What Cost Peace? The D.C. government has given Ronald Moten's Peaceoholics $10 million to quash street beefs. What has it gotten?

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Police cars and yellow caution tape line the intersection of Alabama Avenue and Congress Street SE on a Monday night in August. A young man named Stephon Hooks has been shot in the leg and is on his way to Washington Hospital Center. D.C. police are milling around, a few taking notes or looking for shell casings. The shooting is one of more than 60 that took place in August.

Ronald Moten has already visited the crime scene. He’s now a few blocks away, driving his Yukon Denali and monitoring the situation via BlackBerry. Moten isn’t a police officer; he’s not even a city employee. He’s a co-founder of the nonprofit youth services group Peaceoholics. When someone in D.C. is shot, he’s often the first to hear about it.

Moments after hearing about the shooting, the 39-year-old Moten and two of his employees, ex-felons tasked with violence intervention and youth outreach, have started an investigation. They want to find the shooter, or at least the person who everyone thinks pulled the trigger. Because if there’s one thing Moten knows, it’s that one shooting begets another. Stopping that scenario from playing out is the core of Moten’s mission as leader of Peaceoholics, a name they define as people “addicted to peace.”

If you’re not familiar with Moten and his group, you’re not familiar with crime in the District. When asked who’s in charge of the scene at Alabama and Congress, an officer replies, “Probably that dude from Peaceoholics; he’s the big boss around here.” Standing nearby, a police lieutenant says she has no idea what Moten is doing. “He didn’t speak to me or any of my officers,” she says.

That’s because Moten is wired at the upper echelons of the city bureaucracy. He bypasses mid-level law enforcement and handles his business at street level, where his word is his bond. And with 50 or so ex-felons on his payroll, who he can dispatch at any hour of the day or night to quash a beef between rival crews or stop a school shooting, Moten has tentacles into communities that distrust the government and the police. Founded on the idea that no one can talk to misguided youth like a “returned citizen,” as the group refers to ex-felons, Peaceoholics display an evangelical zeal not commonly found in the grass-roots nonprofit sector. Their mantra is: “It’s not a job; it’s a ministry.”


Moten is one minister who doesn’t wait for permission from above before acting. Asked if the city has abdicated public safety and social services responsibilities to Peaceoholics, he puts it like this: “They don’t abdicate nothing to us. When we first went into the schools [to quell violence] they didn’t ask us to come in; we went in. The police or the mayor, they don’t tell us what to do; God tells us what to do. We don’t work for the government; the government works for us.”

That’s certainly how a Peaceoholics detractor would frame the situation. Since 2005, Peaceoholics has received more than $10 million in grants and loans from the D.C. government and agencies that work closely with the city on youth social services. Most of that money, about $500,000 per month, goes toward salaries, expenses and rent for the group’s office in Southeast D.C.

Proving expert at wringing cash out of the public sector, Moten is getting Peaceoholics into real estate. In May, the group snared a $5 million loan on bargain terms from the D.C. Department of Housing and Community Development. The idea is to renovate three multi-unit buildings in low-income areas into affordable housing for youths transitioning out of detention. If all goes according to plan, public dollars ordinarily spent on individual kids for a variety of social services will end up in Peaceoholics’ coffers as they serve those same kids in a privately owned local setting.

Yet just what Peaceoholics does with its grants has surfaced as a public issue twice in 2009. In March, the administration of Mayor Adrian M. Fenty decided to donate a fire engine and ambulance to the Dominican Republic without the approval of the D.C. Council. A crony of the mayor enlisted Moten to get Peaceoholics to act as a conduit for the donation, which has taken on the look of a mini-scandal involving Caribbean junkets for allies of the Fenty administration. The whole affair is now under investigation by the D.C. Inspector General’s Office. “I know for a fact that nothing was done wrong,” says Moten.

And just last month, Peaceoholics mentor Barry Harrison was convicted of five counts of enticing a minor and sexual assault in connection with his work at Spingarn High School. Harrison, it turns out, had been convicted of murder in the 1980s and was released from prison in 2006. Moten claimed a police background check went back only 10 years. Moten has vowed to push for appeal of the conviction.

There’s a reason, though, why Harrison was roaming Spingarn without supervision and why Peaceoholics is getting sweetheart loan terms from DHCD, why city agencies simply throw money at the group.

It’s because D.C. can’t handle its young. The list of D.C. agencies in charge of ministering to kids—Child and Family Services Agency, Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services, D.C. Public Schools—is also a list of some of the city’s famously dysfunctional bureaucracies—fumbling, often corrupt entities that have repeatedly failed their “customers.”

Enter Moten, a tireless, charismatic and sometimes aggressive whirlwind of a man who has established a rapport with D.C. youth. This very mismatch—the city’s ineffectiveness and Moten’s skillfulness—has provided a great market opportunity for Peaceoholics. As city agencies avoided street-level intervention, Moten’s 70-employee group soaked up millions of public dollars.

Richard Norman, an advisory board member of the Salvation Army, says, “When there’s something good, Ron goes for it. He doesn’t always do extensive due diligence. But I tell him, when you have good intentions, and you make a mistake, then all is forgiven. I have a lot of admiration for him. He’s got 20 cakes baking in the oven as we speak—and you don’t know about 19 of them.”

Moten puts the matter in simpler terms. “We on the ground with the people,” he says shortly after the Congress Street shooting. “We know what’s going on; we in the trenches. There’s nobody else in the city doing this to the degree we are. No-body.”

And on this night, Moten and his cohorts are looking to back up those words. In fact, they’ve already figured out where to find the prime suspect.


Our Readers Say

Thank you for this article. It is about time someone asked questions about these guys. I can't believe the city has been paying them millions!!!!!!! No wonder they wear different designer sunglasses every day, for God's sake. Apparently I, as a District resident, paid for them. I wish their funding had been cut to zero. They can say all they want that they're the only ones who can turn things around, but last time I checked, Anacostia is not any safer than it was 10 years ago. Any money for "peace" ought to be spent elsewhere, not on this group.
So when the table is balanced forcing the peacaholics to compete for local funds like all other local and small businesses, Moton and his fellow ex-felon business partner decide to pack up and run. How noble.

Those under the radar rendezvous at the Ritz with you know who must have run their course. The jig is up and the public well is dry.

What else is a ex-con to do, exit, stage left. Sad.
I find myself becoming more and more cynical everyday. Shakes head.
Upper NW type people (Most of you) will never understand the value of a group like the Peaceoholics... They reach people who are so disillusioned with the "system" that they don’t trust anyone outside their culture and would never be reached by MPD or any government entity. Maybe the Peaceoholics’ methods can be questioned and the group has been called crooks and criminals but nothing worse has ever been said about City Council members, government officials, ANC members, and other community leaders. I will take a reformed drug dealer over a crooked law maker any day…. The “they need to bid” people have no idea how business is really done in this city… Ask your next taxi driver…. He will tell you…
LEE - Please explain why anyone should blindly trust in the effectiveness of this group, when the areas they serve are just as broken and dangerous as ever? It's lovely that people trust them who don't trust police, blah blah blah, but where is the proof that any of that matters? Perhaps if we spent those millions on more police resources for those areas, and actually locked up the criminals instead of giving light sentences as requested by Peaceaholics, the good people who live there would be safer.
Nicole I agree with you wholeheartedly... so glad to see this.
As a DC taxpayer i'd rather not see any of my money going to them - ANY of it... I have a daughter in DCPS and I wish like hell they would even going anywhere near her. Ron is a bully, the city, mayor, and police needs to stop allowing him to just do what he wants to do. He still has that thug mentality - And the fact that he considers himself a "minister" is just blasphemy.... i'm dying laughing at that!!! What these kids need are better parents. If you or your group intend to be mentors you would still do it even if there was no cost associated with it. Beef? You create the beefs so that you can continue to justify your need for funding. For your bigger house, another car, more jewelry etc...
My layman's take on this is as follows. The "real gansters wear suits" quote hits the nail on the head. This type of contract is as lucrative as any mafia service contract that has happened in other cities over the past several decades. They bill themselves as a much needed service cleaning up trash with city contracts that amount to several thousands of dollars per piece of garbage swept from the street.
Housing for troubled youths with grant money is noble indeed. Still, we must stop the babies out of wedlock,drop-out rates from school and society before any group can calim success...no matter the funded monies involved.
Mo you gotta look at that B. Harrison character with a different lense to setroe my street cred with you or forget all your 'Mo 'Joe Blow.
The story of two gangsters who merged.. Sounds more like a hostile acquisition of Moten by Abraham.

The more light is shown on Peaceaholics the more problems that right-thinking, educated Washingtonians have with this group. I have been complaining to the Council about them for two years now and everything I've ever found out about them has been negative.

Lee, no one cares what people who are disillusioned with the System thinks. The African American community has a president and a mayor who look like they do. The old days of racism are over, period, over. I am old enough to remember when there were barely any Black police, now when the police come, whose community are they a member of? Upper NW or SE? SE. So these stories of "the man" being separate and keeping people down are just BS stories which should be shot down and corrected.

Read up on Peaceaholics, educate yourself, and you'll know who and what they are.
SEBlackDaddy, I agree with you comment.

Also, Ron Moten is trash and a thug. He need to put on a suit and learn to speak English and look for a real job.

Ward 4 Voter
Lee. All they need to do is compete and show their benefit. There are groups in Ward 8 and outside of upper NW that can do that. 10 million is a lot of money.
I keep hearing about this rendezvous at the Ritz. Can someone please enlighted me on this?
How do we know the communities this group serves are just as dangerous as they would be without them? I don't think we will know this for certain until next year when their funding is cut. I do believe they have garnered the trust of those who would be hesitant to talk to the police, and further, if they have saved the life of just one young person--just one--I say the 10 mil was well spent.
Let's see every high-school that had Peaceaholics incorporated into their school last year...the principals were replaced e.g, Anacostia, Dunbar and Spingarn. They were to bring peace and it resulted in chaos...so much for that factor. Hence, this morning it was reported that 11 students were arrested at Ballou for gang-activity. Duh ruh...if we are paying the peaceaholics and they are so in tuned to the inner-workings of gang-activity...what da heck happen. I am almost associating the peaceaholics to a newly drafted professional athlete...who gets the big contract then lo and behold they are not the price we paid for.... Really if we are comparison shoppers by nature....then look at the Roving Leaders and the Peaceaholics and you will clearly see that one gets better results for less and is a proving leader amongst the community. If one thinks that Snyder pimps the "cheerleaders" then I can only share with you how the peaceholics pimped the marching bands of this city.
Music is the Message and SEBlackDaddy you both are RIGHT on point…

I just sat and read this entire article for a second time and I’m just in awe. Moe's bragging about getting to a crime scene first and not sharing what you know with the police (there goes that "stop snitching" campaign). Could it be that he knows of something prior to it happening. Could it be that it’s someone in your organization that’s involved. I certainly don’t find that praiseworthy. You want accolades; prevent the crime that you already know is going to occur - not get to the scene first AFTER it happens. I find it hard to believe that police are actually “jealous” of you. You’re playing all high and mighty like you’re Al Capone but you consider yourself a “minister”, then next minute you’re gansta the next. I’m all confused. “We don’t necessarily tell them what we know. But we lookin’ out for public safety.” (sigh)

And what exactly does this mean???? I read it to almost be a threat:
Harrison’s conviction could send him back to prison for 40 years. “It’s a setback for a comeback,” Moten says of the verdict. “It’s not about [Harrison], it’s about me and Jauhar. We know what we gotta do

And this:
“We also do street background checks that are better than anything FBI can do,” he boasts.

That statement, in my opinion, only glorify the streets.

And this:

“Some people might be jealous or say that we never done housing before,” Who’s jealous – you just stated you’ve never done housing before. I only hope that in 2 years from now the DEA doesn’t come busting the doors in for any particular reason. Good luck with that.

And this:

Moten gets $500 an hour when he travels to consult with other cities on their youth gang problems, he says.

Just says “be a thug in the streets, then go bull city council, tell them you’re a “mentor” in some capacity and you too can get paid”

I’m going to start packing my house now, if this Mayor makes it back in office, I have yet another reason to relocate. siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh
Have any of you people that have such negative comments about the organization ever volunteered for support the Peacaholics? Have you ever been to the facility in SE where they train kids and adults with computer skills? They have paid employees and volunteers. Some of their paid employees are teachers and they assist with classes for the community, GED. If you have negative views based on what you have read, maybe you too should get out in the trenches. There is a reason this group has the ear of the mayor and the council. They do impact the community. The violent crime numbers in the district have dropped for the past several years. The murder rate has also steadily decreased, Explorer, Nicole. Volunteer and then form your opinion. I am sure they would love your help.
"Upper NW type people (Most of you) will never understand the value of a group like the Peaceoholics..."

Oh, we NW folk recognize the value - and it ain't nowhere near $10M worth! We've been played for suckers and, now that we recognize that, y'all wanna cry "foul!" Nice try, homie...
Lolo, in fact I do volunteer in the less fortunate communities of the city. (And note -- VOLUNTEER, unlike Mr. Moten.) I am a lawyer and represent children for free in the court system, when their parents have neglected them and CFSA has to step in. I also have spent years tutoring kids from SE in reading. So, you cannot discount what I have to say by suggesting that if only I got involved, I would think otherwise of Peaceaholics. Not true.
I don't suspect we'll be seeing any annual reports with their financials.. Let's face it, they used the crime problem to make some pretty good money and played it pretty damn well. These guys are opportunistic businessmen who figured out how to put themselves on the receiving end of leaky government coffers desperately looking for another way to lower crime statistics. It doesn't matter at this point if it worked people!
Lolo, before you attack people on their volunteer record you might want to state what your record is.

I have worked with Peaceholics as a funder, and it has always irritated me that they can never produce information on their results/achievements. The article is true...they never apply for grants/funding but mainly I think it is b/c they don't know how to go about writing a successful grant, so what Moten does is stalk the hallways of city govt harrassing different agencies for money.

Personally I would like to know how many of those folks that took the class LoLo talks about actually found a job, got a GED, or entered college w/ their help. How many have stayed out of the criminal justice system because of their help? How many kids have finished high school b/c of their help?

I don't think these questions are difficult to answer, but I bet you any money that the organization has no clue and no ability to report. Why are they allowed to circumvent funding requirements if other agencies must jump through these same hoops?

Ok a few questions;
1. What are the salaries of the members of Peaceaholics?

2. Will Ronnie and his pal now be paid $500 an hour to "consult"; nice way to step back and run away with the rest of the assets of the "nonprofit" group through another subcontract not out for bid! Monitor this please and tell us it aint so.

3. Ronnie makes almost $100,000 a year to pass on hatred and stereotypes of others in "suites" !?!?!? Hey Ronnie how about education as the top priority; correct use of the language perhaps, Mr. Cosby is the REAL MAN. Love the way Ronnie manages to conduct hateful nasty fingerpointing with one hand and and appears to be lining his pockets with the other.

4. Like Nicole I have spent the last 19 years in DC volunteering (NO PAY) with at risk youth encouraging education as a means to a better life; so no I am not a hater.
This group is a damn joke, all this money could have gone to help these kids instead of closing places for them to go after school.(boys and girls club) This man is making money hand over fist and this assinine mayor would still be supporting him if it hadn't been brought to the council and the citizens attention. My tax dollars at work right!!!!
i know the man on a personal level and i know his heart in the right place but remember he is from the street so his pocket in one another hustle. just like the Mayor,City Council he is now a new found gangsta, there is still crime in SE, Anacosita still in turmoil, fights everday at the Anacostia Metro, with the closing of schools, children are forced to go to schools outside the area, the closing of Boy and Girls programs, children are forced to go to the street, with single parent homes, again forced to the streets for guidance. in know no way shape or form i'm i taking up from him but what i am saying is that WE the citzens of DC regardless what ward we live in need to start holding city officals accountable for their actions and for giving OUR money ( the citzens money) to org's like this. i work in NE ward 7 and everyday children are behind by building smoking weed and coke, the police for the last 2 months are at Spingarn High every other day, the truancy police up and down Benning RD, in June a elderly man from 21st Street NE was robbed and beat to death at the BP gas station on 21st by some wanna b gangsta, where are the PEACOHOLICS, so the angry needs to be with the city offical giving him the money also the anry needs to be with US ( the citzens for allowing the city officals to PIMP us) we need to stop ADVOCATING in DC and need to be ACTIVISTS, we have the power for REAL but some of us who live in UPPER NW don't care about the issues that happen in other wards in the CITY, so lets be fo real, if there is NO VIOLENCE in Wilson High Deal Middle then the niggaz can keep killa the niggaz. WE NEED TO TAKE A STAND! so if you don't have a solution then you are just to blame for the PROBLEM.
Ms.Nicole get doing what you are doing, GOD BLESS! we need more people like you!
all ya'll talkn and taking NO action....NO action from none of ya'll haters who wish you had come up with idea first....why dont YOU try getting up up at 3am out of your bed to squash a beef with some kids that would rather beat your ass than listen,why don't YOU go to the halls of the schools and try talking to kids while they widlin' out and acting crazy....YOU go do the work in the streets, taking chances every day of YOUR life for who....SOMEBODY ELSE'S KIDS....ALL YA'LL NEED TO SHUT UP AND GET UP FROM YOUR COMFORTABLE LIVES AND DO SOMETHING AND STOP JUDGING!!!. The type work these guys are doing deserve MILLIONS of $$$$ and guess what, YOU got to have the HEART for it. HUH do YOU???
Ive worked with his group, crew, or gang whatever you want to call it. My job at the time have to assist this organization. He is nothing more that a con-artist. The reason he hires ex-cons is you dont have to pay them much, and sometime he doesn't not pay them. All he does is chase cameras and microphone to run his save the community game. D.C. gov. fell for his scam to the tune of $10,000,000
He done know any kids in the community except a few young girls. But dont worry because when the I.R.S. catch up with him he will boiling water in the microwave again if he still has a microwave
What i have seen with th peaceoholics is a crock of u no what. Jahaur hire his ex con father too run the re-entry progarm who is an in effective ex con Willie anderson. They have a resider over the program name Princess who write all of there corespondence she's act if she something. The facilities are dingy and dark looking they pay there workers late if pay them at all. They have a independent progam on Oklahoma Ave. Where the kids are not given any money for food transportation they are neglected. DYRS no that they are ineffective but they have a buddy in City Hall ( FENTY). They have boarding school in North Carolina I wonder how that is doing.
This guy is definitely setting the stage to take whatever money the organization has left after he departs. He will remain the defacto head of the organization (not on paper, of course) and will approve all $500/hour consulting fees that he submits until there is no more money. Mr. Moten simply perpetuates many of the problems that people are suffering from in these communities. He advocates the "stop snitching" culture. He supports those who commit violent crimes instead of trying to make it something to be ashamed of. He places "mentors" fresh from years in ferderal prisons in schools and expects us to believe that these people will be a positive influence on our kids. Can you imagine if someone tried to have a convicted murderer mentor kids in Montgomery or Fairfax County? Things are obviously different in D.C. schools, but there should be some standard.
Waisted, waisted money. Money could have supported recreation centers, more police officers, put some food on a hungry child's table. I believed in giving ex-offenders second chances until I read this article. Here, my name has been on section 8 list for about 15-20 years,I can't even get any reduced property. Designer sunglasses? I go to the beauty supply store or Dollar Tree. Moten and his BANDITS may have to try there. Oh, I could go on and on but my lunch break is over. Now ,I'd like to read about the good that they have done for the city because the violence is still rampad. S.E.,N.E.,N.W.,S.W. I am a Northeast D.C. resident.
Well when I think about "Peaceoholics" I truly think South East, but for real they do make a difference. Seriously speaking ,this company does put fourth the perventive steps to real make a difference, but so do so many others. I guess when your out in the media, and one of the highest paid non-profits ever time you do anything in the public eye they know. No one ever said that when you work ,you shouldn't get paid because every one reading this article makes money doing something. The Red Cross C.E.O. makes 5 Million a year tell me he doesn't like his job? All in all a lot of companies just didn't have the money, hopefully now, those who didn't will get a chance to prove themselfs. In Da Streets, Inc is real, and does understand the presures of business in todays economy. It's a sad day in the city, but I wish all those who are in the best interest of youth to continue in this struggle, this isn't about "Peaceoholics" this is a story of those who struggle in todays times to help youth now we all must step up or get out. May God guide us all in positive directions for our city.
In Da Streets, Inc
Hey I didn't know you could boil water in a microwave!
Frankly, this is a huge waste of money. Crime in SE is as high as it is ever been.

I'm not sure why we just don't let the criminals gun each other down. If they are still that stupid in this day and age when they have countless free opportunities to take their life in a different direction, then I say let them gun each other down as long as they keep it in SE.

All of this "lets help the criminals" BS that costs my city, and others around the nation tens to hundreds of millions of dollars a year has got to stop. It appears this guy is simply a leach of the system. Cancel his yearly millions and transfer it to the DCPD. They are the ones really fighting crime in SE.
@Loki: Take a look around, the killing is all over the city, not just S.E. As for the police, fighting what crime - they are criminals themselves. By the way, to all that don't know, your Mayor is Mr. Moten's homey.
Ron is singing his last song and probably is taking a plea bargain w/ the feds on the whole investigation of him, Mayor and anyone affiliated and was on the payroll & scam to milk the government... He got greedy and now has to take the fall... He will tell all he knows and is not about to go down by himself. He had more prep and priority than the City Council & MPD...

He does not have any receipt of where the monies went to except "BLAH BLAH! He will be held accountable for the city's fundings, no records and none of the residents of this city is not going to let him walk, they will find him guilty... CRIMES have never went down, they went up and you brag in the city paper of how you get the phone call before the 911 is made. That is cry for HELP.

Consulting is the Fire Truck/ Ambulance... he has to answer for that... the molestation of the lil girls that he accuses of lying and the millions of $$$ that he spent w/o any supervision or overhead, he set himself up because the only receipt he has is the one for his Denali truck and home in PG County and the Gucci Wear on his back.

RON you talk to much and now the reader's of city paper and every resident is outraged. Residents/ MPD/ other organizations been complaining about you (smiling faces get you everytime) and the City Administrative office & US Attorney's office have built a case. You are not the boss of this city, nor have you ever been and Fenty has long since tried to cut ties to you... He is a lawyer and surely covered his behind and no one is going to take the fall but yourself. And to actually think you can mentor to anyone's child??? Be a father to four out of your out of wedlock kids of your own... GOD is forgiving but maybe he will do for you what he did for Jeremiah in the prison...

WHAT have you done for the youth and residents of this city??? But put shame and embarassment to those of us who work and pay taxes... this is not about the tax office or what another has done, this is your short bio in the city paper and no one is impressed...
Hey I am a recent college graduate from Trinity University with a major in Criminal Justice. I have been apart of the PEACEOHOLOCS, Inc since I was a senior at Anacostia SHS in 2004. This program helped me, and my family in the past when we didnt have food, clothes, and money. There have been times when my mother was beaten, and I needed a place to clear my mind I will call Moe and Jauhar to pick me up. These two guys are my father figures, role models, humanatarians, and good citizens. I just dont understand why people have so much to say negative about Ronald Moten & Peaceoholics,Inc. When they arent not doing the work we do, or see the crisis our young people go through everyday. You people dont be out in the communities or the busstops before, or after school. Or on the scene when youth are fighting, stabbing and shooting every mintue. Some of my co-workers have put there lives on the line for youth, some are taking daily risks in which we calls GOD work. None of you people have decided to take a stand, and helped or support your community on helping mentor a youth. We are the largest orgainzation that the youth respond to when they need something, we are the first called when a fight kick off, we are the first called when a youth needs a job, we are the first called when a shooting take place. Please dont be against us be with us.
I am about tired of this "gimmie" generation of young people.

You don't need a mentor to tell you not to pick up a firearm and shoot someone.

If that is the choice you make as a young person, they your fate should be the very same as was the fate of "moe". You should go to prison for a very long time.

You young people are not stupid, you just play stupid, you blame everything on your environment and poverty, but guess what, there are hundreds of young people in the District that dont turn to thuggery because they feel sorry for themselves. They go to school, study hard, despite the obstacles because they know that is what it is going to take to get themselves out of this cycle.

I say enough of the hand holding and coddling of these young people. Enough is Enough!!!

The young people in the District have more "social" programs than any other city I have ever witnessed in the nation. Yet, they still whine and complain about what they DON'T have. What they DON'T have is any good excuses as to why they behave the way they do. They have no sense of personal responsibility.

The city needs to put more money in juvenile detention, and I mean REAL detention.

I say, give them swimming lessons, throw them out into the lake and they either sink or swim. This is the only way they will learn responsibiloity and accountability.
Very good, comprehensive article on a complicated and thorny issue. One suggestion: don't abbreviate "D.C. Department of Human Services" with "DHS." It confused me at first skim as a reader. (I think there may be a slightly larger organization based in DC with the same acronym. )
I share the frustration of "Music is the Message" about how other groups that have proven themselves time and again get passed over in favor of those with an "in" at City Hall. It's also sad that any group who works with community residents, including "ex-offenders" who are appropriately reformed and screened, will be looked upon with suspicion by the public now thanks to one group that apparently does not know how to behave. Social workers can provide clinical services, but they have a great deal of trouble connecting with some of the hardest-to-reach kids and their families. Grassroots organizations that can build bridges with isolated families and who hire people who command the respect and trust of the kids are sorely needed in DC's schools.

One example of a group that never gets its due from the City or from DCPS -- despite officials from both entities being well-aware of their results and impeccable track record in several middle schools and one high school East of the River -- is LifeSTARTS Youth & Family Services. It's run by a humble visionary, Curtis Watkins, who grew up in Ward 7 and has experienced much of what poorDC kids and families go through. LifeSTARTS hires community residents who have all the background checks and training needed to work appropriately with kids. And it has the data and endorsements from partners like principals and even the MPD to to prove its results. I've never met "gangsters wearing suits" from LifeSTARTS. I've met solid neighborhood residents who work tirelessly and respectfully with kids, parents, teachers, principals, police and other partners to achieve great things on behalf of DC school kids.
I couldn't have said it better myself Sharell. It saddens me to read the non sense that people write but I must continue to remind myself that ignorance is blist and it is a condition that most will have for they no not because they engage not.

The first time I started with Peaceoholics was in 2002 becuase I was hungry, not only for food but hungry for life! Knowing that my school system was injust and knowing that i should have books that werent outdated. I didn't want to become a statistic, drop out of school, have a few bastard children while living on section 8 voucher that most people like some of you said I would.

Most of you would have never never given someone like me an opportunity to excel only becuase it is in your nature to put self first and leave others behind.

How do I know?
I'm glad you asked.

If you actually knew Ronald Moten and Jauhar Abraham you would know that they were helping people in the community long before there was ever an ear mark to achieve.

They didn't encourage me to graduate high school because I had any money to give them nor did they answer my phone calls in the middle of the night becuase I was about to send them some media coverage. The Peaceoholics elevated my way of thinking and believing that I could achieve all things when every one else, even my mother, said I couldn't.
CM Kwame Brown (and CMs Mendelson and Mike Brown who were at a previous CCCA meeting this year) supports these gang intervention no accounts. We'll have CM K Brown at an upcoming CCCA meeting to find out what he has to say about this. See CCCA-onlline.org for details.
At one time in my life I was an at-risk youth and today I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications.
I graduated Magna Cum Laude
With the support of the Peaceoholics Inc.
There are over 100, once at risk youth who put down their guns, squashed all their beefs, left their gangs and picked up a new book and are now engaging in higher education.
These are the youth you like to work with, like the ones who grew up in a household with both parents, or the ones that had sheltered lives.
These are the young people who were homeless, went to school to eat two meals a day, rob people because they had siblings to take care of becuase their parents were either on some type of substance or a-wall.
Do you have any idea the trauma that a young person experiences when they have to become an adult quit the stomaches rumbling of a another young person when you are just a child yourself?
I'm sure you don't -
Just like you may have never had been held a gun point becuase you were tryn to stop a fight and save some one else's life!
God Bless those who go beyond them selves to help others and shame those who do nothing but criticize your work.

This city has closed 70% of the homicides - because of the Peaceoholics Inc.
MPD didn't do it all by them selves

It is because of the Peaceoholics that some hungry youth isnt tryn to rob you right now --

how is that for a reality check

As a matter of fact - if you still don't believe that this work is real, meet me a mutual location and I can show you better than I can tell you!

Honestly, no matter what you say -- I know that God has ordained these men with a mission that many of you may not understand -- and I don't expect you to -- but I respectfully ask that you either educate yourself on the facts or stop speaking about what you hear people say.

Not only are the youth and their families in our inner city, disadvantaged communities are at risk -- but so are you -- and right now -- you are apart of the problem -- so if you are as concerned as you proclaim to be -- why not become a part of the solution??????
Im sorry I am not gonna throw a kid a party for doing what they are SUPPOSED to do. Like not shooting each other.

You welfare sympathizers are a part of the problem that keeps this cycle in motion.
my first comment is to maria, hae you VOLUNTEERED for the peaceoholics, do you lie in one the Wards (5678 and 4) that are plagued with infant mortality, HIV/AIDS, hunger, drugs, crime, rape, etc, have your read the peaceoholics mission statement, if not here it is: Incorporated in 2004, Peaceoholics promotes conflict resolution, HIV/AIDS prevention, substance abuse pre­vention, gang prevention and family wellness through its youth and family programs. Our effort in support of youth are directed at understanding problems such as school violence and developing solutions to them so that every young person has an opportunity develop in an environment that is safe and secure, free of fear and conductive to learning. they do Nothings around HIV prevention, nothing around substance abuse, SO please dont judge, i work in ward 7 with one of the highest hiv rate and crime rate and gangs, i never see him or his staff at a health fair, i have visited the business and i thought that i was at a hang out

the two young women that got the support from the peaceoholics to help make the right decisions in their, GREAT, that is what the agency suppose to do according to their funding and mission statement. but is still remain that the agency used the money inappropriately, he is still a HUSTLER just like the mayor and other city figures, but as a COMMUNITY we need to hold him accountable for his actions, we need to her more successfully stories

not mad at the idea GREAT if you really cared about the COMMUNITY, he was living in river terrace, so why? move from the community you claim MOE? we as citizens in DC are not HATING we are concerned about our tax dollars, just like the mayor, city council, MOE ( ronald moten ) works for tax payers and i WANT MY MONEY BACK!

so please, folks like maria, know a little something before you JUDGE, i work the streets at night with the sex workers on K street NW, i am in homes with the folks who are hungry and i see the women who are raped and beaten, homes with children who have no lights or food parents on drugs so they are robbing to eat!

Can someone please give "Sharece" and " "Sharell Kyle" a VIOLIN? So that they can play "Cry Me A River!"

Ron Moten "pimped" DC and won the "Who wants to be a Millionaire sweepstakes."

His criminal conglomerate is crying out loud for a federal investigation.

I have met him and can tell you that he is a straight up hooligan!

Is this the type of "returned citizen" aka felon that any responsible parents want to "mentor" their children?

Any parent who allows their child to be in the company of these felons needs to be charged with child abuse/neglect.

I must say, Michelle "Jhoon" Rhee came to DC too late. She should have been here much earlier when Moten was matriculating in the DC School System and was the proud recipient of social promotions. Whatever teachers/prinicipals that pushed him through school should have been terminated years ago!

He has demonstrated that his I.Q. is equivalent to his shoe size.

Sharell and Sharece I suppose that you want to nominate "Leechoholics" for the "DC Peace Prize."

Leechoholics have misappropriated taxpayers money. They now will be overlords for the three apartment buildings that they purchased with taxpayers money.

These apartment buildings will be akin to the "The Carter" like in the movie "New Jack City."

David Simon and Ed Burns (The Wire) we need you to produce a mini-series combining "The Wire" crew and the Peaceoholics crew.

Starring: Ron Moten as "Robbing Hood Ron aka Nino Brown"
Jauhar Abraham as "Stringer Bell aka Kareem Akbar"
Barry Harrison since he now incarcerated as "Omar Little."
Sharell as "Tamika plus 8" like Kate plus 8
Sharece as "Shamika plus 6 baby daddies"

Ron, enjoy your ill-gotten gains, soon the FEDS will get you! Go cop a plea first. You are going down! You will be "Bubba's" bee-itch! He will call you "Rhonda" and make you squat when you piss!

You deserve every thing that will soon be coming to you.
Jauhar when you go in change your name to Kareem Akbar yo might survive in the joint.
And whatever "licensed attorney" that helped them launder the millions of dollars
of tax payers money will be disbarred!
the only people who have knowlegde is those college kids they have working, they pay them little and take more come on people these people are criminals they are sick and not worthy Moten dont know how to talk to his peers or city officials DUMB ASS! come on people kick him and abraham to the curb they are are dirt to the streets and everyday they are in designer clothes stop taking money from my kids mouth and use it wisely FBI comming soon make sure you tell your staff before they be surprise Moten
RON tax season is coming ... you and everyone since 2005 regardlesss of turning it over to someone else's name to hide assets are being audited... they are waiting for the last signature when you do yours for the year... you rec'd $$$ from DC and did your work in DC and yes you owe DC big time...

To the kid graudates he is going to not need letters but representation in the courtroom and some of that money jthat he can not account for judges serve on those boards and the control board own the judges and are over the Mayor... If you were down in the hallways chasing the paper, when did you ever answer your phone for a family in need becuase every mtg you attend you are on your cell phone and we all here about the murders daily... 70% of the murders is what you solved , then they must be on your payroll. Because even MPD has never solved 70% in any one given year, they give stats from the over 4600 that remain unsolved. Detectives have been complaining how you are in the way.

The residents of this city is not stupid and for the record some of our high schools told you stay the hell out... and for the record when you forced your way into the schools... that was against your parole and the parole of every ex-con that you had on payroll....

I hope the child lawyers can defend you in court.
They have kids ready to testify while they were under your watch they still were able to fight each other, ( you gave them a couple of movie passes to squash the beef) and the office space where no one supervises the kids and it leaks while you sit on your throne across the street in Gucci wear.
Sharrell and Sharece, I appreciate your comments, and congratulations on your achievements. Obviously Peaceaholics is not perfect, but I appreciate y'all giving them credit for doing some good work and caring for youth in the 'hood when no one else is there for them... Peace...
I tried to do some back-of-the-envelope calculations using just what the article provides. To start, $500 thousand per month on salaries, rent, and miscellaneous expenses doesn't add up unless the group's annual budget is around $6 million of year but let's assume this number for now.

Let's say rent is $2,000 per month for SE office property and another $2,000 per month is spent on office supplies and incidentals. That leaves $496,000 per month on salaries. With 50 employees on the payroll, that amounts to an approximate average of just under $10 thousand per month per employee or close to $120,000 per year.

Are there any openings available at Peaceaholics?
I have personal experience with a Peaceoholic mentor and my godson who was released from Oak Hill 9 months ago. The mentor (paid) has done a great job keeping my godson on the right path. Moreover, he has squashed several beefs and prevented a shooting or two. In this case the Peaceoholics have earned their pay. (note, I am a 50-something white Republican here in DC, not a typical defender of this group).

The issue at-hand is the misuse or lack of documentation of these funds.

The city is as culpable or more culpable than the two leaders of this organization.
I have seen some of the work they do both up-close and from afar. While they definitely aren't perfect, the one thing I can say about this group above many others is that they are serious about their mission.

I believe Ron Moten and his staff really care about the youth they are serving and are trying hard to make a real difference in this city.

It's unfortunate they have gotten so much negative attention, but I feel that most of it is unwarranted.
The WCP did a wonderful job with this article on Ron Moten and the Peaceoholics. The problem is that Mayor Fenty let this group rip off the taxpayers of this city under the name of peace or stopping the violence. The Mayor, CM Kwame Brown, CM Michael Brown, City Adminstrator Neil Albert should be held responsible for blowing DC Tax dollars. I personlly know of a number of programs in the city that could have used some of these funds to keep up there great works. The question is how much of this money is being given back to crooked Mayor Fenty, CM Kwame Brown, CM Michael Brown, City Adminstrator Neil Albert. The WCP should be focusing on how many kick backs these crooked city officials have taken from Ron Moten and other groups that rip off DC taxpayers. I am a 35 year old Black male in southeast DC who is feed up with city hall corrupt officials. I hope the IRS investigates all that money that Ron Moten stole. The FBI needs to look into how CM Kwame Brown was able to build a house in Ocean City Md , (I wonder how much of that money went to Kwame sell out the community Browns pockets)
The sad thing is that this organization has helped thousands of families and the workers and CEO and COO work around the clock putting themselves in jeopardy in order to protect public safety, and people attack us. come investigate on your own, you as citizens come and talk to the children we help that are currently in college, or children we help get out of beefs that may have killed them. this article was slanderous and had many FALSE statements and information that was meant to inflame the community against a organization that works for the greater good. I read one person's comment that said that Moe Moten "doesn't know how to talk too people" and that Jauhar "wears designer clothes" I mean come on people Moe knows how to talk too youth and that what he gets paid to do, and Jauhar buys clothes for plenty of children who can't afford them. I leave you with these words "NEGATIVE THINGS HAPPEN WHEN POSITIVE PEOPLE....SPEND ALL THEIR TIME WRITING BLOGS" sorry I'm going to do some more work now, Join me!
Oh suprise suprise..another ex prisoner thug fuckin over the goverment..investigate and then the send his ass back to prison! Can anyone say embezzelment???
In the end, the organization should continue to do the work that they claim to have done because it is sorely needed. However, they need to be more transparent and do more with the money they receive in the future. Those who have defended them, because they work for Peacoholics or have had positive experiences with the organization, are missing the point. You must have no idea how much could have been done with the money. Their budget is several times over other organizations that work with populations that are just as vulnerable or even more so (domestic violence, sexual minority youth, undocumented youth). These organizations have to account for how they use their funds and so should Peaceoholics. In terms of the schools, as an educator, parent and community member I believe I speak for the majority when I say that ex-cons (even drug offenders) should not be in our schools (that's right it's my school too) unsupervised. Ex-cons can be great speakers but should not run programs in the schools or mentor children one-to-one. Now, that being said if the organization is really worth their salt than it should be able to weather the storm and if not, it will be over and in a couple of years no one will remember their names or the existence of the organization. If you don't believe that then you really don't know anything because it has happened to other organizations. Bottom line, Peaceaholics should invest in some PR people and let's keep it real, the organization is paper thin and needs the support of community members such as myself but if the leader/staff are self righteous and the work is not documented then I can't support it. For those who have been helped, don't put people too high on a pedestal they are human, flawed and part of a greater system of graft and corruption. Look at what you got out of it and move on.
The failure isn't Moten or Peaceaholics. The failure is ours.

We lay down and have them, birth them into the world and create the environs for them to survive in. We make such statements as 'what is wrong with these kids today' as though they dropped from outer space. Moten took advantage of our failings to fill a niche. His success or failure or payment is secondary to the issue of our communities continuing the downward spiral.

If WE did OUR jobs, there would be no need for Moten's group.
When our city officials forget about our youth and young adults and their needs to have programs that utilized the mental and physical energy that they possess, we find ourselves at the mercy of the results of having no where to turn or nothing to do, criminal activities. We live our lives in fear of our ecomonic conditions that we create whether for profit, public control, bias or ignorance. With what is to be required in the future ahead, we are still practicing mental and physical slavery for one reason or another. Our youth and young adults want to be guided in the right directions with real activities and learning enviroments that offer reallistic directions for their and our tomorrows. We make our teaching institutions for- profit businesses. Do you want change? Then, whats the problem with offering free programs and year round free courses to our youth and adults geared to realistic positions in enviromental and energy aternatives where poor and or rich can receive incentives for ther ideals and inputs. Open up jobs whether part or temporary after school, weekends and holidays. Create city wide programs that utilize youth energy. The ideas proposed by Mayor Barry worked. Whats the problem? I applaude these guys who get involved in the steet level lives and activies and try to help and save lives. Our families, political and community services have lost sight of what is important for us to move forward into the future, "OUR YOUTH". Just think, 'WHITES DON'T DO CRIME, USE DRUGS, SMOKE BLUNTS CIGARS, GATHER IN GROUPS OF THREES ON THE CORNER , BUY 40 ozs ,SHOOT ONE ANOTHER, FIRE SCHOOL TEACHERS, LIVE IN GOVERNMENT HOUSING, RECEIVE GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE, LET THE POLICE GET THEIR KIDS, THEY AINT SCARED TO STAND UP AND GET CHANGE, THEYS RICH". What a bunch of crap! WAKE UP PEOPLE! HOW WILL YOU SAVE A LIFE, A FAMILY, ...A FUTURE?
Answer to an audit Ron, it is on its way and you will be held accountable for it.

Agencies are already in place to do the job.

He pays himself $90,000 a year and dont' pay any taxes and lives in PG County in a home purchased w/ these mionies and used th money for the Denali...

WHat happen to the kids who were killed over the weekend? Surely on the front page Mr. Moten you brag about how the residents dial your cell befor 911.

Your time is up and their is no comeback when you go to ground... You dug some deep trenches around this city. Only those w/ their hands out will follow you. You are not he hero in those it is an embarassament to our residents... and those politians who applaud you will probaby be sitting in the same cell.
From the Peaceoholics Guidestar profile (data garnered from the IRS 990 form, a public document required of all 501(c)(3)s):

Officers, Directors, Trustees, and Key Employees:
Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2007

Name Title Compensation
Jauhar Abraham Chief Executive $111,108
Ronald Moten Chief Operating $99,068
Rev. Donald Isaac Board Member $0
Anthony Starks Chairman of the $0
Dr. Deborah Evans Board Member $0

Assets: $622
Income: $2,343,994
Expenses: $2,428,289
Liabilities: $75,899
Get your resumes updated and go find real jobs. Principals and teachers just lost jobs and I can't think of any reason in the world that a group of ex and continuing cons should get a dime of my tax money. Roving leaders who are trained, certified and employed by the government, based on skills and have clear background checks do the same thing and have been long before there were ever peaceaholics.
I don't understand, from what I know about the company and how this all works it seems most of the comments are based soley from the article and nothing more. I think alot of comments are based off the amount of money received but its received over the years I know that you can not continue to receive funding if no results are produced so that is just rediculous and ludacris that you all believe that and they would make you all assume that. Furthermore, listen to what most of you are commenting about as if they hit the lottery and pocketed 10million dollars if any of you understood what it takes to run a company you would understand the dynamics and that the money would of been over a period of time. For the person who said they work with ex-cons so they don't have to pay them much if you look at and believe the article and do a little math like one person TRIED to do you would see that clearly people get paid decent salaries TO WORK FULLTIME WITH THE ORGANIZATION AND YOUTH. I know that the organization does great work and can't wait til they furnish the documents to prove it then what? If the work is and has been done and there is an impact in communities whether it's with 1, 2 or 5 kids you can't reach everyone and with the youth that they choose to work with if they can turn just a few around that is the objective. So, if most of you tax paying people don't think that your tax paying money is worth that I don't know what is. When the next group of youth are shooting up your neighborhood and you can't reach a councilmember or gov't official I like to see how you feel. They deserve to get a salary and be able to live to do the work they do like any other head of an organization whom heads make millions a year to feed the homeless for example. You all can clown a man for how he conducts himself or how he speaks but the point is his words gets listened too. COME ON GET SOME FACTS FIRST PEOPLE
For fact, most of these comments are not from this article alone but by other's who have met Mr. Moten prior to him doing this article and are real close to him, which anyone can give and interview to the City Paper... Most of his comments bragging about himself could only lead to the destrcuction of what was a great thing needed for our youth but as you see, he is not qualified to be doing the business and now must ("go to the ground") Some of these folks are lifelong activist and advocates in this city and it is only because of the Fenty Admin. that these hits are coming out. He needs to sit down and I doubt anyone with a positive IQ will hire him anywhere in this city to mentor to their youth. he mostly pocketed the monies and split it with "GOD only knows". Roving leaders where to be paid but Ron so otherwise, Orange Hats (seniors) who took to the streets never rec'd a dime. Got to his webcage and all the ec-cons are listed. He didn't receive all that he is bragging about either... He has no records and in this city alone, he will be held accountable. because someone has access to his waywardness and tell all. Doesn't sound trustworthy to mention others when the heat is on his behind, he is here in city paper bragging about it. Just recently he was kicked out the schools that are too stupid to know the laws in DC, he should have been escorted out the schools and if he try to go back in, he will be escorted and arrested for trespassing. He brags about how he bust his way up in there... Most kids seen him on American Gangster LYING because he is not old enough to have been in the trenches and just shows where this is going... They are promoting gogos and Lord have mercy whatever... As soon as this article hits the street, kids are being killed and shot up in darn near every corridor... MPD will be questioning him for withholding evidence according to this article... Sure at the tiee of the first murder, he was protesting the schools which kicked him out of because one of his ex-cons was molesting little girls who have bodies like grown women, a problem with males of his caliber for years... He was on that cell phone... MPD is not as stupid and Ron needs to stop bragging and sit down.
PEACEOHOLICS OH! PEACEOHOLICS WERE ARE YOU...KILLING IN WARD 7 CLAY TERRACE AREA. YESTERDAY YOUNG MAN ON HIS WAY TO SCHOOL AT ANACOSTIA GOT JUMP AT THE METRO (ANACOSTIA).... youth violence has sky rocketed so I don't see anything that the peaceoholics have done. i am not doubting that they have squashed many beefs BUT still there is alot of youth violence. PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY for all those who feels that his org is not doing anything wrong. if anyone out there knew the history behind non-profits and knew WHAT the BLACK PANTHERS were about then you would know that is does not take millions to run a successful non profit that helps the community. this was another HUSTLE but just a legal HUSTLE and the citizens of DC just paid a price for that HUSTLE.
It's sad that here I am a woman with no criminal background, talks with children all the time. I have been fingerprinted and cleared, in PG County school system for a year and not one person has called me to volunteer. I have spoken to a Congressman to help me finance my venture for children and no help but to tell me to write a business proposal. I don't understand why I am not afforded the same?
It seems like a lot of people on this message board do not seem to trust these guys. While, I will concede that it does seem interestingly convenient that two of the founders decide to leave right when the money is running out. I will say that it takes guys like this to reach kids that are doing this dirt out there. You really cant expect these kids to want to change because a cop or teacher that may have no idea about how life is where they come from (from their point of view) tells them that they should. While this article did paint them in a somewhat shady light, and I will admit that they may indeed be shady, I want these guys out there doing what they do. Maybe they might be able to get through to some of these kids before they have a chance to rob me or someone else because they didnt have anyone they could relate to show them a better way of living their lives.
The funny thing about the negative comments on here is that they continue to ignore the fact that these "criminals" and "thugs" are young, between the ages of 12 and 18. These KIDS need guidance and not to say Moten and his ex-con crew are the best examples of guidance but it's damn sure better then what any one of you elitist individuals can provide them with during your "twice a month volunteering at a local troubled youth center."

Many of the commenters on here probably have yet to visit a SE neighborhood, a REAL part of SE, or even TRY to get down in the trenches of inner city violence. Teaching a 5 year old how to read twice a month is not going to eliminate the fundamental issues in our community. Spend a night out in one of those troubled neighborhoods and let's see how long any of you naysayers last without pissing your pants. These kids don't know anything else but the streets. It's just sad that it's 2009 and we're still seeing this amount of crime.

I bid the Peaceaholics good luck with their future endeavors and success to any other grass roots organization trying to make a change where it's NEEDED most.
John, and all of you Communication degree holders, for the love of Black Empowerment: it's "Q-U-A-S-H-E-D," not "S-Q-U-A-S-H-E-D." Amen, and pass the style check.
Ayy REAL TALK, anybody can show up to a crime scene AFTER THE FACT! DC's youth have not only been pimped by the PEACE A HOLICS, but recs n parks, city council, school system, their parents and MPD! I worked dc rec for 15 years, sent several at risk youth to college, spent my $ on uniforms, food, clothing and transpo and never made more than $20k, these uptown dudes don't have a clue, but they got paid! DC jail is overcrowded, yung'ns are MORE prone to violence, morals are DECAYED and COMPROMISED, sexism is reversed to the point that it's more important to push the FEMINIST AGENDA as opposed to do what's right...greed, ignorance and arrogance is behind all of this and we have no 1 to blame but ourselves! Imma straight hood dude who has a family, an education and has traveled the world EXTENSIVELY and I can tell U that 10 million ain't been well spent! POLITICS is what this is about and always been here in good ol' dc, sad to say that since us, blacks have had it we aint been good to ourselves but our own worst enemy! Do it right the 1st time and u won't have to correct it, do it for the right reasons and u get RESULTS! GIVE us a refund......I WANT MY $$ BACK!
1 last thing, THERE aint nothing anybody can say to ANY youth that requires and honors a $10 million payday, get real! You can't blame moten n all the other excons for taking the $$, they did what any ex felon would do, good or bad, right or wrong...take the $$, BUT AT THE END OF THE DAY, all PEACE A HOLICS DID WAS GIVE AN EXCUSE TO FURTHER OVERSEE WITH STRICTER POLICY, TIGHTENING of WALLETS, BLACKBALLING AND THE BLOCKING OUT OF "legitimate" organizations with real programs, tangible goals and sincere motives, WE'VE BEEN HOODWINKED, BAMBOOZLED; LED ASTRAY, so what r we gonna do about it????
Peaceaholics are a good example of niggaz with money.
Has the City Paper looked into how much the heads of other non-profits are paid, what they drive, what they wear, where they shop, or where they live? Get a grip people. Do some research before rushing to judgement on one, obviously slanted, article.
April - I am one of those communication degree holders. This is the first time I've visited this site. I see that you're playing the role of grammarian's grammarian on here. You differentiated between "Quashed" and "Squashed." As I suspected, you were wrong. Either word is correct. According to "Webster's New World Dictionary," Quash means to annihilate, destroy; to quell or suppress (as in an uprising). Squash, in aaddition to meaning to flatten, or squeeze into a soft or flat mess, means to suppress or bring to an abrupt end.
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