The city says the owner can't raise the rent on 63 of the units to market levels until 2049.
21 minutes ago. Housing Complex
Peruvian chicken and pupusas will be on the menu.
2 hours ago. Young & Hungry
Boo! It's Mayoral Power Rankings.
3 hours ago. Loose Lips
"If you want to sit down and crush 10, go ahead," says co-owner Justin Abad.
3 hours ago. Young & Hungry
"Too much sugar" might have been a factor.
3 hours ago. City Desk
"...the way we have rehearsals is to get your brain in there, you know?
3 hours ago. Arts Desk
With little promotion, Logic's debut album performs.
4 hours ago. Arts Desk
Celebrate Halloween with costumed jazz musicians or bloody metal bands tonight.
4 hours ago. Arts Desk
4 hours ago. City Desk
Is this crook-turned-journalist an earnest underdog just trying to make a living, or a sociopath who's driven to succeed at all costs?
5 hours ago. Arts Desk
H Street NW, October 30
5 hours ago. City Desk
The fire pole, sadly, is not operational.
31 October 2014, 10:25 am Young & Hungry
The Chris Brown saga is settled and over.
31 October 2014, 9:02 am City Desk


Should deaf people be forced to learn to speak? The inventor of the telephone and Gallaudet's founder disagree.
The Indian teacher who brought yoga to the U.S.: "I was conscious in my mother's womb."
In the Gaithersburg rapper's long-awaited debut, his rough upbringing takes the spotlight.


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