The Real Jews Socrates, Mozart, Queen Elizabeth, and these guys

Darrow Montgomery

At 7 p.m. on a cold Thursday night, two SUVs with Maryland plates pull into a CVS parking lot at Florida Avenue and 7th Street NW. Half a dozen men in brightly colored robes emerge and begin to assemble a makeshift pulpit around a black wooden platform. Across the street, the go-go music blasting from a cell-phone store suddenly goes silent.

Someone flips the switch on a little generator and two industrial lights flash on, casting a blinding halo around the men gathered by the stage. A tall man in red and gold steps to the mic. His voice booms above the roar of traffic.

“Hello, Washington, D.C.,” he yells. “We are the Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ. We are the true biblical and ethnic Jews.”

According to the ICGJC, everything you’ve been taught is a lie. The real Jews are black.

The true Hebrews of the Bible—from the 12 tribes of Jacob’s sons, on through the generations to Jesus and those who came after—all had skin as dark as the earth. Some of the tribes traveled to the New World, by boat, where they are now represented by the native peoples of the Caribbean and North and South America. Others fled from the Roman army and settled in Africa, where they would one day be sold as slaves by the nations whose lands they had occupied.


Black Jews ruled the world from ancient times until the Enlightenment. King Tut and Socrates were Black Hebrews. And centuries later, many of their kin survived Rome’s terror and rose to prominence in Europe—Shakespeare, King Arthur, Mozart—all were black and Jewish.

White people have rewritten history, obscuring the true identity of God’s chosen people and erasing the evidence of their accomplishments in the world.

These are the lies the ICGJC is trying to set straight, one street corner at a time.

It may seem like a Sisyphean task, but the ICGJC are not as few or as marginal as they may appear. They belong to the Black Israelite tradition, a broad (and not very chummy) category of semi-Christian, semi-Jewish congregations that believe that the real chosen people are black. Through various permutations, the ideology has lasted for more than a century in the United States, weathering failed attempts to gain Israeli citizenship, a prophesied apocalypse that never went boom, and constant internal disputes that produce an ever-growing number of rebel groups and offshoots. Scholars estimate there are thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of Black Hebrews in the United States, while the various groups put their numbers in the millions.

In Washington, Black Israelites have already drawn attention for their activities on H Street NE, where a group calling itself the Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge inspired one resident to start a blog devoted to noise complaints.

I first notice the ICGJC one night in January at the Georgia Ave-Petworth Metro stop. The church members have set up their stage and placards just down from the drug dealers who hang out by the escalators. I decide to go up and satisfy my curiosity.

I introduce myself as a journalist to one of the combat-booted men standing sentry. His reluctance to talk is palpable. He looks at me through lowered lashes and keeps turning around as if he hopes someone else will come take over. He says they might be interested in “doing an article” and hands me a flyer before bowing out. The sheet is choked with text and decorated with lions and a Star of David. Bold-faced questions are answered with Bible verses.

Read: Exo: 11:7 "... That ye may know that the Lord doth put a difference between the Egyptians and Israel." THE REAL JEWS ARE BLACK (referring to people of brown color) ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE. Read: Jer. 14:2- "Judah mourneth (in sorrow) an the leaders) thereof languish (grow weaker), they are Black unto the ground (meaning different shades of brown)..."

I send e-mails to the address on the flyer. I call the listed number and leave messages. No one responds. I visit the Web site, a spiffy page that advertises meetings at D.C. public libraries nearly every night of the week. After a few weeks of radio silence, I show up unannounced in a small room on the second floor of the MLK library. A man with a suitcase on wheels listens stone-faced as I introduce myself. His name, I learn later, is Rachaab, or Raymond Washington. He pulls out his cell, dials a number, and hands me the phone. A man on the other end introduces himself as Bishop Maahwar Ahmathyah. I tell him I'm a journalist and want to sit in on the meeting. That's fine, he says, and I hand the phone back to Washington. He listens, nods a few times, and hangs up. Then he looks me over and asks where I'm from.

(Photograph by Darrow Montgomery)
“Oregon,” I say.

“No,” he says, “I mean, where are your people from.”

I think I see where he’s going and explain that I’m a quarter Mexican. “On which side?” he asks. I have the right answer: my father, and my father’s father. With that, my invitation is confirmed. The Mexican people are Jews, you see, the 12th of the 12 lost tribes of Israel. It makes no matter that I’m three-quarters heathen. Contrary to the traditional Jewish law of matrilineal descent, the Israelites believe the seed comes from the man.

In the session, I learn some basic tenets of the ICGJC. Most of it is following rules. Because sex equals marriage, polygamy is permitted, even encouraged. (For men only.) Contraception is banned. Members follow some kosher restrictions: no pork, no shellfish. Smoking is prohibited; moderate drinking is allowed. They celebrate High Holy Days and believe Jesus was the son of God from a virgin birth.

ICGJC members say they speak an ancient dialect of Hebrew called Lashawan Qadash, which resembles modern Israeli Hebrew with all the vowels sounds except “a” and “i” removed. Mostly, they use the language for greetings, prayers, and giving themselves “Hebrew” names.

If you ask about the history of their religion, the Israelites invariably respond to a different question. “We go back to the time of Moses in the wilderness,” they’ll say. Or they’ll say that their organization isn’t a religion at all but a race living in a diaspora.

Black Hebrew ideology has its roots, most likely, with slaves’ first encounters with Christianity. Early sermons led by slaves and freemen often focused on the books of the Old Testament, particularly accounts of Jewish oppression in Egypt. Stories of surviving Pharaoh’s cruelty probably resonated more than the miracles of the New Testament, especially for a people suffering under modern-day slavery with no Moses in sight. Imagery borrowed from the Jewish experience pervades black culture in the New World, from Martin Luther King’s “I’ve seen the promised land” to Desmond Dekker’s 1968 ska hit “The Israelites.”

It wasn’t until the turn of the 20th century that the identification with Jews transformed into claims of actual kinship.

The first groups to claim heredity between blacks in America and the biblical Jews emerged more than 100 years ago, starting in the South and moving to Northern cities along the routes of black migration. They advocated an ideology that reclaimed biblical salvation for themselves and denied the Christian religion of their oppressors. Adam and Eve were black, as were God and Jesus. The white Jews were imposters, and the white race was cursed. The groups grew steadily in the early 20th century, establishing churches in Virginia, New York, and Philadelphia with thousands of members.

The movement surged again in the 1960s and ’70s, with several new groups that espoused a more stridently separatist doctrine. One Chicago sect relocated a chunk of its congregation to Israel, where members have been allowed to join the national Defense Forces. Another group, the Nation of Yahweh in Miami, has been labeled as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Today, the various sects of Hebrew Israelites have vastly different theologies, from strict emulations of Orthodox Jewish traditions and beliefs to a sort of hybrid Christianity in which Jesus is the savior but the laws of the Old Testament still stand. The ICGJC occupies the latter end of the spectrum.

The church has its roots in the Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge, which was founded in New York City in the 1960s. In the late 1980s, the group replaced “School” with “Church,” in a bid, according to some accounts, to get tax-exempt status (ICGJC members say there was just a split in the organization). A decade later, elders began preaching that the world would end on Jan. 1, 2000. When nothing happened, one group of former members reorganized as the ICGJC. Soon a new leader emerged, a man known as Apostle and Chief High Priest Tazadaqyah, who believes he’s inhabited by the Holy Spirit and calls himself the Comforter.

The ICGJC claims to have hundreds of thousands of members, which may seem far-fetched for a group whose expansion into D.C. relies on a dozen or so men preaching at street corners. But there are signs the church is more than a ramshackle operation: a MySpace-style social networking site with hundreds of profiles; enough money to pay for the Comforter’s recent “World Tour,” to Dallas, Philadelphia, and other cities east of the Continental Divide, plus audio-visual equipment, travel expenses, the production of a weekly cable-access television show, and upkeep and rent for two “campuses” in New York and Baltimore.

The “street unit” is the keystone of the ICGJC’s plans to find a permanent home here. About a dozen men visit D.C. each week to “speak the word” at the Petworth Metro, in Anacostia, or on Florida Avenue.

Clifford Jean, aka Bishop Maahwar Ahmathya
(Photograph by Darrow Montgomery)
Clifford Jean, whose Hebrew name is Maahwar Ahmathyah, is the bishop of D.C. and the person I spoke to on the phone back at the library. Unlike the group’s foot soldiers, none of whom will talk to me, Jean is jovial and polite, eager to answer questions about the ICGJC.

But Jean, 35, is a little shy when we’re not talking about religion. I can pry out only a few details: He lives in Silver Spring, he says, with his wife and their 10 children. He says he was raised by his father, a Haitian immigrant, who worked as a mechanic in Flatbush, Brooklyn, and supported the family with little to no help from Jean’s mother. Jean went to Catholic church occasionally and loved to draw. “I just had a regular childhood life, I guess,” he says. “I went to school and did what I had to do. I didn’t get in too much trouble. Just an ordinary kid.”

After graduating from the High School of Graphic Communication Arts, a vocational school in Manhattan, he enrolled in a graphic arts program at John Jay College in Brooklyn. He didn’t want to follow in his father’s footsteps, he says, because he didn’t like the grease. But after a year of school, he dropped out and took a job in building security, which is still his trade.

Jean discovered the Israelites the way most people do, by accident. On his way home from work, he saw a group of men preaching near the corner of 44th Street and Broadway. He was transfixed by their poise.

“I guess it was the way they dressed,” he says. “The way they stood so stiff before the Lord. I was like, Wow! These guys look amazing.”

Jean stopped and listened to what the men had to say. They showed him how things he’d learned in school were lies. The light of the truth drew him in.

“It was factual,” he says. “That’s what got me interested. The truth.”

I find truth for myself one Saturday at the Petworth library, where the ICGJC is holding a four-hour seminar called “From Kings to Slaves.”

Before the session starts, a dozen men rush around making coffee and piling food—fried chicken from Popeye’s, bagels and cream cheese, snack-size bags of potato chips—on a long table in the chilly basement. There is a jovial air to the preparations. The men ask after one another’s families, “How your people doing? The twins, they all right?” “A Change Is Gonna Come,” by Otis Redding, plays over and over on a laptop connected to a Peavy amp.

Raymond Washington, the man I’d met at the MLK library, tests the mic in a low voice. “The real Jews were black,” he says. Tap tap. “The real Jews were black.”

As curtain time approaches, the men bring out robes on hangers covered in plastic. They slip into the hand-sewn sheaves of off-white tapestry, their street shoes and pants legs peaking out below a fringe of knotted string. Over the top, they wear red smocks of shiny red brocade with dragon designs—the kind of material you might imagine on a geisha. Bishop Jean wears a gold lamé turban and a gold lamé cummerbund around his ample middle.

When I ask who makes the robes, Jean says “the sewing department.”

Carlos Santiago
(Photograph by Darrow Montgomery)
The guests begin to arrive in little clusters. Most are black women. Two teenage girls, some middle-aged friends. Women with crying infants. Mothers with lanky teenage sons. One black woman is watching over the baby girl of Carlos Santiago, the only Latino I’ve met so far. Otis Redding is still on repeat.

A man strides to the front of the room and introduces himself as 13 Shield General Hamaqal. He announces that the seminar will begin with a history lesson. But not just any history. “This is basic history all the way back to the actual beginning,” he says. “History not being taught in these so-called high schools.”

“We ruled the whole planet Earth,” he says.

Hamaqal tells the story of Joseph, the son of Jacob who was betrayed by his brothers and sold him into slavery in Egypt. Joseph wins a place in the Pharaoh’s court and sets a trap to bring his brothers back to Egypt, where they fall under his reign.

God decrees that Joseph and the other children of Jacob, who is renamed Israel, will become kings. Of course, for the next 200 years they remain oppressed in Egypt. Then Moses picks up his staff, leads them out and they—the Jews—settle in Canaan, forming the 12 tribes of Israel.

This is all straight from the Bible. What makes the difference is the context, sprinkled here and there throughout every ICGJC presentation: Jacob’s descendants, the Jews, were black.

The Israelites rely on just a few passages from the King James version to prove this central point. A favored quotation comes from the Song of Solomon. The book is as close as the Bible gets to erotica and consists of letters between a man, perhaps Solomon, and his lover, perhaps the daughter of the Pharaoh.

The teacher calls upon his reader to recite from the Song of Solomon, Chapter 1, Verse 5.

“I am black.”

“Read it again,” the teacher says.

“I am black.”

“Read it backwards,” the teacher says.

“Black am I.”

“Read it again,” the teacher says.

“I am black.”

Here is the entire verse from the King James edition: “I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon. Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me: my mother’s children were angry with me; they made me the keeper of the vineyards; but mine own vineyard have I not kept.”

In some 20th-century translations, the first line became the familiar “I am black and beautiful.” The problem with the Israelites’ interpretation is this: Most scholars believe the author of the passage is not Solomon but his lover, a woman who may very well have been black. The only references to Solomon’s appearance come later, also in her voice, when she describes him thus: “My beloved is white and ruddy…His head is as the most fine gold, his locks are bushy, and black as a raven…his belly is as bright ivory overlaid with sapphires…His legs are as pillars of marble, set upon sockets of fine gold.”

Sounds like an olive-skinned man from the Middle East.

13 Shield General Hamaqal
(Photograph by Darrow Montgomery)
Hamaqal moves from the two centuries of Jewish repression in Egypt, a central event of the Old Testament with no real foundation in the historical record, straight into facts about ancient Egypt. His only departure from the Encyclopaedia Britannica is that the pharaohs were Jewish.

A slide pops up listing the Black Israelites’ six contributions to world culture during their time in Egypt. One, the pyramids, which they built to honor Black Hebrews like King Tut. Two, monotheism, introduced by another black Jew, Akhenaton. Three, riches, as seen in the relics found in ancient tombs. (“Right now we’re rich in spirit, but when our forefathers ruled the earth, they had a lot of riches. This ain’t no rinky-dink gold.”) Four, horse-drawn carriages. Five, the composite bow, and six, the scarab.

Fast-forward a millennium or so.

“Because we didn’t do what God wanted us to do,” he says, “we were scattered amongst other nations.”

In the year 70 A.D., he says, black Jews fleeing an advancing Roman Empire swarmed into Africa, making homes among the people already settled there. The story isn’t totally bizarre. The Jewish diaspora is often dated to 63 A.D., when Rome overtook Judea and eventually banned Jews from setting foot in Jerusalem. The dispersal of Judaism was far and wide, spreading as far as Persia and into Europe. There are groups of Jewish Ethiopians who claim to be descendants of King Solomon, but scholars have dated their existence only back to the late Middle Ages.

Hamaqal hands over the reins to Bishop Jean, who storms into the full-fledged sci-fi scenarios. Even Mormons, who believe a group of Israelites came to the New World in 600 B.C., concede the major events of European history. But the Israelites throw out the whole shebang.

It turns out that many of the Hebrews targeted by the Roman army found ways to stick it out, even claiming seats of power in the empire of their oppressors. If you want proof, just look at one of the old coins. Septimius Severus clearly wore his hair in cornrows.

“Althusian loved to keep it jiggy,” says Jean.

The apex of black power in Europe, it seems, came during the Middle Ages. Jean explains that modern historians call those years the Dark Ages because black people were in charge. During this time, Black Israelites made many accomplishments. Among them, creating the English language.

Jean’s speech becomes something of a disorganized litany, with slide after slide of proof that the great men and women of Europe were black and Jewish. Jean points to the evidence: woolly hair, cornrows, dark skin.

“King James,” he says. “Black man. Looks like Mayor Dinkins.”

Queen Elizabeth was a light-skinned sister. “Henry VIII, black man! St. Nicholas, black man! Ivan the Terrible, black man!”

A slide pops up with an indistinct etching of a man in a wig. “Uh-oh,” Jean says, “who do we have here?” It’s Mozart. “Black man!” Next, Beethoven.

“It’s not so hard to believe that black people write music,” he says. “A modern-day Beethoven would be Prince.”

One woman near me turns to her friend periodically to nod and say, “It’s true. It’s true.”

So how did it all end? Jean says that blacks remained in power in Europe until 1711, “when Charlemagne came.” Then, during the Renaissance, white families spent “thousands of dollars” to erase the “names of our forefathers.” They used acid to bleach the paintings of black kings and queens, hammers to chip the broad noses from marble statues.

Jean finishes and returns the podium to Hamaqal, who explains how Black Hebrews ended up as slaves in America.

“We’ll go into a position we’re more familiar with today,” he says. Starting in 1619, he explains, Africans began selling their immigrant population, the Hebrew Israelites, into slavery. Their fate was a punishment for disobeying God.

“We have sinned, and that is the reason the crown has fallen,” Hamaqal says.

For the next hour, we watch clips from a version of Uncle Tom’s Cabin that shows slaves drooling over the babble of Christian preachers and welcoming the abuses of their patriarchs. The film reinforces a central theme of the ICGJC, that mainstream Christianity was right next to the whip as a tool of oppression.

The session winds up with 45 minutes of questions and answers. One woman tells the men she’s struggling with some of the revelations.

“Being from England myself,” she says, “for some reason, I’m having a difficult time grasping Shakespeare and Beethoven and Mozart being black.”

Jean responds by talking about the story of Romeo and Juliet, which he says, was about two black lovers from opposite sides of town. “Even though you haven’t been taught it,” he says, “why don’t you take it from the prophets. They’ve done the work for you.”

The woman nods. “I do receive,” she says. “But sometimes when you’ve been indoctrinated, you resist.”

I approach the woman after the session ends. She looks to be in her 40s, at least, and is surrounded by three girls and two boys, all hers, she says. It turns out she’s not really skeptical. She tells me she’s working through unlearning the lies she accepted in a lifetime attending Christian churches. She says she’s a minister but won’t say where. Christian preachers never gave her a satisfactory explanation for the suffering of daily life. For her, the worst comes from “the bondage of debt, of course.” But the Israelites, she says, had an answer. “By them speaking, my spirit was illuminated,” she says.

The next day, I call Bishop Jean to go over a few areas of confusion. First of all, I want to know how the Mexicans got here from the Old World.

(Photograph by Darrow Montgomery)
Like the Mormons, the ICGJC believes the native people of the New World came here by boat. In 474 B.C., he says, Black Hebrews from the southern kingdom of Israel, oppressed by Syrian overlords, fled to the New World in sailboats.

In his lecture, Bishop Jean said that Black Hebrews had led England until Charlemagne came in 1711. The much-mythologized French king is typically said to have ruled during the French expansion of the Middle Ages, in the late 700s, and is not generally credited with invading Britain, an honor usually attributed to William the Conqueror, who defeated Harold II at Hastings in 1066. I ask Bishop Jean what happened in 1711.

He responds by clarifying a different point. He says his ancestors actually ruled Europe until 1810, when the last strongholds of Black Hebrews fell in Russia. OK, I say, but what happened with Charlemagne, you know, in 1711?

“What do you mean? In 1810?” he says.

“No. 1711.”

Jean demurs. “I’m not too sure,” he says. “I’m not a Charlemagne historic person.”

As for the decline of black power in Europe, he says there were no cataclysmic events. It was a slow defeat.

“It was gradual,” he says. “They lost power over Russia…white people took over.” How? Different ways, he says. “A lot of them through war, through marriage.”

And whither the descendants of our great Hebrew forefathers, like Shakespeare and Mozart?

“A lot of them stayed in Europe,” he says. They moved into the poor neighborhoods where they still reside today. You can find the kin of Shakespeare and Mozart in the black slums of Europe.

Jean doesn’t have a problem with answering whether white people are evil. They are, he says, “the children of Satan.” It’s folly to believe what they say or to participate in their system.

“The Lord said never trust thine enemy,” he says. “How can you trust the devil? It doesn’t make no sense.”

I try to think of a good devil. “What about Gandhi?” I ask. “He did some good things. Was he following Satan too?”

“Yeah, of course,” the bishop says.

“The truth of God is not secret,” he says. “There’s white people that come up to the campus and say, ‘Am I the devil?’ and we say, ‘Yeah, let me prove it to you.’”

Back on Florida Avenue, the ICGJC’s evangelists are trying to do just that. They condemn political participation, saying Barack Obama is in league with the devil. They call out the heathen races: Chinese, Japanese, whites, and Africans. Holding up a poster of a white Jesus, they call it “the image of the beast.”

(Photograph by Darrow Montgomery)
Meanwhile, the unit’s foot soldiers work the sidewalk, trying their pitch on almost anyone: kids with backpacks on their way home from school, old women, even drunks. Just so long as they’re black or Latino.

An Israelite with dreadlocks and an earbud approaches a young man walking by in a red City Year jacket. He hands over a flyer and starts talking. Within minutes, the two men have shifted into debaters’ stances, leaning forward, hands spread open, eyes locked. The City Year recruit explains that his mother is Jewish and his father is black. “That must make me the ultimate Jew,” he says, grinning. His wooer reacts with a no-nonsense grimace. “It makes you a real, ethnic Jew,” he says.

To prove his point, the proselytizer tells a parable about an apple seed. If you plant the seed over here, he says, pointing toward Florida Avenue, what will grow? “An apple tree,” the young man says. And if you plant it over here, he gestures in the other direction, what grows then? “An apple tree,” the young man repeats, chuckling. “I’m gonna peace out on that,” he says and hurries to cross with the light.

Carlos Santiago spends about 20 minutes talking to a man in a leather coat who’s been taking notes since the street sermon began. After Santiago leaves, I ask the man what he thinks of the Israelites. His name is David, and he says he lives nearby and comes out to listen whenever the unit sets up. He thinks they get things a little wrong but says he always learns something from the passages they mention. He also attends Sunday services at the United House of Prayer. He’s not the first person I’ve met who takes what they want from the Israelites and leaves the rest.

David wanders off, leaving two stalwart fans in front of the stage. The men, who look either drunk or high, waver unsteadily in front of the amp. It’s not clear if they are feeling the Holy Spirit or simply unable to walk.

After several weeks trolling for lapsed members of the ICGJC, I finally track down Margaret Cook Turner, who now lives in Atlanta.

Fifteen years ago, Turner’s boyfriend tried to get her to join what was then the ICUPK. She resisted, but he kept pointing out the inconsistencies between scripture and Christian beliefs. “By the time they’ve finished, they’ve painted a big puzzle, and they have all the pieces,” she says. It took a few years, but she finally joined in 1996. Her brother joined, too.

The church taught its members to expect suffering in this world and a reward in the hereafter. In heaven, they would be the masters, she says, and their slaves would be white.

She left the church in late 2000 but stayed a believer for at least three more years. The thing that finally pissed her off enough to leave was how the church treated women. It wasn’t just the polygamy. Turner recalls one Hanukkah celebration when the men prepared dinner for the entire congregation. The guys took forever in the kitchen, and when they finally finished, fed themselves first, then the male children. By the time the women sat down to eat, it was after midnight, and the food was almost gone.

Turner says most of the women stay home with their children and collect public assistance. “If you’re not happy with it,” she says, “they give you Bible scriptures.”

Plus, she adds, someone is clearly making money off the enterprise. In addition to a 10 percent monthly tithe, members must contribute hundreds of dollars a year to Passover funds, priestly fees, and family fees. The ICGJC plans to open a Princess School for girls in New York City, which will also cost a chunk of change.

She’s still struggling to “recover from the brainwashing.”

“It’s hard to let go of it completely once you’re involved,” she says. She and her brother still call each other during Hanukkah and laugh at how their relatives celebrate Easter.

Growing up black in America, she says, you desperately want an explanation for why it’s hard to get ahead. When you start to notice contradictions in conventional histories, it’s easy to start seeing the whole thing as a fabrication. “You’d want to believe it,” she says. “It makes you feel special. It makes you feel like the chosen one.”

Our Readers Say

Sounds like the group is little more than the urban version of Scientology - a financial pyramid scheme cloaked as a religion.
I know of this church. There are a lot of lies and historical inconsistencies that the writer put within this article about those members.

From my experience in encountering the Israelites, they prove everything in the bible and they live by God's Word

Scientology does not deal with the word of God, but the belief in aliens.

Question to Skipper: How can you make a comparison? I never saw no link between the two. It sounds like you are showing hatred.
I am deeply saddened that there could exist such ignorance and hatred in this world. It seems to me that this group's methods are a historical analog to the anti-evolution movement: by simply denying the truth, they destroy any possibility of dialog or debate. This group is simply denying thousands of years of historical and archaeological evidence and tearing any passage out of the old testament that could possibly help their argument seem legitimate to other potential followers.

These people are not "The Real Jews" and I am afraid that by titling the article as such, the author has inadvertently sided with these people and their abuses of the Jewish religion. Anyone who accepts Jesus as the son of g-d is not a Jew. These people are masquerading under the guise of the twelve tribes in order to further their divisive and essentially racist agenda. I am severely disappointed in this publication for printing a story on this group and giving them a larger audience for fear that their ideas will reach a larger audience.
I am deeply saddened that there could exist such ignorance and hatred in this world. It seems to me that this group's methods are a historical analog to the anti-evolution movement: by simply denying the truth, they destroy any possibility of dialog or debate. This group is simply denying thousands of years of historical and archaeological evidence and tearing any passage out of the old testament that could possibly help their argument seem legitimate to other potential followers.

These people are not "The Real Jews" and I am afraid that by titling the article as such, the author has inadvertently sided with these people and their abuses of the Jewish religion. Anyone who accepts Jesus as the son of g-d cannot be a Jew. These people are masquerading under the guise of the twelve tribes in order to further their divisive and essentially racist agenda. I am severely disappointed in this publication for printing a story on this group and giving them a larger audience for fear that their ideas will reach a larger audience.
These people are just wanting to add hate to society. We are all trying to move froward in a positive way and there is always a group who think they know best and attempt to brainwash others. These people have no idea other than what they were taught. Hate and Race is TAUGHT in the family. I say get over it! The past is the past - move forward and reach for soemthing better. Get real jobs. I will pray for this group.
This group sounds is like a black Fundamental Latter Day Saints group (Mormons).
Looks as though these folks are willing to buy into a rather extreme form of the mythology that is religion. It would seem that science and logic would trump all of these arguments, but once you buy the package, you have to carry it to the end of the journey. Interesting article, for the insight into yet another aspect of religion in the USA.
A cult is a cult is a cult.

The whole point of a cult is to claim that you have some inherent right to claim you are better than everyone else. And that's the last thing religion should be doing, and it is in fact the cause of most of the misery in human history.
I agree, it was an interesting article, but these mis-guided folks really do not need any press.
They seek out the most gullible and lost souls and do what most religions, pusedo or othrwise do, harness them, box them in with arcane rights and rules, then attach themselves to the vein and suck out their life and money for the benifit of those above them, "The Enlightened"'s sad.

I love that it's also "Male Dominated" and polygamy is encouraged...nice, make slaves of the women as well as the other misguided's amazing that people let themselves get sucked in, but when your target audiance is the most marginalized of a society, it's easy. These so called "Bishops", Generals" etc should be ashamed of doing this and not helping to change the world for the better...keeping it fractured and you keep people in the dark with hate speech and ignorance.
Sad, so very sad...
I may not agree with all these brothers may think and/or believe, they are not totally wrong. This should promote dialogue and not more of the same misinformation and ignorance.

This article incorrectly stated, "Black Hebrew ideology has its roots, most likely, with slaves’ first encounters with Christianity. Early sermons led by slaves and freemen often focused on the books of the Old Testament, particularly accounts of Jewish oppression in Egypt." - This is historically inaccurate as Hebrews of African descent did not begin with slavery or a church sermon, we go back thousands of years.

Judaism, Christianity and even Islam all have their origins in Africa and ancient Mesopotamia, and the original Hebrews were of African descent and were not "European." There is no doubt these were people of color, going back to Abraham and many more including Jesus himself.

This is not racist, or anti-semitic (even this word is a misnomer in itself). In fact, some of the oldest groups of Jews, Hebrews, etc, can be found in Africa (Ethiopia, Uganda, Ghana) and throughout the world (India, China and all over this planet). Judaism is not a race. Ancient and present-day Israel is not the same as most people may think, and this continues to be a problem. Just like with Muslims, Christians, and many other spiritual/religious groups, there are many, many groups, denominations and sections of African Hebrews, Black Jews, Israelites, etc. All of us should not be lumped into one big "so-called" cult category. Jews are not all white or European, and this has been so for thousands of years, not since slavery.

Please do your research, beyond what you may think in terms of religion, history... I ask all who read this to open your mind beyond the so-called history
(or lie agreed upon) that has been proven to be the result of imperialism, colonialism, racism and white supremacy.

Shalom. Peace.
Holy crap, this is the funniest article I've read in a long time. Angela did a beautiful job of giving this group the benefit of the doubt. "The sewing department." Ha! You couldn't make that up.
While I am familiar with the biblical and historical context by which some people believe that Black folks are the "real jews", I do not agree with this organization's approach. A real thorough understanding of the Bible (and I mean if you believe that the book should be read in its entirety) would show that contrary to popular belief, the White Man is not the cause of all of Black folk's problems. And I think focusing on such a divisive thing, will do nothing but further mask us from the truth about our heritage. Having said that, do I believe that we are the "real jews"? Absolutely. But my understanding allows me to see the bigger picture of our role in this world and why we're currently in the state that we're in and less about placing blame on our white neighbors...
All you guys (Ethan, Lincoln and Mark) are SIMPLE. Where is your proof? You all make EMPTY statements with no biblical proof. You are basing things off of what you have learned from Satan and not from the Bible. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease prove them wrong. I bet you can't; but show your own foolish opinion. Try to come with some FACTS next time BUDDIES.
Interesting article. I wonder if the group says anything in particular about those who are conventionally identified as Jews (not just white Ashkenazis from Europe, but also Jews from Arab countries like Morocco, Syria, Lybia and Yemen, African countries like Uganda and Ethiopia, and communities from India)? Is this a unique form of "destroying" the Black Israelite history or is just more of the same white devil action?
You destroy peoples culture and religion and replace it with your own and after enough time those people want to identify with the culture and religion that has been imposed upon them by force and you have a problem with that?

How many time do you have to watch "The Ten Commandments" before you are a Jew? Christianity is a Jewish sect and so is Islam. Modern Judaism has just as much in common with historical Judaism as do modern Christianity and Islam.

It is Moses and Moses is bunk and a lie but a great tale to tell.

If you watched "The Ten Commandments" last night and didn't think it was the lamest piece of BS you have ever heard of, then you are a Jew. It is core to all three religions in the west. It is Bunk.

If the Ashkenazis can magically turn into Jews, then so can everyone else.

We Are All Jews. We have been programmed to be Jews

If you don't like it, put Islamists and Christians in charge of Hollywood.

Don't expect things to change or get any better because Islamists and Christians also believe in Moses and thus are also Jews.

So this guy climbs a mountain, sets fire to a marijuana bush and talks to god and he kicks Pharaohs ass, then he steals the creation story from the Babylonians and monotheism from Akhenaton and we are still dancing to this tune.

Let it be written my ass.
I read your article. Allow me to enlighten you with a few things.
First, I am an Isrealite. Not by religion, nor group, nor brainwashed believer as you so slantedly wrote this article.
Yes there are inconsistencies in this particular groups, dealings and explanations.
Let me also point out at the outset, I learned and taught in the Israelite school of Universal and Practical Knowledge that was in Philadelphia. ( I.S.U.P.K) I know of some of teh people with which you spoke personally in this article ( Hamaqal) The fundamental baseis with which its based is True. The porpblem arises when people, like in religions, bring their own personal desires into things. IE greed, money, power, agenda's, etc... I left the group because I began to see inconsistencies in the organization, but I never left the truth ( as its called). You can easily point out the flaws of men, young men, obviously not as schooled in the scriptures and disgruntled people who were mistreated in some way. But the main thing about teh truth is learning and applying it to your life every day. Not for some power or reward per se, but because your mind and spirit in its truest origin, seeks and desires to be righteous. Just because you find out your an israelite, doesn't mean you will be saved. Unfortunately for some of these men and women, they will have to learn these foacts for themselves. They come into this group, some of them, seeking something other than the truth about God. The same reasons people attend church and don't find the truth there either. I will say this, Jesus said its best when asked what is the whole duty of man. He responded, " fear the Lord and keep his commandments)
Now I ask you, what was the point of your story? to say and show from your already established viewpoint that you already believe these men to be fraudulent?, or was it to see if what they say is true?
There are undisputable fact that exist. The book of Deut. says that the children of Israel will go in slavery by way of slave ships, yet still white people claiming to be jews, or (jewish) have never suffered this indignity. Why is that?
As I said earlier, I have left the group, mainly because I saw teh splits as damaging to the message of the bible, but I never left the knowledge of what the bible actually says. And thess facts again, are undeniable. Ultimately, believe what you want, and print the story on the Israelites the way you want. the truth is just that, the TRUTH.
Why would anyone care what color the biblical jews or jesus was? Isn't that detail infinately less important than the bigger points the bible makes?

Sad, how the focus has been realigned toward trivia.
These cats are a scream! I catch thirr act on Fairfax Public Access cable tv from time to time and they are hyterically funny in their mangling of theology and history. It's sad that their are people who will believe these guys and the strange stuff they preach...
This group is part of the Afrocentricc view of history:
From the issue dated March 28, 2008

Lefkowitz Agonistes: a Contemporary Odyssey

Historian Wilson Jeremiah Moses called Mary Lefkowitz "an obscure drudge in the academic backwaters of a classics department." Africana-studies professor Anthony Martin, her colleague and chief combatant at Wellesley College, dubbed her a "national leader of the Jewish onslaught against Afrocentrism in general, and me in particular." Khalid Muhammad, formerly of the Nation of Islam, railed against her in 1997 as "Left-o-witch," a "hook-nosed, lox-eating, bagel-eating, … so-called Jew."

Survivors of scholarly controversies often exhibit serious scars from their infighting. Mary Lefkowitz's experiences since she opposed a number of Afrocentrist historical claims in the 1990s — and wound up sued by Martin, assailed by Afrocentrists, and in a battle with breast cancer at the same time — add up to a cautionary tale.

History Lesson: A Race Odyssey, published this month by Yale University Press, is Lefkowitz's attempt to size up the lessons. "Was it worth it?" she asks. Her answer is "Yes." Most scholars who follow her through familiar campus phenomena from political correctness to colleague wimpiness ("I couldn't take sides because it wasn't my field," one colleague confided) will care more about the issues her case raises than her ultimate peace of mind.

Lefkowitz's battle with Afrocentrism began with her 1992 New Republic review of Martin Bernal's Black Athena (Rutgers University Press, 1987), which she still refers to here as "a work of fiction." In her chapter "Discovering Afrocentrism," Lefkowitz recounts how the magazine asked her to review it along with several other titles. Bernal's "principal thesis," Lefkowitz writes, "was that Greek culture was heavily dependent on earlier cultures in Egypt and the Near East." The rest of the books sent "also argued that Greek culture had been stolen or borrowed from Egypt, and that the inhabitants of ancient Egypt were Africans." The New Republic jazzed up matters with a flamboyant cover — "the bust of a Greek philosopher wearing a Malcolm X cap, with highlights in purple."

For the first time, Lefkowitz confronted such claims as that Egypt "had actually invaded Greece during the second millennium BC and that there was a large component of Egyptian vocabulary in ancient Greek." The other books also came as a shock. Stolen Legacy, by George G.M. James, in print nearly 40 years, argued that "Aristotle took his ideas about the soul from The Egyptian Book of the Dead." Africa: Mother of Western Civilization, by Yosef A.A. ben-Jochannan (Black Classic Press, 1971), "charged that Aristotle had stolen his philosophy from works by Egyptians in the library of Alexandria" and even "put his name on them."

"This assertion was obviously false," Lefkowitz writes, "because the library at Alexandria was not built until after Aristotle's death, and no ancient writer records that Aristotle ever went to Egypt." But it became clear to Lefkowitz that a "tradition of a Stolen Legacy," its original source a 1731 French novel (Sethos, by Abbé Jean Terrasson) persisted among some black-studies scholars who "regarded the existence of Greek philosophy as yet another case of a colonialist European plundering of Africa."

Much of History Lesson recounts Lefkowitz's efforts, in her review, lectures, and Not Out of Africa (Basic Books, 1996), her critique of Afrocentrism, to bring the known historical record to bear on its assertions. She now understood where a few of her students in earlier years had gotten the idea that Socrates and Cleopatra were black. Lefkowitz had replied at the time that Socrates couldn't have been black because he and his parents were Athenian citizens, a status not achievable by blacks, and that Cleopatra "regarded herself as a Macedonian Greek Pharaoh."

As Lefkowitz professionally engaged herself in such issues, she found that Afrocentrist scholars remained adamant about their claims, whatever the views of establishment classicists. When ben-Jochannan showed up to lecture at Wellesley in 1993, Lefkowitz recounts, she challenged him on his Aristotle claim, since the dates of Aristotle's death and of the library's construction are considered hard facts by classicists. When ben-Jochannan replied that the dates were uncertain, Lefkowitz's husband, the distinguished British classicist Hugh Lloyd-Jones, responded, "Rubbish." Martin later accused them of "insulting" ben-Jochannan. Before long, the issue of whether Lefkowitz and her husband had been rude to a visiting speaker threatened to eclipse the factual issue.

That anecdote contributes to an observation on scholarly controversy that Lefkowitz's memoir delivers repeatedly: It can affect one most sharply on one's own campus, and mutate in complex ways because of already existing tensions there. At about the same time that Lefkowitz was increasingly shocked by Afrocentrist claims about ancient Greece, her relationship with colleague Anthony Martin also grew troubled. History Lesson shifts back and forth to detail Lefkowitz's two-front war: the first at Wellesley with Martin, the second nationally with Afrocentrists in general.

For a variety of reasons Lefkowitz describes in her book, she grew curious about Martin's courses.

Lefkowitz found, for instance, that Martin included, on the reading list for his introductory African-American-history course, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, "an anonymously authored work published in 1991 by the Nation of Islam" that contends "Jews were responsible for funding the African slave trade" — she characterizes it as "hate literature." A subsequent book by Martin himself, The Jewish Onslaught (Majority Press, 1993), led to broader charges of anti-Semitism in the Lefkowitz-Martin imbroglio, and resulted in Martin's suing Lefkowitz for libel that year. (The Massachusetts Court of Appeals upheld a lower court's ruling of summary judgment in 1999, following six years of legal wrangling.)

As she narrates the tale from retirement, Lefkowitz, now a Mellon professor of the humanities emerita at Wellesley, stresses that her overriding concern always remained a core scholarly one: making sure professors taught facts about the ancient world, not "plausibilities," which she describes as Bernal's specialty. Truth, she asserts, is "not impossible to know," and she believes it is the "particular duty" of academics to "look for it."

Among its other services, History Lesson gives Lefkowitz the opportunity to correct misapprehensions she says built up as her controversy with Afrocentrists waxed. She "never said," she emphasizes, that "Africa had no history, that ancient Egypt hadn't had a high civilization long before the Greeks, or that the ancient Egyptians had not been capable of profound thought." She says she never wanted racial factors to come into the discussion, and still regrets that they did.

Happily enough, when the smoke clears for the reader of History Lesson, it is issues of truth, objectivity, academic freedom, and the significance of "divisiveness" that remain in the forefront.

But here the peculiarities of classical scholarship make Lefkowitz's task challenging. She repeatedly insists that certain truths about Greek culture are known and not open to rival interpretation. Greek philosophy did not and could not have come from Egyptian philosophy. Egyptians were not black (though they weren't lily-white), and they distinguished black people to their south as different from themselves. There's no evidence, archaeological or linguistic, that Egypt invaded Greece in the second millennium BC.

At the same time, Lefkowitz more than once concedes the fragility of our access to ancient culture: "The evidence is often incomplete. The cultures are remote and difficult to understand. The ancient languages take years to learn properly. We can never know what happened then with the kind of precision we can now bring to bear on current events."

In light of those admissions, it's not always easy for the nonspecialist to reconcile Lefkowitz's crisp certainties with her intermittent concessions. She follows the above quotation, for instance, with the remark, "Getting it 90-percent right is surely better than (say) 10 percent or even none."

Yet when evidence is incomplete, can one assign percentages for probable rightness? Some of Lefkowitz's certainties about the nontransference of philosophy from Egypt to Greece depend, for example, on a particular notion of philosophy — its character as abstract and nontheological discourse — that not all philosophers would accept. She admits, in places, that the Egyptians might have mulled over some concepts very similar to those of the Greeks.

Similarly, Lefkowitz states: "The only way one can learn about the ancient world is by studying its surviving texts and artifacts. We have no other choice." But that's a tricky claim. Selwyn R. Cudjoe, a member of Wellesley's Africana-studies department who condemned anti-Semitism and worked with Lefkowitz on holding civil discussions of Bernal's work on the campus, nonetheless published a Boston Globe op-ed blasting her Not Out of Africa views. He complained that she seemed to believe "all knowledge can be reduced to texts." And yet philosophy in ancient times was at least partly an oral activity. Lefkowitz still boasts the stronger position on Greek philosophy's origins based on textual evidence. Yet the sternness of her implied judgment that the Greeks could not have absorbed philosophical notions from Egyptians with whom they interacted tests common sense.

Finally, for all Lefkowitz's hostility to replacing facts with possibilities, she's not beyond adjusting her criteria of convincing argument when it suits her purposes. Late in the book, she admits that classicists don't know whether Cleopatra's paternal grandmother was a Macedonian Greek. She then writes, "Since no ancient historian says anything about this woman, the most likely possibility is that she was a Macedonian Greek, like the other members of the royal family."

That's a prudent judgment if you're forced to put your money down. But isn't it Lefkowitz who keeps saying elsewhere that mere "possible" claims aren't allowed? And that Bernal's belief in "the need for scholars of antiquity to speak of competitive plausibilities rather than history" is unacceptable? Scholars in classics, Lefkowitz quotes Bernal as contending, "have been so thoroughly imbued with conventional preconceptions and patterns of thought that they are extremely unlikely to be able to question its basic premises." That's not a wild and crazy thought.

No doubt Bernal, Martin, and others will come out punching in response to Lefkowitz's clanging the bell with History Lesson to start Round 4 — or is it Round 19? — of their boxing match. For those outside the ropes, History Lesson provides a useful tool for "teaching the controversy," though not the only one. Anyone interested in the complexity of the scholarly issues raised by Bernal's work, and the importance of distinguishing his scholarship from that of Afrocentrists who have occasionally distorted it, must consult his Black Athena volumes; Black Athena Revisited (University of North Carolina Press, 1996), a collection of critical essays edited by Lefkowitz and Guy MacLean Rogers; and Black Athena Writes Back (Duke University Press, 2001), in which Bernal replies to his critics in Black Athena Revisited.

All these sources also show how hard it is for "proven fact" to win the day when a venerable discipline rooted in partial knowledge and evidence clashes with an upstart field whose non-impartial scholars operate from ethnic pride, understandable historical resentment, and the imagination to build rich circumstantial cases.

"He has his view of ancient history and you have yours," a Wellesley dean told Lefkowitz soon after her first confrontation with Martin, a remark that astonished Lefkowitz with its implicit relativism. History Lesson, to be sure, is hers. But Greece was not built in a day, and she, Bernal, Martin, and the rest of us are not out of this contretemps yet.

Carlin Romano, critic at large for The Chronicle Review and literary critic for The Philadelphia Inquirer, teaches philosophy and media theory at the University of Pennsylvania.
Section: The Chronicle Review
Volume 54, Issue 29, Page B5
Angela Valdez,
You really need to get your terminology in order. Throughout the entire article you kept saying "black jew" and applying the word "jewish" to the Israelites. you are in error. The so-called black race ARE jews, so why say "black jew"? that's like saying "black african-american" or "black negroe." the word jewISH means jew-like, hence the suffix -ish. People who are jewISH are jew-like, but not a jew, thus why they call themselves jewISH.

After all of this "research" you did, you're still using incorrect verbiage. Either get it right or only report on things that are within your mental capacity.
Angela Valdez,
You really need to get your terminology in order. Throughout the entire article you kept saying "black jew" and applying the word "jewish" to the Israelites. you are in error. The so-called black race ARE jews, so why say "black jew"? that's like saying "black african-american" or "black negro." the word jewISH means jew-like, hence the suffix -ish. People who are jewISH are jew-like, but not a jew, thus why they call themselves jewISH.

After all of this "research", you're still using incorrect verbiage. Either get it right or only report on things that are within your mental capacity.
Why is it that most of the commentors find this group's "beliefs" to be questionable but don't question their own? If you "believe" or have "faith" in any religion, you are relying on the exact same kind of information this group is relying on: old patched-together stories that are not verifiable. That is precisely why there are so many religions, why millions of people regularly switch from one religion to another, why millions of people are searching for the "right" religion and doubting everyone else's religion - because NO religion is beyond question.

The leaders of a religion, pick any one, fill their followers heads' with doubt (and often fear and hatred) of everyone else's religion. This group is no different. And to think that people are buying into this stuff simply because someone is telling them that it's the real truth. Why doesn't anyone require evidence? If rational educated people are told anything relating to their world - and I mean anything - they require hard provable evidence, except when it comes to religion. Why is that?!

Let's all just be good loving neighbors simply because we want to be, because it makes us feel good to help someone out and to be nice.

Let's teach our kids to be nice to their elders, to share their toys with their friends, to be charitable to people who have less and to give back to their community simply because it's a good thing to do, because it makes them a good person. Why does it have to be about Jesus or some other god?
One important point to bring up:

If the denial of the true heritage of the Jewish people (of which I belong to) is a vast Eurocentric conspiracy that reaches to the upper class of Europe/America in ways few other theories could (wow, almost a Dan Brown book idea), then:

Why didn't Hitler rave and scream and promote the idea that Jews are all African? Why did he allow 6.5 million "fake Jews" (who were really "European" like him according to these gifted scholars) to be exterminated?

The master of manipulation himself wouldn't make this case? And if this is a vast Eurocentric conspiracy, wouldn't the leaders of all European nations have to know about it so they wouldn't "blow the cover"? So Hitler let "fake Jews" die and didn't round up the "real Jews"?

Give me a break.

I will stand right by my Ethiopian, Egyptian, African, etc. Hebrew brothers and sisters any day of the week. They are undeniably Jewish.

But "Joe/Jane Smith" from NE DC better bring some more evidence to the table of his/her Jewish heritage before insulting millions of people around the world who take huge pride in their beliefs.

This is just a further way to drive a wedge between the oppressed groups of the planet. Way to play right into the hands of the powers that be. Why don't you just cut David Duke and the KKK a check? You are doing their work for them.

PS- Are these the same wackos who run Soul Vegetarian? Because if you want to see racism in action in our fine city, go stand in line there and not be able to pass the "paper bag" test.
First, Angela Valdez wrote a really good article which reported what this group believes, as fairly to them, as any reasonable person could expect. Second, there is no need for insults or calumny here, because this group is clearly a response to deep suffering-- historically, as a response to white cultural imperialism and slavery; and contempraneously, as a response to poverty and an ill-education. The word that comes to mind is "pathos." But the real tragedy is that this ill-conceived response to these circumstances, feeds on resentments and even hatred; demonizes white people in psychologically unhealthy ways; and propagates historical falsehoods in the service of wounded racial pride. I have read that in Buddhism, the "Three Poisons of the Mind" are Greed, Anger, and Ignorance. This group is spreading at least two of those and maybe all three. Not good.
Ethan Christ is a Jew and was of brass as burn in a furnace, anything burned is dark brown. White just mad that Black people found who they really are and found out that black also found out that white people are not the jews but come out of the caves in Georgia Russia, Caucasian meaning cave dwellers.
It truly saddens me that humanity is still trapped by the evils of eyesight - we are still so focused on black, white, brown, yellow, red, olive and are trapped in the past of what this one did to that one. If the world were blind we would be treating each other by what's on the inside, not by what is, or was, on the outside.

Alienation, the identification of others as "evil", and allowing one culture's persecution of another to affect how you live and breathe today is allowing yourself to be under constant suffering. This group is spreading this suffering to others in trying to elevate themselves above it by changing history to justify themselves.

Everyone - *everyone* - has suffered in life. Stop living in the past and do whatever you can to learn to feel creativity, love and compassion to others, and you will truly begin to free yourself - no matter what group or religion you choose to identify with.
Honestly a think Ms. (Mrs.) Valdez was too nice in her article, but I understand she was trying to be balanced. But if I would have written the article, I would have said flat-out that the ICGJC and the ISUPK (and anybody else that split from them or are influenced by them) are CULTISTS. I'm not necessarily talking about BHI's in general but only these fringe CULTS. If you want to know more about these groups please come to "The Truth After KNowledge" (T.T.A.K.) Yahoo group:

We are the only ones on the net with the most comprehensive info, and we're about the only ones that dedicate our time debunking the UPK and the ICGJC. You can also find us on You Tube.

I love it. They managed to turn racism into a religion. What a freakshow.
The essence of history is -documentation.- We know, for example, that in 1776 a group of men wrote the Declaration of Independence, because the original document still exists. Thus also for all historical events known to be true-- indeed, the precise dividing line between "history" and "prehistoric" is the moment when writing first appeared in ancient Sumeria, about 5,500 years ago. This is why world history is generally held to begin with the advent of Sumerian civilization-- the oldest written records -still in existence- are Sumerian clay tablets. These are what historians call "Primary Source documents." And this is why events prior to this are by definition "prehistoric."

If the advocates of this perspective would like to convince any well-educated person of the "truth" of their claims, simply turning up even ONE primary source document would do the trick. But they can't, not only because such documents don't exist, but because the poor souls who follow this belief system (that's what it is), are tragically not well educated enough to even know what a primary source document is. What this is all about, is poverty, anger, ignorance and racial pride. When they talk about the "truth" of their religion, what they actually seem to be expressing is how good this belief system makes them feel about themselves. Unfortunately, it is a pride based on fabrications.

But what REALLY mystifies me, is why so many Afrocentrists seem compelled to claim the accomplishments of other cultures for themselves. What, African civilization wasn't good enough? I think that is the unspoken fear. But what about the accomplishments of Great Zimbabwe? The Kingdom of Songhai? Timbuktu? The Ashanti Empire? Zanzibar? Ghana? And so forth. These were REAL African civilizations with GENUINE cultural achievements, for which we CAN produce primary source documentation. Were I an African American, these would be the cultures that would inspire me-- the actual historical cultures of African civilization, and not some fantasy about Black Russians and Charlemagne in 1711 and all this other nonsense.

This is why afrocentric studies are having trouble gaining academic credibility-- because they seem to spend more time trying to claim Greek civilization as their own, for example, instead of engaging in serious study of the WORTHY accomplishments of the actual cultures of Africa. And no, pointing these things out its not a white plot to deny anyone their heritage-- the actual cultural heritage of Africa is rich enough as it is. This kind of historical revisionism is a very strange phenomenon which I can only ascribe to things like poverty, which fosters poor education, which feeds upon a justifiable anger at the injustice of the actual trajectory of human history. While I am sympathetic to and sensitive of that inustice, we simply can't allow people to re-write history to suit their own racial pride.

Go study REAL African history, and ground your racial pride there. At least it would be grounded in facts and documentation, and not cultural theft.
I feel nothing but sympathy for the followers of this "religion" and the people they accost on the streets daily. I understand wanting to feel a since of pride in one's race. Instead of studying history beyond what they teach in school, they make up their own - and in a ridiculous way at that. Charlemagne ... please. Not only are their beliefs contrary to history but they are contrary to science. It has been shown that humanity has been rooted in Africa. According to these people, Black Jews migrated to Africa. What? Not only that it is easy to trace the DNA of African Americans to Africa. How can they explain that?

I would like to point out some inconsistencies that I read in the article.

1) "It’s folly to believe what they say or to participate in their system."

"Turner says most of the women stay home with their children and collect public assistance."

Collecting public assistance is participating in the system.

2) "They call out the heathen races: Chinese, Japanese, whites, and Africans."

Africans are heathens but Black Jews are not?

My advice to these people is to actually READ the bible beyond a few verses out of context. Especially read the New Testament as Jesus is not about hate in any way. In addition, read some books about history. Of course, they won't read those about Africa because they believe that they are not African.

Anyone who has not seen these people should check out these videos:

For people who want to debate these people, I offer you this:

Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you will be like him yourself.
Proverbs 26:4

It is to a man's honor to avoid strife, but every fool is quick to quarrel.
Proverbs 20:3
Great comment, EFL.
Excuse my ignorance but what does religion (in the true form not man’s created form) have anything to do with the color of your skin.

I have seen these hate mongers since the seventies on the streets in NY espousing their hateful beliefs and wondered why would they not just look to join with the Jews (or Jews for Jesus in this case) and just glorify GOD together since they all claim to be blesses on the same way.

Is this really a religion of a scam? Are they to gain money, power, and/or a name? Is this the next coming of Hitler or Chavez?

Pease to all…
I have met these people. They are insane racists. A very vioent and vicious group. I have never met bigots like them before. They are like the Christian Identity types. Sort of Black neo-nazis. The same myth of a supreme race and all others are subhuman. There is nothing Biblical about them. I do hope the FBI has them on a watch list. I do find it interesting after all of the recent press over nooses that this group publically hangs a statute of the Blessed Virgin Mary from a noose.
this article is exactly the kind that prof. jonathan mandell at columbia journalism school helped me to get out of my repertoire as a reporter -- the kind of article where the reporter is just saying "look at these crazy people" instead of helping us get an insight into who they are and what has led them here. this is the laziest and most bigoted type of writing. this is not journalism.
@ irina slutsky

Perfectly stated - you hit the nail right on the head!!!

this article was not only slanted, but Angela painted a very inaccurate, negative picture of the church's mission and its members. She portrayed as welfare-collecting, baby-poppers; and the men as ignorant, oppressive bigots.
I find it very convenient that instead of interviewing women who are members of the church, she tracked down a member that left the church and currently resides in Atlanta. One may also wonder how she and this Ms. Turner character even got on the topic of welfare in the first place.

Also, as stated in my first reply, the fact that she didn't even learn the difference between Jew and Jewish is even more proof that she had ZERO interest in actually capturing the TRUTH about this group. Angela's motives are painted all throughout this biased article.
The article did tell the TRUTH. It showed exactly what these idiots believe. Charlamagne in 1711? Come on...they are nuts. He would have had to be a thousand years old. These people are ignorant bigots who want to elevate themselves by putting down others, based solely on race. That makes them racists. If you don't like the article then you must not like this group. It let them speak for themselves. I have actually tried to talk to them. They simply shout you down, quote irrelevant scriptures, or change the subject. These people try to steal the achievements of others rather then creating their own achievements. I assure you they don't listen to Mozart. What real man can be proud of achievements that are stolen or based on a lie? Black people should shun this group and treat them as the racists they are. My only beef with the article was that it didn't follow the money. Someone is making a bundle off these idiots and I wonder who it is.
Once more into the fray...

In a previous post, I talked about the -actual- and -documented- cultures of Africa-- Great Zimbabwe, Zanzibar, Timbuktu, Songhai, Ghana, the Ashanti, and so forth. So lets ask the question: Is there, actually, any evidence that can be -documented- that there actually ARE African Jews?

The answer is yes: the Falashas of Ethiopia, and, -possibly,- the Lembas of South Africa. In the case of the Falashas, the historical and cultural evidence that they were a remnant of Israel in Africa, was so compelling, that when the community was threatened by the Marxist regime in Ethiopia about 20 years ago, the entire community was airlifted out of Ethiopia by -the Israeli government,- i.e. the historical Jewish community of Sephardic and Askenasi Jews. The Israeli's look at them and decided, yes, these people are part of our nation. The Falasha community now lives entirely in Israel, is accepted as Jewish by the appropriate Rabbinical authorities, and participates in the life of Israel and the Israeli Defence Forces.

The case of the Lembas of South Africa is far more intruiguing, in that genetic tests have been conducted which indicate a high correlation between the Lembas and modern Cohanim (descendants of the priestly class among modern Jews). However, please note-- in this case, it is the correlation of the Lemba DNA to the -modern- Jewish population which is the marker; and further, absolutely NO other African ethnic groups have been found to have the same genetic markers. At any rate, no Jewish Rabbinnical authority has yet accepted the DNA evidence as conclusive, unlike the Falashas.

People who have posted to this forum on this subject, who are carrying on about the difference between "Jew" and "Jewish" are transparently attempting to create the -artificial- distinction that this group, and others like it, want people to believe in. In other words, they are using words like "truth" and then perpetuating falsehoods. The fact that they may sincerely believe the artificial distinction to be true, does not render it so.

There are, in fact, exactly TWO black african cultures which can plausibly claim to be African Jews: the Falashas, and the Lembas. And the jury is still out on the Lembas.

Otherwise, there is simply NO EVIDENCE that the other ethnic, linguistic, cultural and historical peoples of Africa, were IN ANY WAY Jewish.

Which brings me back to my original point: Why are so many Afrocentrists blatantly trying to steal the cultures of other people? I really don't get it. Is it anger at the injustice of history? Is it ignorance? Is it misplaced racial pride? Or possibly all of these?

What is clear to me, is this: Too many Afrocentrists are engaged in cultural thievery on a wide scale, and its high time that historians and other academic professionals stop observing a misplaced relativism out of fear of being called racists. If the Afrocentrists were to spend their time engaged in the study of the historical cultures of Africa-- Zimbabwe, Songhai, Ethiopia, Ghana, etc. etc-- that would seem to me to be perfectly legitimate and WORTHY of academic support and encouragement. But so long as the emphasis remains on speculation and cultural theft, they must be resisted by the academic community.

Universities of America: Please stop tolerating this sort of thing. Your "tolerance" in this matter is misguided and subversive of historical truth... which is what the culture thieves want. Make it as non-racial as possible, by extending to the Afrocentrists academic respect and Chairs in your History Departments, IF they shift their study from speculation, to the honest study of the real cultures of Africa.

Including the Falashas and Lemba, of course.
Let's not argue about semantics - there is no difference between being a Jew and being Jewish. Don't be so enthralled with identifying with what are called "God's chosen people" - it is my belief that it means the Jews were chosen to suffer the hate and bigotry of the world and as a group they are under constant attempts at extermination - they are surrounded by countries that want no more than to terminate Israel's existence. There are many similarities between the African and Jewish cultures - slavery, bigotry, oppression - it sounds like this group seems hung up on these facts. Let's see, if I say "blacks are evil" what does that make me? Ignorant and racist. Just look at the "whites are evil" comment above. The Jewish people as a whole want nothing more than to honor God, do good things in this life, promote study and learning, and live in peace. This group calling themselves Jews is an insult to this religion.
the belief that jews are white is foolish thus causing the disaster and abomination that is israel..jews claim to be Hebrews and semitic those are in fact two separate groups that mixed during Sumerian civilization Hebrews are black and Semites aka Arab or (persian) ...all the white jews ONLY converted to judism....they did not get expelled from the holy land because they were never from their they are khazaria
meaning they are khazar jews .......
coming to terms with this makes the bible agree with history we are all descendants of a black man from Africa the first fully evolved modern human we know as adam..
the sumerian empire was most likely black and later mixed and developed into semitic then Egyptian and the egyptians had minoan (greek) slaves
wich black moses saved from slavery during the reign of AHMOSE in 1500 b.c.e.

slaves were from many places the Minoans went back to SANTORINI and helped moses make the ark of the covenant.....
the freed Hebrew and semitic slaves mixed once again and formed the people of Palestine......
further more the Sumerian's were legendary not only for starting humanity but
they also did not conquer and occupy their neighbors because they understood blow back..they only liberated people that were being oppressed ...
but being nice backfired because once the black tribes went north and came back thousands of years later came back without the memory of being African they pretended to be friendly while they thrived and prospered and multiplied in Europe
which was very fertile after the last ice age and Mesopotamia was becoming a barred desert thus famine and starvation killed allot of people...meaning less warriors...that is why the Europeans were able to enslave black people..
they won the lottery of picking a good location to improve the ancient hebrew Sumerian and Persian technology....but the Africans that went to Asia and adapted and to the region took everything too the extreme too bad they were too far and didn't want too bother chopping down pagan Europeans with their superior sword's...

that are prepared similar to Persian sword's

in conclusion i'm sweed and i refuse Christianity ny god is the son i call it odin
you Christians call it jesus..
we all came from africa hebrews are black khazarians are gypsy culture thiefs
that converted to judism because it won the draw when their king got tired of polytheism

so get out of israel you gypsies
SL wrote:

"The Jewish people as a whole want nothing more than to honor God, do good things in this life, promote study and learning, and live in peace. This group calling themselves Jews is an insult to this religion."

I agree wholeheartedly. Israel is an insult to the Jewish religion and people, but then again, the same can be said for our warmongering Christian nation.

Too bad that the war industry tars both religion in an effort to make more money killing more people and pretending that it is because of some deal brokered between this made up Moses guy and this weird crazy JHVH tribal war god.

If a religion is based on smoking dope, the burning bush no less, just say NO!!!

Let it be written MY ASS!
I am not going to provide negativity because from what I have experienced and noticed there is going to be some negativity in all religions. If they are not bothering anyone then let them state what they want. Freedom of Speech
Some of the responses are as crazy as the guys in the article. Some are just bigoted as they are. Israel is the only democracy in the middle east. The USA did not start this war. Insane racial theories about Sumeria are just that...insane. Are the public schools THAT bad? These foul racist bigots should be excoriated every time the raise their filthy heads. There is no TRUTH in what they claim. Jews are semetic, so get over it. You are NOT Jews. You are NOT Christians either. You are loser nutjobs. Find something better to do in your time of work, assuming you actually have jobs.
This just proves that "Black people" do not and never will identify with the brutality of whites. Some of us will do whatever we must to survive this crusade. We preach to disassociate what we know to be “white”.
no name make me sick for every finger you point three point back..
your type of mentality and loyalty to blind faith and lack of tolerating critique
belongs in the middle ages. if you could i wouldn't doubt you would decapitate people that give you headaches because they converse with fact's logic and reason.and justify it by calling it blasphemy.

that is why religion is starting to fade away the only religious people left are crazy radicals on opposite sides that refuse to meet each other half way.

the fact is that the Jews we know today sprung up put of thin air a couple hundred years ago and they stole SEMITIC culture from from thousands of years ago.

they are not semitic Arabs/Persians are semitic they are from the you know what a fucking desert is.. that shit is no joke if your not naturally adapted to it you will die especially before technology when a simple sunburn would cause an infection and kill you...

we all came from black people that descended from a black man we know as ADAM
that migrated out of Africa during a global dry spell and came to the fertile crescent and when they used up all the minerals and began to over populate spread around the world (or just for the fun of it)

dealing with extreme climate changes further promoted the need to adapt and look different from distant cousins around the world

this process took so long (almost a million years) we forgot were we came from and started fighting each other in the last 10,000 years

but amazingly Africa stood the same and the people that remained their instead of trying to survive during amazing excursions had time to become civilized
these people were Sumerian and semitic (the fertile crescent turned some to semitic people lighter than black)
which then began to give way to the Egyptians which was made of all three Sumerian Hebrew and semitic

some went north and adapted to become gentiles and others went east and became Asian

some Asians and gentiles went to America and mixed in the north and became native Americans this hybrid mixed in culture and technology that made it possible to dominate other non hybrid tribes especially when they went south and became the Aztecs...

but the point is we all came from the black Hebrew African man we call Adam and his direct descendant's(Hebrew's) became the Sumerian's and those early mystic's wrote the oldest bible know to man the Hebrew bible..

but when we all saw each other again we thought we were different
as if Sumerian and semitic culture weren't having a hard enough time getting
thanks to Egyptian culture,new religions and slavery along. By the time gentiles started to become civilized and went back to the fertile crescent after forgetting that's were they came from

and started the EAST VS WEST we are all different black people are monkeys bullshit and Persians are animals..realize it's a strategy that is as plain and simple as DIVIDE AND CONQUER at the root of all types of racism is an AGENDA
fueled by religion and tribal politics ..
and fancy religions to pray to the element's in an effort to understand our surroundings (Christianity is a fancy way to worship the sun)
Islam worships the moon (hence the problem)

few religions renounce the idea of the after life and encourage the idea to be good for for your own good that includes judism and budism..
the idea of reincarnation is a fancy way to state that your descendants
will carry your legacy and that will either aid or sabotage them ...

these mystic religions are being replaced by Scientology and satanism
which is a fancy way for describing a dumb arrogant non contributing individual
and the reason it's unappealing to many including myself is that it takes away the comfort of the illusion of an after life. witch i admit that it's a lie i tell myself

but i'll take anything that will make DYING more comfortable

but many have paid for that comfort with death and the loss of freedom

but to take theese religions and make them appeal to be litteral
(like Santa clause)
will only divide us as humans cause conflict and furthermore disappoint us
when we finally realize who puts the presents under the tree..
and that holiday will be your death and the decorations are your life
and the way people remember you is your present..

the invitation to this occasion is birth and existence
what comes before or after existence and how does existence exist...

well that is too big for us to ask especially if we cant get along and realize we are all an extension of the existence of an animal we call human which evolved by a miracle of existence in the infinite universe

and the first one of us was a black Hebrew man named ADAM
to renounce that is to renounce your existence

because maybe we are just some weird aliens science project
and that's just an idea but i would i kill for that idea and insist that my tribe is that alien's chossen tribe and dehumanize the other tribes..

no sir
I just find religion in general absolutely absurd. People are always using religion to assert that they are "better" than some other group and it's plain wrong. The bible is just a book written by ordinary people to control other ordinary people. It is not some word of god and it is not any more divine or prophetic than a good Stephen King novel. Religion itself has just been a mechnism to control people over the years, particularly the weak and ignorant who cannot think for themselves.
<i>I find it very convenient that instead of interviewing women who are members of the church, she tracked down a member that left the church and currently resides in Atlanta. One may also wonder how she and this Ms. Turner character even got on the topic of welfare in the first place. </i>

First of all Ms.'s MRS. Turner. I am offically married and not because I slept with someone in the Hebrew church which is what they consider marriage. Ms. Valdez was referred to me because the women in the churches are really not allowed to speak to her...and even if they did...would they not spew the same garbage emminating from the mouths of the men? I am also writing a book about my time spent in the cult so in that matter it would seem prudent to speak to me.

Why must I be a character? Do you know anything about me? Do you know what I went through? Or do you percieve me as a character because you do not want to acknowledge that what I say is true?

Ms. Valdez and I discussed public assistance or "welfare" as a means to support the numerous children that these sister wives have committed themselves to having. If the men are busy in the church and you have 5 children under you gonna feed them if you can't work and you are promised that YHWH will provide? Have you read the prayers listed on the website? "That my one shot deal be approved" "That my case worker not make me sue my husband for child support so that I may receive benefits" There is a woman in MD right now who has 10 children...working on her 11th and is only in her early thirties. Who do you think is taking care of them if her husband is "disabled"?

I find it convenient that you would attack the only person who was brave enough to speak out. You don't know my experience, you don't know what I been before you assume (and you will be the only a$$ in that equation) ask! Or wait for the book...your choice!

-DJ Diva
I'm familiar with this group but don't agree with most of their beliefs. But I find it funny that people from everywhere in the world are allowed to claim Israelite ancestry except for African Americans. What's that all about?

My question would be... to clear up who is who...where's the DNA that proves that modern day Ashkenazi Jews are of the lineage of the Ancient Israelites? Who is the sample being taken from to match against the DNA of the people claiming Israelite Ancestry; blacks, jewish , africans, etc...? I don't think its fair that if i wanted to determine if I had a DNA linkage to King Solomon that I have to go through a white jewish rabbi that can only claim he was of King Solomons bloodline. Where is the proof that the white jewish rabbi is of King Solomons bloodline?

I am of the belief that the people of the book transcend racial classification and geography but rather unite on core beliefs and values as outlined in the bible. So the so called chosen people can consist of individuals with white skin, black skin, brown skin, etc... What I am against is of people self imposing themselves as the marker for the chosen people when it hasn't been proven without a reasonable doubt that they are the chosen people.
"My question would be... to clear up who is who...where's the DNA that proves that modern day Ashkenazi Jews are of the lineage of the Ancient Israelites? Who is the sample being taken from to match against the DNA of the people claiming Israelite Ancestry; blacks, jewish , africans, etc...? I don't think its fair that if i wanted to determine if I had a DNA linkage to King Solomon that I have to go through a white jewish rabbi that can only claim he was of King Solomons bloodline. Where is the proof that the white jewish rabbi is of King Solomons bloodline?"
You know that it is really said that you have people in this world that would actually believe that they are better then ohter races and even their own I belive that the real jews are black but that does not mean I am going to take advantage of the weak hearted and the many of thousand of crimpled people
(people that is going through hard times) in this world. I do not care what people say you should have only one wife. Even though it is a nice thought but you will burn in a ever lasting fire. You make the decision for your self. All the men in this cult is pathetic.

God Have mercy on your souls!!!!
Although I do not agree 100% with the teachings, and or titles of "Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ", I will agree however, they are the true Israelites.
I hear these same nignogs invented the moon and can fly too. Nignogs are the stuidest race on the planet. Is it no wonder they are claiming this greatmess as their own?
This story is just ridiculous. Now i don't mind any of these believers, believing in G-d and the Torah and stuff, but when you try and steal and deny me of my inherited history that just kills me. How dare you tell me that i am fake when my family carries one of the tribal names. And one proof that i know is that there is a gene called the kohen or cohen gene which is a common gene in people who have the name mostly jews, this name comes from the 12 tribes.
It appears this group's focus is not God but their ethnicity. To me, this means this group is a cult. They have made their ethnicity the object of their affection and it has become their god (yes, a lower case "g" is intended). Their ethnicity has become an idol and it will separate them from the God they claim to worship.
Thank God I found this article. I became very confused after watching these guys on youtube.
i believe that god was black. a jewish man from israel said that 85 to 90% of jewish people in israel were not the real jews.... is that enough for the ones that are saying this is a lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i do belive now why P-Lincin set the slaves free, he always had his Bible with him, and to me, as he reads it more and more, he had to think on all what he read in it, about the real Jews , and who they are.the Black slaves that came to America.because they are the real Jews.and where they come from out of Africa. the Khananites are the ture Jews. thats where the frist slaves come out of is Liberia, and Enock, who God, took up and took to haven, is from Ethiopia.
So all the Black Americans atr the real Jews. with all the reseach i have did, i belive it more now, because the Goverament has a world of a waking comming to them of the Black Jews of today. plz do some research on this and see what really going ok. U&gt;S&gt;concentration camps FEMA, and the REZ 84 program, see what it is about.
What a sad, sorry waste of time (and fine fabrics) the ICGJC and their ilk are.

Thanks to the objective and scientific work done by the Human Genome Project, they can no more deny their African heritage than I can deny mine (and I'm lily white) - whether dragged out of Africa 400 years ago or chased out 400,000 years ago (a rough estimate).

The unlocking of this greatest of mysteries renders as MOOT this psycopathic need for racial self aggrandizement to gain self esteem because as HUMANS, we ALL share the Glory of EVERY Triumph, the Sorrow of EVERY Tragedy and the Horror of EVERY Atrocity done by EVERY human, EVERYWHERE, at ALL times ! ! !
P.S. - what an exciting time to live in as the veil of our long ignorance is slowly lifted, even as some try to shield their eyes in fear that the reality won't neatly match their pre-concieved ideas.
The majority of the comments against this church is ONE of the many reasons why people in the "eastern world" have no respect for "American intellect" .

There are religions that all of you hypocrites embrace as legitimate, that have NO real history behind their beliefs. Starting with the Catholic faith for instance. How often do you see "skeptics" challenging this faith ..where a Caucasian claims to be the Holy Father, or the Dali Lama for that matter?

Only a hypocrite would conclude that this MUST be a cult because the members are exclusively blacks, Hispanics and native Indians.. AS IF, these groups CANNOT have a historical faith, heritage and ancestry that they can trace back to.

The journalist is also a fraud, because she lied about what she represented in order to gain her information.. when clearly they have nothing to hide.

For all the skeptics and scoffers, just keep watching the news ... before the world economy recovers.. you're going to see this SAME group established as a force and THE AUTHORITY on the issues of the Israelite people!
I have read each comment that was written on this page. Why is it so hard for the Black race to believe they are the Jews.In Revelation it states the people that call themselves Jews are nothing,but the synagogue of satan.It also states God would put us against each other,which Blacks are.You can find more information if you would purchase The African Heritage Bible.If you just think,and Pray,God will answer your Prayers.God also stated He could tell his people by their suffering,which includes,sickness,disease etc.Now lets go back to Jesus.How was He punished?Whipped to death,just like the slaves were.You have to use common sense,when you are talking.The Blacks were treated just like Jesus was.A light bulb should go off!I am not an racist,I do believe in keeping it for real.The Black mimisters aren't going to tell you what is going on, for fear of losing a dollar.He stated we are to suffer.Did Jesus suffer?So what makes anyone think we are better than He is?Our problem is we don't stick together,which God stated He will turn us against each other.It's up to us to help each other out.We are to afraid to do that.To scared one will get ahead of the other one.Now He tells us to trust no man.Because man can fail you.However,I disagree with the young lads,when they said you can have as many women as you want.This is part of the problem,now we need a solution.We are sisters and brothers,so why is all the killing going on with the Black brothers and sisters?If you would check your DNA,I would say 99% of us are related.Yes we are the Real Jews,by bloodline,not religion.Then you have the gang thing which is stupid.You own nothing and then you talk about your territory.Well how can that be when you don't have no job,no car,no home,and knawing on a toothpick,waiting for your next meal,from some woman using her food stamps to feed you.We need strong Black men,not little boys.I have been married for 31 years,and my spouse have always worked.Sut what theyo yes we are Jews,but we better get ourselves together,including me.America was build on skin color,I don't understand why we are so unknownigly ignorant,thats why we were capture,because of our lack of knowledge.See God will let you know things if you ask.We don't ask.One of the young lads from that group knows a little something,I could tell by what he is saying.As far as the race is concerned,check out Dred Scott.Then Black people have a color complex,against each other,the Black man,after he gets a little bit of money he wants a White woman.If the woman is not light,he don't want her.Then here comes the Black female,breast hanging out,skirt so tight,you can see everything God has given her.We don't stick together!Don't let us get a degree,then we really have something on our hands.A person without a degree are dumb to them.Thats not true!We have learned man's knowledge,not God's knowledge.Just imagine what we could accomplish if we were Godly.We have been deceived!May God Bless all his children.I know He is my comforter,and I don't go to church either,but I trust in God,because He have lifted me up.So yes some of the information was right on target.
Oh by the way,why are we hated so much? Just like Jesus was hated.In the Book of Ezra read that.The Romans were the ones that killed Jesus.Also read Kings 2.Gehazi and his sin, and see what color God turned Moses sister and Aaron.Why do White people try to get a tan?They can't tell you,I have asked some of my white friends and they can't tell you,because they use to be Black,but was stealing olive yards and etc.and doing things subterfuge (underhanded).They don't tell on each other ,they lie for each other and now the Black folks with there degrees are doing the same thing.So yes there are black devils.
Completely ridiculous!

Original indigenous Hebrews as per the Torah story aligns perfectly with the expulsion of the Semetic based Hyksos Dynasty who ruled Egypt during th 15th and 16th dynasties and were expelled by the Nubian 18th dynasty in to the middle east. Who are all now olived toned, flank hair middle easterns most who are Muslim and some who are indigenous Israeli.. NOT Caucasians from Russia (Ashenazi) who are only part Hebrew.

Hebrews are DEFINITELY not from West or Central Africa where as most of your African Americans are primarily from these regions.

The have no history of speaking Hebrew, nor preforming rituals, and customs, they have no original Torah. Their only connection to Judaism is the King James bible. It's the ultimate mockery and completey BUFFOONIC.
The bible was translated by king james revelations out right says people who claim they are jews are not. revelations 2:9. Believe it or not black folks are the jews
the bible shows too many folks with dark skinned and even tells when white people appear which comes down to Esau(white twin) and jacob(black twin). People hate to hear the truth but these people didn"t alter the bible they are reading what white people gave them and translated. Don't get up set now if you don't want to hear it. truth hurts i have never know it to feel good.
All b. s. put to the side. A holy war is coming and Yosiah(jesus) is going to lead it only 144,000 will survive out of the 12 tribes. When the war comes which it will everyone will see who Gods people are and then they can't argue. You want to get mad these people claimin' they are the real jews. but it says it in the bible. not just the black bible either. I'm sayin childrens, king james, niv all of them. I'm goin off facts not he said he said. so just wait until the war comes.
i must admit scripture is misconstrued by many groups, not just these guys, the so called white jews do the same thing. they invented the hamitic myth. which is false and they deny the messiah. on the flip side how do we know that even the ones who are white are the 'real' jews or ancestors of jacob? fact is we don't know. we only have scripture and what it reveals to go by. and looking at historical info to come to some conclusion. the problem is we have turned the bible into a black white thing and the bible was not written for black or white. but to a nation of people regardless to colour of skin. the fact that all of mankind has used scriptures to push ungodly agendas is blasphemy in itself.
it is hard to weed out the real children of christ in these days but hey scripture must be filled. real followers of christ do not push a color of skin agenda we focus on the salvation and that is it is for all mankind. given first to israel who blew it in the beginning so it went to the gentiles.i speak as a true spiritual seed of abraham and jacob. and who knows possibly physical too.:)) shalom
Those brothers were wrong. The scriptures are still the truth.
The bible clearly states the the real Hebrew Israelites are Black. The word Jew is an "so called" abbreviated word from Judah. The black Americans, Haitians, Jamaicans, Brazillians, Dominican Republics, and Puerti Ricans ARE the real Hebrew Israelites from the 12 lost tribes of Israel. The white man IS the devil. If you read your bible, it will tell you.
I say that this is true and no man can make god a lie so believe and come to the truth
What's most important is that we all came from apes. A God did not create any of us; we evolved. That is the FACT and all you hogwash about Jew this, white that, African this, Afam that, is nitpicking foolishness. The real apocalptic shock will come when y'all live and die and no Jesus Christ came to make you feel special; the reason? YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL. Give it up and get a live, you idiots!
It's the Black KKK. They have the robes and everything. Just like the white KKK, they will get in trouble with the IRS or the ATF.... and split up into countless, tiny, squabbling splinter groups.

Oh wait, they've already started.
How I came across this ridiculous article I do not know, but there are black jews. The Ethiopians jews are descendants of one of the 12 tribes. Here are two more facts for you. The descendants of Ham, where all blacks come from, was cursed for seeing his fathers nakedness and that curse was that they were to be servents. Number two, just read Jeremiah 14. The whole chapter. There was nothing about being black to the ground in fact the word black was not used in any of my bibles. So please stop your false teachings, lest you come under Gods' wrath.
In Him,
White folks will forever and always hate anything close to the truth....Look a black president (oh NO!) its the end as weknow it!! oh look again, a Latino judge! on the high seat the sky is falling...what the HELL are white dip sh-ts worry about! face it! its our time its our truth.......WAKE ITS ALL REAL,
To: Ray C. what a the bible put it a FOOL is one who says there is NO GOD , it also says learn not the way of the fool ....(the white man!)....and the the way of the FOOL always seems right. so I guess you are right FOOL.. a damn ape did not create the SUN nor did it create oxigen which you should not be allowed to have....nor did we wash ashore from a germ well mabe you did. people like you is why these white kid go shoot up shools God in them!!!!....just a damn BEAST



ANU, ENKI, ENLIL;feature=PlayList&amp;p=244076BB952D4A58&amp;index=9
Well, when you examine the curses outlined in the book of Dueteronomy, the black people enslaved during the transatlantic slave trade do seem to fit all the curses. As a black man I've always found it amusing that white folks have no problem with Jesus(Yashua is his real name, by the way) being white and being worshipped by all the other darker races on the planet. But if "Jesus" is claimed by any of the darker races as one of theirs, then white people get all huffy and bent out of shape.

So, when "Jesus" comes back and say maybe he's a person of color. Let's say he's black, latino, or asian. White people are gonna be like, "Uh, no thanks. We're waiting on the white messiah."

The overwhelming majority of people in the so-called middle east(east of where exactly?) are people of color. The fact that there are African Jews should make folks go, hmmm. Is it so far out of the realm of possibility that the 12 tribes were indeed black?

I know this for sure, those white cats in Israel currently ain't got the spirit of the Father or the Son in them. They treated their African Jewish brothers just like blacks are treated by racist whites in the deep south in the USA. Now, if they're the shonuff honest to goodness "chosen people", wouldn't they do the exact opposite of the so-called gentiles here in America?
Many of the people on here making negative comments in regards to Blacks being Jews have not done their research. I don't agree with the way that this group goes around trying to get their point across but I do believe that the curses outlined in Deut 28:15 - 68 for disobeying God does line up with historical events that have went on with African-Americans. Also another thing Moses, Joseph as well as some other Hebrews were mistaken for Egyptians which we know were dark-skinned people...How can that be explained? You are commenting on an article that you just read, having no knowledge of practically anything. Why should history be trusted? The whole point is so that African-Americans did not know their heritage. Our whole identity was taken and thrown away...language, religion, ethics and this took place over a course of hundreds of years and look where we are at's like we're starting over. No matter how hard they tried though it still remained in the Bible. Please thoroughly read the scriptures for yourself and THEN make your decision. HAVING AN OPEN MIND IS KEY!!!!
To "beside the point" you made a comment about race...If you'd been reading the Bible you would have known that the Jews have a special plan to carry out. Therefore it does matter to know who you are and what role you play!!

Furthermore "skolar" you made a comment about Hitler not choosing the right Jews...Who ever said Hitler knew who the real Jews were? according to history he was a Jew himself &amp; what's worse it was even thought that the Holocaust was planned so what if it was to make it look as if the so-called Jews were enslaved?
This is a cult, plain and simple. They are following on the heels of the Yahweh sect. They espouse anti-White and anti-Government views, and its only a matter of time before they set out with violence. Just look at what happened with the Yahwehs.

Foolish people who follow charismatic speakers are led to their own failures.
My question is: Why is everyone so quick to accept "History" according to the same people that have demonstrated themselves as true savages and barbarians (White People)?

So I'm supposed to believe all the falsified history that these White Supremacist have indoctrinated us with and just say "Thanks for killing our ancestors, and by the way you've done a fabulous job of it"?

To me it seems the ones who have been truly brainwashed are the same ones who continue to try and pleasing their Mind Controling Masters 'till this very day!

They will keep you in submission by making a mockery of your true history. In this way you will always feel ashamed of even making the attempt to search it out for yourselves, in fear of being shuned or ostracised.

They have taken the yoke off your neck, and placed it on your mind, for submission can be handled with lies and continued propoganda.

I hope if there are any strong Men or Woman that seek out truth, that they not allow themselves to be led astray simply by one person who's whole intent in this article is not to bear out truth, but rather to self glorify herself to her masters for her reward. And what would that gain you?

Seek truth, and you'll find it. Shalom.
To add:

For all those who like to jump on the "This is hate speach, and a religion based on hate towards another race" bandwagon,

Note that the Mormons have printed a addition to the Bible and within it, it claims that the reason black people are black is because they have been cursed by God because of their previous life in heaven.
Now these people practicaly own the state of Utah, also practice poligamy, and view Black people as a lower life form than themselves.

Let's see how many will rant and rave about the Mormons.

The Hipocrisy just flourishes in America.
Nothing but a bunch of Nazi Patriarchael hypocrites.
Whether you want to believe it or not, so-called African Americans and many others are the ppl of the book. You can deny until ur blue in the face. It won't change history! The Most High said that his ppl will return back into slavery with SHIPS! If you can name any other ppl that have went into slavery in ships, I will gladly admit they they are possible jews!!! Don't believe the hype ppl. It's all in Deutoronomy. Get used to us ppl, we are here to stay!!!!
Let me just say this... if you idiots actually think that those white people are

the real Jews then you are indeed idiots..

first of all i dare you yo ask one of them what tribe they are from... i cant

promise you they wont know..

and second Hitler killed all those fake Jews because of the fact that he knew

that they were not the real Jews and that they were trying to inherit

something that didn't and does not belong to them..

they are and forever will be Impostors and they will face the almighty and

they will be!!
Yes we are here and thats a testimony to the will of YHWH. The reporters article was very explainitive and trust all his information was almost accurate except his attempt to discredit a few historal facts that was pointed out in his error and the typical stereo casting blah....about black woman. But thats expected man got to keep his job just another day of a Heirling...One Nation Under The Truth.....
OH yeah a HEIRLING is a WORKER SLAVE TO A MASTER ....WASHINGTON CITY PAPER...just wanted to clear that up
well i can see why they search for the truth....white poeple really no how to twist things...such as the green house emails's not hard to believe that so called elite whites would rewrite history for there own agenda.....i'm always searching for the truth...i've always felt like something wasn't right...i've found out alot of things from growing up in america...never knew there was a king and queen of america and that they were black or bi racial....king goerge the 3rd and his wife....and that there were black scot kings....they try to erase some of it...but they don''t quite get it all...lighten the paintings here and there but the truth comes out..they couldn't change the color of the black st of germany white quick enough or the isrealite from the catacobms of rome dewight eisenhower's mother..... black.....i will never ever stop searching for the truth... white and black people should not stop searching for the truth no matter how much it hurts......i guess i'm glad i grew up in the states it's made me who i am...
A bunch of bs. Black africns are descendants of canaan not israel. For crying out loud, pick up a bible and read the book of genesis.
hey ethan u sound very ignorant! u just blasphemed,jesus christ is the son of god the anointed one! he already came contrary too what u and your edomite imposters believe.and guess what he will be back any day now! we are rising all over the planet now because esau's time and last kingdom is on its last days! we know more about u guys than u know about yourselves! esau is the end of the world, jacob is the begining of the world to come! according to the entire bible esau meaning u edomites are finished along with the other nations ! the true jews are black! we know the truth hurts!
Anytime MAN gets in the mix, awful things happen!!!
Watch the Arrivals
on youtube
Hebrews are all African black's ,not pale white people. During the time the bible was written most european's were cave dewellers,they didn't leave their caves until thosands years later. Present so-called white kasaks are not the true people of the bible,they adopted the basic tenaments,and fashion there own form of mono-theism type religion.They called themselves jews.which is a fairly new word which came into exitistence in about the eleveth century, in the later adaptation of the new and old testament's,this time correlates with the kazacks conversion to mono-theism.
I'm really interested please email me back.
All Jews are colored and always have been, read this page you will see how whites have taken that birthright as their own and lied to people of color about who we are, and who they are.
I was a former member of the nefarious cult-the Black Hebrew Israelites and apart of the faction-ICGJC.

I remember when it was the ISUPK. It was later transitioned to the ICGJC for tax-exempt purposes. I remember ranking members of the "church" would get phones requiring to surrender all sorts of personal information-name, phone number, home address, place of employment and disturbingly, social security number.

Many UPKers claim that Black Hebrew Israelites ruled Europe and that Medieval Europe has been alluded to as the Dark Ages because blacks ruled Europe; the fact of the matter is this: Medieval is considered the Dark Ages because theocentricity dominated education. Subjects like science, math and medicine was void. Ironically, none of the blacks that ruled Europe alluded to themselves as any of the tribal men from the nation of Israel.

Regarding the natives of MesoAmerica-it is hard to believe that slaves departed from slavery and decided to sail to the New World. After all, they were slaves. Did the Assyrians merely allow them to leave without a fight? More importantly, biblical literature tells us that the ten tribes aspired to keep the laws of their god in the land of Arsareth, which UPKers claim is the Americas; however, the Incans, Mayans, Aztecs and Olmecs have no history of worshiping the biblical deity of the Old Testament. In fact, they are most notorious for being sun worhipers-just as all of the ancient civilizations.

Furthermore, historical information supports the idea that Canada and the Americas were long inhabited by Indians before the alleged break from the Assyrians.

Anyone with reading comprehension and analytical skills will conclude that "I am black" is not alluding to Solomon. The fact that it says, "As the tents of Kedar, as the tents of Solomon" is sufficient evidence that the speaker is not Solomon. Black folk lack reading skills and they are easily manipulated by Black Hebrew Israelite rhetoric.

The Renaissance began in the 1200's and concluded around the 1700's. The Renaissance had nothing to do with white washing black history. The Renaissance was the revival period of classical antiquity.

How could blacks have possibly ruled Europe until the 1700 or 1800 hundreds when you had people such as John Wycliffe, Jon Huss, Martin Luther, John Calvin-prominent figures during the Reformation. Where were the Black Hebrew Israelites during the Reformation and please, do not say that slavery; the Reformation happened during the 16th century.

Again, I was a former member of the ICGJC. Tazadaqyah is not the Holy Spirit. Tazadaqyah uses a concordance and inquires his colleagues who are not the Holy Spirit for the location of scriptures. For someone who is supposed to be third-in-command, why is he asking man or resorting to man for help and when he can inquire his superiors-God the Father and God the Son?

This response was posted by your very own, His Royal Rudeness, K.O.C., member of Rebel Alliance Media, Proud Apostates Netword and Federation of Logic and Reason.
The brother on the streets are preacher the truth to there people. And you dam devils just cant handle it.
In reply to the article as well as many of the comments made! The children of the devil are those who live contrary to the law of Yah and contrary to the nature of Yah. Yahoshua Stated in scripture that satan was a thief and a murderer from his beginning. His objective or mission, is to stea,l kill, and destroy! We have to determine of which nature we are after; Yah's nature Or satans? Any one who does the will of yah is accepted with yah. Those who do not shall be damed like there father satan. So Holiness and Righteousness has nothing to do with race,ethnicity, or class; all of this was created by evil wicked man. Yahoshua even called the sanhedrine ( Israel religious leadership) the children of the devil. Why becasue they did not the law of the the most high Yah. Not only did they not do the law, But prohibited the nation of Israel from keeping the Law of Yah. This is why we are talking about this subject today. not because a journalist had a fascination with or seek to discredit other from what is the truth. the truth is we ( the so called negro Hated around the world) are in fact the children of Israel. this is nothing to be proud about seeing that our forefather was so wicked just like those of the European nation. For all have sinned and fallen short of Yah standards ( which is Himself) that he has place for us to follow and be a light and a hope to a dying world. some ask where is the proof. Do the research in both history and scripture and you can see the truth. However you have eye to see,but see not! and you have ears, but hear not. Some people just do not want to know what is truth. but what do it profit if you understand who you are and change not your nature as Yah give you the ability. No man can Change his nature; Only the most high the creater of all the earth can change you. he promised in his word through the prophets that a new day would come when every man will bare the burden of his own sin. and that there will be no need for man to teach man the law of the most high because he was going to dwell in them. any scholar know that Yah is his own word. You cannot separate him from himself. Hear O Israel the Adoni our adoni is one! Any who will worship him must in truth worship him. A great wickedness has taken place because that certain people are responsible for cutting off Yah chosen from Him and has murdered generation by this wicked council. And yet and still divide Israel from his Yah by filthy Idols and images and icons. Of which Israel was neither to have or take part in. Of what nature are you? A thief or a murderer or both. tell the truth. You who claim to be a christian but are of the synagogue of satan. This can be a person who is black white red yellow or green. Deuteronomy 28:15-68 make it clear who the children of Israel is. The attention will be verses 44,45,46-68. Yah who is not a man that he should Lie neither the son of man that he should repent. said that he will do this to Israel for a sigh because we served him not with gladness of heart. But went after other Idols to serve them. Wood and stone and metal thing fashion by the hand. Put away all evils and images which causes your fellow man to tempt Yah to destroy Him. Yah command us to Love him with all our heart(Mind) soul and spirit. and to love our neighbor as yourself. Is this not the law of Yah? and all other laws rest upon these two laws. So to my brothers who have been lost do to the deception, be a preacher of righteousness and not only a preacher of righteousness but a doer of the whole Law. Knowing that if we break one of these commands we have broken them all. His Law was designed to teach you how to operate by the nature of Yah. Through his love to all mankind. Even though he know that some would chose evil over holiness. As he stated in deteromomy he has set before this day life and death; therefore chose life and live according to the laws and statues of Yah.
In reply to the proud apostate, do your research. People hide under the blanket of various entities. We know the emperor Constantine who was a pagan used the image of the cross and made it the official symbol of what we know as Christianity today. This image became the symbol of conquest to all who lived otherwise. True followers of Yahoshua did not, nor do not believe in military force of any nature. Why am I saying this. because to those that are oppressed all they see is the image. They do not represent Yah. if i kidnapped,tortured and annihilated in your name and you have not sent me. do this legitimize my action as a representative of you or your character. the answer will be no. So then you cannot group every who name Yah as authentic. I encourage you to call on Yah for direction, revelation, enlightenment, etc.
It is a sad commentary that the world can speak of anything European whether it's truth or a lie, cultish or not. The minute Black people begin to talk about anything concerning us as a people all H--- breaks loose. I don't know anything about this group but I am glad to be hearing something, even it's dialogue, other than the European brainwash we've heard for centuries. I may not be able to agree with what they teach but one thing is true, Ancient Hebrews and Jews were deep brown and black complexion which makes the descendants what???

Why is it important to know more than Jesus loves me this I know? Because it's all connected to interpreting Bible prophecy correctly, of which is unfolding right before our eyes. It's important to know in order to discern who God is talking to and about.

Finally, knowing the truth may eventually STOP all the religious movies, Bible study materials, Missions resources and Sunday School materials that make Jesus who became flesh to save all mankind, HEBREW again instead of EUROPEAN with a British accent.
This is to comment 91 Johnathan. Amen we all need to read the Bible deeper. Correction: Black people are descendants of Ham, Noah's second son. Noah placed the curse on Canaan NOT Ham. 2) Africa was not the original name of the Continent either. Another forgery. And let me throw this in, Egypt and all of the North is AFRICA (as it's called. Note on any map that Israel is land locked with Egypt and always was. Now can you explain how Moses' parents came to the conclusion that her "white" Hebrew son could hide in Egypt from Pharoah's edict to kill all the HEBREW children. How about the angel of the Lord instructing Joseph to take the baby Jesus into AFRICA to "hide" from Herod's edict to find the holy child and kill him? How in the world would a white Joseph, Mary and Jesus flee from Herod in EGYPT? Indeed we need to read the Bible, study a little bit harder and pray. ASK and it shall be given, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you. Our Lord willingly gives us the Wisdom we need. He does not want us to be deceived about ANYTHING in the Word. It's not about color it's about the Truth of God's Word.

I'm not as well studied as alot of the fine people posting on here, but I do have a little bit to add. These torn and misconcrewed views on this true hebrew historical account has done nothing but tear society away from each other since the first time someone exclaimed israelites as gods chosen race being the main factor in the christian bible. These negro americans have been brain manipulated by people taking advantage of the woe and pain from feeling as outcasts within there own country. Ironically, slavery and white supremecy initially sprung from the idea of of black people being the red marked, colored, offspring of Cain from Genesis. Oh, who's who and whats what from this old tattered and mistranslated historical account has been placed on every people and tounge imaginable at one point or another. This ridiculous notion the black skinned people ruled europe during the dark ages pretty much exposes just how warped you can make anything from a long time ago, especially to the right people feeling the right things at the time. These black supremecist are nothing different from the white kind, self-righteous and ignorant to the point of blind hatred. Ofcourse if you're a black dude in America you're going to want nothing more than to prove superiority over ol' no color. Maybe we all should read that little Cain and Able story again. The past is far gone, and I can gaurentee that the hebrews from the bible, whoever they are, hold no power over any other individual. Keep in mind the human race is a united brain, and the more we fight eachother, the more a small part of the brain will have all the power over us. They want us to argue to stupid shit. These black dudes are the initial and purest form of everything theyre speaking against. Also btw just for the record blacks are the colored ones, except for there palms and heels.. oh and when theyre born the first few days with our blue eyes. Peace and Love and ol' Middle Earth, Whitey.
So sorry Remember Jesus never said he was god. so keep on saying stuff about Jesus's relatiion ship to either white or black people has nothing to do with weather Jews were black or white originaly
ho was raped by a Roman soldier. Joseph saved her reputation by marrying her. Why do you keep putting stuff in that Jesus was part of the family of Marry/ He could not inherit the title of Mary's Hebrew family. Jesus was Jewish because his mother was Jewish. That is the Jewish law. It happened that way because of the rapes that happened even at this time. It saved women from disgrace.
Sholom, I hope you now know Jesus never said he was god.
1 ¶ The vision of Obadiah. Thus saith the Lord GOD concerning Edom; We have heard a rumour from the LORD, and an ambassador is sent among the heathen, Arise ye, and let us rise up against her in battle.
2 Behold, I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised.
3 The pride of thine heart hath deceived thee, thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock, whose habitation is high; that saith in his heart, Who shall bring me down to the ground?
4 Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle, and though thou set thy nest among the stars, thence will I bring thee down, saith the LORD.
5 If thieves came to thee, if robbers by night, (how art thou cut off!) would they not have stolen till they had enough? if the grapegatherers came to thee, would they not leave some grapes?
6 How are the things of Esau searched out! how are his hidden things sought up!
7 All the men of thy confederacy have brought thee even to the border: the men that were at peace with thee have deceived thee, and prevailed against thee; they that eat thy bread have laid a wound under thee: there is none understanding in him.
8 Shall I not in that day, saith the LORD, even destroy the wise men out of Edom, and understanding out of the mount of Esau?
9 And thy mighty men, O Teman, shall be dismayed, to the end that every one of the mount of Esau may be cut off by slaughter.
10 ¶ For thy violence against thy brother Jacob shame shall cover thee, and thou shalt be cut off for ever.
11 In the day that thou stoodest on the other side, in the day that the strangers carried away captive his forces, and foreigners entered into his gates, and cast lots upon Jerusalem, even thou wast as one of them.
12 But thou shouldest not have looked on the day of thy brother in the day that he became a stranger; neither shouldest thou have rejoiced over the children of Judah in the day of their destruction; neither shouldest thou have spoken proudly in the day of distress.
13 Thou shouldest not have entered into the gate of my people in the day of their calamity; yea, thou shouldest not have looked on their affliction in the day of their calamity, nor have laid hands on their substance in the day of their calamity;
14 Neither shouldest thou have stood in the crossway, to cut off those of his that did escape; neither shouldest thou have delivered up those of his that did remain in the day of distress.
15 For the day of the LORD is near upon all the heathen: as thou hast done, it shall be done unto thee: thy reward shall return upon thine own head.
16 For as ye have drunk upon my holy mountain, so shall all the heathen drink continually, yea, they shall drink, and they shall swallow down, and they shall be as though they had not been.
17 ¶ But upon mount Zion shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness; and the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions.
18 And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; and there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau; for the LORD hath spoken it.
19 And they of the south shall possess the mount of Esau; and they of the plain the Philistines: and they shall possess the fields of Ephraim, and the fields of Samaria: and Benjamin shall possess Gilead.
20 And the captivity of this host of the children of Israel shall possess that of the Canaanites, even unto Zarephath; and the captivity of Jerusalem, which is in Sepharad, shall possess the cities of the south.
21 And saviours shall come up on mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau; and the kingdom shall be the LORD'S.
1. There are many religions in the world that have their skeptics and some negative aspects......but this is a HATE GROUP/CULT!..this is not just ordinary Jewish or Christian beliefs.....when you say that "WHITE PEOPLE ARE THE DEVIL"...this is RACIST I dont care how you try to defend it.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has registered this church as a "Hate group"..yup thats right you guys are right up there with the KKK and the skin heads!

2. I myself am in no way racist. I am white & I love black people spanish people and all people!...color should be blind! You guys are a disgrace to the black people on this planet! You complain about how whites oppressed your people for years and yet you are basically doing the same thing....ANY REAL BIBLE READER would know that god embraces everyone.

3. If your saying that supposedly Adam was black....ok that could possibly be true..i have no problem believing that maybe black people were first on this planet.....but let me ask the hell did white people come???? Im guessing you will probably say evolution?? SO that means that us white people evolved from you black people......wouldnt that make us relatives? ancestors? blood relation?? we all evolved from the same group of people you sound so dumb!

4. Brainwashing! You are all being brainwashed! and quite frankly it is hilarious to watch...but at the same time it is very very sad. I fear for all of you.....You are NOT practicing RELIGION...this really had nothing to do with GOD...basically you are practicing race & are saying that one race is superior to the other....which is RACISM! and most cults hold these same views....just like the KKK thought all white people were are the equivalent to the BLACK & SPANISH your dam eyes!
Oh i have to add....the part in the article when the bishop guy said something about "the white people poured acid on the paintings and chopped off their noses"...lmao are u serious??? so your saying us white people went back and destroyeds every single painting, artifact, sculpture...etc??? um thats a little hard to believe.....acid would completely destroy the painting.....this is so nuts lol
p.s....i would just like to point out that 75% of these comments are from member of this so called "church" (really a cult/hate group).....obviosuly this article got your blood boiling and had you asking questions....haha this stuff is freakin hilarious!!!!! i cant stop laughing like these people are nuts man its sooo funny!
Only dumb, complexed NIGGERS could have been able of such an idiocy of an article!
Let's go back to what Christ is His true followers said...

John 13:35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

Galations 5:22... the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

James 2:4 have you not then made distinctions among yourselves and become judges with evil thoughts?

We are all created in God's image!!!

Genesis 1
26 Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”
27 So God created man in his own image,
in the image of God he created him;
male and female he created them.

Romans 2:11 God shows no partiality (favoritism among people)

James 2:8 If you really fulfill the royal law according to the Scripture, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself,” you are doing well

These so-called Israelites people are the KKK reversed. They use religion to mask their hate for the rest of the world. I walked past one of these groups and one of them called me the white devil and threatened to fight me. I don't recall any scriptures in the Bible where followers of Christ used messages of Hate to further the Kingdom. For those of you who you with your itching ears, following doctrines of demons; pray that the God of love and mercy will extend mercy.

If it's not love, it's not God. Salvations is first for the Jews,and then extended to the Gentiles.
These blacks are the true Hebrew Israelites. When you study the Bible and History it becomes very easy and very clear. This is fact
Read the scriptures. It is as clear as day that the true Israelite Hebrews are black. When God performed a miracle on Moses, he turned his hand to leprosy (white) and then turned it back to its original color. Secondly, Egyptians are African and there is no history to show that white people were in bondage under the Egyptians. Secondly, all the WICKED things white people have done and CONTINUE to do, do not represent God's chosen people. Read the scriptures. There is not once instance that God's chosen people behaved like the barbaric Esau in the bible. To even claim that you are God's chosen people and do the wicked sh**t you do is pure blasphemy. The Most High will deal with you! Does thou shall not steal ring a bell??? These imposter white want to be Jews, are nothing but white people from different parts of Europe that adopted the Jewish religion and the practice of the real Jews. The key difference is that The true Hebrew Israelite Jews are a nation and "Jewish" is a man made religion. The truth will be told. All is coming to light. Even the Britians copy the ancient Egyptians style of being royale and regal. Whites have copied everything in our culture and the truth is coming to light. Repent Esau before it is too late. Dont get mad - repent and face reality.
By the way my friend, you are not a scholar and have no right to write a article on this matter as if you have the ultimate truth! Ethiopians are in the Old Testament. They were Egypts Allies when the Hebrews were in bondage. I think what you should really research is all the history that has been lost and re-written to favor the real devil worshiping people that have succeeded in making blacks inferior in every country including there own. Its not hard to see whats really going on. The problem is people see and do not know what to do about it or just do not care. The ones that do something about it are silenced in one way or the other.



Well welcome to 2011 folks, the so called world trade center attacks didn't wake you up. The wall st. financial crisis couldn't jog your memory, Having a true brother posess the white house won't wake you up, then what will? The one and only God of the UNIVERSE is hot!!!! Why because of all of the lies and deciet, perpetrated by che' whitie. You see in the garden of eden, the serpent was already there, sent here to make this world a paridise for the one and only God of the universe to enjoy HIS creation. Satan couldn't deal with that 'playing 2 nd fiddle to anyone so, lucjustfor devised a plan to subvert YAHWEH,S decree.
Satan tricked Eve into learning how to have sexual intercourse, before YAHWEH
wanted her to. As we all know Eve went home and promptly taught her husband how to have sex. ain't no apple in the bible at all. Now Satan had her first and he
taught her well, and Eve went home and taught Adam all she had learned, what do think Adam replied? Maybe lets do it again? What Eve didn;t know was the fact that she was already impregnated with Satans son. Now Adam comes around on the late freight and impregnates her again . WOW two sons in her belly at the same time? Science has already proven this to be highly probable and very likley. Now Eve has 2 babies in her stomache One by satan and one by adam, now what babie belongs to whome? Cain killed Abel because of jealousy and envy, could Cain be satans only begottan? Would Abel happen to be Adams only son? WE SHALL NEVER KNOW. Or will we?
An objective and honest review of the bible will reveal the truth.
No matter who believes what, just like it's stated in the bible.."if you say there is No God, does it make it not so?"
Teaching Hate is WRONG in anyform. Whether from an alter infont of 7-11, or a white Church's opinion of the bible verses, due
To beliefs passed down by generation to generation. Jesus said, "And ye shall be hated of ALL MEN for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end, the same shall be saved." & though this can be related to the Khazars/Akenazi ppl, U Know it applies more to Negroid ppl who are hated and discriminated on at every hand, in every land... EVEN IN ISREAL by "JEWS." Just remember Black history was wiped out by whips, yet the black slaves sang, Cum by Yah. Yah being the name of God not given to them by slavemasters. Columbus didn't discover N. America, Google the Olmecas. They built pyramids as the Mayans got from them. The same dimensions as the ones in Egypt! There WERE many Pyramids built in N. American (Mexico) area. 2 which were in perfect condition and were destroyed I believe by Big Oil. Now ask youself... Who would the world would allow Black Pyramids to be destroyed? Who would and have let the Aztecs or Mayan pyramids be destroyed?? NO ONE! WhiteWashing! DO YOU KNOW Native Americans Also knew the names of God long before the Whites "discovered" land they already lived on!? Yah, YHWH, Yahweh?? THESE ARE F A C T S People!! We will NEVER BE TAUGHT THIS IN SCHOOL! Wake up out of Your White or Black Or Jewish stupor! If you are man / woman enough to Debunk, or belittle, or even laugh at thr black Hebrew Idea, then... YOUTUBE IT! It's under, "Glen Beck (of all ppl!) Native American spoke ANCIENT HEBREW. Now there goes Perfect Lilly white Jesus Theory.... He is the Lilly of the Valley. Sweet scented, beautiful... Nowhere does it state any whiteness of the messiah ex cept for his Hair! Even Simon, Jesus brother was asked if he was called Niger. Latin for Black!
@ ANNA, Heaven could be Anywhere! Even 1 of the many Galaxies were see thru NASA's work. But HELL is below our feet! YouTube (Sounds from Hell) an actual event that occured I believe in the 1970's where scientist drilled or found a hole inside a cave I think in Russia. They put a high heat tollerant microphone to record the sounds of the earth due to gravitational forces and the earth's rotation, but they got MUCH MORE than what they Expected! Sounds of screams and torture, Deep and demonic voices tormenting weeping souls. It's brutally horrible sounding!!! One thing I've noticed FACTS taught in school, & being raised in Pentacostal Church, I put 2 & 2 together by myself. Fact: Hawaii has Volcanic eruptions EVERYDAY, thus so do all The Ocean floors where crust plates push toward eachother.. Right? Fact: No man has ever been able to reach the bottom of the deepest valley in the Pacific Ring of Fire. We've ALL seen 1st hand how hard a time BP had with a 5000ft underwater oil well & the crushing forces are Emence! Right?... Well these facts and the bible (2&2 together), the Bible states.... "HELL is ENLARGING ITSELF, EVERY-DAY." Unless the Apostle who wrote this was being led by GOD, HOW, just HOW Would a Hebrew apostle from the Medditterean Area know to right this FACT in his book???-----& About what Religion, there's half your answer right there! The other half..... Out of ALL & I mean ALL Religions...All u have to ask yourself is.... Which God LIVES? There u have it! Just to add on the power o God's Word. I recently Watched a show on tv about a Exocism of a guy out from prison to attend his Mean, Nasty, hurtful, Evil Grandfather's Funeral. That nite he was attacked by a Demon with his GFather's face in the Bathroom mirror and was then Possed. Witnesses in the home, And when he was returned to jail stated that the guy would go into a trance and make it RAIN in the room he was in! From ceiling to floor and vice versa. It even rained Horizontally. This was all witnessed by Police called to the home. In prison, he freaked everyone out so the Warden called the prison priest to Exorcise this guy. During the Exorcism, the same thing happened, even heavier rain from Nowhere, & every direction the more the priest read from God's Word.... The Warden, the Priest, & the demon freed man whom both were soaked, all stated that, During the Exorcism. NOT A DROP OF THE RAIN EVER TOUCHED THE BIBLE! Not a Drop!
I do believe them.

Black Africans are the true Jews of the bible.
Black Africans are the only true original authentic Jews.
Some of what they are saying is true but ALOT of what they are saying is false and filled with hatred. I don't see why people think they have to put down other races in order to set themselves on top. God didnt make races he made nations. Being black is a skin color not a race of people. they take the truth that the truth that THE REAL JEWS ARE BLACK an saturated it with lies and contradict the very foundation they stand on. They are modern day pharisees and saducees.The truth in the lips of a liar is a lie!
so what do you black Jews want?

The essence of history is: documentation. This is exactly why we can label the book "The secret history between blacks and jews" as actual fact. Because it does in fact supply more then enough documentation to prove that Jews owned the vast majority of slave-trading companies and slaves in general. They also owned the slave ships, and this is according to NOT ONLY DOCUMENTATION, but respected Jewish Historians themselves.

I find it extremely interesting, that this is not discussed, in regards Professor Martin's battle with Lefkowitz.

I also notice responders to this article intentionally steering people away from this type of fact based discussion.

The Black Israelites are brainwashed and crazy. Why would you want to be a Jew? The Jews are the ones who have put american blacks in the position they are in today, with their treachery and deceit.

^^^^What the person above me said...Also, I found this comment very interesting as well:

You destroy peoples culture and religion and replace it with your own and after enough time those people want to identify with the culture and religion that has been imposed upon them by force and you have a problem with that?

How many time do you have to watch "The Ten Commandments" before you are a Jew? Christianity is a Jewish sect and so is Islam. Modern Judaism has just as much in common with historical Judaism as do modern Christianity and Islam.

It is Moses and Moses is bunk and a lie but a great tale to tell.

If you watched "The Ten Commandments" last night and didn't think it was the lamest piece of BS you have ever heard of, then you are a Jew. It is core to all three religions in the west. It is Bunk.

If the Ashkenazis can magically turn into Jews, then so can everyone else.

We Are All Jews. We have been programmed to be Jews

If you don't like it, put Islamists and Christians in charge of Hollywood.

Don't expect things to change or get any better because Islamists and Christians also believe in Moses and thus are also Jews.

So this guy climbs a mountain, sets fire to a marijuana bush and talks to god and he kicks Pharaohs ass, then he steals the creation story from the Babylonians and monotheism from Akhenaton and we are still dancing to this tune.

Let it be written my ass.

^^^^In response, I would say that MANY(not all) have been programmed to be "Jews" through the various Abrahamic religions. But Humans (Gentiles) are not really Jews genetically. Humans have been manipulated and subverted into becoming LIKE Jews, but Humanity is not in fact Jewish. Humanity has a conscience for one. But this highlights the most important issue of our day, we need to help our fellow Humans move as far away from Jewish corruption as possible. To do this we need to remove all Jews from any position of influence such as in ancient Carthage.

By Human 1 mean black, white, chinese and every other type of Human who does not have the Jewish genetic marker. 1'm sure there are a couple good jews (Bobby Fischer, Benjamin Freedman) but the overwhelming majority cannot be trusted in positions of influence as shown by mountains of historical evidence, including the hundreds of (warranted) expulsions and their bringing of many a poor farmer and other less-fortunate souls into financial ruin with their usury (jewsury).
Leon is correct, but fails to mention that Jews come in all the different shades of humanity as they have been mixing and trying to hide their identity for quite some time now. A method they have learned due to so many expulsions. They want to blend in as much as possible physically, but they know who is one of them, and they retain their sinister philosophy of racial supremacy over the "goyim" aka cattle (How they refer to Humans).

This is why they have gained such control, the idiots following the religions (All of Jewish origin) don't even realize who is and has been moving on them all this time, throughout history. Feeding off human souls, and their toil in the fields. They eat through our hard work, and then they send us off to die in wars on behalf of Israel, speaking of which WW2 was a Jewish plot to gain the land of the Palestinians and set up Israel as a stash spot for Nuclear Bombs (among other weaponry some even more sinister) and a stash spot for stolen wealth.
Ok I do believe some of this because the Caucasian race in history did do everything in their power to wipe away any evidence of civilized blacks. One of the things I know they did and that they cant deny is blow the noses off the pyramids and statues in Africa and in Egypt there is still proof of that. Some of that I do believe but I cannot believe everything someone says and I wouldnt join their movement because of how they treat women and racism that exist. Some people say that we are trying to move forward in a positive way but I have yet to see it. Especially since I know they are trying to take black history out of textbooks. Especially since they do not want the passage about slavery in it at all claiming that they want to move forward. An abundance of knowledge was stolen from Africans and was used for their own work. Its evidence in history that they were always destroying written documents in history so I agree that they might be right about some things.
Thats another reason why I wouldnt follow them because of all the hate they have. I love all people. I do not believe that one race will be ruled by the other race in heaven. If you are in heaven then you are in heaven. If you are going to hell you are going to hell. Then another thing that make me believe them is because of the Bible vs. in Deut. where it speaks of the curses that they will have if they do not follow God's word and I hate to say it but it only happened to Black people but regardless we are still God's chosen people.
I am amazed to find out this story about black people being Hebrew and were the Israelites in the Bible. I am from the Fiji Islands in the Pacific. The people with black skin the Pacific are known as Melanesians a name given by the first white people who sighted the Pacific where they identified 3 groups of people that occupied the Pacific Islands. The black they refer them as Melanesian, the light skinned as Polynesian and those that are mix with light brown and and black are called Micronesian. I really agree on white erazing black people's history. I studied the early migration of the Pacific people at the University of the South Pacific and we were taught that Melanesian came from Asia, through Papua New Guinea before they were spread out the small pacific islands.

Oral history passed down from our elders that we were originally from Israel came through Etheopea (Africa) than to PNG than nthe Pacific. However, this was refuted by many white historians, but lately through acheological findings, our pottery that was found in all Melanesian Countries were argued by archeologist to be from Egypt which is part of Etheopia. In Fiji new findings have found that the the word Fiji or FIJI is a short form of the word "Father of Israel Jewish Islands" history of the Fijians we were told that there was a " case or an Ark" which contain "manna" fell on the sea on their way looking for their last stop in Fiji. Based on this fall a small island beside the place where the Ark was belived to have felt was named "Mana Island" which has a hotel today. Fijians also claimed that they used to worshiped Jehovah before the europeans and white missionaries arrived in Fiji. A site in Fiji is known to be "Naicuvacuva vei Jiova" A place of bowing down to Jehovah...........However, this history was not accpeted and white argued that Fijians were worshiping the devil instead of Jehovah. In Malaita Province in the Solomon Islands, they traced their history to be from Israel and have traditional sites as temples of worhsip by their ancestors to God while in PNG a tribe sings chants in Hebrew.

It has been a moth now i have been following and reading stories on this topic and iam really convinced and now now who the God i am worshipping.
In response to the ignorant fool who asked the question about tribal lineage, we the bnei Yisroel are divided into three primary groups.
1. Kohanim, which are the descendants of the priests.
2. Leviim, which descent from the tribe of Levi
3. Yisroel, which make up the rank and file rest.

To assume that in asking a Jew about his heritage will result in a blank stare is just plain right futile and ignorant.

Aren't these the same buffoons who claimed to be the real Islamists some time back?
Just accept you ancestry and heritage as being a slave people and just be damn proud of it.

If you call yourself a Jew You're not Hebrew. Hebrews don't use the English letter "j". Yahudim would be more culturally correct. Many names adn titles used in this article are pagan.Church, Lord Jesus Christ, God and several others are not Hebrew but part of an elaborate "Replacement Theology/Identity Theft" Egyptology/Hellenism scheme. Misguided intellegence is a mainstay in America. Everything is dumbed down. For we know in part and prophecy in part. But when that which is whole shall return all parts will be eliminated. Besides that True Heritage does not mandate salvation. All on the same boat riding the vicious wave of truth.
Discovery Channel did an interpretation of what Jesus would look like today based off of historical pictures. 2,000 yr old pictures of what Jewish looked like at the time, short and dark skinned, their model was a deep brown with curly hair. In the bible he is described as bronze with hair of lamb's wool. What do you derive from that description?

As for the Hebrew Israelites, there's no doubt there were some darker Jewish descendents. They may not have all the history but there were. Perhaps they were there the same time as the Caucasian Jews. The Tower of Bable proved there were many tongues and people.
Just because one doesn't want to acknowlege a group doesn't mean they weren't there. Look at blacks on the Trail of Tears; Nazi Germany, first inhabitants of Japan and parts of China, much being revealed today!!!!
It matters not what anyone believes or thinks is true. They are black, and they've made a claim. For that reason alone, we must believe them. It's a black world now, we all must accept this...unless you're racist! Anyone who doesn't do and think everything these black Hebrews tell them to, is a racist white supremacist.
Bingo Vanessa, I have also become enlightened over the years. I used to think that racism involved oppression or abuse of blacks, or even a passive condoning of abuse. Now I am wise enough to embrace the correct contemporary view that: any disagreement with any view of any black person is racism. The fact that I disagree with the freedom-hating president is conclusive evidence of my racism. The fact that I haven't recognized the validity of the Black Hebrew Israelites claims is confirmation of the same. It is my Eurocentric inferiority complex that tethers me to the ridiculous notion that: Einstein, Neil Armstrong, Benjamin Franklin, Frank Sinatra, and the Fonz were not Black. I admit that my personal evolution is very slow, but the compelling arguments of the "true Jews" are an irresistable force.
Hilarious. But no more hilarious than people who think white people named GOLDBERG and ZUCKERBERG are Hebrew.
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..OK....I'm 21 yrs old n God has shown me d truth n doin so I must spread it....first off I feel dat deez men r ignorant meaning dey don't kno any better bein a Hebrew is not meant for us to spread hatred I kno dat d gentiles did things to us horrible things but if hate dem where is our blessing will we b better den them??? No hate is from d devil n if u read God is love blacks r d real Hebrews those r d facts n facts don't change we live under a curse because God had to punish us but if u read if we cum back to d laws of God den we will b shown mercy by our father understand dat things will not change until Yahshuah returns....wen d time of d gentiles is up....den he gather us n plead wit d nations for his heritae Israel.....Acts 1 tells u wat will happen d end....wat was d first thing dat ask yahshuah wen he was resurrecte d
All of you people are ignorant and there is no truth in you. The true Israelites of the bible does not include the so called white people (the edomites). Only Blacks, Indians, and Hispanics are God's children. Anything that don't include white people is considered wrong or racist. For centuries, you white people have led black people in America to believe that the white race is the more superior race. Edomites have been the enemy of the children of God since the beginning. That's why you try to keep us oppressed to till this day. God says different. All of you have inherited lies, and all those white people in Israel are Israelis. They are not the real Jews. The book of the Russian icons have the true paintings of Christ and other icons from the bible that proves that these people are black. also the Egyptians paintings proves that the slaves in Egypt had dark skin. You people are all teaching lies. All of you people on this blog with your stupid opinions and philosophies and then there is the truth. Just because you don't have the true understanding of the bible (which is only given to the Israelites anyway) and don't believe in the scriptures doesn't mean its not truth. All of you are idiots and your ignorance is not going to slow down or stop the prophecies of the bible.
All of you people are ignorant and there is no truth in you. The true Israelites of the bible does not include the so called white people (the edomites). Only Blacks, Indians, and Hispanics are God's children. Anything that don't include white people is considered wrong or racist. For centuries, you white people have led black people in America to believe that the white race is the more superior race. Edomites have been the enemy of the children of God since the beginning. That's why you try to keep us oppressed to till this day. God says different. All of you have inherited lies, and all those white people in Israel are Israelis. They are ot the real Jews. The book of the Russian icons have the true paintings of Christ and other icons from the bible that proves that these people are black, also the Egyptians paintings proves that the slaves in Egypt had dark skin. You people are all teaching lies. All of you people on this blog with your stupid opinions and philosophies and then there is the truth. Just because you don't have the true understanding of the bible (which is only given to the Israelites anyway) and don't believe in the scriptures doesn't mean its not truth. All of you are idiots and your ignornce is not going to slow down or stop the prophecies of the bible. The Lord said he would restore the house of David in the last days and you all hate that. All the things that the scriptures speak of is being fulfilled everyday. We are in the last days. The Lord is only coming to save the Israelites that believed and were hated and persecuted for his names sake.
All of you people are ignorant and there is no truth in you. The true Israelites of the bible does not include the so called white people (the edomites). Only Blacks, Indians, and Hispanics are God's children. Anything that don't include white people is considered wrong or racist. For centuries, you white people have led black people in America to believe that the white race is the more superior race. Edomites have been the enemy of the children of God since the beginning. That's why you try to keep us oppressed to till this day. God says different. All of you have inherited lies, and all those white people in Israel are Israelis. They are not the real Jews. The book of the Russian icons have the true paintings of Christ and other icons from the bible that proves that these people are black, also the Egyptians paintings proves that the slaves in Egypt had dark skin. You people are all teaching lies. All of you people on this blog with your stupid opinions and philosophies and then there is the truth. Just because you don't have the true understanding of the bible (which is only given to the Israelites anyway) and don't believe in the scriptures doesn't mean its not truth. All of you are idiots and your ignorance is not going to slow down or stop the prophecies of the bible. The Lord said he would restore the house of David in the last days and you all hate that. The edomites and the other nations conspired against the house of Israel to destroy us.(Psalms 83) All the things that the scripures speak of is being fulfilled everyday. We are in the last days. The Lord is only coming to save he Israelites that believed and were hated and persecuted for His names sake.
All of you people are ignorant and there is no truth in you. The true Israelites of the bible does not include the so called white people (the edomites). Only Blacks, Indians, and Hispanics are God's children. Anything that don't include white people is considered wrong or racist. For centuries, you white people have led black people in America to believe that the white race is the more superior race. Edomites have been the enemy of the children of God since the beginning. That's why you try to keep us oppressed to till this day. God says different. All of you have inherited lies, and all those white people in Israel are Israelis. They are not the real Jews. The book of the Russian icons have the true paintings of Christ and other icons from the bible that proves that these people are black, also the Egyptians paintings proves that the slaves in Egypt had dark skin. You people are all teaching lies. All of you people on this blog with your stupid opinions and philosophies and then there is the truth. Just because you don't have the true understanding of the bible (which is only given to the Israelites anyway) and don't believe in the scriptures doesn't mean its not truth. All of you are idiots and your ignorance is not going to slow down or stop the prophecies of the bible. The Lord said he would restore the house of David in the last days and you all hate that. The edomites and the other nations conspired against the house of Israel to destroy us.(Psalms 83) All the things that the scripures speak of is being fulfilled everyday. We are in the last days. The Lord is only coming to save he Israelites that believed and were hated and persecuted for His names sake.
White people has always told lies about history and I am fed up with it.They are great when it comes to covering up the truth.Someday all that is hidden will be revealed.THAT IS A PROMISE.
We,Jews are so prestigeous people(don`t lough) that many peoples claim to be our relatives: Irish Israelites(white),British Israelites(white) and many others like these above.It`s a pity they have not warm feelings enough.
Fact remains that the original Hebrews were descendant of Jacob, and were black! For any white embracing Hebraic tradition, posing as Jews, not attesting to this truth continues to fuel the flame of hatred against people of color! It's all by design, designed by children of Satan, the early converts of Khazaria who chose our Hebrew way of Life, in order not to become Christians or Muslims. Until truth is embraced, G_D will continue to inflict strife in our lives, until we truly embrace His People espousing truth, adhering to His Commandments, serving as a Light to all heathens who embrace demonic Christian beliefs founded on untruths, twisting scriptures, and still claiming to be spared through grace! It's a travesty on the part of every non believing white who continues to promote and uphold these lies, as to stay in power, and oppress G_D's people!
Do not be deceived by the ISUPK (Israelite School Of Universal Practical Knowledge), Black Hebrew Israelites, African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem, and other related cults:

They are obsessed with skin color, which is so sad, because they do not realize (nor care to understand) that when they die, their body returns back to the earth, the dust, and their spirit, the soul, goes to heaven or hell; which is dependent on their sin before a Holy, Righteous, Just, and Wrathful, yet Merciful God. Remember, Jesus taught that it is what is in the inside of the body, not the outside of the body that matters. God also said the same thing when He chose David to be king, and in other places found in both the Old and New Testaments.

Yes many of the Israelites had red skin and black hair, BUT with blue eyes. And some with blonde hair, and others with red hair and red beards. A study in anthropology and archaeology will show you that "the genetic potential of Israelites was variegated from the beginning." See for yourself:

Also, the First and Second Temples are not located in Africa (nor America, North or South). According to archaeologists, scholars, and historians, the Temples were built on Mt. Moriah, the site where Abraham offered Isaac to be sacrificed. Archaeological evidence is available for all to see, it is no mystery or something for Dan Brown to make movies about:

And another way they take advantage of minorities is that they preach a type of Health & Wealth Prosperity Gospel (heresy), similar to the televangelists and or other types of Churches that prey on minorities, but different. In that they point to the future promises the Jews are now receiving, as being written for people who are not white, or Caucasian. That the Jews who were scattered across the world, and their language and land, made dead and destroyed, they say that when the Bible talks about returning them to their homeland, restoring them, and blessing them. That the Bible is referring to what happened in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, and those promises in the Bible are only for people who have a skin color other than white or Caucasian, and that they will be returned to Africa, and will be blessed and made to prosper. Ignoring that the land where the two temple ruins are, Israel, now miraculously exists (and shortly after being created, they fought two back to back wars, against numerically superior Middle Eastern Countries, their armies outnumbered the Israeli army 100 to 1. Israeli tanks were outnumbered by more than three to one: 800 Israeli tanks faced 2,424 tanks. The Israeli air force could field 350 aircraft, outnumbered almost 3 to 1 by 939 aircraft. And as of 2013, Israel now has one of the strongest militaries in the world).

Israel is now known as the "Miracle in the Desert". Israel was a barren desert a century ago, and is now an oasis. It had no trees, now it has forests, agriculture (farming land) where there was none.

Isaiah 41
10 Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

11 Behold, all they that were incensed against thee shall be ashamed and confounded: they shall be as nothing; and they that strive with thee shall perish.

12 Thou shalt seek them, and shalt not find them, even them that contended with thee: they that war against thee shall be as nothing, and as a thing of nought.

13 For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.

14 Fear not, thou worm Jacob, and ye men of Israel; I will help thee, saith the Lord, and thy redeemer, the Holy One of Israel.

15 Behold, I will make thee a new sharp threshing instrument having teeth: thou shalt thresh the mountains, and beat them small, and shalt make the hills as chaff.

16 Thou shalt fan them, and the wind shall carry them away, and the whirlwind shall scatter them: and thou shalt rejoice in the Lord, and shalt glory in the Holy One of Israel.

17 When the poor and needy seek water, and there is none, and their tongue faileth for thirst, I the Lord will hear them, I the God of Israel will not forsake them.

18 I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys: I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water.

19 I will plant in the wilderness the cedar, the shittah tree, and the myrtle, and the oil tree; I will set in the desert the fir tree, and the pine, and the box tree together:

20 That they may see, and know, and consider, and understand together, that the hand of the Lord hath done this, and the Holy One of Israel hath created it.
It is a proven fact that the Old Testament(Hebrew Scripture) is a history of the Hebrew! Hebrew, derived from the Land of Cush (black). While I won't agree with all the my Israelites brothers preach, much truth has been revealed! I submit that Jacob was the father of the twelve tribes of Isreal, not Israel! The descendants of Jacob, who name was changed by G_D to Isreal, are Isrealites. Not black Jews, but of the Hebrew race! Many attest that Hebrew is not a race, but a language! Nothing diminishes the fact, Hebrews are black, not Caucasian. Why do the Caucasian Jews, in Israel, refer to themselves as Israeli? Why haven't they called themselves Isrealites (Israelites)? They call themselves Israeli because they are not descendant of Jacobs children! Proven fact, some Caucasians intermarried with Hebrews, who are Turks from Khazaria, to keep from becoming Muslim or Christian. They mixed in the Hebrews, accepting their (my) way of life, as a convenience! The Israeli claiming to be the chosen people, they are not descendant of Jacob, and hardly any are descendant of Esau, very few were! The truth is bitter to swallow when the so called Khazarian converts, who are now Israeli, they aren't Jew, they are Israeli. No ties to the biblical Hebrews!
I must add that in 2 Samuel 17: 25, a part says, "whose name was Ithra an Israelite". The word "Israelite" in this passage in Hebrew is "Israeli" or "Yisraeliy". So, both words such as "Israelite" or "Israeli" can be used interchangeably. Yes, the Yehudi, Ebriy or Ibriy, and Israeli are "black". In the slanted story above, the sentence, "Sounds like an olive-skinned man from the Middle East" is probably referring to the complexion of the MODERN inhabitants. However, as we should know, there are basically two main colors of the actual fruit called "olive" (green and black)!

Now, this part that I am writing is my opinion: I feel the reason why the “Hispanics”, Mexicans and Indians are included as Hebrew is because some of the modern descendants have “black”/Hebrew blood in them. Other than that, they would be considered as the ones who called themselves now “Chinese”, etc. However, people like Celia Cruz, Jon Secada, Benny More and even Israel “Cachao” Lopez are “black”/Hebrew!

Yet, salvation is for everyone regardless of ethnicity or race. However, there are prophecies for Israel as a whole to be fulfilled.
Having contacted and discussed the idea, with tons of women from all walks of life, I was convinced.
It's a pity you don't have a donate button! I'd certainly donate to this outstanding blog! I suppose for now i'll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to fresh updates and will share this site with my Facebook group. Chat soon!
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