Taqueria Nacional Mexican

I absolutely refuse to feel ashamed that D.C.’s best taqueria is run by a Harvard-grad gringa with a James Beard Award to her credit. Hell, if that were the case, I’d also have to feel bad that one of the District’s best hamburgers is produced by a Frenchman (Michel Richard at Central). The truth is, Ann Cashion is a student of la cocina mexicana, and her tiny takeout behind Johnny’s Half Shell proves she has deep respect for a cuisine too often bastardized for an easy buck. (You listening, you Salvadoran-Mexican joints?) I’m still trying to figure out how her corn tortillas taste so fresh when they’re not even made in house.

400 N. Capitol St. NW, (202) 737-7070

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Our Readers Say

Agreed...though man, how people can say Central burger is better than Palena's is baffling. Don't get me wrong, it's delicious...but Palena's is Triple-D-Licious!
Seriously? This place may have a fresh new taste on tacos, but the bang for the buck has you feeling left short. My estimation is that each bite will cost you $1.
The guac and chips are my favorite thing on the menu, but when I asked to just buy some chips on the side, there was absolutely no way that they would sell me extra chips. It was an idea that was completely inconceivable.
The taste isn't too bad, but not worth the hassle or the cost in my opinion.

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