The ICEman Cometh Montgomery County is no longer a haven for immigrants and their advocates.

Darrow Montgomery

By many accounts, Lila Meizell was a nice lady who died a horrific death. The 83-year-old Wheaton resident was beaten and then burned alive in her home last year, a casualty of an alleged check-cashing scheme that went bad.

Despite the lurid headlines and public consternation, her murder might have been quickly forgotten, stored away in memory like so many other grisly crimes. But the three people in custody are all Salvadoran immigrants, including a man who had done yardwork for Meizell. So her death has become a new front in the political battle over illegal immigrants in Montgomery County.

Until Meizell’s murder and a series of other area homicides police say were committed by Hispanic immigrants, Montgomery County officials had clung to a sort of don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy when dealing with foreign-born residents; they left immigration enforcement to the feds.

All that changed last week, when the Montgomery County Police Department joined a growing number of law enforcement agencies in the D.C. metropolitan area that have stepped up scrutiny of immigrants. These days if you get arrested for handgun possession or a violent crime in Montgomery County, police will forward your name to federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to find out if you are deportable.

The policy reversal is a blow to CASA of Maryland, one of the most influential immigrant advocacy organizations in the country. CASA Executive Director Gustavo Torres and other immigrant allies vigorously lobbied county officials against wading into immigration issues, warning that such a move could violate the Constitution and set police on a slippery slope toward racial profiling. They also raised the specter of civil rights lawsuits like the one CASA and the American Civil Liberties Union initiated against the Frederick County Sheriff’s Department.


But with the economy tanking and crime and anti-immigrant sentiment on the rise, Montgomery County Executive Isiah “Ike” Leggett bowed to the restive activists on the other side of the debate, who for more than a year had lobbed fiery op-ed salvos at CASA and pressed for more police enforcement of immigration laws.

The new rules don’t go as far as those imposed in Frederick and several Virginia communities. Instead of checking the status of every immigrant crossing their path, Montgomery police now notify ICE of arrests made for two dozen of the most violent crimes. Nevertheless, Leggett’s about-face leaves Montgomery County in curious company among other jurisdictions that have taken to aiding a federal immigration crackdown. How did this happen in CASA’s backyard?

When immigrants come to advocates at CASA of Maryland for help, there’s one thing they don’t need to worry about. “We will never give a single name to immigration authorities,” Torres declared earnestly to an audience of laborers in December in Langley Park, not far from the D.C. line.

It is the kind of statement that brings tears to the eyes of CASA members, many of whom are in the country illegally. But the stance also kindles emotion in the right-wing blogosphere, where Torres, 47, a naturalized citizen originally from Colombia, has been accused of such things as refusing to say the Pledge of Allegiance and denounced as a “domestic terrorist.”

Such attacks have intensified in recent years, says Torres, who has almost two decades’ experience in the immigrant advocacy business.

“We receive tons of hate e-mail all the time,” he says. “Anything that happens with my community—for good or for bad—I receive e-mail telling me how bad I am and how bad CASA is.”

Not everyone has stopped at words. In May 2007, someone set fire to the doublewide trailers that house the group’s Shady Grove center; though it did minimal damage, it was investigated by county police as a hate crime. Then, last May, CASA staffers received a couple of death threats that rattled Torres. He had security cameras installed and called in the Anti-Defamation League to provide advice and staff training.

“It can be tough to take,” Jennifer B. Freedman, CASA’s director of development, says of the threats, “but it just motivates us more, and it motivates our supporters, as well.”

Some Montgomery residents said they were surprised and disturbed by the anti-immigrant vitriol that followed the homicides.

Besides Meizell’s killing, Montgomery County Police arrested immigrants with alleged ties to the Hispanic gang MS-13 for two other 2008 homicides. In one of the cases—the Nov. 8 killing of 14-year-old high school honors student Tai Lam—police had previously arrested and released suspects Hector M. Hernandez and Gilmar L. Romero. Critics say Lam’s murder might have been prevented if police had learned that the two were in the country illegally during the earlier detentions. Romero was taken into custody briefly the previous June in Silver Spring for possession of a machete. Hernandez had a run-in with police after allegedly threatening a Northwood High School student with a switchblade in October, a month before Lam’s shooting.

Takoma Park City Councilor Doug Barry says people got whipped up by press coverage of the murders, particularly a Jan. 11 front page Washington Post story that chronicled rising fear among native-born residents of their immigrant neighbors.

“If you read the spate of publicity around the crimes, it touched off a frenzy of fear that all immigrants were carrying machetes and committing violent crimes, and that’s just not backed up by the facts,” says Barry.

Torres, too, traces the crackdown to those “horrendous crimes.”

“That created a backlash for us and the county executive,” says Torres, who nonetheless finds a silver lining in the changes. While CASA will be watching to make sure the new policy doesn’t lead to racial profiling, its narrow focus, says Torres, may improve life in immigrant communities by removing criminals who prey on their neighbors.

“Sometimes the policymakers are in a difficult situation,” he says. “But I truly believe our county executive is totally behind the immigrant community.…He’s a person who values and celebrates our community. And he did the right thing to protect our community.”

Soft-spoken and bespectacled, Torres comes off as more of a politician than an agitator. Since he became executive director in 1994, CASA has grown from just a few paid employees to 80 staffers and amassed a wide range of allies—politicians, nonprofit executives, and religious, community, and corporate leaders. Torres is on cordial terms with the executives of Montgomery and Prince George’s counties. He was a familiar face in Gov. Martin O’Malley’s 2007 election campaign and is part of a network of leaders representing immigrants on the national political scene.

CASA’s workers’ centers—where laborers, regardless of their immigration status, can come seeking jobs—have been hailed as a national model. The success of the centers earned Torres a trip to China last fall, courtesy of the Ford Foundation, to advise nonprofit groups there about how to organize the country’s estimated 200 million itinerant workers.

Helping often-undocumented laborers link up with employers, however, hasn’t earned Torres plaudits across the political spectrum. Brad Botwin is one example of Torres’ more outspoken detractors. Having founded Help Save Maryland about a year ago, Botwin would like to see CASA gone and county police coordinate closely with immigration officials.

“CASA is the problem. If CASA wasn’t here, there would be a lot less crime and gang problems in Maryland,” says Botwin. “I consider him a ‘domestic terrorist.’”

Botwin and other critics object to the assistance CASA gives illegal immigrants and government money the organization receives to run its workers’ centers and other programs. But what motivates them most are crimes, especially violent ones with immigrant suspects.

“The bottom line is people just don’t feel safe in Montgomery County anymore,” Botwin says.

There’s little evidence, however, that tinkering with immigration policy will impact public safety. Study after study has shown that immigrants, on average, commit fewer crimes than those born in the U.S. In a 2008 study, for instance, the Public Policy Institute of California found that while foreign-born Californians make up about 35 percent of the state’s adult population, they represent only about 17 percent of the state prison population. Men born in this country are 3.3 times more likely to end up behind bars. Even illegal immigrants, the researchers found, apparently have much lower incarceration rates.

“Noncitizen men from Mexico ages 18–40—a group disproportionately likely to have entered the United States illegally—are more than 8 times less likely than U.S.-born men in the same age group to be in a correctional setting,” the California researchers concluded.

Even in Montgomery County, where the highly publicized Meizell and Lam murders have prompted public hand-wringing and political flip-flopping, there has been no big increase in homicides. While serious crimes spiked by 7.7 percent in the first nine months of 2008, murders numbered 21, compared to 20 for the same period of 2007, according to county police. Montgomery remains a relatively safe place to live compared to neighboring Prince George’s County and the District, which both have much higher homicide rates.

While evidence suggests illegal immigrants aren’t perpetrating a crime wave in Montgomery County or anywhere else, county officials reacted much the same way public officials have elsewhere, according to Steven A. Camarota, director of research at the Washington-based conservative think tank the Center for Immigration Studies: As soon as an immigrant is charged in a high-profile crime, Camarota says, elected officials tend to “run for cover” by backing closer cooperation between police and immigration agents.

One reason for this may be a familiar TV storyline. In 2008, Media Matters for America, a left-leaning media watchdog, conducted a study of conservative talk show hosts Lou Dobbs, Bill O’Reilly, and Glenn Beck and reported that the three “served up a steady diet of fear, anger and resentment” against immigrants by harping on “myths” and “urban legends.” One of the most popular themes was the notion of immigrants running amuck. In 2007, Dobbs discussed connections between undocumented immigrants and crime in 94 shows, while O’Reilly and Beck flogged the idea on 66 and 29 shows, respectively.

One place with a robust relationship between local authorities and ICE can be found along Montgomery’s northern border. Last year, Frederick County Sheriff Charles A. Jenkins signed a memorandum of understanding with ICE allowing ICE agents to train and deputize the department’s officers under section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

The new deputies went to work last April 19. By the end of 2008, the department had identified 285 foreign-born detainees and started deportation proceedings against 260 of them, according to Capt. Tim Clarke, a department spokesman.

Jenkins has touted the program as a way to get violent illegal immigrant criminals off the streets and out of the country. But of the 285 foreign-born arrestees, only 23 are facing felony charges. The other 262 were picked up for misdemeanors that include driving without a license and traffic offenses.

Another eyebrow-raising statistic released by the department: All but five of the 260 sent into deportation proceedings are Hispanics, according to Clarke. But he says the overwhelming number of Latinos was not a sign of racial profiling.

“We’re not profiling individuals. That’s just not the case,” he says. “It just so happens that there is a large Hispanic population in the county.” (Five percent of the county’s residents are Hispanic and 8 percent are foreign-born, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.)

“If you come into our county and commit crimes,” he adds, “we’re going to start the process of getting you out of the country.”

But CASA attorney Kerry O’Brien, disputes, among other things, assertions that the program is making Frederick County safer.

“If you don’t have a valid license, you can now be deported. We think that’s ridiculous. That’s not helping public safety,” says O’Brien, who is part of a CASA legal team suing the department to determine whether the deputies used racial profiling and other unconstitutional pretexts to arrest immigrants. “We believe there have been cases of driving while brown and walking while brown.”

Federal immigration officials say the 287(g) program is one of its top partnership initiatives. But it has been mired in controversy and has failed to attract much support from police agencies around the country. Since the Bush Administration first started deputizing local law enforcers following the 9/11 attacks, federal officials have signed up only 63 police agencies nationwide—including nine in Virginia. Immigrant advocacy groups in other states have sued over the 287(g) program, deriding it as a costly and unconstitutional waste of taxpayer dollars.

In Montgomery County, about one in three of its 930,813 residents is foreign-born, making it one of the more international counties in the country, according to the Census Bureau. And Montgomery has long enjoyed a reputation for welcoming immigrants—even the illegal ones. While Northern Virginia started passing measures designed to drive illegal residents out of the area a few years ago, the Montgomery city of Takoma Park, for instance, reaffirmed its long-standing status as a sanctuary city, where police are forbidden from asking about immigration status for any reason.

The county is also racially and ethnically diverse, with nearly 130,000 Hispanic residents making up 14 percent of the population. It’s part of a statewide trend. While Montgomery and Prince George’s counties have the largest concentrations, Hispanics are the fastest-growing group in Maryland and a fledgling political force.

“We’re helping to shape, but also riding a wave, of increased power and impact of the Maryland immigrant community,” says Kimberly Propeack, a lobbyist for CASA.

So, why hasn’t CASA been able to fend off this new policing policy in a county it considers a stronghold and where it has ties to Leggett and other local leaders?

“Two years ago, this would not have been able to happen,” says State Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez, a Democrat and former president of CASA’s board of directors, who represents Montgomery County in Annapolis.

“We’ve had a very progressive and supportive environment here. Now that we’re in this economic crisis, (Hispanics) are being scapegoated as the latest immigrant group,” says Gutierrez, who sees the growing hostility as a byproduct of “the very organized rightist groups” in Northern Virginia and beyond.

“This is not a grassroots thing formed in Gaithersburg,” Gutierrez says, referring to the hometown of Botwin, the Help Save Maryland founder.

Botwin says his group works in “a loose affiliation” with the like-minded organizations in the D.C. metropolitan area. Most are offshoots of “Help Save Manassas” started by Virginia blogger Greg Letiecq. There is even a Washington-based outfit, DefendDC, that’s part of the tri-state coalition, says Botwin. But he denies suggestions that the group is part of an organized national movement.

His all-volunteer organization runs into the hundreds, he says, and there are several chapters throughout the state. But Botwin, a prolific letter-to-the-editor writer, at times has seemed like a one-man battering ram, hammering Leggett about the homicides and his ties to CASA.

All that battering paid off last month, when Botwin and a few supporters landed their first meeting with the county executive’s staff. Leggett himself turned up for part of the meeting, when he had sent aides to talk to Torres and the other immigrant advocates earlier the same week.

After months of behind-the-scenes wrangling, Leggett released a carefully worded memo to County Police Chief J. Thomas Manger on Feb. 10 that gives both sides a little of what they want. And both claimed partial victory.

“We see that the county executive has really pulled back from the original proposal,” Gutierrez says. “We think that he heard us. His recommendation could have been a lot worse.”

The proposal first made public by Manger late last year would have given his officers more of a role in asking about immigration status when making arrests in a wide range of weapons and violent crimes charges.

Ultimately, Leggett bowed to concerns from immigrant advocates and narrowed the list to 24 of the most violent crimes, including murder, rape and carjacking. He also limited the new rules to handgun possession, rather than possession of a larger scope of weapons, to address worries that the original approach could have triggered status inquiries in more than half of all arrests. In another nuance apparently crafted to avoid racial profiling, police won’t try to distinguish between native- and foreign-born arrestees. Instead, they’ll forward the names of everyone arrested for the crimes to ICE and leave it to federal agents to determine who is here illegally. It’s a tweak the immigrant advocates also embraced.

For Botwin, it’s an encouraging first step, although “it’s woefully short of what’s needed to protect the citizens of Montgomery County.” He’s pushing for Montgomery to adopt Frederick County’s approach. “We will be continuing to pressure our public officials not just in the county but throughout the state to remove illegal immigrants.”

Although it didn’t wow Botwin, the policy is a big departure for Leggett, who has such strong ties to the area’s immigrant communities that Thomas E. Perez jokingly referred to him as “the first Latino elected official in Montgomery County” at a press conference in December. (Leggett is African-American.)

Perez, a former Clinton Administration official and currently Maryland’s Secretary of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation, has had a long association with CASA. Both Montgomery and Prince George’s counties pay CASA millions of dollars each year in social services contracts and have put up additional funds to help build the organization’s future headquarters in Langley Park.

“It’s obvious, looking at Leggett’s positions, that he’s tried to stay away from this issue. But now that he’s getting pushback he’s had to make tough choices,” says Michael Cain, director of the Center for the Study of Democracy at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. He called the new policy “a very clever document” and political win for Leggett.

“He’s agonized over it. That’s clear. He hasn’t taken it lightly,” says City Councilor Barry, who would have preferred police stay out of immigration enforcement altogether but was pleased that Leggett had taken pains to avoid racial profiling.

At this point, it’s unclear what impact the new policy will have on the streets of Montgomery.

Judith Freidenberg, an anthropologist at the University of Maryland’s College Park campus who has worked with immigrants in Prince George’s County, says the new rules may make people reluctant to cross into Montgomery for work, medical treatment, and social services that they have come to rely on.

But Gutierrez says many are already

fearful thanks to a previous change in policing tactics.

“Ike already stepped into that area a year and a half ago,” says Gutierrez, referring to the county’s 2007 decision to detain people on outstanding immigration warrants added to the FBI’s National Crime Information Center database in recent years. While those warrants are civil, not criminal, county officials maintained that police couldn’t ignore them. But the ensuing arrests spread fear throughout the immigrant community and eroded trust in police, Gutierrez says.

On a weekly basis, she says, “we see...people who are stopped for a broken taillight” and then disappear into the deportation process.

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according to merriam webster:
Pronunciation: \(ˌ)i(l)-ˈlē-gəl\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle French or Medieval Latin; Middle French illegal, from Medieval Latin illegalis, from Latin in- + legalis legal
Date: 1538

: not according to or authorized by law : unlawful , illicit ; also : not sanctioned by official rules

hmmm.... common sense would say this sounds like a job for law enforcement!!!

Kudos to the sheriff of Frederick County for doing your job and not cowering to all the P.C. B.S. Carry on!
Maryland Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez and Casa de Maryland are up in arms in defense of these people illegally in the United States. Casa de Maryland and La Raza both are two racist organizations. These organizations care very little about other ethnic groups outside of Central/South Americans/Mexicans. Why aren't they concerned with the welfare of U.S. citizens out of work regardless of race, skin color, or ethnicity?

This is another sob story by the Washington City Paper in support of illegal aliens/illegal immigration. Cry me a river, because I don't feel sorry for these people who have invaded our country illegally. Send them home immediately!!! ICE need to come to Wards 1 & 4 in Washington, D.C. and clean house with illegal aliens. I am fed up with this invasion of illegal aliens during these difficult economic times.
To: Congressional Black Caucus Chairman:

I am writing as the father of an African-American male and am wondering why is the CBC, the National Urban League and NAACP being so quiet and non-positional on the Illegal Immigration issue; do you not realize that millions of African-American males seeking employment are turned away and denied employment especially in the landscaping, construction, and service employment sectors because of the "over saturation" of low paid illegal immigrants; do you realize that this may have an impact on the incarceration rate of the African-American male, especially in Southwestern states like California, Arizona, and Texas? In south states like Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, traditional black neighborhoods have been transformed to Mexican or Central American neighborhoods. Durham, North Carolina is a good example. Lincoln Hospital built for black citizens during segregation in Durham, North Carolina on Fayetteville Street is now Lincoln Health Center. This Heathcare clinic has seen an increase of Mexicans and Central Americans over the last several years. Many black Durham Senior Citizens and taxpayers who lived thru segregation cannot get proper medical care at this facility overruned by illegal aliens.

This hits home with me and I'm astounded that other Black support groups have not picked up on this issue. The over saturation of "slave labor" wages basically locks out non-Hispanics and particular African-American males from gaining employment in some of these sectors; my son has been trying for over four weeks to get employment in the landscaping sector where he has proven successful experience but gets denied employment because these firms don't want to expose their "daily cash payment" systems to non-Hispanics. Why can't you see that this issue is affecting the plight of the African-American male to a certain extent?

It seems all you folks are interested in doing is putting on these glitzy, high profile entertainment programs, and summits, etc. but you are missing the boat on a major issue; there are too many jobs in this country held by non citizens and this right to work is being given to others while citizens can't get employeed and it is seriously affecting the plight of the African-American male, especially those young men just getting out of high school seeking employment.

These illegal immigrants have been essential to the unbridled constuction expansion of the past eight years. Now that things are slowing down, the politicians feel freer to use these men and women as scapegoats. Statistics, easily found, show that these people commit fewer crimes than citizens per capita. Harassing them will not lower crime rates. It will only make the reactionary element of our population breathe easier until the next "crisis" is blared by the conservative media.
It is not only about getting illegal immigrants off of our streets, where is Jack Johnson, well he is now trying to strike a deal for a Soccer stadium instead of getting ICE,n (287g) and Everify program. Does he not think it would be in his best interest to ask the residents of Prince Georges County if we want our taxdollars to support such a venue? Instead of laying off 1,000 County employees he should be trying to find a way to balance the budget and stop funding illegal immigration with our tax dollars! is trying to get the word out in Montgomery and Prince Georges County that it matters not your color, what matters is that we are under seige and Martin O'Malley and Jack Johnson feel they do not have to answer to citizens or to ask us what WE want to do with taxpayer funds. CASA de Maryland is getting more action than the taxpaying citizens and Martin O'Malley is in the bed with Hugo Chavez (sp)!

Just because a person does not condone illegal immigration does not a racist make. Have you checked the unemployment stats? Blacks again are at the disadvantage of illegal immigration, Sharpton, Waters, Jessie, these are not leaders of the black community they really don't speak for most of them. Joining forces with Laraza, and the like and trying to align illegal immigrant struggles with blacks, is quite frankly an insult to the black community. The struggle and civil rights movement of black American's are quite different from persons who have broken our immigration laws while demanding rights they don't have.

Black American's have always been taxpaying citizens. Black people got paid nothing, they were hung from trees, beaten, killed, raped, the children were enslaved, I mean we could go on and on. However, we in America have tried to get past that, but we are not racist just because we want our laws enforced, it is not our fault that the majority of illegal immigrants come from South of the Border. We have illegal African's, Asian's, Indians, and Muslim's now in our country, we want them all removed, not just the illegal immigrants from South of the Border! We want our country back, I don't know who is behind all of this, but it has got to stop! We need E-Verify, we support ICE in their efforts. Have you been to a WIC office or the welfare office lately? The majority of them are now manned by guess what? Hispanics, what happened to the black people that used to serve these communities? You don't have a tax form you get no aid, but illegal immigrants don't even have to have ID!

Donna Edwards is also not, I mean not to be reelected! She, as with the majority of the Maryland legislators do not work on behalf of Prince Georges County. Jack Johnson, Barbara Mikulski, Steny Hoyer, Ben Cardin, and the County Council need to be replaced. The Republicans did not loose because of illegal immigration, they lost because of George Bush, John McCain and Sarah Palin (how scary was that). American citizens need to replace the Democrats just as the Republican's were replaced. How can you vote yes to something you have not even read? By-the-way, on the website what is $81B for "protecting the vulnerable" mean who are the vulnerable? Who is going to protect our tax dollars, you had better start getting involved people, call the WhiteHouse 202.456-1111 and call your Legislators 202-224-3121 (Capitol Switchboard) it is time to get serious!
Carlos Brady, have you been smoking "CRACK"? What planet are you living on? First of all, illegal aliens have no right to be in the United States. They crossed our porous borders by crossing our borders illegally. I have lived in Ward 4 D.C. all 50 years of my life and I am seeing my middle class black neighborhood turned into a Salvadoran barrio. Many traditional black Los Angeles neighborhoods like Watts, Compton, South Central are now Mexican/Central American. Sure the Hispanic population have outnumbered blacks, because many Hispanics have enterened the U.S. from Mexico, Central/South America, and the Dominican Republic illegally, along with having anchor babies like jack rabbits. It's not like with are getting the educated upper class from El Salvador and Mexcio coming to the United States. We are getting their poorest citizens. Many of these people can't read or write in SPANISH. Most live like animals in their countries and many live in huts and have dirt floors. Many apartment buildings and houses in Ward 4 D.C. have been destroyed by these people. Now we have Salvadoran gangs in Ward 4. How dare you and others refer to illegal aliens as immigrants. These people are not immigrants. They are criminals who are ILLEGAL ALIENS.
Nezzie you are right, the Democratic Party haven't done a darn thing about addressing illegal aliens. Mayor Fenty, D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes-Norton, and the 13 member D.C. Council have looked the other way on the issue of illegal immigration out of fear of offending HISPANICS. It's sad to say, but I hope the U.S. Economy continues to get worse and the United States become a third world country. Hopefully, all illegal aliens will go home then!!!
Chris, I don't think that I've been smoking crack; however, if it had induced psychosis in me, I'd be the last one to ask.

If the word "immigrant" bothers you, perhaps the word "refugee" might be better. Most of these people live in nations that we, the United States, have screwed up with our colonial foreign policy. Seems that we don't mind telling them who to elect and starting wars if they disobey us; but, we tell them what crimes to punish (currently, in Mexico). If that weren't enough, we also strip them of their resources...resources for which the average citizens are seldom given any recompense.

Do we have a responsibility to let these people work like dogs in our country? Do we have ANY responsibilities for anything we do? Adults say, "Yes"...
Myself and other U.S. citizens haven't created any problems in El Salvador or Mexico. These people are not refugees. Have you ever thought about moving to El Salvador or Mexico and protesting to those govenments for a better life for it's citizens? In a Duke University/UNC study in 2006 conducting in Durham, North Carolina, Mexicans have a negative view of blacks before moving to Durham. As a black U.S. citizen with over 300 years of ancestry in this country, I find Salvadorans/Mexicans to be very racist or have racist views of blacks. According to the U.S. Census, the majority of Hispanics consider themselves white, not brown, colored, or Negro.
Illegal is illegal. The incarceration rate might be disproportionately low due to the transient nature of the offenders. They have no valid identification so tracking and apprehending them prove to be difficult. The shopping center in my middle class community is overrun with people who in my estimation have little or no desire to assimilate. ICE is doing what they should be doing and should have done 20 years ago, find illegal aliens and deport them. Our local and national politicians have thrown aside the interests of the American people and are leveraging their political careers by pandering to this illicit population. Enough is enough send them back now.
To Carlos Brady: Myself and other U.S. citizens haven't created any problems in El Salvador or Mexico. These people are not refugees. Have you ever thought about moving to El Salvador or Mexico and protesting to those govenments for a better life for it's citizens? In a Duke University/UNC study in 2006 conducting in Durham, North Carolina, Mexicans have a negative view of blacks before moving to Durham. As a black U.S. citizen with over 300 years of ancestry in this country, I find Salvadorans/Mexicans to be very racist or have racist views of blacks. According to the U.S. Census, the majority of Hispanics consider themselves white, not brown, colored, or Negro.

Carlos are you a hispanic and if these were millions of blacks or whites coming here from Ireland, Europe, West Indies, or Africa, would you consider them as regugees?
Thank you ICE for doing your job. Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) is a little short spineless lesbian who supports illegal immigration as most Democratic politicians do. Maryland Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez is a racist white Salvadoran troll. I am against illegal immigration regardless of skin color or national origin. I am a registered black Democrat and I voted for President Obama. On the issue of illegal immigration, I don't support giving amnesty or citizenship to an estimate 20 million illegal aliens.
Let me say this, all Hispanics are not criminals or illegal aliens. Many are productive United States citizens. I feel that it is wrong for Latinos/Hispanics "NOT" to be against illegal immigration, cracking down on illegal aliens, and enforcing our immigration laws. If these were millions of blacks or whites coming from the Caribbean, Africa, or Europe, the majority of Hispanics would be for enforcing immigration laws. I am a black citizen with over 400 years of ancestry back to slavery in South Carolina. If these were millions of black Africans or black Caribbeans who broke U.S. laws by crossing our porous borders, I would want their behinds deported and U.S. immigration laws enforced. I am a citizen of the United States of America, not some foreign country on the continent of Africa or in the Caribbean.
Chris: I have considered moving to El Salvador or Mexico for roughly the same interval as you've considered moving to Africa. I am an American. People that protest things in South America seem to come down with a bad case of being dead. To answer your question, I am an American Indian.

As I walk through Southeast D.C., I encounter a lot of racist blacks. I don't think that I will be joining any organizations to have African Americans sent back. I didn't seem to work well with Liberia; moreover, I happen to like having a multicultural society.

Everyone has to put up with each wave of immigration. Every wave is vilified. The trick is not to get swept up in it.
Carlos Brady, I have never said I wanted to move to Africa. I have nothing in common with Liberia or any other country in Africa. You see, my ancestors came here as slaves and most blacks don't know which country their ancestors originated from and most don't care. I am a U.S. citizen and my allegiance to the United States, not Africa. For the record, I have a white ancestry and Indian ancestry (Lumbee Indian). Blacks live all over Washington, D.C., not just in southeast you idiot. I suspect, your parents are from El Salvador. Carlos Brady, you and the rest of your racist friends who only support SPANISH speakers who mostly are illegal aliens are idiots. The U.S. have a right to protect it's sovereignty the same as Mexico and El Salvador does. I haven't nothing in common with Salvadorans/Mexicans and I could careless about their relatives who come here illegally. Their azzes should be deported immediately.

ICE if you are reading this article, please come to 14th & Kennedy & Colorado Avenue, NW in D.C. at the Metro bus stops. You will find many illegal aliens at this location. It's now a dam Central American barrio around here. Black middle class neighborhoods have been invaded by these third world people.
Richard Pryor said that the white people in America were going to get themselves some "new niggas" on his album, "That Nigga's Crazy" in 1976. We've been crying out to our legislators about the illegal immigration issue for a very long time. To no ones surprise, another drug abusing black man rose up to prophesy among us.

Why do we have a congressional black caucus if they are only black and only need their black constituents at election times. Our citizenship and our very security has been in jeopardy from emancipation to this very day. I was reading an article in the paper today about how little or nothing was accomplished by school integration busing. Here in California, Hispanics come into businesses, search out a black man to ask him if he speaks Spanish and turns to walk out when he answers "no". I know for a fact that blacks have been fired (for other stated reasons) and Hispanics are hired in their places. We are being killed in our own neighborhoods, like 14 year old Cheryl Green, who had done nothing wrong except to be black in a neighborhood being overrun by the ever expanding illegal immigrants. Our backs were our shields to obtain the rights of citizenship and now when we need the voices of the CBC in congress, WHERE ARE YOU? I live in Wilmington, not far from where the youngster was gunned down. And it also has happened in Monterey Park. We need a government that can be compassionate toward the citizens of this nation and one that will recognize the difference between blacks and the civil rights movement as opposed to illegal immigraion and the "demand rights movement". And I am sure you know that they are voting illegally as well. I have heard illegal aliens confess to doing so on talk radio and discribing how they do it. We need a pathway to repatriation of illegal immigrants to the nations of their nativity.
Chris: Perhaps I should be more explicit. My remark about going back to Africa was an allusion to your remark about my going to El Salvador. I have no hispanic blood ties. I have the same allegiance to the United States that you do. For you to be aware of oppression against blacks and unaware of the colonization of South America and its exploitation is racism at its most basic.

I learned long ago that it isn't whether or not you've suffered from racism that makes you wise. It is simply having the intelligence to understand that you need to look beyond your own nose before you react.

But, what you lack in empathy, you more than make up for in ignorance...
Only Legal immigrants earned that right.

Your killing thousands of unemployed minorities. I don't see how you guys can allow this, the unemployment rate for Blacks is High. This is Iraq all over again.
another GRAVE mistake you didn't get right.

None of these Laws you might pass will work. 10 years later we'll talking about this again after the next wave arrives and DEMANDS USA Citizenship. Just like in 1986.

What happens when this current wave moves up the ladder? I'll tell you; more people come in for jobs. Laws will be changed to accomodate them too. My salary has been reduced because of skilled imported labor.
I must learn new skills for my job on my own
time while the skilled imported laborer has outsouring firms to train him. I watched my old company(MEI,West Chester,Pa) lay-off 200 employees when we moved to Mexico. The Company joke was "it's a Black-out!!!" Get it? Took some guys 2 years to find Manufacturing jobs. Gee thanks Black CauCus!

Why don't you guys bring in 100,000 skilled lawyers and allow them to take the bar exam?
... Can't do that because you guys are lawyers.

20 million people and their children also means more car drivers, more gas usage, crowded highways, more pollution. Think of the effect on the environment.

The biggest thing that gets me is as an Ameerican of African descent How many countries would allow me to immigrant there?
... Probably none!
The USA is the only place I have. I have nowhere else to go and you guys want to load it up with tens of millions to take my job.
Carlos Brady, sure, go ahead. give them amnesty. reunite all their families. be sure they are protected. just remember, the people they replace on job sites are primarily black. the schools they overcrowd are urban ones where our children go to school. mass immigration and amnesty for illegals does more damage to blacks than white racism does today.
Carlos Brady, organizations like La Raza, LULAC, and MECHA only care about the welfare of Hispanics/Latinos, not blacks. You and your people can and should have a voice in your native countries of Peru, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Panama, Cuba, Costa Rico, Belize, Honduras, Argentina, and Colombia, but not in the United States. As a black United States citizen with an ancestry of over 400 years in this country back to slavery, I feel under siege in my northwest Washington, D.C. neighborhood by Salvadorans and other Central Americans due to the influx of illegal aliens Hispanics into our country. You can't escape them, because they are in every state. Places like North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, you never saw Central Americans and Mexicans, as you are seeing today in 2007. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS OUT OF CONTROL, and all members of the Congressional Black Caucus should be speaking out against illegal immigration. The Hispanic Congressional Caucus don't care about the welfare of black citizens. Renegade, you should have posted on the Hispanic Congressional Caucus blog. This blog is for black U.S. citizens who want their voices to be heard. The Hispanic Congressional Caucus don't hear our voices. Many Hispanics share the same views as former Presidents Vincente Fox of Mexico. "Even the blacks don't want to do this work." I will never forget Vincente Fox remarks as look as I live on this earth.
Carlos Brady, organizations like La Raza, LULAC, and MECHA only care about the welfare of Hispanics/Latinos, not blacks. You and your people can and should have a voice in your native countries of Peru, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Panama, Cuba, Costa Rico, Belize, Honduras, Argentina, and Colombia, but not in the United States. As a black United States citizen with an ancestry of over 400 years in this country back to slavery, I feel under siege in my northwest Washington, D.C. neighborhood by Salvadorans and other Central Americans due to the influx of illegal aliens Hispanics into our country. You can't escape them, because they are in every state. Places like North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, you never saw Central Americans and Mexicans, as you are seeing today in 2007. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS OUT OF CONTROL, and all members of the Congressional Black Caucus should be speaking out against illegal immigration. The Hispanic Congressional Caucus don't care about the welfare of black citizens. Carlos Brady, you should have posted on the Hispanic Congressional Caucus or La Raza blogs. This blog is for Hispanics U.S. citizens who want their voices to be heard. The Hispanic Congressional Caucus only hear the voices of illegal alien Hispanics. Many Hispanics share the same views as former Presidents Vincente Fox of Mexico. "Even the blacks don't want to do this work." I will never forget Vincente Fox remarks as look as I live on this earth.
I've been living in the ground zero area of illegal immigration invasion for over thirty years now. ( Los Angeles County / Orange County, California) I personally know hundreds of former illegal aliens from Mexico who were rewarded amnesty in the past and have had contact with thousands. One thing I have noticed from all is their use of the “N” word how they come right out saying that black Americans are lazy, live off of welfare. Even the Lt. Governor of California, Bustamante was caught using the "N" word at a NAACP meeting a few years ago. He claimed it was a slip of the tongue and was given a pass because he wasn't white. It wasn't a slip of the tongue, the "N" word is part of his vocabulary that he uses often.

Immigrants have always brought their luggage with them, be it their politics, values, ethics, racism, etc. Most immigrants in the past welcomed American culture and assimilated in to American society. Today we are seeing an exception.

Take a look at the racial riots taking place in the California state prisons and recently in the Los Angeles County Jail system where latino gangs / latino inmates are targeting black inmates. Most of these latino inmates are either Mexican nationals, or 1st or 2nd generation Mexican-Americans. ( I hate using hypen-Americanism when referring to Americans but the latino Americans prefer being hyphenated-Americans, I can only guess why.)

Anyone who questions this study/poll, do your own study. Go into a Mexican immigrant community and talk with these people.
I don’t understand the pro-illegal immigration people.

Since they obviously oppose enforcement of our immigration laws, why don’t they just work to repeal those laws, rather than doing everything they can to subvert the rule of law.

If the pro-illegal immigration people are permitted to decide which laws thay should obey and which they can ignore, why can’t I do the same. There are lots of laws I don’t like, but I obey them because I believe in the rule of law. Obviously, many of our top lawmakers hypocritically do not.
Carlos Brady, illegal immigration is a way for businesses and individuals to shift their out-of-pocket expenses to the taxpayers. When the tax outlays, closed hospitals, overrun schools, and monetary outflow to Mexico/El Salvador are taken into account this isn't such a good bargain. The illegals though are a "DREAM" for the Democrats because they and their progeny will remain victims for generations, and that’s one of the raw materials needed to feed the Democratic machine (along with ignorance and taxes).

Yet the majority of blacks are actually sick of Al, Jesse, and the CBC trying to speak for them as a whole. The CBC, Al, and Jesse are actually puppets paid and controlled by Corporate America. Far as immigration goes, I know for a fact that the majority of poor and middle class blacks are against it. They see rich whites using it as away to take jobs from them. The rich blacks are for it because like the rich whites they see it as cheap labor. The poor and middle class blacks also see the Mexicans taking over their neighborhoods. In which "some" Mexicans have been targeting blacks due to racism. Some would say that this steams from Mexico's own treatment of it's own Afro-Mexican population.

Black Americans’ ancestors were brought here against their will, but the illegals willingly violated the law. End of story.
Carlos Brady, I am a U.S. citizen born in NYC to black/Afro Puerto Rican parents, but I was raised and educated in the District of Columbia. I don't support illegal immigration either as most have stated on this blog. Illegal immigration is dividing this country. I am seeing the influx of illegal alien Central and South Americans along with Mexicans into my black middle class D.C. neighborhood. Most Puerto Ricans I know don't approve of illegal immigration. Renegade, you sound crazy to disregard the achievements blacks have made in this country. You cannot compare the plight of illegal aliens to black United States citizens. Don't compare Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King to illegal aliens. You see, I am a black man who happens to be a Hispanic, but I have never been accepted as a Latino/Hispanic within the Latino community, because my skin color, hair texture, and facial features are that of a black American. This Puerto Rican black man will side with black citizens any day, before I side with some illegal alien who broke U.S. laws to enter the U.S.

Brightwood D.C. Resident In Ward 4
Be logical, Chris.

You cannot escape them. They are here. All twenty million of them are here and, without epic bloodshed, they aren't going back until they want to. It isn't only African-americans who are suffering from this emmigration; however, rounding them up, like they are cattle isn't even going to put a dent in the problem. Whatever ID they need, they will get. They want in. They ARE in.

Now, my four hundred years of Indian oppression tells me that, if the situation is inevitable, don't spend your time whining about it. Fix it as best you can and move on. Their culture is weird to you? Just like the whites who had to live next to blacks for the first time. In fact, you remind me a lot of those whites.

The reality is, the bulk of all of us, gets up in the morning, goes to work, takes home a paycheck and does the same thing the next day...
Racist Mexican Gangs "Ethnic Cleansing" Blacks in L.A. All Americans should read about what's going on and what's in store for all of us. The Congressional Black Caucus are elites, they don't care as long as thy have there positions in high places.
Carlos Brady, what tribe do you belond to and where were you born and raised? I have serious doubts about your being a native American Indian living in Washington, D.C. or the metropolitan area of D.C. You some liberal who supports illegal immigration and illegal alien causes. You probably work for that dam racist orgainzation over there in Maryland, Casa de Maryland.
Carlos Brady, let's face it, we live in a segregrated society. Churches are the most segregated place in America. I prefer to live around blacks as whites prefer to live around other whites who they share cultural similarities. There's nothing wrong this this. What in the hell to I have in common with a Salvadoran or Mexican coming to the United States illegally? Black and white citizens do share the English language and certain cultural similarities. Carlos, I agree with Chris, I think you have been smoking "CRACK". White U.S. citizens don't want illegal alien third world people living in and destroying their middle class neighborhoods. Why do you think that blacks should sit back and be accepting of illegal aliens, mostly Hispanics? Most Salvadoran/Mexicans don't give a shit about blacks. Once they grew in numbers, they will start killing blacks and displacing them as they have done in Los Angeles, California. The influx of illegal aliens have destroyed the state of California by putting a burden on our education system, hospitals, social services, etc. Now the state of California is about to go under. Once this happens, it will be a rippling affect across the United States.

I am a Wyandotte, from the Oklahoma tribe. I was raised all over the country on an enlisted man's wages.

A lot of speculation as to who and what I am and very little about what I am saying. This could be a Klan meeting here...
Tell me one good thing illegal's bring with them when they pitch their tents in our country! Don't give me that BS about jobs Americans won't do. The benefit is to the employer who is hiring people below fair and legal pay to line his greedy deep pockets. The savings is not passed unto the consumer.Check and see if your producers caught working illegal's are charging less for their product than the legitimate businesses.
Carlos Brady, if you are native American, how did you get the name Carlos Brady? I think, you work for racist Maryland de Casa and you are Hispanic pretending to be an Indian. What a bunch of crap!
Did your momma name you Gunnysgt77, son?
I applaud the rigorous enforcement of existing immigration law. Illegal aliens suck up services and jobs that are needed by American citzens. And to those enablers that say illegals do the jobs Americans won't do, I say pay Americans a competitive wage and benefits package and Americans will do the work. Competing against illegal black market labor devalues the labor of American citizens. Build the border fence, deport illegal aliens and enforce immigration law rigorously. I don't care about the skin color of the illegal alien......this is about economics, border integrity and justice for American citizens.
Nope, my mother named me John. Gunnysge77 is a screen name, but I am sure you illegal alien mammy named you Carlos asshole.

Ah! So, if we enforced labor laws, the problem would go away? Wonder why no one else has mentioned that...

All you folks are sure. All you folks are wrong...
The most basic function of any nation is to ensure the security/integrity of its borders. No one, however hard-working or smart etc., has a right to enter a nation illegally. The problem of illegal immigration will only go away if we secure our borders, and most importantly, prosecute corporate employers who exploit illegal workers in order to keep wages artificially low. If employers of illegal workers were convinced that they would be punished, the job market for illegals would dry up and there would be more jobs for native-born Americans.

I don't buy the argument that illegals perform the work that Americans won't do. That's a smoke screen used by those who refuse to pay Americans a living wage. Americans have and will continue to perform in jobs like office cleaning, table bussing, construction labor etc. if they are paid decently.

Illegal workers are a drain on the nation:

-the remittance money sent to the "home" nation stimulates some other economy.
-the use of infrastructure and services w/o the payment of taxes.
-driving down wages for native-born Americans.
-Corporate employers take advantage of illegals, who they know won't complain, in order to degrade working conditions and stifle union/labor organizing.

There's no upside to this situation. We should do every thing possible for Americans before reaching out to others.
Maryland Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez and Casa de Maryland are up in arms in defense of these people illegally in the United States. Casa de Maryland and La Raza both are two racist organizations. These organizations care very little about other ethnic groups outside of Central/South Americans/Mexicans. Why aren't they concerned with the welfare of U.S. citizens out of work regardless of race, skin color, or ethnicity?
Too bad that the reporter didn't bother to look at the success in reducing crime that New York City had with "broken windows policing". The theory behind it is that by enforcing the law against "little" things (vandalism, for example) it shows would be criminals--and the neighborhoods--that police are serious about enforcing the law, ALL LAWS. IT WORKED. So, why wouldn't the same thing be true of a "little" crime such as illegal immigration? Start enforcing the laws against illegal presence, illegal employment, drunken driving by illegal aliens, and other misdemeanors and you're likely to see an improvement in ALL crimes.
This is another sob story by the Washington City Paper in support of illegal aliens/illegal immigration. Cry me a river, because I don't feel sorry for these people who have invaded our country illegally. Send them home immediately!!! ICE need to come to Wards 1 & 4 in Washington, D.C. and clean house with illegal aliens. I am fed up with this invasion of illegal aliens during these difficult economic times. Carlos Brady, you sound like a racist idiot!

Brenda Martin, R.N.
Ward 4 D.C. Resident
North Portal Estates
I am familiar with the 7 Eleven on South Broadway St. in Baltimore's Fells Point. My dad lived in that neighborhood for years, until his death. On numerous occasions, I have stopped pass this location in the pass and many Central Americans/Mexicans congregate at this location. Many cannot speak ENGLISH and most these men are illegal aliens, but don't tell this to racist Casa de Maryland or that racist Maryland State Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez. This organization and this Maryland politician only care about illegal alien Central Americans/Mexicans only, not black or white U.S. citizens. I wish Casa de Maryland and Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez would move to El Salvador to protest to the Salvadoran government for better conditions for it's citizens, her country men and women to keep them home. It's about time Montgomery County, Maryland elected officials start addressing illegal immigration, because MoCounty have been saturated with illegal aliens along with PG County and the District of Columbia. Liberal Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, the Council of the District of Columbia, and the Metropolitan Police Department should follow suit.
Carlos Brady wrote:"however, rounding them up, like they are cattle isn't even going to put a dent in the problem. Whatever ID they need, they will get. They want in. They ARE in."

Yup, they're committing identity theft because it's getting harder just to use a fraudulent SSN. And now that they've started committing ID theft, they've just upped the ante on what will happen to them when they get caught. Governments have started prosecuting for it, and there's prison time involved. Now, isn't it going to be fun, trying to convince Americans to give amnesty to people who have not only stolen jobs from them, but their very identities? (And those most harmed will be, of course, Latino citizens.)
I commend the police for making the arrests. All the illegals should be deported. Who do you think pays for their healthcare at the local hospital? The Washington City Paper continues to be anti-American. Illegals are taking the jobs of millions of honest citizens. I am tired of supporting them.
CarloS Brady wrote:"These illegal immigrants have been essential to the unbridled constuction expansion of the past eight years. Now that things are slowing down, the politicians feel freer to use these men and women as scapegoats. Statistics, easily found, show that these people commit fewer crimes than citizens per capita. Harassing them will not lower crime rates. It will only make the reactionary element of our population breathe easier until the next "crisis" is blared by the conservative media."

Carlos, the FBI's Top 10 most wanted include FOUR, count 'em FOUR, Hispanics, two of whom are foreign nationals. Note also that there's a recent article, this week, on the great increase in Hispanics facing felony charges, now that ICE is enforcing the laws.

As for the "unbridled growth" of the past few years, you say that like it was a good thing. It was a BUBBLE, fueled by the availability of cheap labor and the desire of businesses to take advantage of illegal aliens not only as workers but as consumers EVEN WHEN IT MEANT IGNORING COMMONSENSE RULES OF LENDING. Our subprime meltdown has been fueled by "liar loans" to illegal aliens, among others--loans which require no proof of credit history or income. Loans, I might add, often written by Hispanic mortgage brokers and real estate agents, to take advantage of other Hispanics. Loans often written for people who couldn't begin to afford the house they bought on the (illegal) income of a cleaning lady or construction worker, or even both.
Carlos Brady wrote:"If the word "immigrant" bothers you, perhaps the word "refugee" might be better. Most of these people live in nations that we, the United States, have screwed up with our colonial foreign policy. Seems that we don't mind telling them who to elect and starting wars if they disobey us; but, we tell them what crimes to punish (currently, in Mexico). If that weren't enough, we also strip them of their resources...resources for which the average citizens are seldom given any recompense."

Tell me, please, Carlos, how have "we" screwed up Mexico, the one country sending the greatest number of illegal aliens? A country, I might add, that has the 13th or 14th highest GDP in the world (i.e. it's a WEALTHY country)? And is home to one of the world's richest men, Carlos Slim Helu? Mexico's problems are due to, wait for, MEXICANS. Mexicans who choose their own political, economic and social policies. Mexicans who helped create and tolerate the policies that create great income disparities in their homeland.
I've sometimes thought that Martin O'Malley's fellow feeling for illegal aliens stems from his IRISH heritage. There are lots of illegal aliens from Ireland in the US, and they've been lobbying, with the Irish government, for amnesty.
Just thought I'd interrupt this uplifting, educational debate. Perhaps a little perspective is needed. According to all respectable sources, the number of illegal immigrants in this country is 12-13 million. In a country of 300 million and counting. Do the math: that's approximately 4%. Some "invasion". Frankly, this issue really shouldn't even be an issue. And as someone else pointed out earlier, most of these people are poor and uneducated. Unless you're an illiterate moron, you shouldn't be afraid of losing your job to these folks. But then again, from what I've seen on the news, a number of people who are the most concerned about this DO seem to be illiterate morons.

Frankly, our country goes through a wave of new immigration from time to time, with all the commensurate nativist backlash. The Germans, the Irish, the Italians, the Jews; all have gone throught the similar trial by fire, and eventually assimilated, after which all the sound and fury came to an end when most people realized it was no big deal.

Which is what I'm saying: no big deal. If ICE rounded up every single illegal tomorrow and shipped them out, I wouldn't care. If they stay here and do work on my house, I won't care either. All you people out there hyperventilating about this should realize that this issue is somewhere around 20th in polls of peoples ranked order of issue concerns.

So, here's two words that I believe sum up the concerns of both the nativists on the one side and the overly concerned "activists" on the other side.

Those words? What. Ever.
DC Eric, did you take your meds on today? If not, you should. You sound like a ignorant azz lunatic.
On another note D.C. Eric, you are wrong about the mostly Spanish speaking illegal and legal immigrants coming to the United States. Most have been here for a number of years and they haven't learned to speak English, nor do they want to. Why should they, when they have local governments catering to them in everything in Spanish, or newspapers and television stations in Spanish. I don't recall the U.S. government or corporations catering or pandering to Germans, Italians, Polish, and Russisans in their native languages. These immigrants struggled and they learn English and assimilated. You have many Spanish/Salvadoran barrios in the D.C. area where it appears, you are in El Salvador. Langley Park in Maryland is a good example along with parts of Ward 4 D.C. It's like living in a dam foriegn country.
"But CASA attorney Kerry O’Brien, disputes, among other things, assertions that the program is making Frederick County safer."

Just what would Kerry O'Brien suggest to make things safer and get rid of the ILLEGAL ALIENS. If it wasn't for the ILLEGAL ALIENS, I don't think things would be so bad, and much safer.

Now I can't say the ILLEGAL ALIENS are completely to blame for the shape of our economy, but they are a BIG part of the problem. The ILLEGAL ALIENS send BILLIONS upon BILLIONS out of this Country every year, money we will NEVER see again. Does this help our economy?

How about the BILLIONS the American taxpayers fork out for the ANCHOR BABIES, the schooling of them, the medical care and the list goes on, and on, and on.

How about the MILLIONS upon MILLIONS paid to jail ILLEGAL ALIENS for the crimes, then the cost to deport them. Does this help our economy?

Then you have these activist groups, the Catholic Church and the ACLU that want AMNESTY for these ILLEGAL ALIENS. It would be absolute suicide for this Country if AMNESTY were granted to the 20 million or so ILLEGAL ALIENS. We have more and more people out of work everyday and they want to add another 20 million to this Country? I say, "NO"!

If AMNESTY were ever granted to these 20 million ILLEGAL ALIENS, you can bet big money that 3 years from now, there would be ANOTHER 3-5 million ILLEGAL ALIENS demonstrating on our soil for AMNESTY.

An end MUST come to this illegal immigration. The perfect tool we have so far is E-Verify. It MUST be used by ALL businesses and Government Social Services. EVERY employee must be checked! If they are illegal, they are to be dismissed!

I believe it is time for all 50 States to pass a State law, like Arizona, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina and a few others. It is time for these ILLEGAL ALIENS to go back to their home Country and get out of this Country. The problems they are causing will not go away until the ILLEGAL ALIENS are out of this Country. I think that is plain to see.

What do you think about that, Mr. O'Brien?
THANK YOU DC ERIC !!! Haha. That was the only comment on this whole posting that I can really agree with, although I support Carlos Brady as well.

Everyone else......whoah.....seriously....I didn't know there was so much anger and hatred around this issue. Really? Is it something that keeps people up at night? And why is it completely focused on Hispanic Americans?? Before anyone asks - no - I am not hispanic. .....and I have no hispanic relations. .....and I don't speak Spanish except for what I learned in HS:)

Although - I do have a Greek great-grandmother - who came to the US from Greece with her husband in her early 20's and NEVER learned any English at all. She also never learned to drive and barely left their apartment. Not her whole entire life! The first generation of immigrant families can be like that. They're often making a personal sacrifice for the good of their families and you may not see any assimilation into US culture until the 2nd generation (their kids either born in the US, or brought here when they're little).

And again, like native-american-Carlos pointed out, the ONLY people in this country who are not immigrants, or descended from immigrants, are Native Americans and descendants of slaves. So really, I think everyone needs to take a deep breathe and chill.

Focusing this whole entire debate on Hispanics alone makes no sense at all since we've got immigrants from practically every country inside the US. And, as for who makes up the illegal immigrant population (versus those who are here legally), someone reference that earlier. IT IS CONSTANTLY CHANGING DEPENDING ON THE SOCIAL/ECONOMIC/ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS IN OTHER COUNTRIES. Duh people!! The 1 thing they all DO tend to have in commom is they come here with few skills, education and few 'things' (money/ possessions, etc). And I think that's why they attract so much hatred. Historically, we've never appreciated, and always tormented, poor incoming immigrant populations.

In the early 1900's there were swarms of "dirty micks" (Irish) coming into the US to get away from the great famine they were having. You know what we did to them? Many of the young men were forced to enlist in the army straight off the boat b/c we were running out of soldiers to fight in the war!! Then came the Italians, and then the Greeks and Eastern Europeans, and after that were the Jews (fleeing from Nazis - please don't tell me you think we should have sent them back!!!???), Vietnamese (Vietnam War), Ethiopians (remember the extreme famine and starvation in ethopia in the 80's anyone?). And now, we've got Haitians, Cubans, Chinese, Indians, Filipinos, and certain Central American, South American, African, Middle Eastern and South Asian countries (depending on their changing circumstances).

I'm surprised that a debate about illegal immigrants is coming out of the above article anyway. I think it's pretty clear....if you read the article carefully, that even CASA doesn't support a 'mass immigration of iiiegal aliens into the US'. They aid immigrants who are present in the US. And for anyone who wants to argue with me, here it is directly from their home page:

"CASA of Maryland is a community organization that was founded in 1985 by Central American refugees and North Americans. CASA was created in response to the human needs of the thousands of Central Americans arriving to the D.C. area after fleeing wars and civil strife in their countries of origin."

Do you see that it says it was FOUNDED BY CENTRAL AMERICAN REFUGEES. Once more, REFUGEES! A refugee (or asylee) is someone who has been thru some type of horrifying experience in their home country, fled, and cannot return. And, the grounds necessary to actually qualify are very strict.

Anyone remember The Fugees - Wyclef Jean - Lauren Hill? Wyclef entered this country from Haiti when he was 9 yrs old with his family ILLEGALLY. Should we have sent him back??!! I wonder if he would be the person he is today if he was forced to return to Haiti when he was just a little boy. Did you know that he provides a lot of personal support and aid to Haiti now that he's an adult and has lots of money? He even started his own aid organization. And, it's possible that none of that would exist today if he hadn't had the chance to better his circumstances by coming here.

A quote from Wyclef Jean himself: "My father came to America as an illegal immigrant. He was working in a factory, and they would always have these immigration raids, and the day they came he took off with the speed of a cheetah. And they never caught him and that's what got me to America.

"He cleaned the bathrooms, he was the mechanic, he was the preacher, and he really contributed something to America. I feel if somebody is part of the workforce in a society, then they should be entitled to stay, if they have not broken any just law. America itself was named after an Italian, Amerigo Vespucci, so the country got its name from an immigrant. At the end of the day, we are all immigrants."

And, a portion of Wyclef Jean's song, "Hollywood to Bollywood (Immigration)":
"Marco Polo was an immigrant (yes he was)
Columbus was an immigrant (yes he was)
Even America was named after an immigrant...
... yes he was!
People in the East (right here)
People in the West (right here)
People in the North (right here)
Let me tell you 'bout the South
Harriet Tubman, Underground, Underground Railroad
ReFugees, in de seas, see them in they sailboats
I got love for Miami all day
But if my Cubans get to stay, why y'all turn my Haitians away?
Immigration knockin at my do'
I don't know what they knockin fo'
It's so hard to live as illegal aliens
Talk to 'em!"

Now, has anyone heard of something called "Temporary Protected Status" (TPS)? It's a legal immigrant status that's granted to people who are temporarily unable to safely return to their home country because of ongoing armed conflict, an environmental disaster, or other extraordinary and temporary conditions. So, of course, the list of eligible countries changes over time. Currently, half the countries on the list are Hispanic countries and the other half are African. (Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Somaliia, Sudan, Sierra Leone and Liberia). Again, not all immigrants are Hispanic.

If you're wondering what TPS has to do with illegal immigrants - here's the explanation: People fleeing their country wishing to get TPS - or asylum - granted to them in the US don't usually get to bring much with them and often don't have much left at home anyway (money, property, etc). So, the first problem is that our immigration system works VERY, VERY slowly. They get into the country and begin applying and run into all kinds of delays along the way. So, they may be here for a long time with no status (illegal) waiting on a decision from Immigration. I'm not saying that is the story of every immigrant here illegally - but stories like that account for ALOT more than you might think. The second problem is that, like I said, they're not exactly rolling in dough. How much do you think a plane ticket back to Africa would cost if a Somalian immigrant found they lost their legal immigrant status and had to leave the US?? Not to mention the fact that they may prefer to stay here, and they may have nothing and noone to go back to in Somalia!

I think when you start talking about a huge group of people as a whole - you forget about the individuals that make up the group. It's a complicated problem and will not have a simple 'just send them all back'.

Ever since 9/11 and the creationg of DHS and the re-strucuring of INS - which is now broken up into ICE and USCIS (all under the umbrella of DHS), the concentration of attention and money has shifted to security. The administrative arm of US Immigration is seriously back-logged and I think that is hurting our security! It's very seriously back-logged. It can take anywhere from 2 to 10 years or longer to get a greencard (from the start to the finish of the whole process). Keep in mind that the immigrant is present in this country for that time period. Much of it is just spent waiting on the governemnt to process the necessary paperwork. In the middle portions of the process is where immigrants can end up falling into an illegal status. I've heard of cases where the FBI name checks that are 1 of the things required to be approved for a greencard take 10 years or more. This is ridiculous. The system is the problem -- not the immigrants. We need to improve the speed and efficiency of our system.

OK Wow - I didn't mean to write so much. But, I was just so shocked by all the anger and the fact that noone was really saying anything about the process - just hurling insults and abuse.
Organizations such as CASA, LaRaza, LULAC, MALDEF and others of their ilk, and people such as Janet Marguia and Mr. Torres should be prosecuted for aiding and abetting illegal aliens. I enjoin with the millions of other Americans who are demanding that these types of organizations not receive one cent of our tax dollars. They "pay to play" and manage to get less than ethical politicians to provide gov't grants and shake down large companies for millions more. As for Mr. Leggett and others, every elected/appointed official who fails to uphold our immigration laws is guilty of violating federal law and should be removed from office due to their dereliction of duty. One has to question the motives of an elected/appointed official who would wait until there are collective reports of violent crimes by illegal aliens on American citizens in their district before they could be forced to enact the very laws they were sworn to uphold.
Nicole, let's open up our borders and let everybody enter from all over the world. We are one step away from being a third world country. I am sorry for the probems in El Salvador, Mexico, etc., but U.S. citizens should come first. We have enough poverty in the United States. Would the other countries you mentioned be as welcoming to U.S. citizens if the shoe was turned on the other foot?
Del. Ana Sol Gutierrez (D-Montgomery) said she and other immigrant advocates have met with Leggett to convey their opposition to the policy change. She said it could lead to racial profiling and constitutional violations..."
Why would it lead to racial profiling???? The officer would ask anybody behaving improperly, not just "diverse"-looking individuals. I think if you have nothing to hide, you should have nothing to fear. Of course there might be some abuse of the law by some abusive officers, but that comes with the territory.

Dear Maryland Delegate Gutierrez and Casa de Maryland:

I find it appalling that you are in full support of taking these Illegal Aliens under your wings and insisting on them being allowed to be here, welshing off our dollars, sucking our economy dry, the rise in Criminal and Gang Related activity by the Illegals Aliens in MY state (Maryland) is reprehensible. We are going to fight every step of the way to make certain that all Illegals are justly brought out into the open and chased out.

My tax dollars are meant to help the Legal Citizens of Maryland who have gone about it the right way. Your support of the Illegals is shameful and you should step down from your Position in The State House.

We will force Casa's hand, and we will make sure that any Illegal picked up, be interrogated by Immigration or at the Federal Level. This is my state, they invaded my state illegally and they must pay the penalty's, and they are sucking our Local Economy dry because we have to fund their Healthcare, Education and so on.

Look at this way, for every 5 minutes a teacher takes away from an English Speaking child to assist a non English Speaking child, well that is time taken away from the children here legally and it takes away from the educational value of mine or any legal children here.

The fact that you want someone to change Policy, just because you don't like it, well that's tough. If you support Amnesty for Illegals, you then are for the Gang related activity that the Illegal Community is full of. They snuck in here under the darkness like Robert Irsay snuck the Colts out of Maryland. Therefore, you support Criminal Activity.

We will be sure to let everyone know your stance and your support for the Illegal Aliens in my State.

Our voices will continue to be heard.
I'll link this post to mine, very interesting
The most important issue raised in this discussion is the overwhelmingly negative impact that immigration has on Black Americans -citizens of this country who are neglected by both political parties, most especially in regards to the issue of immigration. It is also imperative to point out that native-born Hispanics suffer disproportionate harm from mass immigration. CASA and La Raza (The Race) are ethnic advocacy groups. Ethnic advocacy groups for Whites are labeled hate groups.

Black Americans and Hispanic Americans need to join in the movement to protect the rights of all American citizens; rights that the advocates for mass immigration and amnesty want to take away from us. There are groups in the area that address this issue and who need your support. Bypass the so-called Black and Latino leaders and get involved at the local level. Demand that your civil rights are upheld!

Federation for American Immigration Reform:
Help Save Maryland:

Note the quote that Ike Leggett is jokingly referred to as “the first Latino elected official in Montgomery County.” This is as insulting as Toni Morrison calling Bill Clinton “the first Black President.” CASA de Maryland is a racist organization, and it receives millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money.
Nicole said:""CASA of Maryland is a community organization that was founded in 1985 by Central American refugees and North Americans. CASA was created in response to the human needs of the thousands of Central Americans arriving to the D.C. area after fleeing wars and civil strife in their countries of origin."

Do you see that it says it was FOUNDED BY CENTRAL AMERICAN REFUGEES. Once more, REFUGEES! A refugee (or asylee) is someone who has been thru some type of horrifying experience in their home country, fled, and cannot return. And, the grounds necessary to actually qualify are very strict."

Nicole, Casa has long since stopped any pretense of aiding only the refugees you speak about (and in fact, the U.S. government provides aid out the wazoo to genuine refugees--it's a cottage industry within immigration circles). Now, most of those you see are illegal aliens who are here for mainly ECONOMIC reasons and who are not only NOT applying for asylum (until and unless they're caught in which case it becomes a delaying tactic to stay here while the application is processed and finally, denied) but have no grounds for it.
Ward4C wrote:"On another note D.C. Eric, you are wrong about the mostly Spanish speaking illegal and legal immigrants coming to the United States. Most have been here for a number of years and they haven't learned to speak English, nor do they want to. Why should they, when they have local governments catering to them in everything in Spanish, or newspapers and television stations in Spanish."

The Washington Post recently made a big deal about an Hispanic woman who was stopped by the police for a broken taillight, didn't have her license, refused to sign the citation, refused to get out the car when told to (twice) and then got roughed up when the officer forcibly removed her. She's claiming that it's because she's Hispanic! She's been here 11 years, apparently is under TPS as she's Salvadoran and has a work permit and SSN but no green card, and claims SHE DOESN'T SPEAK ENGLISH. Now, if this is what happens with issuing driver's licenses based on tests given in a foreign language, maybe it's best we stop that and require drivers to have enough English to deal with everyday situations like this one.
HELLO !!!! They're in this country illegally !!! That in and of itself is a crime. If they don't want to all of a sudden disappear after they get stopped for another crime, then they need to go back to where they came from, where breaking the law is an everyday event. Just look at Mexico !

Enough of the boo-hoo, pass the tissues, sob stories about how rought the illegal's have it. Try doing a story about American citizens and how they can't find jobs because the Illegal Aliens take them for half of what they should get paid. How about a story on the Florida sheet metal workers that can't get jobs because the company is bringing in workers from Mexico to do the jobs.

No one cares if your precious illegal's get sent home, that's where they should be anyway. Instead of worrying about the illegal's, how about start showing some concern for American citzens and legal immigrants!
Let's stop confusing immigrants with aliens. Immigrants obey the law and come into this country legally. Aliens break the law in either coming to this country or remaining in this country once their legal status changes.

CASA isn't doing immigrants any favors by supporting all illigal aliens. Some people truly need help in righting their status in this country and just want to stay here and live their lives in relative comfort and peace. Some want and do the exact opposite. Since most crime victims are the same race as their attackers, who has the most to lose by allowing these violent criminals to remain in this country illegally? The people that come to CASA for help. They live in the neighborhoods with these violent offenders and are often the first to be attacked by them. CASA, get a clue and do the right thing. Support those that really, truly need the help and aren't a threat to others and help the authorities get rid of all the bad apples.
This article is full of C**P! The CIS just released a new study showing illegal immigrants, particularly those from central America commit crimes several times the level of US citizens, REGARDLESS OF RACE. Those older studies quoted are out of date and FALSE! Illegals are a threat to every person in this country. You risk your life everytime you get into a car. The carnage from drunk illegals is staggering.
Welcome to Obama's Amerika, where illegals have more rights than you, get jobs via the porkulus bill and send their illegal kids to college on reduced rates while you pay full fare. Where illegal aliens that can't afford their morgage will get a bailout while you and me pay for it!
Time for Revolution. I'm going to the chicago tea party.
I found interesting the counts of the words 'hispanic', 'immigrant', 'alien', 'asian', and 'American' in the article. Measuring the imbalance of these words, I found the article divisive, anti-American, and uses racial profiling to promote a political agenda.

There is no legal term 'illegal immigrant' defined in our laws. Mixing emotion-producing words into a phrase, such as 'illegal immigrant', is a common propaganda technique used to obscure hidden motives.

I rate it 11 on the BS meter (scale of 1 to 10).
First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out --
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out --
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out --
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the Negros, and I did not speak out --
Because I was not a Negro.

Then they came for the Asians, and I did not speak out --
Because I was not an Asian.

Then they came for the Homosexuals, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Homosexual.

Then they came for the Latinos, and I did not speak out --
Because I was not a Latino.

Then they came for me -- and there was no one left to speak for me.

Looking for scapegoats to problems in this country, is always the easiest solution.

There is a crime because there is a poverty, not because of immigrants.

There is unemployment because there is an economic crisis, not because of immigrants.

Are we going to keep playing at this game or make an effort to improve both this country and it's foreign policy, that with its economic sanctions and impositions is directly responsible for the causes of immigration?

It's so easy to be ignorant and blame others for everything single thing that goes wrong.
Casa my A--. This is a fifth columnist organization. What a joke. When are American citizens going to grow some b-lls and evict illegal alien foreign nationals from this nation, AND FIRE, ELIMINATE , GET RID OF ALL OF THE USELESS POLITICIANS WHO SIMPLY REFUSE TO OBEY THE LAWS THAT "AMERICANS" HAVE CREATED FOR OUR BENEFIT. UNDERSTAND THAT, FOR OUR BENEFIT. NOT FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, SOME CHURCH, SOME ETHINIC INTEREST GROUP, OR SOME LEFTISTS LIKE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY HAS MILLIONS OF? If Americans won't defend the very immigration laws they themselves have created, and this results in the nation being utterly ruined, THEN WHO CAN FEEL SORRY FOR THEM?
dlcprlnt, when they come for illegal alien Mexicans, most Americans will not speak out, what they will do is celebrate. Why? Because it will be a victory of the citizenry over the corrupt, central government in Washington D.C. who is allowing the borders to remain open and endangering American citizens.

P.S. It is fools like you who are going to bring things to the point that Americans is who they are going to come for.
Think about your limited states resources being used to support illegal aliens?

Senator Harry Reid (Dem-NV) showed his true colors by killing the E-Verify system in the Stimulus bill. He must be receiving large Campaign contributions from the Un-American Chamber of Commerce, predatory businesses, the anti-American ACLU and Special Interest lobby. Nevada! Remember this Senator who has used his power in Congress to Tax you even more, vote him out, when he runs for office again--or even recall him--NOW!

Population stabilization (caps ), a pro-sovereignty group in California has concluded their own investigation and determined that their is a least 40 million nationwide? So who is telling the truth and who is financially supporting all these foreign nationals thats paralyzed the state? YOU ARE! How much is the cost to support thousands in our prison system, for education and health care? California is just one state anchored down, because the elected officials ignored the overwhelming peril over three white house administrations of illegal immigration. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the state legislators, city Mayors have done absolutely nothing to stop the support of illegal immigration in California and this goes for elected officials around the country.

We have one last chance for all Americans and legal residents to fight back against unfair taxes. We still have time to back Senator Sessions and other honest lawmakers before the deadline this March 6? We need E-Verify with its mandated success rate of 99.6 percent in perpetuity, not just 5 years? It will stop the illegal Immigration invasion for good!

Jam the Washington Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 In addition you can call President Obama at 202-456-1111. Switchboard: 202-456-1414 ONLY YOU CAN STOP THIS TRAVESTY OF OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS. Remember! If Democrats manage to pass a AMNESTY, you the taxpayer will be paying even more of your hard-earned dollars for millions waiting across the border, not the pariah employers.

We don't need pro-illegal alien mayors like Galvin Newsom of San Francisco and his counterpart Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa in Los Angeles. They have both aided and abetted foreign nationals, with many terrorizing the Americans and legal residents. That's why I'm voting for a new Mayor--Walter MOORE!
Go to RBN (make sure you google in Capitol letters) on the internet and listen to the terry anderson show. If you google RBN they have archives of his radio show plus you can listen live Sunday Nights at 9pm pacific time. and yes he is black. Terry says "I am American first and foremost who happens to be black".
Also join Alipac go to we have members of all races in Alipac.
Alipac stands for rule of law and binding us together to be Americans.We are against illegal immigration. We extend out hands as all races to come and join however once in you will realize
we are just plain Americans protecting Americans and legal immigrants standing together in support of each other. also alipac has a radio show also called the last american standing this is also on RBN. Confused about the black caucus. If you are tired of the black cacus only supporting illegal aliens at your expense. It is because they make their living off of racial tensions. If we all got along they would be out of a job wouldn't they.Come join and be supported. we would love to hear you on the radio. Last American standing is on RBN Sunday afternoon 12pm to 2pm pacific time
Come one and all who call themselves Americans not hyphened Americans.
The only thing you need is to love your country and be a patriot. We are losing major cities because of unchecked illegal immigration. It is time to stand up. We must get together now for we have alot to get ready for.
The latest FBI Gang Activity report, posted on 30 January 2009 reports that criminal gangs in the US have swelled to an estimated 1 million members responsible for up to 80% of crimes in communities across the nation, according to a gang threat assessment compiled by federal officials. WE HAVE ALREADY BEEN INVADED FOLKS! The report says about 900,000 gang members live "within local communities across the country," and about 147,000 are in U.S. prisons or jails. Many MS 13 members who were forced out of El Salvadore and into Mexico are invading our country in a constant stream. And there are other gang-styled groups besides. They are cited in the report as a growing threat on the move. Most regions in the United States will experience increased gang membership and increased gang-related criminal activity," the report concludes, citing a recent rise in gangs on the campuses of suburban and rural schools. Michael Sullivan, the departing director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, says MS-13's dependence on shocking violence to advance extortion, prostitution and other criminal enterprises has frustrated attempts to infiltrate and disrupt the insular group's activities. "MS-13's foothold in the U.S. is expanding," Sullivan says. Make no mistake, this situation is as serious as can be and growing daily. Our local law enforcement agencies are acting on this and other credible information about the NARCO-TERRORISTS who are a clear and present danger to all of us right now. Many illegals are directly or indirectly involved and they see us as victims of opportunity. Leeching any and everything they can from us and our society, they do not care about America or our way of life and have little if anything positive to contribute to growth, the greater good or the body of knowledge. Any bleeding heart crap has got to stop right now. Join ALIPAC. Read the reports.
Both sets of my grandparents, great grand parents, and great great grandparents ancestry can be traced back to Bennettsville and Latta, South Carolina before the "Civil War" in this country. My ancestors fought in every war in the United States including the "Civil War". Also, my ancestors help to build this country as slaves. I do have a white ancestry too thanks to slavery, but I have more in common with my black and white ancestors than I do with illegal aliens crossing our porous borders coming from El Salvador, Mexico, Ethiopia, etc. I am proud to be a U.S. citizen and I will fight along with other U.S. citizens regardless of race, sexual preference, skin color, hair texture, religion, etc. to protect the sovereignty of the United States. I have only one allegiance and that's to the U.S. flag, not the Salvadoran flag, Mexican flag, Dominican flag, Nigerian flag, Liberian flag, Jamaican flag, etc.
good article and the comments too
Casa and the illegal aliens need to be afraid of the police. They keep crying about their civil rights while being here illegally, they have already broken the law. Casa tells them how to protect themselves, what to say and do if stopped by the police or if their workplace is raided. There is a comic book style booklet that they give to illegals that shows them step by step on what to do. You can check it out at and click on Casa.

If that doesn't enrage you, on February 24th a House Bill 162 will be on the table for illegal aliens to obtain in-state tuition before American students can apply. This is a slap in the face to American's and it's being pushed by Casa and the elected officials that are in Casa's pocket. Please send emails to your delegates, senators and congressment that this is a bad thing for America and our taxdollars that pay for illegals
2 comments about the "fact" that immigrants commit less crime than natives:

1) Most "immigrants" are people here legally on student, work and tourist visas. Of course an Indian surgeon or a Taiwanese college student is going to behave.

2) EVERY crime committed by an illegal alien is uneccessary and preventable. It is irrelevant at what rate illegals commit crimes -- if they were not here, 100% of the crimes would not have happened.

In Montgomery County 50% of the people in jail for murder are immigrants.
The three CASA reps in this article live in either Potomac or Bethesda. Must be some good pay working for them!
The comment about lllegal purveyors is true-they do live in Potomac and Bethesda- and really do not care about anyone but themselves.
Comments from Central Americans relay that they do not really help at CASA.

A-Sol ...(Gutierrez) is nasty and insulting to anyone asking a question ,- not to mention tries to get lawful citizens arrested for lawful assembly and peaceful protest of illegal behavior.
As a naturalized american with a Latino background, I am completely appauled by the comments on this article.

First, over 90% of the Mexican and Salvadorean population in this area has Native American blood, which gives them more right to be here than most of us.

By the way, CHRIS, if you are African-American, there is a 90% probabilty that you too have Native American blood, so, in effect, you do have blood ties to Salvadoreans nad Mexicans; by virtue of sharing Native American ancestry.

Second, it is clear from these comments many of you are either ignorant about the effects that U.S. backed policies and agreement, such as NAFTA; have had in Latin America, or you simply turn a blind eye to these agreements between corrupt governments, that only help the rich get ever-richer and have made the poor even poorer, which eventually force these poor folks to take desperate measures for survival, and turn to migration.

I mean, come on, you people really think that these undocumented immingrants want to risk their lives and cross the border if they didn't absolutely need to, because of corrupt governments that only care about their rich constituencies, and not about these poor folks, like the US and Mexico???

You folks need to get a reality check and be more compassiontate to most of these folks, who's only misfortune is being poor....
Maurifeli, I can assure you, I am a black U.S. male citizen. I don't have any Salvadoran or Mexican ancestry. I don't like El Salvador, it's culture, or it's dam ignorant uneducated people who have helped to destroy my middle class black neighborhood. I wish this nasty third world people would return back to El Salvador. The heck with political correctness, I am saying what and how most black citizens feel since, many of our black neighborhoods have been overwhelmed with illegal alien Salvadoran/Central Americans and Mexicans. I bet money racist white Salvadoran Maryland Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez wouldn't want these low life uneducated Salvadorans living in and destroying her Chevy Chase, Maryland upper class neighborhood. She and other politicians who support illegal immigration don't have to live in this madness daily. Guess what, I do!
good post
interesting post, congrats
I agree
To: Lacasinos, Pccasinogames, and Maurifeli

I disagree!
Fuss and fight all you want but change is a part of life and you can't stop it. These people, whether you like them or not, are a growing facet of our communitiy and they're not going anywhere. We can make new laws and implement new measures to proactively discourage illegal immigrants from settling in our neighborhoods but its not gonna stop em. May slow em down but simple fact is these folks are here and more are coming and you can either A) keep your minds closed pack up your stuff and move so as not to deal with these intruders, or B) open your minds and learn to co-exist with your new neighbors and implement new measures to proactively encourage these folks to gain their citizenship and become better acclimated to the culture.
I'm impressed by the amount of racism, hate-mongering and plain ignorance of the history of the American Continent (North and South). But then again... it's always those who have way too much free time and little education that are the bigots.

The U.S. is a country of immigrants, ever-growing, ever-changing, it has been so since the beginning. The British did not come here legally, they invaded and killed the "locals". T

he world turns, thing change, you can try to cling to this fake imagined past where "America" was only for the "Americans" (which it has never been) but it's useless. Many of you read like you wanna keep "america" white and anglosaxon then you better start thinking about moving back to Europe where your ancestors came from, and keep in mind, they didn't ask anybody's permission.
Two factual errors in this article in the first few paragraphs alone: 1) Montgomery County has NOT initiated the new policy yet. Administrative delays. A simple call to the department would have set that straight. 2) the folks accused in Meizell's death were NOT illegal immigrants. That's been reported multiple times.
Fact checking the FACTman,

If you had read the story carefully, you would know that at no time does it say that the immigrants charged in Meizell's murder were in the country illegally. It simply states that Meizell's death fueled the debate over illegal immigration, which it has. A little more reading comprehension could go a long way.

Christine MacDonald
Good post, I share a bit of the info of each one.
I have read around about the iceman cometh. From what I read from the introduction of this post it is about immigration issues. However I have also read that iceman cometh stands for Al Gore. Can someone give me some clarity on this ?
Illegal immigration is the greatest threat to black people since slavery. The civil rights movement was made by black citizens of this country, but [illegal aliens] are claiming civil rights as a key to cross the American border illegally. My concerns are illegal aliens' "flooding" historically black neighborhoods without assimilating and taking advantage of overburdened government resources such as public education and health care. I have seen my middle class northwest D.C. neighborhood been transferred into a Salvadoran barrio within 8 years. Go to any construction site, and there are few blacks or whites working at these construction sites.
Myth #1. The U.S. is being overrun with immigrants.

Don't always believe what you hear on TV. On a recent episode of ABC's This Week With David Brinkley, Pat Buchanan referred to "five million illegal immigrants coming into this country," "one, two, three million, invading the Southwest," and finally to "two million people walking across your border." In response, the New Republic pointed out that "the actual annual inflow of illegal migrants by air, sea and land is approximately 300,000 according to the Immigration and Naturalization Service."

Myth #2. Immigrants take jobs from U.S. citizens and decrease the standard of living.

Immigrants create jobs and do not take jobs from U.S. citizens. The U.S. Department of Labor has concluded that immigrants keep U.S. industries competitive, increase employment through higher rates of self-employment, and increase wages and mobility opportunities for many groups of U.S. workers. Statistics show that an influx of new immigrants actually boosts the economy. The conservative Alexis de Tocqueville Institute found that U.S. states with high immigration populations have lower rates of unemployment. [DSA flyer, 1995.]

Myth #3. New immigrant legislation will not affect the constitutional rights of legal immigrants and people born in the United States.

In California, a new referendum called "Save Our State II" seeks to repeal the 14th Amendment guarantee of citizenship to anyone born in the U.S. Federal Proposal HR2202 would legalize the concept that "Non-citizen immigrants (including permanent residents) are not entitled to constitutional rights." Proposals such as these violate the spirit of the constitution which extends its protections to all persons residing within the borders of the United States.

Myth #4. If we let too many immigrants in, America will lose its cultural heritage.

America's cultural heritage is not defined by one ethnic group or race. Nor is this country reserved for any one ethnic group - although racists have often tried to claim it to the exclusion of others. The United States is a nation of immigrants. With the exception of Native Americans, all of us are in this country as voluntary or involuntary descendants of immigrants. Our ancestors come from every part of the globe and have all shaped and contributed to this country. As descendants of immigrants we should understand the importance of allowing people to make better lives for themselves and their descendants.

Myth #5. Immigration is now at the highest level in US history.

In 1910, the foreign born population was 14.7%. In 1994, the most recent year for which statistics are available, the foreign born population was only 8.7%. The only difference today is that a smaller portion of immigrants are from Europe.

Myth #6. Most undocumented immigrants are poor people from Latin America, Africa or Asia.

"The largest population of undocumented persons in the U.S. are Canadians, Irish, Poles, and Russians-not Mexicans or Haitians". [source: "A Progressive Perspective on Immigration,".]

Myth #7. Immigrants do not pay taxes, and drain government resources by abusing social services.

According to the nonpartisan Urban Institute in 1994, immigrants and refugees pay approximately $28 million more in taxes than they consume in services. Not only do immigrants consume very little of welfare funds, they actually subsidize the welfare of others. Immigrants, both documented and undocumented, pay $70-$90 billion in taxes each year and use less than $50 billion in services. Many undocumented immigrants pay more income tax than they owe because they are afraid to file and claim a refund. Despite higher poverty rates, immigrants use fewer public benefits than citizens and are less likely to become dependent on welfare. Undocumented immigrants are not eligible for welfare, food stamps, or most other social programs. And, except for pre-natal care, they do not qualify for government-provided medical treatment, except in emergencies. [source: "A Progressive Perspective on Immigration," Democratic Socialists of America.]

Myth #8. Immigration laws are fair and just.

U.S. immigration laws put strict limits on the number of people who can immigrate from certain countries-countries whose people are mostly poor, and mostly of color. Through these racist laws, our government makes it virtually impossible for people from these countries to even visit the U.S., unless they are very wealthy. [DSA flyer, 1995.]

Myth #9. It's not our fault other countries have problems.

U.S. global economic and military policies have resulted in lowering the standard of living and damaging the stability of Third World countries. This results in increased pressure on people in these countries to immigrate to wealthier nations like the U.S. in an attempt to support their families.

Myth #10. We could accommodate more people before, but now we have overcrowding and economic problems, and have to tighten up our policies.

The United States has the largest Gross National Product of any country in the world, and our population density is much smaller than either Japan's or Europe's. The U.S. is in a favorable position to welcome new immigrants. We can still live up to the ideal written on the Statue of Liberty: "Bring us your tired, your poor, yearning to be free..." (quotation by Emma Lazarus).

Myth #11. The current U.S. economic woes are at least partially the fault of immigrants.

U.S. economic woes are primarily caused by corporate downsizing and capital flight to other countries where wages are lower. To date, there has been no proven relationship between immigration and capital flight.

Myth #12. Undocumented immigrants inflict personal injury and damage on U.S. citizens.

According to the Nation Institute, "there is little evidence that undocumented immigrants are disproportionally responsible for crime." On the contrary, they are often themselves victims of crimes, as they are less likely to report anything to the police.

Myth #13. Nothing can be done to stop the backlash against immigrants.

We can stop the backlash by educating others in the communities where we live, work, and go to school. First, contact an organization that monitors issues affecting immigrants such as the H.R. 2202 proposal currently under consideration in Congress. Read their educational materials to learn about the history of anti-immigrant sentiment in the U.S. and the resources available for defending immigrant rights.
I am speaking the truth and from my heart. I prefer not to live around Salvadorans/illegal aliens. I would rather go back in time and live in segregation and under Jim Crow laws. During those times, blacks lived in our segregated neighborhoods with our own Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, schools, etc. We lived in our segregated world, not the third world.

You see, I have to live in this madness daily (El Salvador). I take pride in my middle class black neighborhood and myself and other educated blacks have tried to keep our community safe and clean. Now with the influx of Central Americans into upper northwest Ward 4 in most black middle class neighborhoods, our communities now have been plagued with Salvadoran gang graffiti and other crimes and trash.
Wow Ward4dc... what's next?

You gonna burn some crosses on some lawns? go on a shooting rampage? or maybe round up some of your buddies and lynch a Salvadoran?

Funny how you don't seem upset about all the white hipsters moving into areas of NW DC and raising everyones rent. Or the wave of muggings where gangs of young african american kids randomly attack people while walking on the street and then got off because the police won't lift a finger.

I still remember how back in the 90's a lot of people blamed the violence and crack trafficking on the african-american community instead of looking at the real problem: lack of funds for education and cultural activities for the youth.

Do you really even live in DC? Are you really african-american? I ask this cause you read like a racist honkey from Virginia.

I've lived in DC most of my life and Salvadorans are some of the most courteous and chill neighbors I have ever had, and I have never been mugged by one.
To ColHGHTS: I can assure you I was born, raised, and live in Washington, D.C. in 1955 in the old Freedmans Hospital. I bet you are not a native and don't know a dam thing about this city or it's history. Nope, I don't like racist Salvadorans, their culture, food, or El Salvador. In reference to the black hoodlums you mentioned, if I could deport their azzes for creating crime and terror, I would, but guess what, these blacks you refer to are U.S. citizens. Why in the hell should we accept criminal behavior from illegal aliens being in the USA? You are a idiot! Take your azz back to the midwest or El Salvador you liberal piece of sh$t. For the record, I graduate from Wilson Senior High in 1973, Columbia University in 1977, and Georgetown Medical School in 1982.

Illegal Immigration...One Brotha's Opinion
I have written this to express my deepest disdain for the activities that our Black politicians have allowed to plague our communities. Within the past decade they have asked us to beware of the government's alleged drug trafficking in South-Central L.A. They have asked us to beware of racial inequities in the workplace. They have made us aware of racial profiling by our police departments, but they never warned us of another threat quietly infiltrating our communities, the illegal alien.

Being a 30 year resident of the Mid-City Los Angeles area, I have seen a myriad of events that have dogged the community. In the 80's we witnessed the emergence of gang violence. In the 90's we saw the influx of rock cocaine into the community. While all these incidences were occurring and detrimental to society as a whole, quietly entering the Mid City area and increasing his numbers was the illegal alien.

The diaspora of illegal aliens into communities of Los Angeles gave way to infinite problems. We, as an American culture, would be left to scratch our heads and wonder, "Are we still living in America?" See, the politicians we have entrusted to protect the sovereignty of our nation have allowed an unwelcomed visitor to steal the deed to our country. As "Don King" would say, "Only in America!"

In our historically Black communities, Black politicians have allowed the illegal alien to establish residence and impose such old world customs as the domestication of undomesticated animals and inhabit dwellings with more occupants than city ordinances allow. But the most atrocious injustice they have perpetrated on our communities is the allowance of our public school system to fail. You hear politicians talk about our educators failing our students. But my question to these politicians is "How can we expect one teacher to teach 50 students per class during a one hour session?" Our educators aren't failing us; it's the politicians failing our educators and students. Let's face it, there are too many children of illegal alien stock attending our public schools unequipped to function in them.

As a lifelong Angelino and product of the LA public school system, I have watched our schools slide from number 1 in the nation to number 49, tied with Mississippi. On any given school day our public schools seat more students than fans at the Staples Center for a Laker game. Our schools are now busting at the seams. And you say the answer is building more schools. Let's face it, lack of schools isn't the problem, that illegal alien's child in our school system is the problem. And all you have to say is, "We must educate everyone." Why must my child get a second rate education? Why must my child be subjected to attending classes where a portion of the school day is spent translating the English curriculum into Spanish? Why must we spend money on bilingual education? Why don't our kids have schoolbooks?

The aforementioned points are just a few examples of how The Black politicians continue to fail our communities. Nate, Diane, Mark Ridley and Maxine, before you ask for another vote from your constituents, first look at your communities, then look in the mirror and ask yourself "Why am I failing my constituents?" Personally, I can no longer sit back and allow for business as usual politics. If you believe like I do, it is time for us to galvanize and become politically savvy. It has become obvious to me that voting loyally along racial and political lines no longer works. PEOPLE, WAKE UP! In 2002, I intend to help bring about a change in my community.

If you would like to help with this change, please continue listening to Terry's show and heed the morsels of information he feeds us every Sunday night.

Michael Hollomon
Los Angeles, CA 90034
I have nothing to say about the illegal alien Salvadoran savage (Ingmar Guandique) who alleged to have murdered Chandra Levy. As a black U.S. citizen, I prefer not to live around Salvadorans period. I would rather live back in segregation than to live around these third world people with their nasty living habits. You must understand, I have seen my middle class black neighborhood in northwest D.C. turn into a Salvadoran barrio within 8 years. I live in this madness daily. Hopefully, Chandra Levy's spirit can rest in peace. I hope, she's gone on to glory.

ICE if you are reading this article, I am sure you will find plenty illegal aliens at 14th & Kennedy Streets, NW and Colorado Avenue, NW standing around at the Metro bus stops. I am sure some have criminal records or belong to the STC (Street Thug Criminals), Vatos Locos, Mara Salvatrucha all dangerous Salvadoran gangs.

Many hang in the park at the Carter Barron located at 16th & Kennedy Streets, NW and 14th & Van Buren Streets, NW in the park at Fort Stevens Recreation Center. Please come pick them up ICE.
Very good post, so interesting.
Thanks to all
No mention that the program is also a master of karate and friendship...for everyone?
If the CBC and the President of the United States continue to support the illegal aliens; we the people should make sure thay are removed from office. Mr. President is going to attempt to pay off his suport in the illegal alien community by pushing this "It's ok to break the law bill" that grants illegal aliens the right to pick the laws they must abide by.
Few Americans know that being here without a valid visa is often NOT a criminal offense.

Further, few care to read the opinions of experienced law enforcement professionals who openly point out the unlawfullness of checking someones immigration status, and how it builds a distrust of the police that prevents them from doing their jobs, and threatens everyone's safety.
Carlos Brady == If you believe that everyone can come here, work and do whatever they want, then you should lobby to change the immigration law - not subvert it. It sounds like if it was up to you, there would be no border control whatsoever. Is that really what you want? You will start World War III. No country can succeed when there is no unity. These people don't want to be American. They want to be Mexican/El Salvadorian on American Soil.
And in my experience, hispanics are the most racist people I have ever encountered.They don't teach their children English, they don't like the English language, they don't like White people, and they dont care to be American. The first thing they tell you is, "In my country..." and then talk about how Americans are so racist toward them. : ( They don't go to American restaurants, they only hang out with their own kind. I live in Montgomery County and I grew up and was Welcomed by black people, 1st generation Koreans, Chinese people, Indians, Arabs, Iranians, Russians, Jewish people, Tunisian people, French people, Morman People, Greeks, and Africans. Latino's dont try to assimate or interact with people from other races even when I ALWAYS try to be polite and friendly with them. What is wrong with these people? They come here and expect US to change? THey have to pay their dues like everyone else. This is truly an invasion. I'm not sure who is paying the politicians to cater to hispanics. Where are they getting their money from the bribe the politicians? From the drug trade maybe? Or no its the kid-nappings that are so lucrative in Mexico.
DemocracyNow ran a story last month on how ICE officials are holding suspected men and women who are thought to be illegal in unmarked facilities from a period of 8 to 36 hours. In many cases, the suspects have not committed crimes and their immigration status is unknown. An ICE report from the last few years reported that the error rate of catching legal immigrants has gone up about 5%, meaning that they are catching more and more people who are NOt ILLEGAL AND ARE NOT CRIMINALS.

Why would taxpayers support this type of activity? All residents/citizens who care for their families and their communities want safety and security. Moreover, it is a right that we be protected from harm. But I don't want my tax dollars to be spent on operations that are unjust, inefficient and most of all, target innocent people.

I am a daughter of two diplomats who came to the US after being stationed in various capitals in Latin America. We were taught to respect ourselves, our cultures and to make the most of the opportunities that were given to us from our 'host' countries. We were told from a very young age that we were 'representatives' of our heritage, so we were always reminded to be polite, courteous and respectful. At the same time, my parents taught us that we should be proud of who we were, our heritage, our language and our family.

I feel very lucky for the opportunities that were made possible by two very hardworking parents who had the tenacity to go to school, learn multiple languages and earn multiple advanced degrees. This is only a circumstance. I do not think that I would be a different type of 'American' or individual if I had come to this country illegally instead of on a diplomatic visa.

I am disgusted and appalled at many of the comments I have read on this post. Every individual is a victim of circumstance, and while I recognize the difference between legal and illegal immigration -- I do not think that people looking for a place where they can get jobs are criminals. If you want to criminalize them, why not criminalize the CEOs and executives making top dollar of illegal workers who are getting paid $10 a day?!

Yes, immigration is very complicated and it does channel resources from other important causes. But you have to ask yourself who is benefiting from employing large numbers of illegal or undocumented workers, the wealthy and the elite. Walk across any upscale neighborhood and look at all of the nannies who are raising the next generation of American children. Beyond the individual level, companies and private industries are earning huge profits because they employ low wage workers.

Any serious look at immigration and labor needs to go beyond your personal grievances and hatred. Why is clothing at Target and Wallmart so cheap, because it's made by children in poor countries. Poor people all over the world are employed at low cost and low wage jobs, because they have no other choice. I do not differentiate the school boy who drops out of school to work at a factory in Thailand, to feed his family, from the teenager from Haiti who comes to the US to find a better life.

I find it very frustrating that the debate in these posts, have not sufficiently looked at the global aspects of immigration and labor. It can be useful -- if you want to get a sense of reality.

I take personal offense to many of the hateful comments posted here. It is not because I am illegal or because I cannot read or write or because I dislike this country or the people, in it. It is because I believe in the human rights of all individuals, and I do not criminalize an individual breaking a law to feed their children. Yes it is taxing to the US economy, and I am a taxpayer, and I work for the federal government. But while I am an American, I am first a human being!!!

Every single person who posted on this story, would cross a border for a paid job if their families and children were starving. It's just a matter of human nature. I realize that food security is increasingly becoming an issue for many children in the US, and we need to take care of the poor in this country. But this is a global society and we have to look at how we impact positively and negatively the wealth and safety of other nations.

I read and understood all of the posts, I get where you are coming from. But I fail to understand the blatant racism. If you don't like poor people, thats fine. If you don't like people from Latin America, thats fine. If you dont like people who are different than you, thats fine. To each his own. But dont use immigration as an excuse to justify your racism.

I work at an agency with other 30,000 employees, many from China, India, South Korea and Italy. Many of the foreign employees are here on a work visa, and while they all speak a basic amount of English, it is very common to go to an office or the cafeteria and hear people only speaking Mandarin, or French or Italian. People don't act like the world is coming to an end because they're not speaking English. We accept it because we realize that it is important to bring together people from different backgrounds... Look at all of the renaissances that have occurred in the modern era, they all took place as a result of linguistic, social and religious intermixing. The greatest achievements took place when people from different backgrounds came together and approached a problem or idea from a new way.

Look at the number of people who have won the United States the nobel prize in medicine, science, literature, etc.. A large number are either first or second generation Americans.

I feel like maybe only two or three people will understand what I am trying to say. Really the main point that I am trying to make is that the majority of illegal immigrants cross the border or stay without a permit so they can WORK, not to steal or to disobey. They leave a country where they have full citizenship for a country where they have none, and they are taken advantage of in a system that pays them peanuts for the hard work that they do. While illegal immigrants may be taxing other people and their resources, WE SHOULD NOT LIE TO OURSELVES AND ACT LIKE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ARE BENEFITING FROM THE SYSTEM IN WHICH THEY ARE A VICTIM.

Illegal immigration is NEVER going to stop UNLESS you criminalize CORPORATE AMERICA from inhumane employment practices. Corporate america has succeeded by convincing so many Americans that the group that is most powerless (poor undocumented workers) are to blame, rather than their own policies and regulations (which reap them millions and millions worth of profits).

I did not think people in the Washington metro area were this ignorant or this foolish.

And to the doctor who hates Salvadorians -- you are an asshole. I feel sorry for all of the Latinos who visit you and have the misfortunre to be under your care. You talk about your rights and immigration, but you seem to hate all Latin people, you said you hate their food, their language their culture. That's fine, it's a free country. But don't be a sorry coward who has to hide behind the immigration debate to talk about your racism. I'm sorry that you feel that you've been run out of your neighborhood by these 'people'. If you weren't such a coward, you wouldn't hide behind
some stupid screen name. If your agenda is to live in an all-black and middle class neighborhood, I'm sorry but maybe you should move to Mars. The US is a nation of immigrants, and you are always going to have a neighbor that is richer, poor, whiter and darker than you. You remind me of Hitler -- I could take all of your comments, substitute the word Jewish for Latin or Salvadorian, and you could be his twin.
OMG. I do not know why county officials should have to cower and crawl and apologize for deporting CRIMINALS. These famed "hard working" immigrants are one thing. Keep your nose clean and OK, I'll look the other way. But for crying out loud, why do we need to wait for someone to commit assault or carjacking or rape or murder or armed robbery to deport them? There are illegals commiting property crimes in this county, on my street, breaking into cars and stealing electronics, with prior records, you mean to tell me they get to stay until they rape/mug/murder me . . . ? I am a liberal, but you can take liberalism too far. Since when was it "liberal" not to believe in enforcing the law? OMG!!!!! Get a spine, people! I am leaving this county!

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