man don't consider himself black. I hate Fenty and I hope he go to hell soon.
Meli, guess what, the United States is now becoming a third world country. Our economy is in the toilet and the influx of illegal aliens isn't helping. Illegal aliens mostly Hispanics from Central America, South America, Dominican Republic, and Mexico are having babies like jack rabbits. Once they have a baby, they are pregnant again within 1 to 2 months. Illegal aliens have put a strain on our healthcare system and many hospitals have closed around the country. Our schools are overcrowded with children of illegal aliens. How in the world can predominately black or white neighborhoods become Salvadoran/Central American/Mexican barrios with in 6 years? I am fed up with this shit and I wish they would leave. I can assure you, if these were millions of black fleeing the United States during Jim Crowism and segregation back during the 40's, 50's, and 60's to Mexico, Guatemala, or El Salvador looking for a better life to escape racism, those countries would have deported blacks back to the U.S. Blacks stayed and fought for a better life as U.S. citizens in their country. Meli, this is what Salvadorans, Mexicans, Ethiopians, etc. should be doing back in their countries.
Many Hispanics and other foreigners are now reaping the benefits that blacks fought for during the civil rights movement as U.S. citizens. Now, these groups want to look down on blacks as being inferior. Most Hispanics see themselves as white and want to identify with being white. If segregation was still in place in the United States, these people would not be here.
Too Legit, it's true, Fenty don't consider himself as being a black man. Maybe he think's he's Hispanic or Middle Eastern. I know many blacks who look whiter or lighter than Fenty like Lena Horne, Dr. Charles Drew, Congressman Adam Clayton Powell who considered themselves black. I don't know why Fenty pledged an all black Fraternity? The man don't consider himself black. I hate Fenty and I hope he go to hell soon. He can take that puppet Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser with him.
She simply was not qualified for the top job at Parks and Recreation. That is the beginning and end of it. But, truth is, MANY of the department heads appointed by Adrian Fenty have no subject matter expertise in their areas of assignment. Yet they WERE confirmed by the council. That does not say that Hartsock should have been confirmed, it means that the council is a day late and a dollar short in exercising their responsibility of ensuring that the city gets the best professionals to head up our city agencies vs. political cronies of the Mayor. The stakes were and are too high but they let many, MANY appointees just float on by.
The United States, past & present, Republican & Democrat, have allowed the invasion of 20 to 30 million illegal alien criminals and uneducated peons, which is the largest invasion of any Nation, at any time, by any means & in direct violation of Article IV, Section IV of our Constitution.

This refusal to abide by our Constitution or enforce our Immigration Laws should be classified as Treason of the most foul kind, & as grounds for impeachment & trials for Treason!

Not only have they allowed the invasion, they force American tax payers to pay Billions on Billions of dollars to provide Welfare, Prison cells, Educate the invaders numerous children, and free medical care, at the same time the invading horde break numerous laws and massive document fraud, & are destroying our schools, hospitals, communities, culture and standard of living while Robbing, Raping, Killing & Assaulting American Citizens WAKE UP PEOPLE!
You said it, "U.S Blacks stayed and fought for a better life as U.S. citizens in their country"-So do you not feel that the children of "illegal aliens" that have grown up here should lay down and not fight for what they feel is right? the children are not to blame for being brought here, in many cases it is the children of "illegal aliens" who have grown up in this country and once they're adults they are left fighting for their rights to remain in a country they too cal and recognize as "home", these are children who the only country they've EVER known is the United States of America. There are many, many, many other races in this country that have made the United States of America home, the only ones that were here FIRST were the Native Americans. It is really disheartening reading so many negative comments towards other human beings, whether or not they are salvadorean/central americans/mexicans/south american/middle eastern wherever they may be from they are still human beings it doesn't do anyone good holding such ill feelings towards one another. How do you know the difference between an illegal hispanic/latino? or do you feel that the ones that are here legally should go "home" too?
Meli, where were you when blacks were being treated like shit during slavery and segregation in the United States? The people you are defending didn't watch along side of blacks fighting against segregation or injustice. They are now reaping benefits that my parents and grand parents fought for as U.S.citizens. You are right, I don't give a shit about Salvadorans/Central Americans or Mexicans. These people think they are white and they have raicst attitudes towards blacks, but they want to come live in all black neighborhoods in D.C. Why don't they go live in predominately white Ward 3 in Washington? White liberals like you Meli makes me sick on the stomach. I have an idea, why don't you move to El Salvador or Mexico along with the illegal aliens and teach them how to fright their governments for a better way of life and keep their asses across the border?
There is so much to address on the comment section of this article alone.
First, I think the hate speech and profanity should be removed by City Paper from their web site. The First Amendment does not protect such language.

Second, we should evaluate Ms. Hartsock's qualifications based not only on her educational credentials, as these do not speak to other important factors like work experience. We should definitely not look to her citizenship as a reason to decide she is unqualified to work in the city government. What we should look to, though, without a doubt, is her action as Interim Director. While Interim Director, Ms. Hartsock fired many (160) child care workers as the Fenty administration sought to privatize child care. For me, and for hundreds of workers, their allies, and the families served by those child care workers, this is the reason we opposed the nomination of Ms. Hartsock.

Again with respect to the hate speech: using this comment section as a place to release vitriolic hate of our neighbors is counter-productive and only serves to incite further violence and separation in our communities. The more we blame entire groups of people that we perceive to be so different from ourselves, the more we set ourselves and our communities backwards. As we all know, we need better, stronger, inclusive, transparent leaders in our city and our communities, and we have no need for the hate and division reflected in most of the comments on this page. I encourage all commenters to be involved in the community, meet our neighbors, learn about someone different from ourselves, and support constructive improvement of our city.
I am cool with Puerto Ricans who happen to be U.S. citizens. I am cool with Dominicans, Afro Panamanians, and Afro Cubanos. It they are in the U.S. illegally, then their asses should be deported too. I don't like Salvadorans/Mexicans period along with Guatemalans, Nicaraguans, Hondurans, Ecuadorians, and white Argentineans/Chileans. Most Hispanics are racist towards black U.S. citizens and Afro Latinos. Racism exist within the Latino community, but they don't like to talk about it. Just look at one of the 3 Spanish speaking television stations. All the Latinos on there are portrayed as being white with green or blue eyes along with blond hair.

Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Dominican women are hot!!!!!!!!!!!!
City Paper Reader, you cannot censor free speech. Are you from a third world country where people cannot speak or say what's on their mind? This is one of the great things about being a U.S. citizen. I don't believe in political correctness or socialism. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty is a socialist and left wing liberal like Obama. I can't wait for Congress to address illegal immigration. U.S. citizens will take to the streets in the millions, because we are fed up with the influx of illegal aliens, mostly Hispanics and breeding babies in the thousands daily across the United States overpopulating this country. Salvadorans/Mexicans are not friends of blacks in the United States. I am sick of white liberals like Homo Jim Graham who supports illegal immigration. Yeah, Miss Graham love Salvadoran men. This is why he visited El Salvador several times looking for young Salvadoran men to have sex with.

FREE SPEECH is here to stay and if you don't like it, move to a third world country and be suppressed or censored by their government.
Miss Jim Graham is a sick pig who preys upon Latino boys..kick his ass out of office and deport him to the ghettos of Central America where he belongs! and make sure he takes his scumy rapist boytoy with him.
With the economy being in the toilet and illegal aliens protesting in our streets, there will be a civil war soon in the United States. U.S. citizens are angry! City Paper Reader, you can call it hate or whatever, but the citizenry is not going to take this too much longer before taking to the streets as they did on the Obama healthcare plan.
LOL@Donna Night
People, People, I read some very eloquent and disturbing responses of Ximena Hartsock's rejection as Director of the DPR. I think some of the bigotry went to far. I will like to stated for argument sake that I have no bias. I do not approve or justify any one getting a job they don’t qualify for. But has any one taken a careful look at the Parks and Recreations Centers in DC? They are poorly maintained so I don’t understand how giving Ximena Hartsock an opportunity to improve this poor conditions will hurt the City.

I’m puzzled how Ximena Hartsock’s nomination has motivated abundant resentful disapproval and total rejection of the illegal immigrant. She’s not an illegal immigrant but is been treated in my opinion as if she were. She's one application from becoming a naturalize citizen. But the real fear is that she'll change the employees of DPR by hire Hispanics but she has no history of this when serving the DC public schools. So I considered an unjustifiable fear.

Let me shed some light on this uncomfortable illegal immigrate subject. When an illegal immigrant pays’ taxes they do not file for return and the unclaimed taxes offset the increased cost for free medical and education received. At the same time let us be conscious of the fact that we have been immigrants at some point regardless whether it was forced directly or indirectly on us. Now, we are a minority group that's using hateful rhetoric to denied others right to equality and opportunities. We have to be rational and honest with ourselves when organizing the justification to denied people regardless of their cultural background the right to integrate in to society. We should not give in to misguiding opinions that contain hateful logic and encourages us to reject valid sympathetic emotions because the same sympathy we denied will be denied to us. Some will have us believe that we are missing opportunities because there are many illegal immigrants migrating to the District. This is a skillful strategy to play the blame game while avoiding to solve concerning problem. This has happen through history and will continue to happen for as long as we allow it. Let us be frank in recognizing that Poor Conditions existed not because Spanish people but because invisible powers have chosen to negated it. It's obvious to me that when some prevent others progress, we are doing so at our own expense. There for as a concerned citizen I can stand idle and allow racially motivate opinions to derail the necessary comradeship needed to bring the desired progress.

Today, we fight the Hispanics, then the Jews, then the Chinese, then the Koreans, without resolving the the real issues. Follow your own consciousness, don’t let other lost souls created it for you.
Que Flame, for the record, I am not an immigrant. My ancestors were brought to these land in chains as black slaves. I can trace my ancestry back to over 400 years in this country back to Bennetsville/Latta, South Carolina. How many Chileans and Salvadorans can do that?

Dr. Hartsock was not qualified to run this agency. I don't like the term Hispanic, because it encompasses over 20 Spanish speaking countries, cultures, and races. I don't have a problem with seeing a quailified Hispanic in this position. I would have love to seen an Afro Puerto Rican or Afro Cubano who are U.S. citizens get nominated for this position.
Can someone PLEASE tell me what would be considered qualifying experience to run the Parks and Recreation department?

I would think that managing all after-school programs throughout the entire city public schools system would pretty much do it as far as "recreation" goes.

Maybe she doesn't know "parks" that well, but I can say that the grass at my local triangle park stayed mowed all summer. Far better than in past summers.
I am completely disgusted by a majority of these comments. While we have a right to free speech, it's not an unlimited right. And just because you have a right to say something doesn't mean that you should. There are so many inaccuracies in these statements that I can't believe that people would have attitudes like this in 2009. This isn't about black vs. Latino vs. white. The article itself stays away from race politics, but the comments do not. Just to clear up some issues, Latinos were a part of the Civil Rights Movement. In places like South Texas, Mexicans were treated like segregated and treated quite poorly. Latinos were considered "colored" and treated like they were non-white. Second, not all Latinos are "illegal" immigrants. Millions are U.S. Citizens. Any person, whether black, latino, white, asian, Indian, etc deserve to be treated with respect. So many comments just repeat awful stereotypes--however, if anyone repeated stereotypes associated with blacks the outrage would be immense. It broke my heart to read an article like this because it reminded me that we really haven't made an progress since the Civil Rights Era if comments like this are being made in our nation's capital. And it reminds why DC is the way it is.
ReallyDC, I don't recall Mexican Americans walking along side of blacks in the south fighting for their rights. What I do know, many Mexican Americans said this wasn't there fight. Mexican Americans birth certificates stated white/caucasian, not black, Negro, or colored. In 2009, many Hispanics are considered white and if they are successful, they are accepted by white America. Blacks can be successful but in the back of many whites and Hispanics, we are Ni$$ers.

I agree with others, Mayor Adrian Malik Fenty don't see himself as a black man. Fenty is a monster and he disrepected civil rights 97 year old Dr. Dorothy Height and Maya Angelou. Black voters in D.C. will not forget Fenty's arrogance in 2010. Vote his ass out of office.

ReallyDC, I don't recall Mexican Americans walking along side of blacks in the south fighting for their rights back during segregation. What I do know, many Mexican Americans said this wasn't their fight. Mexican Americans birth certificates stated white/Caucasian, not black, brown, Negro, or colored. In 2009, many Hispanics are considered white and if they are successful, they are accepted by white America. Blacks can be successful but in the back of many whites and Hispanics, we are In$$ers.

I agree with others, Mayor Adrian Malik Fenty don't see himself as a black man. Fenty is a monster and he disrespected civil rights 97 year old legend Dr. Dorothy Height and Maya Angelou. Black voters in D.C. will not forget Fenty's arrogance in 2010. Vote his ass out of office.
I feel that some latinos are very prejudice against blacks I've witness this myself. They like to talk down to you and say things about you in their native tongue . It is disrespectful, we have good and bad in all races, but you have no right to look down on black americans. Ms. Hartsock was not qualified and yes she should be a citizen not a permanent resident. The main problem is when the republican president made the comment they do jobs Americans won't do , excuse me but have you seen an american that would pass up a job making 18.00 an hr. Truly freaking ridiculous.
City Paper Reader is the most dignified, sensible commenter on this post. It's best to ignore the haters. And CP could, if it chose to, impose reasonable civility guidelines regarding comments. In my view, civility nutures free speech.
Tired, it was the former racist white Mexican President Vincente Fox who made the racist comments about not even the blacks want these jobs.
Add "REALLY DC?" to the short list of dignified commenters on this post. Stop the racial/ethnic insults, please. All of us (or our ancestors) came to the USA from another country, and none of us should forget that fact.
Truth Hurts, you can go to hell and take Fenty and all the illegal aliens with you. I hate you white liberals. White liberals/Democrats are black citizens worse enemies. White liberals continue to keep blacks in their place pretending to look out for their best interest. For the record, my ancestors were brought to this country by your white ancestors, beaten, raped, and lynched. Thanks to the white slave owners, many blacks have a white ancestry.
Ignore Truth Hurts. He's a racist gay white male who takes it up the ass like racist Jim Graham and David Catania. All we know, Truth Hurts might be Ted Loza using a ghost name on this blog.
It is intolerable that her ethnicity or immigration status be at issue.

But violating Human resources rules and firing staff is an issue.
Replacing them at a higher staff blowing your budget and having the council rescue you with an infusion of funds to keep the pools open in unthinkable.
And violating a direct directive of the council she should not expect their approval.

So what is the issue?

Of course there is specialize talents needed for Parks and Recreation. There are rules and laws unique to children and recreation. She did not have that background.

Could she had learned very possibly but given the other issues--not on their dime.

Discussing her race, is grounds for a lawsuit.
Can we all just tone down the bigotry? If people continue to slime people using racist slurs or homophobic name calling, they should be removed. There's a lot of constructive comments here. They don't need to be spoiled by the childish name calling, racism and homophobia hid behind fake names.

It's disgusting. "Satan" and Co. should be ashamed of themselves.
Truth Hurts, I am a white male of Russian decent. The Hispanics in Washington don't want it with blacks or whites. This is not Los Angeles where Mexicans have taken over that city and have stated, all blacks to back to Africa and whites go back to Europe. It will be a civil war with whites and blacks working together to get rid of illegal aliens. This country is a time bomb right now with many U.S. citizens losing their jobs and seeing Hispanics thinking they are the chosen people by the U.S. government.
Tibby, Hispanics is not a race of people. Hispanics can be of the black, white, mestizo, and mulatto.
Satan, judging from your commemts, you picked a perfect screen name. I don't care about your ethnicity, your race, your sexual orientation, or your political views. If you participate in a civil war based on race, national origin, or any of your other simpleminded notions, you'll be arrested and sent to jail. Hispanics are not your enemy .... you are.
Ward4 in DC: You hate me? You don't even know me. I'm trying to be a voice of reason, so hate me if that's all you know. I can't stop you.
Truth Hurts, I care not to know a racist idiot like you.
Gee, I'm a racist idiot in Ward 4's eyes because I asked people to stop making racist comments. Terrific logic. Goodnight.
This is my last comment on this topic, because it's getting boring. First let me apologize to Truth Hurts for my comments to him or her.

Dr. Hartsock didn't qualify for the position. I strongly feel high level government positions on a city, State, or Federal level should be reserved for U.S.citizens. I didn't support President Barack Obama, because I felt he wasn't qualified. Many blacks voted for Obama based on his being black, including many family members. I support Hillary Clinton, because I felt she was more qualified than Obama. I have whites, Puerto Rican Americans, Venezuelans, blacks, and Salvadoran Americans. 2 different black cousins had babies with a Salvadoran and Venezuelan women. For the record, each cousin is light skin and people think they are Hispanic. I brought this up, because racism do exist within the Hispanic community. I do speak and understand Spanish and I have heard many Salvadorans/Central Americans make racist comments about blacks and Dominicans in Spanish, not knowing the Dominicans are Spanish speaking.

I don't like Adrian Fenty, because Adrian has turned into a monster and he's not the humble man I met 10 years ago when he ran against the former Ward 4 Councilmember Charlene Drew Jarvis. I have to go before God and be judged for how I feel about certain people and groups in my heart. It's hard to forgive people or judge a whole group of people for mistreating you. I am not perfect and I learning to forgive and to accept people as human beings as long as they treat me with kindness and respect. Good Night!
Correction to previous comment:

This is my last comment on this topic, because it's getting boring. First let me apologize to Truth Hurts for my comments to him or her.

Dr. Hartsock didn't qualify for the position. I strongly feel high level government positions on a city, State, or Federal level should be reserved for U.S. citizens. If Ms. Hartsock had a green card and qualifications, she should have gotten the job. Marion Barry was wrong for his inappropriate comments, but I rather for people to say how they feel, because most politicians are liars and corrupt. I didn't support President Barack Obama, because I felt he wasn't qualified. Many blacks voted for Obama based on his being black, including many family members. I supported Hillary Clinton, because I felt she was more qualified than Obama. I have whites, Puerto Rican Americans, Venezuelan Americans, blacks, and Salvadoran Americans in my family. 2 different black cousins had babies with Salvadoran and Venezuelan women. For the record, each cousin is light skin and people think they are Hispanic. I brought this up, because racism do exist within the Hispanic community. I do speak and understand Spanish and I have heard many Salvadorans/Central Americans make racist comments about blacks and Dominicans in Spanish, not knowing the Dominicans are Spanish speaking.

I don't like Adrian Fenty, because Adrian has turned into a monster and he's not the humble man I met 10 years ago when he ran against the former Ward 4 Councilmember Charlene Drew Jarvis. I have to go before God and be judged for how I feel about certain people and groups in my heart. It's hard to forgive people or judge a whole group of people for mistreating you. I am not perfect and I learning to forgive and to accept people as human beings as long as they treat me with kindness and respect. Good Night!
Doesn't it figure that the Council tubes one of the few good appointments that Fenty has made? Hartsock walked into a dysfunctional agency in the middle of spring and worked damn hard (and remarkably effectively) to get programs up and running. At the same time, she was making the rounds of community meetings and actually listening to residents. Her response to reasonable requests (e.g. access to park bathrooms on Sunday) was to acknowledge their reasonableness, get necessary details regarding implementation, and to problem-solve. Yup, better shut that shit down. God knows what'll happen if DC residents start expecting their tax dollars to be used to provide public services. We might have a full-scale revolt on our hands.

And look at the pettiness here from the Council. It's all about whether Fenty stroked Gray and Cheh enough. Sheesh. Couldn't we look at whether DPR would be better with or without Hartsock in charge? Nah, that would be too simple. The first rule of DC Council is it's all about us.

Re the claims that Hartsock broke the law. Read the relevant laws -- especially the emergecy day care legislation. It doesn't direct the head of DPR to do (or not do) anything. The legislation basically says "The Mayor can't do X, until he does A, B, and C." Even if you want to argue that the head of DPR is acting as the Mayor's agent, it's pretty clear that the head of DPR did not do X, which means she was not required to do A, B, and C.

It's one thing for the Council to say we don't want the agency to go in this direction, we made that clear, this nominee won't do our bidding, we won't confirm her or anyone else who won't do our bidding when we disagree with the Mayor. That's legit. And it would focus attention on the dispute between the Mayor and the Council about childcare at DPR. Do we want DPR to run childcare programs that are hemorrhaging money when the same kids could be served by other childcare programs in DCPS that have more educational programs, more qualified staff, and are eligible for more federal funds? That's what the Council wants in this case -- to save 165 union jobs, they're willing to waste $4 million dollars. Because, hey, it's election season and it's not their money.

Note to Loose Lips -- even if all this stuff is personal spats, you could improve the level of civic discourse by actually looking at the laws, the policy choices, etc. A little more substance along with the gossip would be refreshing.
Mayor Fenty is a mean spirited vindictive individual. If you don't agree with him, he will behave like a spoiled brat. D.C. voters are now seeing Fenty for the vindictive person that he is. In today's Washington Examiner, it reads, Harry Jaffe: Wealthy develper promises to fund Fenty foe.

The white liberal media has given Fenty a pass and they think he's the best thing since white bread. Mayor Fenty closed and privatized the D. C. Department of Mental Health which services the most vulnerable D.C. residents. Why isn't people don't discuss mental health or fight for better mental health programs? The late Eunice Kennedy Shriver was a big advocate for the mentally ill. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty could careless about people suffering from a mental illness. Fenty has lost his popularity amongst black voters and some white D.C. voters are opening their eyes by seeing, Fenty is not the man of the people. Adrian Fenty only care about himself. I foresee his kingdom will fall in the near future as the former Hip Hop mayor of Detroit. Once King Fenty is no longer in power, let's see how many people will be kissing his ass.
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Donna Night, you need to go back to Liberia with WARD4DC. You are a Drag Queen and you like cocks up your asshole too, but you like those big Ni$$er cocks up your ass like Michael Vick's. You probably get screwed every night by a short illegal alien Mestizo from El Salvador. Jim Graham will fight you over your Salvadoran boy toy.
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Parks and recreations play a vital role in a citys' enviroment. Choosing the most qualified personnel to perform the duties of the job required and be a results orieniate person requires extensive experience in providing for the needs of a community of various people. I find that Fenty and his CREWS make haste judgment to satify and reassert his contrl over other co-workersl members and city citizens. The phase goes,"KISS UP TO ME,..YOU STAY,...OPPOSE ME ,...YOU'RE FIRED !" Why don't the city allow the citizens to vote on a cabinet head for this department? It's not against the law! Better yet, Why don't we ask Mayor Barry to recommend someone who'll work for us! His ideals really have worked before. I SAY GO BARRY!
Donna Knight, please don't confuse me with your father who's also your brother. I strictly like pussy only and I am married to a beautiful black female. Why don't both you and Jesse Helms go move into a trailer park for Cracker rednecks? I am proud of my African ancestry back to the motherland as well as my Irish ancestry too. Better yet Donna Knight, kill yourself!
Hartsock (unlike Rhee and Fenty) isn't accused of vindictive firings. She's being faulted for shutting down DPR's childcare programs and transferring them to other agencies, displacing DPR workers who have held these jobs for many years. She's a scapegoat -- not a villain -- caught in the middle of a dispute between the Council and the Mayor. Unfortunately, it's not a dispute being argued on the merits -- i.e. should DPR be doing childcare? In part, because the Mayor never argues on the merits. And in part because if the argument were on the merits, the Council would lose.

As for the amount of experience it takes to run DPR, I question what special skills it involves (and whether previous Directors -- Neil Albert leaps to mind -- have had them). Lots of what's involved is basic managerial skills (personnel, facilities, budget, programming, construction) which are transferrable and aren't recreation- or sports-specific.

Hartsock does have a PhD in educational management from GWU -- it's not as if her credentials are just liberal arts degrees from Chile. She has management experience at both the principal and the district level in DC and programming is obviously her strong suit. Since it was one of DPR's weaknesses, she's a reasonable hire. A former coach with a PE degree wouldn't be inherently more qualified; nor , even, would a former park manager -- assuming that the park manager didn't hire, fire, deal with contractors, choose programs, etc.
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I have 2 kids in CCLL and I witnessed the improvements in the maintenance of fields under Hartsock's oversight this summer. Many of us are upset at Mary Cheh because we feel she traded something with Thomas for this vote against Hartsock. We all know this was against the Mayor and we are all disgusted. I met some of Hartsock's staff and I can see why Marion Barry and Thomas felt threaten by Hartsock. I was impressed with her and the people she hired. This is a huge loss for this city.
It's disturbing that Barry has a say so in this city after all we know about him and his character. It's also concerning that Thomas is following Barry's lead...He attended his Leadership Institute and is fighting for bad workers...
This Mayor for life is grooming a disciple...LL should start digging on Harry Thomas, I am sure we would find evidence of drugs, cheating and corruption.
"Women are not good in Sports"
"Latinos don't understand our Black Culture...we Brown and Black are different"

Nice! this is why we deserve taxation without representation. This council is a joke.
Kwame Brown was on the steps of the Wilson building telling Hartsock supporters that he would fight with them...??? What the F!
Hartsock has a Doctorate in Administration, Leadership and Policy Studies from GWU. She wrote a dissertation, she graduated with honors...and a 4.0. She run all DCPS afterschool programs and Extracurricular Activities, Saturday School, Summer School, Office of Bilingual Education, Office of International Education, and Office of Foreign Language for 2 years...

but she is not qualified....
Dr. Hartsock is trying to incite disdain between the District’s African American and Hispanic residents! Dr. Hartsock has been in this country for 10 years and refuses to become a U.S. citizen. She has no vested interest in the District, and therefore, she doesn’t care about the repercussions her unsubstantiated, insidious comments can have on African American and Hispanic relations in the District.

Dr. Hartsock hired a “transition team” that consisted of ZERO Latinos, and she wants to play the race card. She fired over 100 African American employees and didn’t consider hiring ANY Latinos to work directly with her at DPR headquarters.

I can only assume that Dr. Hartsock believes Caucasians are the only competent candidates for managerial positions since she fired all African American managers and hired ZERO Latinos to replace them!

Latinos, please don't let Dr. Hartsock hoodwink you like Fenty did D.C. voters in 2006.
Ward4: I appreciate your apology last night. Today you're on the receiving end of hater comments, and you are rightly offended. Ignore the haters if you can.
Hey truth agree
Meanwhile, Clark Ray, whose credentials were a BA in Education and an MA in educational management WAS qualified. Go figure! His prior parks and rec experience seems to have been writing PR for AU sports teams.

Neil Albert's background was in finance. But no one was claiming he was unqualified to lead DPR when Williams appointed him and he had no prior parks and rec experience. Of course as the inspector general's report on capital projects at DPR shows, Albert was supremely incompetent but, hey, that only meant he needed to be promoted and put in charge of more capital projects, LOL! And when he screwed them up, he got promoted to City Administrator.

I'm all for competence in city government. But you don't get it by refusing to confirm one of the few managers who actually displayed it.
Wow very sad to see all these racist comments specially the one that came from a culture thatlived and sufferered for several centuries dealt with slavery and mistreatment. Is 2009 and some people still closed eyes to the changes in the world and live in the total igonance just in stupid ignorance. I love this wonderful city and a s a latino and as American the one thing I learned is give people respect even if we think different but infuriated me the attacks to my community. I will not insult anybody here; that will put in the same level of ignorant people and argue back and forward with them is pointless. Regarding all this issues aput the DPR hearings is plain an simple is just politics from the council members against Fenty which by the way has become a ZAR in DC . So many scandals is both ends Barry, Fenty, Graham and probably will more stories come up pretty soon. Pepole in high position just forget what they are in service for ..... improve our beloved DC the capital of USA
Ernesto Ramirez, what do you mean you community? Do you mean the Salvadoran community? Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens and don't don't identify with Salvadorans or Mexicans. The Cubans are different from Salvadorans and Mexicans. Most Cubans in Miami are white, eduated, and Republican.

I attended Duke University with a white Argentinean. He didn't consider himself Latino. He said, many Argentineans had Italian and other European bloodline. What contributions have Salvadorans/Central Americans or South Americans made to this country? Many Spanish speakers don't like to be lump into one group of people, because most come from different cultures, customs, and races.

I suggest that you take a tour on the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. The majority of the Hispanics working there are educated and white. The look down on Salvadorans in the D.C. area, because they are low life and "savages". Salvadorans/Central Americans haven't made any contributions to the U.S. All have brought poverty and uneducated people to the United States breeding babies like Jack Rabbits. Go the fuck back to your countries!
Jesse Helms, I co-sign to your comments. Salvadorans living in the D.C. area are trash, uneducated, MS-13- Gangs; most cannot read and write in Spanish. Most poor uneducated Salvadorans/Central Americans/Mexican live like pigs in their countries, unless they are the upper class like former President Vincente Fox of Mexico. Salvadorans have trashed many white and black middle class neighborhoods in D.C., Prince William County, Fairfax, Montgomery County, Prince Georges County, Anne Arundel County, Frederick County, and Baltimore County. At least the blacks are U.S. citizens and their ancestors helped to build this country. Also, there's a large black middle class living in the D.C. area. You can't say that about Salvadorans/Central Americans/Mexicans illegal aliens. These people live like pigs in their countries and they bring their third world customs to the United States. With U.S. citizens losing their jobs and homes daily, the are fed up with illegal aliens coming to our country.
Senor Ramezzzzzzz.. Its cald a green card! Im sick of wet back iin my country!REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tired of the BS! you are right! Albert hasn't done much of anything but knows how to navigate the politics. Also, it was Dan Tangherlini who nominated Hartsock and there is a big difference between Tangherlini and Albert. If Marion Barry thinks Hartsock is bad and Tangherlini think she is good...mmmhhh
Maybe we need to ask Obama what he thinks! This city is doomed.
Satan, This is a country of immigrants. It's a shame that you and other writers in this blog have so much hate againts immigrants. Marion Barry has an clear..and he still ruling for racist-ignorant people like you but for the rest of the world this type of thinking is retarded.
I am sure you can get a Doctorate too Satan...try to get one and come back to this blog after you defend your dissertation..or go to Hell ~!
I don't care if she is from Mars, Hartsock is hot!
The biggest loser in this affair is this city and the villains are Barry and Thomas. Watch the hearing people, all Hartsock supporters are educated-sane people. The few who testified against her look crazy. Harry Thomas tried to sound smart but the guy is an idiot... I don't know Hartsock but if both Thomas and Barry hated her with such passion...she's gotta be the real deal. Also Hartsock's hearing was clearly illegal. The council has immunity so they get away with all of this non-sense but these 2 animals bullied Hartsock and her witnesses for 9 hours..and is no way that they didn't violate some human rights law.What I keep thinking about is what was with her that they were so afraid of....She must be something special, a threat, or Cheh would have not traded her vote..Something is up in this whole thing.
Hartsock is not the most qualified person to head up the cities Parks & Rec Department and the Mayor knows it. In fact the Mayor has plenty of department heads appointed (and confirmed) to run District agencies that are not subject matter experts and it shows. It is about time that the Council brought this trend to a halt. It is their responsibility, through the confirmation process, to ensure that the citizens are getting the best, most qualified people to run local government versus a campaign crony of the Mayor.

I don't know anything about Ms. Hartsock but her credentials, and, again, they are lacking.

There are MANY public recreation specialist all over the nation.

Ohhh, and BTW, Dan Tangherlini is the force behind many of the unqualified directors in District Government. His endorsement is not one to gloat over.
Ximena Hartsock has been the best Director this agency has ever had and I have been in this town long enough to know. She is fierced, smart, and the most hardworking person I know. Anyone who knows her closely is impressed with her...indeed a huge loss for this city.
I disagree concernedaboutDC. I have been swimming at Takoma for the past 3 years and the difference since Ms. Hartsock became Director has been tremendous. My major complaints during these past 3 years have been the poor maintenance of the facility, poor customer service and overall weak management . Lifeguards leaving chairs unattended, managers who open the pool late (I swim at 6:00 am so it matters to me when pool opens late), and dirty locker rooms. I learned that Ms. Hartsock was very responsive so I wrote her an email around Memorial Weekend with several complaints I was trying to get addressed for a while. Ms. Hartsock was very responsive and addressed everyone of the items. On top of that she met me at Takoma to make sure all was taken care of. I have not received this kind of service from anyone before in goverment and I think her actions speak louder than anything anyone can say about her.
This is very upsetting and I wish I knew she was going for confirmation. I would have testified on her behalf.
Racist, when did illegal aliens become immigrants? Illegal aliens are not immigrants asshole. I am not saying the woman from Chile was an illegal alien, because she had a green card; I hope she did. You never know with that half breed Adrian Fenty. He kiss the asses of illegal aliens and non U.S. citizens. If he could, Fenty would go non citizens and illegal aliens the right to vote. See you in hell Racist.
Why people keep protecting lazy union members and a less than mediocre child care program? If Harry Thomas really thought the day care program was good, why he has his kids at Jellef and Palisades? The guy is a joke.
Satan, just FYI Chile has some of the best universities in SouthAmerica and Chile's literacy level and graduation rate are higher than DC's. SouthAmerican folks don't come illegally to US... especially from Chile (kind of a long trip) and those who are in US work at the IMF, World Bank or NIH. Obviously you know very little about Latin immigrants but you also speak atrocities and is a shame Citypaper allows you to keep vomiting so much garbage.

BTW, Hartsock has a Doctorate from a reliable University...the same university where Mary Cheh teaches...
terrible thinking, you are a liar. There are lot's of illegal aliens in the U.S. from South American countries like Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, etc. Yes, most of the people in Chile and Argentina are white and don't consider themselves Hispanics. Many people n Argentina are of Italian and German descent. Fuck you and all the illegal alien Hispanics in the U.S. Send there asses back home and you can go along with them too. Freedom of speech is the greatness of the U.S. and you fucking liberals, Democrats, illegal alien supporters, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton want to take this away from us. We are not living in a communist country. I am fucking tired of all this political correctness. People should say what's on their fucking minds regardless if it may offend assholes like you. There will be a war in this country soon on the illegal immigration issue. Politicians will address the gay marraige issue, but they will not touch the illegal immigration issue out of fear of the backlash from U.S. citzens.
Donna Knight, where are you when I need you? lol Get this asshole supporter of illegal aliens and fudge packers like Miss Jim Graham and Miss David Catania. I think, Jack Evans, Phil Mendelson, Tommy Wells are gay on the downlow and Mary Cheh looks like a bull diker.
Lame, ditto, she is a hot Chilean mamacita!
LMBAO! Man these comments run the gammot of truth, insight, ignorance, fear, strength, REAL emotion, honesty, UNITY and hope! The truth of the matter is that the CHILEAN was not qualified or legal for the job, point blank! It takes a great deal of "something else" to direct here in DC!
Sedcdude, what do you know about her? Everyone who knows her raves about her. People who testified for her are respectable people, not crazy like the others. Natonal Association for Parks and Recreation endorsed her..!!!USTA, Higher Achievement, Martha's Table Heads Up, GWU, DC Stoddert Soccer, Cap City, Field of Dreams, the Washington Mistycs...

I am sick of people with nothing else to do but repeat stupid lines from stupid people. You are the reason why we have dudes like Barry and Thomas running this city. You Sedcdude. Read the Current Newspaper and learn how loved and respected this woman is. This city does not deserve good workers, this city is made for morons like you sedcdude.
@ sickofdc, since your SO sick of dc and NO 1 made you come here, TAKE YOUR AZZ BACK WHERE YOU COME FROM! It amazes me at how the rules are bent and a double standard applied to and for policies that affect black citizens! I don't give a rats azz if she was endorsed by the pope, SHE would have never even been considered had this been let's say Mass, Conn, hell even Omaha! She's not a legitimate CITIZEN you moron! The reason DC is retarded is due to ignorance, double standards, greed, arrogance and cronysm! Delve deeper into your own psyche sickof and stop trying to be self righteous, take your azz back to the midwest where you were IRRELEVANT and stop trying to look down on dc residents and policy, something you don't and can't understand obviously, and make change there! Again, she's not qualified and she made several mistakes while trying to reform what she didn't understand to begin with!
BTW, "everybody" raved about G. Bush and BERNIE MADOFF, where did that get them? Don't try and reinvent yourself here in what was formerly known as CHOCOLATE CITY, when you were obviously trailer trash where you come from!
There's rumors going around in Ward 4, Fenty is alleged to have beat his wife Michelle and Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier covered it up when she was the Fourth District's Commander. If King Fenty is involved in domestic violence and his wife has remained silent, Fenty should go to jail for domestic abuse and his wife should see a Psychiatrist.
I met Harry Thomas last week.. He smelled like dead fish! Cheh is getting used to long showers before he goes back to Ward 3! so romantic.
I met Ms. Hartsock at the Whole Foods community gardens ceremony this past Monday and I was impressed. She seemed genuine and caring I am a student and I work part time for Whole Foods and I was there because my company made a donation to Parks and Rec. I don’t care about politics but this lady seemed more than fine.
This woman is not hot. She look like an Aztec Indian. The cow was not a U.S. ciitzen to be working in such a high ranking government position. It take fucking liberal Democrats like Fenty to make such an appointment.

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