The Barry Archives Voicemails reveal depths of councilmember's obsession with girlfriend.

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In mid-June, Donna Watts-Brighthaupt had an encounter with Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry. Watts was driving around, taking care of some personal business, when Barry caught sight of her. He made a point of getting her to pull over, and the two quickly got involved in an intense discussion.

The exchange hinged on their roughly yearlong relationship, a bizarre one even by the standards of one of the District’s most-watched womanizers. As Barry attempted to stake out his position on their fortunes, Watts-Brighthaupt was quick to point out the ways in which she felt mistreated. One stood out:

“You put me out in Denver ’cause I wouldn’t suck your dick,” Watts-Brighthaupt yelled at Barry, according to a tape recording of the conversation.

Watts-Brighthaupt was referring to an incident that had occurred about 10 months prior, at the Democratic National Convention. At the time, Watts-Brighthaupt was working on Barry’s ultimately successful re-election campaign and traveled to the Barack Obama-crowning affair. For reasons that remain murky, she ended up assigned to the councilmember’s hotel room in the Crowne Plaza hotel. Once behind closed doors, Barry allegedly asked Watts-Brighthaupt to perform oral sex on him. She refused, whereupon Barry threw her clothes out of the room and barred her from coming back in. She slept in the hotel’s parking garage, in a Cadillac Barry had rented.

Sourcing for the above incidents comes not from Watts-Brighthaupt or Barry, but rather from Delonta Brighthaupt, Watts-Brighthaupt’s ex-husband. Brighthaupt managed to record the mid-June confrontation between Watts-Brighthaupt and Barry, and he also participated from afar in the Denver fiasco, counseling Watts-Brighthaupt after she’d been bounced from her hotel room.

“She called me from the garage,” says Delonta Brighthaupt, who is assisting his ex-wife during her treatments for cancer.

Brighthaupt was present, too, on July 4, when Barry was arrested by Park Police officers for allegedly stalking Watts-Brighthaupt—an event that has called into question their private–public partnership. Barry put Watts-Brighthaupt on his staff two months after they began dating and paid her at least $20,000, according to city records. The arrangement kept Watts-Brighthaupt close to the councilmember, which is really, really where Barry wanted her, according to testimony and documentation provided by Brighthaupt.

The two met early on in 2008, as Barry began politicking around town for his re-election campaign. He came across Watts-Brighthaupt at the councilmember’s campaign kickoff. A former lobbyist for the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, she was ambitious, smart, and, crucially, unemployed.

“He said that he could assist her in finding employment,” Brighthaupt says. “A lot of people who are his loyalists, that’s the way they get in.”

Got in she did: The 40-year-old started working as Barry’s driver and a personal assistant. She was lightly compensated—campaign finance records show she got only $600 over the course of the campaign. “Like Bugs Bunny,” Brighthaupt says, “where the carrot is there, but the character never gets it.”

But there were fringe benefits: Convention time came, and she accompanied Barry to Denver. Despite the Crowne Plaza encounter—the first sexual overture, to Brighthaupt’s knowledge—and the subsequent drama, Barry and Watts-Brighthaupt left Denver on good enough terms that Barry, not more than two weeks later, invited her to tag along to Jamaica, where Barry was headed for a little post-primary R&R. Come Inauguration Day in January, she tagged along with Barry as a van took them up Pennsylvania Avenue to the special viewing area reserved for city officials. “She didn’t have credentials; she was afraid,” said one councilmember in the group. “Marion was like, ‘Come on, nothing’s gonna happen. I got you.’” In May, she accompanied Barry to Las Vegas for the annual retailers’ convention.

Delonta Brighthaupt (Photograph by Darrow Montgomery)

Throughout, the telenovela dynamic was constant, with the two regularly fighting, only to make up within days or hours, sometimes minutes. The tussles happened in private and in public—in an incident recalled to LL by an independent source, a verbal scuffle between the two in Vegas erupted into blows, right in the lobby of the Paris hotel. “She told me she put a shellacking on him,” Brighthaupt says.

Between the blowups, Barry would serenade Watts-Brighthaupt with sweet nothings. “You know I love you—love of my life,” he’d say. “Donna Watts Barry,” he’d call her—“We’re gonna get married.” She’d roll her eyes at such comments, especially since his marriage to Cora Masters never officially ended. He’d stop by the Watts-Brighthaupt residence at all hours; if she had gone to walk her terriers, she’d usually leave the door open. He’d slip in and wait for her.

But in the last couple of weeks, things got rockier. Last Tuesday, Brighthaupt accompanied his ex-wife and her 16-year-old daughter to the John A. Wilson Building, where a screening of a CNN documentary was being held. When Barry found out that Brighthaupt had personally RSVP’d to the event, he dashed off a memo asking the council secretary to ban him from the building, citing threats “by telephone and in person.” Brighthaupt, who denies ever having threatened Barry, was turned away at the door. Watts-Brighthaupt was incensed and demanded Barry retract what he’d written about the threats.

The Ward 8 councilmember couldn’t handle estrangement from the love of his life, as he made plain on numerous voicemail messages to Watts-Brighthaupt. With the assistance of Brighthaupt, LL got access to several of these recordings [listen and read full transcripts], all of which came after the Wilson Building tiff. Some highlights:

  • “I’m gone. I’m not gonna think about it anymore. I’m not gonna worry about it like I used to, not gonna pray about it, not gonna do nothing....You don’t even exist. Goodbye, good luck, God bless you.”
  • “Wake up, Donna. Come down here and enjoy yourself. Let’s meet and try to resolve this thing. You don’t want to meet? I’m gone.You won’t hear from me again.”
  • “I’m getting ready to leave the situation, but call me and we can meet away from your house. I would suggest in a park or something and talk about this....I want to help save your life. So, call me.”
  • “Donna, this thing’s gotten outta hand. That’s too bad. I don’t want to continue talking to you about anything and I don’t want to press no charges, I don’t wanna do nothin.’ I just want to be left alone and so you oughtta do the same thing. Don’t call me.”
  • “Donna, you don’t have to answer your home phone....Don’t call me back. I will not take a call from you; I’m not gonna call you, so this is it.”
  • “Donna, call me....I’d like to apologize and settle this matter. It’s not anybody’s interest to continue.”
  • “Call me and let me know what you think ’cause I’m ready to end all this and let it go. I apologize to you. I’m sorry. You know I love you and that after this we gonna go our separate ways and I’ll give up trying to help....Call me.”
  • “It’s not in either one of our interests or anybody’s interest to keep this stuff going. I’m apologize...And, uh, so call me back. Please. On my cell phone.”

To mend fences, the two decided to take a July 4 trip to Rehoboth Beach, Watts-Brighthaupt told LL on Sunday. When it became clear that Barry had no intent of complying with her wishes that he apologize for the Wilson Building shaming, she turned her Land Rover around and drove the two home, resulting in the encounter that led to Barry’s arrest.

“Some women, they deal with abuse when it comes to people of power, people they can profit from, but it can become very hard depending on what the situation is,” says Brighthaupt. “She found, hey, he’s a weak individual for real, as far as succumbing to his lower desires.”

A Barry spokesperson issued the following statement: “Any sexual relationship that Mr. Barry and Ms. Watts had was consensual. And if Ms. Watts felt at all threatened by Mr. Barry then she should have addressed it at that time. These current allegations have nothing to do with the events that occurred on July 4.”

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Additional reporting by Jason Cherkis

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"The Bitch Set Me Up - Part 2"
i'm sorry...i've listened to the tapes and , as an attorney, I can plainly tell you, this does not indicate stalking or rise to the level of a criminal act--especially since she constinues to meet up with him after the "harassing" calls. Sorry, Barry may be a pill...but there's no crime here.
This is a waste of time. Listened to the tapes and I do not hear anything that would get him fired. I would vote for him again and again becuase he works for the people. I wonder if David Catania is mad at him becuase he was the only one that voted against gay marraige and this is something as a result. I know i heard him call him a bigot becuase he represented the people in his district rather than special interest. These recordings is a strong attempt to get somebody to visit the site and try to sell papers. This aint sh*t...I can not wait to vote for him again! Seems like you can not help anyone anymore. This is a witch hunt and i bet its becuase he was the only one that voted against gay marraige!
This is a witch hunt becuase he voted against gay marraige. its not gonna work. I will vote him in whatever he runs for including mayor. He is the only member that truly listens to the people. Comparing to Bill Clinton and Monica, this is nothing...
I hope I'm looking at this Thursday's coverpage.
Forget about stalking for a second! Supporting a man who kicks his girlfriend out off the hotel room and makes her sleep in a car because he couldn't get a bj? How ethical is that?

Barry has been a gay rights allies for a longtime. David Catania is actually not even liked by gay groups. Especially after David C. cut most of the funds of Elizabeth Taylor clinic. Blaming these tapes on gay marriage show how intelligent Barry's supporters are!
Ok. I admit. I love Marion Barry! He makes life and politics interesting and I must say, he is what he is! He is a womanizing, old school politician who knows how to get things done in DC. He is a great public servant and an imperfect human being in his personal life. I listened to the recordings and read the text messages. Silly, yes. Stalking - no way!
I am disappointed that a person would take a job, attempt to share a room and take other perks from her relationship with the councilman, former mayor - but scream stalking when he wants more than friendship.
Anthony: you are missing the point. The woman didn't come forward because Barry wanted more than friendship. The woman and Barry DID have a sexual relationship for a while. Barry admited to it. They were not friends, but lovers when they shared the hotel room. Not always each partner want to do everything the other one wants. How ethical is that a man kicks his girlfriend out off the hotel room because she did not want to do something? You must be thinking your own failed fantazies.

It was not the woman who gave the recordings, either, it was the ex-husband! True, recordings are showing how idiot Barry is, but not stalking. However, we don't know what is out there besides the tapes yet. They would not arrest him just because of these tapes and just because someone said he stalked her.
It's time to end this <a href="" rel="nofollow">DC nuisance. </a>

I, the Green Lantern, need you help!
why do we have to hear all that nonsense? regardless of the crap that marion has done, it's just a little foul to transcribe their personal conversations.
LAMO! Who need to see Frankie and Neffe or Tiny and Toya when you got Barry and Donna! BET if you are watching this, give them their own show's NOW.
Give me a f*ing break. Good for him. At least he still has blood rushing through those veins.
Better yet: July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month.

(1) MB still getting support from the public is the definition of unreal.
(2) Maybe the phrase "once a crackhead, always a crackhead" applies?
On more tainted brick in the already sad life of a pathetic and weak man. I can't believe that he once led this city...what does this say about us as citizens?
Uh....Insider? No one cares that you're an "uh-tur-nee." So are thousands of other people in this town..
Put your meat in the seat or your feet in the street!
If you play and stay you must pay and lay!
Gas, Cash or Ass no one rides free.Now get on your knee and suck thee
Booty struck and loves to f$ck

These ryhmes/rules have always applied to the sex game whether you are black or white or Marion B or Adrian F. Donna, you lucky you sleep in the caddy and Marion was lacking his that is casue that is all this was from day one.
He loves p$ssy and I admire any man who does and you need to admire the d$ck a lil bit more and you could make a better whore.
Through it all, the residents of Ward 8 will still re-elect this fool into office. It goes to show the intelligence level of the people who resides in that Ward.
Why does anyone even give this a-hole the time of day? He should be put out of his (and the American public's) misery like the sick demented animal he is. He has screwed and abused the system his entire life and for some reason (probably because he is black), he is continually allowed to get away with unethical and criminal acts. By the way, has he paid his taxes yet?
This guy is sick, but his defenders are much worse.
Why don't you folks leave this man alone. What do you think the governor of the great state of South Carolina was doing in Argentina on the government's dime and time. He was married and he's still in office. At least Marion was on his own time. And yes, his constituents elected him and will keep him in office. He has always performed for his people.
MB is one of the more disgraceful and unpleasant parts of DC. The residents of Ward 8 you have wolf in sheeps clothing at your door. It is making you look assinine.

Cathy Markwith you are just as much an ass as Ward 8. For you, it cant be about a ridiculous individual it has to be about race. I am assuming you are young and havent left the confines of the American shores. Maybe you should move to Ward 8 with the rest of the ignorant people in the city.
Is there anyone in the city that believes that the cover was inappropriate. It was too extreme and already I can't even leave this paper on my kitchen counter let alone at my job. Some stores are trashing the bundle for the simple fact that our children who are just starting to read are exposed to a cover that could have been more censored. We as adults can opt to read the story but to fuel the fire on a cover was tooooo much! As an educator I say Thank you, 'City Paper' for a great job! Where were you when Clinton was getting his grove on?
is there any way for someone living outside of the dc metro area to order an actual copy of this issue? the story isn't funny, but that cover is epic awesome. that is the absolute best headline i've ever seen on a city paper and i'd like to have a copy.
What does Delonta Brighthaupt, Watts-Brighthaupt’s ex-husband, get out of this???

Embarrassing his ex-wife and Barry?

Does he see some opportunity?

Sounds like they all need supervision.
This just goes to show that the City Paper has no respect for the people who live in this city. It was completely irresponsible and inconsiderate to place that language on the front page of the paper where innocent eyes to see. I am embarassed by the City Paper's indiscretion.
Marion Barry is an embarrassment to educated law abiding Washingtonians. He needs to retire and move back to his native Mississippi and take all his dam DRAMA with him or he should join Michael Jackson in a cemetery. I don't understand why those uneducated blacks in Ward 8 continue to elected this man? Barry did some good in the beginning of his career, but he has become the laughing joke on late night television and all over the United States. Marion Barry, please go away! This is why many white and Hispanic Americans have bad views of blacks in America, because blacks are the headlines on the evening news in a negative way in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.
Hey "Insider",

Maybe you should learn to spell and you might stop chasing ambulances.

Barry is a complete turd and so is every knucklehead that votes for this scum.
SEBlackDaddy - I hope someone applies these same lofty principles to your mother, sister or daughter.

Black People - please stop rewarding and applauding buffoonery!!! These are two so-called mature, professional black people - she, a nurse (I'm assuming from her previous work as a nursing lobbyist) and he - a public servant. This isn't funny or cute!!!!
I love Marion Barry. that nigga is a pimp. thats the realist words I have hear in a long time. that chick need to get her life on track. Theycalled it stalking I call it trying to throw her a bone.
I can't believe that this headline was actually posted in a local newspaper!! City paper, what the heck is wrong with you? The person who wrote this ought to be fired immediately!! What about our youngsters and I certainly don't want my 7 or 8 year old reading this trash. I say that all stores need to trash this nonsense right away and City Paper, i have lost all respect for you guys and if this was the best you could do to grab a few readers then that's just sick!!
Barry does represent the people of his ward. Thats why ward 8 is referred to as "THE ZOO". They love the kind of drama you can't get on TV.
Marion, $60K will buy you a lot of blowjobs in this city from better looking and highly skilled professionals. Donna is an amateur ho and her husband is a tree boxing pimp.
As much of a clown and a caricature as Mr. Barry has become, as reprehensible as his treatment of women is, he has never portrayed himself as anything other than a flawed human being. Mr. Barry may be morally compromised and ethically challenged, but he has made representing the underpriviliged and overlooked folks of this city his life's work, in a way that no other public figure in DC has. Mr. Barry is a terrible champion- a laughable figure outside his own constituency whose name is a byword for poor governance and cronyism- but he is the only champion his constituents seem to have.
And the City Paper's editorial staff needs to re-think the value of shock relative to judgement and discretion. If you're going to plaster an obscene phrase on the front page, it should involve something more than the pecaddiloes of a faded politician in a minor elected office.
Man the hoes of today are so damn stupid. Of course she should have sucked his dick. That's the mayor of Washington DC. That city council title is a cover. He can do no wrong! LOL
I must admit I am truly disappointed in the City Paper for printing such a headline. Let's face it, this is edgy yes. But from a journalistic view point , it is yellow journalism at its best. Why such a headline? I find this totally irresponsible. I work for an education system where your papers are delivered weekly. This week we had to dump your papers in the trash. Did you think about the innocent eyes that would see this trash? Additionally, this is totally disrespectful to women. If these allegations are true about Marion Barry, indeed he is wrong. But so are you City Paper. SHAMEFUL!!!!!!!!
More Pimping and Whoring - LAS VEGAS — The sex scandal engulfing Sen. John Ensign has deepened now that his former mistress's husband has revealed new details about the relationship, saying the Nevada Republican paid the woman more than $25,000 in severance when she stopped working for him.

Now, in a letter to Politico, Ensign's lawyer has revealed that the senator's parents gave a "gift" of nearly $100,000 to the family of Cindy Hampton out of his private funds.

In April 2008, Senator John Ensign's parents each made gifts to Doug Hampton, Cindy Hampton, and two of their children in the form of a check totaling $96,000. Each gift was limited to $12,000. The payments were made as gifts, accepted as gifts and complied with tax rules governing gifts.

It's really sad when you drag your parents into the sewer with you. I guess they they like the perks that comes with saying "my son the senator"
What kind of journalism is this? I couldn’t believe what I saw on the paper stand next to Kid subscription of Disney. How crude, un-professional, and insensitive.
Born in D.C., I agree with you. Ward 8 is considered to be a ZOO and most of it's uneducated blacks are seen as ''savages". Marion Barry is an embarrassment to blacks, all D.C. voters regardless of race, his Fraternity, Ward 8 residents, and to children. Marion Barry if you are reading this article, please take your ass somewhere and sit down or disappear from the public. You have been an embarrassment to the District of Columbia and to educated professional law abiding black U.S. citizens.
Barry supporters is this the kind of leadership you want your children to look up to? What has Barry done for Ward 8...the plans for the new supermarket was in the works way before he took office. What kind of a Councilmember needs a spokesperson anyway especially when Barry is himself is present to speak. Ward 8 schools are still the worst schools in the District and Ward 8 continues to have a bad crime problem if not the worst crime problem in the city. Are you really happy with Barry's leadership. This man has been making DC a joke for well over 20 years now. So what he gave people jobs 20 years ago using a strategy that almost bankrupted the city. Have you forgotten DC was dubbed the Murder Capitol under his watch. Are you really satisfied with the condition of Ward 8? This man constantly makes poor decisions in his personal life, crack pipes, cocaine and marijuana residue in his car, soliciting can u beleive in this man to make wise policy decisions? This guy can't even remember to pay his is that possible when tax time comes around the same time every year and you are over 70 years old. Its like the blind leading the blind. He's using ward 8 constituents to get a pay check and has shown nothing but incompetence. Have you watched a DC Council hearing lately, what does he bring to the table? Absolutely nothing. If this is the best Ward 8 thinks it can do u will continue to be worst Ward in the city. Anything good happening in ward 8 is due to the Mayor's Office not Barry. This Mayor and the previous one but definitely not because of Barry. Wake up Ward 8 you deserve better. Are Barry supporters saying that there are no other leaders in Ward 8 capable of doing a better job, if so this is very sad. Hey kids you want to be Ward 8 Councilmember just smoke crack, be a womanizer, and you don't even have to prepare to intelligently address District issues at city council hearings.
The day MB dies, about 4 newspapers will fold and Ward 8 will be the scene of mass suicide.
I am outraged at the cover of the paper(delete news!), which I see you conveniently changed for the into on the web. What were you (editors) thinking to allow such filth to be publicly displayed? What possible redeeming value did it have in its placement, other than crass, valueless, classless commercialization. I hope you paper ceases to exist as a result of this, you do not deserve to be published.
I think you people should leave Marion along and let him do his thing. This bitch should stop crying. She and her so-called ex-husband put this hustle together. She got the ex thinking she was pimping Barry and not sucking his dick. That's BullShit. Donna Watts is a cheap whore and her man is a po' ass pimp. Barry f'd yo bitch and now you mad???
STOP THE MADNESS- why do "you people" keep hating on Mr. Barry...PLEASE LEAVE HIM THE FUCK ALONE. The general public and anyone with half a brain can see that "you people" want to lock up and silence yet another African American Male. That's all this is about( and of course to make a profit), A vendetta that "you people" had,have and continue to have towards this African-American Man. There are no perfect people living, and there certainly is no lack of evil, vicious , and horrid evil doers on this planet earth - especially in the DC and DC Metropolitan areas. You don't give a damn about donna brighthaupt or any other african american woman (people) for that matter, it continues to be all about how you can destroy a strong, intelligent Black Male figure - it just eats "you people alive" that Mr. Marion Barry is admired and loved by so many people.
I saw this story on the news and heard about this article today. Ms. Watts and Mr. Barry attended my Sunday brunch event at Jordan's 8 a few weeks ago along with Ms. Watts daughter, which would have been right after the alleged Vegas incident. I'm not sure what's going on but, I will say that they were fine and on very good terms at the brunch which leads me to believe that this has all or majorily been conjured up by the ex-hubby. Either way I pray that this will be resolved.
Dr. Van Helsing:
Blacks and other races have bad views of Whites and Hispanics in America, too!
So, you are not saying much of anything with that silly comment.

What an idiotic thing to say. As if these sorts of racist and uninformed views are correct. Work on that Superiority complex of yours. There are low-lifes in every race, with a group of people supporting them___Rush Limbaugh as an example.

Blacks, just like Whites, Hispanics and others are not a collective. We come from all mindsets. Don't lump everyone in the same category, DUMMY!
Regardless of what the editors think of Barry, THIS IS INAPPROPRIATE. Typical tabloid journalism. Lacks class and professionalism. I haven't seen a title this filthy on the Globe or National Inquirer. Shameful...ghetto...
"What's Done In The Dark Will Come To The Light."
YouStink, no other race of people in the United States commit the amount of crimes as black people do and especially in the D.C. area. The majority of blacks are "Savages". I don't blame the whites at the private club in suburban Philadelphia not wanting those black kids from the Inner City of Philadelphia to swim in their pool. Blacks are just 'savages' and no one want to live around them. Why is it that, many blacks want to come live in many of our white middle to upper class neighborhoods instead of living around blacks? Many Hispanics have a disdain for blacks and the former President of Mexico spoke what was on his mind. I agree with Congressman Peter King of New York, forget all the dam Political Correctness. Start looking at the D.C. local news at 5 and 11 and see what race of people commit the most crimes. You don't hear of whites or Hispanics killing their own people like you hear of blacks killing other blacks along with other races of people.
D.C. will be better off when Marion Barry dies. The sooner and the better, we can all rest in peace without this crackhead loser.
Why in the world did the CityPaper find it necessary to print this on the front cover. This is nasty and vulgar. Did you even think that there are young children who get handed this papers on a daily basis. I understand free speech but where is the responsibility that goes along with it. What would make you think that the public would even be interested with what is said between two consenting adults? I'm sure there were other issues for more important than this. Before you write again think about all the young people that your articles will affect.
When Barry was detesting the Gay Marriage Recongition bill in DC in May; he stated he couldnt vote for it (though he has known and appreciated the gay community for years) he stated it was against his moral character.
QUESTION: Where were/are his morals now?
Misappropriations of city funds should be investigated and possibly be pursuant with charges.
Why does this man have more than nine lives?
Moral compass my a**
Dr. Van Helsing, it is really sad to see your ignorant comments. Don't you know if you help some inner city kids maybe they could look at life a little different. Your narrow thinking is the exact stupidity that exists in this country and has people like Marion Barry keeping office. Come to DC's Superior Court and see who really is committing crime in this city instead of looking at TV. Perform a little research on your own and earn your title DR. Check out the police records!!! The Hispanic and Asisa gangs are just as vicious as the black gangs. Don't take my work! LOOK IT UP!!!!
Dear Concerned Parent and the rest of the parents in denial:

Wake the F*** up!!! Your children know. They have seen it, heard about it, and or done it (unless you keep them locked in the basement with no access to the outside word)!!! Would you have preferred the term penis? Street term or medical term, it's all the same. Deal with it and discuss it with your children before someone else does.

Now to the matter at hand. I've followed LL since it first nicknamed MB Mayor for Life. This, by far, is the greatest cover and story!! I think his new nickname should be 'mayor not tonight'.
Prior to the District obtaining home rule, every white Congressman had a cretan relative or constituent on the D.C. Government payroll, and no one batted an eye. It was not until Marion Barry followed suit with his black constituents did D.C. Government become bloated and ineffective. Because the District had no manufacturing base but only a service industry, Marion wisely recognized that the D.C. Government was the only game in town if he wanted to give a significant portion of the black populace a better life. What he did was no different than what Mayor Daley did in Chicago with "the Machine" or Mayor Laguardia did in New York, only it was black people who were the primary beneficiaries. What Marion provided several generations of his constituents with was jobs, jobs, jobs. He also started the HPAP program to allow persons without a sufficient down payment to be able to buy their own homes. And that's why many love him so and remain loyal. They are simply paying him back. They could care less if he ever sponsors a bill or if he is the best representative they could find. Some people don't understand this because they don't know history, and some people don't want to understand it because of racism, which despite President Obama's election, is still with us. The people of Ward 8 are not ignorant because they continue to support him. They are taking care of him in his old age by remembering that he shepparded them as a father in times past despite his personal flaws. To the people of Ward 8 he is family.

I would also point out that it is unfair to say that Marion was ineffective as Mayor in dealing with crime and poverty, especially in Ward 8, which by sociological standards contained the District's poorest citizens. One would expect that the poorest citizens would have the most social problems, such as crime, high dropout rates, unemployment, teenage births, etc. When cocaine and crack proliferated in the 80s with the “new Prohibition," turf wars between drug lords developed for control over neighborhoods just as the Mafia wars with drive-by shootings took place in the Prohibition Era. It took Elliot Ness and the feds to clean up Chicago, but was Marion expected to do the same with the limited resources of D.C. Government? Marion could not be expected to solve all of the problems associated with poverty during his tenure as "Mayor for Life" as the City Paper was fond of saying, or during his lifetime for that matter. No less a personage than Jesus Christ said the poor will always be with us, so what do his critics expect, that Marion could walk on water?

In addition, I would point out that Marion has never been accused of stealing public funds. Vice President Cheney shenanigans with the Haliburton no-bid contracts was legal stealing, but I didn't see the City Paper's outrage that federal taxpayers were being ripped off. For nearly two hundred years, big city mayors were engaged in massive public corruption. Blacks didn't even begin to become big city mayors until the 1970s, but as soon as they ascended to power, we began the era of good government. They never had an opportunity to engage in graft as the big city bosses did for the last two centuries. Despite all of Marion's supposed personal flaws, he has never been charged with enriching himself at the public trough.

As to his personal flaws, I never saw a headline in the City Paper that read, "Clinton Gets His Dick Sucked in the Oval Office." I wonder why? Not even the Naonal Enquirer or the Globe would have printed such a headline. In the same vein, JFK while married chased every skirt that met his fancy. Yet he is still revered as a President. I wonder why? And if we are to talk about being crude, what about LBJ reportedly taking craps in the Oval Office with the door open while his guests waited outside of the john? Did Marion ever do anything this crude? I think not.

Finally, I would point out that the alleged episode in Denver where he kicked Mrs. Brighthaupt out of their hotel room because she would not commit fellatio on him is based on her supposed account. The City Paper reports it as if it were gospel. There are two sides to every story, and one must always consider the source or sources. The City Paper's standards of journalistic fairness leave something to be desired. It has surely crossed the line and has shown it has no respect for the public that it pretends to champion. It appears to me that it only wants to increase its readership by publishing inflammatory headlines. Nothing that Marion has ever been accused of is as crude as the City Paper's headline, and the real shame lies with it, not with unsubstantiated accusations against Marion Barry involving his personal life.

It is time for the City Paper to get over the fact that Marion Barry still has a core constituency that is willing to reward him in his old age for the role that he played as father figure who led his constituency with great courage in the face of racism. As the Great Bard wrote, the good that he did will live after him, and the evil will be interred with his bones. So let it be with Caesar. So let it be with Marion.
Great Headline!!!! That was too funny!! The CP has always been known for its provocative, but honest reporting. Its the Barry sheep that complain. Did Barry give all of ya'll a summer job or something? His primary problem has been enablers, and many of his supporters are just that, oh and also the fact that he can't stay out of Anacostia Park. Then in lieu of a rational argument Barry supporters claim he is being attacked because he is black. If Barry had a shred of dignity he would have stepped down long ago. There are a number of better qualified folks able to lead ward 8. This issue has nothing to do with race and never has all to do with a fool MB and fools court, MB supporters.
Pardon me, but what has Barry done for D.C.? I see lots of comments voicing support for this man, based on the fine work he allegedly has done.

You gotta look at the NET AVERAGE of accomplishments here. Barry will always be able to claim a few truly heartwarming anecdotes of civic generosity towards a few unlucky souls, but what is the NET of the Barry Era? Nothing! No change! We still have a population of young black people who think public schooling dubious at best (which I understand totally,) there's still plenty of crime, and there's still plenty of drug abuse.

So again: Apart from a few anecdotes, what has Barry done for D.C.? Did he pave the way for other black politicians to rise up and represent? Maybe, but have we not found corruption among every stripe of politician in this corrupt city, Barry being one of the most corrupt?

This is a guy who takes from the public and gives NOTHING BACK except words. Barry's D.C. is still the same impoverished place he started looting 30 years ago.
I thought this was really a great quote:

He loves p$ssy and I admire any man who does and you need to admire the d$ck a lil bit more and you could make a better whore.
Dr. Van Helsing, are you a real doctor? I hope not because your commits are idiotic. For you to make suggestions that Marion Barry should die is immature and stupid. For you to say that black are all savages and commits the majority of the crimes in DC are ignorant. Like KickAss mentioned you pay too much attention to the news media and don’t know all the facts. Take a day off and spend a morning at Superior Court and I will guarantee you, on percentage, you will see more Hispanics in orange jumpsuits facing a judge than blacks. No knock against Hispanics but those are the facts. Do your homework man, don’t be an idiot.

Barry is the only politician in DC that really listens to his constituency. That's why the citizens in ward 8 keep him in office. The people in ward 8 aren’t stupid. His vote against guy marriage came about because he listened to his constituency. I hope you’re not a real doctor; I even hope nobody gave you an honorary doctrine because your commits are just plain stupid.
I know this may sound like conspiracy theory here, but it is funny after he is the only one that voted against the gay marriage act here, then all of his relationship business is laid out there for the whole workd to see. barry has been doing his thing for the community that voted for him ater the infamous 1990 FBI sting, but it seems when the council memeber is at adds with the DC council is when all of his personal business is exposed. I know I need to state some examples, but it has been times that Barry has disagreed with certain measures that the city council wanted passed. when he did not agree, suddenly there is something in the news condeming his personal life. City Paper you have become one of the puppets of the D.C. City council to expose the ones that are not playing ball for them.
A another comment here. City Paper what you have printed was vulgar and just shows the lack in integrity. the headline was very unnecessary. What point were you trying to prove, that you all are "no-holds-bar" journalist? This was for sensation only and your paper have achieved that. Thanks for not having the consideration that children may read this. I guess this was get the paper noticed. What was the reason for exposing these voicemails? To say that "since he is a council member, he is not allowed to have a relationship"? Your paper saw an opportunity to have more papers circulated and try to come across and true journalist. HA!HA!HA! Your paper came across as just a free version of the Inquire, Star, and the GLOBE magazines, but putting you all in that category may be insulting to them. They at least have better taste when it comes to what they print on their front covers.
Pardon me, but what has Barry done for D.C.? I see lots of comments voicing support for this man, based on the fine work he allegedly has done.
You gotta look at the NET AVERAGE of accomplishments here. Barry will always be able to claim a few truly heartwarming anecdotes of civic generosity towards a few unlucky souls, but what is the NET of the Barry Era? Nothing! No change! We still have a population of young black people who think public schooling dubious at best (which I understand totally,) there's still plenty of crime, and there's still plenty of drug abuse.
So again: Apart from a few anecdotes, what has Barry done for D.C.? Did he pave the way for other black politicians to rise up and represent? Maybe, but have we not found corruption among every stripe of politician in this corrupt city, Barry being one of the most corrupt?
This is a guy who takes from the public and gives NOTHING BACK except words. Barry's D.C. is still the same impoverished place he started looting 30 years ago.
What has Barry done for D.C.? What has the other mayors done since Barry left office. Barry has been out of the mayoral role for over a decade, yet the crime is still out of control. Is it Barry's fault? No. The difference of the Barry's Dc and the one we are in now is that a person making over $40,000 could actually afford to live in the city. Today, that same piece of property is 3times as much and not worth it. Barry's DC had money for the youth and programs that offered that youth the chance to want to go to colleges, because of the what the programs offered. Today's D.C. has no money for the youth. What have the other mayors of this city done for the people? NOTHING!! But, play buddy, buddy with the president and made it comfortable for the rich and forgot about the working-class in this city. Barry did try to help the working-class of this city, not the developers lining their pockets for profit.
To All

There is a difference in knowing that our children know and having the decency to have it spread out in front of all of the community to see. Would you have your children watch you s*ck d!ck? I do not think so. You would do that behind closed doors. Whether our children know or not or have done is not the issue, the issue is decency and respect for the community, and City Paper has none. Call me Barry sheep, but I only remember reading one or two articles related to the other mayors in this city. They weren’t this negative and who wants him out of the office this bad? The City Paper should have taken a “Q” from the DC attorney’s office and dropped it.
Barry, the womanizer, is no big secret in DC. I have personally seen Barry eyeing and flirting with woman lacivously. Is that a crime? This may sound sexist but some woman see this as a way of profiting for their own gain. Also, I don't consider the article in the Washington City Paper as being racist. I would be suspect if they did not report on this story. Being Black does not exempt you from scandal reporting. Blk ppl need to stop using racism as a defense for everything.
Is there a reason for this sentence "At the time, Watts-Brighthaupt was working on Barry’s ultimately successful re-election campaign and traveled to the Barack Obama-crowning affair" other than associating our current, first black president of the united states with this mess in every search engine in the world?

This paper is trash, just as the Post reported it was with regard to this story.
the cover is way out of line. totally unnecessary. such a lazy and sloppy way to bring attention to the publication. shame on city paper washington.
For some reason, I like Barry because he is so flawed. it makes him more human and relatable. No one is perfect and he proves that everytime he gets in trouble. LOL!
That headline in the Washington City Paper got people's attention I see.
Re: "You Put Me Out in Denver...."

I was shocked when I saw your July 10th paper cover page. Have you resorted to slease journalism to boost your readership? My friend’s 19 year old grandson asked if she had seen the cover. It’s all over the internet. Your paper is in venues where young children will have access to reading your headlines. You don't see that type of language in the tabloid headlines! This issue should have been wrapped in brown paper and sealed in plastic. My objection is not so much using the quote in an article, but blasting it on the front page of your paper, which up until today I had a lot of respect for. What was the editor thinking to approve these headlines?
dr van " i have not read the news for the last 3 months"

your an idiot, you have two senators who did the same fool went on a mountain hike in agentina, probably got spit on by a lama...cause the woman still do not want him...and another one who sent his under study out of town to be with his are a fool, a racist bigot...left you comment to people who actually read the news, and back under your mad cause your girl was taken by a black man...and you can't get none..

yea, i said it..
hey Ms Couch,

real news is heartbreaking, vulgar and to be honest brutal...if you want less intense go read a story book of make believe, kids don't read the news. they could care less, if don't believe me go test it out...

sorry about ya luck..
Dr. Van Helsing...Is this your first time reading the City Paper? This ain't Sh@t compared to what they've printed in the past! Keep up the good work! Jounalism at its very best! YAY YAY!!!
I think the City Paper has lost all respect for the citizens of the District of Columbia with the article published July 9, 2009 and we wonder why there is no respect from our kids or respect for the seniors in this City. It's not about Marion its' about me and I did not like it. The city paper stoopted to a new low. We expect something but nothing like that on the front page they must be pressed for stories.
Crime or no crime... I cannot be the only one who is absolutely ashamed to be living in a city that has such a long history with a waste of life like Barry. Crack, prostitutes, stalking... and he still gets a say in how DC is being managed? C'mon people... he should have been out a long time ago. Please let this be the straw to break the proverbial camel's back. Otherwise, DC continues to look trashy....
I think all of this is a bunch of bull crap. This is a personal matter and should not have been broadcasted. I believed she performed oral sex on him before and thats why he asked her to do it again. We know what kind of man Marion is she just made herself look stupid. People need to stop airing their dirty laundry in the media. Marion woman are not in the mood everytime you want an act done. It is not our duty to succumb to your everyday wants and needs.
I think the cover's fine. It's an actual quote taken from a recording of Barry. And how can it be racist to quote another person's words, like people in today's Washington Post article claim? In my own personal experience as a woman, I've found that a proclivity toward begging for oral sex is pretty standard, regardless of race.

What bothers me most is the perception of the ward where my family has lived for the last 50 years. We are a very well-educated family of both black and white people. We give back to the community. We are politically and socially active. We haven't supported Marion Barry politically since the early 1980s, but are still able to appreciate his long, though distantly past, record of social justice. We pay taxes and work in public schools, local government and the armed forces. Most of our neighbors in Congress Heights are the same - hard-working, home-owning Washingtonians who don't deserve to bear the brunt of nasty stereotypes from people who have likely never visited our side of the river.
Unbelievable. I can't understand why there is so much chatter about the article. What standards does the editor have to make this a cover?! Of any type of publication. This is an embarrassment to our city. Not what the story is about but that we have people in positions that would allow this to be the cover of a free publication distributed throughout the city for all to see including children. Ridiculous! Anyone in the leadership ranks of this publication should be fired for poor judgement.
I am wholly exasperated with Marion Barry. Over the last couple decades I've gone from geing an enormous fan to wishing he'd just go away. His "public service" is no longer about the public - its about his ego. Recently he has devolved from just being a distraction to the city to an embarassment.
Nightmare for life
i must say "relax" with the title freakout.

Most kids 7 years and up know the word. He did say it. It is interesting.

The power people give to so-called naughty words is ridiculous. i'll never forget asking my mom what a big assed tit was just to freak her out.

My son is 4. He knows that ass, rump, booty, trunk, etc. are synonyms for arse. And he doesn't walk around laughing about it.

Also... i recall a The Onion a few years back with an article something like... "why do these men keep sucking my dick." It was hilarious.
Quite honestly, I would have kicked her ass out of the hotel room also. Donna was looking for a free ride and she did not get it. Imagine, she was flown to Denver and did not want to give Barry the sexual satisfaction he wanted. Did she think she was flown there to have a religous disengagement? Play on Barry, play on!
So glad to be a Northern Virginian with a brain - what is wrong with these people on DC? WE are racist??? The only reason they vote for him is because he IS black!!
What is this world coming to? Now days everthing is taped recorded and out for the public to view with in minutes. Someone is always watching so why do pepole continue to put their business out there? From Marion
Barry to Mark Sanford's and his Argentine mistress.
most of Barry's constituants are low income blacks and the elderly. They don't have high expectations and relate to him on a personal level
This cover was disgusting .. I ran into an out of town couple travelling with their children that had been told to grab the paper to check out what's going on in the city ...well you can imagine their disgust!

Totally innapropriate and a terrible reflection on our city and the use of explotation to sell advertising ...

I won't pick up another City Paper again!

The headline could have been written any number of ways and the choice to print it this way is just as disgusting at the actions of this council member!
Why does City Paper think we need to see this, especially on the front page of a FREE paper, where children, the elderly and everyone pick it up to read? How about using asterisks? How about NOT making Barry's personal business front page news? Boo to the City Paper for this!
The question is not what is wrong with councilman Marion Barry, the question is what is wrong with the editor for this publication. Yes we as Americans are entitled to free speech, but when does the ramifications of free speech exceed the realm of discretion. There is no excuse for the editor to have printed such a vulgar statement on a free publication that can be picked up on nearly every block of the city. How does this reflect our city? Poorly. What does this publication convey about our ethics and judgement? It says that we have low ethic and exercise poor judgement. Marion Barry is not a monster, people have steamy love affairs all the time. No he is not a model citizen, but people are not LARGER than life, at points he too succombs to human desire, so what?
Sure, it makes a great story for those of us that like to feed into the drama of taking our attention off of the issues. There are those of us that even feel better when we see others at a low point in life. It helps to temporarily lift ourselves into a false sense of security to know that maybe just maybe there is someone else out there who is uglier than us. Thats beside the point.
Some of the comments left on this blog were more vulgar than magazine cover. Some of you lost sight of the fact that this publication is a written ambassador of our nations capital! Do you not have any sense of national pride and integrity? Shame on you!
WE should be focusing our attention on writing a letter to the editor about why there should be a formal apology in the next issue of this pulication from the editor in chief, since there was obviously a lapse in judgement when this publication was printed and distributed. Furthermore, it shows that there is no sense of social responsiblity to have this type of vulgar verbage published.
To the commenter JULIE from northern virginia, i think you meant well with your comment but you ended up sounding just as ignorant as some of the other comments in this blog posting. Try again, you almost sound racist yourself...who "these people" and "they" are you referring to African American voters in D.C? ARe you implying that AFrican American voters in DC have no brains? Are you in fact a racist of northern virginia? Do not bring in your location to account for your intelligence or lack there of. Where you are physically has nothing to do with your level of intelligence. Based on your comment you seem to have a lack there of, maybe you should read more you read? Do not leave anymore racist comments as such.
furthermore to commenter DB(parent), how you raise your children is your own business. It is great that you teach your children to know words are just words. But outside of your whimisical land of MADGAB, there are still those of us that enjoy letting our children retain the innocence of a child. Childhood is short, and they have their entire lives to know all the "so-called naughty words". You have adopted the new age parenting philosophy and thats fine honestly its a load of hogwash! I would be completely offended and mortified to know that my child would repeat any vulgar language(which they do because they are sponges) to other children or adults. It is considered to be irresponsible parenting to have your children running around with potty mouths, even if you dont think they could repeat it...they may not around you.
and finally to the commenter "why" question to you is "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" Did God die and leave you the powers of insight on every mans' thoughts? Im curious to know of how you are so certain that most of Barrys' Constituents are low income blacs and elderly with low expectations? Have you conversed with those people, how can you say that they relate to him on a personal level? You have left a reckless comment on this board and im certain that your comments will come to bite you in the ass one of these days... you seem pretty certain of your views so I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't already showed someone else your ignorance. How dare you? What you need is more need to do more public surveys..your data lacks basis and support..seems like your hypothesis needs reconstruction. Try AGAIN! As a matter of fact, please take your viewpoints and go to the Mr.Barrys' district, then proceed to stop on top of your car with a bullhorn of course, and shout out these same statements you posted here on this board. Make sure to hold up the city paper so people will have an idea of what issue you are speaking about and dont forget to address them as low income with low expectation! Let us know what the response was...
Everyone on this board please take ACTION against the editor of this citywide publication, it is a national embarrassment becuase the city is our nations treasure, let us KEEP It that way by not spoiling our citizens, youth, and visitors with GARBAGE such as this...
Bravo "David Lang" for your comments. To those championing the Headline, please understand that those who dislike it do not fall into one category...BarryLovers. A critical eye on a politician most can understand. Even a headline to arouse suspician, some can appreciate. But in this case, the headline might've drawn attention to the story, but it really doesn't speak to the actual article regarding Barry's relationship. The headline, graphically and vulgarly refers only to ONE SIDE of an alleged encounter. This encounter only came unto you knowledge by a vengeful ex-husband. So basically City Paper, you pimped Ms. Watts, her ex-husband, all for the sake of exposing Barry. Be PROUD that you manipulated folks to bring down one-another. In the annals of Journalism, your award for creating chaos is right up their with your favorite competitor to lampoon, The Washington Post.

I am all for Liberal Media and my support for Marion Barry has been on and off since before the Vista Sting. A lot of what was communicated against this headline has already been said, so I won't repeat it. What I will say is that this mere headline has generated so much traffic and blog writing that the REAL WINNERS in all this are not a fine piece of journalism or attention to City Paper. The REAL WINNERS in those who are addicted to shameful sensationalism and the scandal hungry public. Those whom may be devoid of any social graces, morality, compassion, remorse, forgiveness, etc. Don't we have enough reality TV shows? Don't we have enough gossip simply for the lack of anything else worthy of contribution. DC has a lot going wrong with it (and right with it) to be bogged down by all this.

In a month from now, this headline will be forgotten due to some other big news story. It will inspire other copy-cat headlines. A year from now, even the paper versions will start to fade and yellow. Folks will stop posting and the fanfare will cease. What will remain is the decisions and mindset of those that would create this shameful catering to the so called masses.

Dr. Van Helsing, the vampire you are persuing is in fact you. You're failure to go out into DAYLIGHT and understand the true situation has turned you into a blood sucker of ignorance, cavorting in the darkness. It, like other things, will be your own undoing.
To Lindsey: Please sweetie, get a grip. Words are only words. The CityPaper is a free paper. It always has alternative content. It is supposed to be provocative. That is why people read it! Written ambassador? Hardly. It sounds like you never read the CityPaper.

The homelessness, poverty, drug additction and low test scores that plaque our nation's capital are the embarrassment, not a raunchy headline. It made you look at it and rant about it - right?
Lindsey, I apologize for causing offense but Ward 8 which choose to have Barry represent them is 92% Black. This Ward has a very high crime rate and most of the residents are low income. Sorry, but that is a fact.
Lindsey, With Barry's personal history it makes you want to question the judgement and integrity of the people that elected him into office. Again, I apologize for offending you but thats how I feel.
I love the City Paper.
Let's address this so called Dr.Van Helsing idiot for a minute.

How would you know that blacks in Ward 8 are savages? I bet you wouldn't leave out your high class bungalow in where Northern Virginia or Chevy Chase, or wherever you live and go into Ward 8 and say that. No you hide just like your counterparts do behind a computer screen or like back in the day behind sheets, (KKK) yes I said it and talk like a complete fool. I guess if blacks walk into your practice, you turn them away? No it's because you're not a real doctor, only a wannabe! You're nothing more than a Fake. You probably some poor trailer park trash that live in (rather hides in or around Ward 8 and taking your frustration out on blacks because you can't better yourself.

Yes I'm speaking up for Ward 8 because I grew up in Ward 8 and some of the best people I ever met are still living. At least they are real...What are you..... a faker? Oh yes and there are many very educated people that come out of that ward too. Our education is something called COMMON SENSE, something you lack. Grow up and stop believeing the crap your racist mammy and pappy tought you. You might learn something.

Oh and while you're sitting there laughing at what we are saying about you in this blog, look in the mirror buster, when you see your face say to yourself "I'm nothing but a BIG JOKE"! Laugh at yourself because honestly you're not funny. I hope and pray nothing ever happens to you and you'll depending on someone to save your life. Maybe just maybe a black person might be the one to save your sorry behind. (Think about that...real hard) BECAUSE IT COULD HAPPEN JUST THAT WAY!
I can't imagine any situation where a child is in view of the City Paper. People claiming "think of the children" are absolutely wrong or making up stories.
Barry keeps giving -- but it's such a tired story.
Do the voters of DC have any shame?

Barry was buying and using crack-cociane while young black men on DC streets were being killed in drug wars all around him in the 80's -- in staggering numbers. He just laughed and puffed from the Mayor's office.

He did that, and the voters brought him back, for Pride? That's the antithesis of pride. It's self loathing. DC deserves all that Barry brings -- until they realize they deserve better.
To put on the cover on the cover of a weekly newspaper to which children have the accessibility "cause I wouldn't suck your dick" is appalling to me. Seriously, I probably will never reach for the "city-paper" ever again.
The truth hurts doesn't it Negroes. I stand by my word, it's the majority of black savages in the D.C. metropolitan area commiting most of the crimes. You don't see white D.C. residents in Ward 3 standing on the corner drunk, selling drugs, yelling, and acting like savages. White residents west of Rock Creek Park can walk or jog in their neighborhood and don't fear of getting rob, raped, or killed. If they do, it's some dam Negro from southeast or PG County who have came into our all white neighborhood to do harm. You see, you don't see white folks running to move in all black neighborhoods, because most blacks live like dam savages along with the Salvadorans. Why do you Negroes want to come live in all white middle to upper class neighborhoods? White residents demand law and order west of Rock Creek Park in Ward 3. Blacks living in black D.C. neighborhoods are some of the most apathetic non civic minded people I've ever seen. Why don't black men get involved in their communities in D.C. and attend PSA, ANC, and Civic Association meetings? Maybe they are all hanging on Georgia Avenue, 14th Street, and Benning Road drinking a dam 40 or a corner with over black men. Take a ride during the day in D.C. and all you see are you black men in their 20's, 30's hanging on the dam streets, not working. Marion Barry is a poor excuse and he's not a role model for black boys. I stand by my word, Marion Barry is better off dead in a cemetary.
mighty tight, u must agree that most people in Ward 8 identify with Marion Barry. Why is that?
I agree with you A. Some people really need to pay close attention to their kids they may find out that their little 7, 8 and 9 year olds already know. Parents they learn all of this when you are at work and they are in school and home alone on the internet. Kids talk about on the school yard swings. By the time they're 15 many of them have already engaged in some form of sexual activity. Better YOU sit them down and YOU educate them than for Boo Boo, John John, Chip, Suzy and Sha Sha educate them in the basement of YOUR HOME.

Some of your sitting in here lying about you're never pick up another City Paper again. You'll have one under your arm next Thursday so stop faking. Don't be mad because the City Paper kept it real.

I'm sorry I'm not trying to offend anyone, I'm trying to educate you with a little thing call common sense.
Best cover ever. You should sell posters.
Might Tight, I am a black man and I don't go out to Ward 8 in southeast. Ward 8 is a fucking ZOO with a bunch of people lacking class, manners, and educatioin. It's not just whites who wouldn't venture out to Ward 8. Shit, I know a lot of educated blacks living in Wards 3 and 4 who wouldn't visit Ward 8. Blacks like those in southeast are an embarrassment to professional educated law abiding black U.S. citizens. Maybe, this is why Michael Jackson and other blacks preferred to be white. You do know, there are many light skin blacks in 2009 passing for white. Being white in society gives one priveliges just for being white or of the Caucasian race.
Dr Van Helsing, I have a strange feeling that you are really a self-loathing black person disguising yourself as a bigot. So sad.
Mighty Tight, I was born and raised right here in Ward 3 Washington, D.C. I live in the Spring Valley section of Ward 3 near American University. Your black ass probably don't know where this is located? I stand by my word, Ward 3 residents demand law and order. You Negroes tolerated the shit in your neighobrhoods with your no snitching policy. Most black men are baby makers only and many of these black children are fatherless. You blacks need to clean up your dam act and stop blaming the WHITE MAN for all your troubles or problems. At least the Mexican and Salvadoran illegal aliens work hard. You black asses are looking for a government handout. Marion Barry is a poor excuse and he needs to learn how to speak English. He sound like he's from the dam country or the back woods of Mississippi. He need to take his black country ass back home down south. You blacks destroyed many of the northeast cities when you migrated from the south.
You know what Dr Wannabe Helsing. It's funny that you name all the placing Blacks hang out at. What you doing driving around in these area? Have you ever got out your car and talk to a black man on Georgia Avenue? No maybe it's because your scared tail fear getting robbed. And you know what.... YOU would be the very person for someone to rob simply because they'll see the fear in you. (LOL) I seems like to me if you're driving around the hood you wish you were black. Oh and don't hang us no crap that you saw all these streets on the news.

I bet you sit in your mansion on the hill dranking your Gin and Juice and snorting your cocaine. See you white folk do the same thing but in the privacy of your home. OH NOW I GET IT you driving around on Benning Road and Georgia Ave because that's where you get your drugs from! AHAHAHAHAHA!

What is it.... the drugs in your office don't get you high enough? Oh yeah I forget you don't have an office because if you were a REAL DOCTOR you wouldn't be on-line blogging at 2:11 PM on a Friday afternoon when your office is suipose to be full of patients! Like I said earlier You're a FAKE!!!!!!!
Why, I can assure you, I am a white male. If I had been born black in America, I would have rather to be born dead. Who in their right minds would want to be born black? I thank God everyday, I am born a blue eyed, blond white male in America. You Negroes catch hell in this country and no one want to live around you, because many of you act like animals. I rode the Metro bus down Wisconsin Avenue, NW and some young black males were on the bus using profanity and being loud acting like dam animals. The whites and elderly blacks on the bus were afraid by their behavior. When I see a bunch of black boys with their pants hanging off their asses coming down Wisconisn Avenue, NW or and street, I cross over to the other side, because usually, they are up to no good. I don't feel the same when I see several young white males coming. I feel very safe in Cleveland Park, TenleyTown, Friendship Heights, and in Spring Valley in Ward 3 Washington, D.C. You see, the white residents in these neighborhoods have class and don't act like savages.
Dr. Van Helsing, do you feel better about yourself after spewing all this hate. This forum must be a stress reliever for you. I think you are just yanking peoples chains to get attention and some type of reaction but I will not feed into it anymore. I am black and do not wish you any ill will. Good day and I will pray for you.
Oh Mr Smart Doctor where you live is right up off Mass Avenue near Catheral Avenue, Idaho Avenue and all up there. I know exactly where you live. Maybe Boo Boo and Ray Ray tmight come up there and rob you! LOL One thing about blacks, we not scared to go in ANY Neighborhoods including your precious Ward 3.

I remember coming up there to visit someone (who's not afraid of black people) one evening and this white woman ran back in her house when she saw us. I was like look at this scared bitch here! LOL

You live in the area where they digging up Mustard Gas Containers from World War I. Man and it's unsafe and unhealthy up there where you live. And you talk about Ward 8 ahahahahahaha! Us blacks savages might come up there and get Cancer like so many of your counterparts (neighbors) have gotten. Are you treating any of them DOCTOR!?!?! LOL
Compared to the recent Michael Jackson memorial service, can you imagine what its going to be like when Marion Barry dies? I can see Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton saying how he's going to be missed by the people in DC and how much he cared for the citizens of DC. Council members will vote to name a school in his honor and perhaps a street or recreation center. Who knows, maybe the US Postal Service will have a future postage stamp with him on it or maybe the Federal Government will have food stamps with his picture......
DVH, I am a black resident of Ward 8 and you do not offend me. I can run and jog in my neighborhood without fear of being robbed or raped. You claim whites can run or jog in their neighborhood without fear or getting robbed, raped or killed unless a black happens to do it. What about Chandra Levy? She was raped and killed by a Hispanic male. Holes can be poked through everything you said. Fall back! You need to chill out and get a bj, jerk!
DId you ever think DR. some of them white boys in the bunch might jump you too? Wow my point proven correctly YOU YOURSELF ARE AFRAID OF BLACK PEOPLE! ahahahahahahaha! Why you ran from the black pack on Wisconsin Avenue Doctor..were you scared your watch and wallet was going to get taken? You are sad? LOL! Oh in your words does the truth hurt Dr. Wannabe?
Mighty Tight, I am a native Washingtonian born in the fifties. There were a time, many of those hood neighborhoods you mentioned were all white. When blacks start to move in, many whites fled to the suburbs, because their property value would go down. I can assure you, I don't or wouldn't want to be a black man or woman. Blacks are viewed as animals/savages around the world. My white ancestors from Euorpe should have left your black asses in Africa to continue to act like savages. It was your own black people who sold your ancestors into slavery, not the white man. The former Mexican President Vincente Fox was right in his comments about Negroes in the United States. Please tell me, why are there so many young black men not working in cities like D.C., Baltimore, NYC, Jersey City, Newark, New Jersey, Philadelpha, Greensboro, N.C., Durham, N.C., Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Hartiford, Conn., New Haven, Conn., Los Angeles, Seattle, etc.? Why to black and Central American/Mexian men hang out on the corners playing loud music and trashing neighborhoods drinking 40's or Colt 45?
Hey Why, The people in Ward 8 trust Marion Barry because he was the only one that said I will come in and help you. He was about his word and YOUR WORD is bond. Sharon Pratt Kelly Anothoy Williams, and Adrian Fenty all together didn't and don't care anything about Ward 8. All of us have sins in our lives but one thing for certzin he has been the only one to look out for Ward 8. And trust me people like the Ward 3 doctor if he needed anykind of help when Barry was Mayor he would have been there for them.
Amen Lady. That Doctor is afraid of his own shadow sweetie. LOL
why y'all always hatin' on the Mayor Barry? is he the only politician that has a drug problem? isn't alcohol is a drug? isnt weed? isnt prozac? arent pain killers? how about an article on DC politicians that are hooked on those? is he the politician or man that goes out of his way to get tail?

why are we still stuck on the idea that a politician should be a flawless god? get over it, a man is just a man. stop persecuting Barry because he aint ashamed to be black and to stand of for DCs poor which y'all work so hard to push out to Prince George's county.
Lady, I doubt if you are a lady living in Ward 8. How many baby's daddy's do you have? I bet your name is Shaquda or Shanana Jenkins. Ms. Levy was murdered by a Salvadoran illegal alien savage who didin't belong in this country. The illegal alien Salvadorans/Central Americans/Mexicans are displacing you Negroes in your own black neighborhoods and Mexicans in Los Angeles are killing Negroes just for being black. What to you say to that Might Tight and Lady?

Mighty Tight, you dam right that white woman was scared when she saw your and the other black savages. She was afraid, because your kind don't belong in Ward 3, the same as a white civilized person coming and walking around in Ward 8. Shit, Might Tight if I saw you and those black savages walking down my street in Spring Valley D.C., I would call the Commander at the Second Police District to report your black asses being out of place. HaHa
Mighty that definately explains the appeal that Ward 8 has for Barry but I have a feeling that Dr. Bloodsucker is just pushing our buttons to be controversial. I don't think that DVH means half of what he is saying. Everyone have a great weekend including you DVH. Peace!
Mighty Tight, Adrian Malik Fenty don't give a dam about you ignorant black savages living in Ward 8. Fenty lives in a mixed up scale Ward 4 neighborhood in Crestwood. Fenty caters to residents living in Ward 3 and in Shepherd Park and Crestwood in Ward 4. He see you all as savages living in your Ward 8 ghetto. You dam right, I am afraid to venture out in Ward 8. I have no reason to go there. The only thing they have in Ward 8 are Liquor Stores, Fried Chicken joints, Nail joint giving black woman fake weaves that don't look real, and China Food places. We have 2 Whole Foods on Wisconsin Avenue, NW and a nice Gaint Grocery in Friendship Heights/Chevy Chase.
You better PREACH ON LINDSEY!! By far the best comments on the board!!!!
Trust me if your people had left us in Africa all of you would be dead. Go read the real history books and see the very invented from the refrigator, open heart surgery, blood plasma, the stop light, the freezer, need I go on? What you call it black savages.... invented all of this. Hell even Thomas Edison's light bulb wouldn't work after 2,000 tries until the black man on his team told him what to do. Oh you won't find this in them history books you read. Try broading your harizon a little. You may have a little book knowledge but you lack in common sense. Hell all you white have ever done throughout live is rob, took and claim that you did this and did that. Then when you're cought in your dirt and exposed you act like you a bad case of amnesia. I wonder why so may white folk end up with Alzheimer's Disease.
Well Doctor how about you walk up and tell all the blacks that live in Ward 3 to get out and see what happen? Because it's plenty that live up there.
See you later Why I feel the same where my friend.
Kappa1911 and the good doctor, I must admit I am completely floored by the comments. First, I live and Ward 8 and within my neighbors are educated, professional black men and women. My neighborhood is full of gainfully employed tax paying citizens that take pride in their surroundings. I am not a supporter of MB nor do I live in a "fucking ZOO." It is interesting a yellow pretty boy kappa can identify with being white or passing as white. Embrace your color and race and learn to identify with it. Blacks, such as Michael Jackson and Kappa1911 prefer to be white because they lack the self esteem it takes to survive as a black person. My advice to the “wanna” be white Kappa1911 and the “black” Dr. Van Helsing presenting himself as a white man, please note ignorance is powerful disease that affects not only Washington DC but the entire country as a whole.
And he'll be out the Mayor's seat just like Pratt and Williams.
And one other thing Dr sense you want to talk about neighborhoods letys talk about the drugs parties up in some of the high rise buildings near where you live right on Mass Ave. Oh building 4201 where Red Aubach use to live in we reported to the police about drugs going on in that high rise that was so storng and so potent you could smell it tow floors up and down because the smell was all in the trash chutes. Police busted some of your precious white in some other buildings up there as well so don't think your Ward is so percious and squeaky clean because it's not. How many undercover prostitues you have running around up there? So why not run the dope heads and hos out your neighborhood? Then it might be totally perfect.
Amen Unbanguy
I am thoroughly disgusted and so tired of Marion Barry. He has more drama and DC keeps giving him chance after chance after chance. I'm a black woman, and hell if I would be seen in public with his nasty behind, let alone give him oral pleasure. I hope either the Council gets rid of him or the SE folks allow him to retire out of public life so they can have a leader they can respect.
To the "wanna be" Dr. Helsing, what kind of doctor are you that you have time to sit on a public forum all day? Shouldn't you be seeing patients this hour of the day? Please Mighty Tight and others, don't pay any attention to this stupid attention seeking excuse of a man and ignore any and everything else that he has to say because it's obvious that as long as you keep responding then he will also, so I say to all of you ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!!!
Urbanguy202, you are fucking wrong. I am not a dam Negro and if I had been born one, I would have killed myself.

Now back to Mighty Tight, the so call Negro Historian. Mulatto Adrian Fenty will get elected, because white and gay white D.C. voters vote in the District of Colombia. Many blacks don't vote in D.C. and many are not registered to vote. Blacks in D.C. are some of the most apathetic people I've seen. Mighty Tight, how many Felonies do your have? Do you know what a PSA (Police Service Area) or an ANC is? To you attended any of these meetings? I know you don't belong to a Civic Association, because you are not a home owner. I bet you live in public housing in southeast, maybe Barry Farms. HeHe

Urbanguy202, why are you hating on Kappa1911, because he spoke the truth about Ward 8 being a ZOO. Shit Ward 8 is a dam ZOO and all the dam APES living there deserve to be locked up and the key need to be thrown away. LOL

We don't need these dam Ward 8 "savages" coming up in Ward 8 terrorizing our nice all white neighborhood. You see, we demand Law and Order from MPD, the Mayor, and the D.C. Council. When we speak, the D.C. officials listen. Hell, we pay enough dam property taxes to live in this cess pool of a city with corrupt politicians like Marion Barry. Yes, there are a few blacks living in Ward 3 like Maureen Bunyun of Channel 9. Blacks like her have class and they don't associate with savages in Ward 8. Might Tight many of those so called inventors you mentioned had a white ancestry. They wasn't 100% Negro. Get your facts straight. Although they say the first black President of Georgetown was black, that was a dam lie. Father Healy had very little black ancestry in him. He and his family passed for white. You see during those times, the one drop of black blood ruled. Now in 2009, mulattos like Fenty are considered mixed race, not black. HaHa
Mighty Tight, if we have drugs in Ward 3 or so called prostitutes, they keep it undercover with class and don't disturb the quality of life as those black savage drug boys hanging on the dam corner with their pants hanging off their behinds showing their dirty ass boxers. Do those Negroes every take a bath? Stop condoning the bad behavior of blacks like Marion Barry. Why aren't black men stepping up to the plate and being fathers to the bastard children they helped to bare? Start demanding law and order in you black neighborhoods and stop the no snitching policy. Many of these black savages grandmothers and mothers show up at MPD meeting complaining about the Drug boys and it's their own fucking children and grandchildren selling the dam drugs on the corners. Are you one of them Mighty Tight? LOL
Halirous, why your fat ass isn't working or are you stuffing your mouth with some fried chicken, collard greens, and sweet potato pie? No wonder there are so much obesity in black America. You dam asses eat too much and that shit your be eating isn't healthy. Opps, I forgot you can't afford to shop at Whole Foods on Wisconsin Avenue, NW or P Street, NW. Do they have a grocery store in Ward 8. I know, there's no Whole Foods or Harris &amp; Teeter in Ward 8. If you must know, I am on vacation getting ready to travel to Spain, France, and Italy with my family. Where do you Negroes go for vacation? Opps, I forgot you Negroes go to the Carolinas for your family reunions eating that unhealthy shit. This is why Marion Barry have so many health problems along with doing Crack and alcohol. HeHe
To answer your question i don't live in Ward 8 anymore and when i did i was a part of the ANC. My uncle was the ANC Comissionary for years in Ward 8. ANd you know what I'm glad you call me the Negro Historian I bet i tought you something right quick. See even you admit that there are some smarts blacks out here with that comment.

I bet you voted for that peanuthead McCain and non talking Palin too didn't you. ahahahaha The race drove her so crazy she done retire from goverment. What a waste of tax payers dollars. I bet you hate the fact that a black man is President? Well Dr. Faker GET OVER IT! The White House is now black! AHAHAHHHAHAHAHA
No your people waer their clothes just as dirty only they call it what Golthic Rock. Looking like something straight out of hell. Marilyn Manson freaks.
The good doctor helsing, you have proven you are an ignorant black man that seeks attention. Attention that you do not deserve. As you remain in the dark and behind this blog and your computer, the country moves forward and you are a breed that will soon be forever gone. Thank you Lord! I understand your need for attention; therefore, I ask you to show your face and tell the world your thoughts. Please be a man and express yourself in a different forum.

As we move forward within Ward 8, the educated black professional understand we must co exist with all races and people much less fortunate. As projects and low income housing becomes a thing of the past in the district...please note that same uneducated savage maybe your next door neighbor with the districts assistance. What will you do? I can only pray black man...oh, I am sorry you are passing as a white man. BTW, I got the answer....hide behind your computer and be the good black "boy" you are. Be safe and have a wonderful weekend.
urbanguy202, what a thoughtful post! I am a native Washingtonian, home-owner, well-educated tax paying citizen of Ward 8. And I agree that there are many of us that live in this ward. We value and take care of our community. I think that Marion Barry is doing a fantastic job! He listens to his constituency. And I do find it amusing how whites are so very threaten by this man.

DVH, since you want to be all up in my uterus, no I don't have any kids. But I do plan to adopt. Have you gotten a bj, yet?

Might Tight: Teach DVH. He is very ignorant.
Mighty Tight, you are wrong. I wrote my own name in, because I didn't like neither McCain or Obama's liberal stance on not addressing illegal immigration. Both of these fools supports amnesty and citizenship to 20 million illegal aliens. You black Negroes should be concerned, because illegal alien Hispanics are displacing Negroes in construction, cleaning, hospitility, and in your neighborhoods. I am a registered Independent in D.C., because both the Democrats and Republicans aren't worth shit. I guess you voted for the mulatto Obama? He's going to ruin this country in financial debt worse than that fucking Bush.
I have you to know my kids are educated. My oldest is in college as we speak she was an academic scholar in high school. Graduated top 5 in her class (4.4 GPA) and a full scholarship. My other one is in her second year of high school 4.0 GPA already. As for me and my wife both graduates from the DC school system, (Dunbar High School ) both A students, both college grads So all blacks aren't dumb and savages. Wake up and get your head out the sand you might learn something. You're really a sad and sick person.
Marion Barry is our city's Blagojevich.
OMG! LAdy you are bad my sister! ahahahahahaha I think DVH need a bj bad. See his girlfriend left his tired ass for someone with a bigger Johnson thats why he so uptight. LOL Oh Lady maybe a black man took his girlfriend. LOL!!!!!!!!!!
This is the best F'ing cover EVER!!!
LOL UrbanNegro, I can assure you, I am not an Negro. The last time I looked in the mirror, I have blue eyes, tan skin, and brown hair. Fuck you and those savages living in Ward 8. They all need to be sent back down south to pick cotton or prime tobacco. Thank God for gentrification, because white professionals are moving into D.C. and the property values are going up to displace you Negroes or push your asses out to PG County or run you back to North and South Carolina. Fenty is taking up where Mayor Williams left off. All you see are Condo's and office buildings going up in ghetto neighborhoods like Columbia Heights and along U Street, NW. The plan is to get rid of you black savages. Many of the black men in D.C. don't have the skills to obtain a job and many have records. I did Jury duty last month at the Superior Court. Guess what, it was all Negroes or Central Americans on trials. You didn't see any white people on trial. Many of your jury pool is white now in D.C. and this means, the racial make-up of this city is changing. You see what happen to the so called black hypocrite ministers. They lost out to the white gays on the marriage issue. D.C. will be mostly white again as it were back in the day. This is good news for white folks. Fuck being political correct. Whites are moving back into northeast cities, because they are tired of commuting. I don't have to worry about Negroe savages moving to Spring Valley, because they uneducated black asses can't afforded to live over here in Ward 3. Ward 3 has always been the mostly white area of D.C. and it will continue to stay this way.
You write yourself in and you couldn't win.......What a are pitiful.
Mighty Tight, I don't like roast beef pussy with a nappy afro up in my face. I think, you gave this cow a blow job. I would never want any Niglets running around with nappy hair. lol
Thanks Lady! I appreciate the compliment. Mighty Tight, the good "black" doctor passing as a "white" seeks attention. Attention he can not get at home. He can be the man on this forum and I am sure a wimp in all other areas of his life. Please dont continue to feed the monster...he will continue to grow!

Ward 8 educated professional! Urbanguy202
Hey Barry at 73 years old and he has a girlfriend that's 40? He still got it.
AHAHAHAHAHAHA @ Urbanguy you said it some plain brother. DR DVH wish he was black. He just a fake.
Sadly Urbanguy he's not even the man on this forum because he's been getting his ass chewed out since his first comment in here.
The good doctor...."tan" skin. Now that is funny. You mean brown skin. You are joke. Close down your computer/laptop before your wife gets home and notice you did not look for a job today. smiling
Mighty Tight, my kids attended Sidwell Friends School and they graduated from Cornell and Princeton Universities. Dunbar is not a good school and the same goes for UDC.

Barry had better get an AIDS test. You do know, blacks have the highest percentage of AIDS in D.C. Mighty Tight and especially black women.
No body wants to move to Spring Valley there everyone is contacting Cancer from Old Mustard Gas containers buried in their yards. DR VH might be walking around with it and don't even know he have it. Go get a check up!
Mighty Tight, I would never wished to be black. I would rather be dead first. Who in their right mind want to be a fucking Negro with all the bad news about you black savages on the news. I would rather be a white Hispanic first. Most Hispanics consider themselves white.

Many savages in Ward 8 have never been out of southeast. Mighty Tight where have you travel outside the United States? Have you ever been to Euorpe? Who in the fuck want to go to Africa, unless it's Morocco or Eygpt? I will be vacationing in Madrid, Paris, Rome while your tired asses will be dodging bullets in Ward 8 by the black savages that terrorizie your communities.
Funny...Sidwell Friends, Cornell and Princeton and if they are like their "black" daddy. They are all f"cked up! It is ashame they let you multiple. Definitely want to meet the lady that decided to do that with you. She is unfortunate to have a man that can identify with his own race and unemployed in Ward 3.
Urbanguy202 why are you an angry Negro. You want me to be a Negro so bad. Turn to News Talk 8 if you black ass have cable. They are talking about Marion Barry. There are a lot of white people share my views about this unarticulate Negro. I can assure you, I do work and I come from a family well off.

UrbanNegro where in the fuck do you live in D.C.? I bet your black ass live in PG County another cess pool.
MB is like a cancer, that needs to be removed from the body of Washington. Barry has been a undercover thug since the 70’s; it’s a shame that so many people don’t see it. Perhaps they do and just don’t care. Faces the fact Washingtonians, Barry is an embarrassment to the city and to his race.
Van Helsing is a 2004 American action/horror film about vigilante vampire hunter Gabriel Van Helsing, written, produced, and directed by Stephen Sommers. The film stars Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale. The film opened on May 7, 2004.
Your "black" vampire ass has drained this blog. BTW, just because you are from a well off family doent mean they left you anything. smiling. Get a life and a job! Have a great weekend....
Nette, thank you for speaking the truth. Marion Barry is an embarrassment to all law abiding productive Washingtonians. The city will be better off once Marion Barry dies and burn in "HELL". He probably will be smoking "CRACK" with the Devil. LOL

Mighty Tight will be hanging out with is boy Barry in "HELL". The UrganNegro will be burning his black ass in an eternal fire, which is good. LOL
Dr. Van Helsing , I am so glad that there is a God. I will be praying for you and every one that thinks like you. Instead of takiing your knowledge and empowering mankind, it seems like you are no better than the black savages you wrote about. What a shame. My mother told me a white man can be a nigger too, and you sound just like one.
Now Nettle what language. I didn't use the N word although most of you are. I just saw in News 7, the black teenagers working in the Summer Program was suppose to be picking up trash, but D.C. residents say, they haven't. All they have been doing is walking and playing up and down the streets talking on their cell phones. You see, most Negroes are lazy and don't want to work. All they want is government help or aid.

UrbanNegro if you must know, I am Irish/Italian American. Thank God, I don't have any Negro blood in me. At least Mexican/Salvadoran illegal aliens work hard, but Negroes complain and don't do shit but sit on their fat asses.
Who would want to go to a fucked up city like Paris? Everybody over there stink and rude. It's mighty funny you talk about Ward 8 and PG County some much. I bet you just love to hamg out in these placed wouldn't you. But you can't, just like you said earlier you're scared of the black boys that hang out on Wisconsin Avenue. That is fucking pitiful to be scared in YOUR neighborhood. Oh by the way Hispanics are decentants of black people. So if you perfer being Hispanic then you want to be a black man. LOL You are a confused person. And you call yourself a doctor, living off your peoples pay check. LOL! I bet that house you live in belongs to your daddy. I own mine. Can you say that. ANd no i don't live in Ward 8 anymore but it's still my home where I grew up at. At least I know there are real people in Ward 8. Just like you DR Faker Ward 3 is full of fakes just like you. I'm tired of you for one day so I'm out of here. Grow up maybe like Lady said some sad sorry excuse of a white woman (from the trailer park )might come along and play with your little Vienna Sausage. Then it might relieve of some of that pinned up stress in your life.
AHAHAHAHAHA! Hey Nelle he's a White Nigger! AHAHAHAHAHA! FOr someone that don't like blacks he sure been hanging in here all afternoon with us. Maybe I'll send this blog up to his percious Country Club over in Bethesda so they can see he loves black folk and kick him out. Hey Dr we;ll have a 40 waiting for you. AHAHAHAHAHA
I'm just concerned that DC funds might have been used to buy Viagra, or a similar sexual enhancement drug.
Dr. Helsing, no you didn’t use the N word, so I will aplogize for my language. But you do realize not every black person is sitting on their ass all do collecting wellfare. I can not relate to that type of lifestlye, but I still love my race. Take sometime and do a little reading on black history; you will be very surprise to our contrbution to the world. You do know who the President is, don’t you???? I would love to continue but I must go.
Dr. Helsing, one more thing I am Irish\Black, maybe we are related. :)

Have a nice evening Mighty Tight and don't beat up on the good doctor to might; his just lacking some knowledge.
I am try to tell all of u that Dr. Van Helsing is really a black Republican in disguise. I called him out earlier. Black Republican = self loathing Negro. Mind u Colin Powell is the only black Republican that I can respect and admire. The rest are sell outs like Dr. Bloodsucker (Van Helsing) who I liken to an emotional vampire.
Congrats City Paper! You've sold your quota for the month with this silacious cover. But here's the bottom line:

1) Marion Barry is a man who's done so FREAKING much in his life to end racism and advance the cause of equality for the people of the District of Columbia.

2) That was yesterday. No matter how wonderful his good works are/were they are not a free ticket to behave badly. Someone should tell him that.

3) White people by-and-large don't have a clue about racism, so they say really stupid and racist things without believing that they are doing so because they still believe in the myth of color-blind society...and have no clue what white privilege is, let alone that it benefits them in America with every breathe they take.

4) But such ignorance is not relevant to the issue at hand, other than the way it has displayed itself in some of the comments here.

5) So back to Marion. People, he's just an old man who enjoys SEX and has the means to pursue his desires without the good sense to know when he's crossed the line. He thinks his past good works entitle him to a present where he can have what he wants as a reflection of his status. And as long as his constituents choose to live in the past, and ignore, excuse, and deny his present outrageous behavior--why should he believe (let alone act) otherwise? That the real deal here. Believe it!
Why, once again you are a wrong Negro. I can assure you, I am a white male who's an Independent. As I stated, but the Republican and Democrat party aren't worth shit on the illegal immigration issue. Fuck both parties and fuck you too spook. The last time I looked, my birth certificate states, I am caucasian, not a Negro, colored, black, or African American. Get a fucking life you coon and stay the fuck out in Ward 8. I can assure you, many whites share my feelings in the D.C. area, but they are afraid to speak out, because of political correctness. Fuck diversity, I prefer to live in an all white up scale neigbhorhood in Ward 3 away from you black savages in D.C. If a black person is seen walking around the Spring Valley section and if they look like they don't belong, I can assure you, 2D will come a looking. LOL
Dr. Van Helsing you are a very ignorant person, when you go abroad please try to read and educate yourself. I live in the district and I don't appreciate what you have said about blacks in ward 8 or in DC itself. I am an educated black person and so is my family. As for my uterus the words I want to use is not ladylike. But on to that analogy that blacks don't vote where were you in Nov. had you head up your ass huh!!! The comment about Fenty pushing blacks out of D.C. this from the same man that can't spell DC. that would be a major mistake by that idiot... What really should be said is Dr.vh get a life...
Dr. V-Helsing you need to stop listening to Sara Palin, the white people you are talking about were in Nazi Germany why don't you go back there.Better yet slide back under your trailer. If you are so bad why bring MPD from 2D into this you ass.
Van Helsing u are just plain hateful and mean spirited. My blk ancestors probably have been in this country longer than yours. What do u want me to do - Go back to Africa? Well, Im not gonna so learn how to deal with it and be happy. I am a human being who bleeds the same color as you. GOD created everyone in his own image. I never go out my way to hurt anyone.
Marion Barry is a poor excuse of a man. This is why Congress need's to step in and takeover the Nations Capital. It's obvious Baboons like Marion Barry have been running the District of Columbia in a sewer. Watching Fox 5 News and looking at those ignorant coloreds in Ward 8, I thought I was looking at a bunch of ignorant third world Nigerians. Once white people are running D.C. again and other major cities, this country will be better off. We gave them their first black President. What else do these ungrateful Baboons want? Yeah, ship their black baboon asses back to Nigeria or Ghana. Who the fuck would want to live in that cess pool ghetto on Ward 8. Most of the blacks there are uneducated, unemployed, and are criminals. I agree with Dr. Van Helsing, any intelligent white, Asian, or Latino wouldn't be caught walking or driving thru Ward 8. Black people are racist and are some of the meanness dam people on the planet. It's time for white folks to stand up for their rights. Thank goodness for the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the white and Hispanic Firefighters in Hartford, Connecticut, because they had been discriminated against. Now white males will be able to file law suits for reverse discrimination. This is why Montgomery County is fuck up with liberals like this coon Ike Leggett as President. This is why illegal immigrants are running from Prince William County, Virginia where they are not welcome into Montgomery County and Prince Georges County, Maryland.
montgomery, yeah go ahead and blame all black people for your problems thats what Hitler did in Nazi Germany with jewish people. its called scapegoating. Get a life. when was the last time a blk was in a position to discriminate or deny u anything. white ppl control most of the wealth in this country not blk ppl.
Marion Barry is a womanizer, male whore, crack addict, alcoholic, and a disgrace to D.C. voters. The people in Ward 8 should be ashamed of Barry's actions. On the race bashing, Montgomery County fuck you and the trailer you rode in on. Why, I think Dr. Van Helsing is harmless and is trying to get you and others blood pressure to rise. Yes, the Spring Valley area of Ward 3 is nice, but there are some nice black areas of southeast in Ward 7 like Hillcrest. There are nice black neighborhoods in Ward 5, 4. Ward 6 and parts of Ward 1 &amp; 2 have become gentrified with white yuppies and gays. We are all of the Human Race, but I do agree, as a black woman and U.S. citizen, I too am against illegal immigration. Blacks in the United States are being hurt the most by illegal immigration. Fuck Adrian Fenty; he's all about himself. He's a half breed who doesn't know if he want to be white or black.
Why and Mighty Tight, you Negroes are alright with me, but I wouldn't be caught dead in Ward 8 around those black "savages". Come have a drink with me on Wisconsin Avenue near Glover Park. I would be scared of you two darkles, because 2D patrol in this part of the city and I have the Police Commander on speed dial. LOL

Yes, I am afraid of most blacks who act like they lack class and are "savages". I have been called a Cracker by black savage teenagers on the Metro coming from Wilson. Wilson and Coolidge use to be very nice schools in D.C. back in the 60's and 70's. When my brother graduated from Wilson Senior High in 1970, it was mostly white. Thanks to desegregation, Wilson became ghetto with the influx of Negroes from southeast and other parts of D.C. Why in the hell would D.C. officials let savages from out in southeast come upper northwest to Wilson? They have Anacostia and Ballou. You don't see whites asking to go to schools in all black neighborhoods or to attend you HBCU colleges, but the Negroes want to come to originally white schools like Columbia, Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Duke, Cornell, Stanford, Brown, etc. You Negroes have your Howard University. Do blacks feel their black colleges are inferior to the mostly white schools? Is this why Negroes want to attend schools created for whites?
Grace Jones, I thought your lesbian looking ass was dead. Are you still performing? You would fit right in with the "savages" in Ward 8. Marion Barry might want you to suck his DICK.
Barry hasn't changed since his cocaine arrest. What do you expect? He will never step down because his supporters won't let him. After all he exhibits all the human frailties rampant in society so he has support from all corners. He is not the Marion Barry that was first elected mayor - all his ideals have been snorted up his nose. Poor Washington. Barry is an embarrassment to the men of Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc.
Where is the outrage abouit this embarassing fool?? I live in Virginia and find him an utter disgrace to public service. Those who see Barry as beating "the man" again are only doing a major disservice to their community and what success minorities have achieved. Marion, please step down, supporters don't need your "leadership" anymore!!
The "crown jewel" of Home Rule.
DC has, on its license plates, the childish slogan "Taxation without Representation."

Well, here is their representation, loud and clear: Marion Barry.

Since DC elected this fool, they proved that they are too immature to have representation in Congress (even if they overthrow the Constitution to grant it to the District).

We need to get rid of the entire DC "gub-mint" and return things to an appointed council. At least that way, we'd have some competence in the bowels of the Nation's Capital. As it is, the only things in DC's bowels right now are too many political turds.
Good point, Schnoid. But I assume you meant to say, "Home Roulette"?
Well yeah, RJJ, I guess you could say "roulette" --- with all six chambers loaded.
To Suzy: I read the city paper often. As a matter of fact I look at it to find out what activites are going on in the city. Personally I believe that it is a written ambassador of the city, why, because it is free, easily obtainable and it bears the name "Washington" on its cover which denotes that it represents our city in some form. Yes there is alternative content, I read those as well. My point was that you don't have to be vulgar and offensive to get people to read the articles in that paper! Dont sit here behind a computer screen and tell me to get a grip, someone needs to have standards and be passionate about things when reckless publishers and editors lose their grip! Secondly, in your second argument, I agree with you that homelessness,poverty, drug addiction etc etc are a national embarrassment, but this headline is beyond raunchy and it should not be posted on a FREE publication. Thats the bottom line. You are entitled to your own opinion, but dont get off telling me what I need to get a grip on and what words are. Instead of me getting a grip, why dont you find some standards and hold people accountable when they need to be held responsible for ill judgement??
To apologize: Yes I am fully aware of the social dynamics of ward 8. I am there fairly often. Not that I need to defend what I wrote, but since your obviously missed my point, I was saying that to say someone has "low expectation" becuase they have "low income" is false because there is no correlation. Do you think people like to have crime in their neighborhood? Do you think those people do not desire jobs or desire to be contributing members of society? Do you believe that they don't want better schools for their children to attend? They have high expectations in that respect, despite the fact that a good percentage of the may (we dont know for sure) have low income. Furthermore, people act like they are low income by choice...sometimes what people may think is easy does not come so easily to other people. I wont stand by and watch as ignorant posters degrade them because of the circumstances. (shakes my head)
To Why: You do not offend me personally, but you show your ignorance when you make such broad general statements to apply to an entire sector of people. You said they have low income and low expectation??? again you don't know what their expectations are, the way your remarks came off, you sound like you may have driven through one neighborhood in ward 8 and saw people in passing that you percieved as "low income" and as a result in your mind you guessed they have low expectations....I just disagree with your assumption. Thats all. But ignorance is a virus, once you have it you always have it, and as it manifests itself inside you, you subsequently spread it to others....which you have successfully done on this board with Dr.Van Helsing.
The cover of the City paper was low, vulgar and disrespectful of the citizens of Washington, DC. There is neither intelligent reason nor excuse for this violation of our senses. In my opinion, it finally reveals the low character of the City paper once and for all. If I were an advertiser, I would pull my adverts and demand my contract be terminated and monies re-funded immediately.

While African Americans comprise 13.5% of the U.S. Population, 43% of all murder victims in 2007 were African American, 93.1% of whom were killed were African Americans.

Victimizations of African Americans from violent crime which include the following; rape/sexual assault, robbery, aggravated and simple Assault was 24.3% in 2007, with the highest percentages of victimizations within the age ranges of 15-24 totaling a percentage greater than 38%.
The Washington City Paper hit an all time new low with the cover headline. I've been reading this for like twenty years and I have never seen anything like this before. Very shameful. I remember the days I used to enjoy reading the City Paper, now I get bored after ten minutes. They should concentrate on quality journalism and not attention getting shock value. Leave that to Howard Stern and the Republican Party. Your priorities are totally backwards.

Like the Washington Metro, the Washington City Paper is going downhill fast.
This is the thought process of the majority of black people living in Ward 8 D.C. I have lived in all major cities in the U.S.A and this place is the worst! They protect and justify this fucking knuckle head Marion Barry every step of the way! It is a disgrace to hard working people! Fuck you Marion Barry, fuck you D.C., and fuck everyone in this area!

Thank you.
Same old District of Corruption. Take away home rule and be done with it; the city clearly can't govern with such scumbags, liars, drug users, tax cheats and more on the council.

Shame on Marion Barry -- get out of of the District and go rot yourself with your drugs into hell where you belong.
Time to "clean house" on the Council, they're all circling the wagons in their mutual enabling society. Vote for anyone but the incumbent. That rids us of Barry, Bowser (Fenty's tool), Evans (no one should be there for life), ... and then next election a few more. Let's bring an end to business as usual in DC.
Obviously we also need to get a new mayor, but that's a separate issue.
I'm sick to my stomach of hearing about Marion Barry good-fo-nothing...all he's good for is fooling his constituents, the council, and the nation...doesn't he have any integrity? At the very core of this on-going drama is that he represents the nation's this the best we got? Chairman, by tomorrow, I better hear you have reprimanded Mr. pubilicy..just like he has embarrased the nation's capitol! It seems all he cares about is instant gratification! And, that woman is fucking ugly! Barry must be desparate...woe him!
All I can say is, I'm glad I don't live in DC. It seems that every politician they have is a liar, a cheat or a drug addict. Nice place to raise a family.
Ward 8 is a fucking "WAR" zone. Send those APES over to the jungles in Brazil or in Kenya.
Incompetent Adrian Fenty and “Rubber Stamp Man” Chairman Vincent Gray need to be REMOVED-IMPEACHED FOR STEALING FROM –

D.C. citizen’s $9billion dollar budget and giving away our hard earned taxed money to Rich, elite, UPPER Class White MEN!!!!

1. Mr.Abe Pollin got a lottery gift of $50 million dollars straight into his pockets…no strings!

2.Jack Evans made sure the Corcoran Art Gallery got its $40 million dollars and AN ADDITIONAL $10 MILLION DOLLARS to replace the Corcoran Gallery roof.

3. Inept Adrian Fenty gave the Federal Government $10 million of our dollars to go to the FORD THEATRE! What major city had every given the Ford Theatre $10 million dollars.

And, Chairman Vincent Gray just”Rubber stamped” everything Adrian Fenty wants and does.

1.Old D.C. Housing Mgmt. Company still receiving $500,000.00 [1/2 million] A MONTH IN RENT INCOME FROM Adrian Fenty for an ABANDON BUILDING IN S.W. d.c.

2.Fire Chief Denis not RESOLVING THE PROSITUTION EMS WORKERS AND high-up fire officials.

3.PeaceAholics and the Fire truck to a Caribbean Island.


And, Yet Chairman Vincent [Rubber Stamp Man] Gray is quick to “out source” an investigation of Marion Barry to ONE OF HIS FAVORITE LAW FIRMS.

THE CITY COUNCIL HAS AN Inspector General with many investigators.

Wake up…D.C.

Trusting Citizens.

Calvin H. Gurley
You NEWCOMERS to our city need to leave Barry alone. Supporters of Barry are not limited to ward 8. He has and will always be loved by the REAL District residents, not because he is black, but because he is an old school politician that can get things done in this city for the people that need it. YOU would rather herd us all into ward 8, or PG county. Leave Barry alone and stop meddling with our city. Yuo can probably buy your houses in Mo County and Virginia back at a discount. Get to steppin! AND, take Fenty with you!
Luv my city, Marion Barry isn't a native Washingtonian. His black country ass came from Mississippi. I am a true native Washingtonian born in Georgetown University and I grew up in Cleveland Park. Who the hell are you to think, because people born in D.C. have are shareholders of this city. Any United States citizen can go live where ever the fuck they want to live and make that city their home. Many of the blacks came from the south. How many of you Negroes can say you are a third or fifth generation Washingtonian? D.C. was a majority white back during the fifties and hopefully, it will be that way again, once they price and tax you unproductive Negroes out of the District. The sooner the better in Ward 8. Send those ignorant Negro savages back down south to the Carolinas to terrorize.
To the Doc...... you are a poser!! I see with all of your "family wealth" you went to a good ole DC public school!! You probably live in a little studio apt in Ward 3....pretending to be wealthy!! You obviously have waayyy to much time on your hands to be at all credible!! You are just a pathetic weirdo who is just some laid off angry white man who can't get a real job!! In fact I would not be surprised if you were let go for inappropiate internet usage!!(LOL)!! Since you only appear to have half of a brain use that half of brain for something more useful than blogging all day and go to a job classified section and begin working on YOU!! You may find that exerting some of your hateful energy to something more positive and productive will get you a much needed life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lindsey, U shame me by putting me in the same category as Dr Van Helsing. I must admit that I made some very broad and slightly ignorant statements but I was only questioning the voters of Ward 8 that would choose to have Barry represent them. I guess Barry has done alot for them despite his legal and personal problems over the years. Despite this incident, Ward 8 will continue to support him. Dr. Van Helsing I am nothing like you. Lindsey, thanks for making some good points and bringing me back to reason. Point welll taken.I can explain myself better in person than in words.
Regardless of whether his actions are criminal in any formal sense, they are disgraceful and embarassing. Time and again Mr. Barry's actions have made the nation's capital city the object of ridicule. Its no wonder Congress balks at giving the District more autonomy. Until the District Government demonstrates maturity and responsibility by ousting Mr. Barry from his seat, the District will continue to be treated as a ward of the Federal Government.
Dr. Van Helsing, Marion Barry, and other no-count folks like them are equally responsible for our city and our world being a little less safe and sane. The insanity of their thought processes blows my mind. Hate and stupidity are contagious; viral. Bad behavior and hate are addictive. People like them need to be rehabilitated.

It is not that easy to stop the destructive forces within your race. So spewing hate just begets more hate.

I observe all sorts of repulsive behavior and thought processes that I associate to every race: 1)Slavery 2)Bilking billions from investors 2)Killing Students who protest the government 4)Exterminating people that don't look like you 5)Eating young men that you have stored in your freezer 6) Shooting a brotha that looked at you funny 7)Dropping a nuclear bomb on a nation. They are all equally destructive to society. One is not better than the other.

We don't have to love each other, but respect and support ultimately benefits us all.
AMEN to that
That is....... respect our society enough to not tolerate the sad sad things that burden us so.

See, we know that Barry is an old guy that likes sex, and Dr. Van Helsing(real doctor or not) is an illogical; hate-spewing, angry-man. We need to not accept that bad behavior.

Someone said in an earlier post, that just because you do some good in your life doesn't give you license to act like a fool without being questioned and called out.
Regardless of what you think of Mr. Barry, this is more about journalistic ethics

This "publication" cares more about making a buck than they do about ethical and resoponsible journalism.

I have the saltiest vocabulary in the world, but I did not need to see this in news stands around DC. Gee, I thought I was back in one of those adult book stores on 14th St. in the old days!

These children writers in arrested development need to be put down immediately. And may the screen door cripple them on their way out and down!

Feel the same way I do?

Hey, just write their corporate owners. It might help.

Here is the contact information:

(813)739-4801 (FAX)
(813)739-4899 (FAX)
Philip, I would not go that far because the City Paper is entitled to Freedom of Speech. I doubt any children would have read this headline if so they would have the intelligence to laugh it off. This publication is mostly for adult readers. when was the last time u saw a kid reading a paper.
this is ludicrous. the statement is nowhere near close to being racist, everyone says it. my fellow black people.... stop. just stop. stop bringing attention to yourselves, youre not being descriminated against. instead, why dont we focus on the two young children in arlington who were recently pushed away from their local swimming pools "because they were black"? thats real racism right there, fight that, not this bullshit.
"Blacks, left to their own devices, simply cannot govern themselves."

Oh, you said it. And, 24681, you should hear about what goes on where I'm from...Abuse of power? For sure. Misuse of public funds? All of the time. Embezzlement, schemes to defraud tax payers, driving while intoxicated.....and one mayor was caught in an internet sting, chatting and trying to arrange to have sex with someone he thought was a 13 year old girl--yup, pulling up his shirt, patting his chest and the lower part of his belly, and telling her, "there's more..."

Everyone was shocked. "He's been a pillar for the community,” the city clerk there was quoted as saying.

The shenanigans I have seen in my part of a the country alone would fill a book and then some. Oh, but wait---these are all small-town white folks! We're not as visible to you as Washington DC is, and being less populated, our scandals tend to be on a smaller scale, yet even so, we have had some doozies.

But why talk about cities, when we have the wreckage of an entire country over a period of the last 8 years to account for?
With all he's done, Marion Barry's still got nothing on Dick Cheney.

Let's face it, if the right to vote was based on the wisdom of one's past choices of elected officials, none of us would have the franchise. So lay off DC, and
look at your own community.
It is all so predictable......I scanned the Post and other papers for the last two days but could find nothing about the black teenagers committing a "hate crime" against a white guy in Akron, Ohio. Thats no big deal, I guess. Yes, it happens all the time, but its never covered. The media is much more interested in covering this swimming pool story that probably has nothing to do with race, but will be all over the news for another week or so since whites are allegedly at fault against blacks. It will be used by liberals to show how bad and racist America is. As I said, its all too predictable.
First off if you read this paper on a regular like I do for the last 9 yrs the cover of the this weeks issue should not come as a suprise.Second I still love this man he to this day is the only person that seems to care about anything going on outside the communities that most ofyou EVEN CARE TO THINK ABOUT LET ALONE FREQUENT!!!!Yeh this should not have made the news because this shit happens everyday.But I do not find him a disgrace.Just leve him alone he wanted some head and got mad, most of you SO CALLED MEN probably admit that you evr felt this way because I have I just did not put her out.So for all the negative people look at the big picture ,the powers that be have been trying to destroy this man since the eighties I am old enough to remember.So of you really pay attention this is SYSTEMATIC !!!!!And not serious at all.
Ok! The gloves are off! FUCK ALL YOU WHITE SPECULATORS TAKING UP RESIDENCE IN OUR CITY!!! And, Dick Helsing, I was born in Georgetown Univ. Hospital also. I hope that is the only thing we have in common. I grew up on the "Gold Coast". 16th St., for the newcomers, off Blagden Ave., in a million dollar house. Both my parents have degrees from Georgetown Univ. One with a masters from that school. All you crackers want to do is piggyback off the the REAL residents, and then try to run us out. IT WON'T HAPPEN! DC WILL NEVER BE A WHITE CITY! Fenty is your only hope, and he won't last. All of a sudden, you crackers think it is en vogue to have a District address. It is a white fad, and then you can go back to your redneck Va. and Montgomery County. If you are a redneck inbreeder in the hick neighborhoods that you are from, you are just a better dressed inbreeder in your new neighborhood, with a better looking house. We have one troubled politician that is still better than all your fucked up gay and womanizing cracker republican politicians. DC has problems, but so does other major cities. You Cracker speculators are not making it any better. There is more gov't. corruption since you idiots put that half cracker Fenty in charge of the city. The fact that Carol Schwartz lost her election bid, shows that DC will never be a white city. Who will be your next "Great White Hope"? If you have such a problem with the city, and it's Real residents, GET THE FUCK OUT! If you sell your overpriced house, you can buy a luxury trailer outside the city, and have plenty of money left over for your chewing tobacco and Budweisers. Hey, tell Michael Steele we said, "You go brother!" Even though he is a Republican, and I hate you crackers, it's funny to see a brother leading you! GET THE FUCK OUT OF DC!
luv my city, what makes you think the Democrats have the best interest of blacks? The Democratic Party have been blacks for years to get their votes, but they don't give a shit about blacks or their issues. Haven't you heard, Hispanics are the new minority and they now out number blacks. Both political parties are trying to court the Hispanic vote. The Democratic and Republican parties suck!
Isn't it the U.S. Congress that is ultimately responsible for the District of Columbia? Barry's long career there is just a symptom of the corruption allowed to run rampant in the Congress' little fiefdom. Only after Congress cleans up D.C. and turns it into a place where anyone would willingly choose to live would I be willing to give them a go at managing my Health Care. That will never happen.

Luv My City what gives you claim that you own D.C., because you were born here? The last time I looked, blacks don't own anything in America. This country is still dominated by the white power structure. Just be thankful the white man brought you here from Africa and attempted to educated to have class. You would have not been successful back in Africa if you ancestors hadn't sold you. You are more of a racist than Dr. Van Helsing. Why don't the both of you idiots go kill yourselves. The world would be better off without you.
Marion Barry's has done great things for this city but lately he has slipped into a mode of "dumb" enough is enough. He needs to step aside. I think the residents of ward 8 are so afraid to elect someone else that he is the only candidate of choice for them. But they can do much better. It's like being an abused woman. You don't think you deserve better, but you do. The abuser keeps making promises and maybe do something good occassionally but their abuse continues. This man should retire. He is not a role model to the young men out there and should be ashamed of himself.
Other accounts of Barry-stalker arrest reported that the cop who arrested him didn’t know him. I bet old Barry must’ve been thinking, “Damn, this one ain’t one of mine!” Because back when Barry was mayor, he recruited and hired new cops from newly released DC jail mates. Yes, he did!

Guess hoping since the Obamas are here that DC life would become more knowledgeable about diplomacy and true changes for the better … HA! Not as long as Mr. attention-getting-all-about-me Barry stays in public life with his can’t-tell-us-nuttin’ supporters. (Time to change minds! Hizhorror’s so-called moral behavior won’t stop stinkin’!)

Blacks loyal to blacks is great, except when to a fault as for Barry.

This guy has been historically riding on the Civil Rights movement; where’s his decency been since? We are all sinners; yet why keep a leader who repeatedly shows us his succumbed temptations? As a public servant, why hasn’t Barry reflected the teachings of compatriot King? When he was mayor, infrastructure went to hell in this city. Marion Barry has repeatedly betrayed too many of us with his crazy selfish behavior. Sad!

This City Paper front page looks disgusting … because it accurately reflects Barry?
(Glad the Obamas were out of town thru this print … shameful!)
Shame on you City Paper. This is foul and vulgar. I always thought you were a pretty cool and progressive paper, now I think you are trash. Thanks for shaming our beautiful city yet again with the trash of Marion Barry!!! By the way, don't you consider that young children will see this nonsense. How many small children do you think were exposed to this without any intent. The world has already become a place where we tend to shelter our children more than ever. Thanks for contributing! You should be put out of print!
Luv My City do you know the true history of the Democratic Party?

Slavery in America at one point was limited to Africans and some Native Americans. At that time, it was a matter of race, or purchase that made one a slave. After the Civil War, Democrats in the south fought against blacks and radical Republicans to return blacks to slavery in spite of the 13th and 14th Amendments. Bloody battles were fought in the South to resist the extension of rights to blacks and the KKK was instituted among White Southern Democrats. Slavery was next attempted in veiled form when White Southern Democrats enacted Jim Crow laws to keep blacks from voting. However, a new stealth slavery was being designed and was finally installed with the sixteenth amendment, allowing for the income tax. Taxing a persons labor makes them slaves. Then, the Marxist idea of a graduated income tax was added, and the original one percent tax ballooned to where it is today. Now, with monetary policy, deficit spending, and inflation, we are all slaves with the illusion of freedom. Tax free...
I am no fan of Marion Barry and I wish he would disappear too, but I loath Miss David Catania. He’s a vicious white racist Queen. I noticed, many gays tend to have chips on their shoulders and are very vicious people if you get on their wrong side. Catania is one of these “QUEENS”.
They are all crazy and manupilative. They deserve eachother. If Barry didn't care, he wouldn't have left the first message listed, he would have just moved on, period. They are all playing some dramatic game with eachother.
BRAVO! City Paper! Regardless of the complaints you got, BRAVO for front paging the truth of the matter!

And I'd like to know how posting what she said "...suck your dick..." is racially motivated? Isn't that "grasping" for the race card when it doesn't apply?

City Paper, I hope in hindsight you don't have any regrets and would do it all over again!

Marion Barry is a DISGRACE and it is too bad that his "following of groupies" are either too blind or in denial to it all.
EXCELLENT work WCP keep it coming. Run all these corrupt politician out of town including himself Fenty.
MB is a crook and immoral. It's not about getting something for your constituents. It's about doing what's right, being a role model, rising above what's in it for you and your reelection. These are the basics of the Great American Way. You should be ashamed to support a sleazy character such as he. White or black, no difference. There is no bias. The only bias is Dem over Republicans. Conservatives are not perfect, but they try to rise to the level of right, duty, obligation and equality. Look into your souls and you'll know Im right.
MB will continually find his way into local news one way or another. as washingtonians we should all be use to it, by now. and until he is removed from
local politics, guess who will be back in our news for something social?

and like many of us men, "the only good we have is the realization of how bad we're capable of being on this side of our graves"

its just at some point, us men must look at life, and auspiciously address our responsibilities with an leadership that other races, our women and children will love and respect, pithy-be leaders in our homes and communities. the problem is not with what cats like dr. van helsing thinks of us but more so what we think of ourselves. guess who loves all people of colour and occasionally blazes a cigarette' in the whitehouse? a BLACK MAN when we'd asumed bill clinton
was the closest thing to a afro american president the US would ever have !!!

keep it good, if not better !!!!!
Marion Barry is good enough for Ward 8.
Good Lord, after read all these comments 200+, it is apparent that this discussion has gone in many different directions and tangents based on the cover. This is a blog where free expression of ideas are allowed, but of the vast majority of things I've read, all I've seen is folks defending their stance/right to condemn an individual (Barry), a locale (Ward 8), a business (Washington City Paper), or a political entity (DC City Council). Complaining in this manner does nothing for your overall understanding of those whom do not think like you. Unfortunately, it ultimately serves to retard any growth that could be gained by intelligent discourse. I may not like the Cover, nor like Barry's latest actions, but to complain and argue like this on this blog serves NO PURPOSE if I don't channel this "dislike" into something positive. For those who read the article and comments --- What are you going to do about it? What change are you going to make to bring about a positive outcome or disposition. What support will you give? Exactly my point, not too many thought of it like that. Anyways, here's my quick synopsis of what was said and what should be gleaned from the article and comments.

1) The Cover was meant to be shocking, PERIOD. Wemple said it himself. The question some should ask is Who was he trying to shock and why did he feel people needed to be shocked? Are the City Paper's readership needing of this type of "shock" just to read the paper or was this strictly for those who DON'T normally read the paper?

2) The statements on the cover may have been true, but we ALL have a job to be good stewards to younger generations. Some of the same youngins' folks complained about are subjected to negative influences. Should we be adding to that? Finally, for readers and The City Paper, don't underestimate the amount of children who DO INDEED read City Paper. As a teenager, I read it. Bad enough I was exposed to all the weird stuff on the personals page, but it was essentially the fact that the periodical was free and accessible that created my readership in the first place.

3) DC has some serious race issues. Of the many comments raised here, many come from alleged personal experience and presence of fear. Whites, Blacks, Asians, Latinos, etc. ain't going anywhere any time soon. There isn't any mass extinction planned (at least I hope not). With that being said, it is best that we learn to deal with each other and understand each others problems. All else is selfish race baiting. Repeated declarations of your ethnic heritage doesn't mean a 'hill of beans' if you do not use whatever is within your power to transcend your "ethnicity" to a point to help others. We are all in this together.

4) Marion Barry is human. Last time I checked all are fraught with imperfections, glimmers of hope, and potential to do great and horrible things. Being upset because of his actions is one thing. Actually hating the MAN is another...especially for those whom profess a Judeo-Christian belief. How can you Love a God you haven't seen, yet not love a brother whom you HAVE SEEN.

5) Ward 8 is no more a den of iniquity than is DC itself, for to codemn a part of DC is in fact condeming ALL of DC. To label Ward 8 and its citizens in a negative manner shows the limits of ones thinking. DC is not made up of 7 Wards or the neighborhoods you like. DC is a multicultural melange of the BEST and WORST of each ethnic group, sexual preference, etc. of each. The Best of Ward 8 is not less than the Worst of Ward 3, etc., etc., etc. Folks in Ward 8 should be just as concerned about crime in Ward 2, as they are in their own Ward, especially since only a few miles of road separate the two. Likewise Ward 3, Ward, 5, etc.

Let's all think about this and garner something positive to contribute. It is all to easy to complain, but it takes a courageous person to refrain from what is eacy to tackle the hard problems.
Reading this article is something because think about it if MB kicked her out of their hotel room in Denver and two weeks later she's with him in Jamaica? She couldn't have been too mad with him. But she goes to the City Paper to air out all of the dirty laundry shows what type of person she is. If she wasn't please with MB she should have cut it off after being kicked out the room. MB asked for a BJ in Denver wasn't the first time he asked her. On a real tip, girlfriend know she gave him BJ's before Denver and probably did it in Jamaica and probably would have done it in Rehobeth Beach if they hadn't argue and not went. And as far as we know they still might be creeping together today. This could be their fetish. LOL Like Leon said in the movie "The Five Heartbeats" that's how them types is"! LOL
I would have given Barry a BJ
Q u must not have anything else better to do than read this filth
Ever since White ppl started moving back into Washington and pricing poor Blacks out of the city they try to run everything. Thats why I like Barry because he stands up for Black ppl's intrest.
First of all, the person who put the headlines on the front of the paper should be fired. Second, why would a woman put her business in the street (left messages, news media, etc.). He is not a married man, so what people do behind closed doors should have stayed behind closed doors. When he put her out of the hotel, she should have gone to another hotel, acquired a room and moved on with her life. Now, and unfortunately, she is totally damaged goods; who will give hera position? No excuses for his simple-minded behavior AT ALL. Girlfriend, learn how to handle your business!
In 1995, I left DC to raise my family in a more stable jurisdiction (so I'd hoped) in Arlington, VA. Fourteen years later, nothing has changed except that there is hope that the public schools' performance might return to the level where it was when I was a DCPS student...maybe.

Many people are up in arms about a free publication that portrays a black heterosexual relationship...the same way that many record labels help even less respectful "artists" portray black heterosexual relationships. Not everyone who complained about the CP cover will join Tipper Gore in boycotting all of the musical artists who produce auditory porn.

I can't stand hypocrites, bigots, or egotists. Although it looks like the WCP editorial staff was self-medicating when they made the cover decision, when you see the cover of the first issue on the top of the stack--and you can read--throw it away. End of discussion--except for the loss of the trees sacrificed for this bs.

People will support Marion Barry like people supported OJ Simpson, Kobe Bryant, Mike Tyson, and Michael Jackson. Yes, I lumped Marion in with accused (and a convicted) rapists and murderers. They are all black men who were villified by the media--because they seemed to be led by their...say it with me...PENISES. Now, who among these men has been more proven to be led by the penis, but Marion Barry?

In the years since I left DC, my fortunes have waned dramatically. However, I ignore the constant cry of my family to come back to DC and rebuild my life. For what? Marion Barry's ability to thrive in DC is like the AIDS virus in a host. The difference is that people keep introducing this parasite into his viable host, an elected office.

As for the City Paper, people please stop bitching and moaning. The fact that WCP still has enough advertising money to run a website--let alone print and distribute a free weekly paper--tells me that you aren't being productive with your time.

If you don't like the editorial choice that WCP came up with for July 10, then like Public Enemy said, "Shut 'em down!"
Saturday morning I stopped at a coffee shop and saw the words “’Cause I Wouldn’t Suck Your Dick” splashed across your front page. The stack, in your own stand, came to about knee level – or about eye/within-reach-level of a 7 or 8 year-old. As a frequent patron of this shop I can tell you it gets a fair share of kids just that age with parents in tow. I could imagine hearing “Mom (Dad), what’s a dick, and why would I suck it?” I may give you that a 7 year-old might know the word dick, but oral sex is probably not yet on the menu. If CityPaper wants to be taken seriously and respected in the Washington region try keeping the language on the cover out of the gutter.
This guy is a joke! Cocaine, Prostitution, Tax evasion and now this? And everyone wants to stand by him. I hate the fact a man like this can walk the street and I can never post a pic of me having a few drinks on the net or do anything slightly illegal because it would cause me to lose my clearance and job! This guy is the poster boy for double standards in America. I think he could get away with murder if he wanted! It is the only crime he has left to do now!
It sounds like the qualification to get a job in barry"s district is that one has a vagina or a sister with one
BJ is a qualification
If you notice all MB have around him is women with phat asses. Look at his spokeperson. I wonder if he's tried to hit on her yet? And this about this so called ex girlfriend is nothing but a drama queen putting all het dirt out here in the newspaper. She think she's bringing Barry down but she's also exposing her ownself.

She knew what Barry was like the first day she meet him. She wasn't living on the Retarded Farm back in 1990 when that chick brought him down at the Vesta Hotel. Everybody heard him on TV trying to get the ass. He was bow woo then and he's still bow wow woof woof today. She likes dogs. And what does the saying, say, when you lay down with dogs you come up with fleas.

Like I said earlier she sucked the dick before they went to Denver and she know she sucked it in Jamaica and she sucked it in Southeast too. As for the ex husband she still sucking his too. She can't get away from him. She like the thug type, (the ex husband liking like a dressed up Shabba Ranks) and she loves the men in power like Barry. She playing the dick from both ends. She wants to see the two men fight for her attention.

She said Barry don't have any money? Well he had money enough money to take her ass to Denver, to Jamaica, and was going to take her to Rehobeth Beach. Sounds like he took her place the husband didn't because he messed up her credit. This chick is a straight up drama queen and a gold digger.

And let's break it down the dick had to been good because she kept going back to it. Case closed.
Barry dick ain't working he uses DC taxpaying dollars to fund his girlfriends
Barry's pipes are not working (the men is in his 70s) He uses DC tax money to fund his girlfriends
Tom W, I agree with you 100%.
Hey Y'all:

Leave the man alone. These were grown, consenting adults. The lady knew Barry likes to get his groove on. What did she expect. Reading between the lines, she was already giving him sex. It appears now she wants to play like a victim. What a joke. Lady get a life. ANd any man who screws you next, what are you going to do? Go to the media and talk about them too. This "hefer' is an opportunist who is trying to capitalize on Barry's name, and his casual desire for a women. THIS WOMEN IS A VIPER!!! I feel for Barry in n his relationships with these tell all women. You be surprise, this simple thing happens everyday in this world in relationships. And that is what this was, Barry's casual, sex relationship with this women.
Ringold, Barry should not use DC tax dollars to setup his girlfriends in exchange for sex. thats wrong and unethical.
I am a resident and home owner of Washington, D.C. I am embarrassed, shocked, disgusted, at the unprofessional sexual language displayed on the front page of the Washington City Paper. that is not the kind of news that I want my children ton see on the front cover of a newspaper!!!!What is the paper thinking of? This is tied and it sickens me to think that this is where we are should be ashame of yourself and I sure hope that you don't have any children, if so I feel very sorry for then.
Mary Thompson, please go back to school and learn how to write and spell. Do you live in Ward 8?
Jesse Helms If u dont have anything nice to say keep quiet
Ward 8, fuck you and all the ignorant black niggers living in Ward 8. It's called freedom of speech. I have a right to my opinion as an American citizen. You unedcuated criminal niggers living in Ward 8 don't have no respect for law and order and you continue to elect Marion Barry. Marion Barry is a very unarticulate dumb as crack smoking nigger. He's a southern nigger and he should go back to the south and pick cotton. He should take you with him Ward 8.

Go suck Marion Barry's limp "DICK"!
Wow. I thought it was bad here in California.
Jesse Helms, I am all for Freedom of Speech but it comes with a certain level of responsiblity and self-restraint. I am college educated, don't smoke crack and never been to jail. By the way, I have never picked cotton a day in my life. Jesse, u are totally bigoted, rude and out of control. Why are u so hostile, angry and negative?. U need to check yourself before you wreck yourself.
He's just a sad old pathetic sloth that exists solely only on a diet of crack and whores. Leave the man alone and he'll crash and burn on his own in a dark alley. It's just his inevitable destiny.....
What infuriates me is WSP's unapologetic and smutty stance.WSP's official response to the outraged reactions they received is an immature, proud 'gotcha!' stance that mocks public concern by refusing to include the paper's reasoning behind their actions. WSP's disrespect for the public really can't be taken lightly. They are the kids in high schools who grunt when unable to defend their controversial views. It's analogous to NPR self-satisfied smut but for socially maladjusted, spoiled frat boys who never got the talking to they deserve. NPR is innocuous; WSP seeks reactions--is that that a newspaper should do? I think the answer was decided on when we learned about yellow journalism vs muckraking back in pre-k.

I wish there were another outlet for my anger other than a stupid internet on the WSP website that was last responded to 12 days ago. WSP should put the July 17 "Shocked and Appalled" feature up on their website.
Jesse Helms we know you'll never go to Ward 8 and stand in the middle of the street and say that. Why? Because you'll leave there in a body bag! You're so scared that you hid behind your computer screen like a bitch and talk your shit. Come on over to Ward 8 and speak.
I agree with you ringold. There use to be a time when got some it was discreet and you kept your business between you and your partner. TODAY you screw around all your business is in the street. And those phone messages, Barry was trying to to help her stank behind and she know it.

Oh well she can go on back to that woman beater of an ex husband. So what does it take for Barry to whip her ass like the husband did? It's ashame if that's the case. Man it seems like a lot of women today enjoy an ass beating. It's a turn on to them. Any sister that thinks that way WAKE UP! Not that Barry is a saint but damn leave the man alone and let hin enjoy a piece of ass if he wants some.
Mighty Tight, you just proved my point with a threat. You niggers are a violent group of "savages". All you do is kill, rape, and rob others, including your own. Fuck you "PORCH MONKEY"! Get a job and stop standing on the corner in Ward 8 selling "CRACK".
What is a Porch Monkey and how old are u, Jesse Helms? By the why white ppl are just as violent - look at what they did to the Indians and Africans. Hitler and Stalin were not boy scouts but I bet u approve of their methods. Why, because the white man rules and therefore he is beyond reproach.
No LOL White men don't rule they steal everything they get. Nothing but fucking thieves. Go back in time see how they really got their fortunes. Selling illegal booze, drugs, running prostitution rings etc. They wives wouldn't give them any ass because they were cheaters so they would sneak down to the slave quarters at night and rape slaves. But let them bastards lose their fortunes what they do...go committ suicide. Blacks don't do shit like that. Look at Bush..stole the presidentail race twice and didn't do shit but fuck up the country just like his sorry ass daddy and what did he do...crawl his ass back to Texas like the bitch heis and you haven't heard a word from him since. And MaCain thought he was going to win the race with that retarded Moose Bitch from Alaska ahahahahahaha! That was a fucking joke! Now look at her retiring because she know she wasn't doing a damn thing as government and now her broke ass want to go out on the circuit for 15 miniutes of fame. They're going to chew what's left of her ass up and since her back to Juneau to the funny farm. LOL Oh as for Jesse Helms I have a job bitch. ANd why carry a name like Jesse Helms, that bastard was a sell out too. Go get you a real house and stop living in the trailer park with your mammy amd your pappy!
You dumb ass niggers, we are talking about the present, not the past. Let's take Washington, D.C. and Baltimore as examples. It's you dam niggers committing the majority of the crimes in these two areas. You don't hear about whites murdering, raping, robbery white people the way you dam niggers do. When I walk down the street, I don't worry about a white man hurting me, but when I see some dam loud nigger teenagers with pants hanging off their asses, I am afraid. This is why the whites west of Rock Creek Park don't want you dam niggers living in there part of the city, because the majority of you niggers are violent people. Go on any of the Metropolitan Police Department list serves and see who are committing most of the crimes in D.C. Dumb ass niggers. You have no right to go into Georgetown and you live in Ward 8. You don't have money and when you niggers go over there, you black asses are up to no good. The niggers in Prince Georges County are worse too. Most whites moved out of PG County into southern Maryland and you dam niggers want to move there too. Why do you niggers talk about the white man and racism, but you want to move into white middle class neighborhoods and attend all white schools? Racist Rev. Wright in Chicago hates the white man, but he moved into an all white gated community in Chicago. LOL

Most white Americans don't want to live around you dam niggers. We prefer segregation.
You might have a half white President, but you had better beleive, he answers to the white man, because the white man still rule in this country where you niggers are only about 36 million. Guess what Mighty Tight, it's over 200 million whites in America. You niggers don't have any power. Obama is still a puppet for the white man and he's very careful, because it was a large white percentage that got him elected. If you combine both the niggers and spics who voted, you don't out number the amout of whites who voted for this loser. Obama will be a one term Presient like President Bush, Sr.

You are a dumb as COON Mighty Tight. Fuck you and your crack addicted mother. You don't know you father, because your mother sold her ass out in Ward 8 and that's how your black bastard ass was born.
@Mighty Tight - I'm sorry you have such negative opinions of me. I hope you can work through them by blogging in such a manner. You seem to think you know me and if I've wrong you in anyway - Well - carry on.

By your style of writing, you do seem familiar and for the life of me, I could not link you to the blog name Mighty Tight - with 5 overweight kids and all. May the heavens continue to bless you dear. I guess maybe I'll try to seek the positive in your blog exchanges: You get to blog what I've actually lived and nothing you type will have me regret it.

Soulful Peace and Black Butterflies
Jesse Helms u are so ignorant and laughable. White man are just as violent as black men if not more. Why are most serial killers, caucasions. Ted Bundy raped and killed over 35 women; Jeffrey Dahmer killed and devoured 17 men; Columbine massacre claimed 13 lives. Anyway DC/Baltimore has a large blk population therefore it stands to reason that most crimes would be committed by blacks. I am black and i have never committed a crime in my life. All u have to do is reach back in history Hitler and Stalin were responsible for killing millions of people. Nothing has changed. I cant imagine a worser crime and they justified it.
What did a black monkey create besides a spear? The White man created the auto, the plane, the computer, the language you monkeys speak, the guns you kill and rob with, the musical instruments you monkeys play your gansta rap on. You monkeys contribute nothing to this world but violence. Every nieghborhood blacks move into, the property values immediately take a nose dive.The ones that aquire wealth can not wait to move away from thier own people. Look at the african continent. Every country in africa that is ruled by blacks is either starving are at war, or both. Black people are monkeys. They have not evolved at the same speed of the caucasian. Now monkeys , get mad and call me a cracker and a racist, but we both know that I am right. Go look at all cities in america with a black mayor and a majority population of monkeys. Detroit, D.C., Chicago, Philadelphia. You can not blame anyone now but yourselves. Hell, even the president is arabic , I mean half black.
Jesse Helms let me school your dumb ignorant racist azz. Blacks have contributed alot to the growth of this country but do we get any credit for it? I think not. Cheap slave labour built this country into the powerhouse it is today. America would not have developed so quickly if it wasnt for our blood, sweat and tears but we get blamed for all the problems that exist here which is grossly unfair.
Why, why are blacks such a violent race of people and commit the majority of the crimes in the D.C. area? "Savages"

Dr. Gates cried racism and so did the President and Governor of Mass. It turns out, the white police officer isn't a racist, but he teaches a sensitivity class on racial profiling. The President was made to look like a fool, because law enforcement officers around the country didn't agree with your President. President Obama have gone down in the polls under under 50%. White people are tired of blacks using the race card crying racism. The table is being turned on blacks.
On most blogs pertaining to crime, race, illegal immigration, religion, politicians, or politics, you will find or see the most vile racist comments. With this being said, I don't support censorship regardless of how racist the speech may be. Are we to become a police state as Russia or Germany once was and may still be? I am glad to see people say what they think or feel. There's racism on all sides, not just the white race. Other groups can be racist too.

The Washington City Paper was attacked for putting the word "DICK" on the front page of their newspaper pertaining to Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry. Some readers found it to be offensive, but it was their right under the 1st amendment to print this statement. If you don't like what others are saying on a blog, then don't read it. The same goes for nudity on television (HBO or Showtime). Don't watch these premium channels are subscribe to them. Censorship of U.S. citizens have brought law suits. Censorship is wrong and I don't support it. I too am glad we live in a society where we have free speech. The KKK or the Black Panther Party have a right to protest and to their free speech. Some may find their speech racist, but under the U.S. Constitution, they have this right to freedom of expression.
Can you blame some whites for feeling the way they do? We are living in a crazy society and you can't trust anyone and political correctness is out of control. I was on the 32 Metro Bus riding from Kaiser Healthcare on Penn. Avenue, NW going up to Friendship Heights. There were 4 black males in their late teens to early twenties on the bus acting like "hoodlums", and using fool language. The white passengers on the bus was afraid or didn't like this behavior. As a black educated man in my late forties, I was embarrassed by their bad behavior. I knew, these black guys lived most likely in Southeast or out in PG County, but they were coming to Georgetown to hangout. What was their business in Georgetown, because I bet none had jobs, but yet they were going to a sneaker shop in Georgetown. When I walk around in D.C., I am not afraid of white people hurting, killing, or robbing me. It's people who look like me (black) who's out to hurt, rob, or kill me in D.C., but I can usually tell by the way they carry themselves and speak the English language if they are harmless or up to no good. Sometimes, I am ashamed of being black in America, because of the behavior of some blacks. I am tired of blacks making excusing for these hoodlums. If you gave some a job, they still wouldn't work. Once I was riding the bus on Wisconsin Avenue, NW and some black teenage boys sitting in the black of the bus stated, let's spit on some white people out the window. I looked at them and said without thinking, why on earth would you want to do something like that? Later I thought to myself, these hoodlums could have pulled out a gun and shot me. I wish I was born white, because most blacks have a destructive behavior.

Ward 4 Resident
Crestwood Neighborhood
U should never be ashamed of what God made you to be. The media and Jesse Helms want Blacks to feel responsible for all the social ills that exist in our society. Please do not buy into that type of brainwashing. What about the white teenagers in Columbine that murdered 13 of their fellow classmates and teachers. Those black teenagers that you saw on Metro are really victims of poverty, crime, indifference, hate, ignorance and a lack of guidance. If you want to change anything You should volunteer and try to be a mentor and role model for them instead of condemning them. All they really need to know is that be care and want to help them.
AMEN!!!! WHY!!!!!!

Jesse Helms and Van Helsing can't help it. They were raise to believe that they are superior over blacks by their sick racists parents and grandparents. The thing that's ashamed about that is they all will answer for it come judgment day. Oh they may laugh at what I'm typing now, but they won't be laughing then. But they have so much lip in here on the computer but won't set foot in any black neighborhoods and say it. I think this is what they call COWARDS! LOL. Van Hesing even said he saw some black kids on Winconsin Avenue and his chicken tail cross the street because he thought he was going to get jumped! AHAHAHAHA! How are you going to get jumped and you see them two blocks away and you cross the street? LOL! Man that's what I call a scared puppy! And get this they have police on every corner on Winconsin Avenue and he still was scared! LOL
Hello Mighty Tight, I can’t believe people are still responding. I understand what you are saying about Jesse Helms and Van Helsing in regards to their behavior. But look at the world we are leaving in; just yesterday people were killed in a gym for no good reason. We can’t …….walk down the street or let our children out to play without worrying about their safety. I hope people realize we are living in the last days. Read your bible folks, and you will see how it is unfolding right before our eyes.
OMG!! Nette this is so true we are living in the last days. People really need to wake up. Yes people are still responding. \But if you notice things have calm down even with this case. Regardless of Barry's personal life, he was the only one out there that fought for youth and seniors here in this city. He's done what Pratt-Kelly, Williams, nor Fenty have done and that's look out for ALL PEOPLE.
Nette we'll just pray for jerks like Jesse Helms and Van Helsing because they'll need it where they're going.
Let he without sin cast the first stoneThis is what jesus said,and not one of the people could,why not?because although they were laughing,talking and judging a PROSTITUTE,they all realized that they were no better then her.Only in their own eyes, they were better .None of us no matter what color,age,religion, or financial status,are PERFECT,and we cannot pass judgement on the next.Theres enough EVIL in this world,please try not to be an advocate of it.It is only human to think wrong and do wrong at times in this game called life.Barry fell off track a number of times, yet he still gets back up and proceeds .That is something to keep in mind when endeavors come your way.The CREATOR seems to find favor upon Barry,he must be doing something right.Lets see....cotton fields,civil rights movement,a bullet to the chest,drugs,scandal,jail,drugs,taxes the great loss in his life Mrs. Effie,kidney transplant,and scandal again.Apparently he has made the creator very happy, happy enough to have seen him through all of these situations despite what e he has done.Listen my sisters and brothers the time is oh so near,when you go you have to own up to your own sins no one elses.Dont worry about the crap not cleaned up in someone elses backyard.Especially when you need a bulldozer to clean up your own.At the end of the day we all have work to do,just some more than others.
Hey Dr.Vanhelsing,i dont know what type of doctor you are but WOE to your coedpendents and or patients,your children,and whom ever depends on your theory of thought.According to the way you talk you have a mental disorder.As you probably already know DOCTOR that a mental disorder is defined as any behavior or emotional state that causes an individual great suffering or worry,such as your self when it comes to negros.You also seem to be profoundly paranoid,depressed,narcissistic,hateful,antisocial, and maybe even sadistic, if the chance comes to show your true KKK colors.People who are mentally healthy feel good about themselves,with the exception of exogenous depression.Good mental health also allows you to feel comfortable with others no matter what color they are.Good mental health also allows you to be able to deal with the demands and changes of everyday life.You seem not to be able to accept change very well.You are still talking about our ansestors from Europe trading us off.Guess what negro the white man did not sale, or trade off.....'The black woman that secretly bore him the beautiful black babies through RAPE.And our strong, muscular ,black men,for the urge to go in the back door through RAPE once again.' Perhaps thats what you have in mind when you see those black men letting their boxers show.You seem to be looking awful hard to know that the boxers are dirty.Ok, you say ward 8 is basically full of trash.Let me ask you, what race of people predominately are known to occupy trailers?what type of behavior is displayed at the rock bands?what race sells the pills and drugs at the rock bands.What class would you put gothic in? You also made a comment about nappy hair.natural hair is beautiful,and when i sweat i gleem,unlike smelling like a pitbull.I dont have to give you any more therapy you need to obtain a copy of the DSM,so you can get therapy, and meds yourself.Before i go, DOCTOR guess what i feel you do qualify for a degree in.NEGROHOOD.....You have done such a great job in admiring us.You have become an A+ student.You know about weaves,carryouts,the typical names shaquda and shanana,nappy hair,the fellas on the corner,and the way they dress. Most of all the awful,hostile attitude you criticize us for ,you yourself have one.GREAT JOB DOCTOR YOU ARE OFFICALLY A NEGRO TOO.
Ward 8 I could not have said it better concerning Dr. Van Helsing whom I
believe is not the doctor he claims. What foolishness that came from is heart.
We must pray for him because he knows not what he says or does. He is probably a half breed that is not accepted by any race. He has the mindset
of poor thinking person which is a niggar not germane to color but thinking.
American Africans built this country and we are still here standing strong and
that befuddles the average racist. God Bless the fools.
Marrion Barry is a perfect representative of DC. The fact that this man is still in politics demonstrates how morally bankrupt Washington DC is. The rate of aids among AA women in the city, dropout rates, crime, etc, etc.

Marion Barry is a morally bankrupt politician representing a morally bankrupt city. During the crack epidemic in DC, he was on crack. Now with AA women's Aids infection rate at the highest levels ever, what does Marion do: He kicks an AA women out of his room (making her sleep in a fracking parking garage for not given head!

The residents of DC are so stupid, He'll probably become mayor.

Why people vote for the classless Barry again and again, mystery. They deserve what they get when they vote him back in. He's nothing but a horny old man and IMO still doing various drugs, who thinks his position in politics gives him the right to be any woman who he spots and desires. HE makes me ill.
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To Dr. Van one has committed more crimes on this planet than crackers. Stop acting like you all are so kind and gentle. It is in your nature to be evil, hateful people. You always have been and you always will be. Take your little dick and scram. You talk so big and bad behind the anonimity of the Internet. You wouldn't dare say this mess to someone's face because you know you would get knocked the f__k out. B**ch!

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Hello everybody. Am STEPHANIE from FLORIDA i want to share my life experience to every body on this site. i was in a serious relationship with mike i love him so much we have dated for almost 6 years now. until he meant another girl called charity he told me that he is know longer interested in dating me any more. i was so confuse i don't know what to do so i told my friend about what my love just told me and he told me that she can solve my problem i was doubting her how can that be possible so she directed me to a spell caster called prophet Harry .so i contacted him and i explain every thing to him and he told me that my problem will be solved within 2days if i believe i said OK .So he prayed_ for me and after 2days my love came back to me begging me on his knees on the ground asking me to forgive him. And I was surprise just like a dream and today Am so happy now. so that why i decided to share my experience with every body in case there is anyone out there that have such problem should contact him via

I am ELIZABETH i want to start this way by giving a huge thanks to this man DR IGODO
for what he has just done today in my life . at first i thought it won,t work because many has failed me before but on a second thought i said let just try and to my best surprises PAUL my husband that said and insist he has nothing to do with me and my family called me immediately this great man DR IGODO of cast a love spell on him and started begging for forgiveness well i love him so much and at once i accepted him back and today we are both living in peace and harmony, all the same the glory is to this man DR IGODO of DOC I THANK YOU once again for you are worthy of all the thanks in my mouth today and forever am grateful and shall ever be to you . i also want to say if you are out there passing through a similar stuff or issues you can contact him today and i believe him will also help you out ,,,,THANKS BE TO THE GOD OF IGODO.

I just want to say thank you prophet ahmed for all you have done for me.
He is back now. That very powerful spell caster STOP THE DIVORCE – and get my ex boyfriend back.
My name is Joy Philip, from Canada. I never believed in love
spells or magic until i met this spell caster once when i went for a business summit
early this year. I meant a man who's name is PROPHET AHMED
he is really powerful and could help cast spells to bring back one's gone,
lost, misbehaving lover and magic money spell or spell for a good job or
luck spell .I’m now happy & a living testimony cos the man i had wanted to
marry left me 3 weeks before our wedding and my life was upside down because our
relationship has been on for 3years. I really loved him, but his mother was
against us and he had no good paying job. So when i met this spell caster,i
told him what happened and explained the situation of things to him. At
first i was undecided, skeptical and doubtful, but i just gave it a try.And
in 7 days when i returned to Canada, my boyfriend(now husband) called me by
himself and came to me apologizing that everything had been settled with his
mother and family and he got a new job interview so we should get married. I
didn't believe it cos the spell caster only asked for my name and my
boyfriends name and all i wanted him to do. Well we are happily married now
and we are expecting our little kid, and my husband also got the new job and
our lives became much case you are in any situation you can contact
prophet ahmed at his email or his personal cell +2347053375151
Thank you for all your help prophet i promise to share this Testimony to every body in the world wide.

My name is Mrs. Jennifer , From Northern Ireland, and I’m happily married with a lovely husband and three children.I had a very big problem with my husband few months ago, to the extent that he even packed his things away from our house. He left I and my kids for almost 5 months, and I tried all my possible best and effort to bring him back.I discussed it with a very good friend of mine, and he gave me an advice concerning a spell caster, that he is the only one that can handle my situations and problem, that he’s always ready and able to do anything related to spell casting and helping of the needy, please every one I would like you all to contact him with his email address, which is as follow [].I never believed in spell casting, but My friend convinced me and I had no choice than to follow my friend advice, because I never dreamed of loosing my lovely Husband. And i contacted him with his email address, and I discussed with him all my problems and worries and so surprisingly, he told me that I’ll get my husband back a day after. I didn't believed Him, until ).
My name is Mrs. Jennifer , From Northern Ireland, and I’m happily married with a lovely husband and three children.I had a very big problem with my husband few months ago, to the extent that he even packed his things away from our house. He left I and my kids for almost 5 months, and I tried all my possible best and effort to bring him back.I discussed it with a very good friend of mine, and he gave me an advice concerning a spell caster, that he is the only one that can handle my situations and problem, that he’s always ready and able to do anything related to spell casting and helping of the needy, please every one I would like you all to contact him with his email address, which is as follow [].I never believed in spell casting, but My friend convinced me and I had no choice than to follow my friend advice, because I never dreamed of loosing my lovely Husband. And i contacted him with his email address, and I discussed with him all my problems and worries and so surprisingly, he told me that I’ll get my husband back a day after. I didn't believed Him, until ).
My name is Mrs. Jennifer , From Northern Ireland, and I’m happily married with a lovely husband and three children.I had a very big problem with my husband few months ago, to the extent that he even packed his things away from our house. He left I and my kids for almost 5 months, and I tried all my possible best and effort to bring him back.I discussed it with a very good friend of mine, and he gave me an advice concerning a spell caster, that he is the only one that can handle my situations and problem, that he’s always ready and able to do anything related to spell casting and helping of the needy, please every one I would like you all to contact him with his email address, which is as follow [].I never believed in spell casting, but My friend convinced me and I had no choice than to follow my friend advice, because I never dreamed of loosing my lovely Husband. And i contacted him with his email address, and I discussed with him all my problems and worries and so surprisingly, he told me that I’ll get my husband back a day after. I didn't believed Him, until ).
Some of you are not wrapped too tight! You have nothing better to do, but post stupid shit! Get a life!
Dr. Van Helsing and Jesse Helms is the same ignorant, racist bitch. It kills me how crackers act like their race is so pure and innocent. Nobody has committed more crimes on this Earth than them and nobody ever will. They have and continue to commit the most murders, rapes, robberies, etc. Just watch all those shows on Investigation Discovery or 48 Hours Mystery on Channel 9. They are featured on all of those shows as the killer and victim. Ofay on ofay crime! They hack people to death then eat them and drink the blood to cover up the crime. They are the savages, beasts and monsters roaming this Earth. I won't call them animals because that is an insult to all animals, but they do act like something running wild in a jungle with all that hair on their body. When you cross their path, death and destruction follows. Chaos ensues wherever they go. If you part their hair, you will see 666 on their scalps.

These mother fuckers claim to hate black people (or any people of color for that matter), but they try to look like black people the most with their spray on tans. For your information, a tan is a shade of brown. It is light, medium or dark, but BROWN! It is not orange, red, rose gold, pink, coral, melon, peach or salmon. They also try to look black by getting lip injections because they have 2 lines representing a mouth, booty pop underwear and butt implants and injections because they have asses flat as a board. It must really hurt when you sit down. You are ridiculous, but jealousy is also a form of flattery. We all know Ice T's wife, CoCo and Kim Kardashian have fake asses and Kim spray tans so much that she is a glowing shade of orange. Without her makeup and orange spray tan, she is pale. Because of Kim more cracker women are trying to buy some ass. White women always want to know if some outfit makes their butt look big. Hell no bitches! You have to have an ass for that to be a possibility! White men look at their asses when they walk by. Why? You know damn well you aren't going to see shit once they pass by. Some of them have the nerve to say that some chick has a nice ass. Get your vision checked at Hour Eyes or Kaiser Permanente asap! Dr. Van Helsing, Jesse Helms or whatever this thing is claims that he is tan. Yeah, right. This bitch is pale and probably has liver spots and wrinkles all over his boney ass from baking in a hot sun to get some color.

He also said some kids on the Metro called him a cracker, but his punk ass didn't do shit about it. He sat there like the punk mother fucker that we all know he is and he turned red with water welling up in his eyes. Why didn't he let them know that he is a superior cracker and he won't tolerate their Negro disrespect?! Because he knows they would have opened a can of whoop ass on him. Why did they call him a cracker in the first place? Probably because he got on the Metro exuding an air of superiority and they brought his ass down a peg or two with quickness. He also said that black kids wear their pants sagging. News flash! White kids wear their pants sagging too. They also film themselves gang raping girls then they upload it on YouTube and Facebook. Your females should be scared of you white boys and men because they know they will be attacked. It is just a matter of time.

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If you have problems with people of color, do society a favor and crawl back on all fours to the cave you and your ancestors came from and don't ever come out again.

I have to go now, but I would like nothing more than to meet you (Dr. Van Helsing or Jesse Helms) face to face one day so that we can fight. I'm talking a good fist-of-cuffs street brawl. No weapons. I don't need any because I have fist of fury. You will have to leave your rope and Klan attire at home. Anyway, I'd kick your ass worse than Tyson did any of his opponents! Talk about smacking a bitch up! Let's try to make that happen real soon. Leave your contact information if you aren't scared. I'll make it easy on you by coming on your turf.
Oleh : Smiley: )Ana terbaring di atas katilnya.Letih tubuhnya setelah seharian menghadap muka pensyarahnya tidak dipedulikannya.Dia lantas membuka beg galasnya.Tumpuannya kini terarah kepada sekeping kad comel yang berwarna merah jambu yang diciptanya...

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