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None of Your Business: Commercial pique shouldn’t keep Schwartz from re-election.
Darrow Montgomery

On Sept. 24, Carol Schwartz held a perfectly forgettable hearing to discuss the city’s compliance with a language access law. Bor-ring! Yet therein was contained the essence of what LL’s had to struggle with regarding his endorsement for this election’s most contested local race: the non-Democratic at-large seat.

The hearing had the looks of a disaster. It concerned non-English speakers’ access to government services, and while interpreters were present, Schwartz and staff did not think ahead of time to provide simultaneous translation via headsets—United Nations–style equipment the council has access to. So the room sat by as witnesses read a line or two before taking turns with interpreters who had to tediously translate the proceedings. Aware of the irony at hand, Schwartz pointed out to the audience that the council is “not one of the listed agencies” that has to comply with the law.

After an hour-and-a-half, the simultaneous translation apparatus was finally set up. Witnesses testified to the District’s continued incompetence in complying with a simple law. And when Gustavo Velasquez, the director of the city’s Office of Human Rights, sat for his testimony, Schwartz let him have it. Hard.

It was classic Carol, doing what she does best, hammering Velasquez for the city’s multiple failures on language access.

The initial clusterfuck of that hearing reflects the clusterfuck that’s been Schwartz’s re-election campaign. No re-election campaign existed, even as the business community made it clear they’d be out for blood and challengers Dee Hunter, Adam Clampitt, Michael A. Brown, and Patrick D. Mara massed at the gates. And since a campaign has materialized, it’s been uniformly hapless. Schwartz’s efforts to date include recycled signs from four years prior and a campaign slogan, “An Oldie and a Goodie,” destined for city electoral infamy.

Schwartz now has some more contemporary signs, which play up the defining trait of this fall’s campaign: That she is a write-in candidate. (She lost in the Republican primary to Mara.) With white text on a yellow background, though, it’s worth wondering who’ll get the message.

Less than a month ago, LL was prepared to write off Schwartz for how astoundingly she botched her re-election. After all, he thought, why shouldn’t this office go to someone who actually wants it?

And then she convinced LL she’s in it to win it. Schwartz, who always boasted about running her own campaigns, finally swallowed her pride and hired a pro—Tom Lindenfeld, the guy who won Adrian Fenty every precinct in the city in 2006. Then she showed up at a community forum held by the Logan Circle Community Association on Oct. 15 and gave a stunningly good speech—angry, funny, and to the point. Only a few dozen voters might have heard it, but it was enough to make a believer out of LL.

For more than a year now, folks have been saying that Carol’s time is up. That the issues have passed her by. That her votes against the mayoral school takeover, against the smoking ban, and for the baseball stadium made her politically untenable in this city. Indeed, on all three of those votes, Schwartz went against LL’s personal preferences.

But it’s not Schwartz’s vices that are being punished in this race, it’s her virtues.

Now LL is no anti-business zealot, and he has no philosophical problem with commercial interests flexing their political muscle. Yet the idea that these folks would take out Carol Schwartz—Carol Schwartz!—for a sick-leave bill that ended up severely diluted is an unforgivable act of cynicism. This is a politician who long carried the water for the business community on issue after issue, and continues to do so today.

Granted, the 64-year-old Schwartz is no triathlete-cum-change agent. In a world of door-knocking, BlackBerrying, always-on-call public officials, Schwartz’s boasts of hard work ring hollower than when her colleagues were the likes of Harold Brazil and Charlene Drew Jarvis. In most every other way, though, Schwartz is what we think our public officials should be: fierce, competent, serious, and independent. (And without all that business money in her campaign coffers, she’s only going to get more independent.)

Stronger competition might have lured LL away from Schwartz, but no one on the ballot is preferable to the candidate not on the ballot. Schwartz wins LL’s endorsement. Write her in.

But don’t make it a bullet vote. Voters next Tuesday can vote for two at-large candidates, and Democrat Kwame R. Brown, much more politically astute and a much harder worker than Schwartz, has also earned another term (with the caveats—mind the cronies!—described in LL’s primary endorsement column).

The next-best option is Mara, the young, well-scrubbed Republican who outhustled Schwartz in the primary.

Schwartz may despise Mara, but LL likes the guy a lot. He’s smart, personable, and accessible. He was also the only candidate to call LL and ask for his endorsement.

In his primary pick of Schwartz, LL cited Mara’s weak grasp of D.C. issues, based on an early interview he’d done with WTOP’s Mark Plotkin and Mark Segraves in which he couldn’t name the city’s fire chief, among other things. That criticism no longer holds: Mara’s done his homework of late, and in the half-dozen candidate forums LL’s attended in the past month, he hasn’t stumbled once.

Any reservations this time around are rooted in other concerns. He’s enjoyed the benefits of the business world’s anti-Carol vendetta, for one. And there’s his ideological bent. Now LL doesn’t mind that Mara is a Republican, loath as the candidate might be to admit it in public.

But there’s one unforgivable piece of right-wing orthodoxy that Mara’s indulged in. He’s signed the Americans for Tax Reform no-new-taxes pledge. Making that promise, pushed by bathtub-government-strangler Grover Norquist, is pretty damn irresponsible when the District is already looking at a $130 million revenue shortfall (and that was based on projections made before the historic market crash). And it’s that pledge, taken by legions of congressmen and state legislators in the past 20 years, that’s more than a little responsible for record federal budget deficits and astounding spending gaps in states across the country.

Still, Mara has proven himself a skilled and tireless campaigner. Tongues have been flapping in recent months that the other non-Democratic at-large councilmember, independent David A. Catania, will be giving up his seat in 2010. Catania says he’s yet to make a decision, but Mara would make a fine heir to Catania’s no-bullshit political legacy. If he stays engaged in local issues and backs off the inane tax pledge, he can expect an open mind from LL in two years.

LL also thinks highly of David Schwartzman, the not-so-well-scrubbed Statehood Greenie who has made himself a fixture at Wilson Building hearings.

His focus on eliminating child poverty as a solution to numerous social ills is admirable, but on tax policy he swings in the opposite direction of Mara, advocating untenable tax hikes on high-income Washingtonians. He’s got the best sense of humor of any candidate in the race and would make great copy for LL, but his policies are too high-concept for the tasks of a councilmember.

The rest of the ballot leaves LL cold. Mark Long is a smart fellow who’s run a not-very-smart campaign, having failed to distinguish himself from any other candidate. His thin record in local civic affairs (admittedly no thinner than Mara’s) doesn’t help.

Dee Hunter is engaging and his life story is compelling, having left home as a teenager to work himself through college and law school. But his past is otherwise badly clouded. Earlier this year, Superior Court Judge Lee Satterfield (now chief judge) rebuked Hunter for “bad judgment” with regard to a January domestic-violence complaint, of which he was eventually cleared. More recently, the D.C. Bar Counsel has charged Hunter with illegally and unethically misappropriating three of his clients’ funds. Hunter denies the charges and says he expects to be cleared, but he also makes the unsavory excuse that dealing with such complaints are essentially a cost of doing business for a personal injury lawyer. LL demands higher than the ambulance-chaser standard from his public officials.

That leaves Michael A. Brown, who has essentially run the first three-plus-year political campaign in District history. He’s raised more than $700,000, adding up the funds he raised for his mayoral, Ward 4, and at-large runs, and he’s finally in a position to win.

Thanks to the cronified bankroll, Brown’s largely skipped the Fenty-and-Kwame–type door-knocking extravaganza in favor of reams of handbills and incessant robocalls. His recent pattern of showing up late or not at all to community forums due to conflicting fundraisers should be taken as some indication of his priorities.

Add to that his spotty history of business and political dealings. As LL detailed last week, Brown recently found himself on the wrong side of a jury ruling regarding a business deal at the Washington Convention Center. That comes in addition to unfavorable judgments regarding to money he owes to the Verizon Center and federal campaign-finance violations.

He also did not distinguish himself during his last stint in public service, as vice chair of the D.C. Boxing Commission. Brown was behind efforts to offer Mike Tyson a boxing license in the District after being convicted of rape, biting off Evander Holyfield’s ear, fomenting a press-conference melee with Lennox Lewis, and drawing two sets of additional rape accusations. The Brown-led effort came after authorities in Nevada, Texas, and Colorado had denied Tyson a boxing license. (California, Michigan, Georgia, England, Denmark, and the Netherlands would all eventually pass on a Tyson fight.)

In this campaign, Brown’s made himself out as an expert on municipal finance, saying that the District needs to restructure its debt, particularly on ballpark bonds. That’s the sort of financial mumbo-jumbo that sounds good in candidate forums, but means little elsewhere. Matters of bond financing are under the purview of the independent Chief Financial Officer—not the council—and the CFO’s office has repeatedly refinanced bond deals in recent years. LL’s not sure what magic Brown is planning to work there.

As for matters of general competence, LL last month gave Brown the same pop quiz that Plotkin and Segraves gave Mara:

Fire chief? “Rubin.” Got a first name? “Uh, no, just Chief Rubin. Every time I see him, I just call him ‘Chief.’” It’s Dennis Rubin. Half credit.

Sales tax? Says Brown, “Uh, 9.6, 9.7?” Answer: 5.75 percent for most goods.

Minimum wage? “$7.32 or something like that?” Answer: $7.55. Close, but no cigar.

How are D.C. Superior Court judges picked? “People recommend a particular judge and they go through the panel for an interview process and then recommendations are made to the chief judge [who] makes decisions....Then it passes through Congress and [Eleanor Holmes Norton] helps shepherd folks through.” Nope: The Judicial Nominating Commission indeed comes up with three names, but it’s the president who makes the ultimate selection, not the chief judge. There is Senate confirmation, but hearings are rarely held.

Again, that’s C-A-R-O-L S-C-H-W-A-R-T-Z. Bring your pencils on Tuesday.

In Other Races

• For shadow senator, LL picks Republican Nelson Rimensnyder. With 12-year-incumbent Democrat Paul Strauss tarred by a scathing D.C. Auditor report regarding his performance as chair of the city property-tax appeals board, longtime civic activist Rimensnyder is a worthy and honorable choice.

• In Ward 2, Jack Evans deserves your vote over Christina Culver, one of the D.C. GOP’s “new faces.” Culver is more than a pretty face, but not enough more to deserve Evans' seat.

• In Ward 8, take independent Yavocka Young over Marion Barry. LL was looking for a more spirited campaign out of Young; instead, the spirit’s come from fiery young challenger Darrell Gaston. Still, Young has the better grasp of how to bring the ward up to snuff.

• For the State Board of Education, each of the unopposed incumbents—at-large member Ted Trabue, Ward 2’s Mary Lord, Ward 3’s Laura McGiffert Slover, Ward 4’s Sekou Biddle, and Ward 6’s Lisa Raymond—strongly deserve to be returned to their offices of newly limited import. In Ward 8, incumbent William Lockridge also deserves re-election against undistinguished competition. His institutional knowledge trumps his demagoguery.

Elsewhere, where there are no incumbents, LL bases his decisions solely on how well the candidates understand what it is the board does. In Ward 1, Dotti Love Wade is the best of a strong field. In Ward 5, Mark Jones is the best of a weak field. And in Ward 7, LL is most impressed by Ralph Chittums Sr.

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Our Readers Say

Only because I know the staff (maybe the hardest working staff on the Council), I feel the need to respond to the shot you took at them regarding the Language Access hearing. That hearing had only 1 witness signed up until about 15 min before the hearing began, at which point, about another 10 people signed up to testify and alerted the staff that interpreters would be needed. So, when you say Schwartz's staff "did not think ahead of time to provide simultaneous translation via headsets," you needlessly insult a group of hard-working people who do all the leg work and get little to no thanks or recognition for their efforts. How do you know they didn't think ahead? Why did you feel it necessary to take a cheap shot at these dedicated public servants?
I don't care what loose lips say, it is time for Carol to go, she lost her primary.
It's time for tired fat a$$ Carol Schwartz to retire like her former tired colleague Linda W. Cropp. Carol Schwartz has been very non response to my emails. Do this woman answer emails. Crime is up in D.C. and is out of control and none of these At-Large D.C. Councilmembers never speak out publicly to address crime in D.C. On another note, I am no voting for the opportunist elitist Michael Brown either who's riding off the coat tail of his dead father.
It's time for tired fat a$$ Carol Schwartz to retire like her former tired colleague Linda W. Cropp. Carol Schwartz has been very non responsive to my emails. Do this woman answer emails? Crime is up in D.C. and is out of control and none of these At-Large D.C. Councilmembers never speak out publicly to address crime in D.C. On another note, I am no voting for the opportunist elitist Michael Browns either who's riding off the coat tail of his dead father.

Ward 4 Voter
Seems hard to endorse a person who's asking the voters to do the work. There's a reason her name isn't on the ballot, she didn't care enough to campaign before the primary, and up until 2 weeks ago, she didn't care enough to campaign for the general.

Other than Paid Sick, what other legislation has she had any passion for over the past couple of years? Why hasn't she ever specifically given a vision as to what she wants to do should she be re-elected? When was the last time, other than recent election forums, she's been to a neighborhood town hall-type meeting in which the residents asked her questions about problems in the community? How many people can say they've shaken her hand at a Metro station or grocery store?

In short, she's in this because it's a nice life being on the council. A $100,000 + salary (and she gets a raise if re-elected), free tix to sporting events, concerts, etc., and invites to all the coolest parties. People are watching, they see what excites her about the job.

If her colleagues, 4 of them now, have taken the unusual step of publicly endorsing a non-incumbent over an incumbent, then what does that tell you about her appropriateness of returning to the Council?
In making your personal endorsement in the Ward 5 State Board of Education race, you DID NOT interview or talk with me about why I seek the position and my education experience. I don't recall seeing you attend any of the Ward 5 community forums held regarding this race. In recent months when we have passed each other in the halls of the John Wilson Building when I would appear to testify on District public education and other Ward 5 issues, you would purposely ignore me. Had you talked with me you would have learned I am a DCPS teacher. You would have discovered I have been involved in education policy over the years through my previous employment with the United Negro College Fund, Texas College, and the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education. If you had even taken the time to call me, you would have learned I have been active in District public reform through my community service as First Vice President of the Ward 5 Council on Education and Chairman of the Education Committee for the DC Federation of Civic Associations. If you had spoken with me you would have find out I mentor to young people out of the eyes of the news media. While you have in the past mocked my military service, I am proud I wore the uniform of the United States and my military service. I believe in fairness and justice. It is unfortunate you, Mr. DeBonis do not value these principles as a journalist.

Your objection to me is not because I am weak, but rather because I am strong in my belief, firm in my faith, and dedicated to community service to residents of Ward 5 and the District of Columbia. Mr. DeBonis you do not have that kind of power over me.

Robert Vinson Brannum
Mr. Brannum you sir are full of hot air. Your accomlishments are no more than what hundred of city residents do on a regular basis. I know tutors and mentors that would wipe the floor with you on the issues of education. Mr. Brannum other than wanting a position (District III, ANC, Council Chair), Who are you , what would you do for Ward 5 and why should you be chosen to lead?
This is a very disappointing endorsement. I have been fond of your analysis over the past few months and your ability to really pick up on the pulse of the residents of the District when it comes to politics. But this is so out of touch - just like Carol!

Readers, when was the last time that you saw her at a meeting - not an event with free food - but a meeting about community concerns? Does she return your emails in a timely fashion - I don't think so. I've been waiting for about 6 weeks for a response. The issue will be dead by the time I hear from her. Does she actually meet with residents? I also know that she doesn't for a fact because I can't get a meeting with her to save my life. She's pawned me off to staff!!!

Other than the bill that she refers to everywhere she goes, when was the last time that she championed legislation that affected your life and your well-being? She's been sitting on a bill about changing the way we deal with our property for about a year now and we can't seem to get an answer about what she's going to do with that bill.

Does she ever talk about her vision for the city? Does she mention what she intends to do? Of course not, she talks about what she's done in the past - never about the future. Ask her why she's running? She says because she has more work to do and because she's being punished for the bill and because this is her life. Notice that there is nothing in her response about the residents -- In fact, there is nothing in her response about anyone else but HER.

LL talks about independence, but people, you need to take a closer look at what's going on here. She may NOW be independent of the business interests, but look who's she's hired - Lindenfeld. That means if she wins she will now be beholden to the Mayor. It's no coincidence that she's only recently come out in favor of the lottery contract - a contract that she was totally against. Hello --- don't you see the connection? Or don't you care that Lindenfeld is now lobbying for that contract on behalf of the Mayor? Or look at the fact that she's publicly come out in favor of confirming obnoxious Virginia-resident Peter Nickles. She's already starting to sway toward what the Mayor wants in an attempt to live up to her end of the bargain.

I think voters need to look at the other choices in this race because a vote for Carol is not a vote for moving this city forward.
It is sad to see this endorsment from someone who has often criticized Schwartz and who has admitted that Mara has done better at the debates and has a good grasp on City issues.

Why say Mara would be a fine person to follow Catania when you could have him on the Council now with Catania. Mara would clearly make a better Councilmember than Schwartz based on his positions, his energy, his willingness to engage people where they live in every Ward of the District. That is clearly why Mara has been endorsed by The Washington Post.

Consistancy is important and this endorsement goes in the face of that. Schwartz oppoed Fenty's school restructuring, opposed the DC smoking ban, wasn't for marriage equality until this election, and was as responsible for the downturn in DC finances and the mess of our schools as anyone else. 34 years in elective office is more than enough for any one person in DC. And I would have hoped that Loose Lips would have looked into the deal Schwartz cut with Lindenfeld and Hudson to get their support. And they should be careful as Schwartz is well known to go back on deals. Just ask Anthony Williams about that.

Schwartz wouldn't go to NH with the Mayor and other Councilmembers to support their resolution asking their Republican Senators to vote for DC Voting rights. So her whole concept of what she could do as a Republican is a myth. If we elect a Republican to the other than Democratic seat on the Council at least make it someone like Mara who will fight for us even if it means going after Republicans.

The District of Columbia will never move forward if we keep electing the same people and don't give a new generation the chance to serve. Schwartz is part of the problem and not the solution.

Mara would be part of the solution. I would have hoped Loose Lips would understand that and often seems to- this endorsement is a cop-out to an old time politician who has already lost 4 elections for Mayor. Actually Schwart's ego should she win this write-in may see her runnning for a 5th time.

It is really hard to understand this endorsement and I am sorry to say it may say more about Loose Lips than it does about Schwartz or the other candidates.
Go Carol! No to carpetbaggers and Johnny-come-latelys!
I just don't understand, this is a democratic year and a time to stay with your party, the thought of voting for any kind of Republican is beyond me. Believe me, Murial Bowser will pay for this her next time around.
Patrick Mara?? Who the heck is this guy? I would think that as the victor in the republican primary he would be campaigning citywide for votes in the general election!! Neither him or Schwartz will get my vote because they haven't come to my neighborhood....
Ward 8 resident - you are right. She hasn't come to your neighborhood or any other neighborhood. She says that she's paying for her decision to move the sick bill. What's really happening here is that she miscalculated and thought she would use that bill to sail into another term - that's the real reason she pushed the bill - not because she really cares. It was going to be her "signature" piece. It's all political!!!!!
Just say NO to Michael Brown. He'll probably win because most voters are not educated in the details of each candidate, but he is despicable. Anyone but Michael Brown!

LL, can you please make a de-endorse Michael Brown on Monday? Thank you! time you should give that pop quiz to all candidates, not just the one that you don't like. I would be curious to see all their responses. In fact, I suggest you do that this weekend and blog about it. I am pretty confident that the entire pack of candidates, Schwartz and all, will not know these answers.
I should be delighted with DeBonis' praise of my sense of humor, but to call me "not-so-well-scrubbed" is really an insult to my talented wife who cut my hair and beard. At forums I dress like the corporate flunky candidates that I am not.

But seriously, Mike likes my focus on eliminating child poverty, but ignores the necessary requirements to achieve this, which in this time of economic hardship for our majority must include deep cutting of corporate welfare in our budget plus implementing a moderately progressive DC tax structure. DeBonis calls such modest tax hikes on our top 5% income bracket "untenable". Why so, because Jack Evans, Chair of Tax & Revenue and the architect of Tax Parity that gave Bush-like reductions to our wealthy, wants to keep our DC tax structure regressive? Ask the working people of DC as I have whether they would welcome an Obama-type tax increase for the wealthy combined with tax relief for most of our residents. The answer has been unequivocally yes. The top 1% of DC individuals has 2 times the income of the bottom 50%, one of the highest income inequality in the nation. If we are seriously about eliminating child poverty this fact must be confronted. And progressive taxation is one big way of reducing this huge income gap. Income inequality drives bad health because it replaces the semblance of democratic government with plutocracy. That is why our corporatized DC Democrats refuse to implement the Obama tax plan locally.
For full documentation go to my website:
I am not voting for Carol Schwartz and I hope she reads my comment. Mrs. Schwartz, you have gotten lazy up there on the Council and you are out of touch with the citizens. When have you been seen on the streets of Ward 4 in the 16th Street Heights, Shepherd Park, Brightwood, Petworth, North Portal Estates, Takoma, and Crestwood neighborhoods? I agree with others, I can't get you to respond to my emails. I sent you and other Councilmembers an email this week about 2 recent robberies in my Ward 4 neighborhood on 10/26/08. The only response I received was from Ward 4 Councilmember Bowser. I expect you At-Large lazy Councilmembers to respond too. What in the heck do you At-Large members do on the Council? Do you not represent all citizens in the District of Columbia? I have voted for you in the past for mayor and Councilmember. I am a registered Blue Dog Democrat. This time, I will not be voting for you Carol Schwartz or Michael Brown. On the ballot, I will write in the name Moses of Mount Sinai.
I'm disappointed by this one too Mike. Your dismissal of David Schwartzman seems a little perfunctory. The candidates were all on this morning's Kojo Nnamdi show, and he was by far the most persuasive. I don't buy the argument that raising taxes on the top five percent of the population is going to have any disastrous effects on the District. Especially now when the wealthy seem to be pouring into the city from the suburbs and exurbs (a reversal of the historical trend), and displacing lower income populations. But most importantly, he seems to have the spine necessary to stand up to the Mayor's office and Chancellor Rhee on some of these so-called education reforms. So far the Fenty administration has demonstrated an unsettling tendency to blame teachers and the teacher's union for the woes of the schools. Schwartzman correctly identifies the problem as poverty. I am all for cleaning up corruption and incompetence in the DCPS administration, but trying to undermine tenure is foolhardy on many levels. There are multitude of reasons that teachers need that protection, and the idea that people become educators because they are lazy or greedy, is preposterous. As with anything, I am sure there are exceptions, but ridding the schools of those few individuals won't begin to address the dysfunctions. Fenty and Rhee's autocratic approach to education, and increasing proclivity for union bashing, are problems that have me thinking that DC needs to give the DC Green/Statehood party a chance.

As for Carol Schwartz...As you yourself pointed out a few weeks back, she owes her seat to an undemocratic subversion of our rights as DC residents. I can't fathom supporting someone who was in effect foisted upon us by congressional Republicans.

Anyway the long and short is that the Washington City Paper reception desk officially endorses David Schwartzman.

I have met Carol this year as she ran for council. I met her after I met that nice man Adam Clampitt. We were disappointed when he dropped out. I do not like politicians who come around only when running.

I even met Mark Long with a sense of greater sincerity. I did not trust Patrick Mara he is to wllling to gloss over his pary affliations and serve you a line with one hand while working some deeds with another. You can't run as a conservative in the primaryl and think that is forgetten in the general. I also find Dee Hunter personally dispectable and unctuous in his dealing with people.

So this is not an election where someone votes their conscience with too many people in the race. People will vote against rather than for. If the Democrats are too divided Mara has a possibility of winning. And that is unthinkable in a time when Democratic indentity is so high.

Carol does not hide her support for McCain. Mara ran on very conservative principles. My understanding is Republicans are looking forward to the fracture and voting for both Mara and Scwartz in their two choices. The Republicans ae also running an aggressive absentee voter campaign. I hope the board of elections check where their drivers license is from or if they are still registered in their previous state. Which I suspect they are, voting here absentee and voting in their home state.

So for that reason. I hope Kwame Brown and Michael Brown will win.
The people have spoken! It is time for tired ass Carol to move on. She has been on the Council forever and has not really done much to benefit the residents of the District of Columbia. She Seems to be more concerned with the rights of tourists and others from out of town. Dear Lord and Saviour, on November 4, 2008, take the Raspy Raven out of city hall. Her time has past.
Write in Raspy Raven!!!!!!!!!!!!
dis article iz so fascinating i can read it all day
signed micahlynn
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i am dis boy named troy harvey
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i just want 2 let u kno dat i hate dis article because mz.carol can go sit down sum were

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