Widespread Panic at Merriweather Post Pavilion Tuesday, October 6

On paper, an evening with Widespread Panic has all the makings of being one of the most excruciating of your life. There will be gray-haired men playing congas. Hammond organ lines that can make a 10-minute-long version of a Black Sabbath song feel like a 20-minute-long Deep Purple deep cut. And six-string bass solos. Lots of those. Ordinarily in a preview, this is where I’d tell you that as bad as all that sounds, Widespread Panic is really OK live. But actually, I’ve given you the executive summary here: Widespread Panic will drain the blood from your night as expertly as it will exsanguinate a Talking Heads song, or a Parliament song, or any of the songs jam bands have to cover lest their audience notice how dire their originals are. I did interview some of the band’s members once and they were lovely human beings, but that is kind of hard to gather from beyond the fifth row.



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I do love living in a free (for the most part) country, and everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion.

But, if Panic are really that painful to experience, how do you explain the always sold out shows and the legions of dedicated fans?

It is certainly ok as a reviewer to explain why you don't like something. That is what you are paid (oh sorry, I guess not in this case) for. But to merely piss all over an act because they have been successful for decades and are a little older? Man, if we don't like congas or organ solos, what does the Pandora line-up have left? I mean I like Motorhead too, but variety is the spice of life...
What is the point of all the sarcasm? There a good rock n roll band and call them a jam band if you want. They were inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame last year and in 2007 won a life time achievement award from BILLBOARD for there touring success over the years.

I think people like you actually do a service for great bands in that most people that agree with you will keep it to themselves, but the people who do not will post comments and most will have more information in them that really stands out then any of your articles. Did I just assume you are not a good writer and you don't have nearly enough understanding to write about WSP? Yes I did and I think that you just posted an article based on assumptions as well.

Of course they are not for everybody, but they are artists. Li'l Wayne is now considered the greatest rapper of this generation a tag Jay Z gave him and he blew up across the world. What would you say about his concerts? My point is that you are obviously not a fan of WSP and that I respect, but what I don't respect is someone with poor writing skills taking the easy route basically saying they are just another noodling jam band that the audience demands covers from since there on material doesn't match up. Your wrong those covers are a gift, a gift into the mind of the band and a thank you to the bands that influenced them. We as fans get that and if you are going to write about music you should no alot more about your subjects.

Not to say there aren't some negatives about the band. There some of there studio albums that are not all that great, but it is the live show that people really connect with.

I hope your writing skills improve and if this response has some poor writing in it that's ok because I am not a writer! I am just a fan trying to open peoples eyes, ears and mind to a great band.

All the best!

Nathan Siegal
I have seen the band more than a few times and have always been pleased with their performances.

I would suggest this review of recent two night stand in Chicago if I were deciding to attend.
Wow - what a horrible review from someone who clearly doesn't know what they are talking about. I am not a Panic fan, by any mean. I don't own any of their albums and I could probably only name about 6 of their songs. However, I've seen them in concert 5 times and they rock. Maybe you just aren't into southern rock and wailing guitar solos, but a lot of people are. Panic is a solid band, ignore what this "article" has to say.
This isn't a review, preview or anything of the sort. Seems like some bored hack writer who had to come up with 160 words about a band he doesn't seem to know anything about. Oh and you only got to 159, ass....
I know you. Seen you before. You're the guy standing up front not moving with your feet planted to the and your arms crossed. You went to the show not knowing what to expect. Maybe for some girl that you hoped would be into you. Probably wearing a suit. Loosen your tie maybe? Your body language alone is enough to ruin the evenings of 20 people standing near you.
Do us all a favor and don't go to any more shows.
Eh.... I've seen WSP a number of times with my spread-head-obsessed ex-boyfriend, and it honestly seems that their music and concerts USED TO BE something amazing to go to. I stress used to be because even the ex said they seem to be lagging in their older years. Pick up one of their albums from about 6 or 7 years ago and jam out, but I'd personally save the cash for a better show or see them at a festival (they seem to be much more lively where there's thousands upon thousands of people.) I agree with this article because by the middle of the show, I'm ready to peace out...
Two words: Jimmy Herring... worth the price of a ticket.
Shimmy with Jimmy and maybe you will figure out the what what. Walk on, Andrew.
Thanks for the great review the other night!!!

I am so happy you liked all of the lights and dancers!!!!!!!!!

It's great to hear from such die hard fans as yourself who know pure musical talent when they see it!!!!!!


I'm just thankful douchebags like you aren't attending the WSP ABB shows. You probably listen to OAR and bad 80's music. I feel sorry for you but I'm glad I have more room to boogie!
i always have a good time at wsp
dear sir,

you should stick to pop music and shallow top 40 bands, either that or find a new job - as you have absolutley NO idea what you are talking about. you should also do a little homework on the fans as well, "homework" is something your college education should have taught how to handle - if not your high school.
Let's write an absurd piece of shit review; the fans will eat it up, and we'll get tons of additional hits to our website so we can hope to sell more ads. Congrats, I took the bait. I will remind you that for whatever reason you originally got into writing...You have now completely sold out. Let's hope you teach your kids these same values Loser.
Miley Cyrus was just here??? Damn it....missed her again
Widespread Panic hates black people
I farted and a Andrew Beaujon article came out. Then Miley Cyrus read it and got pink eye.
Andrew Beaujon forgot to mention all the blow he was doing off his boyfriend's cock in the bathroom of my hotel room after the show. We had to kick him out... It was really awkward.
yo yo yo, Andrew! I'm gonna let you finish, but all i gotz to say is Daryl Smyers made one of the best reviews ever in the Dallas Observer. a'ight!?!?!
Did you happen to see my equipment onstage? Rumor is I'm supposed to get a call this tour. Still waiting. Are you hiring @ the city paper? Patiently waiting, George.
They play music? I'm just there for the party, I wonder what Korean-Amercian mom I can entice with my molli-bag at the next run? There is always lots of PanicPoon at any run, and that's where I reign in blood.

Can I get a whoop whoop if I hurted your future relationships once your new guy found out about me?

Oh yeah, your new partner should probably get an STD screen, just sayin'

Here I am!
I'm drunk. I was drunk when the setlist came in. Best show ever!!
I don't have time for Panic anymore. My boyfriend rides me in his 1940s camo sidecar while I eat Turducken in the Chitown 'burbs
If they are that bad what about my tribute band? B of H on congas and all
I call the shotz around here and am the glue that holds the 'net together.

Are you a hefty, good time gal looking for a good man?
Micheal Twilley did you really sleep with WspButtercup? I should join Powderhound on the curbing of you face. I swear Im moving on the husband #4 soon.
Why would an inept person, such as yourself, be assigned to write about a band that you are biased against, in a genre that you are biased against? You probably had the same things to say about the Grateful Dead and Phish. Go back to your petty little world and enjoy listening to your Sesame St soundtracks or whatever it is that is boring enough for you.
The quote below is all you need to know about this douchbag Beaujon who knows nothing about rock and roll or so-called 'jam bands'. Beaujon, stick to reviewing things you know about like George Michael, Madonna, The Backstreet Boys, Michael Bouble and the like...and do all of us a favor and stay home when Panic is in town and leave more room for Freaks like US!

"...I didn't realize what the Village People were really singing about until I was in my 20s, so please excuse my similarly belated discovery of the closeted poignancy in every George Michael song. Now that I know better, "Father Figure" seems no less creepy, but "Freedom 90" ("I think there's something you should know") makes me say, "Awww." —Andrew Beaujon"

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