Members Only: Inside the Elite World of Late Night Shots Late Night Shots is herding the next generation of assholes through Georgetown bars. And you're not invited.

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Back at the bar, I meet a red-haired woman who has brought two friends from France on a sort of field trip to Smith Point. She is a member of Late Night Shots but also claims to hate the site and everything it stands for. She points me toward a rotund young man standing in the next room, whom she describes as the quintessential LNS asshole.

When I introduce myself to Chris, he is cordial, if somewhat on guard. He says Late Night Shots streamlines the complicated ritual of hooking up. If he meets a girl out in Georgetown, he doesn’t have to wait until he runs into her again, because he can find her online. He does note that my black seersucker dress (J. Crew sale, circa 2001) exposes me as an outsider. Indeed, the sundress collection on view in the bar is decidedly colorful.

Sartorial criticism aside, I find the asshole to be a perfect gentleman. From what I can tell, the typical LNS man prides himself on displaying an almost Southern level of civility. (Unless he’s piss-drunk and presented with a note-taking reporter.) His confidence doesn’t wane, even in the face of rejection.

The good manners and self-assurance also have a lot to do with familiarity. Washington’s young elites like to feel safe and comfortable—witness the fear of anyplace as far east as 18th Street NW. So if you stick to bars that get positive mentions on LNS, you know you’ll be in good company. And you’ll want to behave.

Davis Berg, a 27-year-old UNC grad, has gained a reputation as the puckish philosopher of the site and often invokes pop- cultural theories about social networking.


“I think the social cachet of MySpace, at least in this circle—it doesn’t have much social bargaining power,” he says. “[LNS]’s not extremely exclusive, but it’s exclusive enough. It hasn’t reached a tipping point where the membership has overwhelmed the initial group of people who used it.”

He says LNS members aren’t judgmental. They just want to network with compatible new friends.

“People who dress like they just got off a Cancun party boat,” he tells me, referring to the dreaded turbo, “are not the type of people I want to associate with, especially as I transition into full adulthood.”

It’s a transition that weighs heavily on the minds of LNS members.

In many ways, the site’s forum serves as an anonymous tutor for aspiring members of the ruling class. Members post serious questions on etiquette, culture, and relationships. Where to buy loafers? Where to get a sailing license? What to wear to a polo match?

BMW or Mercedes?
Posted By: buyer on 07-05-2007 9:20 am

RE: BMW or Mercedes?
Posted By: Easy on 07-05-2007 9:22 am
A nice black Mercedes for sure. BMWs is very new money.

A poster named “rocketscientist” recently asked which careers were considered most suitable for marriage-minded young women. The recommendations were predictable—interior design, teaching, development—fields dominated by the most popular young women on the site.

Berg says the site’s dating features are tongue-in-cheek enough to make his friends comfortable with using them. If you’re interested in another member, you can send her a “brush up,” which dispatches one of several dozen snarky e-mails to her inbox. (“I’m looking to commit social suicide. Would you like to go out sometime?” or “Please control yourself.”) If you really like someone, you can put her on your “hunting range.” If she does the same, on Thursday night you’ll both get an e-mail alert of the match.

The Hunting Range

RE: Figuring out if girls are sluts
Posted By: farmer john on 04-02-2007 9:57 pm
all women are whores at heart…they will always slut themselves out at some point in their lives to get something…especially something shiny and expensive

Forum post on recent party:

…who got done? I don’t need names, I just need to know that people are hooking up. A lot of times, people insinuate that they’re going to PT but a lot of these drunken rages end up with girls piling into cabs and leaving the scene. Was it worth $60/$80 to not get laid?

Over and over, guys tell me that women on LNS give it up for free. The forum is always abuzz with reports of last night’s takedowns, trips to poundtown, debates about whether sluts are still datable, and the acceptable number of notches in one’s headboard. At every bar and party, I witness dancing that would be banned at most high school proms—usually girls in heels driving backward into guys in flip-flops.

One LNS member tells me he can be a social conservative and still have premarital sex. Another says the pliability of young women correlates to an obsession with social status.

“The girls think that maybe if they go home with some guy they’re gonna be the next big thing in D.C.,” he says, “that they’re gonna be cool and be part of this whole group.”

The girls, he says, think they might become the next Katherine Kennedy or Coventry Burke, young women who’ve achieved semi-celebrity status on the site. But, he says, the deed has repercussions. In the worst cases, girls recover from a hangover and find their indiscretions revealed on the site, either by their suitors or witnesses from the bar. (Landry says he monitors the site closely to remove such posts.)

The avid LNS reader might assume girls would know better. The forum is full of warnings against promiscuity, even as it encourages the hunting tactics of men who benefit from an evening’s adventures.

RE: optimal number for a woman
Posted By: Guy on 10-23-2006 1:35 pm
I could put up with 12. Anything more than that without a good explanation, and the girl is incapable of being in a serious relationship.

RE: optimal number for a woman
Posted By: higher the better on 10-23-2006 1:39 pm
I prefer high #’s. It usually means they really like to have sex, and that they are very good at it. And the idea that you might be exposing yourself to a serious disease is thrilling and really gets my blood flowing.

RE: optimal number for a woman
Posted By: SF on 10-23-2006 1:58 pm
I think one sexual partner for every 2-3 years is acceptable for a girl from a good family. Sex just isn’t something girls should be doing if they are interested in marrying me.

Getting tainted by older men
Posted By: Roger Chillingworth on 07-02-2007 9:16 am I’m concerned with a lot of the younger ladies in DC who are hooking up with and dating older guys. Whenever I first start seeing a girl I go through a checklist of what is acceptable, and having dated a guy who is 10+ years older than her is a tremendous red flag. I hope some of these younger girls realize the scarlet letter they are attaching to themselves by engaging in this scandalous behavior.

RE: Getting tainted by older men
Posted By: Steve Pimpington on 07-02-2007 9:21 am
I agree wholeheartedly. Nothing says “I blow guys for money” like dating some old rich dude. And the scarlet letter they are attaching to themselves is “W.” For “whore.”

No one would ever call Coventry Burke a whore. The 26-year-old from Sonoma, Calif., moved to D.C. in 2001, when she transferred to American University from Mount Holyoke. She now works in development for a nonprofit. Cov, as she’s known, was an instant star on LNS. One commenter on her profile wrote, “You have so many LNS’er[s] hunting you that I need to give you Secret Service protection.”

When discussing the popularity of Burke and other women who get a lot of attention on the site, the acceptable thing is to say they’re “well-liked.” Translated, the implication is that they didn’t make a big effort to become LNS stars. And everyone knows who the stars are. On the photo pages, members can rate one another’s attractiveness on a scale of 1 (“I’m Not Amused”) to 5 (“Nice One”).

I found 58 images of Burke on the Web site, and they had high ratings. She has the look: svelte and blond with a toothy grin. Shots show her in a white dress at a polo party or sweat-drenched and dancing at a Jimmy Buffet concert. She says she doesn’t post the photos herself. It’s an important distinction. Self-promotion and social-climbing come close to turbo status on the scale of LNS ridicule.

Burke, whose family has D.C. roots, has the right mix of good-girl and flirt. She competes in horse shows, goes fly-fishing with her boyfriend, and lists “skinny dipping” among the things she’s good at. She says she mainly uses LNS for its private groups, where she can gossip with groups of girlfriends. The groups listed under her profile include “DC, Hot Chicks, RBV’s” and “Only Dimes,” private message boards that self-select only the best-looking girls.

Our Readers Say

Let the record show that I was at the party where Angela Valdez was blackout drunk---overly intoxicated and spilling drinks on people at the LNS party she so casually mentions. I am shocked that she has chosen to libel all parties involved, especially in the age of google when these persons, who did not want to speak with her, literally will lose jobs because of this... much less over words they did not speak. Interesting that when you google her name, she has plagiarized another writer's work. The most offensive part of this article is that nearly everyone she came into contact with treated her extremely well. This is the most unprofessional piece of writing I have read in a long time. She is a pathetic, unethical, and unprofessional person who should locked up in a jail cell with other duplicitious, no-talented clowns who propagate falsehoods.
While interviewing people in the bathroom, I knocked over a drink sitting on the counter. I was not drunk, and certainly not blackout drunk.
People saw you drunk and groping men. You're a horrible person, and you've ruined people's lives over this article. Do you have any shame? I know of one person in this article who was fired an hour ago. Whatever happened to responsible journalism?
This is irresponsible journalism at best. The media is intended to be a "watch dog" and report without bias. You knew the intentions of this story from the start. You took advantage of a few people while they were intoxicated, exaggerated their stories and used that information to generalize about over 14,000 people who are members of this site. Your interviewing skills are poor if not unethical. Asking leading questions and not reporting the answers that you did not want to hear or did not support your opinion. It is sad that you have used this opportunity to further divide this city by making a racial issue out of this site; No doubt enraging your readers who will believe this story as fact. You may be proud of yourself for what you may think is exposing this huge story, but if your editors knew the truth about your bias and your leading interviews, they may not have run this slam piece. Next time you are out to save the world, try to get the whole story and report it as such.
You commenters are using the term "journalist" a little too cavalierly - we're talking about someone who writes for the Washington City Paper here.
More on Angela Valdez's history of plagiarism here:

I'm surprised that the City Paper would employ a known plagiarist.
I didn't know that it was ok to drink on the job. Reed Landry is an outstanding individual who runs a serious business, which you have libeled. I am amazed that you still have a job after this "article". I watched you interview one of the Ofori guys with racist, leading questions. And he NEVER told you that you were cute. This whole story is preposterous.
I find it fascinating to learn that Angela Valsez was a loser in highschool and that she likes to call people assholes, but what i would really like to know is- what is the newsworthiness of this article?
Amazing. One of the cleverest pieces I've read in a while. I can understand all the negativity by posters: the emperor hates to be told he's naked, and his bratty kids especially hate it! Keep up the good work Angela, this made my day…
yes, lns is offensive. yes it's elitist, sexist and crass. but it's also a site full of people who are conected in an intimate social circle. for an outsider to analyze it would be comparable to an adult listening in on college kids rehashing the events of last night's frat party. it's not meant to be taken seriously, and it's certainly not meant for the ears of those who are not included in the joke.
you kids really need to talk to some lawyer friends about what "libel" means. although i suppose that's to be expected from people who went to "pretty-good-but-not-Ivy schools".
Angela, I enjoyed the article but I do think you were way out of line publishing people's names like that ... I dont care if they did sign a release. On the other hand I understand that you were writing to a certain audience ... an audience that probably frequents places like the Black Cat and the 9:30 Club and almost certainly despises the LNS crowd. That audience will applaud the fact that you named names and took some pretty cheap shots. As someone that doesnt associate with either crowd I think you ultimately came off as more jealous than journalistic. I believe you deserve whatever windfall comes of this article.
Actually, I know exactly what I'm talking about, as its a 1st Amendment issue called "false light invasion of privacy".

via the web: False light invasion of privacy occurs when information is published about a person that is false or places the person in a false light, is highly offensive to a reasonable person, and is published with knowledge or in reckless disregard of whether the information was false or would place the person in a false light.

Although this tort is similar to defamation, it is not the same. The report need not be defamatory to be actionable as false light. This type of invasion of privacy tends to occur when a writer condenses or fictionalizes a story, or uses stock footage to illustrate a news story.

False light includes embellishment (false material added to a story, which places someone in a false light), distortion (the arrangement of materials or photographs to give a false impression) and fictionalization (works of fiction containing disguised characters that represent real people or references to real people in fictitious articles).
Don't worry Angela, jersk and a$$holes HATE being called jerks and a$$holes in print. Loved your article, keep up the good work. And the other commentors really need to learn a thing or two abotu the real world, because eventually daddy's money stream will be cut off.
I think that Angela did a good job of being even handed here. Not everybody that was interviewed for this article comes off like an asshole--which is no doubt reflective of the lns community.
As for naming names, perhaps it's appropriate that rampant racist and misogynistic douchebaggery should finally result in some consequences.

I thoroughly enjoyed your article. It portrayed an element of the District that most of us commoners arent privy to. And judging by many of the negative responses it seems you may have it the nail right on the head.

Keep up the good work.
Sally, you can cry libel and defamation all you want, the burden of proof is on you, not the one charged and you’ll never prove a lick of what you are accusing Angela of. The lady doth protest too much. LNS is a bunch of spoiled little bitches and you all know it, you just hate having it exposed for what it is.
Tom Foolery,
You sound poor and bitter. Go buy some more tight jeans.
"I retreat into a hole carved out during similar sessions in high school and head for the door."

Dear Diary,
The cool kids made fun of me again today. I HATE THEM SO MUCH!!! When I grow up I'm going to get them all back by getting a minimum wage job at a 3rd-rate local free newspaper and writing mean things about them. That will show them.

Angela Valdez
If Sally is correct in her definition of false light invasion, then the whole goddamn Internet should be shut down and every blogger sued to within an inch of his/her life.

I find it highly amusing that commenters are reacting to what they view as libel with statements that could be considered the same - e.g., accusations of the author being "blackout drunk" and "groping men."

I'm also not sure how asking ..."what it is like to be a black man among such a uniformly white crowd" is racist. It is about race, yes. But does asking a black man about racial dynamics constitute racism? And does it ..."mak(e) a racial issue out of (LNS)"? Sounds like just another way to insult a woman who showed your social group in a negative light.

I'd like to see an LNS-er defend the group in a more intelligent way than by bashing the article and its author. So far nobody has.
LNS is a joke you dont get, its not real, no one really does these things.
You cant approach a smart ass, ask him some questions clearly to provoke a certain response and NOT expect an exaggerated response.

Is every human that tells an off color joke a dirtball?
This is sensational journalism at it's best (or is it worst?). It represents everything that is wrong with the media in our society/culture. It is sad and pathetic and I'm glad this so-called "journalist" is being called out on her shady past, not to mention her biased and inaccurate reporting in this instance, one of many I'm sure.

Let's be honest here. Any large social group has their fair share of jerks and assholes. Have you ever tried hanging out with the hipster crowd in DC (a social group I'm confident Ms. Valdez would associate herself with)? I have and I'm here to tell you that they can be just as rude, obnoxious, and elitist as anybody else ("You're not a Democrat and you voted for Bush? Goodbye!!"). And despite their disdain for "conformists", the joke is truly on them because they are conformists like the rest of us, albeit in distinctly different ways. Whether it's the obscure but hot indie rock band or the latest hipster t-shirt (my current fave "I LISTEN TO BANDS THAT DON'T EVEN EXIST YET"), these people are no different.

At the end of the day, they hate because they are jealous. Jealous of our priviledge, jealous of our economic success, jealous of our fun. I hate to say it but they hate us for the same reasons the terrorists do. Perhaps that's why they all want us to withdraw from Iraq and hand victory to al Qaeda on a silver platter? Ok, I better stop before I go off on a major tangent/rant here.
Best of luck with the libel charges. Traditionally, it's a piece of cake to win libel cases on First Amendment grounds.
"I hate to say it but they hate us for the same reasons the terrorists do. "

Oh my god, I just peed my pants. Fuck. How am I going to explain that to the bosses? "Sorry, I have to head home. Either somebody is a really great satirist, or actually believes the whole 'they hate our freedom'" partyline. Either way, it was hysterical, AND - the poster couldn't spell 'privilege". Oh, the irony! See you tomorrow."
Was it a well-written and fair article? Probably not, but I'll be honest, I laughed my ass off reading this article and had to send it to as many of my friends as possible. Having unwillingly been to some of these events and having attended private high school in the area some of these people, I am glad that someone finally called them out on their pretentious bullshit. People who are truly cool don't go around forming little clubs and making lists. Please crawl out of D.C. and expose yourself to the rest of the world, because really, boat shoes are totally lame.
And.... time. Just two hours into the debate and someone has managed to link the motivation behind a story about preppy kids drinking in shitty/exclusive bars to a love for surrender in the face of terrorism. Well played... I'm pretty sure that even the RNC would struggle with that talking point.
Not poor, quite comfortable. I went to one of those "not-quite-ivy-league" schools Angela refers to and I have experieince with you preppy fucks. I should have known not to move to DC, they stretch far and wide in this town. I will agree though that hipster jerk-offs are barely better than preppy fucks. Oh, not bitter either, just love pissing on the Paris Hilton types living off daddy's money, you can't defend your way of life, so you cry slander, libel, and etc. Like cockroaches you hate having the light shined on you.
What people often forget is that the well-connected are “well-connected” for a reason. I think Angela chose the wrong crowd to take aim. Remember several of these LNSers have unlimited funds and are legally savvy. I would not be surprised to see someone lose his or her job over this.

If a release was signed, that is one thing, but journalism, where you name specific names or quote specific people without their knowledge, it is illegal. Additionally, I think Angela makes some pretty lofty statements about several people. To address your libel burden of proof argument. The proof is actually on the writer. If I were Angela, I would be worried. It seems ripe for a huge settlement considering the reputation of the site and those quoted.

This is emblematic of libel suit and win for the complainant, Polanski vs. Carter. Moreover, asking the question is not so much libelous, but reporting a fictional answer is. Just as insinuating with a reference to Tyrone “sucking dick for crack” that brings into racial-homophobic overtones. Obviously, using a predominant black name next to a question about a black person was used for its intended affect.

Finally, first amendment is easy to win when it is true. However, when it can be disproved with eyewitnesses and the reporter lacks hard objective evidence, a prolonged litigation could be very detrimental to the accused.
It's cute watching the friends of the exposed band together.

Guys, cut your losses and quit commenting. LNS prides itself on elitism and exclusivity. You are hardly representing these goals by defending yourselves on the Washington City Paper's comment section.

Also, everyone who dishes shit should be able to take some shit. If elite, then brush this shit off. If elite, then why do you care if "outsiders" are getting the wrong "generalization" of this close-knit internet community.
The irony is, that this little comment thread has become exactly what LNS is. Except on the otherside. Mob mentality rife with snarky, and oh so important opinions from people who feel the need to defend themselves by attacking others.

Congratulations, you now understand what its all about.
These comments represent the usual m.o. against City Paper: the subject of the story says or does something stupid, then blames the paper. Guess what? City Paper didn't make you ask the author if she did anal. City Paper didn't make you insult fat people. Instead of blaming the paper, have the balls to own up to your actions. We see it time and time again in the comments: whiny, baseless, trivial accusations (libel? ha!). But amid all the vitriol, there's no refutation of the facts. You can blame City Paper all you want, but in the end, the paper is not responsible for your behavior. You are.
Why did you elude to two girls (whom you name names) on the site being sluts. They have nothing to do with this and were not even interviewed. Do you know them?
Dear k,

The founding fathers of the current radical islamic movement, such as Sayyid Qutb (1906-1966), based much of their disdain for western culture and civilization on our "materialism, individual freedom, economic system" etc. which they view as a threat to their fundamentalist interpretation of the koran.

So if by freedom you talking about my reference to privilege, economic prosperity, fun, etc. then no, I wasn't being satirical.

By the way, thanks for pointing out my one typo. Despite the age of word processors, I guess the world still needs good proofreaders like you.
Awesome article. The comments are like a bonus.
Privilege, economic prosperity, and fun = do u do anal?
"The Thursday I decide to go, the designated charity is the Polaris Project, which raises money to fight international human trafficking. The invite promises a kissing booth. Apparently no one senses the irony."

Actually, everyone sensed the irony, given that it was noted by ALL of the hosts on the LNS Event invite that was sent out. Check your facts. It was supposed to be tongue in cheek.
Basically what Angela did was infiltrate a tight knit circle and expose individual people who were drunk through unorthodox practices. I don't see any honor in this or professionalism as I am also a published writer. Look around DC: the most elite private schools in the country who are incredibly well off compared to the rest of the country. Essentially this is a product of the enviorment it attracts, especially being anonymous. Much like Craiglist, which attracts some ridiculous low-end crowd, LNS attracts a young, party-oriented yet conservative group of people. Angela exposed the elite dc scene that has been going on behind closed doors in the private clubs founded long ago. Good job, you've contributed to the polarization of the liberal and conservative and changed nothing. Next time you want to expose peoples names, crash parties, and publish it, try crashing a Howard U Frat party, a UMD Sorority house or a redneck bar.
Hipsters enjoy...

There is a reason this embarrassing paper is free and staffs Angela vanslut. Let them have their forum of use posts and we will go back to our forum. Enjoy your crummy Indie music and making minimum wage. When I need your opinion or critique on privilege, I will be sure to give you a ring (and opinion) while I am renting a car and you are filling up my tank. Both of which you did a terrible job of doing. Hipsters—its no wonder you cannot not find a job. Keep writing about us and we will be sure not give damn whether you live or die. That is the thing about your purported privilege. While you are busy writing about us, we are busy running the world and making money so you have something to write. LNS end scene.
I enjoyed the article. It's interesting from both sides- yes, she was unfair, but come on guys, let's own up a little to our own ridiculous qualities. I just don't understand why everyone is so quick to join these elitist little cliques- whether rich, hipster, whatever. I don't think we'll all be one happy family, but stop thinking one is better than the other. If all you want is money and status, go for it. If you want to live on a commune and share the love, congrats. But stop having a pissing contest over who is better- this country wouldn't exist if you didn't have both.
I wonder how many of these "elite" Late Night Shotters are Capitol Hill staffers who have to call CRS every 10 minutes because they are too stupid to know the difference between Medicare and Medicaid or Iran and Iraq?
how did this become about hipsters? where did this elitist/hipster animosity come from? Did EVERYONE revert back to being in high school? Get over it.
I'm wealthy, I'm young, I'm attractive and I graduated from one of the top schools in the US. The actions, the slanders, the slurs, the displays of absolutely ridiculous behavior from members of LNS are not different from what I saw in my days as a member of my fraternity...just 2 years ago. I used to laugh it off, now I feel like I should apologize. The sad difference is that these kids don't realize they are no longer playing Mr. and Mrs. WASP in the comfort of their own quads and common areas. Grow the f*ck up, friends. Besides, I am sure it's not the first time your binge drinking, retrograde ideologies and stupid foul language have been up for review.
I have to say that as someone who belongs to a privileged class in another country and who went to Georgetown University (Alumn, 07) I am surprised at the level of stupidity that some people can achieve. LNS defenders, you could do a better job at arguing your cause. Instead you perpetuate the stereotype of dumb, thoughtless, rich people by simply arguing that youre better than others because you have money and they dont. Its obvious from your comments that having money and having class are two completely different things. I will never say that a person is inherently bad because they have money, there are plenty of examples that prove otherwise. But if your only argument is "you sound bitter and poor" then how do you expect for people to take you seriously? Not everyone is jealous of you, not everyone wants to be like you (as I have seen during my 2 year stay in DC) and that doesnt make them less than you. Cut down on your charity work, which after these awful comments, seems like some of the most hypochritical things I have ever heard, and start thinking about changing your attitude toward other people who are just as worthy, or maybe even more than you (even if they do fill up the tank of your rented car).
Hi, Gilbert.
I'm a nerd, too.
I just found that out tonight.
We have news for the beautiful people.
There's a lot more of us than there are of you.
I know there's alumni here tonight.
When you went to Adams, you might have been called a spaz,
or a dork, or a geek.
Any of you that have ever felt...
stepped on, left out, picked on, put down,
whether you think you're a nerd or not, why don't you come and join us?
Come on.
(# "We are the Champions" by Queen)
- Hi, Betty. - Hi.
Just join us, cos, uh...
(Gilbert) No one's really gonna be free until nerd persecution ends.

(Dean) You know, Coach, I think I'm gonna let these boys live over at the Alpha Beta house, while you and your boys rebuild theirs.
- And where the hell are we gonna live? - What about us, huh?
You're jocks, go live in the gym.
(all, softly) Nerd. Nerd. Nerd.
(all chant loudly) Nerd! Nerd! Nerd!
Nerd! Nerd! Nerd! Nerd!
This is hysterical! What I find most interesting is the provincial view of the world. It is so much bigger than this peanut-sized DC scene. They use the site as an overgrown high school while most of us are thrilled to grow beyond the single-minded thinking it evokes. This group and groups like it can only survive in their insular existence. Try hacking it in LA or NY.
The funniest part of this article was the terror expressed at venturing into Adams Morgan, one of the most annoyingly gentrified parts of the whole city. What a bunch of bammas. Come visit the real DC sometime, marks.
The problem with the LNS people is that they exclude themselves from the rest of Washington, DC society. It's not that they are shutting people out; they are isolating themselves and this is detrimental social behavior--anti-social behavior even. I think if the LNS members would expand social networks to include minorities, middle-class people, homosexuals, and people who have liberal political views, they would become more sensitive, thoughtful human beings. The comments from LNS members to this article re-affirms my thinking. Coming from a prominent family and making a high-income living doesn't make you an ass hole...shutting yourself away from society and spouting racist, homophobic, sexist, and class-based hate makes you one. This is something LNS people will have to come to grips with.
Just a little FYI. You do know that Tyronne Biggums is a popular Dave Chappelle character from Chappelle's show and the fake profile is just a profile for that character and quoting things he said on the show? It's not just a random racist profile as you attempted to make it out to be. It's a joke for fans of Chappelle's show.
ColdBliss, that is one of the dumber comments I have read on this entire thread.
These parties sound kind of cool. How do I get on the list as Smith Pointe? I can make a donation.
So, I don't live in DC and have no vested interest in this article -- just stumbled across it through another Web page. I was doubtful that any group of people could truly be as oblivious and shallow as portrayed -- but then I read these comments. These beautiful, wonderful comments, which are just comic gold.

Now I have to go home and try to wrap my mind around the idea that all those terrible movies with the drawling, cardboard-cutout, preppy children of privilege were, in fact, documentaries. And, apparently (seriously? In your THIRTIES?) those kids never grow up.

Too funny.
Everyone needs to read Lerner Kensington's comments. He has the better outlook on this over anyone. Btw Angela LNS is not exclusive. I could invite any one I wanted to join which keeps the LNS population growing exponentially. To me thats not exclusive. LNS is nothing anyone takes seriously and its for people with too much time on their hands like Myspace, facebook, and all the other addicting internet crap. Angela should be shot and so so should the rest of us for wasting our time.
To start with, holding irrelevant agreement or disagreement with the article, I am very surprised this article has been published by Washington City Paper, strictly based off the amount of vulgarities and the lack of professionalism with regards to basic ethics of literature.

To open an article by stating (not implying, but stating) that one of the most populous neighborhoods in the district is fostering the “next” generation of “assholes” is totally unacceptable. I myself am not from Georgetown, but the use of the word “next” implies that previous generations, and hence all residents, are “assholes” themselves. Regardless of one’s thoughts about how being wealthy affects a person’s attitude, morals, sensitivity or other qualities, such an offensive and generalizing statement is preposterous, especially in the headline of an article. I learned in my first introduction to literature class during my freshman year of college years ago that such a statement is wildly inappropriate.

I could move beyond the first line to point out further instances in which vulgar statements could have and should have but were not tempered with other reference words (e.g. “rear end” instead of “ass”), but I don’t think it is necessary. From then on she continues to use the unacceptable and behavior of a select few to discredit over 14,000 citizens as “assholes,” and further feels the need to put racial and political spin on the situation to further discredit her subjects. In additional to insulting the website users and Georgetown residents overall, she goes on to personally name individuals, almost all of whom by her own account were very cordial and friendly. Their mention alone in such a scathing and negative article will undoubtedly bring undue attention if not serious repercussions, which I don not see them as deserving for happening to belong in social circles which the author has deemed to be horrendous because of the actions of a few drunk bar patrons. Immature people exist in this world in all social circles, geographical locations and various financial classes ranging from lower to upper. Being in a bar a person is more likely to run into such individuals than in most places. Using an unfortunate and understandably traumatizing experience with a rude and drunk bar patron is no excuse to use one’s employment at a publication to slander an entire online community, neighborhood, and social group of people (DC private-school attendees). As awful as the author may think these people are, I doubt any of them would have stooped to the level of using their profession to publicly slander another person of conflicting beliefs. This was an angry, unprofessional and shameful vendetta from the first sentence and does not merit further time to be wasted on it’s analysis, except by the staff responsible for creating (and hopefully fixing) this abomination.
Funny this article does make at least ONE false claim. It says that these aholes are too affraid to venture into Adams Morgan yet everytime I go there I am knee deep in Douche Bags just like them. And can I just remind the "gentlemen" that City Papers readership is hardly poor. Not everyone who laughs at you idiots behind your backs is pumping gas. In fact in this town most of the people laughing at you are just as rich as you are. They just have a touch of something called class.
When the revolution comes, their heads will roll first.

Vive la revolution!
Sorry about the last post there was a formatting issue. Here is a clean version of my comments:

To start with, holding irrelevant agreement or disagreement with the article, I am very surprised this article has been published by Washington City Paper, strictly based off the amount of vulgarities and the lack of professionalism with regards to basic ethics of literature.

To open an article by stating (not implying, but stating) that one of the most populous neighborhoods in the district is fostering the "next" generation of "assholes" is totally unacceptable. I myself am not from Georgetown, but the use of the word "next" implies that previous generations, and hence all residents, are "assholes" themselves. Regardless of one's thoughts about how being wealthy affects a person's attitude, morals, sensitivity or other qualities, such an offensive and generalizing statement is preposterous, especially in the headline of an article. I learned in my first introduction to literature class during my freshman year of college years ago that such a statement is wildly inappropriate.

I could move beyond the first line to point out further instances in which vulgar statements could have and should have but were not tempered with other reference words (e.g. "rear end" instead of "ass"), but I don't think it is necessary. From then on she continues to use the unacceptable and behavior of a select few to discredit over 14,000 citizens as "assholes," and further feels the need to put racial and political spin on the situation to further discredit her subjects. In additional to insulting the website users and Georgetown residents overall, she goes on to personally name individuals, almost all of whom by her own account were very cordial and friendly. Their mention alone in such a scathing and negative article will undoubtedly bring undue attention if not serious repercussions, which I don not see them as deserving for happening to belong in social circles which the author has deemed to be horrendous because of the actions of a few drunk bar patrons. Immature people exist in this world in all social circles, geographical locations and various financial classes ranging from lower to upper. Being in a bar a person is more likely to run into such individuals than in most places. Using an unfortunate and understandably traumatizing experience with a rude and drunk bar patron is no excuse to use one's employment at a publication to slander an entire online community, neighborhood, and social group of people (DC private-school attendees). As awful as the author may think these people are, I doubt any of them would have stooped to the level of using their profession to publicly slander another person of conflicting beliefs. This was an angry, unprofessional and shameful vendetta from the first sentence and does not merit further time to be wasted on it's analysis, except by the staff responsible for creating (and hopefully fixing) this abomination.
oh my god, Inigo Montoya--we have to scroll through your rambling bullshit not once but twice--fuck!
Uh-oh, Montoya. You completely misread the first lines of the article. ANgela merely states that these occurrences of which she writes are happening in Georgetown. She doesn't suggest that all people in Georgetown are assholes. You are funny.
As a member of LNS, I know for a fact that the 14,000 are not all wealthy, elitist pricks. Not everyone is conservative, hetero, hate-filled people that commenters are assuming. Im a liberal, have several gay family members, got a fantastic education, and work for an environmental non-profit, and still think LNS is enjoyable and sometimes downright hysterical. Any person, hipster, prep, gay, sraight, black, white, is capable of making distasteful comments on an anonymous forum. Sometimes its ok to sit back relax, laugh at it and remind yourselves that these people are most certainly making it up to get a rise/laugh out of people. It seems in the article that everyone Angela met treated her with respect and kindness (except the first guy, then again take into consideration she barged into a male conversation about sex and asked to interview them). I think its unfortunate the way she portrayed many of my friends, but I suppose shes just trying to make a name for herself in DC, although she may have messed with the wrong crowd on this one...
can you do next, please?
Worst part about this article is it's boosting their ad traffic (re: revenues).
The most astute comment in this entire thread acknowledges that people like those featured in this article provoke the ire of radicals around the world, the best part of that proclamation being that the terrorists are "jealous of our fun." What I'm left wondering is this: Why is being the object of angry people's hatred anything to brag about?

It's shameful to see that in an area so heavily impacted by the Tech shootings, before which the killer wrote "Did you want to inject as much misery in our lives as you can just because you can?" there are still people who combat attacks on their character with this:

"When I need your opinion or critique on privilege, I will be sure to give you a ring (and opinion) while I am renting a car and you are filling up my tank."

and this:

"...we will be sure not give damn whether you live or die."

Though I'm sure that if everyone who lost their lives in 9/11 were given the opportunity to speak with the nation, they'd most certainly ask affluent Americans to avenge their deaths by being rude to gas station employees.
I love LNS but Inigo Montoya, that has got to be the wordiest, dumbest comment I've ever read.

I knew the article was made up when she claimed that some guy told her she was cute. I mean, come on:
I was at Smith Point that night, and she was fishing HARD for ridiculous comments from all of our friends and got nothing except friendly people and a good time, so instead got drunk and made things up. I go to Smith Point because thats where my friends go, and I enjoy hanging out with my friends. You don't see any of us barging into Wonderland trying to do an expose on all the assinine shit you and your hipster friends say because we don't care, whats the fascination?
The glorious irony of this comment section is that it's turned into a typical LNS forum.
Angela Valdez,

This is pure and simple POOR reporting. From speaking with those you interviewed, sounds like you had the story before the research began! Your "research" and interviews were designed to find the small tid bits/soundbytes that would provide some support to "your" story.

You have a future in one-sided reporting. Call MM for a research position on Sicko-2!
the most telling item in this entertaining article is that all the "I'm rich and you're not, ha ha, and you're jealous" little boys and girls threw a fit when they had to pay a whopping 15 bucks cover.

and they still drink red bull and vodka. OMG!!11!! that's like sooo 2005.
Hahaha - Excellent article! Holy stuck up highschool drama nonsense!

And the comments are a delightful bonus! I love how they are so lame!
this -- the article and its comments -- is the most delightful thing i've read all week, nay, all month, or even, if i'm allowed the liberty to say it, ever.

the comments made by MGR are so incredible, i wish i had written them myself. if only someone can embroider them on a pillow for me, so i can rub my cheek against it and have beautiful dreams all night long of bombs over baghdad, bright as fireworks over the washington monument on the fourth of july.
This article would have been all well and good had the names of the individuals been redacted. I don't agree with it (I think Angela gave the LNS and its forums an undeservedly straight reading, totally missing the tongue in cheek nature of the site), but there aren't many outrageous stretches aside from her literalism. That said, I understand a vindictive desire to "out" a guy who made lewd comments, but beyond that the unauthorized use of names is downright unprofessional.

Unfortunately Angela and City Paper get the last laugh here-- there's a reason they made it a front page expose, they knew they would stir the pot, and that the collective readership of LNS (and the blogs who hate them), would be linking and providing hits en masse. I will bet anything that it is the most traffic they have ever gotten, and that the will get for the foreseeable future, and that is a sad fact.
This article was written with the purpose to make us important people look like classless assholes because the author is poor, ugly, and of course jealous.

Ok, back to cheerleading for wars I will never fight in. Hell, I'm terrified of scary Adams Morgan. Too bad we can't sue the terrorists into submission and instead have to rely on poor, redneck, losers that go to dive bars to fight them instead.
"the unauthorized use of names is downright unprofessional."

Unless its an undercover CIA agent, then it's great. Ol' Bob Novaks still has his job.
"This article was written with the purpose to make us important people look like classless assholes because the author is poor, ugly, and of course jealous. "

Right on!

Oh wait, you're being sarcastic?
This article is incredibly accurate. Though I don't live in the DC area, I have experienced nights out in Georgetown, complete with preppy snobs who look down to you if you don't fit the mold. These people are so insecure that they need this pseudo persona to go through life. I applaud you, Angela, for exposing the truth.
One woman sums it up: "It's an accomplishment for guys and an embarrassment for girls."

LNS Ladies, please realize that you don't need to feel shameful. That's the beauty of be a 20-something, single college grad! You have nothing to feel embarrassed about. Enjoy your freedom and realize that your sex life is your business only.

Try the 20's/early 30's Girls in DC group on Explore all there is to explore in DC and free yourself from this Frat Boy Bullsh*t!
God I love getting drunk and fucking rich bitches. That's the problem with hipster chicks, they actually wouldn't attend a sausage fest where polo shirts treat them like meat. Thats why I party in Georgetown, low self esteem + a desire to fit in= free fucks!! and anal too!!
you go girl! embrace that inner hooker!
The reality of your hipster lifestyle is that most of you will live poor lives in cramped basements, have unattractive wives/husbands/partners, bitch about Republicans while benefiting from the tax burden we shoulder, and in general, not be able to experience much at all because you are very unsuccessful professionally and personally. We are better athletes, smarter in business, more attractive, tougher, and, in general, winners of the genetic lottery. Angela Valdez was treated well by almost everyone she encountered until she wrote this hyper-sexualized caricature of the 20-something Georgetown set. She is a known embellisher and clearly a loser in her personal life. Everyone who supports her on this thread is intellectually dishonest and probably a loser as well. Have fun being poor and insignificant, hipsters.
Speaking as someone who comes from an Actual aristocratic and titled family with a valid coat-of-arms and knows the true meaning of old and new money- it just makes me sad at how pathetic these kids, and the subsequent lns posters to this article, act and behave. And for those who deny this happens, I know this to be true because I've been in this scene, personally known people like this and gone to school with them. I find their misguided use of the words "manners" and "etiquette" downright apalling. I agree with balli- while many of you may have money and access (thanks in large part to your families as with myself), it's apparent not one of you has real Class. But then again, when we have people like Kathy Hilton teaching etiquette on tv, what can I honestly expect?? This is unfortunately why you take this behavior to other places or other countries with privileged families that know better- and you get laughed at as "stupid Americans." Please grow up, learn some real manners, recognize what Gentleman and Lady actually mean, and stop perpetuating an embarrassing stereotype for the rest of us. Having privilege is nice, yes, but it's a responsibility- not a free pass to act cheap, tawdry and ignorant.
It's all fun and games for new money, until they somone loses their job!

Or even better: what do you call new money without a job? No money.
I agree, I love screwing rich bitches. Those ladie's know like they know how to have a good time, I don't normally like titless fineys like they show in the photo's but I'll make an exception for some of these DC ho's, they are CERTIFIED HOTTIES. And these dude's look like they know how to chill it and have a good ol time, have a drink and why not? I like to drink too, I like Red Bull, Vodka, Misterbrau, basically any kind of mixed drink gives me a instant Stiffy if there are female cooches nearby. So any of you East Coast slut's wanna look me up give A call, I'm game!!!!
AGREED. It's a major problem with some of these clubs have two or three Ethopians in them or Hindus whatever they're called. ENOUGH
Sally Hemmings wrote: She is a pathetic, unethical, and unprofessional person who should locked up in a jail cell with other duplicitious, no-talented clowns who propagate falsehoods.

Sure, but where could we fit all of you? DC is such a big place.
I'm realizing from some of the hideous comments here that Valdez merely scratched the surface. I must've been naive to think that nobody really thought these things. It's really amazing the optimism and faith in humankind one can hang onto living in a cramped basement with a very unsuccessful professional and personal life!
Until I read the comments, I wondered if the article was exaggerated. But those comments.... wow. You just can't make this stuff up.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised -- if you're still a Republican after 6 years of the criminal Bush government, you have to be some sort of psychopath. Still, it was quite eye-opening to see that these people are really as horrid as I pictured them.

Happy goldfish bowl to you -- I hope a lot of you end up in jail when the shit finally does hit the fan!
Dear "MGR",

Your History of Ideas lesson about Sayyid Qutb really drove home the point of the article.

P.S. The founding father of your religious movement also disdained materialism and the economic system.
I agree 100% with DagneyTaggert. I am liberal, live in Georgetown, and am a member of LNS. I go to Smith Point for the same reason everyone else does-- people are friendly, good looking, and fun. Isn't that what people in their 20's usually want in a bar? Why is it a headline? Yes, I have heard asshole comments, but certainly no worse than any other lively bar in DC. LNS is a joke, a distraction from work (the weekend postings are extremely bare) and any real journalist wouldn't have tried to portray it otherwise. Contrasting her own socially awkward past to the well heeled Georgetown crowd supports earlier statements that it was jealousy, not a search for truth, that was behind this bitter article. I am angry because her portrayel of conservatives will widen the divide with libearls, and those of us who are big enough to be friends with both sides of the aisle will have to deal with the carnage of her little hipster vs conservative war.
I went to college with snot-nosed brats much like the ones featured in this article. You sure have hit the nail on the head here. Great piece and I am also enjoying the comments. LOL
Ha Ha!
This article totally demonstrates how pathetically elitist the social scene has become in DC.
I've been going to Georgetown for a long time but in the last few years started sensing snubbing by angry white women and white guys getting tough or making comments about me which led to many a potential fights.
I wouldn't be surprised if they allow minority women just so they can get their subversive white power rush.
I expect this behavior in the deep woods of Tennessee and West Virginia and certainly North Carolina but LNS definitely takes the cake.
It's certainly not enlighting to read about Republicans that believe in so called conservative values to also feel that they are entitled to get laid at their pleasure. Just be honest.
Frat boys, get over it...that was back in college, you are like that high school kid that nevr got over his day in school and now sells breast implants somewhere in the midwest...and you got a nephew named Napoleon.
Sad part about this, is that DC was quite diverse and you could pretty much talk to anyone, but now it's full of angry elitist women and closeted racist frat boys that quiver the moment their true faces come out.
As for the black guy at the end of the article. He clearly is aware of his surroundings and that's great for him, but seriously, just because you've got money, do you want to be in a room full of people that don't even want you there?
Don't start crying now...more than likely, my younger brother hangs out with LNS crowds because he's just as useless as the crowd in the article.
Valdez! Great article! Bet that guy that wanted anal sex is now sticking a rolled up CIty Paper up his ass...truly livign to his last name.
Most entertaining article I've read in a long time, and the comments are even better. Seriously, I thought they were part of the article at first. Keep up the good work (and nicely written too).
For some empirical context, I have posted links to studies dealing with wealth in Washington at See the first blog item listed there.
I live far, far away from D.C., and I don't know jack about the place. That said, this shit is comedy <em>gold</em>. I mean, the article's OK, but then to read the comments from these pampered, rich frat boys bitching about how their ass-fucking quote was taking out of context? The self-righteousness, the absolute shock at finding that there's somebody that they can't pay or fuck into submission -- it's <em>awesome</em>.

Keep talking, kids. Every time you open your mouths, everybody hates you more. Get used to it: you've got many years of people hating your preppy, self-entitled asses coming to you.
I'm a man but I've got no prblems with chicks that like to have good times. If they've got the money$$ , no problem! I've ram-jammed a few rich b*tches in my day and I will say that its true what they say, the rich ones don't like condoms!!!! I live in Arizona but I go to D.C. sometimes (job) and I'll have to check some of these clubs out, seems a fellow can get laid that easy, god bless the G.O.P.!!!!!!!!!!!
I know it gets said all the time, but shouldn't these fellows be out losing a war, just like their slaveowning ancestors? When did the service ethos of the officer class give way to charity barhopping and yuppie careerism? Some time after Kerry was born but before Bush was?
Entitled rich pricks doing blow and having sex with anything (whether or not it said yes).
Hate to burst a bubble here, but LNS is not just about the gals. As a bi-sexual man and LNS poster, I guarantee that I get as lucky -- if not more so -- at LNS parties as a gay guy can at JRs. As do many others. Trust me, PT ain't all about Buffy.
If Dagny Taggart is such a liberal, why is she using a screen name from Atlas Shrugged? By the way, nimrods, you cannot sue a newspaper reporter for libel. You sue them for slander. Libel only refers to spoken utterances.
The LNS DC website has a picture of NY on its front page. I think that pretty much sums up how pathetic all of them are.
I've been to SP several times and am on LNS. I've had some good times there, but it's nothing special. You can definitely find more attractive girls at Lotus or Fly and maybe 18th St Lounge or Local 16 on a good night.

That being said, you really have to hand it to the guys that run SP and LNS. Put yourself in their position: You're a semi-dorky guy who doesn't fit in anywhere but among your republican group you've found in Georgetown. And you have Dad's money. Here's the idea: Let's use that money to start a private bar where we only invite like-minded people. Combine this with the fact that we work on the Hill(making the big bucks--yeah, riiight) so we have connections with the cute intern/hill staffer girls and talk up our exclusive bar. There you have it. We've created a "scene" and we're at the epicenter. To Poundtown we go!

I'd say that's pretty damn smart. Kudos.
I own loafers and a red polo shirt and I like anal sex. How do I join this LNS?
Fanfriggintastic! Got here from Wonkette, which I read at least weekly to remind me why I don't work and live in D.C.

I'd heard some stories about LNS, but thanks for the vivid detail... and the comments, BonusScore!

My country-club, Greek affiliated friends from my very own elite, Southern and almost-Ivy alma mater have described this crowd as mostly insecure, douchebag, social climbers who weren't satisfied with their self assessed level of "prestige" in college.

BMW or Mercedes? Polo collar up or down? RBV's or Light beer? ... you crazy kids, so privileged and sophisticated. You'd probably vacay in Lagos, Nigeria if Paris &amp; Jenna mentioned it was hot. oh f*#k, its too easy.
However disturbing this article is, I don't doubt its accuracy or the reporting ability of its author.

And in fact, kudos to Angela for telling it like it is.

The newsworthiness of this article is the sad reality that this disgusting, though well off, segment of the population will be tomorrow's leaders, perhaps even tomorrow's frat-boy liar of a president.

The rest of us need to wake up to this and do something about it. No, I don't want to go to your lame parties or be a part of your silly site and participate in your adolescent nonsense. But what I really don't want is people like you making decisions that affect the rest of us.
What a bunch of pussies. Suck is up, pussies! You'll be fine once you stop crying.
to: Comment: By: Angie "Herpes Simplex B" Valdes Jul. 12, 2007, at 12:35 pm

Someone was fired WHY? Back up your statement with facts rather leave vague comments. If it was someone in the article whose name was already released, your statement will hold much more weight.

I don't got to Georgetown any longer for the exact reasons Angela points out in this article. Since I don't have "family money," I'll never compete with those who are the stereotypical snobs that this article points out.

That being said, I have a lot of friends that you would never know came from family money. Those people were raised right.
Wow, the LNC commenters here really proved the point of the article.
It's pretty comical that these fratboys don't realize that many hipsters are trust fund babies as well.
jonp72, you're exactly wrong. "Slander" refers to transisitory false insults. Libel, on the other hand, is in print.

See <a href="" rel="nofollow">here</a> for a good explanation of it.

Slander = speech
Libel = more permanent medium.

Of course, for either of them to be illegal, the things said have to be _wrong_. Which it doesn't seem to be, in this case, judging by the douchebags posting here.
nice pics, darrow
Holy shit, the comments section is like finding out, after dad gives you the keys to the yacht that he left you 105 pairs of 2007 boat shoes inside. And, worst of all, I just moved to Honolulu and you ridiculous haoles are actually making me MISS DC.

I always thought it ironic that these kids always had coke that was so much lower-quality than the stuff east of 18th st NW. Good luck, dummies, though God knows you'll never need it.

p.s. the terrorist comment was the best of all.

I must say, after seeing your picture(s) on myspace it is very difficult to lend any credence to the claims or assertions made in your piece. It is probably fact that your horrid appearance brought about long periods of self-loathing and perceived social alienation, which surely led to the smoldering jealousy and hatred that is so evident in your piece.

Also, the plagiarism incident serves as a supporting example of your internal struggle (i.e., lengths you'll go to) with and longing for acceptance, be it personal or professional.

The unfortunate reality of all this, however, is that your actions only exacerbate your need for acceptance and feelings of alienation. This is your destructive cycle. You will encounter it over and over again as you journey through life. Please know that regardless of the fall-out from your article, you are still far worse off then the people you have hurt. And remember, when we both wake up and look in the mirror tomorrow morning you'll still be you and I'll still be me, and that's what allows me to fall asleep with a smirk on my face.

Get some help,

I fit most of the LNS mold...good family, money, good education, whatever but since i'm fairly liberal i tend to be more in the hipster scene. That being said, i'm still a "member" on LNS (who isn't nowadays?) and I have to say that this article did a great job of summing up the most ridiculous sorts of things that are said/done in this particular social set. But honestly, a lot of what is said on the forums and at bars is nothing that out of the ordinary...which is perhaps why it wouldn't make the paper

As for libel/slander...let's just say it wouldn't be an easy case unless we were talking about this in London. That being said, it was a fairly ignorant or mean-spirited maneuver to outright name involved parties when initials or descriptions would suffice. This all reminds me of the scandal that broke about some YLS students and internet postings - a good rule of thumb might be "avoid naming names when it's not critical to the story"
well done, angela!
thanks Fantastic..just to clarify the letter was to Angela Valdez- the author of the article. I am Addam
The guy at the beginning JOHN TOBACCO he sounds really into buttsex!!!! with a name like TOBACCO I bet he smokes the schlong too.... woo
These guys sound like a HOOT. where i'm from (MILTARY background- you don't have the clearnace) we might talk about it but we never get any like some of these rich cocksucking bitches sound like they give it. It's enough to make you want to be young and full of kum again. I just don't like buttsex like John Tobacco?!
"Boo hoo a reporter pointed out how lame we are for the world to see."

Thank god the LNS people don't come to midtown.
Speaking as a member of the titled upper class, you don't get it, do you. We don't have to work hard and stand in the field all day. But neither are we wine-sipping liberals just waiting for another scandal to come out of the White House (Clinton anybody....) . In fact, while we are serious at times, at other times we like to do something, it's called RELAX. Have a few drinks to take the edge off (yes some of us DO have jobs).

I know for a fact that at least one person got in trouble from this article and had to have a talk with her parents. This is just not cool. How much trouble would it of been to make up names for some of the people. Wether you put ANdrea Rogers or Jane Schmoe you could have still done it. Granted, the story would have still been lame but that's not my point.

If you want to talk about the racism thing, well, sorry that we don't all think Ethopians sucking on our world-class heath care and welfare system is what we worked hard for (or parents). That's just a fact of life, I know that and however else Angela Valdez, which may be an immigrant name for all I know, trys to spin it those of us with a vest and interest in things are smart enough not to listen.

Case in point, if Tobacco wanted a hand job, just give it, I'm sure it's not a big deal. He was there to RELAX which most people don't seem to get.

She even admit's that everyone was a perfect gentleman, and probably is just bitter that she'll never screw anyone that she didn't find at the $1 bin. Hey I hang out with a wide range of people and I know the type. I have friends of all walks. In fact I have two friends that work RETAIL so don't tell me I'm insensitive.

Bitter tears and a sad comment on Angela. Good thing some of my fellow LNS'ers heard to call and came to set the record straight. Thats called having BACKUP and FIGHTING for what's right Angela. Not wriitng in a paper I never even heard of!

In the end, whatever, just know that anyone who isn't on LNS is not going to be on either of my yachts (Wet Fantasea, one also in Mass.) and that's for a REASON
There's my .2 cents.... from Margaritaville
Boy, you trust fund kiddies really make me laugh! I LOVE the concept of a promiscuous "social conservative." Tell it to the minister of your rich parents' church, why don't you? You want to fuck like little bunnies but you don't have the balls to reject the bullshit politics of your parents so you embrace this ridiculous contradiction.

What it comes down to, children, is that you're living off the money your parents made while behind their backs you're whoring and boozing it up and praying that word doesn't get back to Mummy and Daddy.

What are you going to do if the 'rents hear about this article and see what kind of life you're leading on their dime?

Bottom line: you're a bunch of cowards, desperately frightened of the parts of the world which aren't entirely populated by smug preppie Caucasoids exactly like yourselves. You'd shit the leather seats in the Beamer your folks bought you for managing to graduate from prep school if you ever took the wrong exit and found yourself in Southeast D.C. I hear those black men have HUGE cocks and can steal any women you might have. Be afraid, be VERY afraid!

You HAVE to drink at every opportunity because your world is hollower than a basketball. In twenty years, you're be as big an alcoholic as your Mummy.

Keep telling yourselves you're somehow, inexplicably, intrinsically superior to the people you see on the street. Keep killing those brain cells with your trendy drink; it'll keep you from contemplating the incredibly mediocrity you really are.
"I know for a fact that at least one person got in trouble from this article and had to have a talk with her parents."

Ha! I didn't see that until after I posted my comment. Did I SAY something about "what if your parents find out how you're spending their money"?

The REALLY hilarious part is that you can't see what a child playing the part of the Sophisticated Urban Adult you are!

Most of us may be working stiffs but we don't have to wet our diapers worrying about what will happen if our parents find out how we're living because they're paying the freight.

I truly wish you could see how hard I'm laughing at the whole bunch of you right now.
Ok, I went to both of the schools mentioned prominently in the article, went to private school, own 2 bimmers, know the difference between boat shoes and loafers, etc., but I'm not a member of LNS because I am married and I don't go out in DC. With a group as large as LNS, you're bound to have normal, if slightly elitist, people out for a good time drinking too much on a regular basis AND a few raging, racist assholes. Sounds like AV found both. But I do think that few social groups would stand up very well to scrutiny from an outsider. Ok, a drunk asshole said inappropriate things to you... how can you blame the entire group of LNS'ers?

The article, while entertaining, was completely irresponsible and certainly not very balanced - I now have full names for two girls that are insinuated to be easy. Waiver or no, "truth is a defense" or no, AV's choice to name names was a bad idea. I can't believe her editors let this through, and I'm sure that the City Paper's lawyers are going to lose sleep over this one.

That said, many of the LNS'ers would be well-served to stop showing their classlessness at every opportunity. People aren't jealous because of your money or your fun - people can simply find you irritating on your own merits. (And the LNS women - I assure you, you don't have to marry misogynists.)
What a total bunch of dimwit losers. First, to the idiot who said that he dressed "ivy league"'s a hint to those who barely broke 1000 on their SATs...I went to an Ivy League college and only the true wankers 1 to 2% (tops) dressed in those 1980 whale pants - madras brooks brothers poser clothes. To the faker above who wrote about his "yachts", Im writing right now from my C &amp;C 40 on the bay and let me tell ya bucko, no one but the biggest clueless fool calls their boat a "yacht". Even if its a 1930s Trumpy, boaters call their Idiot. Last, these are the morons who came to town (or dreamed of coming to town) with the sub average Dumbya. Typical, these fools follow the attitude of the Nation's premier village idiot. I came to this town when and with Bill Clinton when he got elected and am quite proud of our administration's eight years and the stellar people who worked in the Executive and throughout the Administration.(You had to be extra special smart to get in , kinda like on "The West Wing") One of the best parts of that entire time were the times when our friends from hollywood and such would stop by. Some of the best times were when Jimmy Buffet would come to the White House. He came by every time he was in the area. Buffett is a great Democrat and would have nothing ever to do with these clowns. I got to know he and some of his band pretty well (his band leader Utley and I are still great pals) and still go to see him when he comes to town. (He and his whole band even did a show one extra special fun evening on the south lawn for the WH staff.) Its so fun to think that these idiot's personal lifestyle hero would have nothing but contempt for these mental midgets. Of course, this is quite fitting for these clueless children of the Bushies. Thankfully, when Hillary is elected these inconsequential nothings will head back home to their white breaded suburbs for the very average lives that they seem so well matched for.
Yeah, amazing how a decade in the Navy didn't teach me how to properly address your boat, lollipop.
I am crying into my mug of prole gruel that I have been outed as a non-yacht owner. Now not even the other gas-pumping urchins here at the orphanage will take me to poundtown.......

I should have never dared to dream.
Angela *is* cute, no question about it. Anybody who can't see it simply doesn't have any taste - which is to be expected from anybody who favours boat shoes.

Furthermore, the article was beautifully written, a good read and entirely proper, for all the pompous whinging about journalistic ethics you lot responded with.

Angela, you're my hero. :)
Don't you try to impress her by anglicizing "favors"! This ain't Mousetrap! I saw her first!
America is hilarious, keep up the good work.
You are all worthless, empty, privelged, self-serving suckers!

You awful people are living off of their merits of your family -- your so called birth right.

You have not earned anything but the contempt of those who work hard to make their money and establish their family name.

Ha -- you are frightened by Adams Morgan, U Street, or even God for bid - H Street

You expolit the rich folks who work hard and give back and make their own way.
Tom Wolfe's - "I am Charlotte Simmons" -- 2 good to be true

I just graduated from GWU -- a wannabe Ivy League school where I was surrounded and inundated with these cherubs. Their pompous, "I am always right and know better than you" really gets to be too much.

They do not have class -- they have money. They work hard at slacking hard.

They are Al Gore's son who went to St. Albans and was kicked out for smoking weed on campus and the destroyed the prinicpal's car in the school parking lot.

They will be pumping gas if they do not drastically re-evaluate their lifestyles.

For the guy that alluded to war on terror -- you must really be a drunk or on dope. That is too funny.

But in all fairness -- the city paper does print a lot of bullshit --- this is a good article but the girl that wrote it is a weakling too. She is also a sucker and a bamma.

You can see it in her writting -- she is amused that someone would mildly call her cute in an enviroment where sexually laced innuendo is thrown around with great ease.

Also, --- yeah -- the way she refers to Tryonne Biggums -- "To get crack -- you mix cocain and baking powder -- and I think I tasted a little bit of egg and cinnamon." Does she know that he is a charater on the Chappelle show? The way she alludes to the profile -- she does not know that. That is pretty blaring.

For the guy who made the post from his boat --- that is pretty funny too.

This --- is the great fun !!


Take care and be safe out here in the city.
Ms Valdez stole pieces of conversation from the context of bar banter that she initiated. She played up some stereotypes, filled in the blanks with what she could gather from a social networking site and poof.. there's a story.

One of the persons she "outed" is a medical student from another country. I know that he will do a lot more with his life to help other people than a gossip writer for a local ad rag. Irresponsible journalism.
My favorite part of all of this is that the LNS crowd doesn't realize that they're the turbos of 2012.
"This article was written with the purpose to make us important people..."

People in DC who talk about how they're "important" invariably think they're hot shit because they're a staff-ass for their local Republican representative.

I actually *did* go to an elite prep school and did, along with my friends, go to an elite university. And you know what? I'm one of the only people who moved down to DC. Anyone who's actually done anything interesting in law and finance lives in the NY-metro area (LNS'ers go into science? Hah!).

And my former classmates abandoned the polo-and-boat-shoes uniform *years* ago.

But hey, don't let me stop you. Honestly, with money and good looks, no one's ever going to ask you to be intelligent or interesting before paying attention to you, so feel free to go on with your mediocre lives while thinking you're actually important.
We Drink Bitter: How about we settle this in gentlemanly fashion? If she deigns to reply to either of us, how about we jointly foot her airfare over here and then show her how the braying hoorays partying in Mayfair are *even worse*! And after that, may the best man/bored office-time poster win... Glad we see eye to eye on this. ;)
1) everyone is more complicated than an article can portray them.
2) Stereotypes are more powerful in smaller towns.

But, good God - those people who have posted repugnant replies to the article in which they demean people they disagree with by portraying them as part of an inferior economic class? It's a shame that your breeding (or lack thereof - were you raised by wolves?) didn't prompt you to revise your comments before you posted them. If the kids of upper class DC are truly this bratty, then God help the United States.
Judging from the comments, this article is spot-on. The pathetic efforts at self-defense by the LNS jerks reveal that they're just a bunch of insecure, classless strivers who don't even have the good sense to realize their true status in society. It's like the band dorks in high school who think they're ostracized because they're too elite for everyone else. The LNS proles are a bunch of whores who think money is everything, not knowing that class has nothing to do with cash.

A. Schenkenberg: "I know for a fact that at least one person got in trouble from this article and had to have a talk with her parents." At least the gas pumpers don't have to cry to mommy to get their allowances.

lol at MGR's post: "Jealous of our *priviledge*, jealous of our economic success, jealous of our fun." Sure -- that's exactly why people laugh at you: because they're jealous. *rolls eyes*

ADDAM: "Please know that regardless of the fall-out from your article, you are still far worse off *then* the people you have hurt." I didn't think this was funny until I saw the poor bloke's parents misspelled his damn name. Dude never had a chance; can't even speak his own language.
"while you are busy writing about us, we are busy running the world and making money so you have something to write."

oh, honey. You aren't running my world. you aren't even IN my world. I know the LNS 22 year olds love to feel they have some sort of actual importance beyond their adorable little website, but it's just not true. Kissing ass every day on the Hill and puking up Smith Point's offerings every night does not a world leader make ye.
this metafilter item collects links to several blogs that reached the same conclusion as ms. valdez:

additionally, it includes a comments section that is exclusive only in the sense that metafilter requires a small donation to comment. so get out your gold card if you want to comment there too.

her high school experience (seized upon by the comments) provided her with a steadying defence mechanism in response to "fight or flight" reflex. she had the presence of mind to flee yet has the courage to fight the puerile provokations of sadly persistant *ahem* jerkoffs.

LNS, if you want to do an expose piece on "hipsters," i doubt your insights would match those of ms. valdez herself, should she choose to. i'm hardly distracted.

ms. valdez needn't feel distress when she looks in the mirror, or fear the pictures she chooses to share with her friends online will be tagged “i want to fock juck it,” “goddamn you’re fucking hot! motorboat it,” “get it shorty,” “frontal pic please of soaked shirt,” and “applaud good photo at drunken event.” her parents have the right to be concerned about her choice of acquaintances if that were the case.

and i dare say she needn't feel distress when she looks in the mirror. if i were to offer her a compliment, i think she's talented. and human.

but you've thrown me completely off track here. racist sexist rape "jokes" and "advice" are not often so off-handedly expressed by grownups. if the forum is indeed filled with "jokes" and the events are actually pious post-debutante fundraisers, that is beside the point. the forum was hidden, scandal has gone public, and it's either time for full disclosure or the alternatives... tried and true republican ones like attacking credentials, appearance, class, yadda yadda. i doubt full disclosure, and i suppose the LNS website "shredding" is in progress as we speak.

thanks for another lesson in how "damage control" is done in a post-GOP world. sorry you've lost your credibility and maybe your job, funny guys.
can't we all just join together to drive these FUCKING TURBOS from our shores?
Hey hey hey you BOTH win -- it's a badly-written, biased, and irresponsble article AND you guys defending yourselves against it sound just like the douchebags she accuses you of being.
The bizzarre part about the comments is that most people have turned it into an issue about economics. This is not an issue about rich vs. poor in DC -- LNS certainly does not have a monopoly on rich, good-looking people with good jobs. Anyone can join LNS, and most are essentially hangers-on who WISH they were rich or good-looking. It's essentially a group of 400 people sitting at the popular table in high school and 1000 more trying to sit with them. At the end of the day they're just 1400 generic people all congratulating eachother for being the best at being the same.
But still, Angela, come on. Do you seriously think you wrote a great piece of incisive journalism? It was pretty cheap and weak. No gray lady for you!
Sounds alot like the Bush brothers...Neil 'I sank the S&amp;L's in the 80's' and Dubya would fit right in. Society glamorizes and patronizes these types of losers, even 'puts' them in the white house. No wonder this country is screwed. Money doesn't change character. A rich pig is still a pig.
It's great reading these comments from people that are agreeing with Angela because they are in turn appearing more smarmy and shallow then the people she targets in the article.
As for the people she named... that's unprofessional. I have a feeling we're not getting the whole story on the anal sex guy. If someone came up and asked me questions that implied she was prejudging me or associating me with date rapists, I would probably fire back with a question that associated her with sodomists (not that there is anything wrong with that). It looks like she insulted the interviewee, he insulted back, and then she took his out of context by lowering the bar and using his words and displaying them on a publice platform so she can have the last laugh.... that looks like the cry of a sore loser. Great idea for an article... entertaining, but just wrong to use names.
Stephen Glass called... he wants his royalties for stealing "Spring Breakdown".

Great, hilarious, and revealing story. You must have known these people would attack you pretty viciously (although some of these comments..DAMN). Still, don't let them get you down. This is thorough and entertaining reporting, and frankly it's good that people know G-town (is that next to Poundtown?) really has these freaks walking its streets.

You write about immature, entitled, completely out of touch people and you know they're going to stir up a s**storm. Keep up the good work, and while they're complaining on message boards, the rest of us will keep laughing at -- if not quite pitying -- them.
Also, not that any of these posters know anything more about journalism than they do about law, but if you accost someone you know is a reporter about anal sex, and you know she has your name....HAH! You deserve everything you get.

Oh wait, in these people's world there are no consequences for their actions. Why woudl they expect them now?
I can't believe only one commenter has pointed this out already: boat shoes are totally lame. These LNSers are definitely NOT cool kids-- if they were considered cool at the fancy little private schools they attended, that only means those schools are filled with the socially retarded.
Kum Ba Yah my Lord, Kum Ba Yah...
Agree with "no spice in DC" - article was cheap and obviously fabricated. LNS is hilariously rife with douchebaggery
Great article. It was hilarious--which I assume was the point. These people are just embarrassed that their childish game of house and dress-up has been exposed so that people with real lives can laugh at it. If some of them lost their jobs, that's even funnier. They deserve a little hardship. As somebody who has attended two Ivy League schools, I can say for certain that the world would be a better place if some of these people were treated in the same manner that they treat the rest of the world.

i like being comfortable in georgetown. i like being "safe" with my crew in loafers, sorry boat shoes. chicks dig me but you already knew that....can't wait to tell everybody how katie, the slutty gamma yells UVA.......FK ME!!! while i pound her and look at myself in the mirror and think about how her "friend" stephanie's gonna be on my knob tomorrow nite.... yeah.
i don't see what the big deal is, LNSers pride themselves on being part of the elite upper crust of america. why should they be offended by this article? it's just the washington city paper, honestly, i'm surprised that most of them would even stoop to such levels to pick up a free paper...with all that money they got. everyone knows free papers are so new money. stop whining. so what? you got called out on things that you hold so near and dear to your heart...your isolation. if you wanna learn how to order a can find me in the A.
Dear Young Acolytes,

Congratulations on being among life's "winners." Just remember the other half of that anal equation and bottom out every once in a while, bros! A cyst on the a** is a good way to dodge a draft bullet, you know what I'm saying? It's all good!

Call me,
I am happy to see from the article that there are young people in DC willing to do whatever it takes to be among life's winners! Ladies, the doucheocracy awaits you. Do you have what it takes? ENLIST NOW!

PS don't forget the falafel, Hells Yeah? LOL!
LNS, i m in ur base accurately quoting ur doodz
I don't know if I've ever enjoyed anything as much as I'm enjoying these comments. Whether its MGR with "the terrorists hate us for our fun!", Bitter with "I know for a fact that at least one person got in trouble from this article and had to have a talk with her parents," or Addam, who writes what he obviously believes is a cutting rant and then follows it up by trying to explain how a letter works ... they leave me at a loss for words. Just ... wow. I'm tearing up from the sheer beauty of it.

You poor kids. Those Ivy League educations didn't penetrate at all, did they?

And speaking of educations, for any parents out there reading these comments, I will soon be offering a series of courses entitled "Not In High School Anymore: Why Using Terms Like 'Hipster' And Proudly Spending All Your Free Time Drunk Makes You Appear To Be 15 Years Old." The perfect gift for your arrested-development twentysomething! Spare yourselves the public humiliation AND the eventual rehab costs!
Reed, Coventry, Davis, Wright? You mean to tell me that these aren't made up names? Holy shit. I didn't know people would actually name their kids such douchebag names. Why not Forbes or Allister or Layne?
So let me get this straight. The so called old money at LNS and Smith Point like to wear red polos and khakis......hmmmm.... So I guess once their shift is over working at Target they head straight on over to Smith Point to party?

Oh wait I probably need to explain to such privileged and upstanding members of society what a Target actually is. And I'm not talking about Tramp stamps.;name=Coventry-Burke

as long as life's a beauty contest, it seems fair to post this... she looks like everyone I went to high with... um, back when we were in high school?!

If this is the creme de la creme of the LNS crowd, I've got to say the people might be moderately attractive, but not in any kind of compelling way that makes you stop and take notice. Maybe it's just because I was raised around so many boring WASPs that I'm over it. Plus, no amount of self tanner, blondeness or toothiness saves one from resembling a Norfin Troll.

If we're going for blonde, bred and banal, she's a sad substitute for Gwyneth.
can't wait to see PITY PARTY '07 pictures in washington life magazine
This article is genius. I suspect it was truly intended to act as bait for the LNS crowd. And, boy did they take the bait and end up opening up their elitist, sexist, offensive pie holes! While the article may reflect one person's subjective opinion and summary of an evening, the LNS comments provide a clear picture of their true colors, which affords the readers substantial evidence that the article was indeed on the mark!

Btw, LNS, I am not jealous of your wealth, your success, your crazy fun, etc. It is those damn boat shoes. How can one be expected not to covet them?
What is most sad is the people whose names were printed in this article. Google any of their names today and this article pops up. That is something they will have to live with for the rest of their lives. When they seek jobs this will follow them. I do not know any of the people associated with this article, but would imagine that they are overall good people and their good names have been bruised. Google one of the female names that was printed and you will find that she does work with a number of DC non-profits including Fashion Fights Poverty. How about we focus on the good works of DC's privileged and party kids. Yes, we love to party, but we also like to give back and are accomplishing great things.
"It is those damn boat shoes. How can one be expected not to covet them?"

They fit me like a 15-year-old snapper...
The poster using the pseudonym "Sally Hemmings" is apparently making a reference to Thomas Jefferson's mistress Sally Hemings.

I like anal.
Too funny: i guess the sarcasm in my follow up was wasted on you..

so does angela do anal or what
I have been reading through the comments of this article for almost an hour. I have never seen so many elitist, sexist and downright pathetic remarks in one post in my life. I assume most of the people commenting are LNS members, themselves. Ah, the gang mentality. I must say that I am a bit frightened, but mostly aghast that these people probably do and will control our economy, government, etc. I am convinced, though, that the LNS crowd and other weak-minded individuals will get theirs one day. Oh, you know, maybe in the form of an incurable STI, or bankruptcy, or hell-- maybe somebody will expose them in a newspaper for the worthless pieces of shit that they really are.

Oh, WHOOPS! Looks like that already happened! Sorry, boys and girls!

And the Adams-Morgan-is-a-scary-place-to-go comment in the article made my day. I can't imagine what they'd think of U Street! "Jiminey Crickets! Are-- are those real black people, Landon?" 'Yes, Preston, I do believe so." "I hope I can sprint in these boat shoes!" Douchebags.
This has given me hours of entertainment.
Where's John Hughes when you need him?
This breed of youthful Washingtonian reaffirms my reasoning for staying the hell out of Georgetown. The WASPy, VineyardVine wearing elite, running around spending Daddy's cash, or their own cash from jobs at which they are overpaid because Daddy hooked them up. Such an incestuous breed of phonies are just as bad as those they criticize, if not worse. I may dress like 'em from time-to-time, but I sure as hell don't act like 'em. And if ever I start to, I should hope my friends will give me a good hard punch to the head, in an attempt at knocking sense into me.

I say that "Reed" "Otis" "curtis" "Dakota" "Montana" "Wellington" "coventry" and all those other tools take their money, buy an island, and rid the district of their kind....elitist bastards.
At this point, there's only one thing we all know for sure: these people are terrible dancers.
"Google one of the female names that was printed and you will find that she does work with a number of DC non-profits including Fashion Fights Poverty. How about we focus on the good works of DC's privileged and party kids. Yes, we love to party, but we also like to give back and are accomplishing great things."

Thank you very much for the biggest laugh I've had this make yourselves out to sound like a bunch of Mother Teresas, but you're google "resumes" sound more like a bunch of Zoolanders.....absolute comic gold.
LNS, i m in ur base accurately quoting ur doodz


City Pape, a social network is a good place to develop TEAMWORK skills. My two sons both learned that early in life, now they are both succesful. Too much time on the internet is bad for your social life? Where are the boat shoes.
"I have a feeling we're not getting the whole story on the anal sex guy."

Damn straight.

I'm also a homo.
people ask me "why do you say you hate white people, your white!" And I respond, "because I was a history major."

And let me tell you, if you've never been to Smith Point quite possibly the queerest bar experience, your missing out. And yes, there were girls there, and yes I dazzled this slinky little cross eyed bitch with big guns, I crushed it after leaving the bar with her. In that regards the night was a moderate success.

The girls that brought me were the worst! I've never seen anything like it, I love bitches and Lobster for that matter, but the people there definetly wanted to push this standard bar as something special and "secret" missing only the handshake to get it.

Now if you've accomplished something of note, can really dance and generally a pretty interesting and hip person, this place is for you! But not in a good way, it's kind of like the brilliant movie Twister. If you watch it as a serious movie your burned, but if you blaze, flip it and watch it as a comedy it'spretty fucking special. Simply because of the depths of retardation.

The girls I met said, "totally" and "seriously" almost every other word, and spoke of people with extreme adulation I'd never heard of, it was like an adult tree fort with bar. After that night I went back again, older dudes at work that couldn't get laid in their grave were asking, "Yo, I heard you went to Smith Point and crushed, I heard" blah blah / so naturally I wanted dude to slay something, he was DC prep and later Vanderbilt guy, dressed the part and hadn't been laid in months.

He had a great time, I left half way through it, went to Third Edition and started a fistfight. It was all too much, a crashing of the systems. being from Boston I often wondered where all the bar fights went? I actually missed them and after my experience in SP for the 2nd time, it was just too much.

White kids that bring nothing to the table while accomplishing zilch, smearing their views and airing thier ignorance prevented me from trying to nail a ho back to back. This was years ago too, so they ain't lyen about standard white slinky chicks in there by the dozens, but it's a hefty price to pay if your not a Republican.

Also, some real gems on the comments here, the Adam's Morgan stuff is gold, the terrorist stuff gold, and this quote (which sums up everything pretty much, guy is prob 30!)

"I know for a fact that at least one person got in trouble from this article and had to have a talk with her parents. This is just not cool."

is gold as well. Mommy will find out, hey bro, that's just not cool, she has to pay her own credit card for the next two months, dude this city paper thing is out of control, I can see this guy saying that!

Also on the LSN website they have a code of language availible,the site is very easy to join and you can then post ridiculous comments further scrathing that which ought to be clawed.

the listed short hand language is so far from elitist, it's way behind the times and speaks again to the typical un hip nature of your basic white preppy circle. It's ironic only because to be truly "hip" is just what their looking for. To be classic, and "in" a trend setter atop of the ever changing and radical "scene." But these types ain't going to do nothen with that, against everyone else, that's where the skills come through. No, no, no much easier to start an underground society centered around this one bar where you beer chugging adventures of being in one place and your racial epithats can be spit and heard to laughter instead of challenge.

great reading though for a hung over day at the office, Angela is the best, I'm def going to hit her up, buy her a drink and say congratulations!!
It is unfortunate that once again a promising subject turns into a battle of the cliques. Wonkette vs. LNS, Republican vs. Democrat, etc.... well, the reason this article had promise was because it dealt with several subjects that affect young women and men no matter what class they come from or what bar they choose to go to or are on a list for. It spoke about young adults drinking, and how one gender views the other, what limits can or cannot be crossed, and how those become blurred in the presence of excessive amounts of alcohol. The lack of respect for our opposite gender and ourselves is to be critiqued, not what shoes one group or another chooses to wear, or what drink they fancy. Please, I’m not advocating abstinence, but rather consciousness of what the effects of our sexual actions have and how we can or should protect ourselves and others.
Furthermore, it points out just how young Washingtonians are divided and how our generation instead of having reasonable dialogue amongst each other,(dialogue that could result in a better understanding of the differences in our society and overcome challenges that our children will have to face), result to further divisive tactics of pointing fingers, quoting this or that in this context or another.
Author, you failed to highlight the true problem that perhaps is valuable from your article. Instead, you have actively isolated more individuals into an exclusive not thought provocation circle, and let us be realistic, at one point or another some of them, just like some Wonkette readers, will become adult members of our community and even leaders, and they will make decisions that will shape our society. Isolating them or any others by superfluous criticism leads to nothing. Tolerance and understanding is what our generations need to stand for, not petty clique wars.
Angela is angry because I wouldn't let her blow me. I'm too classy for that whore, so now she wrote this article. Just so you all know.
Just to let you all know...John is a stand up comedian (literally), and as someone that has known him for my entire life, I can tell you that none of his quotes should be taken seriously. He is one of the most genuinly nice people I have ever met, and to see his name get unfairly tarnished like this is dispicable. I know what happened that evening, and as a fellow journalist I can say that Angela will be looking for a job very soon. You also mentioned my former high school's name, which has its negative stereotypes I'll admit, but what does the high school he went to have to do with this article? This should be an eventful next couple months for you, Angela, so rest up while you can.
Ay yo good story. Love to here about peeps like this, these are my kind of people. We should meat up, hang out. Any clemson chicks on the LNS site? Word too boat shoes, do you thang. Boat shoes taking over the kick game.
This article is now being linked to by several prominent news and political websites.

I got here from, at which this story is being linked to as a headlining story on the front page.

I would advise everyone involved in this story to be aware of the fact that thousands of people are laughing at what a giant group of classless assholes that you all are. Your names are known, and you will be singled out. People all over the internet think you are all low-class losers.

Have a nice day.
This is surely the largest scandal to hit the District since Teapot Dome. Or the time when Richard "Dick" Bosman was accused of applying tobasco sauce to his nasal passages in an effort to increase mucous production to be used on his famous "snot" ball for the 1971 Senators. I would hope that the young man written about in the article would treat these young ladies with more respect. We all know what happened at Fresno State...
See LNS for a Coventry Burke update...
This perversion, this debauchery, this mutilation of everything good and perfect about our society -- must have sprung from a quaint college campus in Durham, North Carolina.

Only at a school where athletes are allowed -- nay, encouraged -- to rape, and abuse, a fine upstanding minority, could such behavior become so accepted, as to be glorified, through a website.

One can argue that this revamping of Duke's principles, stemmed when Mike Krzyzewski took the reigns, of the men's basketball program. While he achieved much success on the court, his principles in life, and society, carried over to the school.

Which, in turn, carried over to the rest of the United States! :eek

On behalf of Coach Chefsky, I offer my dearest apologies, to those involved. To Ms. Valdez, who was treated so poorly, in her efforts for this fine piece of journalism. To Mr. Landry, (who, I assume, bears no relation to LaRon Landry, of Joey Gibbs' Godsquad), whose business and character has been besmirched, on the internet. And finally, to those posters of LNS, whose previous undisturbed world has, been capsized.
Are these girls 5'5 130 lbs?
*jonp72, you're exactly wrong. "Slander" refers to transisitory false insults.*

OK, then, I won't insult my transistor.

Jeez, clowning these guys is way too easy.
Right on Sally - What a great read!! Ha ha ha - You D.C. people are down right PATHETIC. Ever heard of free press? I hope you realize every major Newspaper in the United States has an agenda whether its leaning right left or in the middle. She can write whatever she wants biased or not. Sally Hemmings - There is a place where you can lock people up in a "jail cell with other duplicitous, no-talented clowns who propagate falsehoods." It’s called Iran. Make sure you bring your finest seersucker threads for the plane ride over - they will love you there.
Do any of these girls like being tied up? Or mind having their brains eaten?
These girls are cute, but not my type. Hey Andrea Rodgers, give me a call in 15 years. I'll show you that a size 10 can get some lovin' too.
"Hipster", "Elite"!

Who the hell are you people? Get out of my city.
This article is garbage. What about the positives that LNS brings to our community? Not once did it delve into the snuff porn charity auctions, the turbo grope-a-thon, or the homeless person nickel dance.

You act like the members of LNS are criminals, when they are simply doing the same things the majority of you people do every time you go out. Is it such a crime to sleep with a girl when she's passed out cold? And if she's out cold, is it such a crime to strangle her a little bit?

If we were wearing hipster outfits instead of Lacoste polo shirts, would we really be any different?
This is all very amusing. I'm confused by the comments left by LNSers that mention jealousy of their physical attractiveness. Were those pictures taken at a different party? I see lots of guts, bad hair, ridiculously tacky dresses, and weak bone structure.
Also whoever mentioned the Whale shorts - thank you so much! I love those things! I crack up everytime I see or think of them. Grown men dressing like toddlers - priceless!
Sally Hemmings - You’re fucked!!! HA HA HA - This article link is being sent via email all over the world and your pathetic overly defensive comments are the first thing we all get to see at the bottom of the article!!! You are now the name of these spoiled little LNS crowd. Nice move.
Hey everyone,

What was your favorite color during your teenage years?
The first girl on the right is +EV
Who wants to see my tits?
Does anyone know where I can find a good steak in DC? And/or handjob?
Wow, this article and all the comments are just so hilarious. I can't really figure outhow much of this article I should believe, given that I know both the poor quality of the Citypaper's editorial/staffing decisions firsthand, as well as the hideous behavior of Georgetown type being profiled. Where do you stand if you think both preppies AND hipsters are annoying?
Good thing somebody brought up this article. A couple friends of mine, brilliant poker minds, were tugging each other off one night. They were playing 300-600NL heads up on Tilt against this one a-hole who I took for a good chunk last week. Trust fund baby, total douche. Anyways, they were WASTED out of their heads and easily rang this guy up for 30K in a 20 minute session. Epic. He was back on Tilt the other night...hopefully I run into him. I'm easily a top 25 MTT theorist in the world today. I'm just flipping burgers for the paystub, you know?
I socialize in the LNS circles and I can tell you a very, very small percent of them has any money, or comes from money. most of them are dressed up white trash. they aren't trust fund babies by any stretch of the imagination! their parents are teachers out in hicksville.
Any hot guys out there want to talk recruiting?
Yuck! See what happens to the prep school C-students whose daddies didn't make enough for them to buy into the Ivies or even Duke. They end up running this country.
Dear Besotted:

How's about we skip the small talk and bartering and just take each other to Poundtown?

Do you like anal? Like most assholes, mine is stamped "Members Only".

I feel like thanking these people for providing me with an interactive Bret Easton Ellis novel I can visit anytime.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to return some videotapes.
Just sign Terrence Jennings. That's what I'd do.
hah! faggots!
Trust fund babies whose lives this article ruined-why don't you just go cry to your mommies? No one cares, you're pathetic.
Wow. What a bunch of fucking assholes. I found out a person I met was on that site, and it surprises me not a bit. The most arrogant douchebag on the planet. Thank god I don't live in DC.

I hope all the LNS people realize maybe 8 people get to be president in their lifetimes, so odds are, it ain't gonna be one of them. I feel sorry for my generation. Especially if these are the people tha end up in power.
PoundTown sounds fun. Is there a gay version?
It's a Douchedämmerung.

I have a feeling LNS membership is about to become even more "exclusive" in nobody will admit to being a member.
These are the same douchebags who formed exclusive little cliques in high school. They thought people were jealous of their little cliques and that made them feel special. Meanwhile, everyone was just happy to see they were hanging out by themselves....
You forgot to mention that probably over half of the republican cock there goes up each others asses. I've done enough drunk georgetown preppie simps to know they love sucking a fat one.
You f**king hipsters can stay up in Columbia Heights and contribute to the gentrification of your liberal, tree-hugging ways. Go to some shows at the Black Cat and DC9, sip your lattes and blog at 14U, and play grab-ass in Dupont. We aren't bothering you and infiltrating your bitter, self-righteous community. This is America: land of the free. You probably support illegals. My ancestors came on the Mayflower.


These comments continue to highlight this shocking expose of the worst in America. These idiots currently occupy the West Wing and will someday be in power. I hate walking around Georgetown and seeing these f***s with their pastel polos and red shorts being loud and ignoring the poor and destitute. They are racist, elitist, spoiled pricks whose existence is defined by your list only bar and your wannabe exclusive site. We need to neuter these conservative a$$holes before they procreate and reach positions of power.
I dont think anyone is for the chilling of free speech but this doesnt mean Angela Valdez has blanket freedom to publish people's names that do not want to be published and, furthermore, link these names to sordid sexual remarks. Angela Valdez is an irresponsible journalist.
Comment: By: Pound Town Jul. 12, 2007, at 3:09 pm
Privilege, economic prosperity, and fun = do u do anal? TOO FUNNY!
You people are KILLING me. You can't possibly believe this is the real DC!Seriously, I'm gonna need you to take a trip to the reall DC to see what friendliness and class really looks like. Just start walking EAST and you'll get there...but you may wanna change those "boat shoes" dude before you start hiking. Seriously ROTFL at these HOT TRANSPLANTED BAMMAS.
<i> My ancestors came on the Mayflower. </i>

They took down the Mayflower?

lol @ douchebags whining about how they appeared in the paper.....from the LNS forum.
this article officially made LNS un-cool
Boat shoes are for QUEERS.
Is it too late to perform abortions when the child is in his mid-to-late 20s?
You guys are all so adorable. Rich + preppy + entitled rarely equals "cool," except in DC. Since I live in DC, of course I want to be rich, preppy, and entitled; however, I still wouldn't be cool, I would merely be rich, entitled, and preppy. Anyway, you are all so much fun. Yes, great article but the real fun is all here in the comments.
many, many levels, steps, actions, etc in the works young weedhopper. 51/49 right now but alot of cooks in the mothership and some "shake n bake" and all that but TTK is feelin it, feelin it.
"BOAT SHOES" has it right in the article... those skinny little Ethipoans are fiesty. You have to fight 2 or 3 of them to get a slice of pizza after about 11pm. (Hint: try the pizzas with pork)
As far as how this story destroyed the Google reputations of the people named in it... Googling "John Tabacco" doesn't bring up the City Paper story in the first 100 results, apparently because there's a musician with the same name. Even if you google "john tabacco anal," this story is only the 5th hit.

"Davis Berg" finds this story in the fourth page of Google hits.

Poor Coventry Burke's name does hit on the City Paper story in the first page of Google results, but only after several links dealing with horses and/or Washington social life.

"Katherine Kennedy" draws far more Google hits for being a former Miss Arizona and/or a socialite than she does for having her name in the an alt-weekly.

Google knows "Andrea Rodgers" better for being in a "DC Fashionista" MeetUp group and for having pictures appear in Washington Life magazine than for being quoted in Valdez's story.

And a Google search on "Otis Ofori" reveals that he and his twin Curtis filmed an MTV reality show on spring break in Cancun, which probably means the LNS crowd should steer clear of him (may have turbo cooties) but also means any employer who's going to be leery of him because of Web hits already has plenty of reason to be suspicious.

Good luck with that lawsuit, though.
Looks like the Oforis twins learned how to be cool the old fashion way - MTV reality show fodder:

Joe was worried.

"How can these guys get cool?" he said. "My hands seem full."

Thus, the premise was laid for "Fat Joe's All or Nothing Undercover," the show that plucked "two unsuspecting guys out of their ordinary existence," according to, for 36 hours of Spring Break partying with Fat Joe and his Terror Squad.;pid1277
Speaking on behalf of other LNSers, look, we're not even going to waste any more time here. It's obvious that none of you get it and fine, we won't see you at our events. Everyone wants something to whine about because they didn't win the birth lotto. Some of us have better looks, or larger houses, or better clothes, that's a fact of life, and if you don't, they way to get revenge in not to write an article and start whining. I sometimes feel bad, I could have been born like that too. But you have to realize that we as LNSers have alot of responsibility to that comes with it. We are conservative because we know it works best for ourselves and the world. There may be some LNSers who are not conservative but either A. They will come around or B. They will be mugged (heh heh... Herrington M.) or C. They will drop out and work in the news media or another 9-5 job. That's fine, we never claim to be an exclusive club.

Anyway it isn't worth wasting any more time on here. You've made your points and to those (my fellow LNSers and those people with a Brain) who were here by our side, that's what it's all about. For the rest of you turbos, all I can say is ask yourself why you're so bitter and Grow Up.
This article was great, especially the cover calling them out as future assholes. Their reaction here on this comment section proves that right: assholes hate to be called out as such, especially the rich ones. Ever been tailgated or cut off by some jerk in a black Benz or BMW then gone ahead and done the same thing to them? It's hillarious how angry they become at you giving it back to them, showing them how rude they are. It's their birthright to give you shit right?

Now I know to avoid Georgetown even more than usual, thanks!
The three guys sitting at the bar at Town Hall in Georgetown swear it’s a true story: A friend of theirs inserted a cigar into her vagina, then put the cigar in his mouth and said: "It tastes good."
Does any one know where St. Elmo's bar is that the writer mentions in the 5th graf? does this place even exist in DC?
WOW!!!! This is great! I don't know who is making a worse name for themselves. Let's see who we have in the running...

1.) the neo-con pricks from LNS that Angela "Exposed" I whole-heartidly agree that the idea of an elitist young republican is hillarious... And being someone who has been to and hates Smith Point got a huge laugh out of the premise of the story. I have walked into these "yuppie" bars and have been judged or labeled a "trubo" or a "loser" or just looked at like I didn't belong. Granted, that is part of life, I sucked it up instead of whined about it in a paper... But seriously, you guys (not all of you but some of you) want to be little Trumps or Jr. Santorums so bad it really makes me hate the level of Freedom W. says he tries to protect so hard.

2.) The people who are being labeled as hipsters (?) who love the article, and are glad to see the people that ostracized their lifestyle get what they deserve... yet are bashing them so hard that they actually appear to be more disgusting of a human than the subjects of the article... Cheering about the fact that peoples individual names and reputations have been badly damaged by this is not cool, I don't give a shit who you are or how offended you were by the article.

3.) And finally there is the staff of the city paper... These people gave the greenlight to a fluff piece high-school gossip story that is a mirror image of the actions of Stephan Glass and his piece "Spring Breakdown" in the New Republic. Angela Valdez not only wrote a cowardice piece that unfairly portrayed a person telling a joke as a sodomist. For those of you that no John, he is a comic of sorts... if you insult him with an insulting question, he will respond with a funny off kilter insulting response... It is a shame that the author had to get the last laugh by misprinting it.
MOST IMPORTANTLY... the fact that Angela will not respond to any of the questions regarding the legitimacy of her "quotes" and context. She chooses to hide behind her "boss". Journalists should stand behind their work, and by avoiding these questions, it looks like Angela is in turn fraid of exposing herself and her own gross misrepresentation by avoiding these questions. Ironically, her avoiding these questions kind of resemble the slow witted moron republican that the LNS folks are accused of loving and aspiring to be so much... (I have all of the correspondence on email too.)

LNS people... Since Angela is too much of a coward to answer your pressing questions, or simply admit that she is facing legal actions, she said her "boss" (that asks her to be silent) can be emailed at

so-called-hipsters... Let's not beat a dead horse. They got what they deserve(?) in your eyes. And some got it much worse than they should have. Let's not go around dancing in the ashes.

City Paper... Grow a pair of Journalist balls... Anyone can tell a funny story, but they are usually able to back it up. Back your story up... You can either hide which makes me question the legitimacy more, or you can address it with your notes, signed releases from the names you used, and any other mediums you may have used to record this "groundbreaking" story.
Otis Ofori with FAT JOE and his Terrorist Squad! From the article,

"the rapper seemed confused. "Who are these kids?" he said.

Joe -- sporting an oversized graphic T-shirt and chains of platinum bling that shone in the Cancun sun -- ogled the kids' clothes.

He questioned their slim-fitting, lime-green-and-pink polo shirts."


"the bright-green-polo-clad producer said that he liked their "preppy flow." The twin thing probably didn't hurt either, they said."


"Otis recalled a minor collar crisis on their first run-in with the rapper. "At first Fat Joe wasn't digging the preppy flow," he said. "He kept flipping the collars down and we'd flip them back up."

Otis summed up his favorite aspect of living the MTV life with three letters, "V.I.P." "Meeting celebrities, bypassing lines, no cover charge, unlimited drinks..."

They stuck a cigar in a girl's vagina?!?!! Is this NORMAL is D.C.?!??!?!
Speaking as a longtime member of LNS, all I have to say is that it's hard work answering telephones on the Hill all day with a massive hangover, and people like Angela Valdez don't make that job any easier. Especially when it's looking like a lot of LNS members aren't going to have jobs in DC after January 2009.
I grew up in Alexandria. When I was 23 I moved to San Francisco. I am now 40 and own two successful tech companies in the Bay Area. This article reminds me why I had to leave.

If this article is only 50% true, then some of you should really be ashamed of yourselves. You need to look up the word "gracious" in the dictionary. People of privilege should be humble about it. Some of you Nancy-Boys are really revolting. Please, do yourself a favor and grow up. Get some responsibility for Christ’s sake. What a waste of good educations and high IQs.
Oh, dear deluded Courtney. Many, many people have money, good looks, nice houses, nice clothes, etc. and do not act like assholes. You choose to associate with a group that is elitist, sexist and offensive. I guess you missed the whole point of the article.

Do you really enjoy hanging out with men who think you and other females are nothing more than a piece of meat to use for their own sexual gratification, especially when the females are vulnerable and drunk? Oh, yeah, they have a lot of responsibility to handle. As a female, I embarrassed that any woman would defend such disgusting behavior. Respect yourself more.

I have a Brain.

I went to a good school (one that isn't considered "not-quite-an-ivy").

I have a good job that brings responsibility with it.

Hell, I even shop at the same stores as you people for the most part.

But I have more class in my fingernail than you could possibly hope to aspire to.

I'm thirlled to see douchebags like the ones who got fired losing their jobs.

Maybe it'll teach them a little bit of humility.

You know, it's sort of like that other unfamiliar term, "grace".
You hear about losers like this from time to time, but never really get to hear a first hand account. Guys who couldn't make it in this world without their parents, and women so desperate for attention that they'd associate with it.

And these are supposed to be people that are "elite". People who don't even know the definition of libel? People who are going to try and sue someone for writing about their party? I can't decide whether I'm more surprised at the sheer lack of intellect from them, or the fact they haven't realized that high school ended a decade ago for most of them.
Oh, and I just noticed my typos... so go ahead and make fun of me for those, to prove that you missed the enitre point of what I was addressing, whether you are an LNS, hipster, or coward...


But feel free to bad mouth me for my typos
Division of the human family into two distinct groups began some 12,000 years ago. Humans existed as members of small bands of nomadic hunter/gatherers. They lived on deer in the mountains in the summer and would go to the beach and live on fish in winter.
The two most important events in all of history were the invention of beer and the invention of the wheel. The wheel was invented by Man to get to the beer. These were the foundation of modern civilization and together were the catalyst for the splitting of humanity into two distinct subgroups: Liberals and Conservatives. Once beer was discovered, it required grain, and that was the beginning of agriculture.
Neither the glass bottle nor the aluminum can was invented yet, so while our early human ancestors were sitting around waiting for them to be invented, they just stayed close to the brewery. That's how villages were formed.
Some men spent their days tracking and killing animals to BBQ at night while they were drinking beer. This was the beginning of what became known as the "Conservative Movement".
Other men, who were weaker and less skilled at hunting, learned to live off the conservatives by showing up for the nightly B-B-Q's and doing the sewing, fetching and hair dressing. This was the beginning of the "Liberal Movement". Some of these liberal men eventually evolved into women. The rest became known as "girlie men".
Some noteworthy liberal achievements include the domestication of cats, the trade union, the invention of group therapy, group hugs, and the concept of Democratic voting to decide how to divide up the meat and the beer that the conservatives were providing. Over the years, conservatives came to be symbolized by the largest, most powerful land animal on earth, the elephant.
Liberals are symbolized by the jackass.
Modern liberals like imported beer, (with lime added), but most prefer white wine or imported bottled water. They eat raw fish, but like their beef well done. Sushi, tofu, and French food are standard liberal fare.
Another interesting, revolutionary side note: most of their women have higher testosterone levels than liberal men. Most social workers, personal injury lawyers, journalists, dreamers in Hollywood, and group therapists are liberals. Liberals also invented the Designated Hitter Rule because it wasn't "fair" to make the pitcher also bat.
Conservatives drink domestic beer, and eat red meat and potatoes. Conservatives are big-game hunters, rodeo cowboys, lumberjacks, construction workers, medical doctors, police officers, corporate executives, soldiers, athletes, and generally anyone who works productively outside of government. Conservatives who own companies employ other conservatives who want to work for a living.
Liberals produce little, or nothing. They like to "govern" the producers and decide what to do with the production. Liberals believe Europeans are more enlightened than Americans. That is why most of the liberals remained in Europe when conservatives were coming to America. They crept in after the Wild West was tamed, and created a business of trying to get MORE for nothing.

This ends today's History lesson....
possumfest, we'll see how your redneck asshole version of American history goes over in 2008. Looking forward to it.
You forgot the begining:
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Then
Adam and Eve hung out with some dinosaurs and shit until God got bored and killed em all.
Courtney, darling:

I am white. I am a WASP. My ancestors came over on The Mayflower. Many of my female relatives were DAR members. I am related to Robert E. Lee and Thomas Edison. I am a direct descendant of the man who once owned all of the land that is now Georgetown (BTW, he was an indentured servant, so know what kind of "low-class" land is actually your stomping ground). I make a respectable living doing little work. I am attractive. I have symmetrical features and blue eyes. I speak two languages fluently. And yet I think your little club is complete bullshit, most of you seem to be no more than "white trash with cash", and, truly, it isn't just this article making you come off as a disorganized assembly of rapists and enablers. Seriously, good luck with that. Good luck with everything.
Georgetown is good for 2 things

1) Tourist trap

2) Keep the Georgetown teenyboppers from venturing too far into the city where Daddy's money doesn't have enough influence to get them out of a jam.

I'm glad to see it's working as designed.
Uhhhhh, exactly how "elite" can a club with a crass reference to binge drinking in the title be?

I seriously doubt the 14,000+ members all resemble Nordic deities and float two inches above the pavement as they walk. I'm picturing some pretty busted-looking motherfuckers-- you know, chunky girls with headbands stretched to full capacity trying to catch the eyes of effeminate, sunburned boys in pleat-front slacks. Yes, and we know everyone is at her most attractive with puke dribbling out of her mouth and her head knocking into the wall with every tiny-pricked thrust. And no one is more appealing than an arrogant date rapist!

Ugh, wait until one of these white Carlton Banks types gets AIDS from a K Street tranny hooker and spreads it rapidly around his circle through coerced sex. Gawd, a nice rough $25 session featuring an open pee-pee wound from vigorous pre-country club dance masturbation is really effective at letting The Hiv in.

They'll destroy themselves from the inside, I reckon, it just won't happen fast enough for the rest of us. And in the meantime, they'll shit out enough new members to keep the herd fat.

Sounds like a hot time!
The article on Washington nightlife may help explain a study I have seen concluding that the rich are more than five times as likely as the poor to get their way with the federal government. Here is the link to that one:

And if anyone is doubting whether we are talking about an old money crowd in Georgetown bars, here is a study ranking the zip coes 20007, 20008, and 20016, among the top 40 in terms of share of population in the Social Register:
OMG, THESE are the closeted fags that jerk off to their Mann Coulter posters. It all makes sense now.
Sally Hemmings, I recommend seriously considering taking your own advice to heart and keeping your mouth shut, errh... stop typing.

Washington Life has gobs of evidence of whiteboy shenanigans going at SP. I myself have taken plenty of shots of some you acting so shameful, you'd dropped a deb faster than you can say chukka.

Just be happy to have a your little play grounds in GT, and learn to STFU if you don't want get quoted in print.

The rest of the city is much too adult for some of you goofy brats and your klingon wanna-bes.

Angela, hilarious article! You hit that one right on. Nice work.
Women voting Republican are like chickens voting pro-Colonel Sanders.

So... I'm out of DC now (thankfully) after my three years of law school. My buddy who still lives there sent me this link, and I've now wasted about an hour of my life reading it and vascillating between utterly amused and terribly disgusted. The comments, while arguably the best part of the entire page, eventually got old and I couldn't finish them. Thus, I apologize if this has already been said:

Do a Google of this Coventry Burke person... yeah... not THAT hot. I mean, she's not ugly, and is indeed attractive... but if this is the type of girl that gets the LNSers all hot and bothered and dry humping their pillows at night, then I think we should all let them have their exclusive club. There are much better looking (and likely more interesting) people in the world to meet. Let them have their club, just as we each have ours.

Oh, and if you haven't done so already, I suggest going through Wonkette for the "Last Week's Shots" articles... the one about the guy's condom breaking, not telling the girl, then posting about it, then having her post back because she thinks she might be pregnant and he won't answer his phone... priceless...

Funny stuff though... funny stuff... Keep up the good work DC, you don't have your reputation for nothin'!!
Its nice to see UNC get some bad press!!!

Go Duke!
This. Country. Keeps. Getting. Awesomer.
If braving Adams Morgan for big slice late night makes you a pro then I am leading the f'ing revolution.
far from DC, you are totally right. That Coventry Burke girl is kinda fug.
This article does nothing more than highlight poor journalism. I doubt this article would be even able to pass for a high school paper.

Also, in these comments someone is starting to call GWU close to ivy league? That's someone who would make LNS kids look bad. People who try to cling on and create a fake status for themselves. If you have status you know it and don't need to flaunt it.
Look, I'm not proceeding with this comment thread until I get a hand job. Are you into anal?
See, and sometimes I almost forget what there is to hate in this city. Almost.

But, hey, at least Mimsy and Biff are sort of self-selecting themselves away from the rest of us. Silver lining?
This is reality and am glad someone exposed it!!!!.. And atleast the ethiopians and all other "foreigners" work hard for what they want instead of cribbing over 15 dollars spent in a bar which is earned by mommy in white pearls and daddy in a polo shirt. This article is a true sad view of whats more to come and absolutely not looking forward to it!!
Guys like Bloomberg, Gates, Jobs, Sergry Brin, etc. run entire industries... LNS founders run a party list...bah hahah, who the hell are they?! Nobodies.

Trust fund kids deserve no respect or deference of any kind, sorry.
All I can say is, "Thank F***ing God I'm a Hokie."
Hey MGR, great way to 'cut and paste' regarding Sayyid Qutb and 20th century Islamism. How long did it take you to Google that? Or did you just cut to the chase and Wikipedia it?
You guys are so funny you've been picked up on Keep up the good work kids.
I love how these LNSers refer to themselves as "conservatives." I bet none of them could even get through the first 5 pages of an issue of "Commentary" or "First Things."
It's sad to see people who delude themselves into thinking the ignorance fueled by this community is all "in jest." Especially when one of the interviewed "men" was accused of rape at a university, only to be let off by a patriarchy that propagates the "I'm rich and male, doesn't matter" mentality. It's even sadder that these enclaves of people can find acceptance with one another and give people who sometimes cross social circles with these imbeciles a bad name. It makes me sad to be called a man, or attend the same university with people like this when I have to be lumped in with them.
is it just me or does this andrea rodgers chick bear a striking resemblence to amy sedaris? anyone seem "strangers with candy?" HOT indeed!

(and sorry, ms. sedaris--i love your work. no insult meant by the comparison..)
Coventry, I see, was destroyed in the war.

More burnt umber, ladies?
I don't see any libel in this article. It reads as though the reporter recounted what she experienced. You can't declare an opinion wrong. That said guys, we didn't have to have an article to tell us what dicks people like these "elites" really are.
“What is most sad is the people whose names were printed in this article. Google any of their names today and this article pops up. That is something they will have to live with for the rest of their lives. When they seek jobs this will follow them.”

No!! Say it's not so! Dear God, what has the world come to when your actions have consequences?

“My ancestors came on the Mayflower.”

Yes, they did. And then they looked around for the Mexican maid to mop it up.

“I dont think anyone is for the chilling of free speech but this doesnt mean Angela Valdez has blanket freedom to publish people's names that do not want to be published and, furthermore, link these names to sordid sexual remarks. Angela Valdez is an irresponsible journalist.”

Yeah, how DARE she print "sordid sexual remarks" that were made to her in a public place? What has America come to when a person can't proposition a total stranger for anal sex without that person having the decency to protect the propositioner?

“But you have to realize that we as LNSers have alot of responsibility to that comes with it. We are conservative because we know it works best for ourselves and the world.”

And with THAT comment, never again need ANYONE wonder why these smug little shits are so despised.

Now off you go, LNS'ers. Somewhere, an orphan is crying himself to sleep because he's never learned to play polo. Go. Teach. Give.
This is all about the First Amendment. Let's not follow the gov't down the path of censorship. After all, censorship is becoming America's favorite past-time. The US gov't (and their corporate friends), already detain protesters, ban books like "America Deceived" from Amazon and Wikipedia, shut down Imus and fire 21-year tenured, BYU physics professor Steven Jones because he proved explosives, thermite in particular, took down the WTC buildings. Free Speech forever (especially for colleges).
Last link (before Google Books caves to pressure and drops the title):;isbn=0-595-38523-0
Oh, Cranky Media Guy, I think I love you!
SO FUNNY to read all the outraged comments by the young, elitist pigs.
HA HA HA! You fuckers! Don't let me catch you in Adams Morgan, I'll have your fucking wallets!
We're outside the gates, you human scum. Better tip those Blackwater boys generously!
Comment: By: Real Conservative Jul. 14, 2007, at 1:56 am
I love how these LNSers refer to themselves as "conservatives." I bet none of them could even get through the first 5 pages of an issue of "Commentary" or "First Things."

While I suspect that's true, that really doesn't mean anything. These LNSers are a pretty good representation of what constitutes conservatism in this country today, at least in DC. "Commentary", "First Things" and other conservative intellectual (to the extent that's not a complete oxymoron) journals don't count for much in real life politics, other than as a way to get people who have decent vocabularies to join up with the yokels and the rich kids without feeling too guilty about it.

That having been said, I doubt these LNSers are much of an elite. As some have stated above, they sound like they are mostly a bunch of affluent kids from rather provincial backgrounds who are striving to join the elite (which is a lot more liberal and cosmopolitan than they are, and thus will reject a lot of them), but who are not actually part of the elite. This is all to the extent the term "the elite" has any consistent meaning these days, anyway.
The control cats had been able to watch the amygdalectomized cats from their cages. Over a period of weeks they had become so thoroughly steeped in an environment of hypermanic sexual obsession that behavior induced surgically in the amygdalectomized cats had been induced in the controls without any intervention whatsoever.
This is LNSers need to get some perspective. Attending a "respectable" mid-south/mid-atlantic prep school, Georgetown, or *gulp* American University(!) does not make you "better" than anyone else. I have a hard time summoning any respect for people who complain about having to spend $15 cover to get into a bar, or $80 on a woman...are you kidding me? That's NOTHING.

You are all poseurs of the first order.

If you are so "connected" and "upper class," why did you go to a second tier college? I have no respect for people who look down on others, yet couldn't get into an Ivy League school -- hell, at least go to Berkeley, for god's sake.

In my circle, we laugh at LNSers -- with your faux-riche trendiness and your hysterically self-conscious fashion sense. Brooks Bros.? J. Crew.? That's just a half-step above Sears now. Who, besides 12-year-old girls, shops in any store that you can find in any MALL? You are consistently AT LEAST 2 years behind on everything you do: Sailing? (snore) Polo? -- polo is for Brits and new-money southerners who want to APPEAR aristocratic. And don't get me started on RBVs...that drink is so dated, you might as well be drinking Cosmopolitans.

Everything about you screams "please don't notice I'm middle-class."

Oh well, I guess if you are happy with it, it shouldn't bother me. After all, it seems to be getting you laid, so far be it from me to cock-block.

Ladies, however, have no excuse. If you are going to whore yourself out, don't do it for some entry-level wannabe bureacrat who--if you're lucky--will barely have enough clout to get your kids into Chapel Hill (it is a STATE SCHOOL for Christ's sake! Who needs help getting into a STATE SCHOOL!)

Sure, I went to the best schools, and I have degrees from Ivy League institutions, but I have to wear that on my chest to get anywhere. I am smarter, better looking, and more refined than most people -- THAT'S what separates me from the pack, not some "do you know who I am" attitude. I party with ANYBODY that gets me: rich, poor, black, white, hottie or uggs--let the rest figure it out. Until then, enjoy hanging out in your (empty) exclusive clubs telling the same bullshit stories to anyone who will listen.

PS - And D.C.? Really? D.C. hasn't been hot since 1978. Do yourselves a favor, get on the ACELA and head up to NYC. At least there the twenty-something assholes are actually rich somebodies instead of wannabe poseurs.
About halfway through the article, the name Wright Sigmund appears. Wow, did that ring a bell. Do you remember the guy who tried to blow up his father's SUV about seven or so years ago?

It was Wright Sigmund's brother who did it.
With great priviledge comes great responsibillady!
i'm losing my last lingering bit of faith in humanity reading this comment thread.

here's an idea: ask yourselves why you care so much.
Boat shoes and alcohol. So this is how Granddad's hard-stolen money is being spent.

The article doesn't say: Was even one of these svelte blond butts in the uniform of the United States know, fighting over there so we don't have to fight them over here?

These aren't conservatives. They conserve nothing. Well, except for being cheap to charities. They're simple frightened cowards. Drink up, darlings. What war?

you all are so lame its incredible. Thanks for bringing this to light - whoever the author is.

This is so funny. I have to share it with my co workers.
Ya, it isn't hard to get sloppy drunk off of 10 dollar "VRB's" and post about the girl you almost had sex with on the internet when you are doing it on daddys dollar.
I also like how none of you are "brave" (and by brave i mean real) enough to use your own name when commenting on this.

I would like to restate a comment posted earlier on the page.


I thoroughly enjoyed your article. It portrayed an element of the District that most of us commoners arent privy to. And judging by many of the negative responses it seems you may have it the nail right on the head.

Keep up the good work."

The drinks and fashions are different, but nothing has changed since I was an intern in 1964.
Well done Ms. Valdez! This is a great bit of reporting! Journalists should not shy away from this kind of story even in the face of idle threats from the bloated rich folks that are crying on about their reputations. As if she had uncovered some illegal operation the size of "Watergate". Valdez is merely exposing a humorous and quite factual portrayal of spoiled rich kids. Big deal! All you rich kids get over yourselves!
GREAT JOB Angela!!
Don't even batt an eyelash that these poseur, Boat-shoe wearin, Madras short sportin' CLUES F#$*'s try to slander you like they do every other woman that turns them down or exposes them for the LOSER twits that they are.
GREAT article!! Bet Mr. "Anal Sex"'s parents are REEEAL proud of their spawn....LMAO
I, like many in DC, grew up somewhere else, but I've been here about a year and find it interesting how easily people here (and elsewhere) divide themselves up into groups (hipsters vs. boat shoe people, or however you phrase that) and lob anonymous verbal bombs at each other. I'm not saying I'm above this -- I get pissed off too -- but can't we do better than cheap shots labeling the feature's author a drunk slut or, in turn, worn-out insults about how daddy's money is being spent? Are we all this tired?

That said, I enjoyed reading the feature. I'm hoping the City Paper has the vision to hire a WASPy writer, put him or her in a band T-shirt, and send that person to Adams Morgan to document hipsters dating/hooking up, etc. I'm sure right writer could equal what Angela Valdez found.

(By the way, if you want to prove libel, you have to prove the writer knew something was false and printed it to hurt the subject. It's a high standard and there's a reason for that.)
LOVE the article!!!!!

Anyone who is frightened of Adams Morgan should probably go ahead and off themselves. Bunch of sheltered pansies.

This writer should be commended. All you guys can do is bitch because you're mad she made you look like the douche bags you are.

Ahhh...the joys of low IQs, having a rich family and being a sheep. Great combo.

It makes me want to move back to DC because I never had a chance to curb some popped-collar low-IQ douche bag and throw him in the canal. Someday...someday.
haha! what a bunch of juvenile asshats

their comments only serve to prove that these LNS douchebags are even worse scum than they seem to be from the article

fantastic article Angela.

Does the sunlight make you squirm little kiddies? Good, now STFU and GBTW.
"(By the way, if you want to prove libel, you have to prove the writer knew something was false and printed it to hurt the subject. It's a high standard and there's a reason for that.)"

ding ding ding

none of you have a libel case you focking morons. go crack a book and stop crying. I piss on people like this.
OMG, this article is ruining lives. I just got fired.

That's right, fired. I wasn't even mentioned in the article, but the sheer volume of libel (and slander, too) it contained caused my boss to walk into my office, kick me in the gonads, and fire me on the spot.

I wish all you ugly and poor people would just DIE already. How do you even reproduce???

I guess now I'll just have to go back to my parent's home in Larchmont and pass the time fly-fishing with my father.

He'll call up some of his I-banking buddies, and maybe - just maybe they'll help me scrape together a new life in NY selling interest rate swaps for JP Morgan. God, I am ruined. RUINED!
"Speaking as someone who comes from an Actual aristocratic and titled family with a valid coat-of-arms and knows the true meaning of old and new money"
"Speaking as someone who comes from an Actual aristocratic and titled family with a valid coat-of-arms and knows the true meaning of old and new money"
"Speaking as someone who comes from an Actual aristocratic and titled family with a valid coat-of-arms and knows the true meaning of old and new money"
"Speaking as someone who comes from an Actual aristocratic and titled family with a valid coat-of-arms and knows the true meaning of old and new money"
"Speaking as someone who comes from an Actual aristocratic and titled family with a valid coat-of-arms and knows the true meaning of old and new money"
"Speaking as someone who comes from an Actual aristocratic and titled family with a valid coat-of-arms and knows the true meaning of old and new money"
"Speaking as someone who comes from an Actual aristocratic and titled family with a valid coat-of-arms and knows the true meaning of old and new money"
"Speaking as someone who comes from an Actual aristocratic and titled family with a valid coat-of-arms and knows the true meaning of old and new money"
"Speaking as someone who comes from an Actual aristocratic and titled family with a valid coat-of-arms and knows the true meaning of old and new money"
"Speaking as someone who comes from an Actual aristocratic and titled family with a valid coat-of-arms and knows the true meaning of old and new money"
"Speaking as someone who comes from an Actual aristocratic and titled family with a valid coat-of-arms and knows the true meaning of old and new money"
"Speaking as someone who comes from an Actual aristocratic and titled family with a valid coat-of-arms and knows the true meaning of old and new money"
"Speaking as someone who comes from an Actual aristocratic and titled family with a valid coat-of-arms and knows the true meaning of old and new money"
"Speaking as someone who comes from an Actual aristocratic and titled family with a valid coat-of-arms and knows the true meaning of old and new money"
"Speaking as someone who comes from an Actual aristocratic and titled family with a valid coat-of-arms and knows the true meaning of old and new money"
"Speaking as someone who comes from an Actual aristocratic and titled family with a valid coat-of-arms and knows the true meaning of old and new money"
"Speaking as someone who comes from an Actual aristocratic and titled family with a valid coat-of-arms and knows the true meaning of old and new money"
"Speaking as someone who comes from an Actual aristocratic and titled family with a valid coat-of-arms and knows the true meaning of old and new money"
"Speaking as someone who comes from an Actual aristocratic and titled family with a valid coat-of-arms and knows the true meaning of old and new money"
"Speaking as someone who comes from an Actual aristocratic and titled family with a valid coat-of-arms and knows the true meaning of old and new money"

This has been very entertaining. However it serves as a reminder of why DC is the worst expensive city in the country.

Talk about getting REAMED!! Guess that ANAL SEX wasn't so fun on the recieving end...especially WITH NO LUUUBE!!??.....Ouchhhh

Way to pound that azzzz Angela!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA--
Show these Republican losers who's really bossssss--
Awesome article highlighting the hypocrisy and sense of entitlement that these people feel-- and their comments only served to nail that point home harder.

Well-written, entertaining, and illuminating. Kudos on a job well done.

"Whoever shuts his ears at the cry of the poor, they also shall cry themselves, but not be heard."
-- Bible
This GREAT PIECE lifted a giant rock from a repressed DC and EXPOSED those Republican young worms who crawl the pubs - you know the ones: The Sunshine- Khaki-wearing-famly-value-Im-studying-for-the LSAT-boys by day and asshole-sinner- by night. Watch OUT SENATOR VITTER - YOU GOT SOME competition waiting in the wings!! Good Job Anglela!
"Anyone who is frightened of Adams Morgan should probably go ahead and off themselves. Bunch of sheltered pansies."

Agreed. While I don't live in DC, I've been there enough times to know that Adams Morgan, while it may not be the poshest area of town, isn't a free-fire zone, either. Actually, it's a pretty typical, somewhat-scruffy party area, of the type that pretty much any big city has. Anyone who is afraid of going to Adams Morgan and isn't over 60 years of age is pretty pathetic. I'm from Texas, and our right-wing fratboys would laugh at the idea of anyone being afraid of going to a part of town like that. LNSers, y'all are wussies! Raise your game.
This is merely practice for the future (albeit on a smaller scale). When Daddy retires from his job of screwing the country up the ass out of a twisted sense of entitlement and conquest, Junior will already be groomed and ready to take the helm.
OH NO, poor little rich brats, living such lives that simply shining the light of day on them can cause them to be fired.00000000000000000000000000
literally. As someone who went to a series of religous and exclusive private schools all over the world, graduating (early) in 95, this was a snapshot of my experiences with the children around me. I was never more relieved than to go to a nice, public college in a small state after years of listening to 'omg, look at her dress' comments for years on end. Besdies, after my experiences with all those schools, the local frat/sorority politics were hilarious. I cannot imagine wanting to send my children to the kind of schools I went to and these kids seem to have been to, questions of money and security aside.

I have no problem believing any of the things in this article, and the whiny personal attacks on the author only cinch the case against these kids. The fact that a lot of them seem to be in political and/or legal professions only reminds me why the current scandals with the Republican party are as wide-spread and abominable.

Besides, she is cute. I have had it with blonde, WASPy types. If you cannot have an intelligent conversation with someone, they are not in the slightest attractive. And in my experience, women who obsessed with marriage and social climbing are not the most interesting conversationalists.
As background, I graduated from one of the "top" Ivy League schools, aka HYP. Therefore, I went to school with tons of people who are richer than God, and surely richer than almost any of these Smith Point country club types who went to Georgetown or wherever the hell they go. Let's be honest about a couple of things here.

1. Jack Ellis is right. Dumb dudes from Landon from middle-tier private colleges may have rich dads, but they're certainly not "significant," except in the sense that they may have finished close to the top of the country club tennis championships a few times. Bottom line -- it's tough to be significant without being smart.

2. I know plenty of rich republicans. Many (i.e., a vastly disproportionate number) of them turned out to be closeted homosexuals. While I don't think this is "news," I'm somewhat surprised that it wasn't mentioned in the article. If dressing-up in pants with pictures of sailboats isn't at least somewhat of a giveaway, you must be smoking something.

3. Let me say a word about the kids from my college who went to schools like Landon and Georgetown Prep. Besides the closeted gays, most of these dudes were beer-chugging lacrosse players (or were wannabes who had quit the lacrosse team). Actually, I'd say that most of these were nice people--cocky and dumb, maybe, but fun and personable, too. I found the St. Albans people to be smarter, for whatever reason. In any case, no one thought of these laxers as "important," especially in comparison with the super-rich New Yorkers (and maybe some Californians), unless they thought that a dull country club life in Maryland funded by an inheritance was somehow extremely desirable. As I said before, you can't be significant without being smart (unless you're W, and your dad was beyond significant).

You will regret this article when the full weight of our social circle has passed on top of you, having lost control of its bladder. Also, c*cks.
This was a well written and compelling read.
10/10, would read again. Comedy gold at it's best. The responses are even better!

"I hate to say it but they hate us for the same reasons the terrorists do. Perhaps that's why they all want us to withdraw from Iraq and hand victory to al Qaeda on a silver platter?"

Jeeeeeeeeezus fucking christ almighty this is funny.
Boy, the roaches run when the sunlight hits!! If you don't like being humiliated by saying vulgar, racist, sexist things, don't say them!! And your attacks on the author of this story reek of desperation and futility.
I would cry for our mislead youth, except I'm laughing too hard to care
This article doesn't surprise me at all. I grew up in Orange County in California which is one of the strong holds of California Conservatism. I've seen these attitudes and behaviours repeatedly time and time again from 'young' white conservative elites- and their parents too.

Being unintelligent, offensive, incompetent, so diplomatic, racist and naive is one of the biggest luxuries that one can be afforded to those with money. Who else without money would be successful and be afforded those privileges?

This is exactly why we need to have the Estate Tax. The less money daddy can leave to these assholes, the better.
These comments that pass judgement on John.. that he's a rich, waspy, republican jerk from Georgetown.... they shock me. I've known John for several years. I have not known him to be a republican/conservative last I checked. He's not a "trust fund baby" nor a WASP. He's not from Georgetown and he is not even living in this country. And so what if he was?

Was he acting like an asshole for what he said to Angela? Judging from the article and comments I'd probably say yes. Knowing John, I'd guess that he was probably going tit for tat with Angela, trying to be funny (she admits she was laughing) before she got offended when it became too personal. I'd dare Angela to post her side of the interview. What did she say before John and others "played towards expectations" as she puts it?

What hurts me the most is to see his public image carelessly tossed around like this because of a biased (it is biased, Angela) article.. reading these posts... it just makes me sick to my stomach. I am just a normal dude. I won't pretend to know the law.. But honestly here, his name was mentioned in the first few paragraphs of a slam piece. And he's being made into something he is not. To me, the posts that trash his name seem to contribute to a case that his public persona has been manipulated as a result of the City Paper's story.
I read the LNS piece tonight while waiting for the start of “Rescue Dawn” (the new Werner Herzog anti-war, yet pro-soldier film). How refreshing and, indeed, relevant to the current mess our fratty, clubby rich boy president has led us into re: Iraq. Angela Valdez’s piece is larger than is immediately apparent--it exposes the dirty (if elaborately concealed through exclusivity) underground of the forging of power in America. LNS is more than a frolicky-fun-loving social club—it’s a breeding ground (Literally apparently, based on the marriageability emphasis, which weirdly contradicts the supposedly distasteful sluttiness of the members, but that’s a whole other story.) for the wealthy that will be running the country in 10-20 years’ time. I can see George Bush precisely in this environment, say, 30 years ago; getting laid and its various permutations being way more important than anything going on outside the bar, including the Vietnam war itself.

Great stuff, Angela.
so what is the reference to cocaine?
"These comments that pass judgement on John.. that he's a rich, waspy, republican jerk from Georgetown.... they shock me. I've known John for several years. I have not known him to be a republican/conservative last I checked. He's not a "trust fund baby" nor a WASP. He's not from Georgetown and he is not even living in this country. And so what if he was?"

All I know is, you're not getting an answer until you give me a handjob, beeyatch.
To "I was a teenage frat boy"

"I can see George Bush precisely in this environment, say, 30 years ago; getting laid and its various permutations being way more important than anything going on outside the bar, including the Vietnam war itself."

FYI- Bill and Hillary supposedly met in gtown and frequented the bars on M street. Lighten up.
The larger, serious theme of this story is: these are the kind of frat creeps Dumbya chose to staff the low echelons of the government. These unqualified preppie clowns from hick colleges are implementing national policy. Wondering why we're spending $3 billion a week in Iraq right now?
Interesting article but I agree that real names should not have been used.
As an upstanding American citizen living outside the Beltway, I'm beginning to think DC should be nuked. Clearly the rest of us would be the better for it.
So this is where the tools are these days. Back in the early '90s, before there was a Smith Point or an internet, the Coventry Burke's of the world hung out at a place called the Hapenny Lion on 17th St and acted like they mattered.

They didn't then and they don't now.
"Oh, Cranky Media Guy, I think I love you!"

Gee, thank you for that, sincerely. So, do you like anal sex?

"Poundtown" IS the gay version.
god i love these peroxide hungry bimbos!

as a colorist in an oh-so-swank dc salon, i gotta say that my most joyous moment comes when these bitches pay my $500 bill (inflated by their incipient, aryan blondeness) so that i can give my truly cool clients discounts (and i do)but they seem to think its cool to pay 4 times what their service should cost..perhaps the gene pool is a bit shallow on their end?

here's the secret only a hairdresser knows--blonde processing is the number one cause of female baldness due to breakage and thinning from harsh chemical treatments.

here's another--bet the carpet don't match the drapes.
To: answerthequestionClaire
I agree with most everything you say, except Bill and Hillary did not meet in Georgetown, they met at Yale. I'd imagine that Bill went to bars in Georgetown while he was there, but minor correction on the meeting part.
let me tell you what happens when these lns guys hit 40 or so..

a very good friend of mine was a hyper-sucessful real estate broker for a big commercial firm in DC. came from old money. daddy went to harvard but despite that. buddy boy couldn't get in. couldn't even make it to georgetown, so his great shame was to graduate from GW. this weighed heavily on his social cred. (boo hoo, right? but to this guy, it MATTERED)

he partied. A LOT. he was a big guy. could outeat, outdrink and outsnort anybody in g'town. made "friends" (i.e. drinking/fuck/drug buddies) and spent his 20s and 30s kind of aimlessly drifting from job to job, all lucrative, but none engaging enough to keep him clean and interested in anything more than the party scene. finally, he met a great girl (not a size 4, but beautiful by most sane people's standards), who convinced him to give the smith point scene a rest. he went into rehab on the company dime and made a go of a drug and alcohol-free life for a few years. we were all proud.

this guy loved to travel, and it was during a trip abroad that the old party lifestyle began to rear its head. before you could say "red bull and vodka" the game was back on, full force. he started drinking, snorting, then smoking, then shooting coke, all from the confines of his posh waterfront condo. it wasn't long before the faithful girlfriend caught on and moved out, pleading with him to get help. he was in and out of rehab, bought a bunch of cars and real estate, partied with a variety of strippers, escorts and drug dealers as well as his old g'town cronies for longer than you think his heart or bank account could sustain it.

when he finally decided to get help, he figured he'd have one more go before he went into the seclusion of rehab. that was his last party. he overdosed in his bathroom with a tourniquet around one arm and wasn't found for 2 days. glamorous, huh? total rockstar young republican way to go out- straight outta a bret easton ellis novel, but the guy was 41.

at his funeral, i wanted someone to stand up and say that there was some quality others had missed- that he did volunteer work, that he read books to the blind, that he had a soft spot for small animals. because he did- all of those things were true. but the only things anyone (and it was a group pf coworkers and old pals that chose to speak) had to say was how he liked to "have a good time" to party down at the club, that he had many expensive posessions, that he was a savvy businessman.

while all of these things were valid, they seemed very cold comfort. he, like all of us, was a complex human being, with much more to offer than the fact that he was skilled at acquiring wealth. in life, he had blustery, cocky way of speaking, so much so that it put many people off. but he was generous, gregarious, and charming too. its clear that he needed to feel important-- that all his goods and self-medication were part of an elaborate system to stave off the fact that he wasn't really, in the grand scheme of things, more significant than anyone else. that he had failed many many times, perhaps more than he succeeded. he hadn't lived up to the old man. he didn't find the fountain of youth. and the hangovers never got any prettier.

a wasted life is always a tragedy. money (or the sustained illusion thereof) is a very poor substitute for things that really matter, kids. and alcoholics don't tend to age well.

That depends on which country club park bench you can offer me as a venue! (After dark, of course, being as I'm over a size 4.) Choose wisely, as this'll be it for 2-3 years; a gal's gotta maintain her marriageability, you know!
"Pound Town" is the GAY version??? Dosen't surprise me in the slightest...I am a member of LNS, and I honestly think most of these guys ARE closeted homosexuals.....seriously.
this article and comments all read like high school drama...the "preppy" kids and the "hipster" kids and what they wear, where they hang out....this is so lame and immature. the article gave me a good laugh but the comments and also the repercussions of the article are nauseating.
i think the author should not have named some of the poeple that did nothing wrong and associate them in such a way.
i think the author is not attractive at all and probably jealous of the "popular kids".
i think a lot of the comments by LNS people are fabricated jokes.
i went to gwu a few years ago and i think its funny they say getting pizza at adams morgan is dangerous because that used to be one of my favorite activities.
ive never come across these boat shoe wearing types probably because they were not hanging out in the same circles. still i must say i hate hipsters equally as much, they feel just as priveledged, are just as judgemental about what kind of shoes you're wearing and are just as elitist.
go back to high school kids.
My girlfriends and I will not attend their events anymore--enough is enough.

I have slept with my share of LNS men, all immature scumbags in retrospect, and the one common denominator they seriously shared was an extremely tiny peee a cocktail weenie.......every single one of them.
Coincidence?? I think NOT
The article makes DC sound so provincial. Also, don't most of these young guys working on the Hill get donuts for someone while they try to get into a good law school? What's with them acting rich? Do they really make any money?

At least in the other cities, the blowhards have something going on.

NYC - the investment banking guys do really make a lot of money
LA - they really are trying to get into the movie business...some of them might actually produce or direct something
SF - trying to create the next Google, Intel, Yahoo, ebay, etc...some of them do

I think they sound very small time...move to a real city and see how you stack up.
I haven't lauhed that hard in a long time. Thanks for the great article, Angela. I loved it.
Everything in this article makes me long for the day when boring yupsters and bitter nerdos are forced to fight tooth and nail for survival on the radioactive wastelands that once were planet Earth.

No, really, you people are all deeply fucked up.
Article would have been much funnier if the author had brought along a military recruiter with her while interviewing the vast hordes of fighting-age Iraq War supporters. That's comedy gold there.
BOAT SHOES!!! PINCHE BOAT SHOES!! douchbags! all of them. I loved the article.

Please, leave DC and give it back to the people that are not scared to go to ADAMS MORGAN after 4pm.

P.S take your lame boat shoes with you
The posts trying to defend John Tabbaco's "honor" are making me laugh!!

Any guy that would talk to a woman like that that he JUST met is a F$@$ing
idiot douchebag of the first order and deserves to be called out just like he was.

File this one under "be careful for what you wish for" John Tabacco. As someone else so eloquently put it--We hope you DO like anal, cause that's what you are getting!! Someone get this loser some ASTROGLIDE!!
420 spring break bidip bo!!
If John Tabacco was worried about tarnishing his sterling "Public Persona", then he sure shouldn't have been talking like he was from Anacostia to a woman no less!! -such typical hypocritcal BS!! If I would have over-heard him ask that girl that, I would wiped the floor with his boat-shoe wearing wuss ass right then and there. Booooo Hooooo Hoooooo--

Can't we just send all these guys wtih Ted Hagard and Tom Delay to a deserted island with a years supply of meth so they can work out all their anal sex cravings the way they really want it?? Now THAT would be poetic justice.
Among the pressing social issues confronting Washington, DC, why would Angela Valdez waist her time, and the time of the CP readers, to write and publish such media excriment as her article, "Members Only"? I found myself asking the question as I read this article, "Who the hell cares about these people, and the alcohol-induced misogeny they commit?" Sure, they're real low-lifes, Date-rapers, with trust funds. But in the end, they are just spoiled idiots with a heighten level of self-importance that spend Daddy's money to get drunk, sleep with women and maintain a website. Why give this scum the time of day? What is so special draw, Ms Valdez? Is it their money and social status? These kids are fools - any they will only continue to think that they are better than everyone as long as you give them the time of day and write about them! Let these young shits go back to their clubs and high class bars... and let's focus on more important things... like the brave young men and women who are willing to sacrifice their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now these are the people we should stop and think about, rather than these wealthy date-rapers from Georgetown.
I'm totally lost as to how people consider Adams Morgan a "hipster" area. 18th street has, sadly, completely morphed into the Georgetown scene which is to say that it is chock full of dumb fratty white guys looking to fight and annoying white whoo-es. The last time I was there, I stepped into one of the well-known bars (reluctantly, and only because I was going to a birthday party) and immediately sent a friend the following text message, which could essentially describe almost all of the bars on 18th. "This is positively the worst place on Earth. Crowded beyond belief. Crap ass music. The type of place that attracts patrons who order jagermeister shots." Later that night we, of course, almost get into a fight with some asshole. The LNSers are certainly correct that Adams Morgan is dangerous -- they just have the color of the people who pose a threat to public safety and decency wrong. There is a good reason why half the DC police force seems to be deployed on 18th during the weekends -- to deal with the bullshit these people throw out. They should probably lock the whole damn place down.

I remember, oh how I remember, when Adams Morgan was a great place. But those days are long gone. But a new era is beginning...Say it with me the cool and decent people of DC -- H street NE! The Atlas District! Home of the finest establishments in the city.
Give me a break, Courtney and all of your pals screeching about how “jealous” the rest of us are of your entitled, pampered, “good-looking” existences.

How deluded do you have to be to suppose that everybody who isn’t you is just a miserable, ugly proletariat? Attractive, happy people come in many different packages – in fact, a lot of us are far happier and better-looking than you are. Some of us even get paid to be beautiful. Some of us have great jobs and impressive educations – even though we grew up poor. Some of us are middle class and working in areas that actually let us reach people. Get a clue.

Here’s an idea. Take a look outside your isolated little clique and see the real world for what it is, instead of what you’d like it to be so the inflated sense of importance you so desperately cling to would be real.

As for your conservative “values” that work so well for you and society… you can thank liberal values for that abortion you’re sure to have to spare your family the embarrassment of an unwanted pregnancy – your trust fund will pay for it. And please, by all means, keep taking those hand-outs while disparaging the dirty homeless dude on the street asking YOU for one. And when mommy and daddy are done taking care of you, don’t worry. You’re husband will take over, freeing you up to spend time on stupid, asinine charities that teach poor kids how to play polo.

What a fulfilling, meaningful life you’re poised to lead. But please, by all means, do feel sorry for me some more while I enjoy my life, my work, and my independence.
LOL! Isn't that precious, the exclusive crew of sophisticated (right) rich kids weren't smart enough to shut up about their little social group and now they're upset about how foolish and elitist they look. Like every other person that has been made to look like a fool after knowingly speaking to reporters/journalists/whatever, I have no sympathy for you and even less considering that the majority of you sound like a bunch of Coulter/Hannity preaching, reality avoiding trust fund babies. I hope this stings a bit because the truth of it is, this won't hurt any of you all that much - you're too insulated. It would only hurt those of us who don't have safety nets and golden parachutes from mommy and daddy, like in the real world. Ha! Statistically speaking, a few of you probably get it. To you, quit hanging out with fake people. Seriously.
Agree that there are many important issues to focus on, but I have to say, for a city paper that focuses largely on the entertainment aspects of the city, I think Angela did an EXCELLENT job in shining the light on these cockroaches that call themselves upstanding citizens.
She exposes them for what they are--drunk and stupid Anglo twits without a conscience and without a clue of any kind. I think it was a quite brilliant article--KUDOS to you Angela.
I know Coventry Burke and I have to say, she is about the fakest person you will ever meet. Not exactly the brightest bulb on the tree either, but what else did you expect from someone who has been spoon fed Gerber her entire banal existance. She will make a great receptionist for some lucky firm.
John Tabacco was such a dork in elementary school!! I went through all eight years with him. Maybe he "found" himself at Prep and got some confidence. He was NEVER blue-blood material!!

He was hopelessly NORMAL, with great blue eyes. Maybe to fit into Prep he felt he had to become a jerk and pretend his family swims in money. He was really nice back then but obviously that changed. It was simultanesouly funny and disturbing to hear about what happened with Angela during the interview.

Plenty of rich kids are nice and just fall into the LNS crowd because it's just what they're around. Money is not something that's bad. Good for the LNS crowd that they have money to NOT have to work their asses off to be successful. It's what, I think, every generation strives for, for their heirs and future family.

People like John Tabacco, they're the ones that give LNS a bad name, just to "be cool", have a story for their buddies that DO have money and so they can feel better about themselves in the end. You can smell the insecurity in it all. It's a little sad.

It's sad what people succumb to so they can fit in.

And! Angela did come off as jealous.
Fuck it, let's go bowling...
this article is sheer brilliance. the young republicans of our dreadful city are shown for glaring hypocrites that they are. how does the base in iowa feel about that?

to the LNSer who spelled "tries" "trys" and then went off about how any intelligent person should hate immigrants: you're priceless.
Much like the poster above me "far from DC." I, too, just moved away from DC after living there for several years, and was linked to this article. I always saw this G'town crowd and coined them "Hill Douchebags." I didn't know they had the official name of LNS, it's much less offensive, I guess.

I'm amused by all the angry douchebags that commented on Ms. Valdez's article. It's as if the rest of us weren't already aware that these dudes are just grown-up republican-frat boy tools, and these girls are east coast butter faces. Don't get me wrong, I love the east coast, but I'm from Texas and I live in California, and the caliber of good looking chicks in DC is...sad in comparison.

But I digress. These commenters are so up in arms, like Angela revealed some crazy-ass secret, "Oh no! Everyone knows we're a bunch of dickbags!"
We already knew...dickbags.
First, to all who say this article isn't relevant...Bullshit. This is the best news story I've read since Paris went back to prison. Stupid rich people (or better, people who pretend to be rich and drive leased BMW i330s) are second only stupid dog tricks in the new American zeitgeist.

Second, why shouldn't full names be used? If Bob "I'm a Better Lay than William Nichols " Novak had used names, look at how much bullshit we could have avoided, including that atrociously over written letter to Judith "Neocons Make Me Moist" Miller. Besides, their names are so perfect you’d think they were characters in a Tom Wolfe novel. (see end of comment)

Third, I agree with MGD. We hate Late Night Shots because the terrorists do. Who doesn't hate douche bags and baguettes? When the radical Islamists are done plotting with Sadam Hussein to retake Iraq and then assassinate Salman Rushdie (and his foxy wife from Top Chef), they are going to grab a jumbo slice on 18th Street and come after this elite set of Episcopalians and Presbyterians. Reed Landry its best you hide now; Neel Patel, dude you're not white so the radicals probably won't mistake you for a LSNer.

Lastly (and I’m not saying this only because I think Angela is cute in a “My So Called Life” sort of way), but does anyone really believe she is biased because she described a relatively small group of people (only 14,500 across 4 cities! vs. the millions on MySpace and LinkedIn) who strive hard to as a group wear loafers &amp; boat shoes specifically; uniform themselves in red polo shirts and blue blazers; with the girls in brightly colored sundresses; calculate the average number of years between sexual partners; think the skinny black people are Ethiopian; and the others bigger ones are just plain black; relegate anyone over size 4 as shameful; raise the most money they have all year so inner city kids can learn to play polo (I love this articale for these great details); obsess over red bull vodkas and anal sex (unsure of which they like better); and lastly have names like (and you have to use the names because they really are descriptive): John Tabacco, Andrea Rodgers, Reed Landry &amp; (my favorite) Coventry Burke!

Rejoicingly, “A, CIBYJC?”
Comment: By: A. Schenkenberg Jul. 13, 2007, at 2:32 am
"Speaking as a member of the titled upper class, you don't get it, do you......If you want to talk about the racism thing, well, sorry that we don't all think Ethopians sucking on our world-class heath care and welfare system is what we worked hard for (or parents). That's just a fact of life, I know that and however else Angela Valdez, which may be an immigrant name for all I know, trys to spin it those of us with a VEST AND INTEREST in things are smart enough not to listen."

Please, please STOP, you're KILLING me! VEST AND INTEREST?? I'm betting this guy thinks this phrase has something to do with owning a special vest! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ho heee hhee ha ha woooo

Please, please stop---these comments are exposing your ignorance! I'm laughing at the LNS morons and their willingness to expose their own stupidity!
It's easy to grin
When your ship has come
And you've got the stock market beat.
But the man who is worthwhile
Is the man who can smile
When his pants are too tight in the seat.
Great article. I'm loving the LNSer's comments. My god, they're borderline illiterate. Mummy and Poppy wasted some serious money attempting to educate these mutts.
" Comment: By: reed_landry Jul. 13, 2007, at 3:28 pm
Angela is angry because I wouldn't let her blow me. I'm too classy for that whore, so now she wrote this article. Just so you all know."

Ah Landry, you blew it. All your peeps went to bat for you and did their best to slander the reporter calling her all kinds of bad names in an effort to save your good name and you went and F.U.B.A.R.'d the attempt
I know Coventry Burke as well, and, I have to agree with the previous poster. Nice girl, but looking into those blue eyes is like looking right out the window.....isn't she related to Dan Qualye?? Poor girlie never had a chance.
Just another example of the sense of entitlement and boorish ignorance that these rich cro-mags capitalize on. Some day these kids will be government officials and CEO's, just like their obnoxious, misguided parents. Great. This all makes me very worried for my generation, at least I can count on those like me who had to work for everything they have and understand that people from all walks of life should be respected. Sure, we resent rich people, but at least we don't pester poor writers for anal and then have our cronies threaten her in the most misogynistic, disgusting and cowardly way we can think of. Get a life, yuppies, and please, please don't procreate.
A friend just sent me some pics of this Coventry Burke chick, and I gotta tell ya DC peeps, if that is what passes for "hot" around your town, you are in desperate straights! She would be a "5" at my school at best, very f@#$ing average.
Thank you Angela.

It turns out my roomate has been lurking and worshipping these douche bags for the past few months, using the term "Turbo" and ordering boat shoes online. Now I know what a wannabe douchebag he is, because seriously, he needs to realize
1. he's asian
2. he's gay (probably)
3. he lives on 10th street.


Anyone who worships THAT crowd needs to get shot. It's one thing to be a complete douchebag, it's another to worship douchebags.
FINALLY an article that exposes you elitist pricks for who &amp; what you really are: shallow, spoiled, undereducated yet overly confident brats. i have many friends in LNS, and not all of them are douchebags; but there are several things they all have in common: lack of social skills, a desire to 'belong', and sincere case of insecurity. ALL members of LNS are pathetic &amp; should be pittied. these are people who's passtime is DRINKING? lol you losers. try doing something productive with your lives instead of 'HEY DUDE LETS GET DRUNK, DO COKE, AND SEE IF WE CAN BE REALLY OBNOXIOUS'. just a bunch of leftover frat &amp; sorority members who want to feel like they're important or have a social life. if drinking with someone is the only thing you have in common: check your priorities. LNS may work well in other cities, but DC is so full of you assholes, you give LNS a bad name. and in response to a comment earlier about someone who was mentioned in the article getting fired over their coverage: GOOD. just like a dog: it shits on the carpet, you rub its face in it, &amp; MAGICALLY it doesnt shit on the rug anymore. the guy's boss probably did him AAAAAAAAAAND his company a favor.
this has to be my favorite comment of all time, these people should be committed:

At the end of the day, they hate because they are jealous. Jealous of our priviledge, jealous of our economic success, jealous of our fun. I hate to say it but they hate us for the same reasons the terrorists do. Perhaps that's why they all want us to withdraw from Iraq and hand victory to al Qaeda on a silver platter? Ok, I better stop before I go off on a major tangent/rant here.

wowsas, what planet does these people live on???
I roll in this circle from time to time (because I'm awesome), and the tone of Angela's piece sounds exactly right -- about half of the young-ish, wealthy crowd in DC are total pricks, and about half aren't. Nice work, Angela.

Clive Bannister
Loved it - great work! So nice to see how our future rulers spend their youth. Fortunately, they'll probably be part of the permanent republican minority set to take shape post-Bush. This is exactly how I imagine a young David Vitter acting.
In response to "Nate's" comment on increasing estate tax to take money away from these families...

Don't bother.

There are so many loopholes with the tax system, that with a good enough lawyer you could easily avoid paying ANY estate tax.

It's simple. Set up a limited liability company, limited partnership, or family limited partnership, and put the shares of your company/house/whatever into a qualified personal residence trust, grantor retained annuity trust, or just give out limited partnership interests.

At almost every level, there are accountants, analysts, and lawyers to scrape off "value" until you pay nothing (or close to nothing) to the IRS.

Warren Buffet wasn't kidding when he said he pays less in taxes than his secretary (or was it his maid?)
in response to sfoxcor.... i come from an EXTREMELY well off family who's worked hard through the generations so that i can enjoy the lap of luxury. the fact that you're an asshole has nothing to do with whether im 'jealous' of you. i got a masters degree in architecture when i was 23 from one of the top architecture schools in the country &amp; planet: i have ABSOLUTELY nothing to envy. being a prick, treating people poorly, acting like a jackass, making drinking a second job, being an elitist asshole, etc has nothing to do with jealousy &amp; everything to do with a complete lack of any moral fiber or testicular fortitude on your part. you're a sad, sad, individual.
I did a a poor chick anal after one of the LNS parties using a boat shoe as a condom. I rule.
Great article! As a portlander in exile, I've been looking for a good piece to share with my non-DC buddies about the prominent douchebag subculture in DC - you nailed it.

That LNSers actually think these nasty comments are helping their cause amply demonstrates how right you are.
"Speaking as someone who comes from an Actual aristocratic and titled family with a valid coat-of-arms and knows the true meaning of old and new money"

Yes, you are the true elite who can look down at these wanna be elites who think their shit don't stink. Your shit, however, truly does not stink.

One can only hope that some of the aristocratic, English families who my peasant Irish ancestors killed during the Easter Rebellion were somehow related to you.

Workers of the World Unite!

In all seriousness, did anyone get fired because of being in this article?
This article was great. The LNSers sure seem to be classless, tasteless new-money douches. Keep on wearing daddy's clothes and posing in front of the mirror, guys.
If banging random chicks and sucking down red bull and grey goose is your idea of fun, maybe its time to reevaluate what you consider fun. Christ, at least the young Republicans in the 80s understood that it wasn’t really a party unless you were skiing with P.J. O’Roarke.
Look at my striped shirt! LOOK AT IT!
Don't worry, they'll all get married and pollute their wives home town...I've seen it.
People who hate the good-looking with money to burn and bright futures aren't good-looking, rich, or successful. They wish they went to a college with a pedigree (anything but GW) and/or had a trust fund. And they will try to get their kids into St. Albans or, at worst, Landon, and be pissed when they fail...Bullis anyone?
This is coming from San Diego...

Yall need to chill

keep sucking dick for crack and drink your red bawls!
Dear fellows of LNS,

Some day, maybe not today, maybe not this week, but some day, you will have to travel east of 18th Street. Maybe you'll need to renew your car registration, or buy a pair of shoes, or maybe you'll just get lost, make a wrong turn and end up in uncharted territory.

When that day comes, we'll be waiting for you.


Black People
Great article. These priviledged fucks make me want to puke. They have never had to struggle for anything in their lives and are worthless Americans as far as I'm concerned, I don't care how many "fundraisers" they have. I doubt any of them can understand what real friendship is, they are so concerned about money, who's fucking who, and who's a size 6 instead of a size 4. They would stab their best friends in the back to get a promotion or get the "right" girl/guy. Disgusting. I'm glad you exposed them. And as far as brining up race issues, how the hell do these people think their great great grandfathers got so rich? Off the backs of slaves, that's how, and I'm sure half these jerks grew up with blatantly racist parents and grandparents. Racism is real, white patriarchy is real, and these people are just plain backward. I wish they would all move to a remote island so they could associate with no one but themselves like they seem to want and let the rest of us who are socially progressive do something about the state of this "great" nation!
first off, these guys are cool. secondly, they are cooler than you, thirdly, girls are the lesser of the two species.
thank god i live in new york...dc is such a joke!

Looking at the photos of Reed Landry and his many friends online, I can't help but notice that these douchebags are ugly. No, seriously, they are ugly.

While they may be strikingly similiar to Mr. Patrick Bateman of American Psycho lore, I can't held but notice that the physical characteristics of lack of eyebrows, beer guts, misshapen faces, and future soccer mom groupies which average in the 3s and peak at 6 are NOT the genetic cream of the crop which Mr. Bateman imagined himself as. LNS is all artificial value. Stuffing their own existences with their self declared importance.

I mean, Megan Dean is in half the photos, and her forehead stretches on for miles. Trenholm Bogg, the Bush-Cheney is the prettiest in the group, and he's obviously a closeted homo. I fail to see the alpha males and good looking girls this article alluded to... Have you dumbasses ever been to LA? NYC?

LNS is minor league.
it gets better....honestly, these guys look like they have down's:

hahaha! i'm still shocked that these are the aformentioned "power brokers" and "pussy magnets." haha!!!!!
i feel so sorry for rich people. seriously. my dad was a cook and my mom was a waitress. i'm glad i grew up poor because it means i can appreciate the good things in life so much more than any of these people who've had it shoved in their faces all of their lives. and what a pathetic existence--the constant drive to prove yourself better than everyone around you? for what? and yeah, hipsters are just as bad. but the older i get, the more i find that people who fit into these neat little categories are probably not worth my time anyway. i'd rather hang out with a bunch of broke asses who know how to have a good time (and who don't base their idea of "cool" on what anyone else tells them to) any ol' day of the week.

so losers, oops, i mean lnsers, go bump some jimmy buffet and do lines off your girlfriend's flat ass while you chat about polo matches and creased khakis. let them have their boring, sheltered, georgetown existences, cause we got the rest of the world on lock, and i can say with utmost confidence that the ghettoest of ghetto block parties is eight million times funner than anything dc's richest and whitest could ever even dream of.

oh, and "coolest guy ever": girls and boys are actually the same species. who knew?
Patrick Bateman: He was into that whole Yale thing
Donald Kimball: Yale thing?
Patrick Bateman: Yeah, Yale thing.
Donald Kimball: What whole Yale thing?
Patrick Bateman: Well, he was probably a closet homosexual who did a lot of cocaine. That whole Yale thing.
any one know where you can score some ultra white cocaine?
I sort of agree with No Thanks that the A-Morgan scene has morphed into the G-town scene. I don't think the people who hang out in A-Morgan are the same as G-town folks--I don't know how I'd describe the difference...less Southern?--but the difference between the 2 crowds is definitely becoming less discernible. Almost all of those 18th St. bars suck--bad music, too cramped, annoying people. A-Morgan also suffers, like Georgetown, from a lack of accessibility. The Metro is too long a walk, and there's nowhere to park. Note that unlike No Thanks, I don't hold the same grudge against Jaegermeister shots, and actually enjoy them.

I think the basic point here is that DC's social scene just isn't that good. Dupont has decent bars, but not enough of them, and there are a couple of ok places scattered elsewhere in the city. By and large, the "scene" here isn't as good as it is in other "desirable" cities, including Boston, which is the only other city I know well.

Another thing--despite the fact that I can't stand stereotypical LNS folks, such as those profiled in the article, I think that the ones who "fit the mold" are few and far between. So why I don't like hanging out in G-town that much, I don't think these uber-preppy jerks are as pervasive as the article makes them seem.
I can understand why some LNSers are angry, but if anyone has seen the articles in CP, they have done the same type of "exposes" on different groups---for example, "Bougie Nights" (African American crowd), they've done one on the Neo-Hippies that live out in Virginia at the free-love colony (can't remember title), certain groups within the gay community, Democratic non-profits--and so on--so really, CP takes shots at "liberals", etc., and is a pretty even-handed publication. Hopefully, Angela V. said factual things, I don't know. But if you are pissed off and feel that LNS has been mischaracterized--why the FUCK would you prove CP right by attacking the author on her looks (haven't seen the Myspace pics), her supposedly being a "loser" in high school, calling her poor, saying she's mad because you wouldn't let her blow you, etc?---what does that do but reinforce the negative image of your group? Does it have anything to do with the content? If you are going to say she's wrong, then be a grownup and give readers specific points to support your side of the story. I don't see why people are even worked up about LNS. Do you reaaaally want to go to Smith Point and wear boat shoes? No you don't-- trust me, I've done both. Non LNS supporters---making comments about rich people like: "rich people suck"---doesn't help you either. Go the bars you feel comfortable in, with friends you like, and don't waste your energy being upset about the "hipsters" or "preppies".
I feel moved to second "Woo" in saying that the LNSers will be, what they call, the "turbos" of the future. Just as racism and sexism before that, classism will surely be looked back on with regrettable sentiment and disdain. Affluence is not the problem, but rather your DEFINING yourselves strictly BY your economic superiority.

Most troubling in this article is that said members are largely hill staffers, lobbyists, law students, etc. Dare I ask, what does this say about the political leadership and social climate of the future? Looking grim.
I will just say this, its funny how a bunch of White Conservative young folks (the majority not from this city) try to come into it and become an exclusive part of the city/society. I mean, the fact of the matter is that if you have to tell us how exclusive you are and try to show others how exclusive you are then you are not. I'm sorry, I just feel that way. As far as the article, I it was just that an article.

For those little young idiots who are worried about loosing their jobs and the such, then you shouldn't have done them or done them in a way which could get put out in public. I mean, you all are not mad at the LNS group members who post stuff about you, but get upset because a reporter does. Come on, Grow the fuck up.
DC douchbags,

A friend emailed me this story as I grew up in Arlington. Your town sounds pretty small time based on this article.

My advice, visit some real cities.

NYC, London, LA, San Francisco.

You guys look pretty bush league in comparison. By the way, in a real town, you don't talk shit about being rich unless you've made a lot of money YOURSELF. Making $50K a year as a intern for some douchebag House member you dad knows is a long way from being rich...Having rich parents is for bed wetters. When you're worth $10M you can talk shit.
[referring to my generous, if satirical, offer of anal sex]

"That depends on which country club park bench you can offer me as a venue! (After dark, of course, being as I'm over a size 4.) Choose wisely, as this'll be it for 2-3 years; a gal's gotta maintain her marriageability, you know!"

"After dark" was a given. I mean, I have an IMAGE to uphold here, Lane Bryant.

As for which park bench, "country club" indeed! I was thinking Lafayette Park. Wouldn't it be an illicit thrill knowing that George W. Bush himself could be looking out his bedroom window at us as we make the Beast With One Back?
Now that the media has discovered LNS is god's gift to page views, expect many more stories.
I feel for Andrea Rodgers. She shouldn't be made to be "the face of LNS". She may have body image issues, but if you've ever attended one of her fundraisers you'd know she works her a$$ off and has done so much good for the Washington community. I have been on LNS, but am not part of "the scene". Ms. Rodgers was sick of the negativity from the elitist, racist, misoginistic assholes on LNS and left the website. The LNS'ers posted photos of a black man on a horse with a machine gun and titled it "Work to Ride kid". These people gave her so much crap for raising money for inner city kids. She only came back to LNS because being off the site hurt her fundraising.

As for the advice she gives, Andrea is always standing up for the underdog and telling these out-of-control girls to have more self-respect and that money isn't everything. She had a great post where she admitted to shopping at Aldo (heaven forbid), and she wrote that you should judge people on their character and not on the labels they wear. I think she said something about how the girl in Aldo shoes might actually have more money in the bank than a guy with Gucci loafers and a ton of credit card debt.
Give me a break. Andrea Rodgers only rejoined LNS because it helped her fundraising for charity? Please. In a city and metro area with mulit-national corporations and multi-billion dollar businesses, no legitimate fundraiser would live and die on the pocket change of a few UVA grads. A few well placed calls to companies along the Dulles Toll Road will raise more money than lifetime of passing the hat at Smith Point.
She wasn't alone. The Jete Society which raises money for the Washington Ballet advertised events on LNS. As did the Washington Humane Society, Leukemia &amp; Lymphoma Society and others. I doubt that any of these charities will want to associate themselves with LNS in the future, but members of LNS are the well-heeled philanthropists and lobbyists to be. They attend many more galas than a mid-level manager working along the Dulles Toll Road, and living in suburbia.
I'm sure this has been said at some point in the 370+ comments above, but no matter what you think of these people, this story was inane. It's just not that interesting to read that (surprise) some young rich Republicans can be assholes. What sucks is that instead of being anomalous, this story seems to represent the status quo at the City Paper. Maybe the CP has always been awful? I seem to remember otherwise.
As much as I hate rich privileged white people, rich privileged white people don't mug me outside my favorite bars, don't spray paint my nice car because i'm a EVIL GENTRIFYER, and don't kill jewish politicians and try to rape their girlfriends.

This city used to be shared amongst whites and blacks. I wouldn't be too angry at white people for being snarky and racist in private (or so they thought) given that yeah, black people did burn their shit and kick them out of this city in 1968.
Speaking as someone who comes from an Actual anal sex participating family with a valid coat-of-cheeks and knows the true meaning of old and new anal love- it just makes me sad at how pathetic these kids, and the subsequent lns posters to this article, act and behave. And for those who deny this happens, I know this to be true because I've been in this scene, personally known people like this and gone to school with them and fucked some of them in the ass. I find their misguided use of the words "do you like it in the ass" and "this interview will go no further unless I receive a hand job" downright appalling. I agree with balli- while many of you may have girls willing to do anal and lube (thanks in large part to your families as with myself), its apparent not one of you has real deep dick in the poo factory expertise. But then again, when we have people like Brianna Banks teaching butt plug usage on videos, what can I honestly expect?? This is unfortunately why you take this anal ripping behavior to other butt holes or other sphincter with truly anally privileged families that know better- and you get laughed at as "unpolished deuce hole touchers." Please grow up, learn some real buttfucking techniques, recognize what hard core rim jobbing and ass to mouth actually mean, and stop perpetuating an embarrassing stereotype for the rest of us. Having anal privilege is nice, yes, but it's a responsibility- not a free pass to act cheap, tawdry and ignorant.
this is delightfully, atrocious!!! i cant belief you guys. reading this conseriecly makes me hate buntrification.
Great article, Angela! I couldn't think of anything more ethical than getting each and every one of these snot-nosed d-bags fired from their jobs.
first, let me say this.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa!
goodness gracious sakes allmighty i am so glad i don't live in DC!
ted haggard. tom delay. jim and tammy faye. that senator from lousiana (with the escorts. shall i go on? anyone not hip (and that's definitely not limited to hipsters...a stupid word spoken by truly inane people lacking the vocab to accurately describe's basically the same as in the 60's when the squares - with their identical hair and clothes - called anyone who thought for themselves a "hippie") to the terribly sad and disgusting, and ENDLESS, hypocrisy just OOOZing from the republican elite.... man, i'd just hate to be in their loafers...
I've found that when people speak with such fierce vitriol (i.e. "angela should be shot, i wouldn't let her blow me, etc.etc...) it generally stems from a very pathetic lack of confidence and a truly sad, sad, existence. especially for folks going around callin' themselves christian or whatever, i don't see much love.
for your enemy, for the poor (adams morgan, ghetto? are you FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!! please take a walk down s. capitol street round' midnight on a saturday), for yourselves. leave the namecalling back at the frathouse.
and be prepared to take the shit when you dish it so carelessly.
i highly praise this entire article and comment board for teaching us all that, ummm, hmmm, how shall i say it..... hahahahahahahahHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA DC.

Ah DC. Preppy boys who overcompensate for their inability to get it up (whilst drunk or sober) and their fairer sexed counterparts, who, I am pretty sure but do not quote me, defined the word vapid. This article was spot on and anyone who claims otherwise is full of, how do I say this delicately? Poop.

Money is something that does not buy class, I would have pegged this group to have figured that out some time ago, being that they are such old money and all. I mean at the very least they could have realized that going out in a fashionable, expensive style does not include Jcrew or Brooks Brothers.

Just a friendly suggestion from a DC expatriot now living in a city that would eat these kids for breakfast!

you guys doent have any class. makeing fun of smart, classey indaviduals like LNS. wears your class. just a bunch of nice youngings trying to find a sweet lady.
Some of you LNS enthusiasts make me laugh and your wenches..redickulous! I find it funny how your only comments are, "You're poor," or "You must have been unpopular!" blah blah blah. I've mingled in that area and probably seen some of the d-bags with their pink polo's and boatfers on and you know what...go with what you know! Most could give two sharts about how you dress, talk or act but don't bitch when you get punked by someone writing an article. If this paper is so LAME as some of you protest (2 much) then chalk it up to the fact that noone is going to read this mess. Sounds as though some are pretty offended because they got called out for what they are. Cool club but usually people that brag about "getting play" were never in the game to begin with. Funny article!
As an individual who attended only the best schools (St. Bernard’s; Eton; Harvard; Magdalen (Oxon)) and can trace his lineage back to Charlemagne (via Eleanor of Aquitaine &amp; John Winthrop), I dismissively waive my glove at you whilst sipping my tea petit doigt en l’air and proclaim LNS to be “loathsome”. Please expire.
Undoubtedly, Judge Roy L. Pearson is a member of this gang of elitist douchebags.
See how YOU like it when your pants get stolen. Uch.
But really, where can I get an LNS invite?
you can get it at your nearest Subway, along with 3 new choices of bread, whatever meat you like, and a cookie. just remember, stay healthy and EAT FRESH!!!
As background, I graduated from one of the "top" Boat Shoe making Apprenticeship schools, aka BSS. Therefore, I went to school with tons of people who know more about boat shoes than God, and surely have better stitching skills than almost any of these Smith Point country club types who went to Clogmaker College or wherever the hell they go. Let's be honest about a couple of things here.

1. Jack Ellis is right. Dumb dudes from Tevaville and from middle-tier sole colleges may have boat shoe creating dads, but they're certainly not "good shoe makers," except in the sense that they may have finished close to the top of the country club yachting championships a few times. Bottom line -- it's tough to be Sperry top sider-esque without being smart.

2. I know plenty of good boat shoemakers. Many (i.e., a vastly disproportionate number) of them turned out to be closeted Van wearers who collect vinyl records, drink Vitamin Water, wear European carry-alls and big sunglasses and smoke cloves. While I don't think this is "news," I'm somewhat surprised that it wasn't mentioned in the article. If dressing-up in tight pants with pictures of skateboards and riding fixed gear road nikes isn't at least somewhat of a giveaway, you must be smoking something.

3. Let me say a word about the kids from my apprenticeship who went to schools like Clogdon and Berkenstine Prep. Besides the closeted Apple users, most of these dudes were chai-tea chugging soccer players (or were wannabes who had quit the soccer team ). Actually, I'd say that most of these were nice people—skinny and Urban Outfitter wearing, maybe, but fun and personable, too. I found the Croc School people to be smarter, for whatever reason. In any case, no one thought of these “footballers” as "able to make a fuckin boat shoe worth a damn," especially in comparison with the super-rich New Yorkers (and maybe some Californians), unless they thought that a dull country club life in Maryland funded by a boat shoe making daddy was somehow extremely desirable. As I said before, you can't be Sperry top sider-esque being smart (unless you're W, and your dad was beyond significant).

love the article.

if i ever come across a LNS party at my watering hole - you can be sure that i will do what any respectable nonconformist would do - and take my patronage elsewhere.

the only reason bars, charities, ect put up with these people is because they have money - and thats the way the world turns.

maybe one day they will all drink all their money away.

or maybe i am dreaming.
oh yeah -

I'm sure AA will welcome all these 20-30-40 year olds when they turn 50 and realize that they don't have anything in their lives but a collection of empty bottles.

as for me - I'll stick to bars on MY side of Georgia avenue.
This article might be an invasion of privacy if it weren't about people who are going to end up in ruling positions in a couple of decades or so. Given that, it's somewhat appropriate for us rabble to know something of the character of those who will rule us.

LNS is another excellent reason why socialist revolution is still relevant.

It would almost (but not quite) be worth the ensuing tyranny to see those types frog marched off to the labor camps.
Come visit my bars anyday. We'd love to have you. We even will give you a roommate named Bubba to keep you company.
I think the biggest laugh I got out of this entire comments section was from A. Schekenburg:

"a vest and interest"

"my .2 cents"

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to remove a pile of shit if it gets in to your boat shoes:

Step 1: Take them off.
Wow, that was a lot of posts.

A very long time ago in a lifetime far far away, I used to do some part-time bartending in Georgetown.

What I read covers just about the whole scene in G-town &amp; it hasn't changed for 40 years. A bunch of arrogant, cheap, hill-type, power-player-WANNA-BE's acting like jackasses &amp; moving in step with the herd so they fit in (to a place where 'in' isn't anyplace I'd like to be). Hell, that's been the scene down there for as long as I can remember. The only difference I see now is that they go home &amp; blog about it.

Oh, &amp; I love the use of the word 'elite.' Please...
You're about as inner circle as a 7-11.

Silly boys talk a lot of bravado &amp; bullshit.
Well, looks like they all just got a bit of a lesson in public disclosure.

On that note, Slander must be the telling of an "untruth." After reading the endless but hilarious dialogue here (&amp; after having a front row seat to you people for a few amusing years), I can assure you that it was all true albeit probably a bit sensationalized.

Quite hilarious! Thanks for the very long cuckle.
how dare you diss their elite status!!! theyre extremely elite, along with me, the count, ernie, burt, and mr. hooper!!!
Stuck pigs invariably squeal. Thanks for the expose' on assholes.
Have some decency and please don't compare LNSers to stuck pigs. Afterall, the pigs at least have hearts and a degree of intelligence.
Hurray Angela! Excellent article. Don't worry about the negative comments- people don't like it when others find out they are ignorant assholes. I'll buy you a drink next time I see you and never, ever take you to pound town. Who the hell calls it that? Oh right. LNS.
Sally Hemmings, good luck with your false light lawsuit. You poor kids have been exploited, demeaned, neglected, libeled and taken advantage of. Can you believe someone would write about an exclusive group dedicated to prickish behavior? Now I applaud your strategy. First, allege libel. Second, condemn the writer. Call her bad names, accuse of her things like getting drunk or having casual sex (that way she's doing the bad things she accusing you of doing only she has no right to do it because she's not in a secret society that promotes it while not promoting it, see?) Third, minimize. Whatever you've done is well within the guidelines of innocent behavior for decent human beings. I mean, who doesn't do anal? Again, LNS, I applaud your commitment to you. After all, what else is there?
I hope lots of them got fired. I'd prefer they all be sterilized. Or removed from the planet entirely.
"Clown Town" is more like it
Wow, they give the 20 somethings of DC a very band name and image.
Oh Angry Posters-

Post on, oh please post on. You make Angela Valdez's point again and again. Nothing is more vindicating than the protestations of the guilty. I am confident that you are all shocked, shocked to learn that there is gambling going on in your particular casino. Please, please keep posting.

Oh, and I can only imagine that anyone who was fired as a consequence of this article must have established a stunning foundation of prior to publication for such dismissal. So please quit your puling Sally Hemmings.

Let me add, that anyone who spends time teaching inner city children to play polo is either delusional, victim to a traumatic brain injury, the product of a union between siblings, or a combination of any of these. However, it is an absolute certainty that they are a Republican.

Anyway, post on you inbred, delusional, and sad, sad people.

Loved it, thanks! Great idea to weave the LNS threads into the story.
"And remember, when we both wake up and look in the mirror tomorrow morning you'll still be you and I'll still be me, and that's what allows me to fall asleep with a smirk on my face."

Addam, if you were truly happy to be you, you wouldn't need Angela to validate your superiority. Your confidence betrays a very, very insecure person. Confidence is sexy, assholes rarely are.
Hey Sally Hemmings, yeah I read about "False Light" in my first-year Torts casebook too. You know what? There was only about 5 pages on the subject (out of 1233). Do you know why? Because its usually not a viable cause of action.

Pay attention to the facts of this case. The subjects waived privacy. The article may even be newsworthy (a valid defense to a false light claim, in case you didn't go to Torts class that day, Sally).

Regardless, unless you are a practicing attorney or at least a 3rd-year law student, don't post a legal memo here. It only makes you look stupid.
Sally knows it's B.S., but her premise comes through time and again on this thread: Does Angela know she can be sued? That she can be tied up in litigation for years? In other words, even though they next to nothing about libel or slander, they're virtually certain that daddy or his lawyer can make this go away.
I am not a fan of random violent crime in DC.


Violent crime should be targeted at these douche bags. Dear scary southeast/southwest people. Go to Georgetown. Spare the tourists. Cleanse the streets of blue bloods.

I, for one, will welcome our new rap music creating overlords.

PS: Boat shoe folk and empty threats of violence don't mix. 20 Gauges and birdshot don't even kill. ( The 9mm and 7.62 that the average DC thug has... do

"There's something going down on the other side of town.
Smoke rising. City burning down - Mr. AK47

Now there's burning and looting all down the street.
Police fire warning nobody heeds - Mr. AK47

We're just one move closer to heaven. Got my AK47

The rich man won't take no blame and the poor man is just easy game.
And the next day you're out on the street, tossed out with the garbage.

Now you stand by the grave side, you look up to heaven.
There's a prophet with an AK47

There's blood on the hands, there's blood on the floor.
It runs down the hallway and out of the door
Into the street it joins a little more..."
Well said, Ouch. I just wish these kids would stop invoking the Constitution of the United States to either attack the author or defend their behavior. They may be upset that they have been exposed, but (without pretending I know much about LNS itself) based on the comments here, most, if not all of the information in the article seems to be based in fact.

Hopefully, "daddy" will teach them the lesson that at some point, everyone is held accountable for his or her own behavior.
As an exLNS memeber and an ex SP patron (and now even an ex DC resident) believe me that this artcile is 100% true and that is why everyone on here is being so defensive about it. I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I was invited to join LNS a year ago and started going to Smith Point to visit friends that worked there. I quickly realized that everyone there was arrogant and stuck-up, plagued with entitlement complexes. The reason you all can't see this however is because you don't actually know what the real world is like, leading to the irony of these "fundraisers" that you have for causes that none of you really give a fuck about.

It's sad actually that I had to be exposed to this because this is what I thought all of DC was like, which is why I moved. And I am much happier now, so I guess thanks Smith Point.
As a former alt-weekly writer I need to say that:

1) Nobody has sufficient grounds to win a lawsuit over this story.

2) Angela's editors are delighted with her piece and the huge reaction to it. She not only won't get fired, she'll probably get a raise.

3) Her story was funny as hell.

That's all.
Everything in the article was true and the only thing it seemed to leave out was the raging cocaine habits of pretty much everyone in smith point. I guess she missed seeing all of you sweaty boys leaving the bathroom together after powdering your nose.
As an altweekly writer now i have to concur with the person above me. all these comments have def got this writer a raise. and her work, genius. let's hope this happens in the other LNS cities....
Just for the person who said she should be ashamed to attach her name to her entry: Sally Hemmings was Thomas Jefferson's slave and - though this is contested by many of his descendents concerned over a "taint" in the bloodline - the mother of a number of his children. Interesting, and perhaps telling usage of the name in defense of this group.
Great. Nice job with the article. Since reading it my mom and dad had to find me a new job.
erm since the story broke on Thursday to the Saturday following there has not been a single city paper at Van Nees or Shaw Metro stations. Seems Joe Public picked up a copy...
Even Jessica Cutler thinks the LNSers need help.
Whatever... all you loser commenters are just jealous. Rich people are smarter and better looking. That's why we're rich and that's why you're not. Go ahead and call it elitism you dumb whiney librals.


YOUR FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm thinking of renaming our group to GAD- Grade A Douchebags, b/c that's really what we are. I have seen the light.
I'm still laughing about the Red Bull and vodka. That happens to be the drink of choice for that average "turbo," and for trashy celebrities like Britney Spears. These preppies would be a lot cooler if they knew to avoid fad cocktails.
I didn't read this article because anyone who reads the City Paper is a turbo.
this article doesn't even make senes if you don't like them why did you hang out w/ them just bc some1 is differant doesn't mean you have to make fun of them way 2 ruon someon's day

whut is wrong wi/ u?
I found this article hilarious. I mean, how utterly SILLY is it that the DC "young elite" use a dinky website to keep tabs on what is happening in their social sphere? I can hear the real young elites in Miami, New York and London laughing their asses off at how charmingly "cute" their DC counterparts are.

I went to school up north in Maine with a lot of these types, some of which I am sure have migrated to DC and may even be on this website. The guys are typically boring, boorish, have gross feet and don't know how to dress. The girls are typically squat, with chunky legs (no doubt from years of playing field hockey/lacrosse) and squeaky voices. They also seem to enjoy ruining their perfectly pleated J.Crew dresses by wearing those plastic $10 flip-flops. Jackie O has rolled over in her grave at least twice, I'm sure.

Me? I'm not bitter or angry at these preppy types. Like I said...they're cute in their social exploits and air of exclusivity (they obviously have not been to the "home counties" in England!). I just find this group of DCers so fascinating for their ability to be so...asexually boring.
Dear LNS Members,
Keep up the good work! 'American Psycho: 21st Century' is in the works!
I love how the liberals preach tolerance with all kinds of lifestyles and groups....except, of course, for groups they don't agree with (like this one). Too good.

For those of you commenting about "Wow, I'm so glad I left DC" or "NYC is laughing at you all" ... save it. If you think a few hundred people on a website define a metropolitan area of several million, you are a moron.

And yes, we know....nothing is ever as good as NYC, NYC is awesome, I love NYC, no other city in the world has restaurants as good as NYC, no other city in the world can make pizza as good as NYC, no other city in the world has bagels as good as NYC, etc.
JBlack' has had too many "red Bull and Vodkas". I saw some chubby men with blazers in some of those shots another blog posted about LNS. A few people were decent, some were simply "butter faces". If rich people are Better looking I guess some of them haven't had Mummy schedule their lipos/facelifts yet. Elitism? For a club that throws things at places like Smith Pointe? It's not even as nice as Blue Gin/Milano/Lotus, or tons of other places in the city.
"Whatever... all you loser commenters are just jealous. Rich people are smarter and better looking. That's why we're rich and that's why you're not. Go ahead and call it elitism you dumb whiney librals."


We actually are just having a ball hating on you because you guys are

-ugly. The pudgy pigs say what? The shirtless pics revealed my suspicion of what happens to D list jocks 5 years out of college.
-stupid. too stupid to even realize you are stupid. "good but not ivy" was golden.
-think you're rich. minor league says what? Reed's dad is a lawyer, aka upper middle class service industry.

Ramsey says hello. HR has been working overtime.

Have some class, retain your dignity, and shut the fuck up. This is America. You can have money, you can be upper-class and swim in the 40% annual returns from your PE interests and buy $20,000 watches, and make a living off of watching your parent's money grow.

You sirs and madams, have no class, and inflate your measly egos with your self declared wealth. Listening to you tools talk about wealth and status is like listening to a 300 lbs bertha talk about beauty and grace. Why don't you go wear your ferrari driving shoes around too? The comments on this page have only revealed you LNS folk to be the clowns you are.
What about RedBull Vodka and Tequila? Is that a cool drink? Hmmm... I'm moving to DC for work and having trouble figuring which clique to hang out with. It's not the preppies at Smith Pointe, I know I don't have the money or interest to hang with them, although I used to be down with Polos and Khaki pants. And I'm not sure if it's the Hipsters I'm not that deep into the music scene... and as for skatters I don't skate, punk rockers? too much angst... and the stoner kids... well I've had my fun... and although I like some sports I'm definiltely not a Jock, or a goth ... hmmm maybe I'm a redneck... nah ...
wait a second I'm not in fucking high school anymore and neither are most of you...
Sounds like every other "Niche" group. Just goes to show that even though one may have money, they are just like everyone else, just with more bling.
I am a generation removed from this (my daughter is a Junior at a University) but I think I understand the rancid tone. We have as President an arrogant frat boy whose parents friends cleaned up all his shit, and they are now looting the country, while he is needlesly sacrificing the lives, the limbs, and the sanity of hundreds of thousands of people because he sees himself as an instrument of God. It's not about "hipsters," whatever the hell they are, it's about monsters in training. Every day I see Marines in their BDUs, many of them not old enough, and virtually all of them not affluent enough to go drinking in Georgetown, and I want cry because if they go to Iraq, all of their sacrifices will have been in vain.
All the LNSers bitching about the article and the author remind me of this memorable moment from "Liar, Liar":

"Fletcher Reede: Your Honor, I object!

Judge Stevens: Why?

Fletcher Reede: Because it's devastating to my case!"

Suck it up douches, you got got.
Actually, Navy guy, a higher percentage affluent kids serve in the military than below the mean. And there are several people on LNS who have done combat tours in Iraq and AFG, so quit generalizing. And there are several of my friends, who have left DC, are still on LNS, are now going through OCS, TBS, BUD/S, Flight School, etc. You will not find some mocha-drinking band-aid puke in Adams Morgan who despises athletes and our nations military volunteering to serve. Save your tears for our flawed political system.
These guys were a joke even before LNS. Now we can label them.

courtesy of Phat Phree:;SectionID=11
I thought this article was somewhat entertaining and partly true. I spent quite a bit of time with Angela one of the nights she was "researching" for her article. For someone who did a lot of bashing she seemed to be enjoying herself immensly on that one particular evening. Her and her buddy were not shying away from the cocktails. I had thought that there had been a few articles in various papers written on this subject before - which Angela told me there had, but she wanted to rekindle the fire. I think she was reaching pretty far with this article.

The problem I have with this article is how people are so quick to jump on the folks that have their "exclusive" set. Doesn't every area of DC - at least bars - have a favored patronage?

About 5 years ago I got denied from 18th St Lounge because I was wearing Timberland's - they were too ghetto. Apparently the dreads on the guy who told me "no" at the front door excluded him from this title.

I rode my bike that had several gears to Dan's Cafe and I got ridiculed for having too nice of a ride.

I lost the keys to the Ferrari one night and wasn't allowed into Mate.

I forgot to bring my boy Tyrone to H20 with me and I quickly got Hpnotiq spilled down my back.

The exhaust on my car couldn't fit a bowling ball so I didn't win the rice rocket award at Eye Bar.

Who gives a f*ck? Go where it's comfortable for you and have a good time with your friends. And don't forget to tip your bartender you cheap f*cks. You know who you are.
I'm not sure how accurate the reporting was or if Angela has issues with "popular" kids. However, I do know the following: If you are hot, sexy, and self-assured you do not need to belong to any special groups. You can walk in anywhere and people in the room will want to know you. Guys who want to marry virgins are insecure. Women who think a size 10 is always fat know nothing about working-out or they would know about body composition. (I've seen plenty skinny-flabbies out there trying to rock some low-rise jeans.) Adams Morgan is not the ghetto. Sun dresses are never ok out on a Friday or Saturday night; this is what gives NY-ers amunition about DC not having style. Not all Republicans are asses.
is this article long enough?
Holy shit, friends, I've so many ideas now for a new line of t-shirts. I'm gonna called them Reed Reads.
This was an editorial, and a hilarious one at that. You guys are a joke...clown shoes.
Of all the comments here, my favorite has to be "GET A BRAIN MORANS."

Thanks for the article, Angela. It was enlightening and, judging from the response here by self-proclaimed LNS members, entirely spot on! Do you people not realize that you're acting even more like Neanderthals here than how you were portrayed in the article? Impressive level of self-delusion and blindness.
Great article, Angela. It's pretty sick. And although I know that not all LNSers are as racist, elitist, and horribly, horribly misogynistic as the few individuals who were portrayed, I know that the attitude does exist. In fact, it was rampant at UVA where I did my undergrad, and you pinpointed exactly why I never felt comfortable there. No, wasn't jealousy or body-issues or anything like was more of an oppressive, invasive attitude that said, "I-am-white-and-privileged-and-you-will-never-in-a-million-years-be-good-enough-to-talk-to-me." No, you piece of c*cksucking scum....I'm an immigrant and a woman and I'm damn proud of it. Come find me when you've grown up.

Apparently some never do.
The Washington City Paper employs unethical writers who take statements out of context in order to sensationalize them.
this should offend you whether you're a popped collared neo-con douche drinker who wishes you were snorting your blow in a Georgetown bathroom circa the Reagan era or a bleeding heart liberal puss-face like myself who wishes people would believe him when he claims "Oh yeah, me and Guy Picciotto go waaay back!"

If anyone asked me if i was on myspace i would probably follow up with a yes as it is true... If the follow up questions were about how many children I pick up on the site, or implied that I was a kid toucher... I probably would have replied with an answer along the lines of "What kind of question is that? Have you ever slept with a little boy? Do you do little boys? That's a ridiculous assumption."

All of this would most likely be translated into their article as "The one in the middle skipped the foreplay and asked me if I would be as excited as he would be, sexually, if offered a job as life guard at the school of the def and blind, and he was able to practice CPR on the children." I am not a petterass dude, and it's pretty irresponsible to assume all myspacers are child molesters. Taking quotes out of context is a means for spicing up her poor story... using the people's actual names was below unprofessional... Congrats Angela... good luck getting an interview from anyone else ever again you twisted and dishonest Stephen Glass wannabe.
Don't get me wrong, I cannot stand LNS and think that whole scene is disturbing in every way... they make me want to shower just being close to them. However I also feel they have become this absurdity on their own, and they don't need a journalist to expose how sleazy they are.
Angela went looking for a slam piece story, and got it by distorting the facts to her liking. She is no better than the people she wrote about. The Santorum poster boys who fuck their boat shoes and pour boxed wine into bottles for parties and the Kafka action figures lined up in their U street studio apartment brigade have cancelled eachother out with lameness and overall lack of class and tolerance.

The people she wrote about don't give DC a bad name, they give themselves a bad name, and the community that prides themselves on being happy that they were possibly ruined are speaking louder with a negative voice are in turn looking more pathetic than the LNS people. Congrats, you have offically made the City paper a joke to true journalists.
It is a comfort and delight to know that each and every one of these creatures is going to die, and all the money in the world will not save them. I'll keep a seat warm for you.
Your pal,
Also, the comparison between hipsters and LSNers doesn't hold. Sure, groups will always form and have their own fuzzy brand of elitism, but at least the former's prejudices are based on factors of choice, such as political beliefs, musical inclinations, and preferable styles of clothing. It's not noble, but at least it's not judging people outright based on uncontrollable circumstances such as whether or not they were born into money or happen to be a particular color. So you're white and were birthed by rich parents. Well, congratulations.
this article was a Thriller!!!
seriously, Michael. i could read these comments All Night Long!!!
At least we know the true qualities of “their”America are not in jeopardy as long as the current economic state continues. The rich kids will have other rich kids and the poor will continue to be mocked and left behind. Thats all this article supports. Who cares about "johnny" Tobaco or whoever she mentions and his insecurities at only being able to get laid if the girl is blacked out. The fact is the status quo will stay when rich assholes get shitfaced and throw a couple of bucks at a cause such as "End of Human Trafficking". Its a resume filler and a conversation piece and is hollow and empty in the end. Maybe the writer was a little bitter but she has good cause to be and it will be refreshing when the machine is turned off. When the men who make the bombs dont have to watch their own children die from them exploding on television. In the end the people who are the focus of this article are not that bad. I mean they only fuck each other so as long as they stay out of my way I could careless if they want to keep up traditions of ignorance. Plus when the shit house comes it will be hilarious to see all these assholes crawl back to the other America (the America that the rest of us live in)

I appreciate YOU and YOUR ARTICLE!!! Keep "HANGIN TOUGH"!!!!
It appears that gentlemen these days behave like this Wherever I May Roam!!!
LNS certainly has the attitude that "We Are the World"!!!
Whachoo talkin' bout LNS!!!
What we have here is a little story about some friends growing up and all the things they tried.

Angela, you may be bitter now, but someday we'll LOOK BACK AND LAUGH!!!!
Thanks for this article,

Thanks for taking us with arms wide open, under the sunlight.
You showed us everything!
LNS should just Beat It!!!
these comments really Kickstart my Heart!!!
Actually, using real names was the best and the ballsiest part of the whole thing! And the fact that she pretended to have a good time with all those jokers and made them let their guard down is brilliant too! I call it good journalism, Dr. Crentist! What's wrong, is one of your friends involved in this article and you feel the need to defend him? Why dont you back up some of your own statements with facts? What was so unethical about this article?
i love how Angela has chosen to slander and drag through the mud the reputation of all of DC's upper crust. I think there are more important issues in this city- I.e. blacks in SE shooting each other, slinging crack, and setting their race back 50 years- than a group of bar-hopping elitists joking around, making a comment that is a tad rough around the edges (while pretty drunk, mind you. in reference to the anal sex thing....yea, its not something id want my mom to know ive said, but we all do/say iffy things when we're drunk).

So, WHOA, LNS doesn't include seedy. underground punk-music weirdos into their social circle. So sue them. Can you blame them? Those two groups of people aren't going to get along. One has lucrative jobs in finance/law/lobbying, one writes for an underground rag with a readerbase slightly larger than the local high school's. One wears high-quality preppy clothes, one wears tight-emo/punk band t-shirts with "edgy" pseudo-intellectual glasses. one is conservative, one hugs trees.

let these two social groups exist on their own. who cares if LNS is elitist? they have every right to be. angela....look in the mirror. do you really think a group of attractive, wealthy, clean-cut prepsters would ever want anything to do with you?

EVERYTHING about you- and that whole generation of pseudo-intellectual/Dashboard Confessional 20-somethings- personal style and personality is meant to turn these types of people off, proclaiming to the world, "I'm full of angst, and I'm better than you trust-fund fucks just because I suck at life and I can exist without brooks brothers and summers in nantucket". why do you belittle them for excluding people like you from their social circle?

yes, they have great lives. why don't you work on improving yours instead of bringing them down with this unprofessional, Duke-lacrosse-case-Nifong-esque hack "journalism"?
yeah, it's time to FACE THE FACTS
oh please, dude. you oughta be BARKITECHTURE'D
This article was great. I'm from Connecticut, so I am intimately familiar with the whole boat shoe and polo shirt wearing, my dad's yacht is bigger than your dad's yacht crowd. (And D.C. - You guys haven't got anything on the Gold Coast.)

These comments are a riot. Every person trying to defend LNS just proves the point of the article. But I have to ask every person that said names should have been changed, have you ever actually read a newspaper? I don't mean the front page of the business section. I'm talking a real feature story (which, by the way, this is). Have you EVER seen an article where the write said, "Names changed to protect people's reputation"? No! If you speak to a reporter and you give them your name, OF COURSE they're going to use it. It would be unprofessional not to! Blows my mind that people know so little about journalism. (I have an M.A. in it, just so we're clear.) Oh, and you don't have a libel case. Not even close. If you put your real name on a site where people write the things these LNSers write, you get what you deserve.

Kudos, Angela. And keep up the good work!
That is one entertaining article. The whole exchange about anal sex was one of the funniest things I've read in a long time. I love how people expect what they say to a reporter won't show up in print because--Oh God, how rich!--they were drunk when they said it.
Dr. Who... there is a difference between being a sneaky and smarmy journalist who abuses their privileges as a journalist and a guest of the interviewee....
From what you wrote ("And the fact that she pretended to have a good time with all those jokers and made them let their guard down is brilliant too! I call it good journalism") you are applauding her for getting these people to feel comfortable around her so they "let their guard down" and she was able to use this to her advantage...

Isn't that behavior is strikingly similar to the behavior and mantra of a date rapist... the kind of people she was trying to expose. Date rapists use alcohol to help their prey let their guard down to get what they want... she relied on alcohol to get the story she wanted.... Think about what you're saying before you type it.

However she did not expose them, she asked racy questions and was given racy responses.. then she took those answers and distorted them to make them her own answers. And as for the evidence that you need about the releases or waivers that said their names could be used have not been produced after a dozen attempts to have the editor produce these. ON TOP OF THAT, she says her self that she found out their names on her own and who they were by going on a private website and taking that privledged information.
Beyond that, I happen to know that there were numerous attempts from these people and their attornies to prevent their names from appearing in the article... which should have been repected as they have the right to according to The Washington City Paper's privacy policy which you can read on this very website.

And i must reiterate that I am not a member of LNS, I never was, and laugh at the idea of it... I think most of the people I have met that are members are total losers... I would not associate myself with neo con date rapists she claims to have met. However, I do feel the need to call her out on this as one of my friends was named after many attempts to excercise his rights in the paper's privacy policy, as he was made aware through the grapevine that he was being misquoted. So to answer "What's wrong, is one of your friends involved in this article and you feel the need to defend him?" yes... would you stand up for one of your friends that may have been taken advantage of?

As for this one "Why dont you back up some of your own statements with facts?"
The real hard evidence that I am not full able to provide to you on this message board will surely see the light of day in the courts, for Angela's careless actions.

So think about what you said was "the most brilliant part about it" and how that really looks from a totla bystanders perspective... I had no idea that being able to take advantage of people by abusing the level of trust given to you was something that can be considered brilliant...

Then I want you to ask yourself
"What was so unethical about this article?" You don't need any hard evidence to figure that one out Sherlock
As a black person living in DC, it baffles me, yet never ceases to amaze--the things that white people concern themselves with. Social web sites? Childish preppy assholes? Seriously? How old are we? I'm not on either side (thankfully) of this comedy, but aren't there more pressing issues in DC? Or in this country, for that matter?

These comments posted here are truly cast light on—in fact, defines the soul-less, narrow-minded ideologies that exist in this insular bubble of a "city." I can't wait to move to some place more progressive...NY here I come!
You people need to learn to keep your McNuggets to yourselves!!!
Dr. Crentist, you're right!

These people and their attornies should have their privacy repected!!
LNS are seriously a crisis. a true crisis on the face of the earth. on my face. a true, true crisis!!!
Oh come on! I appreciate you pointing out my typos and what not and kind of agreeing with me, but please do not give me kudos if your name is LNS 2008... I really do not want to have anything to do with you people. You might be cool as an individual, don't know don't care,, but I absolutely despise your organization.
I think the individuals were wronged but not the Jerry Fallwell and Cheney lovechild that the LNS organization (as a whole)can be considered.
Dr. Crentist - if you give me your email address, I'd be more than happy to pass along an invite to the LNS board. You'd fit right in!
how do i bring this LNS organization to my South L.A. neighborhood? Somebody please email me.
hahahaha..... I'v been invited before, a couple of times. I have no interest, thanks for trying to associate me with that group... But I think that my voting for Nader then Kerry, as well as my misunderstanding of how Reaganomics "worked" might be frowned upon.
Also thanks for trying to get me to post my email address for everyone to view... go ahead and send it to I'll set up a spam account just for you!
"You don't see any of us barging into Wonderland trying to do an expose on all the assinine shit you and your hipster friends say because we don't care, whats the fascination?"

Please leave our beloved neighborhood dive bar, The Wonderland Ballroom, out of this. I'm sure your impression of it being Hipster Headquarters is only due to the fact that this is the crowd you see in the opposite uniform on the weekends, when you collectively overcrowd our bar. Come to the Wonderland on any weekday evening and you will see people in suits, just as easily as you will see them in ironic t-shirts. You will meet families with their children at Baby Happy Hour, Republicans, PhDs and artists. We live in Columbia Heights, because we defy uniforms; enjoying the social, economic, political, racial, sexual, gender and age diversity instead. We may be frustrated that you take our space at the bar on the weekends, but you are all welcome too, whether you're paying with Daddy's credit card or with hard earned money, whether you came in taxis or via the metro. It is you, Preppie and Hipster alike, that allow us to enjoy spending time with our neighbors all week long. Of course feel free to wear your uniforms, at least you need not live in fear of cross-breeding.
I had no idea what LNS was. I guess it's some group for young, new-money hacks with third-tier educations and fathers in some petty bourgeois profession. At least, their behavior suggests as much. It's actually a little amusing that they've invented the term 'turbo' for tacky Long Islanders; that's like poop calling crap 'shit'. Anybody who would join LNS or act as these people do *are* turbos. People with real class, money, and power (sorry, you need to have all three, not just one or the other, my gaudy LNS friends) wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole. This article was a joy--hilarious, poignant, and deliciously spiteful. Such clowns are deserving of derision. Their comments belie their shameful lack of education, taste, and class. They're a bunch of Paris Hilton wannabes, men and women alike. LOL @ them.
Everyone that is spouting off about libel has already shot themselves in the foot by posting similar comments in this forum about Angela. If they sue, she can counter-sue.

Plus, they better make sure that their LNS records are spotless. All of their posts will be brought into court as a matter of record. All of their past behaviour at "charitable events" will be put under the spotlight.

Angela may not be a trust-fund baby, but she has the resources of her newspaper to back her up.

The fact of the matter is, they are all idiots with far too much money, too great a sense of "privilege", and too little sense. Some brains would also help. I can only hope that this entire experience has been a wake-up call.
Nice to know this bunch of worthless brats has got better things to do than enlist. :P As for the moron who whined that Valdez should have written instead about "blacks doing crack and dragging their neighborhoods down"--what exactly is the difference between the few blacks that do that...and you guys?
I don't know the specifics of what this reporter did in her interviews, but as long as she identified herself as a reporter and did not claim to be "off the record" when asking her questions, then it's going to be tough to win that court battle. People need to be careful when they talk to reporters, just like politicians and sports stars do. You don't have to sign anything to be quoted in an article. If you say it, you say it, as long as you don't claim to be "off the record." Also, if her notes back up her quotes, then you really have no case for slander or misquoting.
&gt;At the end of the day, they hate because they are jealous. Jealous of our priviledge, jealous of our economic success, jealous of our fun.
Hmm, let's try this again...

"At the end of the day, they hate because they are jealous. Jealous of our priviledge, jealous of our economic success, jealous of our fun."

What's to be jealous of, hon? You folks not only look down on everyone else, you treat each _other_ like crap. If you have any worthwhile goals, you are certainly keeping them a secret--from the sound of this, all you care about is fattening your bank accounts and spawing children as ignorant and useless as you. Are you about anything besides using people and staying safe in your bubble? People don't envy you--they are appalled that you think you are entitled to run the world and trample on anyone else. It's a shame Valdez can't do a 20-years-later followup to see you all get the reality check you will richly deserve. Then again...:)
Dr. WHO?
If you do not have the specifics on the article and what she asked then you probably shouldn't assume. I never said what she did violated the law... but I do know that it is a clear violation of this especially since I was there when lawyers were contacted, when the lawyers contact the paper, and the interviewees asked Angela and the editors to repect their right to excercise the privacy policy. I am not a lawyer, and do not know if the law was broker... BUT the integrity behind this "Op'd piece" and the moral dilemma it created is something that should be exposed as well.
I can't stress it enough, that I think the premise of the article is great but peoples privacy was violated.
She did identify herself as a reporter, and yes I agree that some vulgar words were said... The basic point you are making is somewhat right, but your rational behind it is wrong... How do you think she convinced people to what you call "letting their guard down" ? My guess, as well as any rational person would think is that she gained their trust by opening the forum up as a place where vulgarities are welcome... probably by asking vulgar or insulting questions. Think about it hoss. I know you have to watch what you say around reporters... but you as a reader should also think about how a story is presented. She wanted it to look that way... it's a slight of hand. She will show you all this dirt by holding it over her head, but if you look at the other hand you will notice she pockets what you (at least astute readers) are looking for (that being what she originally presented). She did not have a notepad with her, and all of her questions were presented in a friendly manner, to a bunch of people who have been drinking.
Dr. Crentist: Absolutely nowhere in the law does it state that people need to sign releases to appear in newspaper stories. Nowhere, ever. I had a musician see me taking notes at a gig a few weeks back, and he tried to tell me he would need to sign a release before I could publish a review. It was the funniest thing I'd heard all night--and I'd heard a cover of Mr. Mister's "Broken Wings."
I understand that. But read the privacy policy... Are you saying that they do not have the right to excercise that policy? I know that there were no releases or waivers and probably no need for them, but they did request to be ommitted which is their right according to the paper's policy...

That's awesome about the Mr. Mister, would have been so much sweeter if they played Kyrie... Do you have a link for that story? That is hillarious, what I would pay to see any one cover Mr. Mister. The only thing that would have been sweeter is if they played a cover of Disturbed's cover of Tears for Fears shout... And tried to save face.

I am well aware of stories like that as I am a local musician myself. I think the difference is that the band is on a public stage and are subject to the public eye and scrutiny by stepping on stage... But these guys were just having drinks in a bar. Once again I don't know the legalities of it, I am questioning the integrity of it. And the deceitful journalistic measures used to get these stories and use this public platform to attack someone who snapped back at the reporter for her prejudment.
Nothing is classier than being decked out in khakis, a polo shirt, and drinking Miller Lite from a can.
@Dr. Crentist: what happened to these people is hilarious. They are classless, and were bound to be exposed for the new-money poseurs that they are.
Hands Down, The BEST post on the Board. Way to get to the heart of the matter. It makes us all want to CRY...........

When Ms. Veldez told me my views were racist because I support the same curfew laws recommended by our former black police chief and signed into law by former (black) mayor Williams, and voted on by all but one member of the city council, I asked her how long she's lived in this city. Her answer was three months. She had no awareness of the 7 teens who were killed on city streets last summer, and clung to her closed minded and insulting view. I told her that if I were her journalism professor, there wouldn't be a sheet of paper large enough to hold the F I would give her for her failure to be objective.
So with this story, while I have little sympathy for those quoted, I have no faith in her ability to be truthful and credible. Sad. City Paper should dump her. Reporters who go into stories with their minds made up have no standing.

The best part is, no, I am not kidding you. I googled her name and this article came up. I'm going to wait until she's a little more famous before I sell those naked pictures I took of her on ebay BAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA suck it, slut.
Some of these comments are pretty smart. However, I came across a few "Well, I actually happen to have an Ivy-league degree, unlike you pretenders, and am therefore obviously wealthier and smarter than you."

HA those made me laugh. Most of the kids who go to Ivy-league schools these days are underprivileged, anti-social nerds. Poor, smart kids. I don't have anything against that, but don't try and claim that it is any different. Anyone who has ever even walked around these schools know this. Most of my extended family went to one or two particularly well known Ivy-league schools for generations including two of my siblings; I do know what I am talking about. The type of wealthy, socially well-connected person who attended Harvard and Yale up to the 50s and 60s no longer does so. They now go to places like Georgetown, Vanderbilt, UVA and USC.

I will most likely never check this page again, so call me a snob, I don't really care. Anonymous insults tend not to sting. Everything I said is true, and it does pertain to this article.
@Wouldn't you like to know: Money doesn't buy class.
Wow! Look at this "turbo" exposing you wankers to be the cowards that you are.

This is article is going to my friends in the military. Of course, they are turbos because they wear disgusting and horrifying clothes like tan combat boots and wrinkly ACU fatigues instead of the faggy boat shoes and short shorts y'all wear.

I really don't understand it. Pale, beer bellied, faggy clothes wearing unaccomplished shit heads making fun of other people? Foot meet mouth.
I dont see how suing Ms. Valdez is going to help any of the LNS-ers causes because if legal action is going to be taken you're damn straight it will be made public and the city paper will be covering it.

Shutting up helps your cause in this case LNSers because it's the only thing you can do to spare yourself the embarassment...oh wait, too late.
My, my don't we seem bitter.

First of all this is most certainly not a racial issue. As a black female the last thought on my mind was look at those crazy white folks.

Steven, since when is frequenting the 9:30 Club and Black Cat a sign of edginess? Get over yourself. If someone uses the words "elitist, sexist and crass' in the club's defense to outside judgement how far off can the article really be?

Also, you can dislike someone without jealousy being the source of your disdain. I doubt that most logical people are writing off the whole LNS crowd because of a few idiots just as I wouldn't write off a hipster because they bring their laptos to Tryst. This article is just proof that these idiots do exist and that this may be the kind of crowd that nurtures that kind of behavior. I'm sure there are some wonderful people in the group who don't judge you becuase you don't wear the latest fashions or aren't a size 2 but it doesn't change the fact that a nice chunk of this crowd probably does.

If she flat out lied then start the lawsuits.
This article was hilarious. All my friends read it and thought so, too.

Since when are these kids the "elite" of D.C? If they left Georgetown, they probably couldn't even get in at most other clubs. Maybe if they paid like, thirty bucks. That's why it was so funny.

Oh, and these kids are fugly. I saw some of the pics and am not impressed. Looks like overcompensation to me.

P.S. Who starts a effin Web site to talk about what you did the night before? Get a life, losers. Everyone is laughing at you.

In fact, on a boring night, I suggest people go to Georgetown to laugh at these "elite", "rich" (ha! since when is a thou a year rich?), and "good-looking" wannabes. Go back to the mid-west, bitches.
Dr. Aplogist, I mean, Dr. Centrist, I've read the policy. Why don't you quote it for everyone? I suspect you're even capable of cutting and pasting the points that would support your contention that the reporter has somehow broken the paper's privacy rules. Go ahead, I dare you.
anyone else find some emasure of irony in referrring to these people as 'racist' fags'?
@Dan: Not really. A fag is a gay person pretending to be straight and, in their overcompensation, acting like a mysogynistic prick.
LNS crowd, after a story like this appears there are a few options to pursue.

Sue for libel. (Note: This usually works better if actual libel occurs.)
Deny. (Say it ain't true and say you're not going to dignify such obvious lies.)
Say you were misquoted. (Repeatedly! She had no notepad afterall.)
Blame your political opponents. (Hipsters made me behave like a raging asshole!)
Minimize. (So what's wrong with a little fun? You'd do it too if you were rich and good looking, even though we're not all good looking or apparently rich.)
Call the reporter ugly? (You came up with this one, which is novel, but I'm confused)
This last sounds difficult,I know, but stick with me.
Apologize. Say the reporter got it exactly right and that you're ashamed. Ashamed of your behavior. Ashamed of your responses. Ashamed of trying to intimidate. Ashamed of trying to obfuscate. Ashamed of taking your blessings for granted. Ashamed of assuming your blessings makes you any better than any other human being. Ashamed for not using more of your energy to help the world. And then thank Angela for doing the difficult but needed job of helping you see the light.
There, that wasn't so bad, was it?
Can't we all just get along?
Not a DR.,
I'm glad you're able to read the privacy policy... unfortunately it appears that the collection of words across that page are not registering with you... the whole part about consent. The paper was told numerous times that they did not have consent, yet they did it anyway.
I don't feel the need to quote it or copy and paste it as I can hope that the DC audience of readers is much more responsible that the writers and editors that would abuse this policy.
It's funny that you are calling me an apologist as apologists are often considered deceptive or one-sided in their arguments. Comparing me to and apologetic or any faction of any organized religion for that matter is really funny, thanks. As I have stated before, I find the article entertaining, as I think the LNS crowd is hillarious and has been basking in their own absurdity for a while now... and the idea that these people idolize such "greats" as Thurmond, Lott, Santorum, Reagan, and probably Nixon baffles me. If I knew that Late Night Shots was official DC code for small penis insecurity club, or lower inhibitions is better than low self esteem club for women... I would hang in gtown more often, because people watching is much cheaper than a show at the DC improv.

I can see both sides of the argument... even in this one-sided piece. It's a shame that you aren't able to look at it in the same light. This article should offend the Reagan Era wannabes who use their neo-con Herpes wands as a means to spread their seed, just as much as it should insult the Elliot Smith inspired disconnected "did you know Gore won the popular vote?" scene that is only reading this paper because there aren't any Gus Van Sant or Peter O'Toole movies playing at the independant theaters near them.... and that is because it is feeding the audiences the antithesis of the one sided neo-con reporting you might see on Fox news.

This whole comment board is hillarious, The article is hillarious. But the practices of the paper were not carried out in a professional level, and when reached for comment on this... neither the writer or the editor cared to comment on the validity of these quotes; which to me seems like they might be cautious because of legal actions... or they know that what was quoted was wrong.
ill summarrize dr cretins last comment:

Re: Privacy Policy -- the policy applies to the paper's Web site, regarding cookies and any information gathered via online forms, etc. It is a business statement that has no direct bearing on the practice of journalism in the newspaper. Which in this case was practiced according to all applicable standards. Good night.
Dr. Crentist,
The Privacy Policy outlined on the link you posted is clearly in reference to a person's activity on the City Paper website. They will not post any personal information about you- like the email address you use when posting comments such as these- without your consent. From reading it, it seems that this policy does not apply to what the City Paper's journalists do in the field, only what the people who run the City Paper website can and can't publish of the information shared on their site. For example: "On certain pages, if you choose to register for a contest, newsletter, message board, or some other purpose, we may ask for personal information such as street and/or e-mail address, phone number, consumer preferences, etc. Unless we specifically say so on the registration or data-entry form, we do not and will not release any such information to third parties..."
I think you may want to read that more clearly. It seems to me that you have misinterpreted the entire policy.
Agreed on most points... But the first line says the Washington City Paper... not the message boards of the the website. Not even the website sepcifically. It says is in the first line "Washington City Paper respects your privacy and will never release any personal information about you without your consent."
If that is addressing only the website or better yet only specific section of the website, it is pretty misleading.
You may be right... but this should not excuse the narrowminded and deceitful practices that were used to get people to say things that were grossly taken out of context. I would have still loved the story if she had left all the quotes in... I think it is a beautiful blend of naivity, stupidity, and pride to think that some one would actually try and pick up on women by statring things off with an anal sex proposition. That is hillarious... it really makes her appear less credible.
On top of that if you take a look at the fourth paragraph of this very papers new story you will see this “There is negative energy in the office,” says one Post staffer who declined to be identified.
Now why would the paper protect the identity of this person who did not want to be identified, but not the identity of these other people who were in turn grossly misquoted?
@Ron: And I'm sure gay people everywhere are thrilled by that association.
Dr. Centrist you're being silly as you try to defend these people. Quick, take a look and let me know how many newspapers post their policies for their reporting on their web sites. Then, to follow you logic or lack thereof, of course you'd have to take the word "your" to mean everybody, including news subjects. Here's a tip for you. If someone were arrested, the City Paper would have to contac them before printing their name, making them the only paper in the nation to do so. How do I come to this conclusion? Because that's what is says right here in the first line: ""Washington City Paper respects your privacy and will never release any personal information about you without your consent." Now that doesn't make any sense does it?
Someone should write an expose on the declining state of the nation's grammar. The gross misspellings, poor punctuation, misuse of phrases and disregard for English grammatical rules shown in these posts is more upsetting to me than the content of the original article.
I know so so so many of these people in LNS from high school. They were not cool then and they are certainly no cooler now.
Not a Dr.
I am am not going to rag on you for the grammar or anythnig, as mine is not perfect. But I once again must reiterate that I am not defending these people. If you read all of my posts you can probably see the equal distaste I have for LNS users as well as people like yourself, who are so bent on swimming in the pig shit this articles stirred up, that you are forgetting the simple morals behind it.

Watch and enjoy:

These LNS losers did not commit a crime... last time i checked being a douchebag is not even a misdemenor. The only thing they did is live a lifestyle the writer does not agree with. That's cool... she has her right to that opinion, and i think it's great she wrote a humorous article about it. But damaging the individuals reputation is not cool at all.
I don't know the legalities i admit that... I will even stretch it to say that maybe their privacy policy only applies to the message board. When I asked the writer about the vlidity of these quotes, which FYI were recordered without a pen and paper or voice recorder during the interviews (mental notes do not always fly), she will be quick to respond that she cannot discuss that... this looks like cowardice once again.
And of course they have the right to have their name ommitted... they did not commit a crime, they are not a public figurehead, and they did not go on a public platform to announce these quotes. Why do you think on the news you see people's faces blurred or giving interviews from the shadows with a voice scrambler.... these people were violated by a narrowminded journalist. You're statements sound so absolute that she did not distort what was said at all...
Couldn't agree more with your last comment, Dr Centrist. These people haven't committed a crime. Why should they suffer repercussions just because some journalist is trying to get a raise? Freedom of speech is great, but there have always been limits to it - for a good reason.

they shouldnt suffer repercussions because they havent committed a crime? cheating on your spouse isnt a "crime". being a racist, homophobic, sexist PIG isnt always a crime. stop waiting for the law to tell you that your behavior is or isnt ok.

uch, youre being a dope.

and whats my name? WHATS MY NAME?

thats right, its "Shut the Fuck Up".
this is why this why i'm hot... i'm hot cuz i'm fly... you aint cuz you not
You fucking moron. If it's not a crime, then it's legal, in which case you're only bitching about somebody else's way of life. So basically, you sound like a self-righteous black guy who listens to hip-hop, calls women "bitches" or "hoes" and loves Jesse Jackson. How's that for a stereotype? How about this? GO BACK TO THE GHETTO
you're right that biggotry and homophobia and cheating on your spouse is not a crime yet it is very unacceptable. However it is your right to stay out of the public eye... It's not the right thing to do it's cowardly. Much like how the editors and writer are acting right now by not coming forward about the notes and questions asked.
What They may or may not have said appears, sure not a crime, but disgusting... but they do have the right to be cowards... much like how Rumy, Ashcroft, and a couple other of their role models act.
As much as I hate seeing it... Klans men wear hoods... because they are cowards, but they have that right. I can assure you the LNS people would have no problem being considered cowards, as opposed to the alternative which is having their names published.
Seriously... you have to at least consider the possiblity that the scenario (may not have, but) could have went like this
Angela: "So being a member of LNS, can you tell me the benefits of feeling like you are better than everyone or being a date rapist?"
John Tabacco: "What? What kind of question is that? You think I am a date rapist? you come into a bar while I am obviously intoxicate and ask me stuff like that? Is that even legal? That's poor reporting... Do I ask you about your sex life? Do you do anal? Are you into anal?"

Is it a strecth... maybe... are you going to simply believe what you want about it, of course, and that's what the problem is.
I never get tired of this either:

So easily taken out of context... also, Mr. "Shut the Fuck Up" if you are going to address the issue of racism, you probably shouldn't start off with "Cracka said what!?"
Jake, you went too far.
Oh and just for the record.. after that guy Jake's last comment, I'd rather not acknowledge your kudos for me. Thanks, but no thanks.
I thought this article was entertaining. It didn't shed any new light on exclusive crowds in georgetown. Before I began reading the article, I had an idea of where it was going to go.

All else aside, the commenters who've defended LNS members have stumbled badly in their arguments. The comments are just plain dumb. But one question is reasonable enough to ask:

Why added value do readers get by having the people named? Regardless of the answer, I believe the City Paper and Ms Valdez can choose whether or not to publish names as long as consents were signed. But it still begs the question, why do the readers and the City Paper get out of publishing real names for this specific article?
Just for the record... I don't know this Jake guy, and that Ghetto comment was a little uncalled for. makes you look like one of those LNS douchebags saying crap like that
Thank you Anon... my sentiments exactly.
You're just talking circles around yourself now. I think we've all heard enough.
Dr. Centrist, I know they didn't commit a crime, but you are suspending logic to suggest the paper adhere to a policy that clearly has nothing to do with the paper's reporting. The only reason to use a criminal as an example is to demonstrate to you and others wallowing iin similar pig shit that your own interpretation of the policy doesn't make sense. Lastly cop shows blurring the faces of either suspected criminals or those arrested have absolutely nothing to do with whether a newspaper informs a subject that his or her name will be used in print. It would be nice but so would typhoid for all the LNSers.

Concerned Linguist, please accept my apologies for forcing you to suffer my typos in a comment thread on the City Paper's web site. That ain't right. I'll be more considerate in the future.
I'm sure someone pointed this out, but Tyrone Biggums is a Dave Chappelle character who enjoys smoking crack and drinking Red Bawls.
cracka say what!!! dont you mention HOES to me. you can call me by my NAME, dog.

thats, RIGHT:

oh i forgot to address another part of Jake's comment. the part where he tells me to go back to the ghe ---

thats right!

Very few people involved with the LNS scene are taken seriously around town; in fact I would classify most of the members I've encountered as amateurs. That said, there's really nothing unusual about their elitist attitude, it's par for the course and tends to afflict people who suffer from status anxiety the most.
Not a Dr.
Congrats bro, I give up... there is obviously no way for you to change your interpretation or mine in regards to the privacy policy... We both have different views, great! I'm fine with a stalemate in that sense... or if you want me to say you win fine. I don't give a shit.
But privacy policy, waivers, releases, what the fuck ever aside... since Anon is obviously wording it better than me: was it neccesary for these individuals to suffer? Whether they were sincere with the comments, or (which should be obvious) misquoted or taken out of context... do they really deserve to have their names and reputations blasted when they asked numerous times to NOT have their name appear?
I think the over all story was enough to make anyone associated with LNS feel like an ass... good story. But adding their names just seems sadistic and malicious. And the people that are defending her for doing this are enjoying the fact that these people are kicked while down that they should join in and applaud her for it. And some of these people that were misquoted hit the ground courtesy of a ridiculous cheapshot courtesy of the City Paper.

Would you at least agree with that?
Thank you, Angela Valdez. Your article reinforced my belief in incredibly high marginal tax rates for the wealthy. Let's bring back the 90% tax brackets and make them pay for their own damn war.
Dr. Crentist

Nobody accused the interviewees of a crime, and certainly not the article (if she had, then it really would be libel). Instead, all she did was quote people who were rude to her in an interview and make them look like jerks. That's within her power and please don't pretend that you would do any different if you were in the same position.

When you're speaking to a reporter it really is no different than posting comments or pictures of yourself on the internet, UNLESS you specifically request anonymity (people who have their faces blurred out in interviews are people ask not to be named... usually for better reasons than that they planned on making crude comments to the interviewer). And just like on the internet, if you're worried about the kind of impression your pictures are going to make on people/employers, even if the one of you pouring beer down some girl's shirt while flipping the bird totally makes sense in context, DON'T POST IT. You don't get to sue facebook or myspace because you made yourself look like an ass online, and you don't get to sue newspapers because you made yourself look like an ass in front of a reporter, context or no context. End of story.

Finally, as far as their reputations go, like you said they are not public figures and the didn't commit any crime so as far as I can tell the only damage done is that she made them look like dickheads. If you don't want people to think you're a dickhead then don't act like a dickhead, even if you're drunk you think you're being funny, and especially not in front of reporters.
Names? That's a tough call. I can make a case for and against using them. You're right, of course. They're down, and they're being kicked. Hard. That said, they're being kicked because they've been exposed. Judging from their comments posted in this thread, the LNSers don't seem all that concerned with the creepiness detailed by the reporter. I think they're being kicked more for their response to the story than the story itself, in some cases proving they're capable of even worse than what is described in teh article. As one poster said, when he wakes up tomorrow morning, he'll still be himself. It's that type of attitude that leads me to believe the paper made the right decision in going with the names. There are other people who need your thoughtfulness and fair and reasoned understanding a bunch more than this group, Dr. Centrist.
I don't think these guys are living paycheck-to-paycheck or anything. They'll be fine, which is too bad, really. I would love to see LNS and their ilk forced to actually work for a living, rather than just sucking up more and more money from the rest of us.

Don't let the tears ruin your $200 sweaters tied around your neck.

PS Crentist: the joke, it is you. Quit making my city awful. You are a failure.
This discussion is 99 pages long when imported into MS Word and reformatted using Arial, size 10.
Dear Washington D.C.,

You don't matter.
Get over yourselves.

New York, Chicago, London, Tokyo, and the rest of the cities with actual power.

P.s.: The comment by MGR on Jul. 12, 2007, at 2:29 pm literally brought me to tears of laughter.
Dear Perspective:

You are a douchebag. Itr's okay to admit that your city (if it is NYC) is a hellhole or that you wish you lived in the US (if it is London or Tokyo). England? Oh right, they used to rule the world before we did.

And.... Chicago, a city with more power than DC?, you are embarrassing yourself with such ignorance.

Duke Zeibert
hey LNS, youre all a bunch of nappy headed hoes...the terrorist truly have won
Just wanted to address a few points that been raised both by alleged blue-bloods and LNS defeners alike.

1.) "My ancestors came over on the Mayflower"

Well whoopdee-doo! Unless "the Mayflower" can be taken to refer to the North American continent splintering from the giant landmass formerly known as Pangea (and it can't), then that makes you an immigrant. Sure, you might have been among the first of the immigrants, but for that matter, so were the African slaves and indentured servants. So get off your high horses.

And let's get another thing straight. It's not exactly like the Mayflower passengers were British gentry looking for a change of scenery or a new place to summer. They were were religious and societal pariahs looking for economic opportunity that was barred to them in the Old World. In other words, just like any other group of immigrants throughout American history.

2.) "We shoulder the tax-load"

Yep, you're right. You do pay a disproportionate amount of the country's tax revenue. It's a wonder your families can eat between feeding the rest of us and giving you spoiled brats "30k a year and car payments" (from Wonkette's "Last Week's Shots").
cities with power? ahahahahahahahahaha

p.s. whats my name again?

thats right, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!
You HAVE NO CHOICE but to do white may be rich and most guys with money can do whatever they want, but the buck surely stops with you two. You won't be doing it with any "privileged" or "broke" black women, first because you're TOO DARK and second, we actually want attractive offspring. Rich is relative, so remember there's ALWAYS someone with much more. Your parents would have to triple their worth before you could even get a hint of my vaginal sweetness.
To boot- you're probably a sympathy member. No one wants to be deemed racist, so they picked the blackest, ugliest dudes to make the wash look all nice and politically correct. Might white of LNS to do so. You're all a bunch of imature idiots. Please get past the High School still "hooking up ". You're grown, you can say "sex" now.
How can there possibly be 550+ comments on this?

Here, let's settle it: LNSers are all douchebags.

Boom, we're done here. Now everyone can move on with their lives.

Extra douchebag points for anyone stupid enough to make further comments on this article.
ahahaha you make a comment, and then criticize anyone who comments further? thats some "last one here is a rotten egg" bullshit. its CRACKA bullshit, is what it is.

oh - i forgot to introduce myself. thats right --

I've experienced extreme poverty and wealth in life but what's great is that I have appreciation! This is such an important quality to have and people born into privilege often make decisions and comments out of ignorance.

Personally, I think the SP crowd is fabulous! Amazing, successful, nice people with of course a few exceptions... such as our friend above "Note to LNSers" who under pressure showed his true character. We all know there are exceptions in every group.

A special note to the super privileged commentaries above: You are truly fortunate to have what you have and I am happy for you (not jealous). But, you are truly delusional if you do not believe that your life's causes will not come back to you in some way. Karma is just one of those universal laws you cannot run from be you rich or poor. You know this...I just needed to remind you.

With that said, Angela...publishing people's names? Was not a wise decision.
I got to say I don't like how this article portrays LNS. I know many members of LNS who are great and down to earth people.

Angela it is one thing to write the article, but it is another to use real peoples names. You might not like the people you met, but you don't go out and destroy them by publishing their real names.
ahahahaha its Angela's fault for destroying them, not their own disgusting behavior. CRACKA PLEASE DON'T EVEN.

oh wait...that might be someone callin' my name:

Karma does not exist.

Idea of universal justice and Karma, like most things in religion, are nice convinient fantasies the poor masses use to sedate their own misery... after a lifetime of suffering and toiling, you will "find your reward in heaven".

Fuck that.

LNS folk are douchebags, they've proved it again and again, but in the end, they don't matter. If you are really that pissed about them, just go meet them and beat that tubby asses in Georgetown. Run away before their daddys show up and start suing you, hahaha, or better yet, just do a GTA style drive by of their favorite bars.

By the way, in case you missed it...

I LOLed... a bunch of clowns.
Stop yer' whining about the unfairness of Anglea publishing names!!!

When you are fucking stupid enough to ask some chick you just met if she likes it in the ass, you deserve to have your name plastered nation-wide.

John Tobacco--you got yourself fucked alright--in the ass with NO LUUBE...ouchie waaa waaaa
Please, please, PLEASE let the comments continue.

They are ever so amusing and arguably the funniest responses I have ever read to an online article.
People still go to Georgetown? -Wow, who knew?!?
LNS members are cocksucking pieces of shit launched from the assholes of syphilitic camels who prove their worthlessness every time they open their fucking mouths.

This piece of shit John Tobacco should have his tongue nailed to the floor for what he said to a lady who was respectfully and in good humor asking straight-ahead questions for a newspaper feature.

What a trash-talking bully. If I was editor of the city paper, I'd track down that piece of shit, tear out his fucking eyes and skull fuck him to the death for being so sick and cruel to a reporter working nights for god's sake while he stands around enjoying his trust fund. "Oh, hey, John-John, you do fucking skull? Yeah, you take it in the skull, asshole?"

Better yet, take that piece of shit John-John to E. Baltimore and have gangs of 100s of guys he'd never otherwise have the chance to meet show him how to press some ham. (Hint: you push the asshole's head into the door jam of a big fucking Buick and slam the door again and again until it changes shape a couple of times) and pull a fucking 24-hour train on his skull and his ass.

We'll remember you, asshole, and find a way to pay you the fuck back.
Dear "DieYouGravySuckingPigs",

You are obviously a angry person, but talk, and angry talk especially is cheap on the internet. I hope you aren't a skinny, nerdy, mac loving, steve jobs worshiping, olivia munn masturbating nerd like me, and will actually follow through on your threats.

In other news, it is easy as pie to buy a deer hunting rifle in Virginia and Maryland, and it is nearly just as easy to buy a silencer. For those in the know, deer hunting calibers are overkill for human beings (.308 is already overkill) so despite these guns being easier to acquire than condoms, you won't be missing any firepower. If you aren't a man to withstand the body shaking shock waves of Winchester 300 magnum or 338 Lapua, simply establish a trust (use a online form generator if you are too poor for a lawyer), pass a 6 month ATF background check, and buy yourself a silencer using this completely abstract legal entity.

Silencer reviews at

With just a few days of serious instruction you will be able to cowardly go about your class warfare. Gangstas don't need no deer rifles or silencers, they get the job done with ugly $100 9mms of the street... Kalashnikov and Hipoint are the official sponsors of the class war.

I love how maryland makes buying 20+ round magazines illegal, but makes buying silencers and machineguns easy as pie.

This is all just talk. I'm going back to playing Halo 2 on X-Box live and wanking to Sasha Grey, have a great weekend!

-DC nerd.
Comment: By: possumfest Jul. 12, 2007, at 7:33 pm
The reality of your hipster lifestyle is that most of you will live poor lives in cramped basements, have unattractive wives/husbands/partners, bitch about Republicans while benefiting from the tax burden we shoulder, and in general, not be able to experience much at all because you are very unsuccessful professionally and personally. We are better athletes, smarter in business, more attractive, tougher, and, in general, winners of the genetic lottery. Angela Valdez was treated well by almost everyone she encountered until she wrote this hyper-sexualized caricature of the 20-something Georgetown set. She is a known embellisher and clearly a loser in her personal life. Everyone who supports her on this thread is intellectually dishonest and probably a loser as well. Have fun being poor and insignificant, hipsters.

Umm Nazi Germany, anyone?? Um, eww. And have fun looking up random authors on MySPace, stalkers...
(see below)
I may live in DC, but Mister Zelbert don't bash any of these cities for being MUCH MORE FUN THAN DC. BTW, CHicago kicks DC's ass for fun OR finance...

Dear Washington D.C.,

You don't matter.
Get over yourselves.

New York, Chicago, London, Tokyo, and the rest of the cities with actual power.

P.s.: The comment by MGR on Jul. 12, 2007, at 2:29 pm literally brought me to tears of laughter.
Comment: By: Duke Zeibert Jul. 20, 2007, at 9:03 am
Dear Perspective:

You are a douchebag. Itr's okay to admit that your city (if it is NYC) is a hellhole or that you wish you lived in the US (if it is London or Tokyo). England? Oh right, they used to rule the world before we did.

And.... Chicago, a city with more power than DC?, you are embarrassing yourself with such ignorance.

Duke Zeibert
Dear PuppetMaster,

Please get fucking cancer and die in the fucking dark alone, you worthless piece of LNS shit.

I will still with the fucking Buick. No fucking registration. No fucking insurance. No new costs of deployment.

LNS is a fucking breeding ground for the next generation of neocon monsters. No one with a sense of justice would give these freaks the mercy of a powerful weapon to take them out.

Best to just squeeze their heads into the door jam of a big Buick and drag them slowly to their just ends.

And to all the LNS assholes that are having little fantasies about suing the newspaper, (oooo, Dada is a lawyer, he will make them PAY!) you are completely fucked. Even if Valdez fabricated quotes from whole cloth, you would still be left with a tough row to hoe to actually establish libel.

The fact is you people are twisted freaks who expect that they can act like assholes and checks still come in the mail from mama and dada. Maybe because that's all your lives are about. Unfortunately, acting like twits in front of a reporter does not entitle you to sue the paper. Sorry, assholes, being an asshole is not going to be a source of a new income no matter what experience has acclimated you to expect.

LNS, your guys are effeminate drones without the will or tools to become real men - and your women are sad excuses for human beings just waiting for the right guy to corner into marriage. I had one of the latter and was shocked that she didn't understand why I pulled her ankles onto my shoulders. For Christ's sake, what are you teaching these bitches? (She finally got it.)
Dear DieYouGravySuckingPigs

You are angry yes, but apparently you also stupid. I wasn't being sarcastic or lying when I said i'm a nerd with no life. I mean, why else would I tell you how to actually do something instead of being anonymous internet trash talking cockbag? I'll work on the cancer thing and take up smoking for you though.

As much as I hate LNS for being assholes, I hate dumb angry poor people who do nothing productive with their lives. The greatest revenge you can exact on LNS is not hitting them with a peice of shit buick, but instead, educating yourself and elevating yourself above them. Sigh. Since that won't happen, yeah, you might as well just buy that buick from a mexican and "Carmageddon" through Georgetown.
You "LNSer" are a bunch of wet blankets.

I mean sack up all ready! If you're gonna be a date rapeing, boat shoe wearing, coke snorting, silver spoon, facist, fuck wit then be that.

Own it.....OWN IT.

Try growing a pair your daddy didn't buy you.

At the end of the day, you shouldn't nessisarily feel bad about your life style of choice. Bankrupt as it may be, this world dose need more over educated, under inspired white people to fill the gap soon to be left by their parents when they retire to the Hamptons.

Honestly where would J Crew and Fox News be with out you assholes. Not to mention all the shrinks who would be out of work if not for the decades long history of pissing on those who are your lessers and the mental issues that come from fucking a drunk girl while shes passed out, then bragging about it online

See, you serve a function.
I found the content of the article disturbing, and the people featured in the article repulsive.

Old money/new money/Southern gentlemen and ladies/Ivy league bullshit.

Even if people portrayed in the article aren't 100% like this, I'm sure that there's someone out there that is.

It's a pity that people are actually like that.
wussies, wallet sniffers, wannabes and haters, did I leave any out? fascinating thank you!
I think most of the guys in this article think they are Caleb Mandrake, until they look in the mirror in the bathroom and realize they're just a snot-nosed punk who
isn't worth wasting my coke on!

To bad they will go through life trying to drown out the voices in their heads with shot after shot, to one day except that their own voices are in running in the snot-nose punks they brought into this world, wasting all the ill gotten gains generation after generation after generation....

Oh well, we all need a Paris to point our fingers at, even if she is wearing a Brooks Brothers blazer.... I'll bang mine while they're on top, no passouts puleaze...
Just to clarify, Sarah, ivy league kids don't act like this. At least I've never seen it. These are wannabes.
To all you LNS men, here's some advice. For the record, I am a WASP, a very successful and affluent one, with a few more years under my belt than you boys. After reading about your dream girl "Coventry Burke" (a name perfect for WASP central casting that it brings a smirk to even my face) I just had to google her picture. She's not even hot, and can you imagine the maintenance payments on that one? Reminds me a bit of the Upper East Side of NYC (Dorian's anyone?) - a lot of beer-bellied preppies in madras shorts chasing worthless WASP tail and thinking they're lucky to be in this "exclusive" territory for hunting pussy. After many more years of experience than these pikers I've learned something. The majority of this particular female herd is snotty, out of shape, totally lame in the sack, and high maintenance. Their egos are writing checks their bodies or brains can't cash. The only way I'd have even considered one at your age would be if she came with a major country estate you could just sit on for the rest of your life, and if she would be willing to undergo an extensive "refresher course" in the art of the blow job. Or maybe I you could just find a hot redneck stable girl for your new estate.....

As for me, I will happily continue the hunt on more distant frontiers of my genetic and/or social class and leave these WASPy wannabees to the "Late Night Shots" playas.
Thank god they stay in Georgetown!
Valdez got the atmospherics right.

The LNS guys really are frightened children, superannuated frat boys with infantile penises and zero sack stamina.

I stopped going after the holidays when I realized the guy I ended up with one night practically shouted "I did it" when he got off after 10 strokes.

Then, get this, when I tried to sit on his face so I'd get off, he whined he doesn't "do that."

Do what? Physically communicate with women? Not LNS guys.
I do anal!

I love it!

All the LNS guys throw me over a trash can behind whatever bar we've trashed on a given night and they ream my asshole until it's bloody, dozens of them at a time.

It makes me feel like man!

Almost as much as using curse words around a girl!


Fuck me in the ass!

Valdez, I love what you did for me!

Everyone is fucking me in the ass now!

I'm a real man!
Hey, is John Tobacco here?

Is there anything left of his ass because me and my friends wants some of it, too.

Wow, now I know why there are so many tools in Georgetown.

Fuck my ass! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Make me bleed, LNS comrades!

WASP's good manners and alcoholism. Hilarious.
WASP's good manners and alcoholism. Hilarious.
LNS guys are really into anal because they get lost around pussy.



How's it feel to have the entire planet know what a cocksucking piece of shit you are?


If you got laid in a morgue, it would be rape.


I've been to SP and it's a nice place.

These guys sound like complete assholes.
Keep up the good work, Angela. Do not pay attention to the fallout from the LNS people. The worst about this lot is that they have a false sense of entitlement, which they want to preserve by hanging out together. That's fine. Let them get shitfaced in Georgetown. Fuck them. When they dare to cross into other parts of this District of Corruption, they'll taste the knuckle sandwiches of the proletariat. Angela, kudos to you for exposing a bunch of pretentious morons and mediocrities. They will soon become extinct in all major metropolitan areas of this country, as the demographics unmistakably indicate. Comrade A. PS: Count me as your new fan.
I am so glad that the pathetic socialites exposed in this article are at risk of losing jobs and suffering embarrassment. You actions are embarrassing to our generation -- unprofessional at best, disgusting is more like it. Pathetic, racist, sexist, classist pricks run this city so I think y'all needn't worry about your futures....after all your daddy did the same thing 30 years ago and he fine. I say: get a life. At some point, hopefully, you will realize that the lifestyle you have lead is shallow and sad; if you don't die early of liver disease, AIDS, or cancer. At that point, I hope, you will use the money you inherited to do some good in the world.

You lost a great opportunity. There was no originality or complex thought in the article from you. You started out with lofty goals and instead fell flat. The quality of the article is what I would expect from a high-schooler. In short, I was left feeling "So what"?
The LNSers and their defenders on this site are absolutely hilarious. Throwing around the following terms that they truly wouldn't understand, even if it shot them in the face:

first amendment
burden of proof

and my personal favorites:
not knowing the difference between libel and slander
LNS - all you fucking people can suck the shit out of my asshole!

What is with your photographer? Big time foot fetish, methinks. how gross.
Hey, any of you assholes sue CityPaper yet?


None of you?

Wow, I thought you had iron-clad cases that someone acting like a twisted fuckwit in public can't be reported to be acting like a twisted fuckwit in public. Because then it's libel or slander or something and your daddy will take them to court and put the paper out of business forever. Yeah! Valdez will be cleaning your toilets with her tongue for the rest of her life! Yeah! Everyone will pay for crimes against the gods who walk the earth at the LNS.

You cocksuckers!

You pieces of shit!

There isn't anything anyone can say that can libel because you are the world's slimiest, most spoiled, most over-indulged, stupidest, most racist and most self-pitying mob of whining wastes of life ever imagined.


This article is great. Screw journalistic integrity, this was just a great read. I've lived in DC for four years now and I've noticed quite a few of these LNS types.

Some of the comments made by the LNSers on this sight are the exact reason why this group should be exposed. Telling people that there opnion isn't valid or that they should be jealous just because there rich and "succesful". Let's face it. Your succesful because your parents could afford to send you to private schools, and got you your first jobs, etc. Look, if you guys are content with living your lives shuttled between a few small bars in a small neighborhood in DC and the country club/ summer vacation spot, that's 100% fine with me. Just don't think us non-LNSers are jealous of you in ANY WAY! I mean c'mon, you think Adams Morgan is ghetto? That's not being elitist- that's being a PUSSY!

What surprises me is that you guys actaully get girls! I guess it goes to show how materialized and self-conscious the US Weekly/People magazine women's culture has made the young women in our country today. The reality is, the majority of you guys (atleast the ones I see parading around gtown) look like complete clowns. You think the clothes make you look classy?!! HA. Wear those anywhere outside of georgetown/any sheltered suburb/cape cop/nantuket and you guys will get laughed at. Boat shoes are hideous. Let me say that again, boat shoes are hideous.

Me, I'm just a middle-class nobody from Brooklyn, whose had to face real life situations on my own, and prides himself on being hard working, courteous and intelligent. My comments should not matter to you.

So heres my advice: stay trapped in your little bubble- it's best for both of us.
This is fucking hilarious. I went to Harvard (yeah, despite the Jew quota) and saw my fair share of dumb-ass entitled rich whiteboy WASPs. Bush is the hilight of this breed. I think it's frigging hilarious how they all run to daddy and ask him to sue if they get their feelings hurt. And they are scared to go out on 18th street! Maybe one of those scary ethiopians is gonna ask 'em for the time?

The only sad thing is the number of low-IQ sorority sluts with fake blonde hair that will eat their sperm every night. Those girls live on vodka and semen. And that is just sad. Someone ough to a piss in their drinks once in awhile just so they get the vitamins. But they do make good decorations for the front office.

Anyway, nice job Angela. Sometimes the best things in life really are free!
Any article that gets the comments--and now a story about it--that this article has gotten is a great article!

July 16, 2007: LateNightShots
A Disturbing Look at the Republican Party's Next Generation
by Jessica Vozel, North Star Writers
I've never heard of faggots that go crazy for pussy! You LNS homos are alllllright!
FUck me!

In the ass!

The little preppies sound like they got their feelings hurt...


The only thing money gives you is exclusivity. It's a good thing you have it, too, because until you grow up and realize that you have something better to talk about than who's fucking who and where you're getting drunk that night, you're all just regular people in expensive clothes.

Turds wrapped in bacon are still gonna taste like turds.
Cripes, what lame assholes. No wonder Washington is such a shithouse. It's filled with assholes!
“How are things on the west coast?” Apparently a lot better than they are on the east. Oh, sorry for the Interpol quote, I reeeeally don’t want to perpetuate the Hipster v. Prepster debate. I’m much more interested in a new polarizing angle...West v. East.

I haven’t laughed at a particular brand of east coasters this much on a random Thursday morning for a while. I should have read this article sooner. A friend who’s currently trapped in DC (or “The Wrong Washington,” as I like to call it) alerted me to the existence of LNS a couple weeks ago. I thought she was kidding...or at least exaggerating. I was both horrified and strangely amused to discover she wasn’t.

A lot of things about LNS are amusing, but let’s start by hitting them where they live – money. Ever noticed how those who talk about money the most don’t have nearly as much of it as they’d like you to believe? I first witnessed this in college during my Greek system days...and before I get jumped on as a hipster, west coaster, liberal/jealous/ugly/poor/unpopular in high school
whatever...I enjoyed being in a sorority, for the same reasons I enjoyed cheerleading, it was fun. My intent is not to slam kids who join clubs in order to go to more parties or to stand around and clap and make t-shirts, I have no beef with that, my beef is with the “rich kid” identity so many seem eager to perpetuate in these environments. When you’re 18, 19, maybe you don’t know
better, but reasonable people outgrow this. When you join a sorority/fraternity/secret order of the dickheads or what have you, you need to find a new identity. You can’t be the “rich kid.” Come on, in certain circles everyone’s got money, many of them have more of it than you, and I bet
those of them with the most cash are not bragging about it. Why? Because who cares? Some of the richest people in the world can tick off item after item that head up their list of priorities over and above wealth. It’s always that climber, that kid who wants to be the richest, and isn’t, who’s so eager to tell you how important money is and to give an exaggerated detail of how
much of it he’s got. It’s pitiful. So, for you insipid, east-coasty, Sperry top-sider wearing pseudo-elites (and I need to echo an earlier should definitely NOT wear top-siders when you’re not on a boat), I’d like to point something out: it’s time to be concerned with something other than money, you’re not that rich. And if you’re not willing to focus on something other than money for altruistic reasons, at least focus on something else to avoid further embarrassment. In attempting to shame and exclude social climbers, you’ve exposed yourselves as the climbers you are. Sorry to be snarky (not really, I’m rarely actually sorry) but you warranted it.

For those still only interested in cold hard Georgetown cash, consider this: of the richest people in America, only seven people east of the Rockies even crack the top twenty. And five of them are Wal-Mart money living in, I believe, Arkansas, I guess that’s as far east as big money reaches. Where do the rest of the top twenty live? Washington State and California. Now I’m sure your “new-money”/”old-money” argument will kick in, but the bottom line is that Bill Gates (who actually comes from a very well-established Seattle family), Warren Buffett (who sold his Laguna Beach home for millions, gave that money away, and now lives in Omaha in a relatively modest $700,000 house) and Paul Allen (another reasonably unpretentious northwesterner) have a lot more money than you’ll ever have, are in no real danger of losing it any time soon (unless, of course, they give it to charity), and give billions of it away. So if you’re going to aspire to be rich and powerful, would you at least please emulate these wealthy and philanthropic west coasters who seem to have figured out at least a bit more about what matters. These people seem far less hell bent on making public asses of themselves than LNSers appear to be. By the way, Gates doesn’t even live in the most expensive home on Lake Washington, which isn’t saying that much since it’s one of the wealthier neighborhoods in the United States, but still, it’s something.

Embrace the west coast way of life and chill the fuck out. (I’m clearly excluding Los Angeles, no offense, I don’t hate you, but half the LA population is from the east coast, so if I include you you’ll inaccurately skew my results here). Who cares who has what. Be an interesting, bright, decent person. If you refuse to do so, people are going to make fun of you. And re: Glanton’s
“cool kids” comment – no, buddy, others don’t think you’re cool, they think you’re shallow. It’s not the same thing. And Steven, why do you insist on arguing that anyone who disdains LNS is clearly jealous? It’s one of those fallacies that makes no sense. It’s not jealousy, it’s an assessment of unworthiness based on demonstrated LNS behavior and ideology.

That’s what all of us will and should be judged for – our behavior, views, and the other things over which we have control. And I don’t mean to keep picking on Steven, but what was up with claiming the author of the article was “way out of line” publishing LNS names...even if they did “sign a release”? If you’re not willing to protect yourself and monitor your own actions (such as the choice to sign or not sign a legal waiver) then be sure no one else will be willing to. The first comment post I read, and have since mostly forgotten, spouted about responsibility, shame, and suchwhat. Get over it. Take responsibility for the fact that you clearly misjudged the image you were attempting to create. Where you thought others were admiring you or wistfully hoping for an invite to your club, they were laughing at you (which, since, according to its members, LNS is a big joke anyway, should not upset anyone), where you thought you were setting trends with loud, floral sun dresses, deck shoes and Ralph Lauren khakis, your clothes were being snickered at too. Tough. When you play a shallow game, you’ll be judged on shallow grounds.

Since I was born on the west coast, educated on the west coast, and maintain my residence on the west coast (yes, my own brand of snobbery, which I’m happy to address another day), I’ll likely have no one to back me on this little comment board, because, trust me, no one in Seattle or Portland and almost no one in San Francisco will give two shits about this little LNS/DC scene discussion. But that’s fine by me. I’ve put in my $.02 and will now resume my life of working fewer hours, enjoying more free time, and caring far less about my image and social mobility than the folks who’s postings so amused me today.

I’ll be clocking out at 3pm this afternoon, unconcerned with whether I make the next bonus level at my firm and/or impress anyone, and I’ll be returning to my comfy home on the Pacific Ocean...where I’ll only don a pair of deck shoes if I actually step foot on a boat. Oh yes, and I might even let myself balloon up to a size 6 this summer, but I’ll take comfort in knowing that I’m not an actual failure – namely a 35 year old divorcee who relies on an online network for my
social interaction. Yes, this article and the postings that followed made me appreciate my life just a little more than I already did.

You enjoy your day :)
What a bunch of douchebags. Do they actually think they are going to count in this world? This new world is changing everyday, with countries like China and India gaining more and more power. The new American power will be people who have international experience, not some losers in Georgetown. If I ever see any of these social rejects I'd slap the shit out of their preppy faces.
I love how they refer to themselves as important people. LOL. What the hell have you done that is important other then living off your parents money you fucking rejects. You have no real power, go answer phones on the hill bitches.
By the way, anyone saying Washington DC is not a powerful city needs to just the fuck up. These LNShits have no power, but DC produces the laws and orders that affects all parts of the world. To say DC has no power is like saying NYC is not filled with crack heads and Gotti Boys.
All you LNS people are fucking cunts except John Tobacco who is a fucking asshole.

Blow me, LNS cocksuckers!
I might be "bitter and poor"...but at least I'll have the balls to wreck your car when you talk smack.

Seriously. I can't believe this bollocks is real.

Oh, well. They're all going to be fat in ten years.

Don't care.
Firstly, if you think about it, most countries capitals are pretty crappy places. Washington D.C.? Full of poverty yet some of the most powerful people in the world. You can't even vote there.

Secondly, it shouldn't be surprising something like LNS exists. Across America lots of young people get too drunk, get laid (with the status quo of it being acceptable for boys but not for girls), and do drugs all the time. Georgetown is no exception. Ever heard of lots of universities are starting to require their students to take it before they can even enter their freshman year because of the vast problem.

Thirdly, what's the point of writing a commentary if you're not really going to write anything?

Americans need to get with the times and start realizing the obvious, everyone else in the world hates us and we're not really doing much to improve our image, this being article proof of it.
Just ignore them Hipsters. You can't tell them what to do with thier lives. Your probablly guilty of the same things. They are not even worth arguing with.

First of all, DC? Please NYC is where the parties and money are at.

"Oh, my ancestor was on the mayflower!"

Who cares? One of my ancestors founded Rhode Island. And two others were officers with Cromwell in his New Model Army against the Crown. Besides, I'm sure alot of people who make pleanty of money come from peasant stock.

"Oh, I went to the Ivy Leauge!"

Who cares? In, the best graduate studies programs there is no correlation between how exclusive a school is and acceptance. They also probably majored in political science. POLITICAL SCIENCE! Peopel who hjad to work in college can laugh with me on that one. Besides if you got in on connections, it doesn't count, your just as dumb as you were before, and if you couldn't get in on merit it doesn't count, you were never smart.

Was the article dishonest, yes, Angela Valdez went over the line a few times. But deep down, its just Petite Bourgeois punks just trying to Ape thier social betters. If they were really cool, it wouldn't matter who they hung out with, they wouldn't follow the trends, they would make them.

What I'm trying to say is, ignore them it doesn't what they think.They are no worse or better than you. They are just people. Besides, they didn't make thier money, thier parents did.

PS Mercedes or BMW? Niether, Bently is where its at and if you can't aford one you aren't rich, no matter what.
who givces a shit what they say, they are just trying to ape thier social betters. I don't need that shit. I'll go back to actully being cool.
I honestly cannot fathom what I am reading. Forgive me, all, but I stopped at MGR's comment. Is this article written in a negative light? Sure as shit. Is LNS a bunch of elitist pricks? The jury is still out, at least for me, because I've just read this one article. But please, I implore each and every one of you, understand what I am about to say:

MGR, don't you fucking DARE talk shit about pulling out of Iraq and handing Al-Qaeda a victory before you have been IN THAT FUCKING COUNTRY for a single goddamn minute. I was there for the invasion. I was there for over the first goddamn year, for the invasion and subsequent shitstorm; I saw shit that would make your fucking blood curdle in your veins. You pompous ass. Don't you dare jump on that fucking bandwagon. Unless you have seen someone bleed out, holding their own goddamn intestines in their hands and asking "why", don't you even consider asking that question, just to fucking DEFEND yourself against a goddamn third-rate article that paints your elitist club like a bunch of pricks. Are you fucking serious? I can't believe it. I honestly can't wrap my mind around that. And tell me, genius, where is Al-Qaeda in Iraq? Fucking nowhere, is where. Here is the deal, in case you didn't figure this out at your poli-sci courses at UNC...our goal, in Iraq, was not Al-Qaeda. Trust me on this. Our goal was to oust Saddam Hussein, because he had weapons of mass destruction (which, so do we, but who gives a fuck because why should there be any parity in this world?). He was an asshole, sure, I don't contest that. But Al-Qaeda had nothing to do with it. Believe that. We are fighting that war day in and day out because Bush needed a fucking victory, needed some sort of substantial accomplishment to counteract his goddamn ignorance and slutty daughters and what have you; your elitist club is so intent on voting RED over BLUE that you don't realize you are voting on fucking COLORS. Asshole. I swear to Christ, I bet you are an ok guy but you need to fucking think. Even our founding fathers said that a party system would be the downfall of our country, yet you are playing into it fully. Un-fucking-believable. "Hey, I have an idea...let's paint these individuals into certain corners, and then I won't have to think about their actual stances...they are either republicans or democrats, and I can adore/hate accordingly"...Fuck. Do you realize how fucking stupid that is? No, you don't, because you've been sucking a silver spoon like it's a cock for your entire life, and you don't want to see the truth. Man-fucking-up, ass!
I can't really say I am surprised. The east-coast elite love to cling on to the superiority of "old money." But, when you come down to it they are a bunch of narrow-minded imbeciles who love to spout rhetoric and propaganda. It's good to see them fall back on their age old tactic of defamation of character. Do you all really think that getting drunk and hitting on women is some special right reserved for the rich? I can assure you its not. Do you all think you are that special? I can again assure you that you aren't. Good luck getting your hand jobs and making the majority of people hate you. It's not just the terrorists who hates you, its just about everybody.



I have nothing original to say other than another vote of confidence for angela. And the best part isnt even what you wrote - but all of these terrified and defensive comments posted by the LNS-ers revealed for who they are. magical.
Most LNSer are "strivers". Conservative douchebags from middle-class striver families, whose mummy and daddy think they are connected because they know Rep. Dipshit from HicksVille, SomewhereSouth. The kind of people who vote republican, despite that they make less than $10 million per year, because they think that just maybe one day they will join the rich club and benefit (despite that stats show that most people in the uber-rich club lean left).

I find it telling that one of the most prominent members (the "cougar") is an executive assistant. Lolzer. Lollercoasters. ROFL. Executive Assistant? That's a white collar janitor! except that janitors actually have to be good at their jobs, whereas EA's spend their striver days online, emailing with other strivers. Apparently she got the wrong Mrs. degree in college.

Most of the guys on LNS work in"Thinktanks" or on the hill. How can I be impressed by some little shit making 18K per year as a staff assistant, or 32K once he gets that back promotion to legislative correspondent. "i'm bigtime babeeey". Anyway, i have to go. I need to make sure my Executive Assistant sent that fax up to the hill like I asked her to. She's probably busy texting her striver buds as well. Then I'll have to have her call up to the Hill and make sure the striver staff assistant took teh fax off the machine and put it in the right inbox. Fortunately, she has connections. She fucked that striver staff assistant last night at an LNS event, right after they finished telling each other how important they are. Me? I was at a charity gala at the Willard. Didn't see any LNSers there.

Bitches. buncha bitches. poor bitches. striver bitches. Fake wealth bitches.

As for Otis. Yeah, it's easy to be loved when you're the token black guy. but you ain't rich. not be non-striver standards. and those girls would never bring you home to daddy.

you want to know what prestigious is? you aren't it.
I'm not a LNS member, and liked Angela's article. So that automatically means I'm jealous.

Jealous? Of what? Your style? You can keep your polos, blazers, and boat shoes. I prefer comfort over what people might think of me.

Your money? I'm very proud of the money I make. I would be ashamed to take handouts from my parents.

Your adventures to "poundtown"? I have never heard of anything more immature (especially by 20 somethings that have a 4 year degree or more).

How old are you? Make something of yourselves, dont rely on mom and dad to do it for you, and respect others, which you apparently aren't doing so well accomplishing that either.
What many of you don't know is how ironic it is that the author ran into those twins at such an event. Getting girls drunk is their favorite hobby and they have several websites devoted to it, under aliases like the "Aces", etc. Both have been investigated for rape. Otis in Atlanta for raping a drunk minor and Curtis twice at UVA. He was found guilty and civil cases are still pending.

So good luck LNS--keep rolling with the upstanding guys.
LNS practiced their skillset at UVA before taking it to the streets of DC .....
On a certain level, I find this offensive. On another level, I find this pathetic. It seems like DC "elites" are trying to emulate other cities because they can't run in those places.

Is anyone really surprised by this "exclusive club?" They make it sound like fucking white girls is a momentous challenge. Let's not make this seem like a Herculean challenge, because it's not.

As a Midwesterner, I'll take Adams Morgan over G-town anyday. I'm allergic to self-important people. I have a preference for women who know how to stay on rhythm, but that's just me.

A reporter knows she has written something correctly when the target audience starts taking pot shots at her. It only adds validity to her article. 1



Andrea Rodgers is a shallow social climber who goes as far to pimp out black children to aid her cause for local celebrity.

A most insincere individual.
Labelling the LNS crew the only bunch of "elites" in dc is totally bogus.. what about the clubbing scene? how about we write an article about the "poundtown" at 1223 and love?
Speaking of the look alikes ... they suck in bed, too. They don't have money - they are "wanna be's" who are good at pretending. But, at the end of the night, after their shots of jaeger and rape tactics, they are nothing but fodder for some reporter's story. Do something important in life, boys. Earn your right to be braggadoccio's!
FUCKN cunts - fuck you!
LNS are fucking cunts fucking pieces of shit who suck dead fucking moosecock from the assholes of fucking dead fucking dogs.

YOU FUCKING peices of fcking shit!

I find it fascinating that people criticize others for being wealthy as a result of the family they were born into. As an American, you have the absolute right to try and provide a better life for your child than you yourself had. All people do this, rich and poor alike. If someone is born rich, this is not their fault... and how can anybody expect one to disregard the hard work their parents and grand parents have put into providing what they have? I'm not super rich (not poor either) and I anxiously await the day that I know my child will be better off (and richer) than I am. If I play a role in them being better off, good for them and good for me.

Per haps we ought to consider that Angels is simply doing the same… she is trying (maybe even unknowingly or subconsciously) to provide a better life for those who will come after her (i.e., her children). She has simply chosen to do so by using those already richer than she is. My advice is not to become angry, but to simply use her in return… grind her into the ground, but only for the benefit of those to follow, not for your own.
Bravo!! This article brilliantly captures the superficial and pathetic nature of all of these complete losers. It is somewhat revealing of a person who feels compelled to join a group such as this as an indicator of social status. One would believe subsequent to college, the insecurities that plagued some of these people may have disappeared. Apparently, that is too much to expect.
LNS really bends my dick in half.

Wanna go on a date? I don't do anal, but I think I dig your stuff!
Wait, Angela Valdez was a loser in high school and is now using her status as a "serious journalist" to bash the people who did not want to hang out with her because she was probably super awkward? That can't be right, y'all must be crazy. And to Ms. Valdez, I hope you are really proud of yourself for ruining people's lives, people who you don't know who come from a background that you could not possibly understand. It's a wonder you are only working for the journalistic marvel that is the Washington City Paper, I really would have thought the New York Times would have scooped you up by now.
Most people are selfish assholes most of the time. But when Eastern and Southern prep school grads act like selfish assholes, they do so with entertaining arrogance and dumbassery.

I grew up with a bunch of the Southerns, and then I went to high school at an Eastern, and then I went to a college at which there were plenty of both. The Southerns are worse, I think. They're a lot dumber than the Easterns, for one thing.

Anyways, it's all a pretty damn good reason to be a Democrat. Yes, we have our John Kerry (SPS '62) types, but at least we have sufficient good sense to be embarrassed by it.
You LPS people are living in a post-college life that is the most absurd retarded thing ever. You want to be a celebrity and so you create this facade of bull shit. Beta Theta Pi and Delta Gamma ended at age 21/22 you fools. Get over it.
WTF??? The Hills are coming and all we've got is the oreo??? Fucking rapist with pretend money.
Fascinating article...I have little doubt that it's true, mostly because of how mad most of them got. If it were a complete falsification, they'd have just passed it off. They seem total assholes though. rather be poor in the "ghetto" of adams morgan myself. also- if you think adams morgan is ghetto, you're sadly sheltered. but besides realizing that this type of person is shallow and selfish, i feel bad for them. they'll never realize that social status and material bullshit won't ever make them happy or fulfilled.
This article is entertaining, but names should not have been included.
Although I went to Georgetown, am a Conservative and attended a New England boarding school, I am absolutely embarrassed by the extent to which some of these idiots reinforce the stereotypes of privileged assholes.
This is funny. People will defend their own group until the end of time. If you spit on my group because you didn't like it, my group would spit on you. That is exactly what is going on here. Nothing more. You LNS guys n' gals most likely are jerk-off's to the outside world. But... who cares? Angela Valdez and the rest of us need not to go to your bars. If the "LNS bars" are full of "LNS people", walk away and find your own place. That's what I do. I have my "Cheers" and I stick to it. Find yours, and do the same.
These people have no legitimate place in society. Their existence is symptomatic of a profound and disgusting disease. What else is there to say about such filth?
OK. the origianl article was posted in July 2007 and it's now March 2009.


Entertaining, Yes

But move on!
Awesome......and i thought the comments on DBwHC was funny
The HCwDB commentary was hysterical!

The authorette needs to get over herself. She's probably happier than a pig in defecation that Obama's in office now.
"We have news for the beautiful people: There's a lot more of us than there are of you"

(Extra thanks to Ted Mcginley)

Got here from HCwDB - best article/comment thread I've read, well, ever.

I'm a state-school educated ex-construction worker who worked his way into the world of publishing. As disconnected as I am from these spoiled, manicured, self-entitled and tasteless rich kids, I've done enough tourism into the world of wealth through friends and business to know that its trappings are just the same ol' shit wrapped up it in 1500 thread count sheets. Eating lunch aside the Governator at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills while drinking $15 Grey Goose and tonics, amusing and unusual as it was, did nothing to make me feel more fulfilled or successful as a human being. Nor does an afternoon out on a catamaran, bottle service in the VIP, or a coked out limo ride through the Hollywood Hills with an armed bodyguard in the front seat and strippers in the back. It's just another lame reality show, minus the cameras, editing, and stylists. Not a second of it was exciting or stimulating, just pretty and good smelling.

The people I've met while in situations like this are by and large vapid, self-interested, agenda driven wastes of life who would cut your hamstring to gain position in a charity marathon. Brett Easton Ellis did not write caricatures; that shit is Dead.On.

The article was aiight, but the best bit are the comments by guys like MGR ("they hate because they are jealous. Jealous of our priviledge, jealous of our economic success, jealous of our fun.") and Note to LNSers("Enjoy your crummy Indie music and making minimum wage. When I need your opinion or critique on privilege, I will be sure to give you a ring (and opinion) while I am renting a car and you are filling up my tank.")

We (that is the "they" that MGR refers to) do not hate you because we are covetous haters with khaki-colored dreams of submissive blonds, black Bentlys and houses in Bel-Air and/or The Hamptons.

We hate you because you're so fucking oblivious to why we hate you.

It's a good thing I'm no longer a skinny, broke young punk and am now a strapping, well-off-ish 'hipster' who enjoys cheap beer, 'crummy Indie music' and the occasional alley brawl with just these sort of effete douchebags. It's not especially challenging to kick the shants off of the razor-eyebrowed retard wearing flip-flops to the bar, but man o man is it ever satisfying to stomp on their hairy, manicured little toesies.

I'm living my own Revenge of the Nerds
All this acrimony just boils down to politics. I am on occasional SPer but not an LNSer. Of course you're going to find some assholes in a drunken bar atmosphere who brag about their sexual conquests- real or imagined. The real sin here is that they're CONSERVATIVE and, for Christ's, wait, sorry, Gaia's sake...we've carved out ONE f****** bar in this whole town and a left wing/hipster jihad is declared! We've ceded most of the town to you, leave us our piece of peace. And I thought this behavior was a nice break with the typical GOP criticism as all of us being prudish, religious, uptight types who don't know how to relax. It seems we can't win and if you find some LNSer on here responding to attacks with newly discovered heights of snobbery, well, the same thing would happen if any DC social subset were to find themselves in the crosshairs of half-baked lifestyle [pseudo] journalism.
The Revolution is watching. Choose your words carefully.
Thanks for the article Angela. I think this is a first, being able to read the debauchery of a falling empire in real-time, complete with the indignation of the soon-to-be-former decadent ruling party.
Why is this worth a story? I'm not complaining, it was an entertaining read but aging frat boys who miss high school started a website where they can relive the "glory days isn't much of a "news story". This happens in every city. Probably not as badly dressed or insecure as this crowd but you said most of these people are from the south, what did you expect? It couldn't have been good taste, especially from this crowd.

Guys say stupid things on forums and in bars, doucheyness is not only for the disappointing spawn of conservatives.

I love their obsession with money yet they bitch about giving $15 to a charity. I doubt any of them come from real money. It's the south, people are considered wealthy if they don't live out of a trailer.

I head a lot of prep school names (some good schools) but pretty run of the mill colleges. I know people who went to some of the schools mentioned and they're all attended Ivy League caliber schools. Most of these people also have real careers and have to go into work sober and competent on Friday morning and aren't stupid enough to have drunken photographs of them show up online. I guess even the best schools can't get a moron into a good college.

These people will always dress awful, won't they? This distubs me the most of anything written in the story.I'm sure they wouldn't look as ugly, maybe even attractive if you put some real clothes on them. For the love of god people, get some style. It's the blind leading the blind. This is what happens when you don't let the gays in.
Lots of photos of female feet, which is good, as i have a foot fetish.
The revolution will not require boat shoes!

Now that Obama and the democratic majority are in there, the dominant social group is little different, as this town changes with new administrations.

Let me say, though, that as a native Washingtonian, this city has been deeply entrenched with the politics of equality and diversity for generations. The changing demographic of DC needs to get familiar; because our little group, isn't going anywhere. WE WILL EXPOSE YOU. YOU CAN NOT HIDE.
This is amazing. I'm only on the July 2007 posts, and I'll have to read the rest after work, but thanks for making my day, people!
Georgetown is for preppy little shits who have no idea what the real world is like. You're all children.
great article... youre all assholes and angry to be exposed as such. way to go!
I hate when people get mad at me when I call my boat shoes loafers. Their whatever the f I want them to be..
Amazing to me: I'm surfing the Web and come upon a great example of a group coming together to attempt a personal (and I DO mean personal) takedown of a reporter who exposes their little high-school clique (and I DO mean high-school).

Just an outsider's look in.
Haha great article. What a bunch of spoiled brats. Their comments expose them for who they truly are. The members of LNS are obviously worth as much as the politicians whoring themselves out for "campaign contributions" or as their normally called: bribes. Let them be petty and waste their lives thinking they're important.

Its good entertainment while the rest of us make something worthwhile out of our lives.
LNS people are all fags who came to DC for jobs, bc we are the only place that has any. No one wants them here. Smith Point is the gayest bar in all of DC. The real people of DC, who grew up here, hate these homos...the sluts and the fag dudes. We see them out, they talk shit, we punch them, they go's as simple as that
How so many of you talk bad about a group you dont even know. If you dont like these bars, dont go to them...people who are written about in this article dont go out to Adams Morgan and U St and then talk badly about the people that frequent those places, let alone anonymously on the internet.

Also, "We see them out, they talk shit, we punch them, they go's as simple as that." what kind of meat head thing is that to say, go back to your studio apartment in Clarendon and pop some more steroids, you sound angry.
14 years ago I was 13 years old I am now 27; At this facility I was put in the padded room for 93 days with nothing but a blue paper gown, A cold floor, no matt to lay on, No pillow, simply put: I was tortured at this facility. I was placed in a straight jacket multiple times; One time for 27 hours- I was also stripped naked several times they took my blue paper gown off and placed me on a cold steel restraint table with 4 leather cuffs that bound my ankles and hands, with a leather strap that bound my waist_ I was injected on this table MANY times with medications that to this day I have no idea what they were however they made me go in and out of consiousness and I KNOW have seriously screwed up my brain.. I personnaly hold these people accountable for continual torture to me throughout my life, right now, I continualy suffer from daily flashbacks of this place, and I suffer from nightmares of this place while I sleep. I declare that this hospital and many others like it are guilty of torture and TREASON to the highest extent of the law to: "children"&gt; and guilty of inflicting severe mental torment that has lasted and haunted me all these years later. I demand action and I demand that those responsible be held acountable for deystroying My chance at leading a happy full life. I SUFFER DAILY BECAUSE OF THIS F***ING HELL THAT HAS BEEN INFLICTED UPON ME BY THIS "hospital" Charter Northbrooke EAP Boys unit"4600 W Schroeder Drive Brown Deer Wisconsin, The State Of Michigan Family Independence agency; And the Hiawatha Behavioral Health agency

P.S. My Mom and My Brother Have also committed suicide, My Brother Died May 28th 1999 at the age of 25; and My mom died On March 7th 2008 at the age of 55;. I found both of them "dead" purple, Not breathing. This world sure does seem to me to be a cruel one. And The truth rarely reaches the eyes of the general public. Where was and where is the justice for my family?
By Jason Paul Arnold,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
This is nothing but the truth and painfully entertaining, BRAVO! The comments from these young GOP only solidify your observations. Hey LNwhatevers...DC doesnt like you. Go back to the Cape, keep pressing those polos and for fucks sake leave those Ethiopians alone! Douchebaggery is!
Republicans all the way! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhh
The douchery and posturing in these comments are priceless!

Thank you LNS'ers, I didnt even know this was real.
OH NO. I don't want to go to Adams Morgan! By the Tennis court! And the expensive apartments! That's only, what, a few blocks west from places where some poor people live. UNLESS YOU ARE LIKE, ROBOCOP, OR SOMETHING, YOU'RE GONNA DIE BASICALLY.

(Yeah, I wonder how the residents survive, you'd think America would have a much smaller population if a life tougher than absolute privilege=death).

No doubt the "ADAMS MORGAN=ROUGH NEIGHBORHOOD" comments are reasonable strictly from the perspective of someone wearing a $800 suit to a party, someone whose presence would perhaps be "unappreciated" if he showed up in a black neighborhood drunk at night giving all the residents freaked-out stares and angry looks. Man, the average american could never afford to party regularly at Adams Morgan. I don't know whether they're afraid of tourists or whether the upper-middle-class seem threatening them. Seriously, It's like, $4 for a tiny slice of pizza up and down the street. Even the punk music store there, given that its now all sell out 30somethings reminiscing about the early 90s, is swanky.

Like, look, I don't think anyone here hates LNS at all. Far from it. They are just people living it up in their position within our screwed up class pyramid. This pyramid entails a few hundred thousand thousand people getting most of the money and making most of the decisions in gov't and business, and everyone else at the bottom having shitty, disenfranchised lives. The people at the top didn't invent that system, they are just a part of it.

But, you know, it's still nice to sneer at the rich as they stumble over the whole "meritocracy" myths (the ones used to justify the division of wealth) with their own shallow, sheltered thinking and behavior. Not really malicious, just fun and games to watch is all.

Rich people, if you like, you can think of this article as us getting our kicks sitting on our unshaven lawns in our $3 shorts, cheap beer in hand, and talking shit about that neighbor we don't like, our ostentatious masturbatory down-the-district neighbor.
This comment thread is like Christmas all over again.

Poor oppressed rich people.

Only commenting to remind everyone that Curtis Ofori is a rapist. Steer clear.
the details on curtis ofori:
So these people think they're privileged? Why?? I'm a native Washingtonian who grew up in a very affluent area where I attended one of the best high schools in the country and can't believe how pathetic these LNS members are. Most of these members have big fish, small pond syndrome and think they're going to come and conquer DC with their entitled attitudes. I see these groups of GWU and GU students all the time walking around Georgetown acting like they own it when they've probably lived here barely a couple years. Can't tell you how irritating it is when you know a majority of them are full of it because remember: those that think they have to flaunt it - don't have it. Stop trying to impress people and maybe we'll believe how 'all that' you are with your lame attempts at trying to sound like lawyers. Try graduating law school first before trying to sound all barrister. Otherwise, it's a matter of time before those student loans and leased BMWs catch up with you. Oh and by the way, I'm also Episcopalian and probably have more blue blood than any of these LNS members who like to flaunt their lineage. God help me if I were to ever act like one of them!
The LNS guys are all poofs. They all offer to blow me and my friends when we use the bathroom during one of their charity events. That's why it's easy to pick up their women and fuck them on top of the dumpster out the back. They need schlong so bad.
I am from s. philly and was invited to the now infamous nye party. I was completely out of my element, surrounded by prep school pansies, but at least when I was in reed and fritz's vip section someone laid down some a dozen lines of the best powder I ever did. That at least made the party tolerable for the next 30-45 minutes.
I stumbled onto this article.
Being mexican and native american I'm subject to a fair amount of stereotyping. For some reason it's ok for the frat kids to get toasted 3 times a week but if I'm seen having a beer with friends I must be an alcoholic. You know?
You would think my natural inclination would be to look down on these LNS kids, but it's not. I see another group, a sub culture, being stereotyped like any other.
I work for a newspaper, one much larger and more award winning than Ms. Valdez's rag. This is the epitome of tabloid gossip trash. Who do we care if someone hit on her? In journalism the key is always in understanding. I'm sure she might sympathize and give a heart warming message about a vagrant under a bridge - inspiring everyone to see the human behind the rags. But she failed miserably in doing that toward a culture she envies.
These kids are young and full of promise, backed with an upbringing that will insure success and are casualty to their affluence. Money is power, and they've got it. It doesn't make them evil.
Every one of these LNS assholes should be subject to an hourly face-shitting. yeah, by huge fucking guys that eat nothing but barbeque and rancid Ballantine Ale.
Just looked the thread! amazing job. [url=]GoodOlBoysMoving[/url]!
LNS assholes need to actually fuck.

The guys are obviously all fags and would get ill if they smelled wet pussy.

The chicks dress like they're in junior high.

Can't wait to go to the next event and wipe my ass with some LNS twits' faces.

LNS guys need a good fucking in the ass by real men.

They fucking hunger for the big one in the ass. You can tell by the homo shit they fucking wear to their little parties.

Fucking twink fucks.

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