Staff Picks: Momoyama 231 2nd St NW, Washington, DC

Tucked into a secluded corner just north of the Capitol, Washington’s best sushi joint boasts an appropriately monumental view. Momoyama’s chopstick-wielders look out upon a huge concrete slab supporting I-395. Crane your head to the right, and you can just make out the huge concrete slab supporting an off-ramp, too. In order to reach the obscure commuter pit, sushi-seekers must pick through an equally mind-numbing sight—a sidewalk spillover of Capitol Hill debauchery provided by neighboring happy-hour joints My Brother’s Place and Hamilton’s. Thankfully, Momoyama’s foodtastes compensate for the unsavory visual feast. The Miller Lite crowd rarely filters into the joint in search of post-binge tempura; instead, Momoyama rolls its succulent white tuna, sweet eel, and Korean bulgogi sushi creations for regulars and Capitol Hill tour groups gone astray. The Samurai Roll, a confluence of eel, white tuna, salmon, cucumber, and caviar, is enough to lift anyone above the concrete jungle outside.

Our Readers Say

This by far the BEST Sushi joint in town. Thank God its tucked away and somewhat difficult to reach otherwise this true gem would be lost to the Yups.
I worked at a large government organization just a block and change away from this place. The food was amazing and I really miss going there for lunch and dinner.

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